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OOC;; Let's get the ball rolling~ XD But before that, let me tell you the time and setting ^^

It's half past six, half an hour more before the official "waking up time" according to rule no.125 of the school handbook [:P] You can be an early bird, awake and doing something, or still sleeping. By any way, you should wake up before 7.05 a.m., and you are not allowed to leave the dorms before 7 a.m.

If you eat breakfast, you should rush to the canteen before 6.55 a.m., because all the good food they serve is out before that [XD]. You can stay in your room if you don't eat breakfast.

Classes start at 7.30 a.m. Recess {breaktime} is at 9 a.m., and over in half an hour. School ends at 1 p.m., and co-curricular activites (CCAs, or simply after-school club activities) start at 3 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m.

Oh, and maybe I should tell you this XD Yes, boys and girls have separate dorms [>D] and each room has one room-mate. Ask to be roommates with Sakura =) As for Yukihime, she already has to put up with a gossip-happy rommate :wink:


Kurosaki Sakura's cerulean eyes were closed, and her pale pink hair was swept to her front body, covering her up at her left side until her left thigh. She had a blanket, though, that covered her up warmly. Sakura did not use a pillow - for she managed to kick away every single one she attempted to lie on. Instead she was used to hugging bigger, cuddly pillows like a koala bear hugging a tree, all snugged up.


"Did you hear that?" Yukihime could hear Brandi's voice, speaking to some girl on the phone. Clearly her roommate was gossiping about somebody again.

Tossing over and covering her head with her pillow, Yukihime tried to ignore the green-haired girl. However, her voice was getting louder and louder, a sign of her excitement level going higher and higher.

"Braaaaandi!" Yukihime finally sat up and stared hard at the other girl, who smiled slowly.

Brandi pasted a smug look on her pearlish face. "Did I ever tell you about Tsukishiro Yukihime? Ah-ha, the fencing pro?" She paused and dodged Yukihime's pillow which smashed straight into the opened closet of Brandi's - she was a super early bird.

"Stop talking to whatever girl you are speaking to!" Yukihime told Brandi, frustrated.

Covering the mouthpiece with her hand, Brandi spoke. "He's not a girl. He's Hiroyuki, you know, the super-cute kendo champ? The one lots of girls had a crush on? He's my cousin." Removing a hand, Brandi smirked. "You heard of her? What? Oh, I see..."

Gritting her teeth, Yukihime lay down on her bed, trying to ignore Brandi, who got up and started choosing her clothes. This was going to be a horrid day, as Yukihime was a girl who gets cranky without sleep.

Charizard Michelle
12-14-2006, 02:48 PM

Let get this party started. About time I do a lay back RP.


MIcheal raised his head from the table and moved his long silky hair out of his eyes. He looked around and saw that the computer screen was black from being in hibernation mode. He could tell that it was in hibernation mode because the light from the monitor and screen were lit up. Micheal yarn and said, "Oh. I slept though it again. I wonder." Micheal yarn again and adjusted his glasses, "If it downloaded or not."

He looked around and saw that his roommate was still asleep. His eyes roamed the table until he saw a small box that had a few memory sticks on it. He pulled one and said, "Let see if this will work." He went to his computer and clicked on the icon to access the data on the memory stick. A smile passed though Micheal's face and said, "Good. The information I was able to gain from the hack worked. All that night from messing with the school database worked." Then he frown and said, "No fun. Some of the stuff is fuzy and I only got a few things. This one is much harder then my old school's Going to need a little more work."

Micheal yarn again and looked at the time. It was thirty minutes before breakfast was going to be served. He then looked at himself who was just wearing his boxers and undershirt. Micheal now remembered what he was doing the night before. He was about to give up on hacking the school computer when it he got something which basically led him to the all nighter.

Micheal got up from his chair and went to his bed where he just flopped on it belly down. He then said, "Just a small nap. If I don't sleep now then I be sleeping during that english test." At once sleep came over Micheal.

12-14-2006, 05:56 PM
OOC: Frikkin' sweet! We're starting! Don't know if I'll be able to imitate manga style, though, so I'll just have Felix be a foreign student.

Too early... need more sleep... Felix Ander turned over in his bed, trying to block out the sound of his frequency clock, which he bought as to not wake up his roommate, who eventually left the schoolbecause his grades were poor. The guy had been easily irritated, so this thing was designed to fire off a high-frequency pulse of sound that was only directed towards Felix. The pillow wasn't heling, merely lowering the frequency to an audible whine. Felix groped for the clock, manipulating the catch in half-sleep. He hadn't had the cash to buy a new one, and nobody would take the annoying thing off of his hands. Months of practice taught him to shut the thing off without actually waking up.

The practice was in vain this time, as the bed collapsed. "Dangit..." He struggled out of the covers he had worked so hard to tighten around him the previous night, and set to work tring to repair the bed. "Lessee... okay, it actually splintered here... see if I can prop it." He opened a drawer, sleepily sifting through the junk until he found a number of short wooden rods. taking out a pocketknife, he carved notches in the sticks, forming them into a structure that he placed under the place where the bedrail splintered, right near the base of the headboard. Nudging a stick into place, he propped up the bedrail and took out a roll of sticky foil, which he formed into a sturdy base for the prop.

"There. Hope that fixative sets... dang, it's too early." He sat on the floor for another twenty minutes, mind swimming with the usual fancies and worries, until a particularly interesting train of thought about an ideal web forum was interrupted by the five-minute click of the clock's hand sounded, shaking him into reality. "Oh... yeah..." He sat another five minutes, arguing with himself about whether or not to surrender to sleep. Grunting, he pulled himself up. "Uniform... uniform... ah." He grabbed a white and blue suit made of light, freezing fabric from the dresser, carefully hiding the fact that he had neglected to change out of his warm pajamas and had worn the uniform over them. He headed out the door and started to step down the staircase.

"These uniforms... can't believe my parents had to take that IQ thing seriously... Japan. What were they thinking? Good thing the students here all took those multilingual proficiency things." He passed the girl's dorm corridor, where he heard a glimmer of conversation. "...heard of her? What? Oh, I see..." Girls. Felix shrugged and proceeded down the stairs to the canteen. He passed the geology classroom, a place he was strangely drawn to. He hated the subject, but it somehow called to him. Not to say he didn't get full marks, but the class was a bit dull due to the uninteresting professor. Shrugging again, he proceeded to the canteen, where a man with a bushy beard sat, eating yogurt.

12-14-2006, 09:10 PM
I sighed deeply, my back lying against the cold walls of the dorm. Not that I didn’t want to sleep – Medians were nocturnal after all. I looked at the rising sun and sighed yet again, gazing about the empty room before me before grabbing a pack of transfusion blood that was lying on the table. Thank god for Nosferatu powers, if not I would have to try and hide my drinking blood stuff. At least I managed to get a single person dorm…

Shrugging mentally, I bit open the cover and began to sip my blood. I was sure anyone would be instantly freaked out by what I was doing, but then… I’m not human. I looked at the digital clock besides me. Six thirty six in the morning. Hmm… not too early, not too late either… perhaps I should get some human food… even if it did nothing to me – heck, I wanted to eat eggs.

Wonder why I had decided to enter this school anyway…? It was weird, considering I’d been alone all my life. Perhaps I really got bored. A century has already been rather long, and there were still lots more to come… even I got rather scared thinking about it. Alone for so long…? It really seemed almost too much. Almost.

I hid my coffin in the shadows once more, along with my bayonet and hurried to grab my uniform. I looked at the bit of blood left in the bag. With yet another habitual sigh, I chucked down the last of my blood and tossed it outside of the window. Grabbing a wet towel to refresh myself, I ruffled my hair, frowned a little at the uniform I had worn once again… Geez, these clothes really have no sense in fashion… to put it nicely, they were like… bad. Had to put up with it again, I suppose.

After smoothing out the many creases of my uniform and trying to neaten up my hair (which was impossible, given how naturally messy it was), I looked at myself, gave a final sigh and headed out of the room. Time to put my good looks into action… not.

OOC: I wll be off to Kuala Lumpur soon, so expect me to be off the next few days. X.X


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Crisp morning air filled the tatami room and mingled with the silence, giving off a sense of peace. Such an ambiance was perfect for early morning meditation and right in the middle of the room, a sole figure sat in seiza doing exactly that.


