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Matt & Vulpix
07-05-2004, 07:22 PM
Welcome to WAR Creative Writing.

Here, post your poems, short stories and songs each week, according to the theme. The two best poems win a point for their teams. Please include your team in your post (with the poem).

Week 1 Theme: Chaos [All that have submitted poems, please resubmit.]

[Past Winners]
Week 1 (Theme: Chaos)
- Saya, of Team Tri-Blade, for her poem, "Chaos"
- Fair, of Team Elite, for his short story, "Midnight"

Week 2 (Theme: Love)
- mLugia, of Team Nox, for his short story, Untitled
- Jack, of Team Elite, for his short story and poem, Untitled

Week 3 (Theme: Loss)
- Duke, of Team Flora, for his poem, "The Home Front"
- Neo Pikachu, of Team Nox, for his poem, "One Among Many"

[Hall of Fame]
Duke - 1 Point
Neo Pikachu - 1 Point
mLugia - 1 Point
Jack - 1 Point
Fair - 1 Point
Saya - 1 Point

07-05-2004, 07:35 PM
Okay, I'll post it again. =/

Chaos' Glimpse

The Chaos shares it's destruction with everyone
It's evilness and destruction allows no fun
Love and tranquility go away
While hate and turmoil will stay

Why does Chaos have to stay this near?
I want everything nice to be dear
I don't want all of this Chaos stuff
I might look like it but I'm not that tough

Right now my purpouse is as clear as mud
It seems like my life is one big dud
There is no purpouse for the light anymore
The light had a purpouse...... before

But now there is nothing we can do or try
Chaos will come, and light will die....

07-05-2004, 09:16 PM
Chaos, prison of the damned.

Land where fire has its homes
Darkened pads where evil roams
Scorching eyes seen everywhere
Do nothing more then just stare
Land of waste, doom and cries
Full of delusion and much lies
No more hope, has this land
Where great and good simply can’t
Behold the thrown of the evil gods
Where growth of live only rots
Is this the place we awakened in
Telling us we must now win
Is this our future, our destined path
Are we meant to defeat evils wrath…

- Ruben V.

Agent Orange
07-05-2004, 10:01 PM
The Song of Destruction.

Blood in pools spread around on the ground.
Bullets soaring though the town.
Awful sounds screaming in the night.
The wind tells of a deadly plight.
Screams of terror, explosions and more.


A shrieking whistling sound is heard
Everything stops, there is not a word.


A death-head soars towards the battle,
The only sound now is the noise of nearby cattle.


The mother of all explosions exclaims,
All die without a trace of pain.


War is a terrible thing,
Its the song of death, hear it sing.


07-05-2004, 10:30 PM
I am part of Team Tri-Blade! IO hope to actually win some points!

Gina pinched Tim,
And Tim pinched Sarah,
Sarah hit Lynn,
Who screamed, “Rutabaga!”

Lynn punched Mike,
Who then kicked Foss.
Foss scratched Ike,
Who yelled, “Chaos!”

Ike yelled at Matt,
Who screamed right back.
Lori ran over,
And trampled him flat.

Lori flicked Jennifer,
And Jennifer hit Sam,
Who told he was a cougher,
And didn’t like SPAM.

Nora complained,
Loud above the group,
That chaos was plain
So go jump a hoop!

Then above the din,
Came a knock on the door,
And who should come in,
But Mr. Shulor!

The children all yelled
And ran to their seats.,
‘Cause Mr. Shulor held
The teacher’s receipts!

“What’s going on here?”
He asked with a scowl.
“You all look so queer,
With eyes like owls!”

So he turned and he left,
And all the children, with sauce,
Grinned at the theft,
Of mere chaos

07-05-2004, 10:50 PM
alrighty then, team nox

real quickly i would like to make it known that the hel mentioned in this poem is not the christian hell, and is therefore not misspelled so... yeah. If you really want to know what some of the scheiss here means pm me and i might tell you. : P

The Burden

The day begins anew,
night swallowed by azure rays.
A pale dogs crazy eye hung
in the night sky...
replaced by day.
entropy in the streets,
Feelings of hope...incredulity,
nary but a stage backdrop.

She must bear the burden,
weight of atlas upon her shoulder.
Fellowship with the serpent of midgard,
and fenrir gives her comfort.
she finds solace in hel,
but must walk the streets.
her burden in tarry.

She must bear the burden,
her crusade ends in death.
The bells of the church,
what a pandemonius sound they make
marking the end.
The final stand of valhalla.

Thunder heads gather in company,
the reds and the oranges of daybreak ,
gone with the setting of the sun,
bleak passages of night.
Odin ordained in black shades,
ragnorok released from her bosom.

How many tears have been shed?
How many lives snuffed out?
Candles erased from existence with a puff of breath.

Chaos in its purest form,
hidden in peace, hope, prosperity.
The mischief maker lying in wait

And so as it was told,
as it often does,
disorder reigns supreme.
Illogicical prejudices rule the lives of men,
but are swept aside, as the hand of god draws nearer.

Cant we give ourselves one more chance?
Or is it too late to change?
Too late to turn the chaos,
too late to stop an inevitability...

07-06-2004, 11:45 PM
Harry Kim
Team Trainer

Where the Light Shines No More

Where the light shines no more
And the spirits of those had died
When time becomes meaningless
And Love has never survied

I walked upon a path of grief
Of Destiny, of hope, of Fear
There were no others beside my feet
There were no one else as near

War! Utter Chaos!
The Extreme Problems of the day
No rules, no glory, no pattern
Simply death and revenge to pay!

No life, no glory, no help, no love
To send them off to a place far off
Only to die for no purpose at all
What foolishness, I scoff

And in those twisted fields of dirt
Panic and destruction reign
The King of Darkness and The Queen of Fear
Shall bestow the horror of pain


Chaos is the battlefield
Chaos are the foes
Chaos are the dangers
Chaos is the war

Dare I weep for my fallen comrades
Dare I weep for my fallen enemies
Dare I weep for the children I slayed
Dare I weep for the innocence I gave

Forgive me Mother, Father, Sister, Brother!
I did not know the truth
I did not see the pattern before me
For in war, there is no pattern...

Only chaos...

07-07-2004, 03:00 AM

It was a blur.
The heart beats again.
Music pauses on the slur.
It was the bane.

The radio ran with the beats,
with the heart racing again.
Hummings within the brain
allows one to see strange feats.

I would like to sigh again,
while my heart stops again.
It is another try,
for me to leave and die.

I cannot sleep.
My mind is in chaos.
I am now in deep,
deep within the recesses of chaos.

Who am I?
No answer.

07-07-2004, 08:08 AM
I was, in all my childhood, never confused. Incomprehensive? Maybe. Disoriented? Sometimes. But never, truly, confused. Not until that fateful afternoon.

It was about 3 o'clock. It was a normal day; I was on my way home from school, kicking the trash on the ground as I trudged across the pavement. My books weighed down heavily on my frail shoulder blades, but time had given me enough endurance for me to make it to my house without collapsing...or so I thought.

I had just turned the corner of the public library, when...it happened. Some traffic stopped; other vehicles kept going; all of them crashed. Faces...casual, innocent faces, turned to the darkened skies at what they soon realized was far beyond a mere thunderstorm.

You could have stretched the moment of anticipation, that air of uncertainty, accompanied by the hushes and murmers of everyone in the square that day, for an infinite amount of time. The event that followed, however, happened in an instant.

The large metallic spheroid came down fast, plowing into the entourage of demolished automobiles like a rock being thrust into a anthill. The asphault was literally torn apart, and the crater that followed spread open in an eccentric formation of destructive celerity.

Thrown off my feat from the very impact of the thing, I flew into a nearby mailbox, which I had to scramble away from as it promptly succumbed to assimilation with the now overbearing pile of debris, a compound of raw neighborhood that had collected in as little as seconds.

I hadn't even begun to run when the sphere--opened up. I was already shaking uncontrolably at the time, but I completely lost all feeling when I saw the alien. Yes, that's right: the alien. Forget everything you've ever seen on TV, this was the real thing. It stood about 7 feet tall, was a beige-gray color, had an arched backbone and webbed claws jointing out of metallic limbs connected to its torso. Its legs were oddly arranged, and extremely muscular. It was like a lizard or a bird trying to emulate a human. Whatever it was, it didn't look friendly, and it wasn't, either. Armed, it exited the pod and proceeded in mass destruction. Hundreds more followed suit.

