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12-17-2006, 08:23 PM
The Tower of 100 Challenges
Banner by Callum

The Tower of 100 Challenges has fallen into ruin... those who did not make the trip upwards warned others away from the place of danger and death. People quit their jobs at the holoroom and mantainence stations, and the tower was no more... but a building commission reinstated the building, and was reopened with tournaments and competitions.

However, a glitch soon appeared in the holoroom. Safety procedures were deactivated, and at last a man was killed. A man by the name of Duatriak was struck in the chest by a rising pillar, and the simulated shock overpowered him. The T100C was closed, but a crack team consisting of tournament champions went in to fix the problem from its very root: Floor 100.

You are a member of the Glitch Squad. You and 4 others have entered the Tower once more to reopen the place of danger. Your pokemon have been bred to their finest capabilities, and are to withstand any obstacle given in the rooms and chambers of T100C. You must use your head to navigate, use brains to bypass obstacles, and fight the Viral Guardians deployed to protect the Great Virus from deletion. Your pokemon will not be the brutal fighters of ancient times, but strategists and thinkers. Enter, and conquer.

Okay, so here I am not accepting any but the best RPers, people who can think through a problem and do it in the most creative and effective way. Description in your posts will be crucial, for the Great Virus can counter the easy ways. I'm not taking people who finish in three lines. I want these to be like lines of a story, not quick, posted, solutions. This is not the Trivia/Games Section.

The new feature here makes T100C more like an actual RP. You'll have to work together now, so single post solutions are no longer accepted. People can interact in teams, rather than going by yourself. The Glitch Squad will know the best ways around the GV's ploys, so you may want to PM plans and solutions to other Squad members before you post. It'll take longer to conquer floors, but at least we'll have competent RPers.


Be descriptive.
Use good grammar.
Don't sign up unless you'll be active. Others need you to continue through the floors.
Keep your suit's attacks toned down.
No Fly or Protect as long as the object is to protect you.
No "I concentrated all my pokemon's attacks on an obstacle to break it".
Baton Pass can be used to pass traits, but don't abuse it.
No Ditto, Legendaries, Pseudo-Legends, Ubers, or fully evolved starters (excluding Hoennians).


Plasmatium: Indestructible metal.
D-field: Forcefeild that breaks apart molecules to immobilize or counter attacks and physical movement.
Forcefield: Sort of like see-through Plasmatium.
Cutterbots: Rotating high speed bots that look like dark blue Magnemites with four blades instead on magnets.
Slicer Bots: Humanoid stationary turrets that fire Slicer Beams, the only known thing to cut Plasmatium. (no Mimic or Sketch)

Tower Suit: Armor that allows you to use 3 specialized attacks. (adds 1 more for every 10 floors)
Extra Slots: Every 10 floors, you get a 7th, 8th, 9th, etc. pokemon.
Viral Guardians: Every 10 floors, count as a 7th, 8th, 9th, etc. pokemon themselves and use 6, 7, 8 pokemon, depending on multiple of 10.

Form (copy and paste to fill in)

-Description: (No "I'm like this person" or "I look like this" and posting a picture. Make yourself up.)
-Pokemon: (Biggest thing: Don't have any pokemon for power. T100C is a place of traps and obstacles, and battles will be rare. Think which pokemon can maipulate things best.)







-Suit (design):




When form is done, PM me for a test floor to see if you are accepted.

Sonickid01 (pending)
Strawberry Maelstrom (accepted)

Leaf Green
12-18-2006, 01:54 AM
Interesting idea TVTMaster, can you reserve me a spot?

12-18-2006, 02:13 AM
Didn't you participate in the last one? And yeah, here comes your test floor: (*Pm'd*)

01-06-2007, 01:15 AM
-Name: Sonickid Ziv
-Age: 13
-Gender: Male
-Description: Sonickid has messy black hair and and a blue baseball cap turned almost backwards. A green T-Shirt conceals a bony and thin frame and he has jeans the same hue as his hat. The shoes he wears are red with a blue-green "X", and he has large brown eyes that seem to ask, "why?" His head is slightly large, with a curious expression
-Personality: A very lighthearted but solemn kid, Sonickid is in either extreme all the time. He can be annoying, but provides some good company when not a pest. Typically slightly emotional, but not much. Sonic is a great thinker, and can give excellent ideas at times. He also can stay calm in the face of peril, but will panic over lost homework.
-History: Sonickid is not very exciting in his history. He grew up in Rustoboro, and has raised the Breloom he caught there. He is, however, scorned for his slightly more advanced intellect compared to his peers', which led him to catching Pokemon to kind of say, "hey, pick on someone your own size."

