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12-12-2006, 12:10 AM
Yes, it has started! Another quick sign up! Bringing me to the sign-up subject, they can still be found here, (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27683) in case anyone late wants to sign up. The story is all there, in case anyone wants a refresh of how it started. I guess I'll kick things off!


I woke up in my cold hometown of Carvahall. I just got Charizard, and it was going to be a long journey! But first, I needed to catch up with my other teammates to start off. I was still aa bit confused about all this... Pokemon Riders? I thought Galbatorix wiped them all out! I was very confused. Before anything else, I decided to return to the scene of the crime- er- where we found the pokemon eggs.
The Spine's forests can be particularly annoying to get through. The male wild deer kept prodding their antlers, nervous about Charizard. "Leave him alone!" I yelled. They all ran away. I thought Charizard was too new to the world to fight. But what I didn't see was that he was ready to nearly swallow one and fly off.
When we finally got there, five patches of ground were all burnt. Where they eggs were, I thought.
"Aaaayyooohhh!" Charizard let out a deep howl.
"Come down, Charizard!" I eased him. "They should come..."

It's a bit short, but I'm not all that good at starting role plays...
Also, pokemon are supposed to be nearly extinct, so those are deer. Not Stantler.

12-12-2006, 12:37 AM
Leman was flying over the spine on his Dragonite, Draco. Draco was a new born but grew amazingly fast. A Stroyteller named Brom gave him a saddle for Draco. Nowadays Draco wasn't growing as fast. Leman hadn't entered the Spine since he found Draco's egg but he was running out of food and had no money. Draco swoped down and landed in the spine. Leman cocked his bow and arrow and moved silently and swiftly throught the brush. Draco took off to fly above him over the trees. After four hours he had finally found a deer. They were eating Leman shot the bow just as Draco let out a cry above and Leman missed. Leman yelled at Draco in his mind and he came crashing through the canopy slahing and killing the last fleeing deer with a dragon claw attack. Leman tied up the deer threw him on Draco's back and they started home.

12-12-2006, 12:54 AM
Brian lay in his bead staring at the roof. Questions kept running threw his head until he couldn't take it anymore. He got up and looked at his Typhlosion unable to understand what it was doing with him! He couldn't figure it out. All pokemon and their riders were eliminated long ago. Was thsi some sort of calling? He fianly left the house in confusion and saw smoke in the distance. "Crap!" He said aloud. He lived in a large village and the smoke was comiing from the downtown area. He started running toward the smoke when the Typhlosion grabbed him and pulled him to the ground. "Let go of me you Pyro freak!" He yelled strugling to get free. After a minute h was able to escape and started running toward the village. The Typhlosion ducked into a flamewheel and chased after him. He was caught again and pulled down. Apparently pokemon couldn't risk letting their riders get hurt. Being in to tight of a grasp he gave in and was dragged toward the smoke. They stopped a bush and they both looked at the destruction. Building were burning and people were being shot with arrows. "Well what are you waiting for isn't it your job to get in there and fight." Typhlosion shrugged and dragged him back to his home. "Well I guess I better name you so we can get o with our likes. Lets see you are on fire like spyro the dragon and you species startes with a T you Tyro. Enjoy it go to bed." Brian said. At the moment he wasn't happy with having Tyro at his side but he soon whould be.

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(Not to be rude, leman000, but could you not change point of view mid post? It's rather confusing.)

Chiaki watched Philip and Charizard from a branch high above their heads, wincing as the draconic Pokemon howled. Perched on her shoulder was Pyron, her Flygon. His skin was a bright aqua with splotches of purple and red trim around his wings an tail fins. Having only hatched a week ago, he was about as big as a macaw.

At first, Pyron and Chiaki had had trouble communicating. Pyron couldn't understand words, and instead spoke with pictures and feelings. Gradually, Chiaki has been teaching him, but he still couldn't speak in complete sentences, and often converted back to pictures, like now. Bright questioning silver gnawed at the corner of her mind, begging for attention. Flashes of the scene below as Pyron saw it cut into her thoughts. His meaning was clear; why did she not go down with them? Chiaki could only quietly shake her head. Pyron did not understand complex human emotions, like envy or pride. She could never begin to tell him that she wouldn't, couldn't, trust them, despite the ties they shared. As a result, Pyron pushed her to go. He wanted to talk to the other dragons. Chiaki couldn't help but grin. Rather than deprive the dragon of social contact, she nimbly climbed down.

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OOC: Yes!

IC: Neo stood on a ridge overlooking the forst around Osilon. "So, she was ambushed here,a nd the egg split into five..." he murmers to himself. "And it stands to reason that one should be around here... just like he said." His keen eyes spoted a samll circle of sliver! "And here we are..." He bit his lip. Then he shook himself. What was it? Why has he having doubts? ...But to do something like he planned ot do...and to Pokemon Riders, no less! He shook his head again. Forget about emotions. You have no emotions. "Skandrm sa letry," he siad to himself. Feel no doubts. And his doubts vanished. He went to the egg. This was his biggest gamble. If the egg did not hatch...And it was a one-in-a-million chance. He stood next to it. He waited. A small sound split the stillness like a knife. It sounded like shivering. Then, he felt an intesnse cold. He almost ctied out with shock. It was a Regice!! And it was hatching!! For him, of all people!! Skandrm sa saylir," he said. Feel no cold. And another spell layered itself upon him. Although this was a lifelong spell, unless he counteracted it, he felt almost no drain on his energy. The Regice popped out of its shell without warning. Somehow, it was full size. He stared at it. Another display of emotion. What was going on? He reached out and toched the Regice. Even his formidible strength was not enough to sheild him form the first blast. He fell back, and his gedway insigna appeared. He looked at it. It wasn't white. It was blue. He grinned. Already, he was special. He's better find the other four... He muttered, "Letthya blakan." Learn Fly." He jumped on his Regice, and took of into the clear blue sky, heading for Carvahall. On his way, he glimpsed a Deragonite in the sky. He drifted toward the other Pokemon, and....

