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The Serenity Wraths I: The Canine's Cry
Table Of Contents Base
This first post has been immediately changed to the Table Of Contents for The Serenity Wraths I. Please take notice that I will post all of the chapter names in the series, but the page number comes out when the chapter does. There are twenty-five chapters in this first series, so be aware of that. Notice at Chapter 25, it is Part I. This means that it will continue in the second part, Twisted Evolutions. Thank you. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Raining Notification - Page 1 *Posts 2&3*
Chapter 2: Summoned Discharge - Page 1 *Posts 12-14*
Chapter 3: Ordered Trouble - Page 2 *Posts 27-29*
Chapter 4: Perturbable - Page 2&3 *Posts 30-33*
Chapter 5: Graspination - Page 3 *Posts 36-37*
Chapter 6: Heart Of Darkness
Chatper 7: Troubled Confrontation
Chapter 8: Retaliation
Chapter 9: Canine Cry
Chapter 10: Dark Enhancement
Chapter 11: The Calling Part I
Chapter 12: The Calling Part II
Chapter 13: The Calling Part III
Chapter 14: Gathered Muscles
Chapter 15: Frozen Disruption
Chapter 16: Stoppage
Chapter 17: Fallen Dance Part I
Chatper 18: Fallen Dance Part II
Chapter 19: Wild Bloomings
Chapter 20: Normal Electricity
Chapter 21: Tears Of Dragons Part I
Chapter 22: Tears Of Dragons Part II
Chapter 23: Tears Of Dragons Part III
Chapter 24: Mysterious Games
Chapter 25: Hidden Scales Part I

Once Again, this first post has been immediately changed to the Table Of Contents for The Serenity Wraths I. Many pokemon will be used in this Fan-Fiction, along with the regular attacks. However, the TCG Attacks will be used, so be aware of that. I decided to use those attacks because I wanted to give myself a challenge by providing all types with new attacks, describing them with my own imagination. By doing this, I am helping to bring out my description alot better, plus giving a taste of originality.

Now, time to give a summary about the story. This entire story will be about how a teen named Matthew Kings and his pokemon compete in a tournament to claim title as the number one trainer of the Jutip Region. He also finds out and battles against Team Hylect, a new team that specializes in Ice-type pokemon. He engages in so many battles with Team Hylect and many other trainers around. Soon, he collects and trains his pokemon, watching them evolve into stronger, fiercer forms. But, the whole region is disturbed when Team Hylect successfully captures the one and only...Suicune. Watch as Matthew races across the region, collecting clues to find out where the wind spirit is...will he find it? Or will it take another region to find this legendary canine? Read and let your imagination wishes be granted!

Scorch Ry
07-05-2004, 09:03 PM
Chapter 1: The Raining Notification
The rain poured vigorously on the foggy Saturday morning. The gray fog surrounded Venis Island, acting like a floating figure. The tall, green Oak trees grew proudly around this town, having such a significant appeal to the entire place. Freshly cut grass patched the exteriors of Venis Island, making this place a bit interesting.

Not one single patch of dirt was present here, causing such wonderful aromas to draft in. Black roses grew uncontrollably, which was entrenched deep in its simplicity. As the rain splashed the black roses, feeding them with large amounts of water.

Dark gray clouds magically patched the light gray skies, hiding the sun that tried to beam in its sheer pride and comfort. The rain, however, was in its deep pride. As it poured down angrily upon Venis Island, it struck the black roof shingles of the red-bricked homes. The homes had such an amazing touch to this Venis Island.

Having their porches made of beige cement and their windows being gray glass plates, their design made up the bright, sheer side of this sudden downpour. However, there was one home that was very interesting in Venis Island. In fact, this home was a mansion that had such a wonderful design.

This home was just like the others; it had the exact same red bricks, with the matching black roof shingles. A long, metallic pole stuck out of black roof, appearing to be a lightning rod to draw the lightning into this mansion.

The windows were clean and colorless as the raindrops soared down the windows. But, this home had a white fence that surrounded the entire mansion, acting as if a barrier that would protect the home from outside forces, such as burglars and intruders.

The grass was freshly mowed to the best of its pride, absorbing the water continuously. As the rain poured angrily upon Venis Island, a young teen looked out of his window with his lightblue serpent that repeated this same act like he was doing.

“Another rainy day,” the young boy said with pure sadness. He looked at his lightblue serpent that was also gazing out of the clean, colorless window. This pokemon had an elongated, rampant body like a snake.

With a single, pallid blotch that was implanted on its head and with an outsized white orifice that exhaled a yawn, this serpent was basically known as a pokemon. This pokemon had a white belly that had gleamed in this boy’s room beautifully. Its eyes, however, were big and very attractive that glittered with such original beauty.

“Dratini,” the lightblue serpent said.

The young teen stared down at his lightblue serpent and smiled.

“Dratini, I am only thirteen years old. I know you want to become stronger, but we have beaten all of these trainers in this town. One day, we can leave and we will travel,” the teen announced.

A sudden smiled appeared upon this serpent’s face, making it notice that its adventurous life would soon begin in the future.

The lightblue serpent followed its trainer’s movement as the teen left his room. The teen’s name was Matthew Kings, but the folks of Venis Island knew him as Matt. His skin tone had a caramel color that helped to bring out his hazel eyes.

His hair was very attractive, having such wonderful, brown curly hair that the girls would love a man to have. Matthew also had muscular arms that were exactly like a fit twenty-four year-old. Also, this teen was trying to develop some abs on the mid portion of his body, with were reaching success so far.

This young teen was wearing a red jeans outfit that consisted of a white jeans hat, a pair of red jeans with a matching red jeans jacket, and the high-top white-on-white AirForceOnes. Matthew had wearing two rings on his pinky and his index finger. Both rings were made of platinum crystals, being very expensive in this town. Altogether, Matthew Kings had brought up such original attire.

Matthew would usually wear these types of outfits, but his underclothing had changed throughout the years. But, after negotiating with all of the kinds of underclothing, he had decided to choose his most favorite kind, which were basically everything out there to wear as underclothing.

But one thing he always does was wear the same underclothing color as his outfit. He wanted to match one hundred percent, so by doing this, he would get the chance to match perfectly and fashionably. Since Matthew’s parents were multi-millionaires, they had also purchased him a red cell phone.

With many games, pictures, and screensavers on them, Matthew had learned to take more responsibility in his life than ever. But, one thing that shocked everyone was when his parents had reserved him a Silver 2007 Ford Mercedes for when he would turn the legal age of sixteen.

During that time, which was when Matthew had began to pick up good grades until his report cards would be nothing but solid A’s. So, this teen just had it all, except for one thing that he desperately desired, which is a girlfriend. The girls around his town would flirt with him, by hugging him, accidentally falling on top of him, even holding his smooth hands for such a long period of time.

But, he knew that these girls just wanted money from him so they could shop for some new outfits. But, he guessed that this wouldn’t be the time to be concerned about a girlfriend that wouldn’t last for a long time.

Matthew left his room, with his Dratini slithering right behind him. With its dazzling body, Dratini was one of the cutest pokemon to have. Matthew had received his Dratini four years ago from his mother, Keisha Kings. It was his 9th birthday, and Matthew wished for his very own pokemon.

So, during that day, his mother went out into the woods and had caught the wild Dratini that was raging around the trees continuously. And ever since then, Matthew had gained the responsibilities of taking care of his pokemon, making sure it would sleep and eat. But, Matthew had also learned about pokemon battling and had battled with his friends that also had pokemon.

During every battle, Matthew had used his Pokemon Battling book to help him determine his Dratini’s attacks. Luckily, his lightblue serpent had won each and every one, making this serpent stronger each and every day. As the years went by, Matthew had also gained the confidence to leave his home and travel throughout the Jutip Region.

He wanted to assemble a full pokemon team of six; with his Dratini being the strongest. But, his mother and father, whose name was Nicholas Kings, wouldn’t allow this. They wanted him to leave once he was the age of eighteen, so they would know that he would be old and strong enough to live on his own. Even though he showed them how independent he was, they still wouldn’t allow him.

“Dratini, I know that my parents will let me go and travel,” Matthew began. “Even though they don’t want to lose me and risk the chance of not seeing me anymore, it would be better for me. They barely see me, since they have those millionaire jobs, so it’s just you and I at home mostly. The only time my parents and I see each other is when they are preparing to leave for work. And, I want to see you get stronger and stronger. I want to catch more pokemon and travel to new places.”

Dratini helplessly sighed, seeing that its trainer’s dream would never come true. But, something magical was about to change that very moment instantly.

Matthew, with his Dratini trailing behind him, walked the mansion halls. As usual, Matt would check the answering machine to make sure that no one called during the times when he would play by himself outside or anything else.

The halls were carpeted wonderfully, having such a remarkable crimson tint. The walls of the halls were painted a gray color, just like the dull scenery outside. Wall lights that decorated the wall halls, having a dull, glistening appearance that would please anyone who would walk these halls.

As Matthew approached the answering machine, he noticed something that was out of place. A small white piece of paper had been folded into a small unit and placed right next to the answering machine. The lightblue serpent arose from the crimson carpeting surface and gazed upon the note as well.

“Dratini, I wonder what that note is about,” Matthew worried.

Dratini gave a slight confusion look to its trainer, since it was wondering the exact same thing as well. The mansion halls released a creepy sound that was caused from the rain that poured upon the mansion. Matthew couldn’t help but to find out what the note was about. He picked up the note from the brown end table and began unfolding it carefully.

Scorch Ry
07-05-2004, 09:26 PM
With an anxious expression he was showing, he was finally able to unfold the note without tearing it up. Both the teen and his Dratini examined the note, wondering what it was for. Surprisingly, Matthew read the note with such horror as his eyes followed word from word.

Dear Mrs. And Mr. Kings,

Due to the massive production you two have contributed, I would like for you two to be head of our company. Since the last manager retired four years ago, we knew that you two would love to become the managers. Your pay will also help pay those high bills and will give you the chance to work more in the office. We’ll need you to be in the office day and night, so we have planned a Resort Hotel for you guys to stay in for the rest of your life if you want to. But, we are building you two a lovely home, so you can stay there until its built. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

Farros Raegen: Current Manager

Reading these words in such revulsion, Matthew nearly fainted from this horrible promotion letter. He was very glad for his parents that they could make tons of more money to help keep their mansion, but for the bad cost, they wouldn’t see him anymore.

Dratini gave such a sad expression, noticing the fallen tears that were washing away the words of the notes. The young teen wiped his eyes, saddened about this action.

“I can’t believe this…what are we suppose to do, Dratini?” Matthew questioned.

“Dra,” Dratini sighed.

It couldn’t stand to see its trainer in such pain. But, as Dratini looked upon the note, it noticed that there were a few words on the back of the note. Beginning to feel happy, it began to cavort so that Matthew would look. Disappointed, Matthew looked upon his lightblue serpent as it danced around.

“Dratini, what’s there to be happy about? We won’t ever see our parents again!” The young teen screamed.

The lightblue serpent slithered towards the note and began hitting it. Confused, Matthew turned the note over, noticing another small group of sentences.

“Let’s see what my parents say…let’s see if they decide to take the promotion or not. Hopefully, they won’t,” Matt thought.

Calmly, the teen began reviewing the response portion of the letter.

Dear Matt,

We know that you have been lonely for the past weeks. Your grades have dramatically changed to higher standards because you have been able to study without us bothering you. But, we must take this job immediately because we are planning to buy Reseta Resorts for millions of dollars. And since you have behaved like a young man, we decided to let you start your journey with your Dratini. There’s money on the table. We are selling the mansion and moving to Satay Island, where you can visit us if you need anything. You need to meet up with Professor McClain to receive your pokedex and qualifications in the Jutip League. I hope we’ve made you happy! As for us, you’ll be seeing us as the next richest millions! Maybe you could even run the business when we retire.

Momma And Daddy

Matthew dropped the note in sheer shock. As it swayed onto the crimson carpeting, Dratini watched the sudden beam that appeared on its trainer’s face.

“Dratini, our dream has come true! We can finally go travel!” Matthew announced.

The lightblue serpent expressed a long smile, also happy that it could finally leave the mansion and meet new pokemon to battle and to become friends with. It was also happy that it wouldn’t be lonely, plus it wouldn’t have to see its trainer in such ache and distress.

“We can go! We can go! We can go, go, go!” Matthew screamed happily.

As he sang this little tone is such great harmony, Dratini could see the bright side that Matthew was holding inside of him, since he was cavorting around the hallway like he was apart of a popular parade. The lightblue serpent watched as its trainer walked into him room. It quietly slithered behind him, wanting to know what was its trainer about to do.

The teen looked on his dresser and noticed that his six pokeballs rested about on it. As their shine reflected off of an oval mirror that was centered on the dress, Matthew picked them up and placed all six of them on his black leather belt.

He looked in the mirror to make sure that his curly brown hair was good enough to make him look good to everyone. After examining, he nodded in sheer cleverness.

“Yeah, my hair should be fine,” Matt thought.

The lightblue serpent slithered around the room, wanting to take the last feelings on the soft gold carpeting in its trainer’s room.

“Dra, dra,” Dratini sighed.

Then, Matthew grabbed his red cell phone that had fully charged, thanks to the help of his charger. He unplugged the small device and clipped it to his leather belt so people would be impressed with him. As he headed for the door, he looked back. The teen noticed his pokemon was moving around continuously.

“Dratini, it’ll be okay,” Matthew explained.

“This might be our last time seeing this home, but it’s for the better. At least we are having new experiences.”

Dratini nodded, agreeing with what its trainer had explained to it. Slowly, the lightblue serpent headed behind its trainer, leaving out of the room last.

