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Okay guys this is my war fic, its about what happened in War Season II but changed and stuff and in the style of Lord of the Rings with Pokemon. I take the part of the person called Shane and it follows me through the story but occasionally it goes to what is happening else where. I started this in War Season II but never finished it so I’m contuing it now but I changed it a lot. The parts in red are bits that have already been read and graded and the parts in black are those new chapters. So only count for possibility for points for the parts in black, got it? Good.

CH 1-The end of a short era

“…Showed people who doubted us that we could become a proper war group. This is it now; I bid you all goodbye and good luck with whatever you wish to do.


Shane walked nervously of the stage, his legs were like jelly. He turned around slowly and looked briefly into the eyes of his successor, Robert Greening or ‘Dark Raichu’ as his war name in battle. Rob titled his battle helmet upwards as a sign of assurance to Shane. Shane smiled, but not his usual gleam, but one that feared of things to come in Tri-Blade. He glanced around the room, sorry faces were staring at him, a few were crying, he did notice though that was a lack of Tri-Blade members for his resignation meeting that he called. He guessed that they were pigging out in the grand hall instead of attending his speech. This saddened him but he was grateful that his friends had turned up. He caught the eye of Lizzie Davies, Barrett Forster, then Brendan Appleton, each in turn giving them a small smile. His dark eyes then lingered momentarily on the hooded figure in the corner, he knew her, it was who everyone called ‘The Psychic Master’, though he knew not her real name, she remained motionless in the chair, just staring at him, it was beginning to freak him out. He felt a cold tap on his shoulder, he turned around startled, his hand on his sword. He let go when he saw who it was.

“Come on buddy, its time to go”

Shane looked into Craig Chester’s hazel eyes, his best and most loyal friend. Shane was sure that those in the meeting would miss Craig the same way that he hoped they would miss himself. Shane nodded slightly and followed Craig, in his shiny knight uniform, through the solid oak Tri-blade base door. As soon as it shut; the warmth that he had felt inside vanished, the sky above gave a rumble, the trees rustled, and a piercing wind cut though the fine silk that Shane wore throughout his time in Tri-blade. He looked back at the magnificent vast tree house, where an hour ago he would have called home. It looked so warm, so welcoming, so unlike outside it. The rain beat down on both their backs, Shane pulled his thin travelling cloak tighter around his skin. The usual noise and fun in the tree house had vanished; there was complete silence. He heard a sharp whistle; he turned and saw Craig calling over two horses. They trotted reluctantly over; they preferred to stay in the shelter in such bad weather. Craig and Shane mounted them and without another word they rode fiercely from the quiet village, the mud splashed upwards and splattered them every few spaces of time, the tree house became further and further away in view as they rode…it was the end of a short era. Suddenly, a white light erupted behind him; he quickly turned around, as did Craig. As soon as he did though, he felt like he was falling, the next minute, he was looking not at the tree house, no it couldn’t be. What he was staring at couldn’t be true, he was imagining it. The tree house that he loved so dear was…it was in flames. The towering inferno was spreading all over it, it was engulfed, there was no saving it, he saw people who he didn’t recognise fleeing it, and others…others were falling to the ground, it was a human massacre. The smell of burning wood scarred Shane’s nose, he spluttered on the ashes flying into his mouth, choking him, choking…

“SHANE! Buddy! Are you ok?”

Shane opened his eyes, the rain had stopped, he grasped onto Craig’s shoulders and tried to pull himself up but couldn’t. He glanced at the tree house in the vast distance, it wasn’t in flames…Craig pulled him up and propped him gently against the horse.

“Shane…what happened? One minute that lightening bolt flashed the sky, you turned then…you fell…”

Craig finished quietly; he was looking suspiciously at Shane. Shane couldn’t tell Craig what he saw, he was sure it had been real. But how could it of been? He didn’t see the tree house on fire right now…a crazy thought struck his mind…a premonition? Of things to come? He had feared for the worse when he left the tree house and now this…he put a hand to his face; it were cold and sweaty.

“Hey Shane, are you sure that you’re ok?”

