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Jack of Clovers
07-09-2004, 08:29 AM
This is where all the battles that take place for territories will be posted. It will be the same format as regular battle stats but with a few added info. Refs, please post the WAR battles here, you will still get paid for them.


The two teams that battle and for what territory. Who is the attacker and who is the defender. Did a Team use a DoleMart item or is a legendary in affect? If so, name it. Basically any information before the battle.
Regular Battles Stats (rules, who battled with what, short description and outcome)
Then you will post the WAR Outcome. Which Team won and which new territory is gained.

If you can think of anything else to add, go ahead. Good luck to all the war teams.
*This thread is only for WAR battles to be posted, anything else will be deleted. Gotta question, find another thread or PM me.


07-09-2004, 09:19 PM
The Battle For Dewford

Opposing Teams:
TMA vs Team Flora
ElimN8 vs Shane O Mac Version 3

3 vs 3
No items

Nate: Alakazam, Steelix, Hitmonlee
Tony: Typhlosion, Misdreavus, Pidgeot

Nate's Zam took an early advantage with the Sp Def down of Psychic and a Fully PAR on Misdreavus (from Twave on Switchin) to KO Misdreavus without taking damage.

Pidgeot came out, Nate switches to Lix
Typhlosion switches in to Lix's Sand Tomb

Lix and Typh exchange Earthquake/Flamethrower, leaving both less than 1 HP. Lix switches to Zam, who eats a Flame on the switch and KOs Typh.

Zam then took Pidgeot down to 1.2HP and had 1HP from Pidgeot's Steel wing, but was KO'd by Quick attack from Pidgeot.

Pidgeot was then KO'd after failing to KO the 0.8 HP Steelix from Lix's Double edge. Lix took recoil to 0.1HP.

Final Score:
TMA: 2
Flora: 0

Dewford was captured by the TMA.

Definate props:
Nate - Getting the early luck with Alakazam vs Misdreavus.
Tony - Quick attack for a KO on Zam to avoid a 3-0 Sweep.

07-13-2004, 05:55 AM
The Battle for Pumello Island

Attacker: TMA - Ygseto
Defender: Aqua Frost - Rust

3 vs 3
Stadium mode
Forum battle
No items

Rust starts with Ludicolo, who falls to Ygseto's Crobat. However, Crobat did not have time to KO Rust's Marshtomp before being KO'd which made Flygon come out to finish the job. Flygon was then taken care of by Rust's last Spheal, thus Ygseto sends out Ampharos. The battle ended due to time limit, but since Ampharos had the HP advantage and the type advantage, Ampharos was the clear winner.

Final Score:
Ygseto: 1
Rust: 0

TMA claims Pumello, Aqua Frost's HQ.

07-16-2004, 11:25 PM


3 on 3, gsc rules, no items

Nate with Alakazam, Steelix, Hitmonlee
Magare with Alakazam, Electrode, Kingdra

This was a very long battle with a ton of status effects. Alakazams przs eachother, electrode then explodes both itself and Nate's Alakazam. Steelix gets on half hp. Hitmonlee finishes off Kingdra and Magare's Alakazam.

Nate overcomes the odds to win with great strategy.

Nate wins and gets $1000
Magare looses and gets $500

TMA wins and now gets the chance to attack Goldenrod.


07-18-2004, 03:59 AM
The Battle for SLATEPORT

3 vs 3
No items

Attacker: Shane O Mac Version 3 - TEAM FLORA
Defender: ElimN8 - TMA

Shane: Tyranitar, Misdreavus, Pidgeot
Nate: Alakazam, Hitmonlee, Steelix

Alakazam opens with a few lucky PARs on Ttar, allowing Hitmonlee to come in and Hi Jump Kick Ttar to death easily. After trading a couple of blows, Pidgeot pounces on a CH Wing attack to KO Hitmonlee, but Steelix's CH Crunch drained most of Misdreavus's Health. Alakazam rushed in and ended up using Psychics to KO both Pidgeot and Misdreavus that way.

Nate (TMA) defends Slateport!
Shane (Flora)'s offensive against Slateport is ineffective!

Shane gets $500
Nate gets $1000

07-20-2004, 06:12 AM
Battle for Dewford!

No items

Nate: Alakazam, Hitmonlee, Steelix - TMA
Matthew: Breloom, Gengar, Swampert - Flora

Matthew PRZ's Hitmonlee and puts Steelix and Alakazam to SLP. From there, a few Sky Uppercuts KO Hitmonlee. After that, Matthew continues to attack Nate's other Mons. Between SUs, Headbutts, and Mach Punches, Matthew wins before either of Nate's other two Pokemons wake up.

