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Tamer San
07-07-2004, 06:16 PM
The Legend of the Ancient Script!

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Author: Tamer Nassar
Author's Note: This was my war Fan-Fic, and now, after the war is over, I have decided to continue this, just wish me luck since time isn't actually on my side this time. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to do so. True criticism is welcomed too, since it actually can build and create a better Fan-Fic and a better author. Have fun, and I hope you enjoy my Fan-Fic. And by the way, take it easy on me, this is my first Fan-Fic.

Tamer San
07-07-2004, 06:25 PM
Prologue: The Ancient Script!

~Part One...

Darkness; a small phrase with lot of meanings. Pain, suffering and sorrow; these are the fellows of darkness. World has two sides, light and darkness, and these two are the faces of the world, these are phases it walks through. What can be said more, once in a century world change, an era of darkness begins. An era that contains all meanings of darkness: fear and pain, suffering and destruction, sorrow and loss. And only one can change all that in brings light back to this world, and that one is the only chosen one.


The 13th of August, 1994.
“That’s quite interesting professor!” A man with a tender and rational voice, wearing a white robe, dirt covering it from top to bottom, making it brownish. He seemed like working in dust. “What is Robin?” A wise and an old man said with a gentle voice, mystic and full of interest. That man was one of his kind, a very famous professor with many researches about Pokemon, especially their past and ancient civilizations; Professor Robinson Strastfield.

Robin smiled as he pointed his finger to stone, it was more like a block with ancient and not understandable scripts written on it. “Look at this professor…it looks like The Ancient Script of Light and Darkness! The script we have been looking for in months.” Robin said excitedly. The professor looked at it, he seemed to understand what is written and then he closed his eyes. “I don’t think so Robin…nothing about light nor darkness is written on this piece of rock. This is just a normal writings from the ancients, it seems more like a message or note, or even a warning about massive destruction upon the world.” Prof. Strastfield stated.

The other doctor, Prof. Strastfield’s assistant, looked at the world famous Pokemon professor in fear, wonder and curiosity. They both have been searching for an ancient script called: The Script of Light and Darkness, for several months now, and they got so many clues that can lead to this script that is said to unleash the power of light and darkness upon the world. These two powers will then battle until one of them faint dies or fake out and return to its hideout and the second power wins. “What could this clue mean professor?” Robin said. “It could mean anything Robin, keep it in your backpack in case!” The well-known professor said. Doctor Robin ran to the place where they put their gear in, digging tools, food, backpack and sleeping bag. He grabbed his backpack, silver colored and opened it and put the new discovery in it then he closed it and returned to the professor.

The great Pokemon professor started to walk in these ancient Pokemon ruins again along with his companion and friend, Doctor Robin, who is a doctor that studies to become a Pokemon professor and researcher one day like, Oak, Elm and even Strastfield one day. They walked and walked for hours reading scripts written on walls, falling into traps leading them to unrevealed mysterious rooms. But finally the professor reached The Chamber of Gold and Silver, where it is said to be holding the ancient script in it. “FINALLY MY FRIEND!!!” Prof. Strastfield cried with joy and happiness. “We have found the ancient chamber and soon the script will be ours…I will analyze it, study it and reveal as many secrets concerns Pokemon using it. I must break the codes, and try to find what does this legendary script says and then I will become the greatest Pokemon researcher ever…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…” The professor said crazily as he was laughing. Robin started to get worry as he noticed something different, something dark in this room. “We better find the script and get out of here professor.” Robin advised the professor who was laughing out loud like crazy people. The professor looked at him then turned his face at once to a treasure box. “You are right Robin…” The professor said as he walked toward the box, opening it to see a script written on a piece of old paper.

The professor took the paper and put on his glasses; his bold head, white beard and his glasses would tell anyone that he is wise, smart and calm. But this professor was almost crazy about his researches, he never loved a woman, he never got married and he never even had a true life. He smiled and started to tear up the paper. “THIS…IS…NOTHING!!!” He yelled while tearing the paper up. “What do you mean professor?” Robin asked. “I mean this paper worth nothing but the paper its self. It has only a recipe about how to make PANCAKES!!!” He said with a voice of sorrow, anger and sadness. Robin laughed as he never good imagine that ancient people would even know what Pancake is. “It is ok professor…we have nothing to loose…let us keep looking.” Doctor Robin said to cheer up the sad professor. “Maybe you are right Robin, let us look more…” The professor said as he continued walking around the golden chamber.

“Professor, didn’t you say in one of your researches that ancient people were smarter than us, and they managed to make hidden rooms that only they can pass to.” Robin said as he was grabbing a Slowking statue’s hand. “Indeed Robin…why asking?” The professor replied. Robin smiled as he lifted the hand down and earth started to tremble and quake. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” The professor cried out loud. And in few minutes the ground stopped quaking and a secret door started to open, a door just in the wall, beside Slowking’s statue. “I just opened a door professor…” Robin said as he winked the Prof. Strastfield. “YOU ARE A GENIUS, DOCTOR!!!” Robinson, the famous professor shouted as he ran toward the secret door, into a dark secret passage. They were walking as it started to get darker, they are now far from the main room that lighted their path at first.