Shane looked up and nodded. Five minutes later they were riding, Craig’s horse was just ahead of his, although the rain had stopped and the weather had turned into a pleasant warmness, Shane still felt cold, he couldn’t get the premonition out his head, it was like an itch that wouldn’t stop. As they rode towards the next town, one thing stayed in his mind, bad things were to come for Tri-blade; something that fate had pinpointed for her next victim, and there was nothing Shane could do. One hundred miles away in the town of Belcheka, a young lad with messy black hair stumbled out his sleep with a start. He had seen it too.

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CH 2- The Kingdom of Trainer

Harry got out of bed; he was sweating heavily. What had that been? All he saw was a tree house burning…what did it mean…it was the second vision he had had in a week. What did they all mean? The first one showed two flags joining together…they were moving along a field together…He pounded his Four-poster bed in frustration. He couldn’t sleep anymore.

He got up and drew back the patterned curtains that were beside his bed. Sunlight poured in silkily though the stained glass windows. He heard a faint bird tweeting, everything seemed all right in the world, everyone but himself. He squinted down onto the people of Belcheka, they seemed so happy so care free…so unlike himself. Harry began to gaze unconcernedly into the blue sky, his worries seemed to slip of his back, he was drifting…drifting…His head moved suddenly; he had heard a clink like someone knocking two wine glasses together. He turned; he didn’t like the eyrie silence. He reached under his bed and grabbed the lone object that lay there, his late father’s sword; Bessa. He held it close to his face, his heart was pounding, his grip on the sword loosened slightly, he hands was seeping open with sweat. He waited. A shadow soon started to grow from behind the corner. Harry stepped a pace forward, his dark eyes gleaming. The shadow was, growing smaller? It soon came from behind the door; Harry withdrew his sword at the sight of who it was.


The Bulbasaur known as Kimo jerked her head startled, her eyes fixed on Harry’s then lingered scared onto the sword in his hand. She took a step backwards. Harry too was startled; he dropped the sword and ran over to Kimo. He carried her onto his armchair and sat there stroking her head softly.

“I didn’t mean to startle you Kimo, I just thought… thought…that it was someone else…”

Kimo looked lovingly into Harry’s eyes and nuzzled her green head into Harry’s blue cotton pyjamas. Kimo’s and Harry’s eyes began to close. Once again, in a short space of time, Harry felt his worries slipping of his shoulders and he was drifting…

“My Lord…my lord I’m sorry to disturb you but you must wake up…they’re here…”

Harry opened his eyes, so did Kimo, her eyes darting across the room. Harry got up and placed Kimo back on the armchair. He stared at the girl with long brown hair; most of it was covering her eyes.

“What is it Catriona?”

“My lord, they arrived just now…from the West…”

“The West?” said Harry, cutting her off, “That would then be…Flora…”

Harry’s words were cut short also as three figures entered the room; two were dressed in long white silky cloaks that covered their arms and legs fully. A green logo was on each cloak, it was a flower with the words ‘Flora’ on it. One had whitish blond hair; it was very long and silky. The other had rough brown hair; it went down to the end of his neck; it was relevantly short compared to the blond man’s hair.

Both, Harry noticed were muscular, and both of their blue eyes were fixed on Harry’s. The third figure as soon as he had entered Harry’s grand bedroom, had knelt down on the floor on one knee with his head bowed. He was wearing a dusty knight’s uniform, he looked tired, his skin was pale and sweaty and his black hair was untidy and out of its usual place. Harry walked over to him, the two in white cloaks followed Harry with their eyes. Once Harry was standing in front of him, he tapped the young lad on the shoulder.

“Stand up Nicholas, there is no reason to why you should be kneeling down to me, you owe nothing to me.”

Nicholas raised his head sheepishly then stood up, his face red. He glanced at the two white-cloaked figures, who looked away in disgust, and then back to Harry. The blond one took a pace forward.

“I am sorry to disturb you Harry, you were obviously busy”

He purposely lingered his eyes on the Bulbasaur logo on Harry’s blue pyjamas. Harry flushed a deep red, his eyes flashing.

“Jarrod, if you came here to make fun of my night clothes then you might as well leave!”

Kimo had got of the armchair and was now on the floor growling at Jarrod. Jarrod just smirked at this and gave a look of disgust at the Bulbasaur.