Matthew wins: 1000
Nate loses: 500

FLORA wins Dewford.

(Kim and I reffed)

07-23-2004, 02:24 AM
War fight, Trainer vs. Nox (Harry vs. Mana) For Mt. Pyre.
Harry used Starmie, Charizard, Breloom.
Mana used snorlax, Slowbro and Starmie.
Mana's starmie totally controlled the situation, KO'ing all opposing pokémon
Nox wins, gets' MT. Pyre AND 1000
Trainer loses, gets 500
Marth, AKA, ME!, refered.

BkDarkAbsol: ... Ok...
deluxe 11 1999: due to excesive thinking, Harry Kim's brain EXPLOTED! MANA WINS! LOL
Titanic Panda: O_o
BkDarkAbsol: lol I cant argue with that Dux
deluxe 11 1999: no, because you are a nox
DlygelD: No!
deluxe 11 1999: hey D, why don't you say something?
BkDarkAbsol: And... I hate White Backgrounds... : /
deluxe 11 1999: Starmie Casts a substiute! Breeom's Spore misses due to substitute!
DlygelD: Nice timing. :-X *loans Harry a brain*
deluxe 11 1999: D, we need another brain...
Titanic Panda: ._.
Titanic Panda: is Harry thinking again?
Titanic Panda: I need to start doing that
deluxe 11 1999: get a blue background BD
BkDarkAbsol: Blue?
BkDarkAbsol: How about i just switch colors around?
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 10
BkDarkAbsol: It might be ugly, but if it makes you happy. :P
deluxe 11 1999: Harry switches to STarmie! Psychic hits! NVE; HStarmie at 81.79, Special Defense DOWN!
Titanic Panda: hmm
Titanic Panda: so we're playing the 100 HP system, excellent
HKimF: 81.79?
HKimF: Okay...
Titanic Panda: in other words, 8.2HP
Titanic Panda: in % points instead
deluxe 11 1999: or 8.179/100
deluxe 11 1999: I mean, /10
Titanic Panda: lol
deluxe 11 1999: Moves.
Titanic Panda: sec
BkDarkAbsol: Mana, did you say that Aley could watch?
HKimF: No, only one person from each side may watch.
deluxe 11 1999: no, only 2 per person
deluxe 11 1999: I mean
deluxe 11 1999: 1 lol
deluxe 11 1999: I'm f**** crazy
deluxe 11 1999: and D isn't supporting
Titanic Panda: no, I didn't
Titanic Panda: I told him I'm not allowed to invite him
HKimF: She supports in her own special way.,
BkDarkAbsol: lol
deluxe 11 1999: Harry, one or 2?
HKimF: 1
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
deluxe 11 1999: Harry Kim goes first..
Titanic Panda: hmm
DlygelD: Do I need my cheeting squad?
DlygelD: *cheering
deluxe 11 1999: Light Screen works! Thunder wave hits! HStarmie is paralized!
deluxe 11 1999: LS turn = 1
deluxe 11 1999: I'm going to use critical hit, I'll roll a dice, if it's 1 to 6 it's critical
deluxe 11 1999: by the way, just commenting
deluxe 11 1999: another brain D
BkDarkAbsol: lol
deluxe 11 1999: this looks like a hospital.
DlygelD: *hands over brain with an IQ of 5000*
deluxe 11 1999: lol, that's alakazam's IQ
DlygelD: Uh... :-X;
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 27
deluxe 11 1999: that's critical hit...
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 22
deluxe 11 1999: that's paralize...
Titanic Panda: O_o
Titanic Panda: huh?
Titanic Panda: isn't a CH 6.25%?
Titanic Panda: ._
Titanic Panda: ._.
HKimF: Reffing style Mana.
Titanic Panda: O_o
deluxe 11 1999: Thunder bolt hits! SE! HStarmie at 56.17/100, and HStarmie is fully paralized.....
DlygelD: He was saying which was which.
Titanic Panda: 25% CH rate?
deluxe 11 1999: no, it's actually 6%
Titanic Panda: >_>
Titanic Panda: that's what I thought XD
BkDarkAbsol: 6%?
deluxe 11 1999: thanks for the affirmation D
deluxe 11 1999: yes, 6%
Titanic Panda: hmm
deluxe 11 1999: LS turn 2
deluxe 11 1999: "makes a mental note"
deluxe 11 1999: Critical hit....
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 28
deluxe 11 1999: and paralize......
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 45
Titanic Panda: darn! :-X
deluxe 11 1999: Thunder bolt hits! HKim starmie at 30.55/100, Camouflage works! HStarmie becames NORMAL-TYPE
deluxe 11 1999: LS turn 3
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 5
deluxe 11 1999: Critical hit..... and......
deluxe 11 1999: paralize:
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 79
deluxe 11 1999: Surf hits! Critical hits! HKim Starmie down (remember that it is NOT NVE because his starmie is normal typed)
deluxe 11 1999: Send your next pokemon
HKimF: Surf...
deluxe 11 1999: LS TURN 4
diedtba entró al chat.
Titanic Panda: who?
Titanic Panda: O_o
deluxe 11 1999: who invited him/her?
BkDarkAbsol: O_o
deluxe 11 1999: and Harry, send your next pokémon.
diedtba: It's just me.
deluxe 11 1999: yes D, but why do you need more accounts?
deluxe 11 1999: I mean, thesupremeQ, Dratini.....come on!
deluxe 11 1999: Breelom is sent!
deluxe 11 1999: LS turn 4, remember.
deluxe 11 1999: next turn it's over at the end.
deluxe 11 1999: moves?
deluxe 11 1999: Mana CH
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 52
deluxe 11 1999: Harry
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 93
deluxe 11 1999: psychic effect.....
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 43
deluxe 11 1999: Psychic hits! SE! Breelom at 55.25/100! Headbutt hits! The substitute takes the damage, but DOESN'T break.
deluxe 11 1999: light screen wores off
deluxe 11 1999: BRB
Titanic Panda: k
deluxe 11 1999: back
deluxe 11 1999: moves
deluxe 11 1999: Mach punch hits! The substitute is broken, then psychic hits! Breelom fainted.
HKimF: Go Charizard.
deluxe 11 1999: Charizard is sent.
DlygelD: *gives 100 brains* :-(
deluxe 11 1999: Starmie's Critical hit...
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 67
deluxe 11 1999: Charizards CH
*OnlineHost*: deluxe 11 1999 rolled 1 100-sided die: 45
deluxe 11 1999: Surf hits! Charizard at.. 30.83........wing attack hits! Starmie at 52.78
deluxe 11 1999: Surf hits, then a miracle kamehameha comes and counters it......LOL, JK, Charizard faints, mana wins.