-"Mold"; Male Breloom
Quick on his feet and always quite serious. He never lets his guard down. Mostly used for speed and quick attacks and getting from one place to another quickly. Also useful for confusing machines and crossing distances in short time. Main strategy; pure speed to get past time-based obstacles and traps.

-"Sumo"; Male Hariyama
A very brutal force. Not a Pokemon to be reckoned with. Hariyama is known for a short temper and may even fight on a whim. Used as a tank and to give off power, but his Thick Fat ability is also used for getting through freeze and flame. Main strategy; stalling obstacles and traps for time while other Pokemon work, and brutally smashing through obstacles.

-"Petal"; Female Roselia
A gentler Pokemon, Roselia is not a great fighter. She uses tactics more often, but for her to win a fight takes time, as she is more docile and shy than most. Used for mainly for her short size, but also for her nimbleness. Mains strategy; using her size to get through tight spaces to hit switches, buttons, etc.

-"Fortune"; Female Xatu
Fortune is quite a quiet and patient Pokemon. She is very graceful but slightly mysterious. She doesn't say much to fellow Pokemon but doesn't question Sonickid's commands and is loyal to the bone. Mostly used for reaching heights and lengths with the Psychic/Flying combo. Main strategy; manipulating objects to create paths and getting around obstacles with flight to get across holes and other traps.

-"Flashlight"; Male Lanturn
Flashlight is very peppy and provides the enthusiasm of the group. He is the one who encourages the others and stays persistent to the end. Stubborn, maybe, but when he sees a goal, he doesn't stop until he reaches it or tires completely. Used for his powerful electricity attacks and for his illumination in darkness. Main strategy; to light the way for a path to be seen in the darkness, and to swim/send electricity through waters and etc, and send electric beams to short circuit traps, zap things to smithereens, and otherwise disable/explode most machines.

-"Scream"; Female Exploud
The most brave and audacious of the crowd, Scream is determined. She will do what it takes, and usually with little thought or care of the result. Scream will occasionally overdo something though. Used for voice and for elemental TMs taught to it. Main strategy; to confuse slicer bots and more, and also to use the wide arsenal of elemental moves Scream is instilled with by TMs, like Flamethrower, Surf, Thunderbolt, and more, all in one convenient Pokemon.

-Suit (design): Element's Fury-
Not anything much. Just two grey, steel rings on his arms. They have a slit at the top of each and are quite light.

- Hydrofire Defend
Sonickid's rings send out a firey and water-loaded blast (one from each circlet). Then he can control how much fire and water he distributes throughout the sheild it creates. Lasts three seconds.

- Zephyearth Attack
Sonickid's circlets send out a beam from the slits made of earthen material and high-speed winds, one from each bracelet. Then they are shot forward. The amount of each element is controlled. If the attack is more earthen, the attack goes not very far, very slowly, more broad, and does more impact. If more windy, that attack is long range, more concentrated, quick, and less impact.

- Pokemon Command
Sonickid's circlets emit a super-frequency sonar that allows him to use another teammate's Pokemon for one tactic or move or etc.

Each of Sonickid's attacks can be used only once every floor. He doesn't need them often.

01-09-2007, 12:12 AM
Just a quick update: Callum has generously filled my request for a T100C banner at the advice of Sonickid01. Now look at how totally awesome it is, and join because of it. Rawr.

Strawberry Maelstrom
01-09-2007, 01:02 AM
-Name: Sean Marshall
-Age: N/A
-Gender: Male
-Description: Sean has scruffy brown hair. His big, green eyes are shifty and seem able to see through you. He is light-skinned, and no matter what obstacle he is faced with, be it a massive bully, or a challenging puzzle, Sean always wears steel gloves and his favorite black shoes.

-Personality: Sean has never been known to be reckless. Whenever he comes across a sticky situation, he throws a big smile on his face. People who have not yet faced him call him Twitchy, Twitcher, and the like because his green eyes twitch right before he makes a move. The reason for his twitching is because he is actually plotting his full-scale strategy. He has an IQ of 230, amazingly high for his age level. However, there is one major flaw in his personality: He has an obsession with Action Anime.

-History: Sean has always been the last kid picked for sports. this sent him into a serious depression. He however had friends to rid him of suicidal thoughts. Since his friends saw a murder and were bullied into leaving the state, Sean worked out until he became strong enough to take out bullies.