Slow breaths could be seen entering and exiting the figure. She had light pink hair that was tied loosely into a bun, leaving a small hole in the middle. Her robes were dyed with light shades of pink and purple as the early morning sun shone on her back. On her right hand was a glove that seemed to be made of leather or deerskin. It took a while before she opened her eyes to reveal the emerald and forest green shine they had. Carefully standing up from her sitting position, she walked over to the bows that were on the far-right side of the room.

Dozens were on display, all of them taller than the girl. Some were made of bamboo and wood while others were synthetic. She extended her left hand and took one of the shorter bows. It was her yumi, obvious by how see carefully carried it. Though it was a bit questionable why someone would be in the dojo at 7:07 or so in the morning, it was easy to see that she was accustomed to such a routine. Walking over to the open side of the room, she approached one of the straw targets, bow in hand. The makiwara ya stood lifeless, ready to be hit by the incoming arrows it was about to face. Each flew by and tore through the air, leaving light sounds.

After about three arrows, the woman decided to shift targets. The previous target was nothing more but a warm-up dummy. A mato stood about 37 centimeters away and the pink haired girl decided to make it her new target. Now ready for some serious arrow shooting, she stood her ground.

Ashibumi, she thought as she readied her position, making sure the left side of her body faced the target. She then placed her feet slightly apart.

Dozukuri, the step of balance. Making sure that her body was parallel to the line formed by the Ashibumi, she then moved on the third step, which was Yugamae.

Torikake, Tenouchi and Monomi, all three steps were part of Yugamae. Her right hand slid to carefully grip her bowstring while her left hand moved to the shooting position. And the final part of Yugamae was the positioning of the head, making sure it faced the target.

Uchiokoshi, the raising of the bow in order for it to surpass the head. This signaled the preparation of the draw.

Hikiwake, this was now the moment wherein the bow and the bowstring were drawn apart. Her left hand was gently pushing the bow while the right hand was drawing on the string. With enough force, she placed them apart from each other.

Kai. Finally, it was now the full-draw. With the arrow slightly leveled with her cheekbone, she readied herself for the release.

Hanare, she thought as her fingers let the arrow slide with grace. It spun counter-clockwise and cut through the air with speed. A loud fwap was heard as the otoya hit its desired target.

And finally, the Zanshin. The woman stood still as she engulfed in the sense of contentment and peace her shot left. And with that, a smile appeared on her face. The sun shone brightly on her cheeks and filled them with warmth as put her bow down and turned to exit the dojo.


Tatami A measurement used in rooms; it is also the mats which are used as tiles.
Seiza The traditional sitting position in Japan. The knees are kept bended while the butt is meant to rest on them. Women normally keep their knees closed while men, slightly apart. Seiza is customarily done before kyudo or kendo.
Yumi A type of Japanese longbow used in kyudo.
Makiwara ya A straw target used for warming-up. Usually only a few feet away from the archer, the closeness makes sure every arrow will hit, giving the archer more time to practice on technique.
Mato Another target in kyudo. Compared to the makiwara ya, the mato stays farther and is used for serious practice.
Ashibumi until Zanshin The steps used in kyudo in order to properly draw the bow and utilize the sport. Zanshin’s main purpose is for the relaxation and contentment of the archer.
Ya Refers to the arrows. Otoya is female and haya is male. Their gender is determined by the spin they attain. If it’s counter-clockwise, it’s female and vice-versa.
Kyudo The sport of archery practiced in Japan. The women who practice kyudo are estimated to be equal or more than the men.

((Aiya. I should refrain from using too many kyudo words @____@))

Crossfire Chaos
12-14-2006, 11:44 PM
OCC: Ah hell! I can't compete with picture references. Lol, anyway here goes.... (oh and hope you don't mind, after a while of thinking soccer shorts seem to fit this guy more then jeans, so I'm going to edit my form with that change.)


I was just stepping out of the shower rooms, It was only down the hall from my room so I didn't have to walk long. I was wearing a pair of black soccer shorts and a white t-shirt. In my left hand I held my dirty clothes and towel in a tangled mess. I like to get up at 6:00 and take a shower then do a few stretches to ready myself for the day, I'd gotten into this habit back home, I found that waking up earlier means you were more awake then the rest during the day. My roommate thinks I'm a total idiot for doing that, but that's his opinion; he gets up at seven and quickly gets ready for school all while still half-asleep. He falls asleap a lot during class too... I wonder why?

Anyway, It was 6:30 and It was time to do a few stretches. So I sat down and did a few hurdle stretches, I was quite flexible, I could almost bend over completely and my hand stretched entirely past my foot. I then did a few more stretches and got up and threw the laundry I had into our laundry basket in the corner and then I changed into my School clothes and grabbed my backpack that I had packed the night before. It was 6:45, I would have plenty of time to grab a bite to eat at the canteen before the mob of kids arrived seeking breakfast.

I was walking through the halls, a lot of the students were still asleep, but a few murmured noised came out through the walls. It was hard to make out what most of them said, but I recognized a voice. It was always around at this hour, from what I could tell it was a girls. Today it seemed that she was particularly exited because I heard a hard pound on the wall like she hit it to let out her exitement. There was the vending machine, I stopped at bought a fizzy Dr. Pepper, I got one about every day, the drink was my favorite, it has more flavor then coke and sprite and doesn't have the taste of caffeine in it.

As I arrived at the canteen however I saw two people, a guy with a bushy beard who I took to be a professor and a guy named Felix Anders, he is in the same grade as am and is almost the only other person who is up as early as I am, but unlike me he's forced awake by his alarm clock, apparently it's a high-frequency whine that he sometimes can't get to shut up. I went to the food section and bought a three waffles and took strawberry syrup, maple syrup, and honey packets from the condiment basket next to the cash register. I walked over to where Felix was sitting and placed my tray down and sat at his table.

"Your alarm clock won this time? eh" I said as I poured my syrups on my three waffles, grabbed the honey one and took a bite.

12-15-2006, 12:26 AM
OOC: Hey, Sakura, I'm the stupid, culturally ignorant American, so don't blame me if I get certain things mixed up. Do they really serve sushi in schools? Or at breakfasttime, either?

Jack Drake, the school jock, approached. His hair was in the strange, spiky style that Felix had only seen on television. The guy was another foreginer, but he had appeared to pick up the culture rather quickly. Felix knew him from a while ago. Used to see him at lunch and stuff, knew each other from around. "Your alarm clock won this time, eh?" Jack sat near Felix, who had just served himself a plate of the Scholarship Special, a meal they served for scholarship students who detested sushi or whatever else the Japanese ate. "Nah, I got the thing, but the stinking bed broke. I'm running low on fixative, and it's all diluted from that dip in the natatorium. It's being propped up right now on a jack." Felix turned his attention to the new professor, who was intent on decorating a sushi platter with honey.
"...and complete with the smile." The bushy-bearded man had finished drawng a smiley face on his platter. "Um... sir? um..." The man turned his attention to Felix. "Say no more. I'm the Geology professor." Felix was shocked, and stole a glance outside the window. Professor Kakashi's car, which normally sat, undriven for years, outside of the canteen, was gone. Felix felt something click. "Oh. Hang on a minute." Felix appeared to place his hands into nothingness,and then pulled them apart to reveal a white void where a younger version of himself sat typing at a computer. "Hey, Writer! Professor Kakashi? Isn't Kakashi that senei guy from Naruto?" I of course had forgotten that Felix would probably know that.

Um... the only Japanese names I know are from Naruto... um... "You can't just--" Would you prefer I made something Japanese-souding up that actually translated to "broccoli", and embarrass us both in front of Sakura? "Good point." Felix replied. "And stop putting 'Felix replied' or 'Felix said' after everthing. It's annoying." I'm being a writer. It's my job. Just ignore it. "Fine." He closed the window, returning to a wrold where only Jack appeared to have noticed. Felix quickly looked at the professor's nametag. "Professor Matamoto". Felix again pulled open the hole. "Matamoto? What?" What? You didn't want me to use Naruto names. "Oh-- for the love of..." he closed it again. Jack's mouth hung open.

Dr Scott
12-15-2006, 01:12 AM
OOC: For the dorm, I kinda pictured my own :-P

Dorm Room, Male Side
Do I have to get up?

The alarm shrilly sounded throughout the small dorm room as soon as the time turned to 6:30, and two groggy individuals turned in their beds. After a few seconds only one got up, turning off the alarm with a single motion. Scott yawned, stretching out a bit and rubbing his eyes. “Wakey wakey, Gab,” Scott mumbled to his friend, poking the teen in the gut twice with his pointer finger.