07-23-2004, 03:23 AM
The Battle for Fortree

Team Trainer: JT
Team Nox: Ierdar

JT: Snorlax, Starmie, Gengar
Ierdar: Ninetales, Lapras, Venusaur

Ninetales due to luck on confusion kills Lax, Starmie comes in and Lapras is switched in. Close calls, but Sing + Sheer cold downs starmie. Gengar comes in, kills the weak Lapras (2.1HP) with Tpunch and then Psychics down Ninetales and Venusaur, who couldn't pull off a Sleep powder in time...

Winner: Team Trainer, JT
Score: 1-0

JT gets 1000 for winning
Ierdar scores 500 for trying

Fortree belongs to Team Trainer now.

07-24-2004, 02:50 AM
The Defense Battle of Lilycove

Attacker: Team Flora - Shane O Mac
Defender: Team Nox - Venusaur Trainer

Shane: Misdreavus, Ttar, Muk
VT: Jynx, Heracross, Snorlax

Jynx LK and KOs Misdreavus early with Psychic/Ice punch, but Ttar comes in, lives through a 1 turn Sleep and crunches the KO. Heracross is sent in and 2HKOs Ttar with Brick break, and then 2HKOs Muk with Earthquake.

Final Score: 2-0

Winner: Team Nox

Team Nox successfully defends Lilycove from Flora.

Jack of Clovers
07-25-2004, 11:18 PM
Battle for Violet City.
Elite vs Tri-blade

No Items

Velly vs Curtis

Velly's pokes: Snorlax Gardevoir Nidoking
Curti's pokes: Raticate Mr Mime Porygon 2

When I refed Snorlax and Raticate had already fainted. So Gardevoir and Mr Mime battled. Gardevoir won with two Shadow Balls. Porygon 2 was sent out. Gardevoir tried to put it to sleep but failed. P2 paralized it and won with 3 Shadow Balls. Then a weakend Nidoking was sent out. It tried for a OHKO but missed. P2 won with Physhic.

Curtis: $1000
Velly: $500

Elite defends and has the chance to attack back at Azalea Town.

{originally posted by VT in his ref thread}


07-26-2004, 05:27 AM

The Battle for Azlea

As a counterattack, Elite attacks the Tri-blade Town of Azlea from Violet Town.

