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12-14-2006, 02:09 AM
Hey, I'm TVT, and this is the Archive and Discussion thread for the Super Smash Bros Struggle Roleplay, which will start upon form application of three members, plus all the characters completed. There will be a list of thirty characters here if this takes off, with myself as a judge. Entries will be auto accepted as long as they don't suck until more than thirty characters have been entered. Redoing of existing characters is allowed, as well as doing characters never introduced, but be creative as possible with moves, and try to make up your own people if possible. Please post only RP discussion here, and submit all characters to the main thread in Pokemon: N64/Gamecube/Wii.

12-14-2006, 02:09 AM
Gallery #1: 1-5

Name: TVTMaster
Description: Wears a navy blue metallic bodysuit that will solidify or become loose where necessary for protection or comfort. He usually wears his teardrop-shaped helmet with his visor, and has a small, muscled build.
Speed and Movement Properties: Relatively fast, TVT can switch from one move into another very quickly, making for great melee combos and preventing stun or cooldown after many attacks. On slopes, however, he slows considerably and his attack power is slightly decreased. Most of his moves only go in a straight line, so aerial attacks and attacks from below are very effective against him.
B Move: Plasma Blaster: Two taps of B will begin an uninterruptable series of shots, one tap releases a slightly powerful blast, and holding will charge the move, but will be retained after release of B if it's fully charged. Super Scope with retained charge and single-shot capability. It can also be used in air without freezing the character.
B^ Move: Crystal Saber: Takes out sword, slicing upward and doing a slight air dash in a chosen direction at peak of jump. The attack does only minor, one-time damage if used from round on a ground enemy, but hitting an airborne enemy will carry the enemy up like Roy's Up-B, doing major damage and throwing enemy to the dash direction at peak.
B<-> Move: Shard Wall: Quickly creates a barrier which slows an attack. The attack does not stop, but slows down, but the wall will break upon impact, sending the shards flying towards the one who broke it. If user or non-player causes break it, the shards fall to the ground, harmless.
BV Move: Data Rip: Rips code out of the ground and sends a wave flying in one direction. It increases in strength with every object it passes through, but stops and does damage to any destroyable item or player it hits.
Basic A: Two quick punches.
A and Side Attack: Fast roundhouse kick.
Smash<->: Takes out Saber and slashes.
Smash^: Backflips, kicking any above enemy, which sends them straight up, stunned.
SmashV: Surrounds self in a sphere of blue light and code, which does damage to all coming in contact from a non-aerial attack.
Aerials: Various midair punches.
Grab: Grabs enemy, pumping blue energy into it, doing damage. Attacking up releases the grabee doing damage, or throws down on down.
Taunt: Unsheathes saber, does a Samurai Jack pose, and resheathes.
Strategy: Using the fast move change time, you can use the Blaster to push the enemy away (another difference from the Scope), then use Data Rip to build power if the enemy is fighting on a plane and cannot avoid another straight-line attack. Places like Poke Floats and Hyrule give him trouble, as ground-based fighting is his specialty.
Other: I may make a TVTBerserker, Tactical, or Covert to go with if I feel like it. Comments appreciated.

Name: Sonickid
Description: A young teen with wizarding abilities over the elements. He dons a blue baseball cap the same color as his jeans, a green T-shirt, and red shoes. He has unruly black hair hidden behind his hat and has a Datalyzer watch on his wrist which gives him information from the internet.
Speed and Movement Properties: Very quick and agile, but a bit erratic with his jumps, where he leaps straight into the air. Very like Falco. His recovery timing is OK, and his quick with his moves, although charging up moves may be time-consuming. He is light, however, and is easily knocked away, but can tank a lot of light hits. He also is a bit unsteady and can be easily knocked around and juggled.
B Move: Pyrhhus Bullet- Fires a thin beam of fire from his finger forward about seven feet. Lasts a short second. Deals minimal damage. May sustain damage burn.
B^ Move: Zephyr's Wing- Jumps up a little into the air and sprouts small, angel-like wings. He then dashes in the desired direction and falls to the ground, losing the wings. Anyone he touches during the glide is picked up and dealt average damage and carried with Sonickid, but can escape by flailing around (mashing the A button). They then fall to the ground with Sonickid, but land a bit farther away.
B<-> Move: Nereus Tsunami- Quickly lunges forward, surrounded with water, and hits anyone he happens to dash into, Like a much slower version of Fox's ->B move, only with water around him to attack others. He then zips backwards to where he was, like a yo-yo. Does less than average damage, less than Fox's ->B.
BV Move: Gaia's Mountain- Sonickid punches the ground and creates small brown spires from the ground the size of him on either side of him. Anyone hit by the rising spires are dealt average damage and jetted into the air a few feet. Lasts one second.
Basic A: Thrusts hand forward and projects a quick blast of light energy. Minimal damage. 2x combo is the same, but with two beams stacked on top each other, like this ( : ). 3x combo adds one more and creates a triangle. ( . '. )
A and Side Attack: Thrusts darkened, dark purple-tinted elbows out. Light damage is dealt.
Smash<->: Charges up a ball of water in front of him with his hands, then pumps it out. Deals heavy damage when charged, average when normal.
Smash^: Charges fists and jabs overhead, shooting a light blast of energy. Same damage as above.
SmashV: Handstands and charges. When released, pounds into the ground and sends rocks out a foot or two. Size of rocks depend on charging. When fully charged, it sends out large rocks about the size of his arm. When not charged, shoots out pebbles. Same damage as above.
Shield: An alternating, lightly tinted bubble of red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black. Colors dull as it fades
Taunt: Pulls hands close to the side and hair flows around. Then flashes every color of the spectrum quickly, as if he just got a starman.
Grabs: Simply throws the opponent plainly. Nothing special.
Aerials: Hand glows a dark black-purple. Then, if he's not hitting any direction in particular, his right hand glows blue, his left red, his right leg green, and his left yellow. If he's attacking forward, he punches with his right hand, glowing blue. Backwards is the same thing; he just looks over his shoulder and punches with his left hand, glowing red. If he's hitting above him, he somersalts backwards in the air, right leg extended, his body glowing green. Attacking below, he drives himself down with his left leg as he glows yellow.
Strategy: He uses his speed and quick thinking to outwit the opponent, usually. Sonickid likes to evade and find an opening, and then beat the opponent 'round the clock repeatedly until they get their footing back, making him a fair juggler. His weakness- tough, quick attacks when he's waiting. He likes to, however, use his Zephyr's Wings towards the ground and take an opponent with him, grab the opponent, throw him up, and smash up, and then finish with Nereus' Tsunami. Another favorite is to smash an opponent down from the air, use Zephyr's wing right above the ground and ram into the opponent. If the opponent is still pretty close, he lightly smashes.
Other: None.