Panic now. People ran. Holes were shot in buildings by whatever weapons the aliens were wielding. I dropped my heavy bookbag and jolted as fast as my ten-year old legs could carry me.

My mind disturbed; my purpose undefined...I didn't know where to go and half the time the rubble didn't let me go anywhere...screams, implosions, car alarms, water jetting out of broken fire hydrants...I quickly found an ally and scrambled to the darkest corner of it I could find--I hid. I hid there for the whole rest of the afternoon, covering my eyes sometimes, and being mortified by the alien acid-spit that was spewn upon civilians when I opened them.

I lived through it. Armed forces were dispatched and somehow, miraculously, the catastrophy was brought to an end...

I am among the few who remember that fateful afternoon. Most of the witnesses had their memories erased by special machines, and as comforting a thought it is to be able to forget the madness I've seen, I was too scared and stubborn then to want to cooperate with adults. When asked about it I simply said I had been sleeping the whole time. The truth was, I would not sleep again for a long time to come. They had lied to me when explaining what happened; saying someone had gotten into a car accident...But I knew that wasn't what it was. What was it, then, exactly? To this day, haven't the faintest idea--but in a word: it was chaos.

Neo Emolga
07-07-2004, 05:16 PM
Team Nox

Lost and Far Away Minds

I lost my two best friends today.
The pain and hatred never goes away.
They would have spent their time in a better way
If they knew there was something left that day.
My God, after all we’ve endured we’re still so behind
We’ve abandoned our brotherhood and we’ve lost our minds.

James is in the hospital now, and Freddy is out cold.
Nathan died in his sleep is what I was always told…
Craig fell and died just before the machine gun nest.
And today we laid another fifty good boys to rest…

I see the sky grow gray and the clouds shroud the sun.
I look at the fallen bodies and realize no one ever won.
I’ve seen young men buried by the digger.
All because we pointed and pulled a trigger.
We watched with our eyes as the young boys fell,
As we embarked on the one great crusade to Hell.

Dear God, where on Earth are we?
I’ve seen nothing but fire as far as I can see.
I’m one battle short of losing my humanity,
In this one vast, endless field of such futility.

Home. Home. I want to see my wife.
Before the enemy decides to take my life.
What I wouldn’t do to give her one last kiss?
What did I ever do to deserve this?

07-07-2004, 08:26 PM
Team Trainer

The Chaos of my Domain

The colors of the blackened sky,
The cheering of the wind,
The trees that tower oh so high,
The sinners that have sinned.

The flames that bathe the tortured ground,
The pouring rain that falls,
The silence of the very end,
The chaos that is found.

All the signs of endless bliss,
And yet no happiness around,
The demon's breathing on my neck,
That piercing harmful sound.

All the sings of endless chaos,
When nothing does remain,
And this will be the chaos...

The Chaos of my Domain.

Lord Celebi
07-09-2004, 03:39 PM

Oh... When Chaos comes for you!
Dont Feel Blue!
Chaos can be entertaining
Or it can be shmentertaining
And that's not even a word!
And you're a nerd! Dadadada!

Oh... Oh... Oh.....

Chaos is very fun!
I bet it would be tasty wrapped in a bun!

There's my song about chaos ^


07-10-2004, 05:29 AM

"Good evening, I apologize for breaking into your normally scheduled programming, but this is urgent. Channel 4 news has just heard from a credible astronomer that an asteroid will collide with Earth in a matter of hours. When it does, our planet will have no chance of survival. WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

"Buenas noches, interrumpimos nuestra transmición regular para brindarles está urgente noticia. El canal 8 de mexico ha reportado lo siguiente: Un famoso astromono ha predicho que un asteroide collisionara con la Tierra en pocas horas. Al hacerlo, toda la vida del planeta se extinguira. !TODOS VAMOS A MORIR!"

Добрый вечер, прошу прощения для того, чтобы врываться в ваше обычно намечаемое программирование, но это срочно. Канал 11 новостей только что получили известие от вероятного астронома, что астероид столкнется с Землей в течение часов. Когда это делает, наша планета не будет иметь никакого шанса на выживание. МЫ ВСЕ СОБИРАЕМСЯ УМИРАТЬ!

Guten Abend entschuldige mich ich für Brechen in Ihres normalerweise hat geplant Programmierung, aber dies ist dringend. Kanal 3 Nachrichten haben nur von einem glaubwürdigen Astronomen gehört, daß ein Asteroid mit Erde in einer Frage der Stunden kollidieren wird. Wenn es macht, wird unser Planet keine Chance des Überlebens haben. WIR SIND STERBEN ALLE GONNA!

Buona sera, chiedo scusa per irrompere nel suo programmare normalmente pianificato, ma questo è urgente. Il canale 6 notizie ha appena sentito da un astronomo di credible che un asteroid si scontrerà con la Terra in una questione di ore. Quando fa, il nostro planet non avrà probabilitá di sopravvivenza. SIAMO TUTTO IL GONNA MUORE!


It started slowly, at first. In prehistoric times, it might not have happened at all. But due to the modern marvel known as television and the fact that bad news always travels fast, it did happen.

The news made it's way around the world, and the silence of a would-be calm April day was shattered as people took to the streets in large crowds. Screaming for some kind of protection, some kind of answer. Riots started breaking out - it seemed that many former law abiding citizens decided this would be a good time to try out looting before they died. Underground buildings were broken into as the panicked people tried to take cover, but it was all just a waste of their time. They would have been better off just joining the looters. The police couldn't stop any of this because, well, they were looting too. Any hope of order was lost in the confusion.

But not everybody was panicking. No, some people decided to just stay in their homes and take it easy. Some even went back to bed. These people were the smart ones. These people had calendars. These people knew that the day was the first of April, and they definitely weren't fools.

They caught on and got the joke. Did you?

Matt & Vulpix
07-10-2004, 10:31 PM
Creative Writing Results - Week #1 - Chaos

Many good poems, short stories and songs were entered this week. They all reflected the theme, Chaos, and everyone had different sights. Some talked about war, others about aliens, and even a joke about April fools. But they all had the same common point.

There were four or five entries that stood out this week, and I had to only pick two winners. It was a very, very difficult task, but here are the two winners:

- Saya, of Team Tri-Blade, for her poem simply titled "Chaos". It had a fun feel to it, even with the topic, and I liked how she did with it.

- Fair, of Team Elite, for his short story, "Midnight". It had sort of a 'twist' ending to it, and I found it very amusing.

Good job both of you! Also, there were some others than had good entries that I think deserve to be mentioned: Neo Pikachu, for "Lost and Far Away Minds", E8 for his short story with no title, and Harry, for his poem "Where the light shines no more." Everyone did a good job, entirely, and it was a very hard choice to make.

Also; notice: ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR TEAM. There were a few entries with no team name included and had they had won, it would have been difficult to reward points.

The theme for week two is: "Love". I'm sappy for romance, 'kay? :silly:

Channel Delibird
07-11-2004, 01:53 PM
By Vex, of Team Trainer

How can such a little thing
Cause such confusion
When it seems such a simple thing
Not some strange infusion

Love is a complicated way
Of saying thank you
Love is just a word away
From an excuse to stab you

If you should underestimate
Then you will pay the price
For love is not always
Sugar and all things nice

You'll find it comes with just a glance
When she looks your way
But if you give it half a chance
You'll find it blows away

Love is a complicated way
Of saying thank you
Love is just a word away
From an excuse to stab you

It would be a fool who said
You can never have too much
And he would pay for what he said
Love didn't like him much

Treat it with respect and you'll see
The lightest side of life
Nurture the words "you and me"
And you may find your wife

Love is a complicated way
Of saying thank you
Love is just a word away
From an excuse to stab you

Neo Emolga
07-11-2004, 03:35 PM
Team Nox

Caught in Her Own World

“Lisa, you need a boyfriend”
Is what her mother used to say…
But Lisa’s relationships would always end.
And then they’d move away.

