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07-07-2004, 07:35 PM
Knights Of The Round Allience

Welcome to our New WAR Team for PE2K, Since the Gullwings Failed I've changed into a Darker tone and Present The Ultimate Allience


Our Mission is to successfully get the Ultimate Pokemon known as Rayquaza. I'm Recruiting New Members to Sign Up and Pick a Position to choose ur Style which as follows:

. Fan Fiction
. Role Play
. Drawing and Arts

Other's will apply as it comes.

Our Team Comes in 3 Stages.

. Terror
. Darkness and
. Psychotic

all on Different Types of the Pokemon Table.

Terror Types: Ghost, Fire, Ground
Darkness Types: Dark, Electricity, Rock
Psychotic Types: Psychic, Dragon, Poison

U Must Pick a Side and work which them 3 types on our Quest to Win the WAR.

Sign Up

As it follows

Section: ( as in URPG ect. )
Stage: ( Terror, Darkness Ect. )

Join Now