“Harry calm down, I meant no offence.” He smirked again. “We have travelled from the town of Rinsefeld to be in your presence, we come to offer a proposal”

Harry narrowed his eyes, “What kind of proposal?”

Jarrod smirked once again. Harry was starting to get angry at the way he kept smirking,

“Listen Jarrod, spit it out or leave”

Harry heard a sigh. He looked over Jarrod’s shoulder. The second cloaked man had also stepped forward.

“Look Harry I will explain it. What we basically want is that we are offering a proposal for an alliance. Trainer and Flora.”

Harry didn’t move.

“Do you mean fighting together Matthew? Yes we already do that, we have been allies for a long time…”

Matthew shook his head.

“No Harry. Not an alliance, the word is a merge, Team Flora would like a merge with Team trainer, joined together, our kingdoms would unite and we would be strong together, no one could stand in our way. So what do you say?”

The room was now in silence, all waiting for Harry’s answer. Catriona shuffled nervously, her eyes fixed on Harry’s like everyone else’s. Harry let out a deep sigh.

“Matthew we are fine on our own, Trainer doesn’t need Flora, we are too different, if we were to merge, it would clash too much. I’m sorry Matthew we just cannot join together on a permanent basis, we can always be allies though…”

Jarrod pushed his way in front of Matthew.

“Harry I think that you should reconsider, you will need us; we can provide you to the answer to your problems. I know what you See Harry… in your dreams, I can help….”

Harry was starting to sweat; he knew that Jarrod could see into people’s dreams, it was a gift, but still…

“I am sorry Jarrod but my decision is final”

Jarrod narrowed his eyes.

“Fine, your decision is final but when you need us, we wont be there to answer your call”

With that Jarrod clicked his fingers at Matthew and Nicholas, then strode from the room. They followed; Nicholas turned around before exiting and gave a small sad smile at Harry. Harry sighed once more, the room was as silence as it was before they came but it had not the warmness to the room no more. He turned away from Catriona and Kimo, he just walked over to the windowsill and rested his head in his hands and tried to forget his worries. Catriona came and put a hand on his shoulder,

“You did the right thing sir”

Harry sighed once more.

“I know Catriona, but then why does it feel so wrong?”

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CH 3- Antapi {PART 1}

As they neared the village, Shane and Craig dismounted their horses and walked along side them instead. They were approaching a large gate, which had a wooden sign pinned to it which read, ‘Antapi’. A man was standing beside it; he was talking to a lady in a long green silky dress.

“What is Antapi?” Shane whispered to Craig.

Craig walked a little slower so they wouldn’t get to the gate as quick, the two figures still hadn’t noticed that they were approaching.

“‘Antapi’ is a town; it is very near to the mountains so it is very cold all the time, they get snow all year round.”

Shane stared at the lady in green; she seemed to be trying to persuade the man to let her in.

“Who’s in charge of the town? Which war group?” said Shane.

Shane needed to know what he was about to face. Like many others he would like to be prepared before walking into unknown territory.

“It was owned by Aqua Frost until very recently when they were…were invaded by another group”

Craig was now staring the same way Shane was at the figures at the gate.

“Who invaded them?” responded Shane quickly.

Before Craig could answer, the man looked in their direction, his eyes narrowed and his bushy moustache twitched.

“You two! What do you think you’re doing over there?!”

Shane and Craig stopped. The green dressed lady was looking at them in an odd way. Shane noticed that she was edging towards the gate, while not taking her eyes of him or Craig. Craig put up his hand and walked over to the man; Shane hurried to catch up, the horses lay forgotten behind them. The man’s eyes widened in fear; Craig still had the knight uniform on.

“Stay…Stay where you are…STOP, I say!”

Craig stopped, a smirk on his face. The man walked up to Shane and Craig; Shane noticed a shiny knife in his pocket.

“State you business”

His hand was shaking, his eyes moving over them then to the horses. He was remarkably short; up to Shane and Craig’s chest. The man too seemed to notice the contrast, maybe that’s why he seemed so scared. All the while the green dressed lady was edging closer and closer to the gate she was now unlocking the latch. Shane began to speak, stuttering at not knowing what to do, but Craig stepped on Shane’s foot to cut him off. Craig didn’t step on it so hard intentionally; but with those hefty knight shoes he did. Shane twitched his mouth in pain, trying to hold it in. The lady had now disappeared past the gate, and into the town. Shane wondered if there was any chance of him and Craig getting past there. Craig stepped a pace forward; the man took a pace back. Craig rolled his eyes at Shane.