Name: Kaminari
Description: Kaminari is a Pichu with a single red cloth tied around his left ear. He has mastered using electric attacks(and some special others), but he's too stubborn to evolve into a Pikachu. He gives off static charge when he's ready for a super strong attack. Oh yea, he has a bit darker fur than normal, but not so that he's shiny.
Speed and Movement Properties: Very fast , Fly-off-screen-type is about the same as Pikachu, quick to recover, falls semi-fast
B Move: Thunder Jolt
B^ Move: Quick Attack
B<-> Move: Lightning Dash (Quickly slides over to attack opponent, then slides back. Recoil: 1%/1 HP) [Completely Charged] Volt Tackle (Dashes quickly through all opponents. On the ground, he stops at the end of the platform, if any. Recoil: 3HP/4%)
BV Move: Thunder Spin (Same as Thunder, only a wider horizontal range)
Basic A: Headbutt
A and Side Attack: Double Kick (Kicks once normally, then back kick. 2x Damage, stronger on second half)
Smash<->: Spark Ribbon (Twirls a ribbon-like string of electricity, hurting the opponent 5 times.)
Smash^: Flip Kick (Does a backflip while kicking the opponent into the air.)
SmashV: Eruption Wave (Punches the ground, releasing a wave of water and sparks all around it. Small range, but great power.)
Aerial Neutral: Spark Ball (Curls into ball and spins. 5x damage.)
Aerial Down: Skull Bash downwards (Kaminari spins headfirst into the opponent.)
Aerial Side: Spark Ribbon Spin (Spins around, whipping the spark ribbon in circles. 5x damage.)
Aerial Up: Quick Attack / [After Electric Attack] Volt Tackle Aerial (A Quick Attack, only leaving a golden trail behind Kaminari.)
A+V: Tail Whip (Spins tail to attack foe.)
Strategy: About the same when controlling Pikachu, but attacks are a bit different. Volt Tackle is a good finisher in a timed match, or when the opponent is at their last life. You can control Spark Ribbon by holding down B and tilting the Control Stick up and down, but it only lasts for 2 seconds. Eruption Wave becomes more powerful after jumping or after a Flip Kick. Volt Tackle is good for a secondary recovery move.
Other: You can change Kaminari's headband color like the other characters' colors. Sweet.
{EXTRA!} Taunt: Kaminari hops and says "Pii-chu!" OR Kaminari gives off sparks and says "Pii!" if he has over 100 damage.

Name: Smoochum
Description: ...

Speed and Movement Properties:
Mario is the standard used for SSB characters. He is approximately a *** in all catagories.
Speed: **** (Slightly faster than Pichu.)
Jumping: *** (Slightly higher than Mario.)
Rec. Time: **** (As fast as Pichu.)
Weight: * (Slightly heavier than Pichu, but lighter than Jigglypuff.)
Size: * (Pichu-sized.)
Fall Rate: *** (Average speed.)

B Move: Sweet Kiss - Charges up a small heart that will go a longer distance the more it is charged. Max charge up time is three seconds, at the 3/4 the distance of Final Destination. Temporarily stuns the opponent, like Mewtwo's Disable. Travels in Shadow Ball's motion, but more dramatically. Can be stored. 0%

B^ Move: Balloon - A red balloon materializes out of nowhere and pulls Smoochum up. It lasts three seconds, and is similar to Peach's Parasol. 4%

B<-> Move: Ice Beam - Smoochum charges up an Ice Beam for a second before releasing it in a straight line. Similar to Falco's Blaster, but it does 8-10% and can freeze for a short time.

BV Move: Confusion - Like Mewtwo's Confusion.

Basic A: Doubleslap - Press the A button once to slap, then press it again to slap again. Two-slap combo. High knockback. 1st: 4-5%, 2nd: 6-7%.

A and Side Attack: Tackle - Smoochum gains a short burst of speed, then stumbles. Similar to Jigglypuff's dash attack. 4-8%.

Smash<->: Pound - Similar to Jigglypuff's pound, but you can charge it. 8-24%

Smash^: Headbutt - Smoochum jumps a short height and collides with the enemy head-on. 10-18%

SmashV: Blizzard - Smoochum instantly freezes the ground in a short radius around it. Can freeze. 8-30%

Grab: Smoochum grabs an opponent.
Attack: Smoochum headbutts the opponent. 2-4%
V Throw: Smoochum throws the opponent down and uses a weak Blizzard. 8-12%
^ Throw: Smoochum places the opponent above her and headbutts them. 7-10%
<>Throw: Smoochum throws the opponent at a diagonal angle / and fires three small Ice Beams at them. 4-10%

N-Air: Smoochum sticks her foot out and holds it there. Similar to Jigglypuff's. 6-8%
D-Air: Smoochum performs a drill kick. Similar to Jigglypuff's. 2-14%
F-Air: Smoochum makes flashes of Psychic in front of her. Similar to Ness's F-Air. 3-9%
B-Air: Smoochum kicks backwards while spinning. Similar to Jigglypuff's B-Air. 6-7%
U-Air: Smoochum creates a cloud of frost above her head. Similar to Zelda's U-Air. High knockback. 7-13%

Shield: Smoochum covers herself with a psychic bubble. It is purple, then fades as it gets weaker.

Taunt: Smoochum exclaims, "Smoochum!" and winks at the screen.

Strategy: Smoochum is a small hit-and-run fighter that can't take a beating. Her projectiles are fast and hit hard, and she can set up clever mindgames with her trademark move, Sweet Kiss. Her Balloon attack is rather fast, and can help you recover from the occasional strong attack. Blizzard is powerful and can help you escape from a tight spot, but it's slow and requires expert timing. Smoochum is a great fighter in the air too, as she's nimble and can deliver fast attacks that can easily juggly her opponents. Smoochum is as cold and precise as ice, and as fluid and graceful as water.

Description: An airbender-avatar Bald with a blue arrow down his head
Speed and Movement Properties: Speed:Pretty fast, Jumping:Could fly
B Move: Polks with staff
B^ Move: Uses air scooter, then falls on opponent.
B<-> Move: spins staff like link does
BV Move: Be's in Avatar state for 10 seconds
Basic A: punch
A and Side Attack: kicks
Smash<->: Water bends a whip at target.
Smash^: Earth bends the nearest target away by raising where they are
SmashV: Fire bends like Mario does
Strategy: Jumps in air, then uses b^
Aerials: Slashs with staff in air
Grab: Punches and throws a state(air earth water fire) depending on color
Taunt: goes into avatar state and waves toward screen.
Other: comes in 4 colors which effects grab:Normal outfit(air) White poncho blue pants and stuff(water) green poncho brown pants and stuff(earth) red poncho brown pants and stuff (fire).

12-14-2006, 02:09 AM
Galley #2: 6-10

Name: Felix Android
Description: Felix is an android based off of a cat. It has extendable claws that are each about the size of the average meat cleaver. Its head has supersensitive whiskers that go straight out. The rest of his face is like a large cat head, with a Geordi LaForge like visor across. He has an incredibly long tail that he keeps coiled in a metal cylinder on his back, which has a hole that allows for rapid whiplike strikes of the tail. The tail is covered in metal barbs. His body is covered in an armor that is flexible enough to allow for limber movements. This armor is decorated with shiny stones. His fur is black and forest green.
Speed and Movement Properties: A very fast melee fighter, Felix uses only melee abilities. However, he jumps high and fast, with the initial jump being a high, fast straight jump, and the double being a slowed controllable jump that resembles Mewtwo or Ness's jumps, only shorter. He falls quickly, allowing for efficient fighting on platforms. He has a very slow recovery time and occasionally falls asleep after hitting the ground.
B Move: Cat Rage: This move can be used after any period of normal stun that would ordinarily result from use of a special move. On land, it will pounce on an enemy about five feet away. When used in air, it will do a very short jump. If an enemy is within two feet, he will hiss and jump at the enemy, doing more damage than the damage dealt from Cat Rage on the ground.
B^ Move: Nine Lives: Felix Android will gain the effect of a Bunny Hood for his next jump, double included. This does not cause special move stun. This is used for efficient vertical gain. It does slight damage to those in the way, attack stunning them.
B<-> Move: Tail Shot: Felix shoots out his tail like a whip. This will go up to fifteen feet and attack anything it hits.
BV Move: Furniture Reaper: Unsheathes claws. These claws increase normal A move power by 15% damage. Hitting BV again will result in an attack which first attacks to the side facing, then to the back. This move does heavy damage, strikes fast, and after use causes the claws to retract. These claws decrease speed a bit.
Basic A: Scratches depending on combo number.
A and Side Attack: Lunges forward and bites the enemy.
Smash<->: Again, bites, but it takes a bit longer and does more damage.
Smash^: Whips tail upward.
SmashV: Surrounds self in a cocoon made of tail, and then rapidly uncoils for damage to all nonaerial enemies next to him.
Strategy: Felix is a standard melee fighter. It's quite dangerous to attempt to wait at the edge to hit him off after attempted recovery, since if he uses Nine Lives with only one jump, if he's close enough he can use Cat Rage to get back up and deal you massive damage. He's fast and hard to kill, but try to rack up damage on him if he falls asleep, and use a good smash move to send him off horizontally.
Aerials: Uses tail or big claws to attack.
Grab: Shoots out tail as a hookshot, like Link's Hookshot or Samus's Grappler Beam. Bites or throws.
Taunt: Shoots tail straight up, meowing and sending the tail up off the screen. The tail does no damage here.
Other: Just invented the guy out of my head. Played it by ear.