Elite: Koolcurtis
Tri-Blade: Vellyvell

Curtis's Raticate first takes down Vellyvell's Gengar with sub and shadow ball, and then badly damages Velly's Gardevoir and Heracross before dying, so Mr. Mime comes in and OHKOs Heracross and Gardevoir with 2 Psychics...

Score: 2-0

Winner: Team Elite

Azlea Town is now in posession of Team Elite.


07-26-2004, 03:11 PM
The Battle for Azlea

As a counterattack, Elite attacks the Tri-blade Town of Azlea from Violet Town.

Elite: Koolcurtis
Tri-Blade: Vellyvell

Curtis's Raticate first takes down Vellyvell's Gengar with sub and shadow ball, and then badly damages Velly's Gardevoir and Heracross before dying, so Mr. Mime comes in and OHKOs Heracross and Gardevoir with 2 Psychics...

Score: 2-0

Winner: Team Elite
Azlea Town is now in posession of Team Elite.

I don't care if my post gets deleted, this battle does not count!

1. It was after saturday night
2. I did not send velly, he had no permission so the battle should not of taken place

Azelea remains in Tri-blade's control.

07-26-2004, 03:21 PM
and YEsterday at like Noon or sumthing Nate refused to battle Cro because he said it waws after the deadline. So this battle shouldn't count.

07-30-2004, 12:25 AM


3 on 3, gsc rules, no items

Nate with Alakazam, Steelix, Hitmonlee
Magare with Alakazam, Charizard, {Kingdra not used}

Magare kicked tail using Charizard to Ko Nate's Zam, then uses Zam to Ko steelix and Hitmonlee with fire punches and Psychic.

Magare wins and gets $1000
Nate looses and gets $500

Tri-Blade wins and gains Goldenrod City.


Tamer San
07-30-2004, 03:37 PM
PS. This happaned a long time ago, but I was not able to post due to some errors in my account so I am posting this now. I am so sorry for any delay happaned because of me.

Marth Vs. Velly
Elite Vs. Tri-Blade
No Items

Marth- Kingdra, Charizard, Alacazam
Velly- Heracross, Nidoking, Gengar

It begun, Heracross against Kingdra, very close but Velly got to attack first. Heracross used Megahorn bringing Kingdra down to 5.2/10. Kingdra surfedmaking the bug only at 6.9/10. Both were switched, Kingdra for Zard and Hera for Gengar. Gengar managed to put Zard into bed early. gengar then hit the Zard with a Shadowball making it at 6.7/10. Next turn Earthquake fails due to sleep and Gengar created a cute Sub :silly: . Gengar eventually finished off the Zard. Kingdra is back killing the Sub but falls asleep. ALACAZAM appeared OHKOing Gengar. Some switches and moves made it a battle between Heracross and Zard. And type advantage finishes it off. Great match...

Winner: Marth 1000$ And the Town (I don't remember which)
Looser: Velly 500$

I reffed.

07-31-2004, 01:05 AM
The battle for ILEX FOREST

Ilex forest: Tri-Blade HQ

Defender: Dap
Attacker: Curtis

Dap used a RED ALERT for this battle.

3 vs 4
No items

Dap starts with Gengar, and Curtis with Snorlax. Gengar's Hypnosis missed, and Lax yawned to put Gengar to sleep. Gardevoir comes out, same thing happens, so Dap had 2 sleeping pokes. Lax takes the chance to belly drum, but when Heracross came out, Lax scored a lucky sleep talked Double-edge. Heracross hangs on from a reflect from Gardevoir earlier, leaving it with 0.1HP. Reversal KOs it. Mime switches in for Curtis, and Hera runs away for Gengar, who is KO'd by Mime's psychic powers. Dap sends Flareon, but a good prediction saw Mime countering back Flareon's Shadow ball for the 2nd KO.

Mime then encores Gardevoir's imprison, who had woken up, and proceeded to Fire punch Gardevoir down. Hera, the last mon, isn't as fast either, so Mime KO'd Hera too...

Score: 2-0

Winner: Team Elite

Triblade loses Ilex Forest. As the consequence of losing their HQ, Tri-Blade may not make offensive attacks in the next 2 turns, and loses all their war points.

Curtis wins the battle, 1000 cash
Dap gets 500 for battling.

07-31-2004, 08:07 PM
The Battle for Mauville

3 vs 3
No items

Attacker: Nate (TMA)
Defender: JT (Trainer)

Nate: Alakazam, Hitmonlee, Steelix
JT: Snorlax, Gengar, Starmie

Zam Twaves Lax and runs away for Lix. Lax after dealing 1 blow with surf is fully PARed a few times, Lix ends up KOing it with quake.