“Look, we are trying to get into the city to see Jack, Flare and Curtis. We are looking to be…recruited.”

Shane stared at Craig; this was the first time he was hearing of this. He tried to question him what was going on, but Craig gave him a warning look and Shane stopped short. The man’s eyes widened, then his scared look turned into a smirk.

“What makes you think you boys are qualified. Team Elite only accept the very best, those who have trained for a long time, strong men. And you my friends…”

The man looked at their clothes that had been splattered by mud, Craig’s knight uniform was rusty and scratched.

“…Don’t seem to fit the part. You see, not even I was accepted, so you don’t stand a chance. You might as well head home.”

The man’s potbelly rumbled and he let out a small burp. Craig rolled his eyes again, Shane sniggered; he was sure this man had a wild imagination, thinking that he could of stood a chance of getting into the elites with a pot belly and his cockiness.

“For your information, you are staring at the finest battlers in all of Macos. We have fought many tough battles there that could of taken our lives but we overcame all of them. So what say you now?” Craig finished. The man’s eyes widened.

“You came from Macos?! That’s the world-training arena; only the very best can enter, I’ve heard stories, those who enter fight to the death. You must be very talented to come out alive….”

He seemed to be pondering it over. Once or twice Craig and Shane heard him mumbling and muttering.

“...If I let them in…a promotion…I could enter…be one of them! Yes…”

He looked up from his musings with a sort of grin.

“I am so sorry to have delayed you, please, be my guest to enter, and when you meet Flare, Curtis and Jack…tell them that I sent you to them”

Craig smiled at Shane, “Yes; we shall say you recruited us.”

The man gave them a toothy grin. Shane and Craig gathered their horses then allowed the man to lead the way to the gate. He noticed it unlocked although only Shane knew why. The man looked confused for a second but then opened it and allowed them to pass though. Shane and Craig started to walk off, when they heard the man’s voice. They turned; trying not to laugh or they would give it away.

“And if you see that green silky dressed lady that I was talking to before I saw you two, tell her I would like a word.”

He gave them a wink and then walked back through the other side of the gate and closed the door. As soon as he had gone, Shane and Craig burst out laughing. Shane choked.

“He thought he could be an elite…”

Shane coughed, still not getting over the funniness of the event that had just happened. Craig laughed, but not with the same enthusiasm that Shane had done. Shane noticed and stopped laughing immediately.

“Is something wrong?”

Craig stopped walking and turned to stare at Shane.

“No…. nothing is wrong, lets go into there”

Craig pointed at a small café, “…For a drink”

Shane knew there was something wrong; Craig was just trying to cover it. None the less, Shane tied up the two horses then followed Craig into the shoddy café. Shane and Craig sat down at a dusty table where people glared at them over their grubby beer glasses. Craig got up.

“I’ll get the drinks…”

Shane watched him go over to the counter and order two half-pints of mulled mead. He produced 4 coins from inside the armour, paid the man, and then carried the drinks over to Shane’s table. Shane thanked him, took the drink and without looking at Craig, began drinking. He was so thirsty from all the travelling they had done. Craig seemed thirsty too but he didn’t seem to be drinking much. He put it down and looked at Shane. Shane knew that he was finally going to say what was bothering him.

“Well I’ve been thinking this over; since I thought about leaving Tri-blade…I want to be on a successful team...”

Shane’s eyes widened, “What?! You’re really going to try for Team Elite?”

Craig laughed.

07-10-2004, 11:27 PM
“No Shane, I am nowhere near good enough. And plus I don’t want to be on their team, have you seen the way they treat their people? No I was thinking of joining Team Trainer…what do you think?”

Shane looked down at his glass.

“Team Trainer do fight for good…and I have heard that their leader; Harry Kim, is a good person, a great person to follow…I say go for it buddy”

Craig smiled.

“Thanks Shane, but it would be better if you came too...”

Shane let out a sigh.

“I feel guilty for leaving Tri-blade...if I was to join Team Trainer straight away then I would know what they would think of me, maybe I’ll wait a few weeks before joining, but you go ahead.”

