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12-11-2006, 11:36 PM
Dont ask to join, just pop in.

My sister will play the bad guy (when she gets on)

The plot: A new evil has risen up. A pokemon trainer named Aku has captured the legendary pokemon, Lugia and plans on using it to his advantage. Lugia will power a device used to spread darkness over the land of Hoenn and force all pokemon and trainers as slaves. Food sources wear out, water disipates, and Aku uses this to force others to work for him. He has an area where he grows food and keeps water, only giving out a little bit at a time to each person.. giving them a reason to work. Can anyone save the world from this mass chaos?

Like I said before, do not ask to join. But also post out of character your profile. Here's mine:

Name: Matthew Paperman (Matt)

Gender: M

Age: 13

Personality: out-going, funny, fun-loving

Description: He's 5 ft. 6 in. and 135 lbs. He has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a black t-shirt with a red poke-ball on it and blue jeans. He also wears a black and blue baseball cap backwards and white sneakers.

History: Matt is a thirteen year old boy who started his Pokemon journey a few years ago. He travels with his friends, Kent and Marcy who are also thirteen years old. Kent has a level 25 Charmeleon and a level24 Machamp. Marcy has a level 30 Metagross and level 23 Machop. Matt has a level 28 Pikachu and level 30 Espeon. Matt wants to become the greatest pokemon master in the regions of Hoenn, Kanto and Jhoto.

Name: Kent Monarch

Age: 13

Gender: M

Personality: Quieter, likes to read, likes to cook and travel.

Description: 5 ft. 7 in. 140 lbs; shaggy, black hair and green eyes; He wears a red t-shirt and black cargo pants with black sneakers. He also carries a backpack.

History: He's been best friends with Matt since forever, and he started his pokemon journey with him. Now, he helps Matt train to be the greatest pokemon master. He also wants to make pokemon snacks as a chef someday.

Name: Marcy Booxer

Age: 13

Gender: F

Personality: sweet, knows a lot about pokemon, and loves cute pokemon.

Description: 5 ft. 5 in. 135 ibs; long blond hair and green eyes. Wears a light pink t-shirt and blue-jean shorts along with white sneakers.

History: Met Matt and Kent on their journey and helps Matt with his journey to become the greatest pokemon master. She wants to work in a pokemon salon someday and create cute, new fashions for pokemon everywhere.


"Go Pikachu! Use thunder!" Matt shouted. The little, yellow pokemon jumped up as sparks of electricity flew out of its body, paralyzing the offending pokemon. Totodile fell over, unconcious.
"Totodile is unable to battle. Pikachu wins!" The referree stated. The worried trainer fighting Matt raced over to his Totodile and scooped up the little pokemon in his arms.
"Come on Totodile!" He said as he hurried away from the battle.
"Good job, Pikachu!" Matt exclaimed.
"Piiika!" Pikachu answered as it jumped onto Matt's shoulder, licking his cheek.

"That was great, Matt!" Marcy and Kent came running onto the arena.
"You totally kicked butt!" Marcy laughed. Kent, though, had a more serious look on.

"What's up, Kent?" Matt blinked. His friend was staring at a piece of paper.
"Take a look for yourself." He said quietly, handing Matt the newspaper clipping.

"Strange, purple clouds are filling the skies over Hoenn everywhere. The strange weather is causing crop damage and lightning is striking all around..." Matt blinked again. "That's weird."

"Swirling purple clouds? That's no weather I've ever heard of." Marcy cocked her head, her long, blond hair swinging around.

"Odd." Matt sighed.

Ask to join, and you'll be ignored, sorry! ^^

12-12-2006, 03:30 AM
Name: Cierren Montell

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Personality: Quiet, nervous, slow to trust, extremely observant

Description: Cierren is very small, even for an 11 year old, maybe 4' 5" tops. She is very slight in build, slender and with soft, gentle features. Her hair is relatively short, draping over her shoulders when down, and a light, sandy brown color. It is normally kept up in a sloppy sort of bun, with long, natually highlighted bangs left loosely tucked behind her left ear. Her eyes are a gentle hazel color, though she tends to look away before most people get a good look at them.

History: Cierren got her first pokemon late, far after her tenth birthday, and has only been training with them for a few months. She only has one member on her team as of now, a