“Mmfern,” Gabriel muttered, brushing Scott’s hand off and turning his head to the wall, both of his feet sticking out of the bed. “Let me sleep an hour longer,” he finally managed to get out when he noticed that Scott was still poking him, waiting for a reply.

Scott laughed, giving himself a small slap to the face to wake himself up, adding in a sip of the can of pop from last night that he put in the roommates mini-fridge. Before long he was only in his boxers, a towel wrapped around his waste and secured tightly. He yawned and unlocked the bolt on their door, walking to the showers.

He came back to the room fifteen minutes later and found his roommate still sleeping soundly, though much less peacefully then before. In a flash the sun oriented teen was dressed in the school uniform, grumbling as he pulled it on. “I hate this thing,” he mumbled, trying to fix it to a point where he could consider it ‘cool.’

Gabriel popped his head up for a second, his eyes swimming with tears as his eyes adjusted to the lights. “Get me something and bring it back,” he mumbled before fainting back on his pillow.

‘How does he even get to class?’ the teen thought to himself, laughing as he walked to get himself breakfast. Gabriel and Scott weren’t roommates when they first started to go to Riverview High, though after the occurrence were Scott stood up to the bullies that were making fun of Gabriel, and after he had gotten to know the other teen and the two had become friends. It was then that they decided to room together, ‘OK’ing it with their former roommates and the resident assistant.

He grinned as he thought of some of Scott’s attempts to modernize his friend, laughing out loud when he thought of his ways to try to get the other teen up. He got to the canteen just in time, taking the last of the bacon, also finishing up the last of the jelly filled donuts. After thinking for a while, he got his friend a few sausage links, sneaking it into the to-go mini-basket that he and Gabriel had in their room.

He looked around the room, wondering where the best spot would be to eat …

Crossfire Chaos
12-15-2006, 01:18 AM
"Nah, I got the thing, but the stinking bed broke. I'm running low on fixative, and it's all diluted from that dip in the natatorium. It's being propped up right now on a jack."

He turned and faced the new professor, I turned to my waffles and took large voracious bites. I watched as Felix turned to the professor and the asked him something, I didn't hear, the waffles were far too tasty. But during a swallow I noticed the Prof. said he was the new geology teacher. Now I didn't take geology, it was far too boring. I mean who studies rocks about the past? I want to study what's here and now, I took chemistry classes myself. Then Felix did something odd, he did a breath stroke motion with his arms and started to stare intently at the celling and seemed to mumble something toward it for a few moments. I rubbed my eyes and took another look, and it appeared and he seemed to be normal. I must have imagined it. Then he did it again! my jaw dropped. <Felix must be bordering insanity, weird how I didn't notice these action before. Then again doing that in a classroom full of kids liable to laugh at you is probably too much for him.> I decided not to comment on his actions, lest he become offended and decided to change the topic.

"So what do you think of the exams coming up soon? I hear that many kids are frightened to death about them. Are you?" I took the final peice of my third waffle and ate it, sweet strawberry flavor filled my mouth.

12-15-2006, 01:36 AM
finally an rpg that doesn't suck. I congratulate you on a job well done. Don't mind me I just arrived in this sub forum.

Charizard Michelle
12-15-2006, 02:00 AM
MIcheal morned and turned over in his bed. He then looked at the clock and saw that twenty minutes had passed since he slept. He closed his eyes again and said, "Shoot. Even when I do try to fall asleep I can't." He then rolled over in his bed and fell the to floor. He picked himself up and and walked to his clothes. He changed his under shirt and threw the one from the other day he threw it into the clothes discard pile.

After a few minutes MIcheal was able to put on his clothes and fix his hair. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He found it funny that with his shiny brown hair and thin body in the school uniform he looked like a girl in a boy's uniform. Still it won't be the first time somebody mistaken him as a girl.

Micheal then saw the time and dumped his school stuff and laptop into his purple book bag. He then ran out the door and locked his room. "I going to get breakfest today!" Micheal at once made a run for cantee for some breakfest watching out for people.

12-15-2006, 10:05 AM
finally an rpg that doesn't suck. I congratulate you on a job well done. Don't mind me I just arrived in this sub forum.

((Mind posting in the Discussion Thread instead? Random posts like these tend to bother the flow of the story.))

The female locker room of the kyudo club was small but bearable. It had enough space for about 20 or so women without making it too close for each member. The room was framed with simple wooden pillars that supported its roof. The sliding doors were concealed with Japanese paper that covered the small boxes they had. The floor itself upheld the tradition of the dojo with its tatami mat floor.

The kyudo club should learn how to be more modern… The girl thought as she sighed to herself. Taking the yellow clip that held her hair up, she let it flow freely as she released her hair with a slight shake. Without the hindrance and the boundaries of the accessory, her hair reached the area of her lower back. From the locker, she took out two red ribbons. She then parted her candy-like hair into two sections and meticulously placed them into pigtails.

It was time to change. She started off by removing her obi as she took out her uniform from the locker. Her locker had the hiragana of Shinjiro Saori painted on it to make sure each and every girl had her own locker making their stuff safe and sound inside. The girl, whose name was now found out to be Saori, carefully placed her robe down and put on her white blouse. It was a bit ruffled but even so, she had to hurry. Classes were about to start and the classrooms weren’t exactly what one would call ‘near’.

Grabbing her next article of clothing, which was her skirt, she immediately slid it up to her waist. The skirt felt a bit hanging for her since it only ended up to her mid-thigh, but it was fine. She had no time to be criticizing her uniform. Not when she was about to be late. Slinging her shoulder bag over her head, she closed her locker and went to the direction of the dojo’s exit, rushing as she did.


“I’m so sorry!” Saori cried out as she hit another student. She knew that she was going to be late so she ran as fast as she could in order to try to prevent it from happening. With her left hand on the strap of her bag and her right hand trying to fix her shoe, it wasn’t hard to foresee such a thing like this happening. This was probably the third or fourth one that she bumped into. At the least she didn’t force her victim into falling down this time, unlike the previous one… But his expression was no different than all of them. A disgruntled look, similar to the ones before, was plastered on his face. Even though his uniform seemed to be perfectly starched, his expression forced it to look ruffled. His friend couldn’t help but laugh at Saori and her friend.

After numerous apologies, the pink haired girl bowed and twirled in the direction of her classroom. The two students left behind did nothing but stare at the unorganized woman. Finally, the boy she bumped into started to speak up to his friend.

“Isn’t that the Shinjiro girl?” He asked, nudging the girl he was with.

“Ah, yeah! She’s in my class…” said the other one, recognizing Saori immediately as she let out a chuckle. “She’s always late. I bet it’s the same as this time too.”

She had no idea.

Aiyaaiyaaiya! Saori panicked. She was going to be late, and she had no excuse this time. Her Homeroom adviser had now been accustomed to the tardiness of her student and it somewhat started to get on her nerves.

The girl couldn’t help but think about how her adviser would call her parents, so in turn, she tried to double her speed. A sharp turn came up and as she changed direction in order to head right, a loud crash was heard as she bumped into another one.

“I’m so sorry!” She cried out an apology to the one she bumped into again. The impact wasn't that strong but with the slippery floor, it was very much possible to fall flat on your butt. She then looked down to try and see who she bumped into.

12-15-2006, 10:22 AM
*riiiiiiiiing* *riiiiiiiiing* *riiiiiiiiing* *wake up *********! * *riiiiiiiiing* *riiiiiiiiing* *click!*

Mizuno stopped the "unique" alarm clock with his right hand... his hand still on the clock; his head still under the blankets, still sleepy and dazed. He wants to go back to sleep, but he knows it's the start of a new school day, and he wants to see any new faces, and old ones. He knows that he already has plans to start the day, and even back-up plans for the day...

I have GOT to get a new alarm clock...

Mizuno sits up with his left arm still hugging a pillow, his head face-down on the pillow, right hand now on hisside, still too lazy to move. He then hugged the pillow tighter with his right arm, and stuffed his face deeper within the pillow; rubbing, as if cuddling. Mizuno then just stopped, sat there motionless...





In a muffled voice, Mizuno said...

What... the... heck...

Mizuno, with eyes still groggy, looks at front, where the loud voice came from... the TV turned on automatically, with the tv show "Hard Gay" on. Mizuno then remembered that he had set every appliance with an alarm he had to go off; to make sure he wakes up. Mizuno scratches his head, then finally gets up. He turns off the alarm on his radio and speakers, lowers the volume of the TV, then goes to the bathroom and takes a shower.