It was Craig’s turn to sigh.

“I am not too sure going without you…maybe I could wait too…”

“No Craig. Go ahead, I’m serious, go to Trainer, I shall meet up with you there in a few weeks.’

“Are you sure…?” Craig asked uncertainly.

“Yes, when do you plan to go?”

Craig gave him a smile.

“Thanks man for your support, I think I will leave right now, I would like to arrive there fast; I hear of trouble coming to their kingdom so I would like to be there to help.”

“Oh, right…”

Shane wasn’t so sure about being in a new town alone, but he couldn’t let Craig know that, he really wanted to go to Trainer. Craig though seemed to have noticed.

“Are you sure it’s alright Shane? I mean I could stay here another week I suppose, show you the ropes of the town…”

Shane wanted to say yes, it would be so great but he couldn’t…

“No its okay; I think I’ll find my way okay…”

Craig sighed again.

“Well then I guess this is it for now man. I will see you in a couple of weeks?”

Shane nodded then got up. They shook hands but then Craig pulled him into a man’s hug. Craig waved goodbye then walked out the café. Only now did Shane realise how big the café was.

He too got up and walked out the café, Craig was nowhere in sight but one of the horses was gone. Shane untied the other one and led it over to the building next to the café. Here, he found a small stable and a young lad of about eight. Shane paid him a few coins and the boy took the horse and tied it up in an empty space next to a couple of other horses. Shane thanked him and walked outside again. The wind now started to pierce him, he looked up into the cloudy sky and noticed that light snow was falling. He had to find an inn. He started to walk faster, the further he ventured into the town, the more the snow fell. It was getting harder and harder to move. His hands were stiff and his breaths quick. If he didn’t find an inn soon, he was sure that he would faint.

A sudden dizziness fell upon him; he saw a white flash, his eyes widened at what he saw. He saw two huge armies, one army sported two separate flags; one was purple the other black and green. The other army’s flag colour he could make out. They seemed that they were about to fight. The rain was beating down upon them all, the mud had taken the unknown flag army’s feet. They were going to find it hard to move. Then Shane saw…he saw a lone figure on a huge hill…he was looking down on the battlefield. Shane noticed he was wearing a white cotton uniform, and he had a blade strapped to his back. He seemed to be surveying the purple and black and green army in more particular observation. He took the sword and held it in front of him. Shane heard an ear-splitting scream, Shane screamed too.

He awoke on the floor of the snowy street; people were staring. Shane got up shakily; he could hardly walk. Remarkably where he had fallen was opposite a lighted building. ‘The Falton Inn’ it read. Shane, relieved, hurried into it and closed the door. It seemed pretty empty. All he saw was 3 people sitting in cosy armchairs. One was an old man who seemed engrossed in a book called, ‘Pensioners that gained power’ Shane suppressed a laugh. The second person was a young man in a black cloak, he had light brown hair, and on the cloak he saw the logo. It said ‘TE’ on a symbol of a sword, and under it were the words, ‘Tankx’. Shane was sure that ‘TE’ stood for Team Elite. He thought it best not to look too long at him; he really wasn’t ready to deal with an Elite member. The third person was a young lady…wearing a long green silk dress…it was the lady from the gate. Shane noticed this time that she was sporting a ‘TE’ logo also; but hers seemed different, it was green…Shane just wanted to get a room. He passed them and went over to the counter. He rang the bell and a few seconds later a young man with greasy black hair came to meet him.

“Good evening sir. What can I do for you today?”

Shane was a bit put of by the way he was staring at him and onto his now tattered clothes.

“Um I was wondering if I could have a room for 3 weeks?”

The man seemed to sneer even more at his state of appearance. Shane felt like sticking a sword down his throat.

“Yes sir. We can meet your requirements. But can you meet ours?”

Shane flushed.

“I am sure whatever the cost I can meet it.”

The man sniggered and pointed to the sign above him, Shane leaned sideways to take a look. It read:

‘1 night…2 Rew’
‘2 night…4 Rew’
‘3 night…7 Rew
‘4 night…10 Rew’
‘5 night…13 Rew’
‘6 night…16 Rew’
‘7 night…20 Rew’

The list went on and on until…

‘21 night…80 Rew’

Shane could now see why there weren’t too many people here. The prices were ripping people off. Shane though couldn’t go find another inn, not in this weather…the man was staring intently at Shane.