“Lisa, you need to give it more time”
She was told even back when she was ten.
“When was living by myself a crime?”
Lisa would return again.

But clearly Lisa was a tom-boy
She never played with pink horses and tiny saddles
When it came to finding joy…
She’d rather go to battle.

Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy on the Playstation 2
She’d take off her shoes and throw off her socks.
And when she had nothing else to do…
She’d play Halo on the X-Box…

From the crack of dawn until the sun set.
She’d never put the controller down.
And then one day, the two of us had met…
And then everything turned around.

I loved Lisa’s attitude, her eyes and her smile.
As I looked at her in the sun…
I loved a girl with a lot of style.
And I knew Lisa was the one.

Soon winter came and covered the ground with snow.
And it was far too cold outside to jog…
We’d whip on the X-Box and throw in Halo
And we took a ride around in the Warthog.

The years had passed and we soon settled down.
There was a choice we could finally make.
Though Lisa didn’t like the wedding gown…
And I never really did like wedding cake…

We got on the floor and we begun to dance.
It must have been quite a sight…
And soon after that one last stance,
We simply said “good night.”

Lisa’s parents can be such a pest
But I don’t really care.
In my eyes, Lisa will always be the best,
as long as she’s always there.

07-12-2004, 02:45 PM
ok this is kinda short but I think I can get the point across. This also sounds better as a song rather then a poem O_O.


When the world feels like it's stopped turning
You gotta keep the fire inside burning
When your left alone and yearning
You gotta keep the fire inside burning

When you look into her eyes
And it feels like your floating into the skies
When you look into her eyes
And it feels like you could tell her no lies

These are the two sides to love
One, as peaceful as a dove
One, could bring you to so much pain
That you feel like going insane
This is love....

Team Trainer

07-12-2004, 05:24 PM
(Team Nox)


The moonlight lay spread across the soft, sparkling snow in the midst of a freezing, February night. The air was crisp and dry, and the wind blew gently through the delicate snowfall.

A young woman stood in her front yard, the snow up to her knees. She hardly felt the cold biting at her skin as she watched a boy turn to walk away from her. He trudged through the deep blanket of snow across the yard, and headed for his car. She stared as he stopped and turned around once more to face her.

“Goodbye,” he whispered, his breath forming a mist.

She remained silent, only watching, as he got into his car and drove away. The sound of the tires against the road abruptly cut through the serenity of the night.

He was gone. Gone.

She felt her heart stop beating, then. Her breathing ceased, and she fell forward. She did not feel her body collide with the frozen earth beneath her, but only the tearing of her soul. She was forlorn, and wanted nothing more than to evanesce completely. The snow underneath her felt warm to her frigid heart, and she remained there, unwilling to move, unwilling to confront reality.

But, the truth was, she once loved him. She had trusted him with her secrets, thoughts, and feelings. She had laughed at his jokes, listened to his stories, and dedicated time to him. She allowed herself to grow close to him, while hardly even realizing it. She had lost track of all the time they had spent together, and now, it all came down to this.

She was being forced to realize that it was over. She would have to grasp the fact that all the things he had said to her were not true. He did not love her, and probably never did. His embraces and kisses meant nothing, now, along with the kind things he had said to her.

But she had believed him, and taken his words to heart. And suddenly, as if her feelings were insignificant, he had just admitted to his lies. Finally, he was telling the truth, but that was the last thing she wanted to hear. This truth, which she was now coerced to believe, contradicted everything he had said to her and done for her, and she knew not what to do.

She accepted for so long that she meant something to him, but she was so wrong. And now, all the time she had spent satisfied and content was violently being washed away with the onset of this change.

She would have to go on, despite the pain that regret had strained upon her. Fighting through her anguish and melancholy, she tried to calm herself and to believe that being alone did not make her weak. She tried, with great difficulty, to convince herself that she did not need him to be happy. And she told herself countless times that she no longer needed to hear his manipulative lies, or feel his meaningless hugs. All that she truly needed, was to be satisfied on her own, and to accept the truth.

Gathering her strength, she rose from the frozen ground, and stood facing the road that her love had traveled to leave her. The icy wind had picked up, and it whipped her hair against her tear-stained face.

“I will never love again,” she uttered bitterly, and both the night, and her devotion at last came to an end.

07-12-2004, 06:12 PM
Word to the wise Don't make a comment about my piece, or go complain/yell at ppl, until you read the ENTIRE thing. only 500 words, no biggie.

Week 2:
Theme: Love

The old and wise men had always told us that love is a fickle thing, that we shouldn't try to believe in true love because the result will just come back to hurt you. I refused to listen, and I'm really starting to regret it now. A few years ago, I was first introduced to you. You were shy back then, you refused to talk to me, no matter how hard I tried. Maybe it wasn't for you, but for me, it was love at first sight. You were very pale, and were blushing a faint pink when I first met you. It was your cuteness that attracted me to you. I tried to get close to you, but every time I would fail, my parents would pull me back.

It was that one night, when the others have gone to sleep, that I dared approach you. I opened the door, and there you were, lying on the counter, waiting for me. I approached you, you were blushing again. I took off your coverings, you were smooth and creamy like milk. You waited patiently as I moved my hands all over you. You didn't object, you didn't make a sound either. I brought my face down towards you, and slowly licked you. You tasted sweet, like honey. You allowed me to taste your sweet juices as I brought my tool in as well, and that night, we became one.

After that night, things changed, I had became addicted to you. I believed that you were mine, and when I dared look at another the same way, you would turn green with envy. I couldn't leave you at all. My parents had realized this as well, they told me to stay away from you, that you were not a good influence on me. I refused to listen. I believed that you were true to me, and that I would stay true to you as well. Alas, I suppose things were not meant to be. A few months later, my parents showed me pictures, horrible, shocking images. In the pictures, there were you giving other men pleasure, and for that I was shocked. I thought we were together. Worse yet, there were pictures of you giving pleasure to fat women as well, women who I would faint if I even talked to on the road because of their repulsiveness. I questioned myself: Were you really like that?

I wish the facts had not lied like that. I wish things could have been a little different, but I suppose those wise men were right, that love would eventually come back to hurt you. I was sorry to have done it, but from that day forth, you and I had nothing anymore. I weep about you every night when I think about the decision, and wished and prayed that you would be able to return, but I think I have lost you forever...

My dear love, my bowl of ice cream.

07-12-2004, 08:50 PM
Team Trainer

More than Love
Love is an emotion
Love is a feeling
Love is soul and heart

Between boy and girl
A feeling of adventure
And Romance

Between a family
A bond of kindness
Forever and ever

Between two friends
A connection of support
And destiny to the end

A permanent reach
A healing light
From the stars

If we could all share
If we were aware
If we knew care


If one simply could love another. If we could all love one another. Wouldn't that be special?

07-13-2004, 09:51 PM
Team Flora

Heartbreaking Love

The moment I met you
My heart skipped a beat
your smile and your eyes of blue
know how to make me heat

your kindness is more precious then
all the world's golden treasure
Your love I have been
cherishing forever and ever

I never want you to leave my sight
your presence is of pure delight

But that one day when I saw you with another guy
My heart skipped a beat
Right then and there I knew I wanted to die
My life will never be complete

I have wanted to tell you,
In words that are my own;
You are the most perfect person,
That I have ever known.

Now on this dark and gloomy day
my life, i choose, is here to stay
for One thing always stays with me -
how you have always loved me
in that special way.

Meh... my first poem of the war... there might be some more... there mioght not be. But my team needs points! @_@ heh.

07-14-2004, 03:33 PM
Heres my short story. I probably won't win with it but I tried! I'm from Tri-blade.

The Greatest Kind of Love

I glanced down at my bare legs. They were shaking like a tower of jello. In fact, the more I thought about it my whole body was shaking. Not because it was deathly cold in this dark prison cell, which it was, but from fear. From a cold gripping fear that had begun to crawl over me from the moment the dust had settled around the huge rocks in the cavern.

Antonio Hunter, famous assassin, most commonly known as “The Hunter”, had found me snooping around the cavern where his operation was set up. Instead of killing me, like I thought he would, he kept me back with him for a “better purpose”. His words back then had frozen my heart into a solid block of ice.