After getting all cleaned and dressed up, as brushes his hair, he looked at the TV and saw news about education in Japan. Eventually, Riverview High was mentioned, and to his surprise, he saw himself on the TV; in the quadrangle talking to the students, smiling and laughing. The news reporter was talking about how good and friendly the teachers have become since last year. Mizuno just smiles and continues to fix himself. After a few minutes, he took a glance at the wall clock; 7:17 AM...

Oh crap...

Mizuno grabs his backpack where his lesson plans and planbooks are, closes the TV, grabs a big piece of cookie from his cookie jar, locks his apartment door and rushes to Riverview High...

Not a good day to be late...

12-15-2006, 11:09 AM
OOC;; So many people posted XD

TVT, I didn't manage to understand your latest post's last paragraph x.x


Her eyes slowly opened, witnessing slight radiance pouring through the opened windows. Groaning slightly, she pulled the blanket over her head. Did her roommate open the windows?

Sakura tried to go to sleep again, but a quick glance at her cuboid-shaped clock made her jump up on her bed. On the top surface on her alarm clock was a cute, cuddly doll sewn by her cousin for her, grinning cheerfully. Below her displayed the time, the horrible numbers.

6.50 a.m.

"Arrrr!" Sakura yelled and threw her blanket on her bed. She flung her closet opened and started changing into the school uniform hurriedly. She did this while gazing at the mirror, and when she finished, she snatched the comb up and combed her hair - slowly.

Sakura's cute, pink hair was one her features that she was very proud off, especially the amazing length. It was layered and cut into a silky V-shape, cascading down her back and ending around her thigh. If somebody was to "hack" off her hair, in Sakura's term of words, she swore she will make that person bald.

The tanned lass pick up a pale purple ribbon and tied her hair back into a low ponytail. Checking her reflection in the mirror, Sakura nodded. She was presentable enough, not to be caught by the discipline master. She had made a deal with him that she would keep her hair kempt if he allowed her to have her hair at that length.

Having finished everything, Sakura grabbed her white sling bag and pushed the room door open. She dashed out of the room, not knowing if Chihiro was still in the room in her hurry.

"Eh?! Aiya!" Even though she was half-Japanese, Sakura still had the slang of a Singaporean. "I left my arm warmers in the locker room!" She swiftly sprinted over to the female locker room of the Archery club. "Never mind - I have a cheerful mood today~!"

She was about to enter the room when she banged into another girl and fell backwards on the floor. Her head was bang against a locker softly, but her arms supported her to prevent it from banging against the floor.

"Ow... Oops, I'm sorry! Hehe..." Rubbing her head, Sakura glanced up and grinned sheepishly at the girl. "In any case, it's been some time since I fall - I need to get used to the pain anyway." She reassured herself cheerfully.


Yukihime sat at the canteen, alone and eating plain porridge. She didn't like to eat too heavy in the morning - and she knew she wasn't the only one, for her friend Sakura was somebody who gets a tummyache if she eats before 9 a.m.

The brown-haired girl stared around, seeing zero familiar faces. All her friends were real early birds, and she hasn't been speaking to Sakura that often. Sighing, she got up and cleared her empty bowl, not realising her watch had dropped on the floor.


:O Sakura (who's sharing a room with Chihiro) banged into Saori XD
Also, there are a few errors I made due to my uber carelessness. The rule that you can't leave the dorm before 7 a.m. has been, erm, kidnapped by aliens :hungry:

12-15-2006, 12:21 PM
ooc: *Sigh*


Mizuno looked at his watch; it read 7:27. Mizuno's really panicked seeing that he'll be late coming to class. He's laughing inside though; thinking that he's a teacher; and he's the late one; not the students. Mizuno's already within the campus; though he hasn't clocked in yet. As he whizzes by students and other teachers, he's wondering what the principal might do to him if he's late, and what the other teachers might say to him.

7:28; Mizuno just reached the faculty room and finally entered his ID in the computer that serves as the check-in/check-out system for attendance of faculty. A few teachers who do not have classes on 7:30 say hi to him. Mizuno responds with a small wave of his hand and heads out of the faculty room.

Why does my first class have to be in the lab...

The lab, by the way, is on the very top floor*. Mizuno, tired, briskly walks towards the elevator, which was only a few seconds from the faculty. He pushed the up button, and fortunately the elevator was already on that floor, and he enters. Mizuno pushed 5; where the physics lab was... as the elevator doors close in...


Mizuno heard a familar female voice. He pushed the open button again, and a lady in blue formal attire showed herself and enters the elevator. The lady had short blond hair and had an orange circular clip on her hair. Mizuno takes a deep breath, still tired from running, smiles at the lady and presses the close button.

Mizuno: Oh... *pant* Hello Miss Hinamori... *pant*

Ms. Hinamori: Hey Mizzy... I told you to call me Aya...

Mizuno: Heh, sorry Aya... just... tired...

Aya: Late again I see. You know it's alright for you to move in with me =P.

Mizuno: You know that doing so that there might be some controversy between us or something...

Aya: Isn't there one already?

Mizuno: I guess... wait there is???


The elevator opened and Mizuno looked at his watch; only a few more seconds till 7:30.

Aya: I'll see you later Mizzy! *winks*

Mizuno: Um... right...

Aya runs off to the left; where the chemistry lab is. Mizuno then runs towards the right; where the physics lab is... as he stepped into the laboratory...


Mizuno looked at the students; mostly familiar students; some new faces; fixed his shirt and hair, gave a big smile and shouted:

Just in time!

Crossfire Chaos
12-15-2006, 08:59 PM
It looked like Felix hadn't heard me. <It's time to head to class anyway.> I take my empty plate and my Dr. Pepper and walk over to a trash can and throw them out. My first class is math so I started to head toward the math section of the building. It's early in the morning so many people don't take it so early in the morning, but the majority of the class is made up of early birds so it doesn't matter much to them. I check one of the clocks on the wall, it's 7:03 so I have enough time to stop by the library on the way, recently the newest edition of PC Gamer had come out and I wanted to look through it at the upcoming game.

I step into the library and walk toward the magazine section and look on the racks, there it is. I grab it and flip through, it had previews of Spore's vehicle building system and ten other games that would come out during the year. A promising one was Command and Conquer 3, it would have online matches that people could watch along with a set of tools that would allow a commentator to do things like draw circles, lines and control the camera for the spectators. The CC was a great war rts game series, the newest installment looked great. Anyway, the I looked at the clock, only 5 minutes to get to class. <I can't believe I read it so long!> I scurried to check it out and shot out the door when it was done. I was sprinting at my full soccer speed toward the math hallway determined not to be late. <Come on! if you can run a mile in only 5 minutes then you can definitely make it there in time!> I encouraged myself. And dodging the crowded hallways and accidentally bumping into some I made it to math with less then half a minute before 7:30. I walked to my seat taking deep breaths to calm myself down. I made it to my seat and took out my math book, folder and a pencil; then the bell rang.

12-15-2006, 09:17 PM
OOC: It was banter between the author(me) and Felix. I warned you in the Discussion thread he had no respect for the fourth wall. XD Maybe it was confusing because I had myself talk without quotes. Mostly my character was asking why I was ripping off Naruto names for the professors. And then my making up a stupid Japanese-sounding name that probably means broccoli or something for the geology prof. And him complaining again.

Felix sat back down. "Stupid writer." Hey. I heard that. Heck, I wrote it. "Shut up." Felix shoved down the rest of his food, eyeing Matamoto's childish behavior. Apparently he had drawn a fish over the sushi in ketchup. Felix noted the elaborately patterned scales. Felix left the canteen for his first class, trigonometry. The professor, who was unnamed since Felix protested to "Mrs. Tamatgotchi", was also relatively new (she had come in a few weeks ago), and was reviewing counting to ten. Proceeding to the Pythagorean theorem, she attempted to teach the class a ridiculously long song to help "remember" the formula. A piles of A, all lined up in a row... Felix shuddered. And unfortunately the homework was to memorize the song. Most students had already forgotten the actual theorem, to make room for the kiddie song.

Felix pushed open the door. The clocks all read 7:30. "What? That class was an hour long! I spent an hour listening to the Squares Song!" Felix looked inside the classroom. Professor Unnamed was erasing the blackboard. The clock still read 7:30. And then the hour hand ticked. Groans came from various classrooms. Boy's second period was a mandatory History class, taught by Professor Kakashi's cousin Professor Orochimaru. The writer experienced a heavy blow to the head and lay unconcious for several minutes, as Felix stowed his hammer.

Dr Scott
12-15-2006, 09:54 PM
OOC: Very original teacher’s names there TVT XD.

