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evil pikachu
12-14-2006, 02:03 AM
[CENTER]-The Story
A Long, long time ago, a small pokemon was taken from it's mother. The pokemon was lugia, and as the legend say, many pokemon rose up against the mystycal force, but none prevailed against the thing that captured the baby lugia. Then one day, a pokemon flew high in the sky and said "Only one pokemon will be able to save this baby lugia, But who knows who It may be. I Am holding a tournament, starting tomorrow and the winner will win back the lugia. You Participants will meet at my castle near the top of the buried relic, tomorrow morning. The challenges will be hard, select only the most powerful of you weaklings. But beware, of all who come, only one will escape, the losers will become my new minions. If no pokemon wins, My rule over the world will begin" and then off flew the shadow lugia. The pokemon all voted that the legendarys go to the castle. And you play the legendary pokemon, desprate to save the world.

- The Challenge
The 1st Challenge: The last pokemon to reach the top of Darknessky tower and take a dark rayquaza token will become a shadow, who's soul is banished to the dark world. They can escape if another gives themself up for him/her

I'll start when you do!

Fiery Houndoom
12-17-2006, 09:21 PM
the Raikou crouched uneasily in the underbrush near dark lugia's castle. it was early morning and the sky in the east was just beginning to lighten. "what are we waiting for mr. raikou?" whispered an electrike that had padded up from behind the tiger-like pokemon. "waiting." he answered shortly "and for the hundreth time, call me thunderfang". "yes sir! mr. thunderfang, sir" barked the electrike, doing a little salute. thunderfang siged and placed a paw on his face exasperatedly then turned and looked back up at the castle.

evil pikachu
12-31-2006, 04:17 AM
Serena stared blankly into the starry moon. the giant black tower was visible on the horizon and the challenge would start tommorow. Serena and her little eevee friend were the only pokemon near mt. ember at the moment but sounds echoed acroos the barren landscape. She imagined what the challenge would be like. she sighed and slithered across the dirt, imagining getting attacked by her clone, DarkQuaza. She knew there would be a dark clone for every participant in the great games. Darknessky tower was more than 1,000 feet to the top and pokemon crowded every dark, damp corner.she sighed again and went back to her cave.

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01-01-2007, 02:40 PM
Mew flew around and around the dark casle. He turned into a Charizard before Thunderfang had turned to look back at the castle. "Wow. How do you do it Mew?" Pikachu asked. Mew laughed out, and flew under the water. Pikachu and hiw were now in a bubble, and yes Mew was not Charizard anymore. "Castle! Open! Castle! Open!" Mew cheered shouting inside of the bubble, beneath the water. Mew flew nback into the sky, and Pikachu was still in one of his psychic pink bubbles. He turned both of them invisible. Mew was eager to see what was inside the castle. He started to play a game around the castle invisibly. They played a game called rap zone. Pikachu fell asleep inside the bubble. "Who looks at you when you're takin' a shower? Pik-a-chu," Mew said, and then realizing that Pikachu was asleep. So Mew started to play, and he popped the bubble. Pikachu was scared as he was falling tot he Castle top's spikes. Mew made Pikachu fly using his psychic powers.(Temperarily)