OOC: How's that? =)


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It was crazy. I could see all of my new allies at once, each one heading in different directions. The pokemon were growing at different speeds, mine and Chiaki's being much smaller than the rest. Nonetheless, it was clear that our- everyone's pokemon were growing quickly. "Hey, Chiaki!" I beckoned as I saw her climb down from the tree. "Do you know where everyone else is? I could've sworn I saw something fly without wings! It looked like it could be made of ice, too!"
"Rrraaawwrrr!" Charizard growled at the new pokemon, Pyron."
"Calm down!" I laughed. I picked him up and help him in my hands. Compared to Charizard, who I decided I should probably name, Pyron looked very zen. I could see Pyron's eyes flashing, but being silent.
Charizard looked up at me in a desiring way. I didn't know what it wanted, but from the looks, it wanted a name. "Spear!" I thought about the name for quite a while. The same storyteller Leman had talked to, Brom, I had heard about a legendary pokemon called Spear. If I remembered correctly, its species was... a Scepteel or something. I couldn't quite remember.
"Think we should look for everyone else?" I asked Chiaki in earnest.

12-14-2006, 12:38 AM
Chiaki just shrugged, not entirely trusting her own voice. Philip seemed trustworthy, at least, but what about the others?

They've all hatched Pokemon, same as you, a voice, sounding young but commanding, said in her mind. There must be some good in them. Chiaki's head turned to Pyron, who was looking back at her. Her eyes went wide.

"You... You spoke!" She said, on the verge of sounding incredulous. "In sentences!"

We're sharper than you think, he replied, looking smug.

12-14-2006, 07:53 PM
IC: Neo floated above Carvahall. "Well, lookie here..." He grinned. And he descended toward them.

OOC: Just establishing that Neo's present, and you can talk to him in your stories. Don't have much time; bye.

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you guys started off pretty good, but now your posts are going sour and that makes me sad. they are going from almost decent to WTF is this. please keep your posts up to where they were. Which was moderately enjoyable.

12-15-2006, 02:41 AM
you guys started off pretty good, but now your posts are going sour and that makes me sad. they are going from almost decent to WTF is this. please keep your posts up to where they were. Which was moderately enjoyable.

It isn't your business to be criticising this role play. It's ours, and you have no right to intrude.
I've seen you criticise everyone's role plays, and it's not fair to the people in them. If you have a comment, keep it to yourself and don't get spam into other people's role plays. Okay?

"What?" I asked Chiaki. "Who are you talking to?"
Her pokemon, nimwit. It was Spear. Taken by surprise, I jumped.
"Who wuzzat?!" I frantically questioned.
Look down. I looked down, seeing Spear.
"You?!" I looked at Chiaki. "So that's what you were talking about. I'm sorry."
Suddenly, I saw the guy on the flying Regice, Neo, come right toward us. "Hello!" I called. "Do you know where the others are? I see Leman up in the sky, but I have no idea where the heck Brian is. Should we look for him, stay here, leave without him, or something else?" I asked Chiaki and Neo. "I'm going to see if I can get Leman." Spear was growing practically by the second, he was already two feet tall. "Do you think you can pull me up there?" I asked him.
Are you kidding me?! No! Not the response I had hoped.
"Oh well..." I said. "Guess I'll wait here..." I sat down.

Leaf Green
12-18-2006, 04:41 AM
Rynor crawled up onto Garmanor's back. "Time to leave Garmanor, we've got to find the others," he siad urgently. The large bug pokemon sqawked and took off. Rynor made sure he had his sword with him. The rider was very confused, it had all happened so quickly. Is it just by instinct that I know what's going on here? Rynor wondered. "No, it is because you are linked to me, and I know, my rider," a realistic voice seemed to whisper in his head. "Whoa, Garmanor, is that you speaking to me?" Rynor said, confused. The garmeil just grinned and sqawked. As they rose, Rynor could see the trees growing farther away. A breeze greeted him, as Garmanor sped forward. Rynor could see mountains in the distance. Rynor searched for a few seconds, focusing his eyes to the north. There it was, Carvahall. As the steed and rider descended toward the village, Rynor searched for the assembly of the other riders.

12-18-2006, 01:17 PM
Draco and Leman were high above the tree tops looking soaring quickly to their hut, a few miles from the spine. Down below nothing realy intesting was happening, nothing that they sould worry about at least. When they reached the house Draco let Leman off. And he rushed inside to prepare the deer. Draco waited anxiosly for the meat. Leman's uncle was outside looking after the fram. His uncle was the only person who new about Draco, except for Leman and Draco himslef.