Dorm Room, Male Side
Time: 7:00

Scott made sure to make a very audible ‘chunk’ when he set his key into the lock and turned the door, opening up to his dorm room once again. “Wake up,” he said while he closed the door, “I brought you chow. You really should be thanking me you know, if they caught me sneaking out chow I’d get it for sure.”

Gabriel yawned and finally managed to sit up, sighing, “Is it time already?” he asked, glancing at the clock and sighing again, “it’s a good thing that I take showers at night, or I’d never be able to get to class on time.” It was with that that he took the food from Scott’s hands, opening up the to go container and chowing down sausage links that filled most of the container.

While Gabriel chowed down as quickly as he could, Scott was busy going through the various books and notebooks that he would need today, stuffing them all into his backpack. After looking at Gabriel’s side he sighed, his books were all in a non-organized manner, each placed here and there. He looked quickly at his friends schedule, both of them were hung right above their beds, and quickly stuffed the various things that his friend would need in his backpack.

It was during this time that Gabriel had finally finished up his eating and then started to dress, shoving on his clothes right when Scott’s second alarm sounded, the one telling him to get his bottom to class. The teen hit the alarm and held out his fist, which his friend pounded before the two opened the door to start moving on to their various classes.

Scott, who had a much longer walk than his counterpart, picked up his speed so that he could reach class a little bit early, which he preferred. He arrived just in time, of course, jumping into his favored seat. It was in this seat that his attitude totally changed, from the running to get to class child into a rather cool attitude, spreading out and changing the seat behind him so that he could lean his arm across it.

The teacher, whose name he wasn’t yet sure of, came in. The teacher was a tall woman of medium age, her hair kept in two long ponytails. “I’m Miss Sally Tress, but you will all call me Miss Tress, is that clear? Now, what you’re all here to study is Chemistry, may I say the advanced class as well, congratulations.” She smiled at them all, “but since this is an advanced class, don’t expect it to be easy.”

Scott groaned, turning to the student next to him and mumbling, “Why did I take this class again?”

Charizard Michelle
12-15-2006, 11:45 PM
MIcheal was in the canteen earting his food. He was scarfing down food though his month as fast as he could. He had a piece of sausage in one fork and bacon in his mouth. He then scoop some eggs into his fork. A group of girls were watching Micheal as he ate and then walked by. One of them said outloud, "How unlady like way of eating."

MIcheal scolded at them. Appearntly they were freshmen since htey didn't know who he was. Still he finished his food and made a run for his first period class.

(OOC: Just because I am lazy and want to mess with Scotts)

Micheal ran into his first period class which was some sort of chemstry class. He made it just in time to talk of the teacher's. He sat down and listen to the teacher's rant.

“I’m Miss Sally Tress, but you will all call me Miss Tress, is that clear?" MIcheal notice that she had pigtails. He then shurgged and kept on listening. "Now, what you’re all here to study is Chemistry, may I say the advanced class as well, congratulations.” The teacher then gave them a creepy smile, “but since this is an advanced class, don’t expect it to be easy.”

Micheal smiled and thought to himself that it was s joke. He remember that one of his teachers said the same thing about some sort of advance math class. He was able to pass that one with doing little work for it. Bary broke sweat. Micheal just laid his head on the table and listen.

12-16-2006, 12:41 AM
((Okay. I’m sort of sorry about this but I had to edit the post I made before this one. My internet connection downed when I was about to post a reply and when I came on again, Sakura already posted. So instead of wasting my was-to-be post, I’ll just edit my previous one :D ))

The impact cause both girls to be shaken, leaving the one Saori bumped into flat on the ground. With a sheepish grin, the girl turned to Saori and started to talk.

"In any case, it's been some time since I last fell - I need to get used to the pain anyway."

Saori quickly examined just who it was that she bumped into. The girl had tanned skin, accentuated by her pink hair. Though the shade was lighter when compared to Saori’s hair, it matched her quite well. It did more than contrast her skin but it also helped to bring out the color of her eyes. The clear blue orbs shone wonderfully and in a way, reflected the sea.

I’ve never seen her before… Saori thought as she looked at her schoolmate.

It took a few seconds before Saori realized she needed to help the girl up. Grabbing her right hand, she helped her to stand. Even though Saori wanted to properly apologize and even introduce herself, she had no time. That much she was sure of. With a sigh, Saori turned to the girl and gave a bow to signify that she was sorry.

With another dash, she left in the direction she intended to go on originally.

12-16-2006, 02:43 PM
TVT - Alright, I sort of get it now XD

Siti/Scotty - I can agree on that as well =) Original :wink:

Oh, and another note. It's 7.30 a.m. right now ^^ Well, tomorrow's the day of "exams", so at least we get a normal day in Riverview High :crackup:

Another note on teachers and classes x.x According to Jet's post, he seems to be teaching Chemistry in the lab for the first period, and Gabriel & Scott are in the advanced chemistry class, am I right? I think it would be easier if I just name all of the teachers x.x

Advanced Chemistry - Miss. Sally Tress [[As TheScottMan says]]
Chemistry - Mizuno [[Jet]]
History - *coughs* Prof. Orochimaru [[x.x]]
Maths - Ms. Hinamori [[Jet again ^^]]
English - Mr. Smith [[Random]]
Chinese - Ms. Lin [[My Chinese teacher :O]]
Japanese - Mr. Amano [[Get Backers, yay!]]

There~ For reference anyway :sweat:


Sakura gazed at the girl for a few seconds before doing a thorough scan. She was amazed at how the girl she had bumped into had pink hair like hers, though slightly darker. Along with her forest green eyes, she was really a ravishing schoolmate.

Is she part of the Archery club as well...! Sakura thought in awe as the girl dashed off after she bowed to her. Oh my gosh! If she's part of the Kyudo club, why haven't I notice her? A sheepish thought slept into Sakura's head as her reminisced her elder brother's words.

Don't bother her, she'll never remember that person's looks and name if she's not close to them! He had teased a few months ago.

"Eh?!" Sakura suddenly jumped up as the bell rang. Checking her watch, she found out it was already 7.25 a.m. The bell always ring 5 minutes earlier before the actual ring! "Oops!"

She rushed over to her locker and punged in the key in an agile speed, grabbing her arm warmers and slamming her locker shut before locking it. Thrusting the key into her sling bag, she almost galloped out of the room, eager to start class.

"Eh-toh... My first class is, erm, Physics!" She passed a classroom and glanced into it for a moment before heading off again. "I was never great in Maths anyway, the most I've gotten were As between 75 and 80 this year..." Sakura regretted how she never wanted to study Mathematics, Chemistry and related subjects like Science and Physics.

"Anyway, I totally rule in Chinese. English, History and Japanese~!" She self-boasted quickly while running towards the chemistry lab. "I needn't worry about those... Peanuts, yup, peanuts and walnuts!"

The pink-haired lass made it into the class just as the final bell rang. She found a teacher standing in the class and shouting, "Just in time!" while she stood in a clumsy manner at the doorway.

"Ah-no..." Sakura quickly recognised the teacher as the famous and friendly Mizuno sensei. "M-Mizuno sensei! Erm, I sort of overslept this morning, hehe... I got too engrossed in drawing last night, I only managed to sleep at around 2 a.m., haha." She sweatdropped and beamed at her teacher, scratching her head.


After clearing her plate, Yukihime hustled back to her seat and grabbed her bag, ready to head to her first period. It was only then did she notice her missing watch.

"Oh, no..." The carmel-haired girl thought in dismay as she scurried around, trying to spot her watch. It was the watch her mother had gave her for her birthday, and she has had it since 8 years ago. "Where could it be?"

After a few minutes of searching, Yukihime was utterly upset to hear the first bell ringing. She tried looking under the chairs, but found nothing. Next was the tables, the counter and stalls, but again, to no avail.

It was only when the final bell rang did Yukihime saw her watch on a clean food tray. Desperate, she hurriedly picked up her watch and scampered as fast as she could to the advanced Chemistry classroom.

"I'm sorry!" Yukihime gasped for breath as she ran into the classroom. To her dismay, she found the teacher already in the classroom. "I'm so sorry, I was looking for my watch, and-"

The tall teacher smiled slightly. "Not to worry, you're just late for about 3 minutes. Please take a seat, say, behind that student. My name is Ms. Sally Tress. Good morning." Ms.Tress pointed to the seat behind Scott.

Bowing, Yukihime walked slowly and sat down, sort of in an elegant manner.