He placed the money in his red Nike bag and waited for Dratini to catch up with him.

“Dratini, are you ready?” Matthew asked.

His Dratini happily nodded as it slithered next to him. Immediately, he opened the Fancy brown door and saw the light sides of Venis Island. The rain showers had deceased, causing such a magnificent glow to the entire town. As the raindrops were absorbed into the black roses, they glittered in their sheer pride and delight.

The gray clouds evaporated along with the dark fog that invaded the grounds on Venis Island. The wild Weedle began coming out of the trees, walking around it clear pride. As they looked around, they noticed that the aromas of the flowers were so delightful and pleasing to them. The wild poison bugs crawled down the trucks of the trees happily. As Matthew and his Dratini looked outside, they both smiled.

“I guess miracles do come true.” Matthew whispered to himself.

Soon enough, Matthew and Dratini began to walk out of their home, closing the brown door behind them. As he opened the white, tall steel fence that surrounded their mansion, he took one final look at his home that brought him sorrow and defeat in the past.

“Looks like this home isn’t stopping me anymore,” Matthew said.

Happily, he and him Dratini continued walking towards the elegant shore of Venis Island, now with a new destination…

07-05-2004, 11:09 PM
WOW, this story is really good! I like the way you describe thing in every single detail!

There are some things that needed work too. You were talking about some "Kevin" guy. Who is he? A Butler, or the name of your starring trainer before. Try to capitalise Pokémon, it is a name. Also, you keep using the same words over and over again, like "crimson" and "pride" Those are fine, but try to use a Thesaurus for other words. Also, try not to make Matt sound too perfect. Have some downfalls, a perfect person is too boring. Make him loose some of his battles from time to time so he can learn from his mistakes.

Overall, this story is doing real well. If you continue like this, it will be one of the best fics here.

Can't wait for more!


Scorch Ry
07-05-2004, 11:16 PM
Thanks, Mario! I loved that reply of yours, and yes, I do use the thesaurus to replace a few words. But, some words I just using to make the scenery exactly instead of creating a new word, causing the scenery to be lost and unnoticable. Now, for the Kevin part...yeah, in my old fic, the main character was named Kevin, and I might have gotten him confused with this character. I'll go ahead and edit it before anyone else notices. :shhh: And I was trying to make Matthew not perfect, but a rich child that barely sees his parents. Even though they give him everything, the only thing he wants is to see them and possibly have fun with them. And oh course, Matt will lose some battles. The people of Venis Island has weak pokemon that were weak enough to be defeated by Dratini. But thanks for the review, Mario!

Also, some people capitalize Pokemon, while others don't. Pokemon is a name, but it should be only capitalized when necessary. Pokemon is a name because it describes Pocket Monsters. However, pokemon have their real names, and I even asked many people from different sites. Pokemon can or cannot be capitalized, depending on the writer. I simply don't capitalize Pokemon and I simply won't for that reason. Thank you. If it is that big of a deal, then I will try to remember to capitalize it. Other than that, it won't be in my fic. Keep coming with the reviews!

07-05-2004, 11:55 PM
Great start Aley! One of the greatest starts of any fic I've ever read. You went into great depth in trying to describe the character roles. I like how you set up the the start of this fic. You seem to have gone into deep length into setting this up. I'm looking forward to reading more and seeing how this journey progresses.

Dr Skottie
07-06-2004, 01:51 AM
Ok, this is an okay begining. The idea is good but don't go overboard with description. There is a fine line when it comes to describing things in your fanfic and i'm sorry to say, in my opinion you cross it often. Some details you put in are not really needed and dont effect the story as a whole. Also I agree with Mario, use different words. Whenever you repeat a word, it degrades your story. Just bring the detail level down a bit, amp up the story and characters, and this fic will be excellent! :cool:

Scorch Ry
07-06-2004, 04:32 PM
Thanks, KCash and Dr. Skottie! I enjoyed both compliments. Now, Dr. Skottie...I liked your compliment because you said that I need to amp up the story and characters. However, on the description part...this is a crucial thing for me. Description isn't my best thing, so I really didn't think I went overboard. Everything needs describing or the picture will be lost. For example the piece of paper. Most people assume its white, but what if its red? Everything needs description, that's what my teacher taught me. But thanks anyway for the compliment.

07-06-2004, 08:47 PM
Skottie, be careful with what your saying. People review fics without really thinking about what was read very often. Aley gave us lots of description about the character, the girls and money, what he likes to wear and what car hes going to get. This info may not be needed in the future of this fic but it gives us an idea. It shows us what kind of lifestyle Matt is living and how his life will change once he goes out to the pokemon world. Now for the surroundings, I dont think you can go overboard when describing the surroundings. It helps set the mood and like Aley said, if the paper is thought to be white, it could be red.

But then I see how he might of used the same words. Be careful on that Aley and still continue to use that thesaurus because you also have a lot of words in the chapter that were great to use. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Scorch Ry
07-06-2004, 08:51 PM
Alright, I understand about the wording parts. I'll make sure to use the thesaurus when I come across a word I use often. Chapter 2 will come out tomorrow morning and hopefully, I'll become inspired and think up of a way to make a good battle to finish up Chapter 4. Keep coming with the reviews!

Dr Skottie
07-07-2004, 04:59 AM
Well sorry for having an opinion... You asked for a review, I gave you one.

Scorch Ry
07-07-2004, 04:32 PM
Chapter 2: Summoned Discharge
The sun crept above the white clouds as it proudly beamed upon the stunning beachside that delimited Venis Island. The palm trees swayed to the right, being blown by the wintry breezes that were whispering a diminutive bawl. The gazing, blue ocean slowly washed up upon the beach, making the pure sand bring out its incandescent excels.

With well-built sandcastles scattered around the entire beach, Matthew had to watch his step just to make sure that he wouldn’t step on any, causing them to demolish within seconds. Dratini slithered right next to Matthew, smiling uncontrollably with its adorable face.

“Dra,” Dratini yelped, trying its best not to say anything.

But, it was just so happy that it could finally see pokemon and not be locked up in a big house for the past three years.

Matthew placed his hands in his jeans pocket, having one thing on his mind. How in the world was he suppose to get across the ocean, where his destination, Berluck City, was? It would take at least twelve hours to get from here to there, yet there wasn’t anyone around with a boat! Matthew hung his head in disbelief.

“This will be much more complicated than I thought,” Matthew murmured under his breath.

Dratini hazily looked up, noticing the disappointed expression his trainer was giving. As Dratini’s snake body slithered around on the sand, a nice little path was made from it doing this, allowing such a wonderful scene from a helicopter or an air jet.

The wild Aipom nearby hunched together, surrounding two palm trees that were implanted in the sand. With their small, purple bodies and their beige tails with a hand-shaped figure that was formed on the end of their tails, these pokemon were incredibly adorable and almost impossible not to capture.

Matthew, however, didn’t want a monkey as a pokemon. He didn’t like monkeys and gorillas, so why would he want to catch an Aipom? Besides…Matthew wouldn’t want to waste his time battling a wild Aipom when he could be trying to find someone who has a boat, plus willing to take his overseas.

Matthew watched as the wild Aipom hastily traveled up the trucks of the palm trees, grasping for air and time. The teen looked up, seeing that they were heading towards the several groups of bananas.

“Monkeys…” Matthew whispered as he continued on his walking trail.

!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!< >!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!

“This is something that I wouldn’t expect to be trying to do,” Matthew murmured.

The wind howled at a whispering rate, making it a tad bit harder to walk forward. A flock of wild Taillow sailed above Venis Island, fluttering their wings rapidly to fly with such elegance and creativity. Soon, a loud caw filled the area, alerting the fellow citizens of the Island that the birds were making their flight route above the Island. Matthew happened to look up, taking his hands out of his pocket.

He smiled with such sheer amazement as he saw a fisherman, sitting peacefully by the beachside. Dratini looked upon its trainer’s face, noticing an amazing smile with sheer beauty.

The lightblue serpent wondered what was wrong with its trainer and all of his minute-lasting expressions that he would give. One minute, he would be sad, another minute he would be happy, then he would be mad than ever.

“Dra…” Dratini sighed.

The lightblue serpent was just happy that its trainer was now showing an expression of happiness. But, Dratini was also happy that it wasn’t a human…they seemed to go through a lot of mood swings.

“Hey!” Matthew screamed. The fisherman looked to his left, noticing a teen and his pokemon looking at him.

“Hmm…wonder what they want?” The fisherman wondered.

He placed his fishing rod in the sand and made his way towards the teen and the Dratini. Matthew could finally see the real details of the fisherman, since the man was heading towards him.

The fisherman was very, very light skinned, having a very bright complexion. He was wearing a sun hat that glittered beige in color. This hat seemed to be made from straw, since there wasn’t any visualization of material. The man had black, beady eyes that looked shifty.

His eyebrows were very thick, which began to give both Matthew and Dratini a little chill up their backs. Also, the fisherman had a thick, black mustache with brown hairs scattered throughout the mustache. He was wearing a green shirt, which had swirls of white and red on it.

The collar was nicely done, having the brand name on both sides of the collar. The fisherman was wearing brown sandals that had a ‘Z’ design layout, which actually looked a bit interesting to Matt. Wearing beige-colored shorts, all in all, this fisherman had the entire attire that most fishermen would wear whenever fishing.

“May I help you?” The fisherman said.

Matthew noticed the fisherman had a very deep voice, which freaked him out a little. He took a big breath and responded to the man.

“Um…I was wondering if you have a boat…” Matthew asked.

As Matthew began talking, Dratini had noticed how nervous its trainer had become so quickly.

“Dratini…” Dratini sighed.

He was very fortunate that his mother and father were both a Dragonite, not a human. Otherwise, he would have come out like his trainer.

“Well, sonny. I do have a boat that I use to get back and forth from here to Berluck City. I’m assuming that you need to get there?” The fisherman asked.

Before Matt could speak, he released a breath of relief. He was just fortunate that this fisherman had a boat and even asked him if he needed to get a ride there. He smiled and replied in such happiness.

“Well, yeah. I need to get to Berluck City so I can visit Professor McClain,” Matthew explained. “I couldn’t find anyone on the beach, so when I saw you, I was hoping you would take me.”

The fisherman noticed how excited the teen was that he found someone who had a boat. Even though he was on an important fishing activity, he didn’t want to let this teen down. Plus, he could tell this young man wasn’t lying when he noticed his adorable Dratini sitting next to him, looking around the sky mysteriously.

“It wouldn’t be a problem,” the fisherman announced. “I was trying to fish for a clan of Octillery, but they’ll be there later today and possibly tonight.”

Matthew jumped into the air with joy, just thankful that this fisherman was nice enough to sail him to Berluck City. Once again, the lightblue serpent gazed upon its trainer’s sudden reaction.

“Dra, dra…” Dratini whispered.

Dratini just couldn’t believe that these humans would go through expressions and feelings. It was glad that its kind would either be happy or mad.

Matthew and the fisherman walked towards his boat, with Dratini leading the way. The sun beamed upon the Island, burning in sheer pride and clearness. As their footprints were planted in the sand, along with the dazzling design by Dratini, this could have been a secret code indication for many people to figure out.

“So, what’s your name?” The fisherman asked.

“My name is Matthew Kings But most people call me Matt,” Matthew replied, giving a warming smile.

Scorch Ry
07-07-2004, 04:34 PM
“Ah, the boy whose parents will run that multi-billionaire place?” The fisherman asked.

Matthew smiled and answered. “Yeah, that’s them. They never let more money opportunities pass them by. You can never have too money!”

Both the fisherman and the teen laughed happily, enjoying the little comment Matthew had just opposed to him. The lightblue serpent turned its head around and smiled. It was happy that its trainer was staying happy for more than five minutes, rather than becoming angry or sad.

“Well, my name’s Jackson. I used to catch pokemon, but I did for my dad. He would research about them,” Jackson explained.

Matthew smiled in supreme shock, becoming a bit interested in what Jackson had announced to him. But, before he could speak, they had made it to the fisherman’s boat.

The boat gleamed in the sun dazzlingly. There was something special about this boat that Matthew couldn’t explain. Maybe it was the red coating of the boat that glistened astonishingly.

Or, it might have been the unique design layout for the boat that made Matthew so interested in it. The engine was brand new, being filled with new, cheap gas that was especially made with new mixed chemicals so that the gas would last twice as long as it originally does. The steering wheel had white coating that was just original.

It wasn’t professional, or just stupid to have. It just didn’t have any taste and style about it. The only thing that looked new was the black leather seats that could seat three people each. Matthew could tell that Jackson had something interesting about him and his past, but he didn’t want to get all into a grown man’s business.

“Dratini, stop at that boat,” Matt commanded his pokemon.

Dratini took orders and sped up towards the red shining object that was sitting in the ocean peacefully. The lightblue serpent approached the red water vehicle and hopped inside; landing with perfect, smooth ease.

“Be careful, Dratini,” Matt hollered. “Make sure not to damage the boat.”

The teen knew that Dratini had little patience, but if it would mess up any merchandise that it didn’t own, the money would come out of Matthew’s pocket, not Dratini’s.

Dratini angrily gave its trainer a hard glare, knowing that he didn’t own this boat. Jackson looked at the bond the teen and his pokemon shared with one another, though noticing the cruel look the lightblue serpent was giving Matthew. Confusingly, he smiled.

“You two must have some special bond between one another,” He announced.

Dratini didn’t listen to the words the fisherman spoke and kept its horrible gaze towards its trainer. The sun gleamed into Matthew’s eyes, bringing out the brown texture of his original eye color. He stared at Dratini, wondering why his pokemon gave him such a nasty look.

“Dratini, what’s wrong with you?” Matthew asked.