“Do you still have flare sticks Robin?” The Pokemon professor asked. The doctor nodded with his head and grabbed a flare from his backpack and lightened it. Very shiny, green light was coming from that stick as they walked more and more through this hidden passage which walls are made of pure gold, or at least painted with pure gold. After few hours of walking in this passage, using almost all their keep of extra lightning flares, the two scientists reached a chamber. The two were happy, and unhappy at the same time. They were happy to find the hidden chamber of light and darkness and unhappy because there is no box or anything that can lead them to the script they have been looking for in months now. They both sat on the ground, unhappy for this useless search.

The professor was lying on the ground crying he was really unhappy for this waste of time. But the doctor didn’t give up, he kept on reading what is written on the walls until he managed to find that one of these writings doesn’t belong to any of the others. “Professor!!!” Dr. Robin cried. “What is it Robin?!” The professor replied with sorrow. “I guess I have found the ancient scrip, The Script of Light and Darkness!” Robin stated as the professor jumped of his place and went to read the writings on the wall that Dr. Robin has found. He put on his wide glasses and started to read and analysis what is written. “Interesting…” Prof. Strastfield said as he took off his glasses. “What is it professor?” Robin said with a voice full of curiosity. “This is the only script in this place that is written in an older language, the Language of the Unknown!” The professor said. “This must be the one I am looking for in months…” He continued. “Err…but can you analysis it and break its codes?” The doctor asked. “Well it might take time, but it really seems like our English alphabets…I guess I can, I made a whole study about Unkowns after all!” The famous professor replied. Robin smiled as they both started to try to break this script’s code, a marvelous piece of work, nailed in the wall, painted with pure gold and the nailed letters are painted with silver. And a drawing of two Pokemon is on the top of this wall script.

Just few hours later the two Pokemon researchers got tired that they decided to sleep and keep the script’s analysis to the day after. At night, and after only couple of hours sleeping, doctor Robin wake up to see that the professor is awake too and carrying a book trying to break the codes. Robin smiled, he knew that nothing would stop Prof. Strastfield from doing what he wants. Robinson Strastfield is one researcher that cannot be stopped by any kind of forces, he fears nothing, and he is determined. The professor finally managed to break the codes as he started to read the script out loud, in fearless, confident voice.

{{May the power of Fire, Ice and Lightning be released, as the guardians would not be able to hold peace. Every one thousand years, a critical hit damages the Earth. Forces of the sun will fight forces of the ocean as the war accurse upon the Earth. They will fight, battle till they are all worn off. They will not stop until one is dead, fainted or faked out. They won’t stop before Earth turns into Ashes. Guardian of the Sea battles the God of Sun to reclaim peace and position. The soul three forces of element will be restless, they will battle and fight until one of the peace keepers is dead or when the three stones is reclaimed and the tune is played. Darkness is an era that will begin on the planet, all the way till the war ends. Light is an era that ends darkness so may the great guardian be with you.}}


Tamer San
07-07-2004, 06:27 PM
~Part Two...

“What does that mean professor?” Robin asked after the professor has solved the riddle, to face another one, even harder than before. “I don’t know…all I know is a war happens every one thousand years! I can’t understand what is going on!” He replied to Robin’s question. They were both thinking when the ground started to shake, the words, nailed and painted in silver started to shine and a great explosion happens making a very bright, blinding light covering all the area around the ruins. The two professors were lost ever since the explosion.

This happened few years ago. No one except great researchers and Pokemon trainer felt the sorrow of loosing a companion and a great professor in the world of Pokemon like Robinson Strastfield. But no one even mentioned Robin, he was almost denied by everyone though he was Strastfield’s best pupil and companion. No one missed Robin except his wife, his seven years old boy. An era of darkness has begun, sorrow, pain, suffering and a tragic loss hit Dr. Robin’s family, the Crusader Family.

The boy’s name is Steven Crusader, his mother’s name is Samantha Crusader and the little, and infant girl’s name is Willow Crusader. These are the only three people who really felt the sorrow of a true loss of the love of their life. Steven was short, little boy with hazel colored eyes and spiky brown hair. He was wearing a white shirt, black pants and a black tie. His cute little baby face was red, his beautiful little hazel eyes were full of anger, sadness, and sorrow for loosing his dad. His eyes were raining, they were raining tears Steven couldn’t even hold for such a loss. None has come to the symbolic funeral of Robin’s except few researchers and family friends. Steven thought that his life would be meaningless since his beloved father is now dead until he heard some of his father’s friends talking. “Steven, do what your father wants you to do. Make him proud by carrying a Pokemon. He always wanted you to become a trainer so don’t fail him. Your father loved Pokemon and people alike, make your father and his ethics your first idol Steven. Make your father happy by becoming a Pokemon trainer raising the Crusader’s family name high!!!” The Pokemon researcher said to Steven as he was going out of the funeral. Steven whipped his tears and smiled, he liked what that person has just said.

~ To be continued ~

07-08-2004, 07:19 PM
Awesome start! I don't really have a lot to say about this because it wasn't that bad. Actually, there is no way of telling that your new to the fanfic world. It seems you planned this fic out well looking at the scripts. Nice cliffhanger too, I can't wait to see what Steven's next move will be. Great job Tamer!

Tamer San
09-15-2004, 02:54 PM
Author's Note: Thanks a lot KCash, sorry for not replying earlier though ^^
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Chapter One: Showdown in Goldenrod!

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