Name: Shadow Link.
Description: Pretty much just like link except he's kewler and doesn't make any sound.
Speed and Movement Properties:
Speed: Slightly faster than Link.
Jumping: Links.
General Recovery times: Links?
B Move: Dark Arrows: Just like Young Links except there's Shadow stuff on the end .
B^ Move: Sword Spin. Multiple hits in air, One big hit on ground. Causes opponent to be all purple and shadowy a little. (Like how you are after Ganondorf's B move)
B<-> Move: Normal Boomerang, just a black one.
BV Move: B down? Uh... Bombs.
Basic A: Quick strike. (like links), when pressed repetitively strikes consecutively (like links)
A and Side Attack: Same as links...
Smash<->: Same as links, except causes shadowy thing.
Smash^: Same as links, no shadow.
SmashV: Just like links. No shadow stuffs.
Strategy: Grab spin: Grab and throw down, immediately do B^.
Bomb jumping: Take bomb out, throw up, then do spin thingy. Repeat.
Boomerang stuff: Bounce it off of walls. >_>
Shufling: Jump very shortly, and while in air, do A-down. (not smash)
L/R recover: When hitting the ground with Down Air, Imediatly press L or R and recover twice as fast
Aerials: Dair (Down air) Just like links, but causes shadow-iness
Fair (forward air): Same as links.
Uair(Up air): Same as links.
Grab: Hookshot stuff. Can latch onto edges.
Taunt: Stabs sword in ground right in front of him, then pulls it out.
Other: Nothing really?

Name: Blaziken
Description: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa257.png
Speed and Movement Properties: Average all, Power is a bit above average
B Move: Flamethrower (I'd say, pretty much like Mewtwo's Shadow Ball except Fire)
B^ Move: Sky Uppercut (Similiar to Marth/Roy's B^)
B<-> Move: Quick Attack :tongue: (Fox's B<-> thing)
BV Move: Mirror Move (Like Marth/Roy's Counter)
Basic A: A punch-punch like Samus
A and Side Attack: Lunge forward
Smash<->: A powerful slow fire punch
Smash^: Mewtwo's Smash^, except Fire)
SmashV: Kick in both directions, I guess
Strategy: Meh
N-Air: A standard midair kick
U-Air: A, uh, backflipping sort of kick (Like Luigi)
D-Air: That leg jab that C. Falcon does
F-Air: Strong Knee jab
B-Air: Backwards kick
Grab: Normal grab like most characters
Taunt: Strikes a fighting pose (._.)
Other: eh...

Name: Crono
Description: Red hair, blue clothing, and a rainbow sword. (http://www.chronoshock.com/ct/media/artwork/crono2.jpg)
Speed and Movement Properties: High speed, above-averege attack, low aerial, typical height, below averege weight, above averege fall speed
B Move: Luminaire the user is enveloped in an orb of lightning. This is similar to Fox's Reflector Shield, but deals more damage, shocks, and only reflects energy projectiles.
B^ Move: Cyclone: Basically similar to link's spin attack and DK's aerial move, and sends the user diagonally. Unlike Link's spin attack, this sends enemies flying upon contact, not with the last hit.
B<-> Move: ElementSword: Crono slashes either a fire, thunder, or an ice sword. Fire sword may trap the foe in a fire, similar to Ness's PK Fire, Thunder Tword may paralyze like Mewtwo's disable only for a smaller time, and Ice sword may freeze. But, these events are rare, and what type of sword is slashed is uncontrollable.
BV Move: Lightning: Similar to pikachu's thunder, but may be controlled by switching the control stick direction before the bolt appears (will still strike at crono, just not from abobve). But, it has a shorter duration than Pikachu's.
Basic A: Slash
A and Side Attack: Multiple slash
Running A>: Confuse: Crono teleports forward JUST A BIT, and slashes his sword. The teleport is similar to a dodge, but does not leave you open, and lets you run through an enemy for a hind attack.
Smash<->: Rainbow (swings the powerful Rainbow sword, leaving a multicolored trail behind the blade)
Smash^: Star Sword (a powerful upwards slash. Can be used twice in a row, similar to link's smash-a)
SmashV: Swallow (a sweep slash. May be used twice in a row)
Strategy: Crono is mostly a short-ranged character. Luminaire is great for edge-guarding, and should be mastered. Crono's wode range of sword techniques should be utilized wisely, and his lightning can be good for people that constantly run.
Aerials: Down-A = Stabs downwards rapidly, Forward-A = Double slash forward, Back-A = Kick, Up-A = upwards thrust.
Grab: Down-throw stabs a foe which is thrown onto the ground, Direction-Throw throws an enemy, and then chases him/her for a powerful slash to send them flying, and up-throw follows the throw up with a bolt of lightning.
Taunt: Standard Chrono Trigger win pose. Crono thrusts his elbow downwards with his fist clenched in a victory pose.
Other: For the home run contest, the bat drop would be dropping the bat at the peak of the jump, and immediately using the down-A multi-slash. Air catch, repeat.

Name: Pacharisu
Description: Pacharisu has red goggles on his forehead and a red bandana around his neck which he wears like a cowboy(knot in the back)
Speed and Movement Properties: He is fairly fast, especially when you really press down on your control stick(fast run)
B Move: (A less powerful version of the Pichu C-stick sideways <-> move)
B^ Move: Quick Attack
B<-> Move: Iron Tail(jumps up in the air, tail glowing, and swings it at the opponent, can be charged up for stronger slam)
BV Move: Thunderbolt(poweful blast of lightning that comes down from the sky, relative to Pichu's down B move)
Basic A: Punch(press A rapidly for faster, more effective punches)
A and Side Attack: (Swings tail at opponent, relative to Pichu's down and A attack)
Smash<->: (Stronger version of his A and side attack, although tail is charged with electricity)
Smash^: (Somersault in the air, tail flips out and smashes opponent)
SmashV: (Punches downward, with a blast of lightning)
Strategy: When B <-> attack is charged, press down the control stick rapidly from side to side to unleash a more powerful version of the attack, where Pacharisu spins around several times while swinging his tail
Aerials: Press down and B in mid air to smash the opponent underneath Chiusu's tail
Grab: (Same as pichus's grab moves)
Taunt: Pacharisu does a little dance and jumps up in the air.