“Well? Will you be taking a room with us?”

He sniggered again. Shane reached into his top pocket and produced a silky wallet. Shane noticed that Tankx was staring now at him. It was not though, like Shane had expected, a fierce expression, like Shane would expect from a member of Team Elite, but one of interest. Shane ignored this, he had the exact amount and more but he thought he would teach the man some manners. He purposely pulled out a 100 Rew note and slapped it carelessly down on the counter. The man was surprised but recovered himself and took the note and reached into the till pulled out two tens. He handed them to Shane who placed them in his wallet. The man then handed him a key with: ‘R65’ on it and pointed up the stairs. Shane stole one more glance at the green dressed lady then at Tankx; who was still staring at him, then headed up the stairs. He heard the man calling after him.

‘I hope you have enough money now for food…’

He heard a laugh. Shane ignored it and carried on walking up the stairs. It was a long and tiring climb for his frozen legs, but eventually he made it. He appeared on a long hallway with about a dozen wooden doors, each with their own number on it. He made his way to number 65. It was painted green but was very shabbily done. He placed the key into the keyhole and turned it. It clicked open easily. What met his eyes gave him a sudden urge to kick the greasy man harder than he had planned. Everything seemed to be falling apart; he noticed the window was wide open. He hurried over it to close it, he was too late though; the room was now as cold as outside. Shane kicked a near by table in frustration; it broke apart, as it collapsed, a cloud of dust rose into the air.

Shane couldn’t sleep like this. He spent the next hour making sure that the small room was rid of the dust. When it finally seemed to fit living requirements he flopped onto his bed, thinking of what the second premonition meant. Why were there two armies facing each other? What flag was it that he didn’t see? And who was that person in the white clothes with a blade? With all these questions spinning in his mind, he fell into the world of sleep.

07-11-2004, 10:23 PM
CH 4- Antapi {PART 2}

The next two weeks passed slowly, mainly as Shane wanted to get out of the inn and onto the road. He wanted to see Craig again; he had not heard from him since they departed in that café. Shane was sure Craig would of reached by now, but how he was doing, Shane didn’t know. He decided today that he would wander across the town; he had spent the two weeks in his room pondering his options. It was time to find out a little more of Antapi. He came out the inn cautiously; the time was half past two in the afternoon. The town was busy trading; bargaining, haggling and browsing. Shane waded though the market, every so often going into a shop that looked interesting. He spotted a huge table that was sporting many items on it. Many people were crowding over it, money dangling, some people pushing in front of others; something big seemed to be on sale. Shane slipped in between two people, they shouted angrily at him but he ignored them. Once at the front he could now hear the auctioneer.

“That’s right ladies and gentlemen! For only 70 Rew, this wonderful object could be yours.”

He held up a glass model, it was in the shape of a star, something about it was entrancing Shane. He didn’t understand why, but something inside told him that he must have it. He had to listen to his heart…he noticed that the bidding had started.




The bidding went on and on, Shane tried to keep up but he couldn’t, until…

“300 Rew!”

Silence fell over the market place; to many it seemed the bidding was over, most the crowd left. Only a few people were now left. The old man that had bid was looking at everyone cockily; he didn’t expect anyone to outbid him. The auctioneer looked tired out.

“Going once…going twice...”


Shane managed to raise his voice a bit, the old man looked at him in surprise but regained himself to look composed once more.


“315,” Shane said with confidence.




The old man smirked. Shane’s money said that he should give up but he couldn’t, his heart was set on getting it.

“400 Rew!”

The street was now silent. The man was staring at him in an odd way. He rummaged around in his wallet for a bit but then looked up with a sour look.

“Fine take it, it’s not really that important to me anyway. And besides, who would pay 400 Rew on a piece of glass…”

The man walked off leaving the people at the stalls to get back to their business. Soon the noise in the street returned to its usual rumble. Shane removed the money from his wallet then handed it over to the auctioneer; whose eyes lit up when he saw all the money. He then shoved the glass star into a bag and thrust it into Shane’s hands. Shane held it very tightly and began to walk back to the inn.