Starmie rushes in, Zam comes back, battle of the PAR/confuse/calm mind, Zam finally deals KO with a CH Psychic after 4 calm minds (overkill)

Gengar rushes in, TMs a shadow ball and KOs Zam

Gengar puts Lix to sleep after taking an Earthquake from a missed Hypnosis

Lee comes in, is put to sleep, and psychiced to death

Lix is back, but it wakes up with 1 HP left to KO Gengar with Quake

Battle of luckages :x

Winner: Nate (TMA)

Nate gets 1000, win
JT gets 500

Mauville is now in posession of TMA

08-01-2004, 02:36 AM
Clash of Pallet

Attacker: Elite - Marth
Defender: Trainer - JT

No items
3 vs 3

Marth starts Kingdra, but after swaggering starmie, had to pull out for Zam

Starmie started swifting Zam (after a Twave), forcing Zam to run to Kingdra

Kingdra toxic's Starmie, takes a few blows and falls

Charizard comes in, protects, Starmie falls to toxic.

Snorlax comes in, Zard's Hyper beam misses, Lax Rock slides for KO

Lax Shadow balls the Zam dead.

Winner: Team Trainer

Marth gets 500
JT gets 1000 for winning.

Pallet town remains Trainer Territory

08-06-2004, 04:34 AM
Battle for Fortree!

Attacker-Nox- VT

No Items

VT starts with Jynx. While JT starts with Breloom. After a lovely kiss missing and spore hitting. Breloom OHKO Jynx with a CH Skyuppercut. Vt sends out Heracross. Cross EQ Breloom while doing little damage. Breloom uses spore,leech seed, and sky uppercut combo to finish off Heracross. Out comes Snorlax this look like the end but after sporing lax and waking up on the same turn. Ice Beam finally fainted Breloom.Gengar comes in and counter lax earthquake and finishes it off with psychic.

Trainer Wins.

JT 1000
VT 500

Team Trainer Defended Fortree.

08-08-2004, 01:30 AM
This was a 3v3 Stadium no items war battle.
Dap used Heracross, Electabuzz, and Swampert.
Dux used Alakazam, Blaziken, and Lapras.
Ala hurt electabuzz, and blaziken hurt swampert, and in the end lapras and heracross died in a perishsong.
Dux won and gets $1,000 and Goldenrod city.
Dap lost and gets $500.
I reffed.

08-08-2004, 03:08 AM
3 vs 3, Stadium, No items, War fightL
Team Elite (Curtis) : P2, Mr. Mime, Gengar.
Team Trainer (JT): Breelom, Starmie, Gengar
It was gengar vs. breelom. Gengar simply substiuted and used psychic over and over until it was done for it. Starmie came and Ko'd Gengar with style and grace, not before a seismic toss hit her.
Mime came and suffered, but managed to land an encore to Starmie's thunder wave. Then he poisoned it, and took a real good nap
Starmie died out of poison, and Gengar came. Mime was switched to P2, who took advantage of a safeguard to paralize gengar, then he 2HKO Gengar with psychic.
Great huh?
Elite wins! Get's Pallet Town!
Trainer loses!

08-08-2004, 05:18 PM
Battle for Meteor Falls

Attacker: TMA - Nate
Defender: Trainer - Harry

3 vs 3
No items

Nate's Typhlosion is KO'd by Lix on 2 Quakes, but Zam finishes it off, then, Lee destroys Harry's Tyranitar, but his starmie was able to pull off the comeback by Koing both Azam and Hitmonlee.

Nate 500
Harry 1000

Winner: Trainer

Team Trainer keeps Meteor Falls

08-09-2004, 11:28 PM

ATTACKER: Dark Absol, Nox
DEFENDER: Tamer, Trainer

3 on 3, gsc rules, no items

Dark Absol with Tyranitar, Lapras, Metagross
Tamer with Snorlax, Heracross


Arcanine was taken out randomly by secret poison then tyranitar and snorlax dueled. Snorlax Kod Tyranitar but was left on low hp. Lapras comes in and gets lucky with a sheer cold. In comes Heracross to finish lapras but gets to 6.6 Hp out of fighting. In comes Metagross with Psychic but Heracross hangs on to swagger. Heracross then uses reversal and gets a critical hit to gain victory.

Tamer overcomes the early disadvantage to win and successfully defends the Houenn Desert from the Nox attack.

Tamer wins and gets $1000
Dark Absol looses and gets $500

I only reffed the final bit. Dark Raichu had to leave at the end so he should get credit for reffing.