Dratini closed its eyes elegantly, enclosing the sparkles the sun developed in its eyes. Abruptly, the lightblue serpent turned its head in discomfort, making the teen more than angry.

“No you didn’t,” Matthew screamed. “How dare you give me such a horrible look! That’s it! Time to return into your pokeball!”

Dratini rapidly turned its head towards the direction of its trainer and suddenly, its eyes shot wide open! Dratini happily looked at Matthew, trying to alert him that it was only playing with him.

The fisherman and Matthew had reached the boat. The teen looked into its pokemon’s eyes and suddenly noticed the cute looks that Dratini would give it to let him know that it was only playing around. Matthew happily sighed.

“Dratini, you are just a handful,” Matthew announced.

Jackson smiled as he helped Matthew into his boat. The teen sat down next to its pokemon and fastened on their seatbelts. The fisherman hopped into his boat and slid in carefully, also fastening his seatbelt. He placed a red key inside of the ignition and turned it, allowing the boat to start up normally.

“So, you’re heading to Berluck City, correct?” Jackson asked.

“Yes, that’s where me and my Dratini are heading.” Matt answered.

The fisherman adjusted his red mirror that had a sparkling, black and red striped design around the mirror attire. Afterwards, after making sure everything was okay, including making sure that both Matthew and Dratini had put on their seatbelts, Jackson took off in the boat!

Jackson sailed the boat wonderfully, going at a fast, yet enjoyable and peaceful speed. Matthew and Dratini were enjoying the scenery. The wide, blue ocean gleamed with a sheer performing color, revealing the underwater life to both the lightblue serpent and the teen.

There were many water pokemon out, floating in the water easily. A class of Goldeen and Seaking sailed by the boat, flickering their fins beautifully. Matthew gazed down into the ocean, noticing all of the wonderful water pokemon that lived underwater.

With the sun beaming amazingly in sheer pride elegance, many people were sailing across the ocean. With many design layouts and different pokemon aboard, Matthew assumed that they were apart of some sailing activity. After all, the boats were all going in one direction, heading back towards Venis Island! Altogether, this was a beautiful scenery that Matthew was enjoying very well.

“This ocean is beautiful,” Matthew commented.

Jackson looked back and nodded his head.

“I agree. These parts barely get this much sunlight, so many boaters are taking this to their advantages.” Jackson agreed.

The lightblue serpent heavily stared into the ocean, noticing a class of Spheal passing by. With their beach ball-like bodies, and their wonderful textured lightblue skin, Spheal were one of the best ice-type pokemon to obtain. They lightly soared in the ocean, having the ocean pressure move them underwater.

“Dra…” Dratini sighed, wishing that it could also swim in the ocean with all of the water pokemon.

Even though it belonged to Matthew, it still wanted a bit independence and social activity. The palm trees were thrown to the right side of the beach lands as the winds drifted past, howling very delicately. Clans of Hoppip and Jumpluff drifted past the palm trees, being carried by the howling winds with such uniqueness.

The waves in the ocean created dazzling spiral patterns, attracting many people’s everlasting attention. With the spiraling effects of the twirling waves and the dazzling white shining appearance that the sun gave, the patterns spun in sheer action, acting exactly like miniature hurricanes. The fisherman gazed up at the spiraling waves, looking in such sheer confusion.

“That’s strange,” Jackson said.

Dratini and Matthew shot their faces towards the direction of the fisherman immediately after hearing the words he had just said.

“What’s wrong?” The teen asked.

Jackson turned around and gave a horrible look to him.

“Come look,” The fisherman demanded.

Hastily, the teen walked up to the front seat, standing with great, steady balance. The fisherman pointed out to the spiraling waves, and when Matthew followed the direction that the fisherman was pointing out to, he gave a shocking look immediately.

“This can’t be happening…” Matthew murmured.

Jackson really had to think of something fast, before they would run over the spiraling waves. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that these weren’t typhoons, but the amplification of waves. So, the fisherman thought strategically, trying to figure out a way to escape these horrible, so called, ‘typhoons’.

Scorch Ry
07-07-2004, 04:35 PM
But, something made Matthew turn his head to his right. As the wind howled a whispering cry, he noticed that the waves to the right of the boat began strengthening, quickly questioning his authorities.

While all of this was happening, the lightblue serpent noticed that the clan of Spheal from earlier were circling around some strange icy-blue colored object that was moving underwater. They continuously swam around this object, making Dratini highly upset.

So, Jackson was trying to figure out a way to safely get across the spiraling waves, which he assumed to be typhoons. Meanwhile, Matthew was becoming more and more frightened as the huge, crashing waves neared the boat.

Finally, Dratini became angrier when the wild balloon seals circled around a mysterious, icy-blue colored object, angering the pokemon because they were having so much fun, while it was stuck on a stupid boat.

As everyone of the plain red boat was occupied, Dratini caught both Jackson and Matthew’s attention, as it bellowed a horribly cry. The lightblue serpent noticed that both the icy-blue object was gone, plus the wild Spheal were beginning to swim to higher grounds.

“DRAAAA!” Dratini screamed, making Jackson turn off his engine of the boat, and with the teen running towards the back seat, where his Pokemon cried in sheer sadness.

The waves began to crash into the boat roughly, causing the red water boat to rock uncontrollably. The fisherman sat down on his leather seat, looking back at both the Pokemon and its trainer.

“Dratini, what’s wrong?” Matthew asked, becoming very concerned.

The lightblue serpent looked out to the river; it was trying to get the attention of its trainer as best as it could. As the wild Spheal were approaching at top speed, Jackson could feel the waves moving below the red ferry.

With the constant movement of the boat, the teen looked over the boat. He stared in complete shock as he witnessed these wild Spheal closing in on the small red ferry. Fortunately, the sun was beaming on the ocean, revealing to Matthew, the balloon seal pokemon that were approaching.

“Dratini, thanks for letting me know about this.” The teen congratulated.

Then, he began speaking to the driver.

“Um, Jackson…we have a problem here,” Matthew announced. “There are Spheal closing into the boat.”

But, the teen looked next to him, noticing the grown man looking at the wild balloon seal.

“Matthew, this is very strange,” Jackson began.

“What do you mean?” The teen questioned.

“I’ve been sailing these parts for nearly seven years, but I have never seen any Spheal around these oceans. You can barely find these pokemon in the Jutip Region, so seeing these are very suspicious.”

As Dratini angrily stared at the wild Spheal coming closer and closer, Matthew gasped with horror. However, he did notice that the waves he was noticing from before had settled down, making these even more suspicious.

Before the teen could get some words in, the wild balloon seals began tackling the boat, using their big, circular bodies. They all felt the harsh movement, making Matthew angry easily.

“Dratini, get those Spheal out of here! Use your Thunderwave!” Matthew commanded.

Upon hearing its trainer’s command, lightblue serpent floated into the windy, cold air, closing its eyes gently. Furiously, its body shined in unison, sparkling all over beautifully.

Dratini landed into the ocean, making the Spheal pop their heads out of the water. Suddenly, the Spheal divided and began surrounding the lightblue serpent, worrying the fisherman greatly.

“Seeee!” The wild Spheal screamed, crying out a horrible noise that disturbed the local people and pokemon together.

As they stared down the creature, Dratini smirked as its white jewel, which was centered on its forehead, began glistening a golden tint as it breathed calmly. The lightblue serpent suddenly released a sinister roar, shooting its eyes wide open.

A sudden bolt of lightning was emitted from the white jewel. The lightning shined wonderfully as it traveled around the ocean, striking the wild Spheal with such determinative force.

Being stunned by this lightblue serpent, the wild Spheal opened their mouths at the exact same time. A dazzling, dark blue fog enveloped their circular bodies as they exhaled cold air from their stomachs.

Without any hassle, the Spheal shot out a beam that shined the colors yellow, purple and icy blue. In a string of creativity, the beams crashed together as they darted towards the lightblue serpent. Dratini glanced around, noticing the combined beams heading towards it. Meanwhile, Jackson’s mouth dropped open, seeing the magnificent teamwork the Spheal had worked on together.

“Aren’t you going to do something?” Jackson asked, his voice at louder levels.

Matthew, on the other hand, knew this attack very well. It was known as Aurora Beam, a horrifying ice attack that could devastate Pokemon and humans alike.

“Dratini, use Twister!” The teen instructed.

The lightblue serpent listened upon its trainer’s command and began taking action promptly. The dragon pokemon screeched loudly as gray, mysterious air circled around its long, touching body.

With the ice attack closing in on the pokemon, Dratini hollered out its name in sheer angriness. Soon enough, the dragon type pokemon was suddenly trapped in the core of a nasty, twirling windstorm. The cyclone crashed onto the ocean surface, throwing water around the entire area, including the boat. The water crashed on the boat, striking Matthew’s face horribly.

“Show them no mercy!” Matthew hollered.

With Dratini in the core of the windstorm, it suddenly screamed. Before their eyes, the twister began moving around the ocean, tackling the Spheal into one another. The dragon’s eyes were gleaming a lightblue color, making Jackson know that it was controlling the twister.

“That Dratini has true power…” Jackson thought to himself.

As the twister was tossing the Spheal, Dratini suddenly made the twister vanish. The Spheal were completely exhausted, floating in the ocean helplessly. Matthew smiled in complete happiness, happy that all of the hard work him and Dratini did for the past three years finally paid off.

Dratini soared towards the boat, smiling uncontrollably. As it neared the boat, Matthew reached his caramel-toned hand out and gently rubbed on Dratini’s head.

“Great work, Dratini. You did such an amazing job.” Matthew cheered.

Dratini smiled endlessly, having Jackson notice the strong love and bond these two shared with each other. But, their happiness faded away as their boat was suddenly lifted off of the ocean waves, being struck by the same object that Dratini had witnessed from before.

But, a scared looked replaced Dratini’s happy expression as it saw both the fisherman and its trainer fall right out of the red boat, that appeared to be damaged…

Neo Emolga
07-07-2004, 06:01 PM
Very well done Aleyquala! Honestly, I think the descriptions are great, and it makes it easier for the reader to picture in their minds what is happening. Keep up the great descriptions, they're really bringing out the story and raising it to a whole new level.

Remember, if the reader can imagine what you were imagining when the story is read, then you've done your job. I think you've done very well when it comes to that.

Scorch Ry
07-07-2004, 06:08 PM
Thanks, Neo Pikachu! I've never gotten such a wonderful compliment in all my three years of writing! Thanks and keep coming with the reviews!

07-07-2004, 08:13 PM
Very well done Aley! Honestly, I think the descriptions are great, and... *looks at Neo's comment*

Well, what Neo said...

Scorch Ry
07-07-2004, 08:22 PM
Thanks, KCash. Honestly, you guys are the best when giving comments and replies. These are the kind of reviews that help me continue on in the story. ^_^.

Scorch Ry
07-08-2004, 04:54 PM
Everyone, Chapter 3 will be coming tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy it, but I think I have something to say about my description, and this goes for everyone, including the PM Dr. Skottie gave me.

My descriptions are not atrocious. You may think that, but its better than what I used to write. When describing things, most people just describe the basics. To me, giving better challenges with description shows your effort. Dr. Skottie, personally, you might think its atrocious because you've never read anything like I've written before. I may write atrocious to you, but many people at SPP Forums and PE2K Forums think my writing is great. So, I think you may want to re-read my story or stop reading it if you think that I describe things badly, because I know how to describe things more vividly than putting just the basic details. That's what makes my Fan-Fiction special in its own little way.

07-08-2004, 06:51 PM
I think description is your strong point Aley. When I read your story I try to put myself in the eyes of the trainer and really try look at things from Matt's point of view. I ask myself questions about the surroundings and what my feelings would be like at that moment. When you describe a red booth table with white threads lacing along the edges, I want to touch the threads and see them the way you are telling me. Now there are times, like Skottie was saying, where you can go overboard. Its called SCUBA. Don't use to much description that the reader doesnt need, maybe here and there to spice up the fic but dont do it often.

That's what puts this fic off to such a great start, you have stories that dont give description but give just a fast past story and thats whats popular. Yours puts in the story along with even more then that. From what I've read, from what I've seen you do in the past, and from what you've told me via IM about this fic, I believe this will go a long way if you are willing to go that far. You make me a better writer Aley so I hope this fic does go far. Can't wait for chapter 3!!

Scorch Ry
07-08-2004, 07:24 PM
I think description is your strong point Aley. When I read your story I try to put myself in the eyes of the trainer and really try look at things from Matt's point of view. I ask myself questions about the surroundings and what my feelings would be like at that moment. When you describe a red booth table with white threads lacing along the edges, I want to touch the threads and see them the way you are telling me. Now there are times, like Skottie was saying, where you can go overboard. Its called SCUBA. Don't use to much description that the reader doesnt need, maybe here and there to spice up the fic but dont do it often.

That's what puts this fic off to such a great start, you have stories that dont give description but give just a fast past story and thats whats popular. Yours puts in the story along with even more then that. From what I've read, from what I've seen you do in the past, and from what you've told me via IM about this fic, I believe this will go a long way if you are willing to go that far. You make me a better writer Aley so I hope this fic does go far. Can't wait for chapter 3!!
This message was so amazing, KCash. I'll try to make sure that I dont go overboard with the descriptions. This had really inspired me to continue and go far with this Fan-Fiction, so I'll be happy to bring Chapter 3 tomorrow. ^_^. I'll try my best to not go overboard with descriptions, although I tend to get carried away with details.

Dr Skottie
07-09-2004, 04:38 AM
Everyone, Chapter 3 will be coming tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy it, but I think I have something to say about my description, and this goes for everyone, including the PM Dr. Skottie gave me.