What class are Saori, Chihiro, Jamie, Lucifer and Gabriel in? ^^; I'll say one more go into normal chemistry, some to history and some to maths. That's more balancing this way :sweat:

Crossfire Chaos
12-16-2006, 05:10 PM
OOC: Well when TVT posted he said he was in Trigonometry for first period. the reason it said it ended at 7:30 was because the hour hand only ticks after the hour is over. (at least that's what I got from his pm) His second period class is history.

Also Jet teaches Physics, not chemistry. His post said he turned right and went into the physics labs. Ms. Hinamori turned left and headed to the chemistry labs. lol, I read closely. Anyway when I said math I meant it was the general term for the class, We are really learning Trigonometry, so Felix and I are in the same class apparently. Also the teacher for the maths (trig) class isn't named yet so I'll name her in this post. (I'll try to make it as close to the last names of Japanese people as I can.)

Sorry to be a bother and correct you like that. Please don't kick me out. *cowers in fear*

Also if I may ask how would I find how the Japanese school system is set up? I've seen a lot of animes but most of them don't have much about them at all...


Trigonometry was being taught by the teacher Mrs. Kitsami. She was new, our last teacher left under mysterious circumstances; she just handed in her resignation and vanished apparently, nobody knew where she went. In any case she was spending the lesson reviewing for tomorrow's exams. Something about counting and a Pythagorean theorem song, I wasn't listening, I had lost faith in this teacher long ago. I was studying by myself in the back about useful things, not a lame song about a short (and in my opinion easy to remember) formula. The majority of the class was learning the song but since I was in the back she didn't notice I wasn't giving an ear to any of her words. The old teacher was far better, even though she was strict and was always serious. In any case apparently Felix was in the class, he seemed to hate it just as much as I did, probably more since he hadn't thought to only pretend to pay attention.

The class was almost over, the only homework was to memorize the song, but I doubted the teacher would really ask us about it later; even she looked like she couldn't remember it. But just to be safe I wrote down the final repetition of the song in my notebook, I'd memorize a few lines to show I "tried" the assignment and then get full credit for showing my "effort". There were only 5 minutes left before the end of class; I grabbed my stuff and put it in my backpack, and continued the lesson looking up and mouthing the words to the song. My next class was Chemistry with Miss Hinamori, a pretty teacher that taught chemistry well. I actually enjoyed the class too as we get to do a lot of cool things.

Here I'll put the edited list of classes and teachers and students in them so that you don't have to do it Sakura.

Advanced Chemistry - Miss. Sally Tress [Yukihime, Micheal, Scott]
Chemistry - Ms. Hinamori
Physics - Mizuno [Sukura, Assuming you meant to be in Mizuno's class and not chemistry.]
History - Prof. Orochimaru
Maths - Ms. Kitsami [Jack, Felix]
English - Mr. Smith
Chinese - Ms. Lin
Japanese - Mr. Amano

12-17-2006, 12:24 AM
OOC: The clock in question was broken, not all of them. Lol, Kitsami (thanks for the name) probably taught a Kindergarten class once and thought High School was the same except for the material. And I just found an online list of Japanese names, so I guess Felix doesn't have an excuse to hit me anymore. And by the way, I like to RP right through the classes, so I'll post less frequently until you catch up and stuff, since a lot of people seem to be taking their time.

Felix left for Professor Orochimaru's class. It felt good to slam to writer with that hammer. Of course, I disagree, but that's what he asked me to write. Darn him. He proceeded to the gymnasium, where the professor was teaching today. There was a written pre-examination test on Japanese history, mostly about some seige on a shogun's castle thing Felix was quite interested in. He had spent his free time the previous day researching the floor plans drawn up by a team of architects and archaeologists, checking the internet with a state-of-the-art language patch to translate. This shogun apparently committed seppuku, which was in Felix's opinion merely some "honorable" excuse to kill himself.

Felix pushed open the doors to find Orochimaru packing a suitcase with various belongings. Felix walked through the mess of students, who were lying on the floor with scratch paper and notes out. "Class. We will begin our exam prep. This will be the last test I administer in this school. It will reflect most strongly on my record if any of you fail. My replacement, professor Nori, will be directing your exam here. Start now." Felix put his pencil to paper, writing out a detailed description of the siege and of the shogun's eventual suicide. He then wrote four paragraphs on alternate seige plans within the capabilities of the attacking army, describing the latter in great detail, and finishing with notes on the effect of the architecture on the seige and then historical significance, coupled with a lengthy conclusion.

Professor Orochimaru stepped between the rows of people, stooping to collect papers. He went around the room and eventually came to Felix, stepping on his hand. Multiple times, as he kept debating inside his head, back and forth trying to decide whether to go back to collect another student's paper or get to the next person. Deciding on going back, Orochimaru returned with one more paper and a stray needle on his shoe. He stepped on Felix's hand again. Taking the paper, he gave a hand signal that bid the students to stand. "The papers at first glance seem satisfactory. A first glance can be misleading. This is not a compliment." Dismissing them, he started to mark several essays in red pen. Felix left, noticing Jack again.

12-17-2006, 12:48 AM
Glancing at a nearby clock, she saw the dreaded numbers that indicated her being almost late. The digits 7:29 were clearly seen blinking on the screen.

I’m not late… I’m not laaate! Saori thought as she passed by the stairs. She had Trigonometry as her first subject and it was led by Ms. Kitsami. She wasn’t exactly the best teacher out there… Heck, she wasn’t even fit to be a teacher. The recent lessons had been nothing more than memorizing this stupid Pythagorean song. Shaking the thought out of her head, she hurriedly headed to the third floor, to where Ms. Kitsami’s classroom was.

The energy she exerted in order for her to try and get there on time left her quite breathless. She hurriedly went to the right area of the hallway, to where the classroom was.

Small rectangular signs were hung over all of the doors in order to help and tell which classroom was which. She ignored the first two ones as she continued down the hallway. Finally reaching her destination, she stopped at a classroom with a sign that read 10 – C. She was about to open the door when a loud ringing sound was heard, signifying the start of classes. After the shock the bell gave her, she rapidly twisted the door. The force she used in order to do so almost took the knob off. It wasn’t hard to see why. When one hurries, they tend to forget things like gentleness and poise.

The door opened as she shouted to her class, “I’m not--"

But it was cut off by a cough that came from her teacher. Ms. Kitsami was already standing in the middle of the room, checking the attendance.

“Late?” Her teacher smiled as she asked their attendance monitor to put a ‘T’ on Saori’s attendance sheet. She was so evil, it made Saori cringe. She didn’t stop there. She had to embarrass Saori in front of the class for her job to be done. After a small pause, she moved over to her table and sat down. All the while, keeping her eyes on the late girl.

“But Miss Shinjiro, I think you are.”

It was pointless to argue with a teacher. Especially when they were the type who bathed in the fact and glory of giving their students a hard time. Saori simply resigned to her fate of being another day tardy. It’s not like she wasn’t late almost everyday. She even had the feeling that if ever she was to be kicked out of Riverview, it would be because of her tardiness.

Sighing to herself, she grabbed her bag even tighter and moved to her seat at the far left of the classroom.


What a way to start the day…


After the attendance checking, Saori proceeded to her next subject. The small piece of paper with her schedule indicated that she needed to go to Physics next.

Oh no. Not Physics…

She wasn’t exactly what one would call a “genius” in Physics. The formulas were too much for her to remember and even though she was good when it was time for discussion, when it came to solving for initial velocity, theta or acceleration, she found it way too confusing. She didn’t know whether or not to derive the formula, she wasn’t sure if formula no.1 was the right formula to use, she wasn’t even sure if she was doing that whole thing right.

Saori simply shook her head as she tried to get the though out. It was her exams tomorrow so she needed to concentrate. It didn’t really help to think pessimistically. The Physics lab was only a few classrooms away from her’s so she didn’t have to hurry. Actually, now that she thought about it, it was Mr. Mikagami’s class. He actually made Physics understandable and fun, if ever that was possible. He wasn’t as discriminating as the other teachers and truth be told, he acted like a kid at heart.

With this thought now in Saori’s head, she simply glided over to the lab with no hesitation. She even hummed a cheerful tune as she did.

I guess Physics isn’t that bad…

12-17-2006, 01:52 AM


er, read my entry carefully again... also my entry form... I'm teaching physics, and Ms. Hinamori is teaching Chemistry...

Aya runs off to the left; where the chemistry lab is. Mizuno then runs towards the right; where the physics lab is... as he stepped into the laboratory...

that Chemistry is she's teaching isn't advanced btw =P

also; how long are the classes by the way? =/ 1 hr? 45 minutes?