-Ninjask the Ninjask
Ninjask is Sean's all-time favorite Pokemon. It is used in all of his battles and has even become healthy enough to fly Sean around. He uses Ninjask for his ability to carry him into the air and its ever-growing speed.

-Hollow the Shedinja
Hollow is just a simple shell of Sean's old Nincada. Despite this, Hollow is another main strategy for Sean. Hollow can fly through any attacks not of Rock, Fire, Flying, or Dark-typed attacks.

-Santa the Snorlax
Santa is Sean's fattest Pokemon. He can stomp around and crush anything under his footsteps. The only main strategy is his fat being used to prevent fire and ice and being able to break through objects weaker than Quartz.

-Einstein the Alakazam
Einstein is Sean's overall best at Special moves. He is able to use his Psychic powers like the force. Able to shoot lightning, move objects closer, or away, and even being able to communicate opinions telepathically, Einstein is a must-have Sean's team.

-Boogy the Haunter
Boogy is Sean's only female Pokemon. She is on his team for one reason: Her ability to phase through objects.

-Bulbasaur the Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur is Sean's smallest Pokemon, and therefore is capable of squeezing through tight spaces. He is also sturdy enough to let Sean use his vines as a tightrope.

-Suit (Design): Tactitian's explosion
A hood that can cover Sean's eyes with a supercomputer. This further enhances his ability to think.

-Move1: Invulerable Gloves.*
Sean's Steel Gloves have been equipped with the power of invulnerability for a time of 30 seconds. However, they can't be exposed to fire or else they will burn and malfunction.

-Move2: Brainwave Pulse**
The Supercomputer allows Sean to temporarily halt a computer's programs. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and requires a speedy team to make it past the computer.

-Move3: Anti-matter forcefield.***
For one floor, Sean is automatically protected from any physical objects.

*Can only be used once per Floor
**Requires two turns to recharge after use
***Can't be used on floor numbers divisible by 10, and also requires 5 turns to recharge.

01-09-2007, 01:27 AM
Righto. That last one's okay, since there really aren't too many things out to hurt you. If there's a swarm of invincible Cutterbots, though, you still won't be able to get through them due to sheer mass.

Strawberry Maelstrom
01-09-2007, 09:32 PM
Okay, now I'll advertise so we can start.

Ali the Dark One
01-10-2007, 02:34 AM
I think I'll fill out the form to see if I can join... I've been wanting to get a good RP for me. :3

01-10-2007, 03:14 AM
- Name: Evan Conandra. (Eeeeeyup.)
- Age: 13
- Gender: Male.

- Description: (3rd person): Evan looks fairly average for a thirteen-year-old, although a little on the chubby side. His short brown hair matches his calculating eyes behind slightly rectangular glasses. Evan's suit is a plain full-bodied white armor with a chain link of solar panels covering the back. His suit is completed with white shoes and gloves with a golden ring on the palms.

- Personality: Evan has been known to be flipsided, sometimes calculating how to complete his tasks, then immediately crash his train of thought and the pop out of the train's haul and go crazy on a metaphoric go-kart. In the other direction. However, he'll put that thing in reverse if anybody needs help, and will make the choice that is best for others; not him.

- History: Evan's had a false past, loyally following the idea that he was born in New Bark Town where he made friends with Jigglypuff at age ten. However, through his dream of The Tower of 100 Challenges, the smallest fragments of his true past are coming back to him. All that he's remembered is that his true last name is Enigmas, but he wants to find information to support this by going undercover as Evan Conandra.

- Pokemon:

- Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff has been Evan's friend as long as his false and true memories go. She is rather hot-headed, but is a powerful force when it comes to calming Evan when he has a memory break. She tends to assist Evan while he's traveling by floating in the air and allowing him to travel, or letting her spy. In a pinch, she can turn the tides with a powerful Counter attack.

- Mr. Mime

Evan remembers that Mr. Mime joined him in Azalea town, after he played tricks on the locals by blocking access to the Slowpoke Well. Evan caught the trickster in the middle of his silent act, and Jigglypuff negotiated with it. Mr. Mime is a valuable addition to Evan's team by adding the much needed defense to the group. Mr. Mime can use Thief in order to snatch ID cards and other valuable things from people and even Pokemon.

- Shedinja

Shedinja is the strong, silent type, as it can't speak or move. Evan picked Shedinja up from a trainer that was angry at its unresponsiveness and was about to throw it out of her house. Shedinja is capable of passing through all elements except for fire, rocks, and a few other elements. It can also use Baton Pass to switch places with others.