My descriptions are not atrocious. You may think that, but its better than what I used to write. When describing things, most people just describe the basics. To me, giving better challenges with description shows your effort. Dr. Skottie, personally, you might think its atrocious because you've never read anything like I've written before. I may write atrocious to you, but many people at SPP Forums and PE2K Forums think my writing is great. So, I think you may want to re-read my story or stop reading it if you think that I describe things badly, because I know how to describe things more vividly than putting just the basic details. That's what makes my Fan-Fiction special in its own little way.

Just aside, "entrenched in its simplicity"... what does that mean, can anyone help me out here? There is no need to get defensive Aleyquala, i'm not attacking you, I'm giving you a review. Part of writing is taking the good comments with the bad. Quite plainly I have already stopped reading your story, as I couldn't read past the first two posts as your grammar was way off, you use the wrong words in places, and use the same word too often. I know what your trying to say in your descriptions. Your descriptions are actually good. However you use the wrong words to try and describe it. A lot of your sentences don't make sense. I'm not, I repeat, NOT flaming you. And you don't need to worry about any more comments from me in the future, cuz its obvious you can't handle them. Peace out man, take care, good luck with your story and god bless! :cool:

~Memo from Dr Skottie~

PS: Please no one else defend him and all gang up on and flame me. I gave a review cuz Aleyquala asked for reviews. End of story...

07-09-2004, 05:46 AM
No one was gaining up on you Skottie. I take the blame because I felt wrong about what you said so I was feeding off that to give MY opinion. This was taken in the wrong way. Aley is one of the best here, whether you see it or not. We all help each other at some point and that's all we were doing. Helping Aley and everyone else. I take the blame though, I was just feeding off your comment to make my comment. Its not big deal, no reason to take it serious in the first place.

Dr Skottie
07-09-2004, 06:35 AM
Haha, don't worry about it man, I'm over it now. If i can't see talent, well then i can't. I guess my tastes are different. One of the best fics here, in my opinion is Blaze Lizardons one, pure genious i think. But yeh I know you weren't ganging up on me, i was just saying not to. But yeh anyway, this isn't really the place to be saying this. Sorry aley. As long as you havin fun writing, go for it. I'm over this whole thing, I don't hold grudges, lifes too short for that. :cool:

07-09-2004, 06:41 AM
Yeah, sorry Aley. What have we learned by filling up page 2? Everyone has different taste. Sooo let's get back on topic for Aley's sake, when is Chapter 3 going to be here?

Scorch Ry
07-09-2004, 02:45 PM
X_x. KC and Skottie...wow. Debating over my story is kinda nice, but I don't want to ruin anything. Skottie, I can agree with you on the taste part. Many people have different tastes, meaning likings and dislikings. For me, my most favorite here is HMW by JIG. I love the script style and everything, plus its something alot different. Now, Chapter 3 is coming along right now! I'll try to finish Chapter 4 and complete Chapter 5 because I've forgotten that I haven't finished them both...-___-;;

Scorch Ry
07-09-2004, 02:49 PM
Chapter 3: Ordered Trouble
The waves crashed into the damaged red boat, that had instantly been shattered into pieces. The wrecked pieces of the boat crashed directly into the forbidden darkblue ocean, howling in such tranquility disruption. The sun could no longer give off the gleaming effects of the ocean, due to the fact that there was an huge object that had blockage of the burning sun.

Soon, the dark shadows evaded the sea, causing a darkness effect to the darkblue water body. The lightblue serpent watched in anger as the fisherman and the teen soared toward the ocean, picking up rapid speed as they approached closer. As Dratini watched them from above, Jackson closed his eyes and prayed for the best.

“Please, don’t let us die!” Jackson prayed.

Meanwhile, Matthew had already developed a plan. Since he knew how to swim very well, it would be very logical to use his skills in swimming to make sure he would make a safe landing. But first, he had to calm down the fisherman. He knew that Jackson would be scared of this.

“Jackson, calm down! Take a deep breath and just follow what I do, got it?” Matthew announced.

The fisherman looked into the trainer’s hazel eyes, noticing the determined expression he had. He simply nodded in his ability, trying not to say anything at all that would wreck the scene even more.

“Dra!” Dratini screamed.

As it blinked its adorable, sparkling eyes with credibility, it barely wanted to watch what was going to happen to that man and his best friend, who was his trainer. It watched as Matthew stretched out his entire body to create a direct arrow structure.

Jackson quickly followed Matthew’s actions; he didn’t care whether or not they were dangerous…just as long as they were alive was the concern in his mind! Abruptly, the fisherman and the teen soared down the skies, creating such a windy scene of beautifulness and creativity.

Swooping down easily like the heart of a Swellow, Jackson and Matthew flowed together, crashing directly into the darkblue sea. As the waves erupted around their bodies, Dratini’s sparkling black eyes began flowing with tears. The tears dropped down onto the ocean, creating the artwork of vibration movement sounds.

Overflowing with tears, Dratini closed its eyes in such sadness. But, as it slowly opened its eyes, it began seeing two figures standing in front of it. Then, it opened its eyes fully, revealing the two figures that were swimming in front of it.

“Miss me?” Matthew asked, smiling in happiness.

The lightblue serpent shook its tears away and jumped into its trainer’s arms, happy that he was alive. Overjoyed with sheer happiness, Matthew and Dratini held a small, intimate gathering to overcome their sadness together in harmony and peace.

“What is that?” Jackson questioned.

Matthew released Dratini in the ocean, so it could play around for awhile. Since the wild Spheal had evacuated from the area, the dragon type pokemon could use this time to play around and get more fresh air.

The teen swam right next to the fisherman, staring in complete shock at the object that struck them, plus damaged their boat. The object had an oval structure that sparkled the everlasting icy blue color in the ocean.

There were clear, glass windows around this object, along with a small opening at the top, located in the midpoint. With these characteristics that were detailed beautifully, yet specifically, Matthew and Jackson came to the conclusion that this was, in fact, a submarine.

“Jackson, it looks like we have visitors,” Matthew began. “Maybe we should greet them nicely and possibly ask them why they shot us and damaged our way to Berluck City!”

Jackson could tell that the teen become angry because this submarine delayed his time to get to Berluck City, where he would meet Professor McClain and learn more about the Gym Leaders around the Jutip Region.

So, easily, the male trainer swan away towards the boat, with the dragon type pokemon following right behind him. Matthew didn’t like the ocean because he didn’t want any large pokemon playing with his legs, dragging him down into the depths underwater. So, he would look down every now and then, making sure that no pokemon were approaching him.

The teen managed to make it to submarine. Soon, the wheel opener that was located on the top of the submarine opened dramatically. Matthew angrily looked as he saw two people come out of the submarine, standing on top.

They closed the wheel opener and they both folded their arms. Matthew was about to say something, but he noticed something strange. These two people were wearing short-sleeved shirts with a ‘V’ neck design.

The pattern was very original, having three different colors stripes, in the order of lightblue, green and darkblue. They were wearing lightblue bandanas, with darkblue and green spots scattered around. One person was wearing a green mini-skirt, while the other was wearing green jogging pants.

This made Matthew suspect that one was a woman and the other was a man. Then, he began seeing that the woman had very long hair and appeared to be the color of brunette. As the female kept her arms folded, the male unfolded his arms and reached in the back of his pants for a pokeball.

“Excuse me,” Matthew began. “Hi, my name is Matthew Kings. Now, I would like to know why you all were so stupid and irresponsible with your submarine? My dreams of reaching to Berluck City were crushed, and I feel very mad.”

Both people looked at the teen and laughed happily. Jackson heard the laughter of these two people and began to swim his way towards the teen and his pokemon. Dratini swam next to him trainer, who was now building up much anger. Then, the woman began speaking.

“Kid, we can smash up anything we want to. What’s your deal coming to us like that?” She asked.

“Yeah, you got some nerve doing this. You really don’t want to push our buttons.” The man added, grinning as he searched for his pokeball.

Matthew gave the woman and man a nasty expression, angered with how smart they got with him.

“Excuse me, but you two really don’t want to push my buttons. You barely even know me, but you don’t want to, either!” Matthew yelled.

Both people looked at each other and laughed excitedly. Dratini noticed how upset his trainer was getting and began becoming upset also. Soon, the two people stopped laughing and began speaking.

“Kid, we already know who you are. You are Matthew Kings, those millionaires’ son. We should know since there is something called pictures and television,” The woman replied.

“And after all…we are humans and do watch television,” The man added.

“But, we’ll introduce ourselves naturally. My name is Janette Burkley.” Janette responded.

“And my name is Ryan Greenwood.” Ryan added.

“So, what does that have to deal with me?” Matthew asked.

Soon, the teen traveled his way up towards the submarine, with both his pokemon and the fisherman following. Steadily, they climbed up on the icy blue submarine and stood up on the top of it, where both Ryan and Janette were.

Matthew could now see more details of these two. Ryan had light skin, and blue eyes that glittered like clean, smooth metal. He had black hair that he was beginning to grow out so it could be a medium length.

Janette, on the other hand, had long hair that gleamed the brunette color. Her eyes were a dirty red color, which began to creep out the fisherman and the teen. Both people had fit bodies, but Ryan had one of those buff, muscular bodies that could rip any shirt away. As Janette swung her hair, Ryan just looked at the two humans disdainfully.

Scorch Ry
07-09-2004, 02:51 PM
“So, why are you disturbing us?” Ryan asked angrily.

“I’m disturbing you because you all need to apologize for being suck stupid people who can drive a submarine, but become blind when a boat comes. You’re targeting me…I’ve caught on to your little plan. But, you don’t scare me!” Matthew yelled, sticking out his tongue.

Ryan and Janette looked at each other confusingly, about to burst into another laughing moment. But, they could tell that this young teen was very serious because he didn’t show a happy face not a single time.

“Kid, I don’t think we’ve properly introduce ourselves,” Janette began. “So, let me break it down to you. We are from a team known as Team Hylect, one of the newest and vicious teams around. Our team has many goals, but why would we waste time and tell you?”

“Also, we collect and ‘take’ grass, water and ice-type pokemon to give them the ‘proper training’,” Ryan added.

“What do you mean by ‘proper training’? What are you doing to pokemon?” Matthew screamed.

“Here…let me show you.” Ryan said, showing one of his pokeballs.

He pressed the gray button on the small red and white orb, causing it to expand. Within seconds, he tossed the pokeball into the air.

“Go, Spheal!” Ryan called out.

The pokeball suddenly shot open, bursting in such white light of creativity and sheer happiness. Soon, a strange white glow landed on the submarine right in front of the Team Hylect members. The white glow began fading away from the pokemon and then stopped altogether.

Soon, the balloon seal pokemon was revealed, giving a shock of both Matthew and Jackson! Dratini angrily slithered in front of the two males, becoming angry again that it saw this pokemon once more.

“Dra, Dratini,” Dratini said, giving an angry look to Ryan’s Spheal. Ryan nodded his head, very impressed with this Dratini.

“So, I see that you are a trainer. I thought you were just traveling. Why don’t we let our pokemon decide who’s better in training between us?” Ryan suggested.

Even though he was on a new, horrible team that would have plans with legendaries, he really seemed determined to defeat him. The teen looked at Dratini and knew that he would be able to defeat any pokemon that would come in their way!

“Ryan, I accept your challenge! But, be prepared for some surprises.” Matthew warned.

Ryan folded his arms and spoke. “I don’t come prepared for surprises. Kid, it’s time for you to learn about the true phases of battling!” Ryan announced.

“Good luck,” Jackson and Janette said, with them saying it to their likes, Matthew and Ryan.

“Spheal, use Water Gun!” Ryan commanded.

“Dratini, use Thunder Wave!”

The balloon seal listened upon its trainer’s command as it blinked its black eyes. Spheal opened its wide mouth, blasting out such strong water energy. A flowing, rapid stream of water shot out and darted towards Dratini in a string of sensational ingenuity.

While the string of water, twisting wonderfully, headed towards Dratini, the lightblue serpent had already built up enough energy inside of its body. The white dot that was on its forehead managed to gleam a sunlight yellow color, showing that the dragon type built up electricity in its body.

Just before the Water Gun came in close range, Dratini suddenly shot out a bolt of lightblue lightning. A zigzag pattern was constructed as the bolt of lightning struck straight through the string of water, heading directly towards Spheal.

“Spheal, you know exactly what to do. Use Defense Curl!” Ryan instructed.

The balloon seal pokemon quickly curled up into a sphere before being struck by the bolt of lightblue lightning. Dratini continued to supply the Thunder Wave with electricity, not becoming tired at all.

However, Spheal was taking a little damage, since it used Defense Curl to block the attack. The dragon type pokemon noticed this and stopped its attack immediately.

“Dratini, go in for a Tail Strike!” Matthew instructed.

Dratini’s tail section of its body began glistening a red color as it slithered towards Spheal. The balloon seal didn’t feel any more electricity, so it uncurled itself. But, Dratini jumped and slammed its gleaming red tail into Spheal’s entire body, blowing it back.

“Good work, Dratini,” Matthew cheered. “Now, go in for a Wrap attack!”

While Spheal was recovering from the vicious Tail Strike attack, Dratini slithered towards the balloon seal. The ice type recovered quickly, however, and was ready to counter the attack.

“Spheal, use Careless Tackle!” Ryan commanded.

Spheal scooted along and jumped forward, tackling Dratini with its full body. However, Spheal damaged himself, since Careless Tackle damages the user also. Dratini flew back, crashing on the submarine right in front of its trainer. He could tell that this Spheal was trained by a good trainer, because Ryan had the look in his eyes that he wouldn’t give up.

“Dratini, use Extremespeed!” Matthew commanded.