12-14-2006, 02:10 AM
Gallery #3: 11-15

Name: X
Description: Blue humanoid robot with a pimped-out armor (X4 works well.)
Speed and Movement Properties: Low speed, excellent attack, medium fall rate, typical height, high weight,
B Move: Buster Yes, it's Mega's buster. It can charge for a higher attack and a larger shot, not unlike samus. BUT, what makes it really interesting is that if you charge enough, it will overload similarly to Roy's sword charge, and release a column of light around X: Giga crush. The column is only the thickness of X's body, but goes both up and down infinitely. It is a 1-hit KO, but due to the charge time is very hard to hit with, and does 20 damage to X upon execution.
B^ Move: Rising Fire: Looks exactly like a shoyruken pundh from street fighter. Sends X into an upwards, slightly diagonal (about like this: // (the angle, I mean)) path, while he holds out a flaming fist. [Megaman X4, obtained from Magma Dragoon, charged form]
B<-> Move: Shotgun Ice: X shoots out a rather fast-moving piece of ice that travels straight forward. Upon hitting a wall, item (box, capsule, bomb-omb, etc, but not things like beam sabers, etc.), or an enemy, it splits into threesmall pieces of ice, that go dtraight back, diagonally-up, and diagonally down, each doing 1/3 of the original single-chunk damage. [X1, Chill Penguin, regular]
BV Move: Speed Burner: Megaman envelops in flame, and dashes forward with a speed slightly higher then the max running speed for about 5 steps. Kinda like the falcon kick, but goes straight forward, and makes enemies fly against the movement direction. [X2, Flame Stag, Charged]
Basic A: Punch
Multiple A : Kick
Running A>: Sonic Slicer: Megaman throws a spinning blade that travels alongside of him, at a speed just above Mega's top running speed. Disapperars slightly after Mega has stopped running, or in 1 second after execution (whichever comes first). [X2, Overdrive Ostrich, regular]
Smash<->: Slash Claw Megaman Slashes with his hand, creating a small claw animation. [Megaman 7, Slash Man, regular. YES, I know it's a non-X power. BUT, it was so perfect for a smash...]
Smash^: Frost Shield Megaman pulls out a spiky chumk of ice, and thrusts it above his head. [X3, Blizzard Buffalo, charged. But, in X3, it was thrust forward, not up]
SmashV: Double Cyclone Megaman throws two cyclone-enveloped orbs onto each of his two sices, that fly in a curving-up trajectory, and quickly disappear. [X4, Storm owl, regular]
Strategy: Mega is a well balanced character, holding both excellent Short and long range. But, he is rather slow on the ground. Still, his second jump is an air-dash, which sends him rather fast through the air.
Aerials: Down-A = Smashes down with both hands, Forward-A = Midair swipe, Back-A = Kick, Up-A = Headbutt.
Grab: Down-throw throws the foe onto the ground, and hits him with a shocking fist attack (Triad thunder, X3, Volt catfish, charged), Direction-Throw throws an enemy, and then follows it up with a few buster shots, and up-throw follows the enemy with a single, but slightly charged buster shot.
Taunt: Megaman poses with his buster.
Other: For the home run contest, the bat drop would be dropping the bat at the peak of the jump, and immediately using the down-A down-hit. Air catch, repeat.

Name: Grimwood
Description:Here. It's in black & white, sorry. (http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/1302/untitled3xf8.png)
Movement & Speed: Average speed, excellent attack, low fall rate, Excellent in height, average weight,
B Move: Punisher
He turns his arm into a spiked whip, which can extend in any direction and whip the target.
B^ Move: Hook Jump
This charges before he dashes to the target. He slashes upward, sending the target in the air. He follows, then slashes downward sending the target plummeting into the ground.
B<-> Move: Cry of the Nobody
He lets out a screeching roar, damaging everyone & everything(crates & stuff but not weapons) in front of him.
B\/ Move: Entangle
He buries his right hand in the ground then vines similar to his hand entangle the opponent, sapping their HP. This only lasts a few seconds.
A: Punch
Multiple A: Punch-Kick combo
A + Side Attack: Shoulder Ram
Smash <- ->: Soul Edge
His right hand turns into a big butcher's knife with some vines on the blunt side. He then slashes wildly, which really doesn't count as multiple hits but looks that way graphically.
Smash V: Final Call
He turns into a more human version of himself, covered in black, his eyes glowing crimson and enveloped in flames. He attacks to both sides and remains in this form until the SmashV is used again.
Smash ^: Impulse
He charges a large Shadow ball-like orb and holds it above his head, stunning it moderately.
Strategy: Basher
Grimwood is a slow charger, but has excellent defense. Focus on his melee attacks as much as possible. His second-jump is a charge-up, so press A in mid-air after double-jump to stomp on the ground, and hopefully on an opponent and stunning it for a few seconds. It's a great starter for a combo.
Down-A: Stomp
Forward-A: Mini-blast
Up-A: Uppercut
Throws the opponent mid-air by the foot then fires a weak Impulse orb.
Directinal button: Throws the opponent then follows and slams the opponent into the ground using the scythe.
Raises his scythe in the air, roaring.
Shouting "Darkness take you!" when using Impulse.

Name: klown
Description: A plain stick figure, looks like he was drawn by a three year old. The head is transparent, but whatever's behind it appears fuzzy. In the dark, he turns red so he can be seen by the players.
Speed and Movement Properties: Extremely fast and bounces high so he can jump around the forums and post his pointless posts quickly and effortlessly. But, however, he is extremely weak. His attacks are decent and he can be knocked as far a Jigglypuff with a few punches. His punches can be released fully charged
B Move: Post- Chucks a random word out of his pocket thrown sideways. Each word has varying damage, depending on the letters in it. Words that can be selected are: !, hi, wut, l3ik, wutsp
B^ Move: Superuberjump- A misnomer. He jumps an extra average jump an extra average time. Direction can be controlled.
B<-> Move: l33+ - Turns to the person next to him and deals damage by randomly screaming one of the phrases from the "Post" attack in their face. Each attack does damage equal to triple that of the number of letters in it.
BV Move: Flame- Spins around quickly, shouting out one of the words from the "Post" attack. When he says it, the word forms in front of his face in large, red font. Deals four times the number of letters in the word.
Basic A: Jams out his stick-figure arm in a kind of slap.
A and Side Attack: Pushes forward and shoves the opponent a bit. Similar to Basic A.
Smash<->: Charges up a fart. He crunches down and lets it rip.
Smash^: Burps, releasing a red oval with dots in it.
SmashV: Charges up a tougher slap on either side, but arms are very short
Strategy: Absolutely nothing more than random attacks everywhere. He can slap a character in the back a few times, push him off the edge, and then yell in Capt. Falcon's face on the other side of Hyrule in a matter of seconds. Klown can be tough when messed with, but is usually more of a Game-&-Watch type guy; peeve off the opponent and then releash something powerful, like a <-> Smash. No pun intended.
Aerials: WHen neutral, he just turns slightly flamy, dealing minor damage to anyone touching him (ie, flaming them. lol) When attacking backwards, he just flips upside-down quickly and yells "lolz0rs" in smallish font and turns forward again. When attacking up, he'll stick out his tongue upwards and lick the other person. Hopefully its not Peach or Zelda or etc who gets attacked. When attacking forward, he'll flail both arms wildy forward and turn his head, so it's like a catfight. When he attacks down, he will jab out a sprite, but it'll be horribly done so you can't tell what it is, and will be randomly colored and shaded so there's no telling what he sprited. He then retracts the sprite
Grab: Grabs opponent with both hands. Hurls opponents quite plainly. When attacking, it is just a slap.
Taunt: Dons a pair of glasses and buck teeth, complete with a "Glablaorgorablzal," like Rayman does in the old Rayman to creep out the tall guys in the first level of Rayman. Then it he stuffs it in his pocket. If he is moving and uses the taunt, he jumps around from one foot to the other in circle, waiving arms freakily.
Other: Plain, simple. Like n00bs. *shot* Usually fits into a kind of Yoshi-Game&Watch-IceClimbers group, where he just pisses off the opponent as much as possible for the sheer enjoyment of their anger before they break their Gamecube.