- Shuckle

Shuckle was adopted as an egg by Evan at the Daycare Center near Cerulean City. Shuckle is a rare blue color, and loves providing the group with refreshing juice he makes from the berries Evan picks up on his journey. In battle, he can pack a punch, although slowly, using his top-notch defenses to slowly wear his opponent down. Shuckle's thick shell is almost inpenetrable, and can only be scratched by a Ponyta's hooves (10x harder than diamonds, I think).

- Altaria

Altaria is a fickle creature, only joining Evan because she instinctively felt that he was lacking something (his memories, as she found out). She can control the air to a considerable degree, and the weather changes depending on her mood. However, Altaria's fickleness can lead to a heat wave followed by what could be considered a flash flood. She also refuses to battle, and also pities those who do. As a result of this, she's the group's healer; frail in combat, but excellent in support.

- Smeargle

Smeargle is Evan's latest addition, and is picking up the ropes fairly fast. Evan captured her when an artist told him about graffiti covering the Lilycove Art Museum when he was passing through. He talked with her, and discovered that she only wanted her art to be appreciated. Evan asked the mayor of Lilycove if Smeargle could create a mural that could welcome travelers to the city and was thankful when she was allowed to. In return, Smeargle agreed to join Evan on his adventures, to add a little artistic flair to his adventures, so she says. She adds her artistic flair to combat by copying her opponents' moves with her Sketch attack, and by using her small size and agility to get around and launch it right back at them. She has the potential to be an unstoppable force, but she would rather become a famous Pokemon artist.

-Suit: Adaptive - A white full-body armor that protects Evan from most elements by 20 to 50%, and can reform itself to suit the environment. The back is covered with a chainlink made of efficient solar panels that gather electrical energy to power the suit. There is also a small console on the left arm that Evan can use to manually adjust the suit. The weakness is that its abilities are rather limited, and it tends to shut down after Evan uses its most powerful one.

- Adaptive Attack: Stun

By clasping his hands together, small golden ring of superconductive material on his palms can complete a circuit. This circuit uses the suit's energy to send a small charge through Evan's gloves to either power stopped machinery or stun an opponent.

- Adaptive Form: Magnet

In case of emergencies, Evan can manually adjust his suit to become a big, but weak, magnet that is capable of wiping the memory of any hard-drive that can't block it. He can also attract iron objects by focusing the magnetic material all in his right hand. (His suit's arm console blocks the magnetism, by the way.)

- Adaptive Support: Emergency Healing

In case of an injured party member, Evan can immediately run over to the injured person or Pokemon and heal it. The problem is, Evan needs to make physical contact with the injured, making it useless if he can't reach them. Evan can also heal himself, but the energy in his suit conflicts with the healing energy, causing Evan's suit's electronics to shut down for a short time, leaving his elemental defenses down.

Done. (?)

Ali the Dark One
01-10-2007, 03:23 AM
-Name: Ali
-Age: 16
-Gender: Male
-Description: Dark, shady character, wears a black jacket with white trim. Black hair, pale skin, wears dark blue jeans and his favorite grey and yellow shoes
-Personality: Ali may seem to be creepy and emo, but the truth is, he loves his pokemon and has a good heart, only his friends know that he’s extremely cunning and is great at tests
-History: When Ali was young his father moved to a country on the opposite side of the world, his sister who was 19 at the time acted as a second parent for him, Ali was very smart, but he did poorly in school

-Pokemon1n: Raiken (rattata)
Pokemon1ps: Raiken is small, fast, and energetic. He loves Ali very much and tries to cheer him up as best as he can. Raiken is very good at using his long, sharp teeth and is great at avoiding traps with his great speed.

-Pokemon2n: Drake (Grovyle)
Pokemon2ps: Drake is shy, but extremely cunning, although his physical strength isn’t very strong, he makes great use of his surroundings. Drake has a big attitude problem; the only person he listens to and respects is Ali, he dislikes being around too many people or pokemon.

-Pokemon3n: Clockworks (Kadabra)
Pokemon3ps: Clockworks is vengeful and hateful, he is smarter than most college professors, he can speak English and can communicate with Ali using his psychic powers. Clockworks physical strength is very weak and he usually levitates to walk, since he can’t punch, he uses his psychic powers, he has the power to channel his psychic energy into creating shadow clones. When his eyes grow red, his powers go berserk, and his control over his body grows weak.