Dratini began sparkling a white color as it shot towards Spheal and tackled straight into the balloon seal. Spheal crashed on the submarine, cringing in pain from that attack. Ryan couldn’t believe that this Dratini was showing no mercy to his pokemon, even though Spheal had the full advantage of the battle.

“Spheal, use Powder Snow!” Ryan yelled.

Spheal opened its mouth and blew out light, white snow in a cold sensation rhythm. Before Matthew could call out an attack, his dragon type pokemon was struck with the Powder Snow, blown back by the attack.

Even though the attack wasn’t powerful, the serpent took quite some damage, since it’s weakness was ice-type moves. Dratini was a little stunned by the attack, but it wasn’t going to give up that easy! The dragon type shook its head from the Powder Snow attack and slithered away towards Spheal.

“Dratini, continue for a Wrap attack!” Matthew instructed.

Dratini managed to slither towards Spheal a lot faster, wrapping its body around Spheal’s sphere body. Spheal was now in more pain, being squeezed by Dratini’s snake body.

“Now, Dratini! Use Slam!” Matthew commanded.

The dragon type pokemon quickly sprung into the air and threw Spheal down on the submarine, attacking it with such force. Spheal was slammed roughly, taking one attack after another easily.

The lightblue serpent landed on the top of the submarine, smirking with intensive happiness. Janette shook her hand condescendingly while Jackson became happy that Dratini was leading in the battle.

“Go Dratini! Yeah, beat that Spheal up!” Jackson cheered.

“Dratini, use Thunder Wave!” Matthew yelped.

“Spheal, Powder Snow!” Ryan commanded.

Once again, Dratini built up electricity and struck out a bolt of lightblue lightning. However, Spheal blew out a stream of white, powdery snow that collided straight into the Thunder Wave. Somehow, the Powder Snow attack managed to create an icy shield, blocking the Thunder Wave attack.

Scorch Ry
07-09-2004, 02:51 PM
Soon, both attacks erupted into small smoke, with the battlefield clear. The breezes washed in, making such calm waves in the ocean. While the sun was still beaming in sheer pride, Matthew really needed to end this battle so he could find out another way to get to Berluck City! Then, he thought of the perfect attack to end the battle.

“Dratini, use Dragon Rage!” Matthew instructed.

Dratini opened its white mouth, blasting out series of fiery teal flames. They darted towards Spheal and struck the balloon seal, striking the seal straight into Ryan. Ryan fell, with Spheal knocked out completely. Matthew happily cheered and ran towards his serpent, hugging it.

“Dratini, you never let me down, do you?” Matthew asked happily.

Dratini shook its head and began smiling. Janette shook her head at Ryan and took out a green cell phone. She dialed the number and someone immediately picked up.

“Tyson, call for back-up. Ryan is down and this kid and his Dratini took him out. Call for a helicopter immediately.”

She hung up and placed her cell phone up back on her icy blue belt.

“Kid, I must say that your Dratini is exceptionally powerful. Consider yourself lucky,” Janette announced. She then headed over to assist Ryan, who was stunned by Spheal’s body and the sorrow of defeat.

“Jackson, I told you I co…” Matthew began.

But, he turned around and noticed that the fisherman had vanished. The teen scratched the back on his head, wondering where could he have gone. Then, he heard a small whisper.

“Matthew…hurry up!” Someone said.

Matthew looked around, and then noticed that Dratini had jumped off of the submarine!

“Dratini, are you crazy?” Matthew yelled shockingly.

But, he looked over and noticed that Jackson and Dratini were in a green boat that looked exactly like Jackson’s wrecked boat. Before Janette and Ryan knew it, the teen jumped off of the submarine, landing straight in the boat.

“Kid must be crazy!” Ryan yelled. “Nope, he isn’t. They stole our boat.” Janette announced, pointing to the boat.

Dratini happily looked while both Jackson and Matthew waved to them.

“Nice meeting you, Team Hylect! I’m sure that we’ll meet once more!” Matthew cheered.

Suddenly, Jackson sped away, noticing the quick speed that the boat had. Janette shook her head as she stood there, waiting for a helicopter to come and her and Ryan up off of the submarine.

The wind was picking up more and more speed. The waves became a little hectic, but Jackson knew how the handle the boat very well. It seemed very similar to his old boat, just changing the colors around a bit more. The sun was still burning as they began to speak.

“Matthew, I didn’t know you had so much strength! Those three or four years paid off,” Jackson congratulated.

Matthew smiled in astonishment while Dratini’s face glowed a happy smile with excitement. “Well, me and Dratini have been training for those four years. I think that it finally paid off.” Matthew mentioned.

He stroked his hand on the dragon type’s forehead gently, with Dratini releasing a small purr. Soon enough, Matthew and Jackson continued their conversations while heading towards Berluck City.

Jackson parked the boat on the Berluck Docks, that were nicely painted with a red and orange coat. The sunset was just beautiful, with the three dazzling colors of orange, pink and purple combining together.

The view was peaceful and simply amazing as the burning sun began to disappear slowly. A low caw filled the cool winds as a flock of Hoothoot charged out of nowhere, flapping their small wings to get through the wind easily.

A clan of Noctowl followed them, as though they were the guardians of the Hoothoot. They glided in the wind without having to flap their wings, taking the advantage of their large brown wings and steady balance. The teen picked up his Dratini and walked out of the boat, now facing Jackson.

“Jackson, thanks a lot for taking me here. Maybe I’ll repay you for the boat,” Matthew suggested.

Jackson shook his head in a false answer, disagreeing with the male trainer. “Matt, you don’t even have to worry about that. This will be my new boat to get around to different islands faster. Maybe we’ll meet up again sometime. And when you do collect your four badges, make sure to try to find me so I can come and watch you compete. I bet it’s going to be a blast.” Jackson announced.

Matthew nodded, understanding what the fisherman said.

“Now, I need to be heading back to Venis Island. The Octillery should be there, so I need to capture me a couple by using my technique. See ya later.” Jackson said.

Soon, he took off in the Team Hylect boat, speeding down the ocean like a cheetah. The trainer waved goodbye, while Dratini looked throughout Berluck City. Matthew then faced the city and began walking to the Pokemon Center, where he planned to take his Dratini to be healed, plus sleep in a room for the evening.

Scorch Ry
07-11-2004, 08:07 PM
Chapter 4: Perturbable
Matthew and Dratini quickly headed out of the Pokemon Center of Berluck City around eight o’clock. It was a beautiful Sunday morning as Matthew gazed around the place. There were tall gray buildings that scattered this city, revealing the new world of business.

Small windows littered the buildings, clean and shiny as always. There weren’t many homes in this city, but they were simply magnificent. The bricks had a white coating, with black roof shingles that had a wavy design structure. All of the houses had a steel black fence that surrounded them individually.

The steel black fences were had to be very expensive, due to the triangular design they had. Fortunately, fresh cut grass surrounded the homes and help brought out the true colors of the flowerbeds. The flowerbeds consisted of the plants that were known as Hostas, each having their own sweet and delicate scent.

The mild blowing winds carried the scents throughout the entire city, making the aroma very attractive to everyone. Matthew sniffled the wind, smelling the sweet aroma. He exhaled air, very pleased with this scent.

The teen and his pokemon began walking through the city, gazing around the scenery. There were small shopping galleries where you could read a book or ever grab a small meal to eat. There were black steel chairs with matching tables outside so you could even eat out there.

With many small restaurants, Matthew knew that businesswomen and businessman would go here on their lunch break to either talk with friends, eat food, or make more appointments with their clients. The ground was made of a special cement type, glowing its beige tint. The people were in fact business people, wearing suits and suit tops with skirts.

The outfits were either all black or gray and white, since those were the colors that business people would wear. Carrying their suitcases, they walked hastily around, going straight to the tall gray buildings.

“They really must be late,” Matthew suspected. To dodge the hordes of folks, Matthew and his serpent went east, heading straight for the Pokemon Laboratory.

“This is definitely something I would expect in a city like this,” Matthew murmured.

The lightblue serpent was actually enjoying the fiasco, watching these humans fall and stomp on each other just to get back to their jobs in time. Dratini laughed cutely as its black eyes glittered gorgeously.

Matthew continued walking, now walking up to a brown wood fence. It was polished nicely, shining as the sun beamed on the entire place. Matthew looked as he saw a very huge area of freshly cut grass.

The aroma of this grass carried along in the wind of the area, sweet and nice like the scent of the Hostas. But, something seemed a bit strange when he began to see pokemon appear from out of nowhere. There were many pokemon here; from Rhydon and Rhyhorn to pokemon like Pikachu, Tauros, Magneton, even a clan of Miltank.

These pokemon seemed to be living in such happiness, eating the grass or drinking water. The smaller pokemon were playing with one another, while the older and stronger pokemon were eating and watching their young play nicely. The teen was now confused; he was wondering why these wild pokemon were here.

“This has to be a Pokemon Preserve Area,” Matthew suspected.

Dratini slithered up to the gate, astonished at how happy these pokemon looked to be. The male trainer looked to his right, now understanding why these pokemon were here. There was a white building that had gray glass plates as their windows.

The doors were also made of glass, and there was a red sign right in front of the building. It was engraved the words, “Pokemon Laboratory”. Matthew then looked down, noticing that Dratini was looking at the pokemon that were playing around.

“C’mon, Dratini. It’s time for us to meet Professor McClain,” Matthew announced.

He happily picked up the dragon and held it to his bold, strong chest. Then, he walked straight towards the Pokemon Laboratory.

Matthew opened the door, carrying Dratini with his left arm. The glass door opened and the teen walked in. He gently closed the door behind them and gazed around in the laboratory. For a laboratory, this was one of the most cleanest ones around the entire regions.

There were beakers on the white glass tables, which appeared to contain a liquid substance. The walls were a white coating, being filled with windows and paintings of pokemon and pokeballs. The floor was made of white marble tiles that were very, very clean and were polished on a regular basis.

Matthew also saw many machines and a few bookcases around, which indicated that this was truly a Pokemon Laboratory. He walked in further but began to hear footsteps through a white hall of the lab. He slightly looked over, seeing that a person was nearing him.

He sat down on a glass chair that particularly shined red, giving off a pinkish glow. He released his dragon type pokemon from his arms, landing it on the marble tiles. Soon, the person who was coming had fully approached him.

“Excuse me, but are you Malik?” the person asked.

Matthew looked around and saw a woman looking at him confusingly. The woman had bright emerald eyes that were very attractive to the teen. This woman had short, green hair that was nicely brushed out.

She was wearing a white lab coat that had two pockets on each side of the lab. There were green buttons that buttoned up the lab, hiding her green t-shirt she was wearing under. With a matching white skirt and plan green shoes, this had to be none other than Professor McClain. Matthew got up and quickly responded to the woman.

“Um, I’m not Malik. I am Matthew from Venis Island,” Matthew answered.

The woman observed the teen and then placed her hand on her delicate forehead.

“I’m very sorry, Matthew! You look a starting trainer named Malik,” the woman stated. “Hi, how are you, Matt?”

“I’m fine. Um, you are Professor McClain, correct?” Matthew questioned.

The professor removed her hand from her head and answered. “Yes, I am the one and only Professor McClain. Now, I heard that you are starting your journey.” Professor McClain said.

Matthew nodded. “Yes, my parents decided to let me start my journey. They told me to come here so I could register.” Matthew explained.

Professor McClain took out a pen and grabbed a green clipboard that was supplied with paper. She pressed the silver click part of her pen and then positioned her hand to write.

“Alright. I’ll just write down your answers and I’ll register you.” Professor McClain explained. Matthew nodded his head and awaited for the questions to pop out.

“Oh, before we begin, let me get some pokemon food for your Dratini,” She said, getting up.

She pulled open a green cabinet door and grabbed a bowl full of pokemon food. She closed the cabinet door and walked over to his serpent, placing the pokemon food in front of it.

Dratini bent down to sniffle the food, and began eating it immediately. Professor McClain smiled and released a small giggle. She then sat down and spoke.

“Your Dratini must have been terribly hungry. But, you must feed it well because it’s coat usually isn’t that shiny,” the professor mentioned.

Matthew smiled and nodded excitedly. “I used to feed my Dratini a special pokemon food. That’s why Dratini loves it, because I feed it that same food.” Matthew mentioned.

Professor McClain looked at the teen, very impressed. Then, she began her questioning.

Scorch Ry
07-11-2004, 08:07 PM
“Full name?” She asked.

“Matthew Hyik Kings.” Matthew answered.

“Age?” The professor asked.

“My age is thirteen.” The teen answered.

“Pokemon?” She asked.

“Hmm…right now, just my Dratini.” Matthew answered.

Professor McClain stopped writing and looked up. “Dratini is the only pokemon you have so far?” She asked him.

Matthew nodded disdainfully, worried about if he could qualify or not. The professor began speaking.

“I thought you had at least three pokemon with you. Are you interested in a fire-type pokemon?” She asked.

“Sure! I would like any fire-type, but mainly the rare type.” Matthew answered.

Professor McClain wrote down information on the piece of paper, and then placed her pen down.

“Matthew, follow me.” Professor McClain said.

Matthew got up, following Professor McClain outside. Dratini managed to finish eating and followed the two humans outside. They entered outside where all of the wild pokemon were roaming and playing around.

“Ponyta, come over here!” Professor McClain called out.

Matthew looked around, astonished by this place. The scent was so fresh, it could make someone feel better if they weren’t feeling too well. Then, he noticed that a horse-like pokemon was galloping towards them, stopping right in front of Professor McClain. Matthew gazed upon this pokemon, taking interest into it.

The pokemon’s height was about up to Matthew’s chest area. Its long mane, however, was made of burning fire that gleamed the colors white and red. Burning hot fire was also located on each of the back of its legs, making this pokemon truly state to humans that it was a fire-type.