Name: Baby Mario
Description: (Baby mario pic)
Speed and Movement Properties: Fairly average properties, similar to regular Mario's
B Move: Mini Fireballs- Chucks them at opponents(similar to Mario's)
B^ Move: Jumps up with a yellow blanket, and uses it to slowly descend down(like a parasol)
B<-> Move: Chain Chomp(brings it out chomp on chain leash. similar to Yoshi's B <-> attack, where he can move around, slamming into opponents, until chain chomp disappears)
BV Move: Stomp- Jumps in air and smashes the ground(with opponent as well)
Basic A: Baby Punch
A and Side Attack: Baby Kick
Smash<->: (more powerful version of his A and Side Attack)
Smash^: Jumps Up and does a Fireball Punch
SmashV: Downward Fireball Punch
Strategy: Baby Mario is small and can avoid some attacks by taller characters. He is similar to Mario, with a range of attacks. He is a lighter character, and affected more by attacks than his older self.
Aerials: Down and A- downward fireball punch, more effective than smash attack, but less accurate
Grab: A weaker version of mario's grabs, where he can grab an enemy and sling it around.
Taunt: He says "Baby Mario!" and jumps up in the air

Name: Serran Riddle
Description: A small boy who is really 41 years old, Serran is a master of Bolt Magics and Has a number of different techniques. He wears a multiple-layered leather tunic, aluminum mail legings, and a blue silk bodysuit underneath it all. He has a dagger in his boot and a bow and quiver on his back.
Speed and Movement Properties: Serran isn't very fast, due to heavy armor and small size, but that's more than made up for by his incredible resilience to moves. He is hard to knock off, but he's mostly doomed if he is, as his recovery moves are limited. In the air, Serran can fall with nearly the control of Peach's Parasol, making a star KO impossible.
B Move: Bolt Arrow: Serran looses his bow, chrage it with electricity, and shoots. This bow shoots in a straight line every time, all the way across the stage. Charge time increases the power of the shot. The more power, the longer the enemy is stunned by the attack.
B^ Move: Vin-en-en: Serran summons a giant electrified moth to carry him upwards. The moth is momentarily controlled, allowing you to throw him. It's a weak vertical gain move, but on the groun, the moth will fly upwards, carrying a downthrusting enemy almost offscreen. This usually fails at the moment of going offscreen, but depending on the damage percentage, it'll go higher.
B<-> Move: Slow Darts: Serran shoots the enemy with a dart that slowly saps speed, until it is immobilized. After three seconds immobilized, it immediately wears off.
BV Move: Twitching is Fun!: Serran releases a pulse of energy around him, stunning the target (making him twich on the ground) for ten seconds. While this is happening, the target becomes invincible, avoiding abuse of the move. It's used to get ahead in a race to an item.
Basic A: Stabs with his dagger.
A and Side Attack: Bashes enemy with bow.
Smash<->: Brings down what appears to be a blade of electricity.
Smash^: Shoots a bolt of electricity upward.
SmashV: Spins, charged with Bolt magic.
Strategy: Use stunning moves a lot, racing to get items to back up his lack of offensive moves. Use TiF to stun an enemy while you battle that enemy's partner. Serran's Vin-en-en makes aerial approach dangerous.
Aerials: In all cases, charges his body with Bolt.
Grab: His grab is easy to break, but if pulled off right, it does more damage than normal.
Taunt: Looks indignant and says: "Ma-ma" this, freak!"
Other: From the Fallen Warlords RP but non-pokemonized.

12-14-2006, 02:10 AM
Just so you know, Pokemon Trainer Sarah approved my reserving all this stuff.

Gallery #4: 16-20

Name: Drilke
Speed and Movement Properties:
Speed: ***
Jump: **
Rec. Time: ***
Weight: ****
Size: Ganodorf size
Fall Rate: ***
B Move: Steel Bite; Attacks the foe in front with a vicious bite. If it hits, the foe wil sustain damage for a short time (e.g. the flower item in Melee that plants a flower on the foe's head) Moderate damage.
B^ Move: Hissing Howl; Howls to send shock waves to above foes, stunning them for 1-3 seconds. No damage.
B<-> Move: Steel Headbutt; Charges up for 1 second, then blasts forward about 2 body lengths. Negates shields. High damage.
BV Move: Earthquake; Similar in almost every way to the Ground Clefairy attack. Foes 3 body lengths away that are on the ground are buried for about 3 seconds while they sustain damage. Drilke is stunned for about 1 second after the foes are released. High damage.
Basic A: Headbutt; Low damage
A and Side Attack: Drill Slap; Low-Moderate damage
Smash<->: Drill Swat; Moderate-High damage
Smash^: Upward Drill; Holds the foe for 3 seconds while doing damage. Moderate damage.
SmashV: Tail Spin; Spins very fast for 3 seconds. Opponents are blown away rather than 'kept'. Moderate damage.
Strategy: Drilke is best for status conditions and is slightly more powerful than others. Main combo: Hissing Howl+Upward Drill
Normal: Tail swipe. Moderate Damage.
Upward: Lunging headbutt; Identical to Yoshi's Upward Aerial attack. Moderate-High damage.
Side: Sideways Tail swipe; Knocks oppenents 1.5 times as far as they would've gone. Low damage.
Downward: Down Drill; Drills briefly into the below foe. Low Damage.
Grab: Grabs foe with tail. Drill is pointed directly at foe.
Grab attack: Drills into opponent. Very low damage.
Taunt: Turns toward screen with tail pointing the way it was facing and activates drill. Foes near the drill when this happens sustain damage. Always 1% damage.
Crouch+A (non-smash): Trip-up Tail; Spins once to inflict damage. Low damage.

Name: Skary
http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5789/ghostlv2.png (http://imageshack.us)
Speed and Movement Properties: When ever Skary jumps he goes about 1.5 times as high as an average character in melee. Also, Skary floats down softly like a parachute everytime he jumps. His speed properties are average, though.
B Move: Scare (Skary grows big and freaky looking, and paralyzes the enemy for a few seconds, inflicting damage.)
B^ Move: Teleport (Skary jumps up, disappears, then re appears farther up.)
B<-> Move: Fast Strike (Skary grows thin, and zooms into the enemy, the attack can be charged up for a stronger result.)
BV Move: Black Fire (A ring of black, shadowy fire leaps up arounf Skary, then slowly dies down as long as he stays in place. Once he moves, it disappears automatically)
Basic A: Fast Punches
A and Side Attack: Spin and Big Punch
Smash<->: Super Strike (Skary grows flat, and spins rapidly)
Smash^: Spin and Big Upward Punch
SmashV: Trap (Skary smashes down and goes inside the enemy's body, paralyzing them and inflicting damage)
Strategy: A powerful combo can be used by using the Smash and down attack then using the B down attack, inflicting tons of damage.
Aerials: A down smash attack used by Skary in mid air, will be more powerful than his regular down smash attack.
Grab: Skary will go inside the opponent's body, and do either one of these:
Grab <->: The opponent flips an sprawls on the ground
Grab ^: The opponent jumps up, and lights up on black fire
Grab V: The opponent slams him/herself to the ground.
Taunt: Skary becomes in visible, chatters, then becomes visible
Other: (None)[/QUOTE]