-Pokemon4n: Grarr (Exploud)
Pokemon4ps: Screamer has a quick temper, and is extremely easy to anger, he is very impatient and gets annoyed if not entertained for a while. He is very strong and only uses special attack power when in dire need; he’s very slow and doesn’t move too often.

-Pokemon5n: Champion (Machamp)
Pokemon5ps: Champion has great virtues, and respects his owner, he originally was owned by a policeman, but the policeman retired and entrusted Ali with Champion. Champion’s attack, defense, and speed is really good, however, he has virtually no special attack and defense, and is good at drawing an enemy close so that he can get a good hit on the opponent.

-Pokemon6n: Flare (#467 Buuburn)
Pokemon6ps: Flare is very jolly an is almost always happy [compare to Santa Claus] however, Flare can get very serious when it comes to helping out Ali. Even though Flare is slow, he makes up for it with his overwhelming attack and special attacks. His defenses aren't anything too special (rather average). He attacks mainly with his searing flames, and tries to get in a strong physical move when the opponent gets too close. He is a good companion to Ali and loves hugging people (even though his skin is quite hot).

-Suit (design): Darkstorm; Ali's favorite jacket's been modified, It can work as a cloaking device, but lasts for a very short time, the white trim holds a strong laser energy on it he can power up things with it. He has intangibility laser palms, that allow an object he touches to become intangible for short periods of time.

-Move1descrip: Cloaking; Ali becomes invisible making it hard for robots in the tower to find him; only used once per floor, requires five turns to charge.

-Move2d: Intangi-palms; an object that Ali touches becomes intangible temporarily alowing anyone to walk through it; requires three turns to charge.

-Move3d: Trim charge; Ali can use this move to make anyone he touches reasonably stronger, in... pretty much anything (good for activating computers as well); only used once per floor, requires three turns to charge

YAY!! I'm finally finished with the form! I'm hoping I do okay on the test floor (first time in an RP) and also, I have a picture of my character (credit to Saori for uber pwnage picture): [click thumbnail] http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/3814/alithedarkone4sy.th.png (http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=alithedarkone4sy.png)

Strawberry Maelstrom
01-11-2007, 12:03 AM
Once Ali finishes the form we'll be able to have 2 more members attempting to pass the test. The sooner the better.

01-11-2007, 01:04 AM
Sweet. By the way: I'm thinking of allowing multiple teams in to RP if there are enough people interested. Any comments on the banner? It was made by Callum. Her spriting skills don't even compare to this glorious Photoshop masterpiece.

01-11-2007, 03:17 AM
Yep! Nice sprite.

Also, sorry about not redoing the PM floor. No time right now. Will do on weekend.

Ali the Dark One
01-11-2007, 03:27 AM
Q: Are DP pokemon available? If not it's okay...

Strawberry Maelstrom
01-11-2007, 12:25 PM
That banner looks freaking awesome! *switches over*

@Ali: I don't think they're allowed.

01-12-2007, 12:21 AM
No, they're allowed. Definitely allowed, permitted you have knowledge of the movesets of the ones you plan to use.

01-14-2007, 08:01 PM
So uh (bump), when is this going to start, TVT? No pressure or anything. :p

01-14-2007, 09:50 PM
When we get five members, I guess. Advertise to people you think would be good for this.

01-20-2007, 11:54 PM
Hey, um.. I think I sent in my T100C test floor back to you, but you haven't replied for about a week... Did you get it?

01-20-2007, 11:54 PM
Secks and a half! It's the Tower! ^____________________________________^

I'll get my sign up sheet later.

01-20-2007, 11:55 PM
Hey, um.. I think I sent in my T100C test floor back to you, but you haven't replied for about a week... Did you get it?
Don't think so, no. Could you resend?

And hey Lan. Yeah, sign up and stuff. I've been waiting a while.

Ali the Dark One
01-21-2007, 07:08 AM
I finally finshed the form! If I didn't, then your matress is SPLEEEEEEEEE!! I warn you however, I may soon have a name change (:cry: without my oh so lovely 3729328 in it...). It's because my name is n00bish *glances with a dirty look at Lan* J/K. I decided to use a Buuburn [#467]...

I also made two banners (really crappy):



One with Masukippa [#455], and one without...

02-10-2007, 12:10 PM
Er, oh. I kind of forgot about this thing... um, I guess I could start it again, at Ali3729328's request. And, actually, we already have a banner. I'll send you your test floor, Ali.