I snapped myself out of my useless thoughts. No use thinking about it, now that it had already happened… They would be coming for me, I told myself over and over, and then I would be out of this cold misery…forever.

I felt my way through the pitch-blackness of the icy cell until my groping hand met the gripping coldness of the hard cement wall of the cell. There I placed my back against it, despite the biting cold, and dozed off into a fitful sleep.
“Git up girl!” I was woken by a bright light shining in my face and the fierce shout that rang in my ears, making my head hurt desperately. I started to slowly stand up; feeling the aching soreness of my muscles, when the guards rough hand was on my arm, yanking me up.

“Your second trial is in ten minutes so git movin’!” The guard said harshly as I tottered on my frozen feet and almost fell over. I knew all to well what a “second trial” was. It was the trial after the criminal was found guilty. The magistrate would announce my “crime” and punishment in public and anyone who was willing could step up and take my punishment for me. In my case the punishment was death…

I shuddered as I thought of this, earning me a sharp kick in the shins from the guard who had now placed cold steel handcuffs on my thin wrists and was leading me out of the dark cell and into the dim corridor between the cells.

But who would want to die for young Mari Kara Sarana, the “murderer”? No one in particular that I could think of. None of my family would, I was sure of that. My mother had died 15 years ago birthing me. My father hated me for that plus he strongly believed in justice. My brother Sam wouldn’t because he and I never got along well despite the nine year difference between us.

I walked along with my wrists chained tightly behind me, sometimes stumbling from pure fear only to be yanked roughly up again.

Finally, after going up a few flights of cold cement stairs we came out into the open. It was a warm night, which felt like heaven on my frozen limbs, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The moon shone pale and white down on the large building in front of me, and the cold jail behind me. The guard led me along the small red brick path, up the steps of the large wooden building, and into its brightly lit interior. The interior walls were made of some kind of wood that shined in the light. The room was circular with rows upon rows of low wooden benches that were filled with many people, farmers and businessmen alike. I spotted my dad, tall and stiff, in the middle of the crowd, but there was no sign of my brother.

At the front of the room stood a large oak desk, behind it sat a large man dressed in long black robes: the magistrate. He wore a very serious expression on his face and looked like he had never smiled before in his life. The six men who sat on either side of him didn’t look any more inviting.

I gulped as the guard led me to a boxed in seat at the front of the room; the criminal’s seat. I stared down at my shaking hands, my mouth beginning to dry up from fear, as all eyes in the room turned towards me. The guard locked my handcuffs to the seat with a loud click which I was sure could be heard all the way in the next village.

“The next case is the case of Mari Kara Sarana, a young 15 year old, who was convicted of the murder of John and Sara Bell, who died when Sarana pushed large boulders off the side of a ledge above the path they were walking on, in Hallor’s Cavern. The rocks fell on them, killing them instantly.” A tall serious man sitting directly to the right of the magistrate announced. “Her penalty is death.”

A few loud gasps erupted from the crowd and murmurs of “so young” filled the room. I stared at my sweating hands the whole time not daring to look at all those pitying faces. My mind was screaming at me the whole time. I was framed! I screamed in my mind. I’m not a murderer! “The Hunter” forced me to take the blame because he said he would hurt my family and friends if I didn’t! I was only exploring the cavern when I stumbled on his operation! Now I have to die for it! I felt tears start to sting my eyes but I quickly wiped them away.

“Now, as Mari has stated that she is guilty, the sentence will be carried out.” The magistrate said, silencing the murmurs of the crowd. “Unless!” He cried bringing hope into my heart although I knew what he was going to say would never get anyone to die for me. “Unless one of you is willing to take her punishment for her, so that she may live the rest of her life happily and in peace for she had sworn that if she does get saved she will never commit murder again.”

The crowd shuffled and twisted in their seats as a few murmurs went through the crowd. I dared myself to look out at the crowd. I met my father’s eyes and noticed that there were tears in them. I nearly choked. My father, who was so tough and strong, never cried.

I looked about the shuffling, tittering crowd, hoping that someone would stand up, but part of me was also hoping that no one would stand up, for a reason I couldn’t explain.

All of a sudden someone did stand up at the back of the crowd. It was a young man with sandy brown hair, the same color as my own that stuck out in some places under his black hat. The hat was pulled low over his eyes, concealing his face completely. His dark brown jacked was ragged and torn in a few places. His blue jeans were very muddy with a very worn spot at his knee. He himself didn’t look very clean.

“I will take her punishment.” He said, loud and clear, standing up straighter and whipping his hat off. I gasped and just stared at him in disbelief a very unpleasant feeling of fear creeping across the pit of my stomach. Sam! My brother! He couldn’t do this for me! Why would he?

“Sam!” I almost shouted. The 24 year old turned his starry blue eyes (the kind I had always wished I had except I ended up stuck with dull gray eyes) to me and looked right at me.

“Yep, its me little sis.” He said, that slow grin that started at the corners of his mouth and spread across his face.

“Don’t do it!” I called across the flabbergasted crowd, my heart pounding so loudly that I was sure the whole crowd could hear it.

“I want to Mari.” He said, his voice low and serious now, “You have you whole life left to live.”

“And you don’t?” I screamed at him feeling my fear turn into anger.

“You’re only a kid. And anyway, I don’t believe you would actually murder someone.” He answered in that annoying tone of his.

“Are you sure that you want to do this young man?” The magistrate asked directing his fierce gaze at my brother.

“Yes.” Sam answered, his eyes directly meeting the Magistrates.

“Well, then it is decreed.” The Magistrate said loudly, slamming the hammer he kept on his desk, down hard, the sound of wood on wood filling the room. “That Samuel David Sarana shall take the punishment of Mari Kara Sarana. The punishment: death.”

“No!” I screamed as two guards grabbed his hands and placed iron shackles on them. “Please Sam!” My mouth was starting to feel dry and I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. The guard just stood there looking sadly at me. I looked wildly around the crowd until my searching eyes met my fathers. He shook his head ever so slightly as if to say, “Mari, your brother wants to do this so let him.” I turned away from him angrily. How could he let Sam go through with this! This was his own son for goodness sakes!

“Sam!” I screamed again as involuntary tears leapt into my eyes.

“Mari!” He called back to me, “Be strong, I did this so you could live!”

That’s when I realized that what he was doing; he was doing for me, all for me and not for the glory of himself. I sat back, holding my screams in. I wanted to strangle my brother for this! Then I remembered something Sam had told me when I was nine.

“Mari,” He had said, “The greatest kind of love that one human being can give to another is if he gives his life for a friend.” Those words had kind of confused me then but I understood them perfectly now.

I stood up. I had stopped screaming now but I still wept silently, the salty wetness flooding my face and shining in the light. I watched them lead Sam into the execution room. I knew it wouldn’t be a painful death, but a quiet one. They would give him some kind of drug to make him fall asleep…forever.

That was the last time I ever saw my brother Sam, him standing there in the light of the doorway, hands shackled in irons. He had smiled at me just once before they lead him into the execution room. At the funeral I couldn’t bare to look at his body, all silent and sleeping, not the Sam I remembered, who was always loud and boisterous. But I always remembered how my brother had given his life for me, for a crime he didn’t commit, and for a crime I didn’t even commit. And I always kept that one phrase that my brother had told me so many years ago safe in my heart, “The greatest kind of love that one human being can give another is if he gives his life for his friend.”

07-15-2004, 06:33 AM
Well I had nothing better to do so I figured I'd do this out of boredom. Great job everyone, everything written so far has been great!

Team Triblade

My New Love

Her blue eyes acted as if they were the ocean’s waves, crashing down to make heavy water flow out. I took her in my arms and embraced her, looking into her eyes for the first time. The tears had suddenly stopped, and for that moment, everything did. I was alone with her, holding her tightly. She reached for my hand and I let her take it. She smiled and nothing was prettier then that. Her mother had the same smile, the smile that made you feel reinsured that somebody cared, somebody loved you.