Name: Darryl Ander
Description: Darryl wears a brown stuffed vest over a forest green sweater. He wears tan cargo pants with pockets everywhere. His clothing is so covered in pockets he's been known to whip out the right thing at the right time. He's a medium build, and has short light brown hair which is covered by a utility cap, which is a kind of helmet covered in pockets that he bought from his favorite clothing store: Functional Wear. He hates the cold, so he always dresses warmly.
Speed and Movement Properties: Very slow recovery time, medium speed, and a decent jump.
B Move: Spire Explosion: Launches a small green projectile, which will disappear after B is released or until it hits something. Then, it'll dive into the ground and cause a giant cluster of earthen spires to come out of the ground, sending the opponent skyward.
B^ Move: Pillar: Raises a pillar from the ground, which can also be maneuvered left to right as long as the green flashing lasts.
B<-> Move: Water Manipulation: Darryl raises a large amount of mud, which will contract and shoot water out at the enemy. If the mud comes up on an enemy, it'll be like a Like-Like.
BV Move: Plant Walls: Raises two earthen walls around him, which are climbed by plants that release damaging and stunning spores.
Basic A: Bashes with a mallet. Fun!
A and Side Attack: Turns to stone for a short, damaging dash with his mallet to attack.
Smash<->: Brings two spires out of the ground to hit the enemy.
Smash^: Makes a platform of sharp rocks above his head for duration of move.
SmashV: Brings down an avalanche near him.
Strategy: Use the Plant Walls, then use the Pillar to jump out and do damage to aerially attacking foes. The Spire Explosion also works through the Walls, but most foes can easily jump it.
Aerials: Bashes with his mallet.
Grab: Grabs and bangs with mallet. Easy to break this grab.
Taunt: Turns to crystal and raises two spires on either side of him.

Name: Artix von Krieger
Description: The persona of the creator of AdventureQuest, Artix is a powerful paladin who heads the Paladin Order. He wears steel armor with a red robe, and has a lot of brown hair in a generic hairstyle. Artix is a combination melee fighter and ranged fighter, and fights with his Paladin Axe.
Speed and Movement Properties: He's fairly fast, but his jumping is painfully short. He drops like a rock, and he moves almost like he is using a Metal Box. The resistance, slowing, and drop rate are only a little bit below a metal character. Thankfully, his awesome recovery time allows him to keep coming back.
B Move: Recover: If held, for a short time equal to twice the charge time, max ten seconds, Artix's recovery time will be instant, stopping all stun including that from an attack. He cannot be sent flying for the duration but takes damage twice as fast.
B^ Move: Eternal Javelin: Pulls out a gleaming white spear, tipped with a skull and two angelic wings. If the control stick is not moved, it will shoot straight up, carrying Artix with it a short distance. Tapping the control stick in any direction will aim the shot but not bring Artix with it. If it strikes any random "enemy" item, like a Goomba, the spear will glow and create a wave of light that strikes everything on the stage enough to detonate or break such breakable items.
B<-> Move: Paladin Axe: Strikes in direction selected, then spins around to release a pulse of light that goes in both directions. This attack gains power if it hits an enemy or breakable item, and continues until it hits a wall or barrier, where it will explode. Anything hit by the pulse will take minor damage. The axe itself does moderate damage.
BV Move: Light Inferno: Calls light down, doing 5% damage per second, nonstunning, to any enemy as long as it is inside the beam. This lasts as long as the attack is held, but is easily foiled by an attack or thrown item since it does not stun to stop an attack.
Basic A: Slashes with long sword.
A and Side Attack: Slashes with Paladin Axe.
Smash<->: Smashes with Axe.
Smash^: Does a double hit, two kicks.
SmashV: Surrounds self with damaging light.
Strategy: Artix is not easy to throw off the edge, but he's almost doomed if he does since his vertical recovery is limited, and he falls almost as fast as a metal person or a Kirby brick. Do lots of damage to an opponent and KO, KO, and KO until you get KOed. He does better on larger stages where he can't fall off as easily.
Aerials: Various light attacks.
Grab: Strong grab with physical contact.
Taunt: Poses like how he does in Battleon.
Other: My first one who's not an original creation here.

Name: Warlic the Mage
Description: White hair, young build, and wears a dark gray-blue robe at all times. He also carries a crystal ball.
Speed and Movement Properties: He's medium-fast, and can jump quite well. However, his recovery times are dead slow, so it's hard to fight in melee combat with him.
B Move: Cluster Spike: Sends a line of spikes along the ground, and when B is released, a giant cluster appears, remaining for ten seconds, hitting what it erupts under and remaining to do damage to anything that falls on it.
B^ Move: Leviatate: If Warlic is holding an item, he automatically is drawn back to stage, unless he is on stage in which case the same happens as if he held nothing, which is simply a damaging vertical gain move.
B<-> Move: Ice Wall: Creates a wall of ice that freezes if it erupts under the target. Items that hit it stick, and then drop for Warlic to use.
BV Move: Orb: Pulls out Orb. This orb does nothing except to occupy his hand and to increase his B move strength. Use it if you think you may fall.
Basic A: A blast of light in front.
A and Side Attack: A larger blast of light.
Smash<->: Draws a sparkling trail in an arc in front of him, doing damage.
Smash^: Uses a sparkling above his head, stunningly similar to Mewtwo.
SmashV: Does a normal both-sides smash with glimmering energy.
Strategy: Warlic has great recovery when it comes to falling off, so even though you can beat him up, he's harder to throw off. Don't let yourself take too much damage, and use the Orb or grab something at all times in order to recover.
Aerials: Various glimmering blasts.
Grab: A ranged grab, which can grab an item from afar.
Taunt: Turns self into the glimmer seen in Smash moves.
Other: Okay, this is my last AQ character.

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Gallery #5: 21-25

Name: HaXX
Description: Looks like Missingno., only with a hat. O_o
Speed and Movement Properties: Speed: Slow | Weight: Heavy
B Move: Kaboom (HaXX explodes, turns into a tiny dot for a split second, and turns back into itself.)
B^ Move: Poke (Turns into an arrow and pokes the foe, launching them into the air.)
B<-> Move: Point (Turns into a finger and pokes the foe.)
BV Move: Kablooie (Explodes twice. Same process as Kaboom.)
Basic A: 'M Attack (Steal's foe's Game Boy, messes up foe's Hall of Fame file, and causes damage)
A and Side Attack: Trojan Attack (Small wooden horse is launched in the direction HaXX is facing and runs over the opponent. Can fall off the platform and hit anyone below.)
A and Down: Puddles Attack (Melts and causes damage, then turns back to normal.)
Smash<->: Burp (Burps in the opponennt's face to cause damage.)
Smash^: Wrong-way Slam (Looks like it grabs the opponent, but the opponent flies up.)
SmashV: 3TrainerPoke Attack (Turns into 3TrainerPoke and pops.)
Strategy: HaXX is an excellent juggler, and with his quickly used attacks, can keep an enemy stunned or in the air, racking up major damage. Unfortunately, he lacks good knockback moves and flies far, so if the enemy has a chance to recuperate, HaXX can be knocked off the field quite easily. People who can't quickly use combos cannot utilize HaXX well because of his general weakness in defensive situations.
Aerial Neutral: Bad Egg Attack (Turns into the Bad Egg glitch sprite and explodes, turning back to normal.)
Aerial Down: Down Poke
Aerial Side: Point
Aerial Up: Poke
Grab attack neutral: Opponent is squished inside HaXX.
Grab attack up: Cannon Poke (Foe is launched up into the air, while HaXX does a Poke.)
Grab attack down: Meteor Poke (Upside-down version of Cannon Poke.)
Grab attack side: Hit and Run reverse (Runs around, then opponent is tossed out of HaXX.)
Taunt: Turns into a R/B ghost, Aerodactyl fossil, or Kabutops fossil and does a backflip.
Other: If you change its color, it turns into a rolling Yoshi egg. o.o

