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07-08-2004, 02:32 AM
I am doing this for my team Team Extreme hope I can get some points. So here I go.
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Chapter 1: History and Today

I am opened the brown book with a golden spine. Dust flew around my face, I coughed, but finally opened it. Well this isn't much a book, because it's only five pages, but this is what is written.

Humans and Pokemon have always lied in peace...we thought. Times passed while Team Rocket faded away in 1776 losing to the patriots in Kanto, so they moved to Johto were again booted off to the Orange Islands never seen again. Team Magma was destroyed in Hoenn along with their rivals Team Aqua in 1801. Now we all knew that Pokemon and humans all were peaceful and could live together...wrong.

Here are some dates.

1856: Pokemon, Mafia War.

The first ever war between humans and Pokemon. Living together for forty-five years brought a lot of joy and work. A group of Humans and Pokemon went to work with eachother in Kanto, were oil was mined. A group of Pokemon went to Johto were gold was mined and a group of humans went to Hoenn were Pokemon ruled. The humans thought they should own more land.

Humans took pistols and rifles with them so, they could take the land by force, forgetting Pokemon had powers and weapons. A group of six men, three women and one kid went to Hoenn. They took seven rifles, one for the women and kid. The leader of the group Sam Marble took out about twenty Pokemon mostly trainies. But a group of Venesaurs and Sceptiles took care of that quickly. They slautered the man into twenty pieces.

The five other men went after those Pokemon, but before reaching the Grass Village a fast Charmander took out two men, one by shooting him and the other by Bar-Ba-Queing him. One of the men stabbed the fire Pokemon, but it lived and ran away. Then a group of three Pikachu's shot the men ending their lives. The Charmander that was stabbed found the women and the kid. One lady is a nurse and helped the fire Pokemon, her name was Joy Marble.

After being healed the Charmander befriended the Nurse and Kid. The fire Pokemon killed for the people who helped it. After evolving into Charmelion, the Pokemon quickly turned onto the peopling burning them into their house. The Charmelion dissaperead. More people came to Hoenn and a war began. It took twenty years to end. The most loss in any wars, five hundred men died, three hundred-fifty Pokemon died, twenty women and one kid. It was the last and only war.

I closed the book and stood up. My red hair was spiked up and I wore a red shirt with cacky shorts. I walked to my window in my room and looked outside. Houses burned and men laid at my door steps to make a point. I walked over to the other side of my room and looked out that window. Pokemon laid there, making another point. I was on one side and the leader of a team were Pokemon and human worked together. That team is known as Team Extreme and we had to do something about it.

I walked down some steps and put on a red hat. I grabbed my Pokeballs and clipped them to my belt. I picked up my special made gold 34 mm pistola and put it under my shirt, in side my shorts. I opened the red door and walked out of my house towards our headquarters....we have to stop this.

07-08-2004, 02:47 AM
Hmm... Insteresting start HM. Be careful on spelling and for future reference, Charmelion is spelt Charmeleon. I liked how it started and I'm itching to see what happens, especially since the great Team Extreme is in it :wink: Keep up the great work HM.