I loved her too, showing it by smiling back. She started to play with my ring finger, jiggling it as if it was a play toy. My mouth bursted with joy, echoing in the plain room. I didn’t realize it then, but I was crying. A happy cry that was there because I felt like I already knew her. She made me feel like she knew me too.

The doctor’s comment on how she had stopped crying, saying that was not normal. One nurse said, “She shouldn’t be able to smile but I could’ve sworn I just saw her smile right at you.”

I just kept embracing her. Staring at her with amazement. Loving her. Overjoyed with astonishment from having her in my arms. She definitely had my traits. This was the best day ever, even better then that one night I had in the hot tub with Carmen Electra’s sister. This was the day my little daughter was born.

Channel Delibird
07-16-2004, 06:23 AM
i am unofficially in team nox. i am awaiting my acception, lol. so idk if this will count. but here it is.

Nuclear War

my world is such a f**king lie
it really makes me want to cry
when nuclear war rages within
a smiling façade hiding despair and sin
taking in the noxious fumes
as thousands of neurons meet their doom
my brain is utter radioactive sludge
i’m flailing around in hot thick fudge
exhaust inhaled, pollution eats away
i’m dumbstruck and overloaded with nothing to say
i can’t feel my limbs my tongue is on fire
i’ve been exposed to yet another liar
my throat dries up i cant speak
i’m just another suicidal freak
nails dig deep and draw hot blood
but it runs down my skin, thickening to mud
cutting along the blue green line
oh someone save me i am dyin’
dripping drip out my ears
bang bang bang pour out white hot tears
my world is such a f**king lie
as nuclear war rages
the façade crumbles corroded like acid on brick, genetic mutants
and all you can do

is watch

Channel Delibird's Constructive Criticism (=P)
It's pretty good, although generally expletives aren't the way forward, but the subject for this week is love...^_O

07-16-2004, 09:10 PM
ok, I guess I'll post this. Team nox. I have to give credit to a friend of mine, her love of music was the inspiration for this.

Seduction in B minor

The curtains draw; amidst an ornate velvet sheet
A welcomed shade from daylights heat
Tenor sings in slumber blanket sheets,night's
moonbeams dance in seductive lights.

Basses sing low, they linger, dark repose
the sounds embrace, mingling as the music grows.
Crescendo!Crescendo! the Maestro cries,
altos sigh, love spread in sultry skies.
Strings tussle 'neath the moonlit night,
with winds of which they used to fight.
She cries...night's climax is her clasp
retold in melody, opulence, begins to gasp

And as the curtain slowly closes with a hush,
eyes alight, her face begins to blush.

Jack of Clovers
07-17-2004, 06:48 AM
A Chance

All I have to do is tap her shoulder and give her the note. All I have to do is tap her shoulder and giver her the note. That's it. Simple. Then why am I shaking? Just a note, nothing more. She reads it and then what? What will she do, what will she say? No, I can't do it. I want to know but now I don't want to know. I'm so scared. But this might be the only time I have. But Carla, oh she is so beautiful. The hair, the body, and she's a Senior. Oh. Do I dare? I'd be the envy of all my Sophomore friends. She doesn't know me but we are in detention together. There must be something to her. Oh, the note. Right. Here goes...
Steve taps the cheerleader's shoulder sitting in front of him. She turns around and she quietly stares into his eyes. The note is passed and it's all up to her.

I have warm feelings,
feelings of being wanted.
To break my feelings,
I would be haunted
in all my dreams.

I know we are different,
being from two grades.
But you can't stop me,
our love is as strong as your braids.
So let me hold your hair.

The birds don't dance like you,
nor are they as well dressed.
You glow with each step,
shining above all the rest.
My shades can't hide your shine.

Carla, my Carla. Won't you give
me the chance? All I ask is for
someone to be there
for me when
times are

Steve Crownston


Carla crumples the note, turns around in the desk and smacks Steve across the face with a kiss, knocking the shades off the top of his head. She then drops the note at Steve and turns back around.
"Carla, what is going on?" The detention teacher sits up and takes Carla out of the room. Moments later, she is returned and has an added day in detention.


"So?" Steve retorts.
"She still gave you a kiss."
"And yet it's been a whole week. The look on her face..."
Carla walks by the two guys talking in front of the school.
Carla keeps walking, looking back once with a childish smile on her face.
"Told ya' there was something to it."
Steve still can't believe his luck. "First month of the new school year and I already have a girl. That's a new record. On top of that, she's a Senior."
"Rock on, man. You deserve it."
Steve agrees whole heartily.


~delfino feroce
07-17-2004, 07:10 PM
Channel Delibird's Constructive Criticism (=P)
It's pretty good, although generally expletives aren't the way forward, but the subject for this week is love...^_O

it is about heartbreak channel delibird. i deleted it but imma resubmit it.

i am unofficially in team nox. i am awaiting my acception, lol. so idk if this will count. but here it is.

Nuclear War

my world is such a freaking lie
it really makes me want to cry
when nuclear war rages within
a smiling façade hiding despair and sin
taking in the noxious fumes
as thousands of neurons meet their doom
my brain is utter radioactive sludge
i’m flailing around in hot thick fudge
exhaust inhaled, pollution eats away
i’m dumbstruck and overloaded with nothing to say
i can’t feel my limbs my tongue is on fire
i’ve been exposed to yet another liar
my throat dries up i cant speak
i’m just another suicidal freak
nails dig deep and draw hot blood
but it runs down my skin, thickening to mud
cutting along the blue green line
oh someone save me i am dyin’
dripping drip out my ears
bang bang bang pour out white hot tears
my world is such a freaking lie
as nuclear war rages
the façade crumbles corroded like acid on brick, genetic mutants
and all you can do

is watch

Matt & Vulpix
07-18-2004, 02:18 AM
Creative Writing Results - Week #2 - Love
Many ingulfing stories this week, many passionate poems and even a few funny ones, as well as sad ones, and even happy ones.

Love was described in so many different ways this week, and it was hard to chose.

- mLugia, of Team Nox, for his short story. There was no title, but it was a funny one! Good Job!

- Jack, of Team Elite, for his short story-slash-poem. There was no title, but it was nice.

There were many great entries, and it was hard to choose, but congrats NOX & ELITE, as well as MLUGIA & JACK!

Theme #3: Loss

07-19-2004, 07:08 AM
One Woman's Treasure
By [Fair] For Team Elite

Julia watched as her treasure fell to the ground. She watched as the one thing she had been wanting all week, all month, became ruined. Worthless.

Julia watched as it hit the ground. She cringed as she heard the sound. Nearby people watched it too, and they all thought it was hilarious. They pointed. They laughed. Julia on the other hand, was about to cry.

She replayed the moment over and over in her mind. From the second she stopped paying attention and it slipped out of her hands, to the moment it was destroyed. Why couldn't she be more careful? How could she make such a horrible mistake?

Julia bent down and looked at her prized possession's remains. It had suffered a horrible end. Her one and only desire was splattered all over the sidewalk. It was too much for her to take. Tears were starting to come to Julia's eyes.

The Ice Cream Vendor had finally seen enough. "Here, I'll give you another freaking ice cream cone, ok? Just don't drop this one!"

07-19-2004, 03:09 PM
By Vellyvell of Tri-blade
Based on a true story, the story of me & my girl
vellyvell remembered the last time he walked down the street with his love,
He knew they were meant together by God above.
He just knew she was the one for him.
She was the only one who fixed the light of his grim life when it was dim.
He had liked her since kindergarten,
She said he had cooties and his heart began to harden.
They grew up together.
They were as close as bristles on a feather.
It was that one fateful day,
Where from him she was taken away.
Her family had moved to Louisiana,
And their last conversation was about a pointless banana.
David was infuriated yet still infatuated.
About her move, and how close they were, and how long they dated.
Who knew the president of her dad’s work, a guy named Ross?
Could cause so much pain, and such a great Loss.