Name: Sceptile
Description: A quick heavy weight character who is ready to bring on the opponents, using his heavy appearance and great speed agaisnt his foes.
Speed and Movement Properties:
Speed: ***** (As fast as C. Falcon.)
Jumping: *** (Slightly higher than Mario.)
Rec. Time: *** (As fast as C. Falcon.)
Weight: **** (Slightly heavier than Mario, but lighter than Ganondorf.)
Size: **** (About as big as Ganondorf.)
Fall Rate: *** (Average speed.)
B Move: Bullet Seed- Fires small seeds at the rate of a Super Scope. Sceptile gets redder the longer it is used (like Yoshi when he puts up a shield). When he is completely dark red, he'll do the animation of breaking his shield.
B^ Move: Quick Attack- Similar to Pikachu's, only more damage. 1st: 2-4% 2nd: 5-7%
B<-> Move: Leaf Blade- Slashes forward at a quick rate. 7-18%
BV Move: Detect- Starts off like Roy/Marth's Counter. When an attack comes close, Sceptile will sidestep, then go back in the stance. Press again to turn off. Turning the attack off has a lag time of one second.
Basic A: Double Punch- Press the A button once to jab, then press it again to cross. Two-punch combo. High knockback on the 2nd punch. 1st: 5-6%, 2nd: 7-8%.
A^: Tail Whip- Similar to Pikachu's. 4-7%
A V: Grounded Tail Whip- Similar to Pikachu's. 5-6%
A <->: A quick swipe of his tail in front of him. 6-8%
Running Attack: Dash Bash- Similar to C. Falcon's dash attack. 4-9%.
Smash<->: Double Edge- Sceptile tackles the enemy with all of his might. 14-28%; 5-10% Recoil
Smash^: Skyward Leaf Blade- Sceptile hits the enemy with his Leaf Blade, aiming above his head while still looking at the target (similar Link's Smash^). 1st: 5-7% 2nd: 2-3% 3rd: 7-10%
SmashV: Pound- Sceptile lifts his tail, then slams it hard into the ground in front of him. 12-30%
Grab: Sceptile grabs an opponent.
Attack: Sceptile elbows the opponent. 2-4%
V Throw: Similar to Shiek's V throw, but only hitting with his tail instead of his leg. 8-12%
^ Throw: Sceptile tosses the opponent above him and headbutts them (like Jigglypuff). 7-10%
<>Throw: Sceptile throws the opponent at a diagonal angle and fires a bunch of small Bullet Seeds at them (like Mewtwo's forward throw). 4-10%
N-Air: Sceptile sticks his foot out and holds it there. Similar to Shiek's N-Air. 6-8%
D-Air: Sceptile puts his tail under him. Similar to Link's, but swapping the stabbing motions for slamming ones. 4-14%
F-Air: Sceptile slashes at the air in front of him with his left hand. 5-9%
B-Air: Sceptile punches backwards. Similar to C. Falcon's B-Air. 6-10%
U-Air: Sceptile does a backflip kick. Similar to Luigi's U-Air. 8-14%
Shield: It is green, then fades as it gets weaker.
Taunt: Sceptile gets a stick in its mouth, crosses his arms, and closes his eyes. Lasts two seconds.
Strategy: Sceptile is a rather large character with high speed. He's a good "Go and get 'em" fighter that can also attack from afar. He can take a beating, but not for long. His bullet seeds are fast and hit hard, and he can make a great ground fighter. In the air he can't do much, but his quick moves are also on the strong side. His attacks are rather fast, and can help stop opponents from juggling you. Leaf Blade is his quickest and most useful attack that can help you escape from a tight spot. Sceptile's throws often set up for a Bullet Seed or Pound, aiding him in juggling. You can even set up your opponent during impact with a Detect to dodge, then a quick Leaf Blade to start juggling, then a Bullet Seed to finish. He isn't very good at the SHFFL, which is bad because his speed gives him lag time when he's done sprinting. Overall, a nice, speedy character with semi-good defense and high power, along with being a great juggler and impact fighter.

Name: Rabite
Description: It's a Rabite from the Mana series, with a blue tail instead of pink.
Speed and Movement Properties
Speed: *****
Jump: ****
Rec. Time: ***
Weight: *
Size: *
Fall Time: **
B Move: Bite; Has a 45% chance of stunning the foe. Moderate damage.
B^ Move: Tail Shield; Stands on its head and puffs up tail. Opponents who hit the tail get bitten. Moderate.
B<-> Move: Gusting Screech; Roars and produces long-range shockwaves to knock foes back. Moderate.
BV Move: Dig; Goes underground for a few seconds. If foes walk or jump over the spot, Rabite lunges and slams into them. Moderate-high.
Basic A: Ear Doink; Rather self-explanatory. Can be used in rapid succession. Very Low.
A and Side Attack: Tackle; lunges 2 body lengths. Moderate-Low.
Smash<->: Lunging Bite; Lunges 2 body lengths and bites whatever gets in its way. Moderate.
Smash^: Bounce; Jumps up off-screen, then crashes back down to make a shockwave. Moderate.
SmashV: Tooth Spin; Extends buck teeth and spins for 2 seconds. Moderate.
Strategy: Rabite is not very strong in terms of attack and can easily get knocked off-stage. Rabite is much better suited for 1 on 1 battles, where it can blitz its opponent with super fast moves.
A: Spin; Low.
<->A: Tail Whack; Kind of lies sideways and swipes with its tail. Moderate-Low.
^A: Upward Bite; Tilts backward, then throws its head forward and bites. If it hits, Rabite will freeze in midair with the foe and gnaw on it for more damage. Moderate.
Grab: Wraps ears around foe.
Grab Attack: Bites the foe. 1-3% damage.
Grab^: Grabs foe with teeth, then tosses upward. Moderate-Low.
Grab<->: Grabs foe with teeth, shakes him back and forth, then throws. Moderate.
Grabv: Jumps, then piledrives foe into the ground. Moderate-High.
Taunt: Turns toward screen and eyes become huge and anime-like. Heavy "awww" factor. No damage.
Other: 1337 PWNS J00 A||!!!!111!!!oneshift!!