As Mizuno shouted "Just in time!", a pink-haired girl arrived after him...

Ah-no... M-Mizuno sensei! Erm, I sort of overslept this morning, hehe... I got too engrossed in drawing last night, I only managed to sleep at around 2 a.m., haha.

The girl scratched her head...

Mizuno: Erm... are you supposed to be late? You did hear me shout something right? Well anywayz, don't worry, you're not late ^_^. Just sit down Miss...

Mizuno closes his eyes and taps his forehead, trying to remember.

Mizuno: Miss Sakura! Sit-down and we'll start. ^_^

It's Mizuno's first class of the day... well he wouldn't exactly call it class; cause' it's the final day; seeing that it's the last day before finals. He just gave everyone some final words, what to review, and some fun trivia and magic tricks using physics. The class was noisy yet in a good way; they were all interested in what Mr. Mikagami was talking about. All through out, Mizuno had a smile on his face.

Mizuno has finished discussing what needs to be explained, and there's still a few minutes left. He declared it free-time then. Students were chatting with one another; some with Mizuno himself. Some students were even inviting Mizuno to play with them; this new fad called "DotA Allstars"; "Defence of the Ancients Allstars". Mr. Mikagami seems to know how to play it, the characters, and their skills. He even shared to the students some stories he had when playing; some situations and very close, tense, or funny matches. He also told the students that there are more adults playing this game than they think. The students who were talking to Mizuno about this had their attention on him; as they never thought a teacher would be playing this fad that kids were playing.


Mizuno: Well ladies and gents, good luck in the finals tomorrow. Remember what I've taught you fools. And kids, don't you play DotA; it's the finals for crying out loud.

Class: Yes sir!

Some girls: Thanks for everything sir!

Some boys: Yeah thanks!

Boy: After the exams, maybe we could...

Mizuno: Yes yes DotA... let's just see how could you people are =P

The students then said farewell to Mr. Mikagami, and left. Mizuno exhaled deeply, and thought about what Aya said in the elevator... then he thinks to himself;

Mizuno: There's a few more minutes before the next class... think I'd better talk to Aya...

Mizuno gets up, writes on the blackboard "Be back in a few, be prepared for a quiz =P"... though he doesn't really mean a graded quiz. He then straightens his white tux-like shirt a bit, and heads to the door. As he exits the door, he accidentally bumps into a student.

"Gomen!" said Mizuno...

The student then dropped a pen, Mizuno squats, gets the pen and gives it to the student with a "sorry smile". The student had pink hairin pig tails, and she had emerald eyes.

Mizuno: You alright? Sorry bout that ehe...

ooc: That means u Saori =P

ooc2: wait a minute... this is all so confusing; if the students will stay in the class, then y the heck r u all leaving and stuff? x_X...

12-17-2006, 12:46 PM
OOC;; Well when TVT posted he said he was in Trigonometry for first period. the reason it said it ended at 7:30 was because the hour hand only ticks after the hour is over. (at least that's what I got from his pm) His second period class is history.

-goes to Discussion Thread- And Jet, Mizuno has no response to Sakura being almost late? Weird, did Saori say sorry? :oops:

Oh, and Sakura is the Monitress of her class, having to take and mark the attendance. It's unfair if I have to and she doesn't >D


Sakura was sketching on her sketchbook as Mr.Mikagami gave them their freetime. Her group of regular buddies came out to chat along with some boys they often hang out with, but Sakura did not chat much, and they knew why. There's always time when Sakura was suspected to suffer from mutiple personality disorder, but she doesn't. She just didn't felt like chatting today.

She had a weird sensation that something would happen. As far as she was concerned, Sakura had always trusted her accurate instincts - this feeling was what kept her up all night drawing and thinking about it. It wasn't a normal "oh my gosh, there'll be a quiz tomorrow~!" kind of sensation. Something big was about to happen. Sakura wasn't sure of the timing, but she kept her mouth shut.

"Tomorrow's the exams..." Michiru found it slightly hard to adjust, and Keigo gave her a slap on her back. "I think I should be the lousiest in class when it comes to Japanese!" She gasped again, totally terrified.

Mizuiro, a guy with blue hair, sighed. "I don't even think I can pass Chinese, let alone fight the battle with English."

Sakura raised her head, having finished with her sketch. "Don't worry, it's jsut the exams!" She grinned cheerfully, gingerly placing her sketchbook into her sling bag. "Everything will turn out OK, you'll see!"

Ryo smiled slightly. "Sometimes I wish I can be as light-hearted as you, Sakura." She ruffled Sakura's head like a child as she beamed sheepishly. "But anyway, I'd rather take ten thousand exams of Physics than Biology."

When Mizuno announced the end of the class, Sakura got up. She wanted to tell him something, and followed him out of the classroom. When she realised that the lift {elevator} was closed, she rushed down the stairs and saw him banging into the girl earlier.

"Mizuno sensei!" Sakura rushed over. "Are you both alright?" She asked before shaking her head. "Ah, no no no! Mizuno sensei, I need to speak to you."


"OK class, it's time to have a slight test." Ms. tress declared as the classroom is filled with groans and moans.

She turned to the whiteboard and wrote down a question. Next, Ms. Tress gave out papers to everybody. She then explained that everyone will have to write out the formula as well as the answer.

Yukihime grimaced. She quickly search her pencil case and found 0 pens. She rasied her hand slowly, but Ms.tress chuckled.

"And no pencils allowed, Ms.Tsukishiro." Ms.Tress officially passed the knowing-Yukihime test.

Sighing, she tapped the shoulder of the boy in front of her. Smiling sheepishly, she started off stammering. "Urm, I-I'm sorry, but do you have an extra pen that you think you could lend me?"

She was waiting for his answer when the bell rang. Relieved, Yukihime gave a winning beam at Ms.Tress, who sighed. "OK, I shall collect your answers after the exam, people. Please wait slowly for the next teacher."

"Whew..." Yukihime guffawed and glnaced at the boy. "I'm sorry, I don't think I need the pen anymore."

12-17-2006, 04:29 PM
Saori wasn’t paying much attention when the door in front of her suddenly opened. Placing her agility into play, she immediately shifted her weight in order for her to head in the opposite direction of the incoming door. Instead of keeping her safe from the rectangular piece of wood, her body collided with another figure, sending her pen flying straight to the ground.

Not again! Saori thought as she remembered just how many times she bumped into people for this morning alone. A sigh then escaped her as she counted it to be no less than 5. She wasn't sure why but today seemed to be 'bump into Saori' day. As she tried to regain her balance, she heard a voice apologize to her.

"Gomen!" Someone cried out. The same person who apologized held out his hand in order to give back her pen. Looking up, Saori immediately recognized who it was. Shock was painted on her face as she saw that she bumped into a teacher. It took a while for Saori to react, to which Mr. Mikagami simply smiled. Before the pink haired girl could speak up, the Physics teacher cut her off.


“You alright? Sorry bout that ehe...” He apologized once more.

His last statement finally brought the girl back to her senses. Meticulously patting her blouse, she bowed in front of Mr. Mikagami with a very worried expression on her face. She didn’t know what to say and quite obviously, she was embarrassed.

“Mikagami-sensei… I… I’m so sorry!” She apologized as she bowed once more. She didn’t notice it but she was actually making herself look even more idiotic than she already was. Thankfully, before she could embarrass herself even further, another voice echoed through the hallway. It was the voice of the girl Saori bumped into this morning.

There seemed to be something distressing her. It was quite evident in the tone of her voice. She wasn't exactly running but from the way she walked, it seemed as if she needed to discuss something important with their Physics teacher. Coming to a stop in front of Saori and Mizuno, she started to speak.

"Mizuno sensei! Are you both alright?" But her question was left in vain as she continued, leaving no time for them to answer. She then rapidly shook her head as she opened her mouth. The words came out a bit too fast but they were still audible.

"Ah, no no no! Mizuno sensei, I need to speak to you."

12-17-2006, 05:26 PM
“Mikagami-sensei… I… I’m so sorry!” said the girl Mizuno bumped into.

Mizuno just smiled at her and waved his hand; signifying "don't worry about it". As he was about to talk to the girl, Mizuno heard another voice... he looked at the direction where the elevator was at. Another student... also with pink hair... it was Sakura.

"Mizuno sensei!"

The girl rushed over to him...

"Are you both alright?". "Ah, no no no! Mizuno sensei, I need to speak to you."