Its body shined a very light beige color, which really brought out the flames of its body. The fire horse’s eyes were black, glittering with such astonishment. The hoofs looked stronger than ever, glistening the plain black color. Ending off the details of this pokemon was the burning tail it had that gleamed beautifully.

“Poonnnn,” Ponyta said, smiling at Matthew.

“That pokemon really looks promising, Professor McClain,” Matthew announced. “Yes, this is my last fire-type here, Ponyta. You see, this pokemon was abandoned by a trainer. He trained him very well, but just left in here in my lab, taking off. That’s why I asked you to come here,” Professor McClain said.

She placed her hand on Ponyta’s head and stroked it gently. The fire-type pokemon smiled happily, loving the gentle stroke. Matthew’s mouth dropped wide open, wondering why the professor’s hand wasn’t burning.

“Professor, why isn’t your hand burning up and turning black?” Matthew asked.

Dratini, however, curled its body up and fell asleep on the soft luscious grass, since it was tired and sleepy from eating the entire bowl of pokemon food. Professor McClain laughed as she placed a pen in the back of her ear.

“Ponyta’s flames are illusions, but they only burn if this pokemon seems uncomfortable or feels threatened. But, not too many people ride of their backs, if you were wondering that,” Professor McClain explained.

“I understand. So, what will you do with this Ponyta?” Matthew questioned.

“That’s where you come in. I would like to know if you would like to raise this Ponyta? It’s one of the rarest fire-types to find, plus it learns a lot more fire attacks. It’s speed is magnificent, so I’ll be expecting a Rapidash when you come back here!” Professor McClain replied.

Matthew showed a shock expression immediately, stunned by what the professor was offering him.

“Professor McClain, I’m lost for words. I accept having this Ponyta; it would be great having one.” Matthew accepted.

Professor McClain as Matthew walked up to the Ponyta and rubbed its forehead with his hand. Ponyta then rubbed its head on the teen’s shoulder, already having a special liking to this pokemon.

“Matt, I think this pokemon might be just as powerful as Dratini is now. Ponyta was abandoned nearly two years ago, so it’s a powerhouse like that little dragon over there. Now, here’s your Pokedex, Matthew.” Professor McClain said.

She reached in her white pocket and pulled out an emerald mechanical device. She handed it out to Matthew, and the teen took it and examined the device. It was an emerald color and was a rectangular shape. There was a white button located on the end of the machine that would open the small door, revealing the black screen and little buttons.

“Thanks, Professor McClain,” Matthew thanked.

He placed his new pokedex in his pocket and watched as Ponyta steadily walked towards him, with the burning flame mane glistening in the area.

“Matt, here’s four pokeballs and here’s Ponyta’s pokeball.” Professor McClain handed Matthew the four pokeballs first, followed by Ponyta’s pokeball.

As he clipped all five pokeballs on his red belt, he suddenly heard a voice that was so sweet and attractive to his ears.

Scorch Ry
07-11-2004, 08:09 PM
“Mom, I’m back from training,” a sweet voice called out.

Matthew looked up, and a smile grew upon his face immediately. He gazed upon a very attractive girl that was talking to Professor McClain.

“How’d it go, Jasmyne?” Professor McClain asked.

“Well, it was a rough start, but in the end, I won. I really think I’m ready to compete in the Perturbable tournament. I already registered my name and they said I qualified.” Jasmyne answered.

Then, she looked over, noticing Matthew’s cute Dratini that was sleeping. She cutely went over and picked up Matthew’s serpent.

“Mom, this Dratini is cute! Can I have it?? Please, it’s so adorable!” Jasmyne begged. “

“Well, I can’t. That’s not my Dratini. That’s his,” Professor McClain answered.

The professor pointed at Matthew, and Jasmyne set down Dratini. Getting back up, she looked into the hazel eyes of Matthew and smiled attractively. Matthew couldn’t help but to gaze all around Jasmyne’s beautiful body and outfit.

This girl had long, brunette-colored hair that was wavy and combed on a regular basis. She had black eyes that were as beautiful as the midnight skies. She was wearing a red crop top shirts that had short sleeves connected to the shirt.

She had a red and pink necklace that had a square charm, striped these two wonderful colors. She was wearing pink jeans that was striped a hot pink color and light pink. She was her new red and pink Adidas with a matching red Adidas backpack bag. This young lady was really attracting Matthew as he examined her body once more.

“Hi,” Jasmyne said politely.

“Hey,” Matthew responded.

He just couldn’t understand how this girl was so beautiful! She was one of the most attractive girls this teen had witnessed throughout his life. Professor McClain looked, seeing that the male teen was attracted to her daughter. She happily sighed and walked over there towards the two.

“Matthew, this is my daughter, Jasmyne McClain. She’s thirteen, the same age as you. She also wants to start a journey and win the tournament as well,” Professor McClain explained.
“Jasmyne, you know what would be a good way of practicing? How about you two battle, that’s a good way.”

Jasmyne shrugged her shoulders, agreeing with what her mother said.

“Matthew, would you like to battle me?” Jasmyne asked nicely.

Her sweet voice was now getting to Matthew, so how could he resist?

“Yeah, I’d love to battle you, Jasmyne,” Matthew announced, with Ponyta walking right next to it.

He looked at his fiery horse pokemon, deciding that he should use that pokemon against Jasmyne.

“Jasmyne, it will be a one-on-one battle. I want to train my Ponyta, so I can learn how to use it properly,” The teen said.

“Alright, I accept your challenge. I need to practice for the Perturbable Competition anyways,” Jasmyne announced.

“Perturbable? What’s that?” Matthew thought in his mind.

The fiery horse galloped away, stopping in the middle of the space between the two teens. Jasmyne reached for the red and white orb that was clipped onto her mini skirt. She took hold of it and pulled it off.

Jasmyne then pressed the big gray button on the orb, causing it to enlarge. As it glistened in the beaming sunlight, she tossed up the pokeball. It spun rapidly and then opened immediately.

A white blast emerged from the pokeball as a white figure landed on the ground. Matthew, Professor McClain and Jasmyne watched as the white figure’s gleam began fading away and then stopped altogether.

Matthew looked upon this pokemon, seeing that it did look a bit familiar to him. The pokemon was took the body structure of a human. Its body was a faded blue tint, having bright red eyes.

This pokemon looked very tough, looking to be a bit muscular for its size. Its body looked tough, having three beige shaped humps on the top of its head. Altogether, this pokemon appeared to be a very rough-necked pokemon.

“Machop!” This pokemon bellowed out. Ponyta crossly looked into the eyes of this pokemon, noticing the strong body it possessed.

“Yeah, let’s beat them, Machop,” Jasmyne cheered.

“Machop?” Matthew questioned.

He wondered where he had seen this pokemon, though he couldn’t retrieve the memory where he witnessed this muscle pokemon. But then, he decided to try out his pokedex. He pulled it out of its pocket and the green door opened, revealing the blank screen and the tons of small buttons.

“Matthew, place the pokedex in the direction of the pokemon. You can use this to display the information of the pokemon, plus even find out some of its attacks,” Professor McClain explained.

Matthew nodded and steadily pointed the pokedex in the direction of Ponyta first, so he could record the data and find out some of its attacks. The blank screen soon popped up an image of the fire-type pokemon, and a mechanical voice began repeating the data of this pokemon.

{Ponyta, the horse pokemon. Ponyta is now becoming a rare fire-type pokemon to find, since their population has decreased in the past years. These pokemon love roaming around in wild with their siblings and parents. Some of Ponyta’s attacks are Fire Spin, Ember, Take Down, Hind Kick and Head Tackle. Ponyta’s final form is known as Rapidash, the unicorn pokemon.}

“So, Ponyta knows a few good attacks. I wonder what other attacks it knows so far,” Matthew thought.

Next, he pointed his pokedex in the direction of the muscle pokemon. Its image on the pokedex replaced the image of Ponyta, and the same mechanical voice repeated out the data of this pokemon.

{Machop, the human shape pokemon. Machop are very dangerous to handle, due to the fact that many are abused in battles. Doing this, more and more are training in the wild with other Machop so they can protect themselves from humans. Some of Machop’s attacks are Low Kick, Karate Chop, Light Kick and Focus Energy. Machop evolves into Machoke, followed by its final form, Machamp.}

Scorch Ry
07-13-2004, 10:55 PM
Professor McClain stood there while Matthew and Jasmyne’s battle had begun immediately.

“Are you ready Machop?” Jasmyne asked. Machop nodded its head in sheer agreement.

“Alright! Use Light Kick!” Jasmyne instructed.

“Ponyta, together we can defeat those two,” Matthew yelped. “Go in for a Head Tackle!”

Machop jumped and stretched its leg out, soaring away towards the fire horse. Ponyta, however, rammed its head roughly into Machop’s body, causing the Light Kick to not take effect. Machop fell onto the ground, but quickly arose from its dreadful fall. Ponyta stared into the eyes of Machop, noticing the true passion of fighting it was showing to it.

“Machop, use Karate Chop!” Jasmyne ordered.

Machop crossed its arms, forming an ‘X’ shape. Soon, the human shape pokemon charged forth and struck the fiery horse pokemon, making it fly back towards its trainer. However, Ponyta used its strong legs to get a grip on the ground, stopping its body from heading the opposite direction.

“Ponyta, you can survive! Use Ember!” Matthew shouted.

The fire-type pokemon opened its mouth and out came orange fiery darts. They darted away and stricken the fighting-type pokemon, damaging it.

“Now, go in for a full Take Down!” cried the teen.

Ponyta once again charged away towards the fighting-type pokemon and tackled it with full force, making Machop fly into the air and fall back down harshly. Cringing in pain, Machop couldn’t barely get up. As it reached for something to help it get back on its feet, Matthew smirked.

“Ponyta, time for a Fire Spin!” he commanded.

The fiery horse pokemon opened its mouth and out came a hot, fiery stream of fire that glistened in the bright sun wonderfully. Just before the human shape pokemon could get back on its feet, the Fire Spin connected to it, and the stream of fire burst into a fiery tornado.

Machop looked around in the tornado made of flames, wondering how it could get out. Meanwhile, Ponyta was awaiting for the fighting-type pokemon to come out. Professor McClain looked at the battle, noticing how much skill the male teen had.

However, she knew that even though he had good skills, he wouldn’t be ready for her daughter’s surprises she would give to all of her opponents. Meanwhile, Matthew’s Dratini opened its beautiful black eyes slowly, noticing the fiery tornado. It blinked its eyes once, and then closed them again to fall back asleep.

“Ponyta, just stand tight until the Fire Spin ends,” Matthew commented.

Safely, Ponyta should there cautiously, hoping that the Machop wouldn’t pull off any sneak attacks.

“Machop, use Focus Energy!” Jasmyne called out.

Professor McClain gasped, seeing that Jasmyne was going to pull her most clever trick. Machop closed its eyes and began focusing its mind upon attacking the Ponyta, plus getting out of the fiery tornado. It was beginning to get more and more damaged, which wouldn’t help it out. Soon, the human shape pokemon began focusing carefully.

“Now, use Knock Off!” commanded the female teen.

As the ref and orange flames burned brightly, they continued twirling around Machop. However, the fighting-type pokemon shot its eyes open and struck the flames with its fists. Before Matthew knew it, the fiery tornado suddenly broke, with the flames scattering everywhere!

The male teen gasped horribly, though astounded at how well-trained this Machop was. Ponyta became alert and charged forth towards Machop, performing another Take Down attack.

“Machop, Karate Chop!” Jasmyne screamed.

The faded blue pokemon crossed its arms again, but placed full force in its arms as it struck the fire-type pokemon relentlessly. Ponyta fell back in front of Matthew, defeated.

“Great job, Machop. Return,” Jasmyne announced.

Jasmyne pointed the red and white orb towards Machop. Soon, a gleaming red light shot from the gray button, connecting to Machop. The fighting-type was enveloped in this glistened red color and was magically sucked into the pokeball.

“Great job, Ponyta. You did your best.” Matthew announced. The male teen rubbed his hand on the Ponyta’s head, knowing that it fought a great battle.

Dratini once again opened its sparkling black eyes, but stared upon a bad situation. It witnessed Matthew petting his new pokemon, so the lightblue serpent immediately became upset.

Then, it looked over and saw that another human had a smile on her face, so it assumed that it hurt that pokemon! The dragon-type angrily slithered away towards Jasmyne, with Professor McClain noticing. Matthew also noticed this, and wondered what was wrong.

Then, they both horribly watched as Dratini opened its white mouth and angrily bit Jasmyne’s left leg vigorously. Jasmyne released a cry, and began kicking her leg in the air as many times as she could, trying to let the dragon off of her. Matthew raced over there and removed Dratini from her leg.

“I’m so sorry, Jasmyne. I guess Dratini was upset that you defeated a pokemon. It’ll get over it,” Matthew mentioned.

Jasmyne and Matthew laughed, while Dratini was squirming in Matthew’s arms. This serpent wanted to hurt that human with long hair since it injured a pokemon wholly. But, it soon calmed down and smiled happily.

“So, Jasmyne…I overheard you talking about some Perturbable Competition. What’s that?” Matthew asked.

“Well, its plain and simple. The Perturbable Competition is basically about trainers who work upon using secret techniques and surprise attacks to win a battle. Like how my Machop used the Focus Energy and Knock Off combo, that’s called Perturbable.”

“Oh, I understand! So, it’s like you using attack combinations to surprise your opponents, and also get out of different, more complicated situations,” Matthew announced.

“That’s exactly how. Here, let me show you some examples,” Jasmyne started.

Before he knew it, Jasmyne brought out her Machop and began displaying some examples…Professor McClain was just happy that these two were getting along wonderfully.