Character 24

Character 25

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Stage Gallery 1: 1-8

Name: Element Haven
Damaging Obstacle: About as often as a Bullet Bill in Mushroom Kingdom (right stage?), an attack will run slowly go across the stage from one hole in the circle to the other directly opposite. If touched by a player, damage is dealt (about 10% to 20%), but they are not sent flying. Instead, it has the same effect as when you are touched by a character who has went through the Light Dome [see below].
Nondamaging Obstacle: Every once in a while, the dome of light in the middle of the stage will turn either green, yellow, blue, or red. When that happens, any character walking through it will become tinted that hue. They are unable to use a Starman for about fifteen seconds, but during that time, any character who touches them for prolonged time, about a second, not by an attack, will have an effect brought to them. If the character is green, the person will be paralyzed for a small amount of time; same as Mewtwo's Disable. If they are yellow, the character is slowed down like the opposite of a Bunny Hood. When they are blue, any character touching them will be frozen for a small amount of time, like Ice Climber's BV, only a tad longer. When red, the character is under burn, and is surrounded by a PK-fire like flame.
Platforms: A big square in the center.
Moving Stuff: None, unless you count the elemental attacks from the holes in the circles.
Design:The whole thing is in side a large, glass circle. There is are holes to the left and right of the center and above and below the center. It has a large, standard platform toward the bottom with a hole in the center. Likewise for the top, bottom, and sides, except the sides are, well, sideways. The holes are so it is possible to make KOs. In case your wondering, though, gravity can change so you are upside down and everyone else is sideways, ie, you jump into the wall on the side and you're standing on the wall. Controls are normal though, so you press up to run when you are on the side of the wall. Likewise, you would have to jump over the hole in the middle of the platform when you need to cross. For example: Fox could use B^ and hold up to get past the hole in the wall on the left. There is also a big square in the center for standing, but gravity will hold for you. To get to another side of the square, you have to jump to a different wall. I'll post a picture later to make it more clear.
http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/5605/globerandompe2.th.png (http://img297.imageshack.us/my.php?image=globerandompe2.png)
The arrow shows where you can go from the point that the stick figure is on the screen. Any more clear? It is VERY rough. Done it a minute. Just supposed to clear up the description above.
Item Probability Increase: Same as usual.
Other Weird Crap: Home stage of Sonickid. Y'know, like Peach's got Mushroom Kingdom, Link to Hyrule, etc.

Name: Grand Tree
Damaging Obstacle: EBIL SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!1111111111one111!!!!1! They will sometimes come out of the portholes in the tree, and if you are going down the tree and try to go out their hole, you'll take damage and either be sent to the hole opposite or down the tree to a KO.
Platforms: On either side of the trunk, there are three tree branches, each with a leafy end that is solid, and the brach being a path to the tree. In the middle, leafless branches poke out. These can't be gripped, but a high jumper can simply jump right on top. These lead to the other side.
Moving Stuff: None, other than the leafy things when they shake.
Design: A large tree wrapped in cables. The trunk has ten holes, five on each side. When you go through a hole, your jumps are reset, allowing you to jump out of another hole farther down. If you miss the hole you're aiming for, you fall down and get a SD KO. Three braches jut out on either side. You only seem to be on the same closeness as the trunk if you're jumping for a hole; otherwise you jump to the other side on the thin branches.
Item Probability Increase: All "enemies" that sometimes pop out of crates have appearance increased.
Other Weird Crap: Felix Android's home stage.

Damaging Obstacle: none
Platforms?: 1 tiny Arwing sized stationary grey platform
Moving Stuff: none
Design: A big grey square piece of land
Item Probability Increase: Exploding capsules appear 75% of the time
Other Weird Crap: Wire Frame 3rd home stage o_O

Name: Electric Maze
Damaging Obstacle: Vertical and Horizontal Static Beams, Portholes
Platforms?: Random platforms move in and out
Moving Stuff: Platforms and Blocks
Design: Similar to Ice Climbers, on Electric maze, the characters battle as platforms move and dissapear, and damaging lightning beams will fire across the stage from giant ray guns. The stage is slowly transforming over time, as pieces go in and out, making it a challenging stage. There are also portholes which suck a character in, and inflict damage for several seconds, until spitting you out somewhere else on the stage. Also, at some points in the stage, sonic blasts will fall from the sky, crumbling platforms, and causing characters to fall. The stage does not follow a specific pattern, as it is completely random, although it always starts out in the same state.
Item Probability Increase: None
Other Weird Crap: None

Name: Final Weapon (X4)
Damaging Obstacle, platforms, moving stuff, design (fused into one for my ease): Oh, there are plenty. The stage consists of a large, final destination-sized platform, with two smaller floating platforms above, that slowly move around (like in the fountain of dreams). But, the platforms are lined with spikes on the bottom, so if one tries to jump or phase through, they will promptly recieve 15 damage and will be sent flying (in fact, if a platform moves low enough, you'll just get spiked walking under it). There are also two floating platforms off the edge, but watch out! Not only can they be destroyed (like metroid platforms), but also, if you linger on them for too long (3 sec), a huge laser blast will crash down, doing 30 damage, and sending you flying.
ASCII Interpretation:
.................................................. .................................................. ................................................
.............laser................................ .................................................. ...............................laser........
..............-\/-.................................................. .................................................. ...............-\/-.........
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................
.................................................. .................................................. ..................................................
.................................................. .................................................. ..................................................
.................................................. .................................................. ..................................................
.................................................. .................................................. ..................................................
................................................up/down................................up/down.............................................. ..
..............................................|''' '''''''''''''''|...........................|'''''' '''''''''''|...................................... .....
.................................................. .................................................. ..................................................
..........----------.................................................. .................................................. .......----------........
..........'---------'................................................. .................................................. ........'---------'........
.........................................|<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|................... ...
..........................................\_______ _________________________________________/.....................
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .
Item Probability Increase: Megaman Items (to be created)
Other Weird Crap: In the background, you can see a guge space station, framed by space. yery beautiful, and extremely fun to play in. Lots of deadly environment crap, so watch out!

Name: Madhouse
Damaging Obstacle: Every 30 seconds or so, a large Skary(non player) will rise up from behind the stage, and unleash explosions across the stage for a few seconds, then disappear.
Platforms?: A single large platform, with two smaller platforms above it, and one platform above those floating in the middle.
Moving Stuff: The smaller platforms spin when someone stands on them for long enough, throwing the person off of the platform.
Design: This stage is a crazy stage, giving certain characters advantages at certain points in the stage. At some points, vortexes appear on the stage, moving right to left before disappearing. If a player jumps into one of these vortexes, the screen will turn bright white then fade, and the stage has changed a different "element" depending on the colour of the vortex the player jumped in. When the stage turns different elements, certain items and attacks will have advantages.
Item Probability Increase:
Regular Element: None
Fire Element/Red vortex: Increased power of/chance of getting fire flower and fire pokemon e.g. Ho-oh, Entei, Moltres, Charizard, Cyndaquil, increased power of fireball/firebreathing attacks.
Water/Ice Element/Blue vortex: Increased power of/chance of getting water/ice pokemon e.g. Blastoise, Lugia, Suicune, Articuno, and Mr. freezies, increased power of ice attacks
Electricity/Laser Element/Yellow vortex: Increased power of/chance of getting Ray Guns, Beam Swords, (those spinny ball things from Metroid), and lightning pokemon e.g. Raikou, Zapdos, increased power of lightning and laser attacks
Mind/Magic Element/Purple vortex: Inreased power of/chance of getting Star Rods, Star Men, psychic pokemon e.g. Mew, Lugia, increased power of mind attacks
Other Weird Crap: Skary's home stage

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Leaf Green
12-20-2006, 05:58 PM
Wow, you've got this all under control TVTMaster. May I ask how the RPG is going to work?

12-20-2006, 10:38 PM
Roleplayers will play a character who is taking part in a VR Super Smash Bros. remake. You will have the option to play as any character submitted. We'll be unlocking characters and discussing with The Designer (me) to "develop" the game, and by the end if we reach one, we'll have unlocked all characters and stages. I'll set up a graphic depicting all of our characters, and which will be unlockable.

Update: Hidden characters ftw.


TVTMaster, Sonickid01, Grimwood, Skary, Drilke
........Artix, Baby Mario, .Pachirisu, Crono, Megaman X

01-06-2007, 10:00 PM
Nice sprite! I can't wait for this RP!
Too bad you can't actually play as these characters in the real SSB. It'd be so awesome...