View Full Version : PKMN WARS----Champion level

12-15-2006, 02:03 AM
1. Leaders----If you want to become a gym leader post your username, age, M/F, and your pokemon type ill give u ur pokemon u find ur own pics/sprites and put them in your signature ill give u one of the badges i hav below on my signature----post all this info on my general board---gym leaders thread------ill message u to tell u if u are choosen to serve as a leader

2.Rules----alrite in this game, we have 4 gym leaders -myself and 3 other people--the 3 leaders each hav their own badge that they will give to u if u can defeat them---ill post the gym leader order on the general board after i can get 3 other leaders. this thread is only used for battling and gym leader dissucion---if u need to contact me, send me a private message.

3. Battles----Alrite these battles are the same as evry battle, just much more exciting. when u want to challenge the first leader, post ur challenge on my pkmn wars thread and ur three pokemon ill check the thread alot to see when i post the leader u will fight. the battle will start the challengers get the first attck and i will ref and calculate the attacks on this program i hav on my comp. if u win, either myself or the leader u battled will give u their badge. 3 pkmn will battle---u send out ur pkmn and their attack on every post/reply and when all your pkmn faint, u lose.

4. Questions?----i may hav left som info out so message me if u want to know something, DO NOT post on this thread only if u are a leader, thx, and dont be stupid or ill contact the authorities and get a mod in here, thx, oh ya to let y guys now, im the last gym leader and even if u beat my fellow leaders, u wont beat me----oh ya----someone else will ref my battles with another player--probably a leader