~delfino feroce
07-19-2004, 04:14 PM
~Team Nox~

In case some of you do not comprehend the deeper meaning of this poem ( :rolleyes: lol), this deals with the loss of yourself by trying to fit in too much. (that's the best i can explain it.) and yes, i did have to edit this for pe2k. go me. ;p

Pick Up The Pieces

you dress really skimpy ‘cause they all do
you open up a new page like a world anew
pick up the pieces of the old you
to yourself you aren’t being true
you’re getting tattoos on hips back and knees
quit fooling around you’re a walking STD
this new chapter is bound to crash
you can’t fit in, it will not pass
you’re now shooting dope like mr jock
no more emo cutting or punk rock
but this road is leading to destruction
slipping yourself in a bikini and liposuction
cut up the pretty girl on the cover of the zine
throw it all up and skin creams
paint up your face black red and blue
you look misplaced very uncool
suddenly the preps aren’t doing drugs
you’re stuck with addiction it really bugs
our 2 minutes of semi fame is not worth a thing
your “friends” run away like lightning
you’re not even like them now you realize
you were never anything in their eyes
pick up the pieces of the real you and put them back together again

07-19-2004, 04:20 PM
The Home Front
By: Duke for Team Flora
It’s an amazing thing, war.
It can decide the fate of hundreds, millions, or more.
Some fight thinking their side is just.
But some fight because they must.
All think that their cause is great.
The only thing running the battle is hate.
Courage may sometimes be found.
To me that seems profound.
Damage may be great on the frontlines
But the hit is hardest on the home front, on wartimes.

I remember writing the letter to Mary.
Her husband had been shot, his body found on the prairie.
It was a depressing sight, indeed
Seeing the lad, fall off his steed
Blood was soaking from the wound on his head.
From there the medics assumed that he was dead.
I told her how he died, not only that, why he died.
He died for a cause that was right, I lied.
The only cause in the battlefield,
Was to kill the man right across the field.
No cause was greater than another.
That was what I was always told by my father.
I found that out the hard way.
Seeing my men drop and die on that long fray.
We may have won the battle.
But there was a high loss of man, and cattle.
It was amazing thinking of that statistic,
Each and every man who was dead, just a number adding to it.

Some think the home front is better.
Well what if your wife had received a letter,
Saying you were dead.
Shot somewhere in the head.
It causes a pain greater than demise,
A pain that keeps on every person, dumb or wise.
It is not a physical pain, but worse
A longer kind of pain, maybe a curse.
The emotional scar of loss.
Knowing that the one you care for is dead and buried under the moss.
This is a life long scar
A scar sometimes caused by accidents, but many times caused by war.

07-21-2004, 04:15 AM
It was the sky that was different today. No, I don't think the world was wrong, aside from the fact that Bush is still one whom I disrespect. It doesn't matter much anymore. I have a wife and two children. My boy is 13 years old, and his name is Johnny. A bright kid. I can see his future as an engineer, whom he wanted to be since he was 5. My girl is Julie. She is 15, already in highschool. I'd have to say that she is a very good girl. I have nothing but the highest respect for her, along with the fact that she wants to be a doctor someday. My wife, Sharon, she is the most gorgeous woman in the entire world. There is nothing but love there. No, I don't think I should talk about my family so much. It's not like me to talk about them to you like this. Really. But this is still my family and I love them dearly.

Well apparently I have many properties during my life. I have a cottage up north. I go there every weekend with my family for some nice rest and relaxation. It's a tradition for me since we've had since this family started. I remember having at least three other condos, but I sold them for profit. Even through all this, I still have my home. It is the dream home we've always wanted. A haven, we used to say, and this haven is perfection according to us.

It's so funny how cruel things can get. It was a mistake. That's what it was. The one more drink. Everything is wiped from reality. This is now his fantasy.

My name? I have no name. I killed him on that dreadful night. I caused the pain and suffering that his family has. The game is finally over for him...too bad his family's game just begun.

Loss? They lost to only an irresponsible man.

07-21-2004, 07:10 PM
Heres my entry for this week! I'm from Tri-Blade.

The Tragedy (Sort of)

“Oh, No!” She cried,
With a tear in her eye.

“This just can’t be!
Why did it happen to me?”

“Never in the world did I think this would happen,
Especially not while I was nappin’”

“While I slept (this tale is tragic),
The window blew open as if by magic!”

“What happened?” Said I,
Afraid I might cry.

“What was your loss?”
“Was it your new lip gloss?”

“Oh, no!” She said,
“It would be better if I were dead!”

“Why is it so sad?”
“Did something happen that was bad?”

“Sad? Oh yes!”
“Now I like the wind even less!”

“The wind picked up my stuffed bear,
And threw him out the window, there!”

07-21-2004, 11:09 PM
Team Nox

Lost Feelings

I've lost a lot, in my life. Yet... One of those things is not supposed to get lost...

When i was 5...
There was a WAR, around the world. I didnt understand much back then, but my parents told me not to worry. I watched TV, as people were killed, and homes were taken away. Still, my parents told me not to worry. It even seemed as though it was getting closer, and i could feel something coming, but my parents would never tell me. I guess they wanted to protect me, or maybe pretend like everything was alright. It was, for a while... Until the fire. I'm not sure where it came from, or what happened after i passed out, but that fire caused a lot of damage... I lost my home, my family, and my friends...

As i grew...
I travelled with a Pokemon, who saved me from the fire. We became great friends, and we saw many places together. But the people we met, were not nearly as nice... One village after another, rejected my friend, saying he was dangerous and would bring disaster. Im not sure why, but i know it's not true. As long as we were together, we never came across a disaster, but nobody would listen. It wasn't long after, that people began to act, and tried to hurt my friend and cause pain to us both. They began to say, that i'd have to go too, if i didnt realise what i was getting into. They caused us injuries, but we kept on going, trying to find a home for us both. But, it all left a mark on me... I lost my compassion, and caring, to others well-being...

The journey went on...
We continued our search, only to be stopped by more trouble, and pain. People tried to take my friend, saying he was "Special", but we wouldnt let each other go no matter what. They tried to get rid of me, but i wouldnt stop, not until me and my friend were safe once again. A village nearby was attacked by the thugs, and the safety of them all would rest on me. If i didnt give up my friend, the people would suffer, and die with their village. They pleaded me to give them what they wished... They didnt care about me, or my friend! They only wished to save their own lives... As i grew older, this all became clear, as i lost all emotions that i once held dear. I ran from the village, and watched it be destroyed... It serves them right, for being selfish i say...

Now i'm 15, and my life has meaning. I realise now the truth behind people... They take for granted all that they own, yet still want more with their selfish ways. They would sacrifice another to save their lives. Now i realise all of this as true, and my lifes purpose is to make them see truth. They must see what it is like to run in fear, and know the pain that many have felt before. I have other friends now... Ones who know of my pain, and relate to my suffering. It is my cause... My reason of being. Yet even so, one thing is still lost, and can never be replaced... But, as long as my friend is beside me, i might find it again someday... My good friend, Shadow... Could he really help me... To find my soul?

07-23-2004, 06:23 PM
Team Trainer


I should have tried
I should have won
I could have thought
But instead, I lost

Oh where did I go wrong?
Where did I fail?
Where did I lose?
Why couldn't I...

There she stood
Upon the broken battlefield
There I stood
Watching her fall

Thousands dead around me
One dead in front of me
If only I could have saved her
If only I could have saved them all

Why did I live?
Why did I live, when she died?

Oh God!
Give me the strength to move on!
Give me the courage to live!
Give me hope and peace and compassion.

I failed my duty.
I failed my friends.
I failed my love.
I failed myself.

And when we fail to protect the lives we love
We Die.

07-23-2004, 10:06 PM
This is for Team Nox. My story is dedicated to my grandmother, who died 3 days ago.....

Lifes end, but a new beginning all the same

I heard the telephone ring early this morning. It was my uncle, who lived with my grandma. He said he needed my Mom, but she wasn't there. He sounded very grave, and sad. I told him to wait for about 10 minutes and then call back.

He called back, and I gave the phone to my Mom. After an exchange of "Really?" and "Oh no...." she uhng up the phone and said, "Grandma is very sick guys. She's taken a turn for the worse."

I sat there, staring wide-eyed at my mother, feeling the sweat trickle down my cheek. Could this really be true? I thought to myself. Could it?

So I went over to my other Grandparents, forgetting about the whole thing while having fun with my cousins. At 4:30, my Mom walked in, and said, "Boys, Grandma is not well, we'll have to visit her at the hospital." So we got everything ready and quickly went over there.