Mizuno: I'm fine, thank you Sakura. ^_^. Just a moment please.

Mizuno gave a wide smile, scratched his head, then faced the other pink-haired girl.

Mizuno: Well, are you okay? You kinda didn't answer me if you were alright. ^_^;

Charizard Michelle
12-18-2006, 12:56 AM
Miss Tress was talking about what she was expecting from us in her Advance Chemestry class. He was finding her talking a bit boring. ALl he cared about listening to was what she was teaching which was nothing. Micheal was beginning to think he should have just slept in and skip today. Still he learned that the hard way from his first year at this school. They gave him a referral for that. Micheal looked at that lady and just waited for some good information.

"OK class, it's time to have a slight test." Ms. Tress said as the classroom is filled with groans and moans.

Micheal lazily raised his head from the table and wonder if she really mean it. He raised his hand and said, "So a test? How depth? Periodic Table and chemical reactions in depth?"

MIss Tress nodded and said, "A little bit more depth but that is some of it." She then looked at Micheal and said, "Also miss. WHy are you wearing a boy uniform?"

Micheal looked at the teacher and said, "I am a boy Miss Tress." Micheal then place his head on the table and knew that he was going have to do a little review on his old chemistry notes. He then looked at the teacher and knew this wasn't going to be one that he liked. Micheal just closed his eyes and prepared himself for the test to come.

Soon the test were passed out and Micheal opened his eyes sleepily. He felt a tap on his back but wasn't sure if he should answer it. He morned and knew that it was time to pull out a pen. Soon a bell rang and Micheal sighed.

Crossfire Chaos
12-18-2006, 04:51 AM
It was 8:00 and second period had begun, I was in chemistry were Hinamori-Sensei was reviewing over general topics we had gone over in chemistry this year. She didn't go over any specifics though, that we would have to go over on our own time. The majority of the stuff I knew, but a few topics seemed to be foreign like we never learned them during the year. We might have at one point but I probably forgot. In any case I knew what to study.

The class was almost at it's end, I gathered my stuff to my next transition which was Physics. It was convenient for me since it was just down the hall. I wondered how Mizuno would be teaching today, he was a strange teacher, a lot more youthful then the others. Him just cram-reviewing seemed out of character for him. In any case, Physics was difficult, but I figured I could manage something passable; Mizuno grabs everyone's attention and keeps it on physics and not many want to think about anything else lest they miss something cool.

Then the bell rang signaling the end of second period.

12-18-2006, 09:18 AM
OOC;; Please take a look at the Discussion Thread and edit your posts.

Mike - Please take a look at my last post >.>

The time now is 8.00 a.m. sharp. Your second period should begin.


Sakura gasped when she saw the girl whom Mizuno sensei had bumped into. It was the girl she had bumped into earlier! Beaming slightly at the coincidence, she saw the girl struggled up and apologised in a muffled and worried tone.

“Mikagami-sensei… I… I’m so sorry!” She choked out, obviously shocked.

"I'm fine, thank you Sakura. ^_^ Just a moment please." Mizuno smiled and turned to the girl before speaking. "Well, are you okay? You kinda didn't answer me if you were alright." It was true, and she did not answer Sakura either.

"Yup, are you fine? That looked like a heavy fall!" Sakura asked curiously, gazing around with her big, cerulean eyes. As she walked to stand next to the pink-haired girl, she did not realise her sketchbook falling out. "In any case, you looked good!"

Sakura managed to get a detailed scan of the girl. She thought she looked familiar, though she's a total stranger. All Sakura knew was that this girl was in the Kyudo club as well, but she did not have any impression of her. She looked about the same age as Sakura, and could have a 70% chance of being her twin if not for her lighter tone and beautiful, green eyes. They sort of reminded Sakura of the bright, forest trees, lush and wonderful.

"Eh?! Oh nuuuuuuuuu~!" Sakura suddenly jumped up. "I haven't passed the attendance to the monitor yet! Arrrh!!" She quickly studie Mizuno's expression. "I'm sorry, Mizuno sensei... Could you please help me tell the office I'll give it to them at breaktime? Puh-leeeeeease?" Her innocent, sparkling eyes had a huge tint of hope from Mizuno.


Yukihime sighed lazily as she wondered what will the second class be. She saw Ms.Tress accusing Michael of wearing a boy's uniform and stifled her laughter. Ms.Tress didn't know he was a guy? Ha.

She stared at Ms.Tress as she ambled out of the classroom, giving the class last reminders and exam tips. Everybody looked rather bored, and Yukihime took out her handphone. She found 1 new SMS and read it. It was a message from Brandi! Surprised as Brandi never bothered to SMS her, Yukihime glanced through the message swiftly.

hey there. did u noe tat e direct0r, mahana, is sick? tis is big news, 4 she is nv sick! i wonder wat cld hav happened.. wat do u tin? reply mi asap - Brandi.

Shaking her head, Yukihime SMSed back. She was utterly disgusted at Brandi's full use of chatspeak and decided to tell her that as well. Just as she had finished sending, the bell rang, but the teacher was nowhere in sight. It was supposed to be Physics!

OOC;; That means...

Jet is supposed to go to Yukihime, Michael and Scott's class to teach Physics, while Ms.Hinamori is supposed to go to Jack and Felix's class.

Charizard Michelle
12-18-2006, 05:53 PM

Sorry about that. Didn't relize your second character had the same class as mines. I thought the *** meant time has pass thing. I fix it.


The bell meant that this class with the wonderful Tress was over with and that second period was to begin. Miss Tress just kept on speaking about how to prepare for a test and what to do. To tell the truth MIcheal didn't care about what she was saying. It was all useless until he needed to learn.

Micheal raised his head and looked around the class. There were some people Micheal knew from the year before like Yukihime who seemed nice. He wonder if that was her who asked Micheal for the pen earlier. He wonder if he should give her one anyways incase she needed it for later. He didn't have no use for the second one anywas since he had one of those four colored pins. He reached into his pocket and threw a black pin on to Yukihime's desk and said, "For later."

MIcheal then laid his head on the table and waited for the Physics teacher to come. This is going to be the first time he has taken this class. He wonder where the teacher could be.

Dr Scott
12-19-2006, 04:26 AM
OOC: Sorry it took me . And I don’t know where to put Gabriel, so I made something up :-P.

Super Chemistry Class!!
Class Time

As quickly as it had began, Advanced Chemistry class was over. Miss Tress proved to live up to her name, being a little bit controlling (I hope someone gets it XD). Still, Scott couldn’t help but look forward to what was coming ahead in the class, as mixing deadly chemicals had always sounded like fun to him. There was some confusion as to the gender of the boy sitting next to Scott, which made him chuckle, but other then that it seemed like a pretty normal day.

Being a Chemistry buff, Scott didn’t mind at all when Sally started to drawl on and on about various thinks, from quirks to atoms and back again. His neighbor seemed pretty bored however, and remained that way when the bell rang. Fortunately, Physics class was in the same room. Throwing his Chemistry book and notebook in his backpack, he got out his Physics stuff, hoping that the class wasn’t as horrible as it sounded. “Man,” Scott couldn’t help but to mumble out loud, “I bet this will be boring …” He then looked around, hoping that no Physics freaks had heard him …


While Scott had been listening to good ol’ Sally Tress in one of the sciences rooms, Gabriel had made it just on time to his first classed, which just happened to be Home Ec. Mrs. Femm N. Est was a nice lady, though she seemed to be very for women’s rights, and in inverse also for men’s rights to do things that women were known to do. It was because of this that the few males in the class had received high praise just for entering the class, and she let them know that she had high expectations for them.

If his foster father or tribe had seen him, they would have had a cow, seeing their pack member, a werewolf, sitting in a Home Ec. Classroom, listening about how he was going to learn to cook and sew later on. Gabriel however just saw the class as an easy class, something that he could get done without having to be too awake. Also, he found that the scent and preparation (and of course eating) of foods early in the morning gave him more energy to get him through the day, and usually woke him up through his higher senses.

The bell had rang halfway through Mrs. Est’s run down of the piece of paper with the calendar of what they were to do, leaving Gabriel to run to his next class, which happened to be Physical Education. He went straight for the locker rooms, changing into the gym clothing that the private school had given and required of their students to wear. After grumbling a few times and picking at the bottom of his shorts where they had rode up, Gabriel walked out to his second class, ready to see what the second class of the day would bring for him …

Neo Emolga
12-19-2006, 12:54 PM
Sakura has asked me to close this, so...