Jasmyne and Professor McClain were now facing Matthew under the beautiful sunset. The sky displayed three different shades of red and purple combined. Berluck City was now quiet, making things settle around the city.

The pokemon were now eating, with some fast asleep on the soft green grass. The walkways weren’t invaded with businessmen and businesswomen, which Matthew admired. With Dratini by his side, he was now ready to leave Berluck City.

“Professor McClain and Jasmyne, it was nice meeting you all. And I’ll make sure to keep in contact with you, Professor. Bye,” Matthew said.

Professor McClain and Jasmyne smiled as they watched Matthew and his serpent walk east, heading towards Route one-hundred and twenty two, where his new destination was Charvalle Village. As he disappeared into the woods, Professor McClain smiled.

“Jasmyne…you know he’ll be something difficult to defeat.”

“Yeah, I know…but I’ll fight my hardest.” Jasmyne announced while she smiled.

Soon, the teen and his dragon pokemon were now faded into the woods, ready for any challenge that would surpass them. And with his new Ponyta, he knew that nothing could stop him, even though that he would get defeated many more times.

Scorch Ry
07-15-2004, 10:42 PM
Urgent Report: Everyone, Chapter 5 called Graspination is due to be released either tonight or tomorrow morning. It would have been out right now, but I had to go to small Chess Gathering at my local library for 2-3 hour (1pm - 4:22pm). Luckily, I won $1.10 today, which I will spend! ^_^. Also, people have been asking me what some of my words means for my Chapters, like Perturbable and Graspination. Well, I'll be creating a definition post at the end of the THIRD book. This is only the first installment. I'll help you define these words better. Now, here's a little spoiler for you all: Gym Leaders of the Jutip Region! I barely do Spoilers, but I will introduce you all to the four gym leaders of the Jutip Region! Enjoy! And also, I'll be introducing the opponents that Matthew will be facing in the Jutip Collection Pile-Up Tournament. The final person will be a surprise. Thank you & enjoy! ^^
Gym Leader #1: Charla
Gender: Female
Type: Psychic
Badge: Kenetic Badge
Pokemon: Kirlia & Kadabra (Double-Battle)
Position: Professional Fortune Teller & Charvalle City Gym Leader

Gym Leader #2: Kirsty
Gender: Female
Type: Dragon
Badge: Serpent Badge
Pokemon: Bagon, Seadra, Gyarados
Position: Fantasy Writer & Redfield Village Gym Leader

Gym Leader #3: David
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting
Badge: Reverse Badge
Pokemon: Hitmontop, Machamp, Hariyama
Position: Martial Arts Teacher & Magte City Gym Leader

Gym Leader #4: Charles
Gender: Male
Type: Bug
Badge: Beetle Badge
Pokemon: Armaldo, Masquerain, Heracross, Pinsir
Positions: Forest Ranger & Scatra Island Gym Leader
Collection Tournament Pile-Up
Trainer #1: India Trias
Gender: Female
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Victrebell, Clefable, Swampert

Trainer #2: Tony Bendaraz
Gender: Male
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Nidoqueen, Beedrill, Typhlosion

Trainer #3: Paige Flowers
Gender: Female
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Gardevoir, Altaria, Salamence

Trainer #4: Skylar Steele
Gender: Male
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Hitmonlee, Alakazam, Snorlax

Trainer #5: Ebony Wilson
Gender: Female
Type: Grass/Flying Types
Pokemon: Vileplume, Fearow, Meganium, Skarmory

Trainer #6: Tylore Williams & Tylar Williams
Gender: Male & Male (Twins)
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Aggron & Rhydon, Piloswine & Lapras

Trainer #7: Unavailable
Gender: Female
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Machamp, Ampharos, Blaziken, Roselia, Venomoth, Tyranitar
Trainer #8: Tiahna Bailey
Gender: Female
Type: Varies
Pokemon: Ninetales, Milotic, Cradily, Butterfree, Golem, Metagross

Scorch Ry
07-16-2004, 03:39 AM
New Information: Well, I've put it in much consideration, and I've decided that here, I will post and edit Matthew's team every time a new attack is learnt, a new capture and a new evolution. I hope this will be useful for some people, so that they know his current team. Enjoy!
The Times Of Matthew Hyik Kings: Updated 7/16/04
Trainer's Name: Matthew Hyik Kings
Age: Thirteen Years Old (13)
Gender: Male
Grades: B+/A- Average; 3.8 GPA
Badges: None
Occupation: Beginning Pokemon Trainer
Current Team: Dratini, Ponyta, Bulbasaur


Pokemon: Dratini
Type 1: Dragon
Obtained: Beginner Pokemon
Advantage Types: Dragon, Grass, Bug
Disadvantage Types: Ice, Dragon
Attacks: Thunderwave, Dragon Rage, Twister, Extremespeed, Tail Slap, Thundershock, Tail Strike, Wrap

Pokemon: Ponyta
Type 1: Fire
Obtained: Chapter 4 - Perturbable
Advantage Types: Grass, Bug
Disadvantage Types: Water, Rock, Ground
Attacks: Fire Spin, Take Down, Ember, Tackle, Hind Kick, Head Tackle, Wild Kick, Quick Attack, Growl

Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Type 1: Grass
Type 2: Poison
Obtained: Chapter 5 - Graspination
Advantage Types: Water, Ice, Ground, Rock
Disadvantage Types: Fire, Psychic, Ghost, Ice
Attacks: Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Growl, Tackle

Scorch Ry
07-16-2004, 04:26 AM
Chapter 5: Graspination“Alright…this place is something new,” Matthew murmured under his breath.

Route one hundred and twenty two was something that the teen wouldn’t expect. The entire path took the scenery of a forest. Pine trees littered the route wonderfully. The grass here was growing wildly, being dark green and tall.

Bushes were also scattered around this route, with red berries growing on them healthily. However, there was a brown cement path that could help Matthew and Ponyta safely out of route one hundred and twenty two. A gust of wind blew through the route, making the trees swayed to the left.

The teen wasn’t really enjoying the route so much. He disliked the tall grass, which was growing wildly like an untamed Pupitar. However, the wind continued the blow as it suddenly brought in a delightful, sweet scent. He sniffled the air, smelling this lovely aroma.

“I guess this route is okay, except for this grass,” Matthew mentioned.

This time, he decided to let Ponyta walk along side with him, since Dratini was very sleepy that day. The fiery horse was taking pleasure in its new trainer, noticing some of the likes and dislikes he had.

The wind continued the blow hastily, blowing the fire-type’s mane flames towards the right of its sparkling beige body. Matthew and Ponyta continued walking down the path. The teen happened to direct his eyes towards the skies, noticing that the sun wasn’t visible at all.

Although burning in sheer pride, the tall Pine trees were blocking the sunlight from coming in this path. Soon, the bushes’ shadows were cast on the ground, now making the place into a more mysterious route.

“C’mon, Ponyta. We should hurry out of before its get pitch black,” Matthew hurried.

The fire pony turned its beige head around, with its black eyes now in full curiousness. The fire-type thought that it heard noises in the bushes, but it could have been hearing things. Ponyta galloped away towards its new trainer and they continued walking.

But, Matthew soon stopped dead in his tracks as he witnessed an interesting type of pokemon was running around in a circle. The pokemon had green-colored skin, with oddly-shaped structures that were shaded a forest green color. Its eyes sparkled in their red tone, which really caught the teen’s attention.

The pokemon’s ears were very small, yet pointy. Its legs looked strong, while its white nails were sharp. But, what really caught Matthew’s attention was that there was a light green bulb that rested on this pokemon’s back. The green corm took the shape of the bulb of a rosebush, in the process of growing and soon blooming.

Excited, Matthew pulled out his green Pokedex and pulled open the green door on the mechanical device. He then directed the pokedex towards the green pokemon. Its image appeared on the pokedex, and the mechanical voice repeated the data of this pokemon.

{Bulbasaur, the bulb pokemon. Bulbasaur is born with the bulb on its back. The bulb size determines how far Bulbasaur is away from evolving. This pokemon roams the forest areas and attack any humans who come. Bulbasaur is of the grass-type pokemon, and it evolves into Ivysaur, then Venusaur. If it evolves into Ivysaur, the bulb on its back with bloom into a pink flower.}

“Bulba? Bulbasaur, bulba, bulba!” Bulbasaur yelled.

The grass-type pokemon was trying its best to scare away Matthew. It then ran towards Matthew, with the teen is full suspicion. The teen slowly placed his Pokedex back in his pocket and studied the Bulbasaur from his safe distance. The plant pokemon growled angrily at the teen, but Ponyta quickly galloped in front of Bulbasaur, immediately reacting towards this action.

“Ponyta…I might need this pokemon. Make sure it doesn’t get away too far if it happens to run away!” Matthew yelped.

“Pony!” Ponyta growled out.

The fiery horse stomped its black hoofs on the ground. Soon, this force in the earth caused a small rattle to the route, frightening the Bulbasaur a little. Matthew smirked, knowing that his new pokemon could defeat this Bulbasaur easily, since fire pokemon had a deep advantage over grass-types.

And since the pokemon looked to be a powerful grass-type, he decided to try his luck of capturing it. He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and stood in his battling position like usual.

As both pokemon stared down one another, another disturbance from the bushes came about. Matthew looked over and then noticed a dark figure galloping over the bushes. With its strong legs, it leaped over the last bush and immediately landed to the right side of the fire-type.

Once again, this teen had to take out his Pokedex, since he had never witnessed any pokemon like this before. The pokemon was a bit taller than Ponyta, and looked more unusual.

Its body shape also resembled Ponyta’s, but its smooth skin color was two different colors, and two different patterns. The first half of its body had a golden texture with russet dots scattered on that specific portion of its body, while the other half had a russet texture, with golden dots scattered on that part of its body.

Its legs looked very superior as that pokemon stood burly, yet gracefully in its pure essence. Its hoofs were black. Its eyes were a lightblue color that couldn’t be unnoticeable. The bottom half of its face was golden, while the top half, where two oddly-shaped horns were, was a white tint.

This pokemon’s nose was pink that suddenly gave it a more girly appearance from Matthew’s perspective. However, pink pointy scales traveled down the back of its neck and extended down towards its tail, which appeared to be very unusual. Its tail had white teeth, a mouth and black eyes; Matthew didn’t know if this was a pokemon or not!

“Naayyy!” This pokemon cried out angrily.

Now facing the wild Bulbasaur, both pokemon suddenly looked among each other, growing rivalry within seconds. The fiery pony jumped back, its flames burning stronger and brighter. The mysterious giraffe pokemon jumped back also, positioning its body to blow out an attack.

“Ponyta, don’t hold your rivalry with this pokemon! Use Ember right on that Bulbasaur!” Matthew commanded.

Afterwards, while Ponyta got ready for an attack, Matthew took out his green pokedex. The green door opened, revealing the buttons and the black screen. The teen positioned the his Pokedex is the direction of this giraffe pokemon and soon enough, its image appeared on the screen along with the recording data repeating itself out loud.

{Girafarig, the wild pokemon. This pokemon has a unique Normal/Psychic combination as its types, making Girafarig something special to catch. These pokemon love to eat grass, but can become very territorial when it comes protecting their foods. Girafarig doesn’t evolve, but can be a handful if not trained properly with love and definitely affection.}

“Wow…maybe I can catch this pokemon as well,” Matthew thought.

From what his Pokedex said, this pokemon sounded very unusual, yet difficult to defeat. As he placed his Pokedex away, he noticed that the wild Girafarig was now accompanied by a young girl.

The girl had purple contacts to match her cute face. She was skinny, wearing a pink t-shirt with a matching long, purple shirt. She had her reddish-colored hair in two buns, completing her attire.

“C’mon, Girafarig! Use Psybeam on that Bulbasaur!” she called out.

From its two white horns, in the center, a colorful sphere began glowing. Soon enough, a beam of colorful brightness beamed away, soaring straight towards the wild Bulbasaur.

However, the wild plant pokemon released its vines and smacked them on the ground, causing it to jump into the air. But, Ponyta opened its mouth, shooting out fiery orange missiles.

Unluckily, the Bulbasaur took that attack, hitting the ground roughly. Matthew suddenly began angered that this girl was taking trying to capture this Bulbasaur! So, angrily, he stepped up to her and turned her around.

“What are you trying to do?!” Matthew asked.

His voice began rising to a higher level. The girl grinned and responded in a nasty voice. “Boy, just get away from this Bulbasaur, its mine!” The girl screamed.

“I found it first, little girl!” Matthew hollered. Ponyta noticed the tension between the two trainers, and it knew that it wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Scorch Ry
07-16-2004, 06:30 PM
So, it waited for a command, keeping its eyes on the hurt Bulbasaur that was now on its back, rocking back and forth. The Girafarig did the same, only constantly glancing at the fiery horse. Meanwhile, the two trainers were still arguing, with their voices reaching high levels.

“I found this Bulbasaur first, so its mine!” Matthew screamed.

“Nope, I’ve been searching for a Bulbasaur all day, and I found this one wondering! Its mine!” the girl hollered back.

“If this is your Bulbasaur, then claim it! I don’t see a pokeball, do I?” Matthew hollered.

“That’s why they call me Paige! I’m always filled with surprises!” Paige announced.

She stomped her way towards her Girafarig, ready to command an attack. That’s when the male teen thought of the perfect way to settle it.

“Whoever you are, why don’t we just settle this over a battle? I mean, it’s no point arguing with some mystery girl like you that I don’t know,” Matthew announced.

Paige listened to what Matthew had offered her, and noticing that the wild Bulbasaur was now falling asleep on a nearby brown rock, she could defeat him and claim the Bulbasaur for her own.