I saw the big white building, wondering what fate awaits me there. I walked into the waiting room, and found my 2nd uncle and aunt. We sat down and talked ot them, and they said my Dad, uncle, great aunt, and great uncle went into the room my grandma was in. Then, all of the people that visited my Grandma came in. My great aunt looked like she was crying, and the others were straining not to. My dad walked over to a corner and started crying, and my mom walked over them and cried with him. It was the first time I've ever seen my dad cry. And then my uncle walked over to me...

He said, "She's not dead yet, but she will be soon." Inbetween that sentence he started crying, and I felt devestated. Why? Why did this have to happen to such a great person that I've known forever? I put my hands to my face, wiping away the tears. I saw my brother crying, along with many others.

Then, a nurse came and said we could visit. All of us went in, and my Mom said, "Now this will not look like grandma, okay guys?" And my brother and I both nodded. I was scared, to see what she looked like, and I was thinking just to walk out right now. A nurse guided us in, named Debby, and opened the door to her room.

My Grandma had many wires coming out of her body. She had a hose rammed down her throat helping her breath. I asked myself How could that help a person? I saw they had her eyes glued open because she was so weak. My brother started crying uncontrollably, and had to leave the room. I stood there, looking at my grandma, who was barely clinging onto life.

And then they said we all had to leave the room, so they can get her off the ventilator and let her die. I shouted inside myself NOOOOO!! And I turned around, crying, and walked out. All of the people I was with were crying. I never thought this day would come, to where my grandma died...

We were allowed back into the room and we saw her there, lying in her bed. We exchanged storys of her inside of the room. from when my dad was a little kid to now. and we were forced out of the room finally because they were going to take her to the funeral home we've planned her to go to. So I kissed her on the forehead, and said, "I will always love you Grandma..." And walked away. I was crying so badly, and we talked about her even after.

I really hated letting go of my grandma that day. I have one of her rings she used to wear, and I open it up when I want to remember the good days. The days that will not come again. But the good thing was, after we went out of the room, the nurse said, "She stilll had a heartbeat until 20 minutes before you left the room." And I suddenly felt inspiration fill into me and replacing the pain of loss. She heard me when I told her that I love her. So she knew, she knew I loved her fully and without question. And to this day it makes me happy, to just remember that.

I know that my grandma lives in a better place now. I know that her life has finished but has started again. But I would give anything just to have her back for one more day...

A true story.

Neo Emolga
07-23-2004, 11:20 PM
Team Nox

One Among Many

James never liked to get out of bed
“I’ve got to work” he always said
Put on his shirt, jacket and tie
Just before he kissed his wife goodbye

As he headed down the stairs and looked back
Just before he joined the rest of the traffic pack
He picked up the keys and got in the car.
The drive was alone and the drive was far.

Down the highway among other lives
Full of desperation and many sighs.
He reached the deck after many miles
Never once did his face wear a smile

Took the ride to the sixty-third floor
He then went and grabbed the knob of the door
When he sat down at his desk among the mess he had made
Alone in his box and alone in the shade

As he begun to work he heard a loud blast
The floor shook but he got to his feet at last
People were shouting and running in every direction
He didn’t know what happened and couldn’t make a connection

He abandoned his work and abandoned his case
As he scrambled for the stairs with others in haste
They headed down the stairs hard and fast
Hoping they would make it and hoping they'd last

Halfway down, the way was cut off
They headed back through the door with a loft
Just when they thought the way had been found
The ceiling had come crashing down…

Five thousand lives, lost in a day
We all wished there was another way
Around the world they joined us and sobbed
All because of a few men and a belief in God

Can we ever forgive, can we ever forget?
Will we remember this day with sadness and regret?
How do we live? How do we move on?
What had happened? What went wrong?

Nearly three years later, many leave it behind
And the unknown answers some still try to find
We live as one nation, we will live in our way
No one has the right to take that away

We still are one people, we still have won.
Thirst for justice and believe in your freedom.
But please remember the women and men
Who were lost on September eleven…

~delfino feroce
07-24-2004, 12:30 AM
that's going to win. ;D

Tamer Marco
07-24-2004, 06:04 PM
:clap: Great job NP! That is one of the bests out here!

Matt & Vulpix
07-25-2004, 01:04 AM

Judging for Week #3 has been delayed until further notice. Yet what kind of judge would delay the procedings? The theme for week #4 is Guilt so you can already start submitting.

Judging will happen when I come back. Don't want to rush it.

07-25-2004, 07:24 AM
Harry Kim
Team Trainer

Duty and Leadership

A Leader needs to be strong and sturdy
A Leader needs to be tough and smart
A Leader needs to be compassionate and understanding
A Leader needs to know it all

So Why did I let them defeat me?
Why couldn't I see their plan?
Why did I let my guard down?
Why did I fail them all...

I tried my best to look...
Into the looking glass.
I tried my best to plan...
For the next attack.

I failed, in all I've done.
To Lead
To Search
To Battle

If only I could try
And simply go back
And Change everything
My Mistake

I let down my team
I couldn't save them all
I regret this
Unfortunate downfall

I must learn to try harder
To Never make the same Mistake
I must learn to be smarter
To realize the trap

Oh give me courage to move on!
To fight and win this war!
I made a mistake, my team to pay...

But Never More.

07-26-2004, 03:58 AM
My Pride
By: CNikkita
Team: Team Trainer

It's all my fault!
My pride...

I should have just...

I could have done,

Had I but said,
"I'm Sorry"

He wouldn't have
gone out.

Had I not let my pride,
get in the way...

He might have lived...
But no.

My stupid pride...
killed my only love.

~delfino feroce
07-27-2004, 02:40 AM
aww that's simple yet good. :3

Jack of Clovers
07-31-2004, 08:26 AM
Unknown Friendship

Today I passed by Morgan's house on my way home from school. His house has one of the cleanest, greenest and fluffiest lawns ever; I can even take naps on them. The lunch sun beats down hard on the house and the egg yolks burn permanently on the walls. But he deserved it. Each egg had his name on it and I wish I could have thrown them at him directly. The house had to do. He had to know the message.
Oh, look, here he comes. That stupid lanky walk as he comes near me. Man I hate you. The only reason we're friends is so I can use your Playstation.
"Hey Jayce."
"Hey Morgan. What happened to your house?"
"Someone egged it last night. My parents are killing me for it."
"Do you know who did it?"
"No clue. I don't even know why someone would do this. I didn't do anything."
Oh, but you did. You did. You partnered with Sara Foster in science class instead of me. All because you like her. You know I need help in science and your smarts are the way I can pass. I had to go with Glover. Fat, lazy pig. Stupid D+ I get because of that. And know what, you're not even talking to Sara anymore. Lame. Lame-o.
"Yea, eggs harm houses a lot."
Morgan seems like he's about to cry. Baby. Take it like a near adult or lose. Why am I friends with you again? Oh, right, Playstation.
"Jayce, you didn't happen to see anyone suspicious around here?"
"Can't say, I was out last night." Ya, out egging your house. Dang, I'm so mad.
Morgan looks depressed. "My parents are making me pay for the damage. They also called the Principal at school. Now I can't go to Spring Camp for break because I'm grounded. I didn't even do anything and I'm being punished."
"Man, that's harsh." His parents are going overboard. Spring Camp is an exciting gettaway during Spring Break and most of our grade will be there. That kinda sucks.
"Not only that, but I had to leave school early because someone egged my locker this morning. I just couldn't take the risk."
Yep, that was me also. Maybe I went to far with that one. Nah, it's not like he's my real friend. But maybe I've been taking advantage of him too much. Look at him, about to fall down and weep is eyes out. It almost makes me feel bad.
"Well, hope things get better. I need to head home and work on my school junk. See ya later."
"Later Jayce."

Pounding, hurting, throbbing, thumping, bumping. My head hurts. I can't take this pressure anymore. I've been taking advantage so much. Over those years of torment to him and he didn't even figure it out, I was so good at hiding it. But no, the truth hurts. We've been together for so long and know so much about each other. Wait, does that count as friendship? No. Wait. Yes, yes it does. I do believe it does. That's not fair, why should I be his friend. No, I can't. But... Yes. Man I have such a headache and my stomach hurts. Is this a sign to change heart? Oh, I can't take this feeling in anymore. Why did I attack him? He's my friend, and he deserves to know the truth.
Morgan answers over the phone. "Hello?"
"Morgan, it's Jayce. I have something important to tell you..."


Matt & Vulpix
07-31-2004, 03:00 PM
Late Creative Writing Results for Week #3 - Loss

I'll get to the chase. The winners for week four will be announced tonight (or tomorrow).

- Duke, of Team Flora, for his poem, "The Home Front"
- Neo Pikachu, of Team Nox, for his poem, "One Among Many"

I'd also like to point out that this week, I laughed and I (almost, there were a few tears) cried reading the entries.


Neo Emolga
07-31-2004, 11:10 PM
Team Nox
(I hope this isn’t too late…)


What seems best becomes a mistake in time
We what seems like benefit becomes a crime
And then there is a question that drives me
That nothing is right and nothing is fine

Upon my forehead is my hand
As I try to make one last stand
The lines of anger are all I see
Trying to satisfy the demand

I have become the enemy of the state
Everyone looks at me with the glare of hate
And even now I cannot fight
My will is over with the choice of fate

To many, this has become the end
To me I will no longer have a friend
And even now that I might
My name will never be met by commend

I’m surrounded by the anger of my mistake
Even though it was a choice I had to make
It hurts to see the friend become the foe
Can anyone forgive me for heaven’s sake?

For now, an apology is what I sent
Let them know I said what I meant
Lay it down for them all to know
They all have pressured me to the greatest extent

But even know, my plea goes unheard
They seem unfamiliar to every word
They surrounded me with this strife
The blame upon me is absurd

The hurt and pressure has only built
The flower of my youth has begun to wilt
And upon this vast overcoming of my life
I have become overrun by guilt

Matt & Vulpix
08-02-2004, 11:02 PM
I'll judge week 4 later I'm just too tired from the tenis all day -.-;; sorry

Theme #6: Dreams

08-03-2004, 11:54 PM
Here I am, yet again trying to win a point I know I won't win. There are so many better writers here than me! Well at least I'm trying.
BTW I'm from Tri-Blade.

The wind. Flowing. Erupting in gusts around me. Pulling. Stretching and twisting me into shapes I didn’t think possible for the human body. Tall waves of moving coldness washing around me. Pulling. Shoving. Yanking. Tearing like the claws of an angry tiger. Cold. So cold. Shivering. Freezing cold.

The wind. It was trying to get something from me or push something in, I couldn’t tell which. I tried to keep it away. My legs, thrashing. Cold. Pain. Unbearable agony. No! Stop! That hurts! Stop! Something cold and agonizing flowing into me, to my very bones. Pain. Screaming. Someone yelling. I can’t hear. Stop! The agony. Pain gone. Cold. Alone…

“Mahrya! Mahrya!” My eyes snapped wide open. I found myself staring up into the thin, tight-lipped face of a girl with long auburn hair and sapphire blue eyes.

“Malasa.” I wheezed faintly to my twin, still feeling the remnants of that sheer cold in my body. I shivered uncontrollably at the thought of the tearing wind ripping through me… But it was only a dream, wasn’t it? And why was I so cold?

I reached up with my left hand to touch my sisters pale face, wanting to give myself a small reassurance that it was nothing more than a dream. That was when the realization struck me. My hand was numb. It was a pure bloodless white. I stared in shock as the putrid feeling of dread began to creep over me, beginning at the pit of my stomach. Why was I so cold? Could that dream have actually been real? I shuddered at the thought. It couldn’t have been. It wasn’t possible. As soon as my hand touch my sister’s cheek she jerked back.

“Mahr! You’re so cold!” He usually calm voice was high pitched with panic as her worried frown deepened in concern.

“I’m okay!” I cried hoarsely, trying to keep my cold lips from chattering, saying it as much to reassure myself as to reassure my sister. I tried to sit up but as I did, the yellow light of the oil lamp that sat on the oak table beside my bed blurred and flipped. I fell back into bed with a soft thud as I landed hard on the soft bedding.

“Mahr.” Malasa said softly, trying to conceal the worry in her voice and not succeeding very well. “You’re not alright and you know it.”

I shook my head slowly, “It was only a dream.” I whispered. "Only a dream."

08-05-2004, 06:18 PM
Golden Age

Every day people die on front of my eyes
I could hear their discouraging, frantic cries
During those nights I dream
And hear a painful scream
But sometimes I see a golden age
An age of peace without anger or rage

I also dream of you and I
Your serenity and grace enough for me to cry
I wish that age was here
Where there was no death or fear

It was but a dream
To many people it may seem
But it is an age worth fighting and dying for
Because out of the blood and gore
Peace will eventually restore
And I can return to our home at the beach
Where roams a fragrance of peach
Though I dream of that day
Where there is no longer a price of life to pay
It seems an impossible thought
After experiencing those battles we fought
But I still cling on to the light
So no longer may I see another fight
And just be with you
Among the beach sands or the field’s dew

I assure you when this is done
After this long battle is won
I shall return to you
And what used to my dreams will come true
Conclude shall the death and hate
And through it will come a golden age of great

08-06-2004, 06:00 AM
team nox

Icarian dreams

Oh to soar unbounded,
beyond the problems of this earth
on waxen wings...
to reach the heavens; to touch the sun;
survive to soar again,

in slumber, blankets sheathed
from distant midnight skies
set my lofty ambitions,
against laws of logic,

and the glare, the rusts
that held me fast, give way
to flights of fancy...

a proud indignation,
glory days,
waft away.

Prosperity, wealth all but an illusion
fading as spirits do;
no reconciliation,
no requiem sung for the beloved.

Boast of pridefulness;
sins of the hypocrisy do not condemn.
as you may fly to the sun
and nary a wing will you burn

rest has come at last
and what was dreamt
now dreams.

08-06-2004, 04:36 PM
Team Tri-Blade

Forever Dreaming

Before the world was always stirring, constantly ever shifting,
before the sun’s consistent setting, the moon’s recurring rising,
before the first flower’s blossoming, the trees earliest budding,
forever did I dream of you.

While the rivers are swiftly curving, currents always sweeping,
while tides are timely rising, the waves always crashing,
while the wind is wordlessly whispering, the stars progressively glimmering,
forever do I dream of you.

After the world may finish its whirling, the sun renounced its blazing,
after the rivers freeze their rippling, the trees no longer aging,
after the wind has suspended its murmuring, the stars have abandoned their glistening,
Still, forever will I dream of you.

-Kaelin, aka caligal

Matt & Vulpix
08-07-2004, 04:36 PM
Me quits as Creative Writing judge.
Me shoulds find a creative writing way to tell you all this.
and why.
Me finds that now.
Me runs off leaving a note behind.

I was your judge
I read about your hot fudge
But now I'm gone
Isn't that fun?

Why you may ask
There are reasons by the flask
The first reason is
I haven't been in the biz
For the past two weeks

Reason number two
Is that the time, there is none
But there is time for fun
So that's my flu

This is my resignation
This is the application
So get a new judge
To judge Weeks four and five
Yay! I live in a hive!

This poem sucks
I realize that, my ducks
But it's a creative way
To show my dismay
I bid you good day!

I hiope the new judge remembers me :(

08-15-2004, 01:15 AM
er this portion has been left stagnant for some time, was np supposed to take control of this aspect of the war?

Neo Emolga
08-15-2004, 01:48 AM
er this portion has been left stagnant for some time, was np supposed to take control of this aspect of the war?

Yes, but I wanted to talk with the other war leaders about it first, and so far Harry hasn't been on for us to contact him so we haven't had a war meeting for quite some time. That's the reason for the delay...

08-18-2004, 12:00 AM
Ummm, not to be rude or anything, but come on, we need to get this problem worked out! People that have talent in this section of the war aren't able to support their team now...is anyone trying to sort this problem out? It's time for our results and a new topic.

11-01-2004, 08:48 PM
i noticed this was called 'WAR creative writing'
if u want sum creative writing about war listen to slayer!