“Fine! We can have a battle. As I said before, my name is Paige,” Paige answered.

“You never said your name before. If you did, I didn’t hear it so it doesn’t count,” Matthew replied.

“I did tell you my name, you were just dumb and didn’t listen like a big old fool!” Paige yelled. Once again, their voices became louder as they began another argument.

“Well, you don’t know me, Matthew Kings! I am the one who can defeat all that comes!” Matthew cheered.

“If you’re so tough Matthew, then let’s battle and get it over with!” Paige yelped.

Ponyta suddenly leaped and landed right next to Matthew, with its flames burning bright. Meanwhile, Girafarig galloped away and stopped next to Paige, staring straight into the burning eyes of the fiery horse.

“Paige…time for you to pay for what you have done!” Matthew said.

“Matthew, save your small sentences for when you are beaten and don’t know whether or not you’re smart or stupid,” Paige replied.

As they both stood on the concrete, the wild Bulbasaur opened its eyes and noticed that both pokemon were now fighting one another.

“Bulba? Bulba…saur?” Bulbasaur questioned himself.

Curious, he jumped off the brown rock and headed towards the two pokemon that were attacking it earlier. Quietly, the grass-type pokemon sat nearby a pile of green shrubbery; their berries growing fantastically and healthily. It then waited patiently to see what the two pokemon were about to do.

It was just hoping that they weren’t trying to develop some dark, sinister plan together to try to capture it. Even though it disliked humans, something inside its body and mind together made it have a special liking towards the teen, Matthew.

“Ponyta, use Quick Attack!” Matthew commanded.

“Girafarig, use Confusion!” Paige screamed.

Ponyta galloped once before taking off with high speed towards the psychic giraffe. The psychic-type pokemon aimed its horns at the fiery horse, and suddenly shot out a mystical lightblue beam. The beam soared away towards Ponyta, but the fire pony managed to evade it. Ponyta then struck Girafarig surprisingly strong, making the psychic-type pokemon fall to the ground.

“Great work, Ponyta,” Matthew complimented. “Now, use Tackle!”

The fiery horse waited for Girafarig to get up before its attack could fully work. Girafarig managed to get up on its hoofs, and noticed that Ponyta was coming straight towards it. Charging forth at high speed, the fiery horse was close to tackling the psychic giraffe until the girl called out an attack.

“Girafarig, use Psybeam!” Paige instructed.

The psychic-type pokemon positioned its horns towards Ponyta, suddenly forming a mysterious colorful sphere. Setting off such a wonderful light, Girafarig immediately shot out the Psybeam.

The Psybeam took the shape of a lightning bolt, striking Ponyta on the right side of its body. Ponyta took the Psybeam attack not as effectively, but hard enough to not proceed with its Tackle attack.


Bulbasaur finally realized that these two pokemon, along with their trainers, were battling for some strange reason. It was very relieved that they weren’t going to discuss how to capture it because it didn’t want to be captured. Silently, the grass bulb pokemon peacefully watched the battle from a safe distance.


“Girafarig, time for a Headbutt!” Paige ordered.

The psychic giraffe charged away towards the fire pony, striking it head-to-head. Ponyta had to take the attack, but the Psybeam attack was now taking deeper effects in it. The fire-type pokemon stood there, shaking its head from the trembling Headbutt attack Girafarig delivered to it. But, it was still willing to battle even in some pain at that time.

“Ponyta, try an Ember attack!” Matthew ordered hastily.

The fiery horse opened its mouth, and out came sweltering carroty miniature missiles. Hordes of missiles launched and struck Girafarig fairly easily, inflicting pain to the psychic giraffe.

“Good, Ponyta,” Matthew complimented again. “You’re doing a much better job with battling! Now, Tackle!”

Ponyta quickly charged away towards Girafarig, hoping for a hit. Unfortunately, the psychic-type pokemon jumped in the air to dodge the attack, and also preparing for its own.

“Girafarig, use Stomp!” The mysterious giraffe soared down the ground, its hoofs ready to strike Ponyta. Hesitating, the fire pony had to think of something to do so it could dodge this attack. Matthew, however, thought of a perfect plan to stop this attack with flawlessness.

“Ponyta, use Ember!” Matthew strictly yelled.

The beige pony opened its mouth, aiming for Girafarig. Massively, the psychic-type pokemon crashed on Ponyta, striking it with full force. Ponyta soared away towards Matthew, but shot out clans of fiery hot missiles that glistened an orange color.

They darted away and struck Girafarig, causing it to fall to the concrete. With both pokemon down to their last energy, the battling was now closing up. Matthew was now realizing how tough his battles were going to be, his first example right in his presence.

The male teen was now experiencing how much training effort he would have to put in his pokemon so they could become stronger. As both pokemon tried their best to get up, Paige began noticing that the wild Bulbasaur was watching the battle peacefully, only gazing towards Matthew’s side.

Once again, Girafarig was on its feet, struggling but standing tall and proud. “Girafarig, use Confusion!”

Girafarig lowered its head and a lightblue beam came rushing from the center of its two horns. Glittering brightly, the strong light filled route one hundred and twenty two, which made it more comfortable. As it headed towards Ponyta, both Paige and the psychic giraffe noticed that the fiery pony wasn’t there!

“Where did it go?” Paige wondered.

The Confusion attack struck a pine tree instead, causing it to rock a little. Leaves fell to the ground, with no wind causing them to swift to the right, nor left.

“Paige…this battle is over! Ponyta, use Quick Attack!” Matthew commanded.

Before she knew it, the fiery horse came from out of nowhere, galloping at top speeds. Girafarig was struck from the attack, falling to the ground. The psychic-type was finally defeated, too tired to get back up.

Paige gasped with horror as she saw her pokemon lying there, defeated. She took out her pokeball and an array of sparkling red light shot Girafarig. The psychic-type was enveloped in the red glow, and it was soon sucked into the pokeball.

“Matthew, you may have won this battle, but it’s not over,” Paige screeched. Before he could say anything, she had returned Girafarig and ran off east.

The male teen stroked Ponyta’s head with his hand delicately. “Ponyta, you fought a wonderful battle. Now, it’s time for you to get a rest. Return,” Matthew announced.

He took out Ponyta’s pokeball, and a sparkling crimson glow enveloped the fire-type pokemon’s body, soon sucking it inside of the orb. Placing Ponyta’s pokeball on his belt, he then suddenly remembered about the wild Bulbasaur!

He looked over and noticed that the wild Bulbasaur was smiling at him wonderfully. He slowly approached the grass-type pokemon and stroked its head with his hand.

“Bulbasaur, you are something amazing. If you come along with me, I can help you achieve your goal of your bulb blooming into a forest wildflower,” Matthew explained, “So, would you like to travel with me and my pokemon?”

The wild Bulbasaur enjoyed the battle that Matthew presented to it, finally realizing that this trainer was fighting for it. The plant pokemon got up and the teen grabbed Bulbasaur, hugging it tightly.

“Bulbasaur, I’m glad you’ve accepted me. Now, we shall travel together and become the best of friends,” Matthew announced. “

Bulbasaur, bulba bulba!” Bulbasaur said, smiling with happiness.

Happily, the teen and his new Bulbasaur followed the path of route one hundred and twenty two, soon hoping to get to Charvalle City soon.

07-16-2004, 06:48 PM
Great chapter Aley. I like how you used Girafarig because that pokemon doesn't seem to get used a lot yet its a great pokemon to use for a fic. The battle was well described and I loved the moves you put into it. I'm sure Bulbasaur will make a great fit to Matthew's personality as well as Dratini and Ponyta. Can't wait til Chapter 6!

Scorch Ry
07-16-2004, 06:56 PM
I was glad to use Girafarig, even though it took me awhile to spell its name correct. ^_^;. Im glad you enjoyed the chapter KCash. You're one of the most supportive fans I know, which makes me proud. I am now working on Chapter 6 of my story, called Heart Of Darkness. This chapter probably won't have battles, since 3/5 chapters did. I'm really thinking about what Matthew and his pokemon should do in this chapter, but since it's called Heart Of Darkness, maybe I'll...hmm...

Anyways, thanks for the compliment. And I'm loving the Silver Conference battles, KCash! Keep those wonderful battles in great shape! But, I know you all now know 3/6 pokemon on Matthew's team...but please, I'll let you all on a little secret. After deciding about his full team, Matthew's team doesn't contain any Ruby/Sapphire pokemon. I know you all like Ra/Sp pokemon, don't those pokemon didn't fit his team very well. Just thought I'd let you know. ^__^. Chapter 6 is planned to be released possibly Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, depending on which day I get on AOL.

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Update: Hey guys. Sorry for not updating this weekend, I had to work on my forums to get more members. Chapter 6 should be scheduled to be released tonight or Tuesday morning, since I finally got a chance to work on it while I could. So just sit tight because its coming soon!

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NEW UPDATE!: Finally, I have lots of free time on my hands, so Chapter 6 is scheduled to be released either tonight or Sunday. Most likely, I'll be posting the first part of Chapter 6 today, and the rest later tonight or Sunday! So I hope that everyone is glad that updates will start coming back!

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Chapter 6: Heart Of Darkness
Matthew, with his brand new Bulbasaur he obtained, continued walking through the forest scenery of route one hundred and twenty two. More Pine trees littered the pathway, only having a more refreshing and relaxing aroma. The grass wasn’t growing as wildly as it was from the entrance area.

The grass looked much healthier, yet still in its wild stage. However, the height had decreased to a better size, which overjoyed the teen. Unfortunately, the route still developed shadows from the tall Pine trees, which were blocking the bright sun’s rays from coming in.

The teen and his Bulbasaur walked down the concrete path and hoped that they would arrive in Charvalle City very soon before nighttime. Thinking about Charvalle City, the male trainer finally began wondering if he needed more training, since the first Gym was in the upcoming place.

“I wonder if the Gym Leader is male or female,” Matthew wondered.

Bulbasaur looked up at its new trainer and smiled at him. The teen looked down and a smile approached his face soon.

“Bulbasaur, don’t worry. I’m just thinking about this first Gym Leader. I’m wondering if I’m ready to battle against that Gym Leader. I mean, I need to train you, Ponyta and Dratini. Who knows what pokemon he or she will be using against me,” Matthew explained. “Either way, I’m going to try my hardest to win the battle and obtain their badge. But for now, I’ll stick with training with you all.”

Bulbasaur smiled with sheer delight. The teen held the grass-type pokemon firmly to his chest as he continued walking down the path of this forest route.

As Matthew and his pokemon continued walking down the route, they suddenly noticed how the place became more peaceful. Pokemon were sleeping uninterruptedly, their young playing around with one another.

They weren’t playing as rough as usual, but not as quiet either. Bushes now scattered around the area like before, only with blueberries growing fresh. The teen’s stomach was growling, which gave him a hint.

“Man, I need some food!” Matthew hollered.

He then heard another rumble. The teen looked down, noticing that this Bulbasaur was also hungry.

“Bulb…ba…” Bulbasaur said slowly, now experiencing hunger.

He looked at the Pecha Berries in the Pine trees disdainfully but shot its eyes on the blueberries on the bushes. It then squirmed with excitement, trying to wiggle its way out of Matthew’s arms. The trainer took a glance at the nearby berries and decided that he could at least feed his pokemon so they wouldn’t suffer from the same thing as he was.

“Bulbasaur, you’re lucky that I love you so much,” Matthew announced, running his way towards the bushes filled with the wild berries.

Bulbasaur happily watched as the teen carefully picked tons of blueberries from each bush, leaving four bushes bare afterwards. He placed the piles of berries on a series of rocks that were lined perfectly, laying on the grass.

As Matthew did this, he thought that maybe his Ponyta and Dratini might be hungry as well, so why not let them eat the wild blueberries.

Reaching for their pokeballs, Matthew yelled, “Let’s go Dratini and Ponyta! Time to eat!”

He quickly tossed out his pokemon’s respective pokeballs in the air. The two orbs spun the air, then suddenly shot open stylishly. A white luminous effect came from both open orbs as two white figures landed on the ground.

Gleaming brightly, the white figures soon began taking it their true colors, with the luminous white effects fading away and stopping altogether.

Soon, both pokemon were now visible, looking at disturbed at Bulbasaur. The plant pokemon remembered Ponyta, but had never saw the trainer’s Dratini.

“Bulbasaur, I’d like you to meet Ponyta and Dratini. Dratini, Ponyta…say hello to your new friend, Bulbasaur!” Matthew happily announced.

Matthew lowered his body and placed Bulbasaur on the ground. The plant pokemon looked up at Matthew, whom was smiling down at it.

Nervously, the grass-type pokemon slowly walked towards Dratini, very frightened that the dragon would attack him. As it approached Dratini and Ponyta, the lightblue serpent and fiery horse smiled at Bulbasaur, greeting it happily.

“Dratini, dra dra dra dratini dra!” Dratini said.

“Bulbasaur bulba bulb..a bulba!” Bulbasaur replied.

“Naaa naaa naaaa!” Ponyta added.

Matthew’s three pokemon began communicating with one another, getting to know each other better.

Matthew safely sat down on a large red rock that had a smooth surface on top. He then took off his red bag and opened it. The teen took out a wrapped sandwich that consisted of turkey, cheese, lettuce and mustard all together on wheat bread. He unwrapped the sandwich and began eating it, enjoying its luscious, great taste.

Meanwhile, his three pokemon began chatting while eating their piles of blueberries that were sweet, yet fresh and yummy. The breezes began to pick up a little bit, causing a few of the berries to roll away from the pile.

The teen’s plant pokemon raced over to catch them before they would roll off too far. With its little strong legs, it galloped away and drew out its dark green vines.