For some reason, the noise that had resumed had again died down. Shane looked up from his prize to see everyone, to have dropped what he or she was doing and staring into the distance. Shane turned, he saw or heard nothing at first then... a soft rumbling reached his ears, the dust on the ground was rising. Shane kept watching in suspense, his eyes fixed on the horizon.

Suddenly he saw them. Three shapes had appeared. All Shane could see was their dark outlines. For every second that passed, the outlines grew bolder and gained structure. Soon the blackness was fading, the galloping grew louder and Shane could finally see three people. One was all in black, from the polished black boots on his feet to the shiny neck long black hair. He was riding on a dark brown horse. The second had dusty brown hair; he was wearing suede boots, black trousers and a brown jacket. He was wearing a cocky grin on his face. He rode a black horse; it was baring its teeth threateningly. The last rider was all in white except his brown boots and his dark battle helm. Shane watched as they rode nearer and nearer; they were going at a tremendous speed. 5 seconds later they had rode straight past Shane causing a cloud of dust and dirt to rise into the air. As they sped past, a few stalls were knocked over; Shane watched as goods rolled everywhere. It seemed that the dirt had ruined a lot of the food. Shane turned his eyes away from the ruined stalls, and back onto the road; he had heard some more galloping.

The horse came to a halt at the place where Shane was. A man, who was quite short, stepped of a grey horse. He was wearing rich blue robes and polished black shoes. Shane suddenly got a strong smell of him; it was the smell of pubs. The man held an almost empty glass licker bottle in his left hand and in the other held about two hundred flyers. Striding over to the nearest person; an old lady picking up fruit, he thrust the flyers into her hand.

“Be a dear and hand these out…<hic>…”

With that he got back on the horse, he was swaying slightly.

“And remember, <hic>, vote for Bob Dole in the next town elections!”

Without another word, he rode on in the same direction that the previous three had. Shane stole the chance to look at a stray flyer on the floor. On it was a big picture of a man that looked similarly like the one who had gave the women the flyer except that the person in the picture looked older. There were huge letterings under the picture that said, ‘VOTE FOR BOB DOYLE TODAY!’ Shane couldn’t help laughing at the picture; it seemed so cheesy.

He watched the women give a huge sigh, put the flyers on the floor then continued picking up fruit. Shane didn’t notice the galloping while he was laughing. He turned around from the women, and saw trotting up to her a rider on a dark brown horse. He was wearing silky shirt and a black jacket, black trousers and a grey light material helm; it covered very little of his face. His horse gave a snort. The women didn’t realise him riding closer. The rider rode the horse a step closer, it stepped on one of the fruits. The woman jumped in surprise and turned around to see the rider laughing.

“I’ll take 20 oranges”

07-11-2004, 10:24 PM
The woman stared for a second then rummaged in the stall. Everyone was silent; all staring at the woman at the fruit stall. After two minutes the woman produced a big blue bag with the 20 oranges in it. She handed it shakily to the man, who took it and attached it to the horse.

“That’ll be 8 Rew please…”

The rider gave a chuckle.

“This is my town woman, I don’t have to pay”.

The woman flushed and took a step backwards.

“But…I need all the money I can get…that’s loosing wages…”

“Oh don’t tell me your sob stories, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be here!”

With that he turned his horse to face the road again and began trotting of. Shane made a split-second decision. He ran in front of the horse with his arms spread out. The rider jerked and the horse let out a loud cry. It reared its front legs into the air. The rider’s helm slipped of his head and onto the dusty floor. Shane stared, trying not to back down. The rider picked up the helm and looked at it. The dust had settled in. He took a breath then threw it high into the air, quick as a flash he produced a dagger from his pocket and threw it straight at the helm. There was a loud clanking sound. It had hit it. The helm fell swiftly to the ground beside Shane’s feet and moments later the dagger too hit the dusty ground; it had now become wedged in the earth below. Shane looked at the helm; it now had a dent in the side of it, then onto the rider’s face.

The helm seemed to have left the rider’s dirty blonde hair in knots and tangles. The rider’s face was blackened; his eyes on Shane’s. Quickly he removed a sword from by the side of the horse and pointed it at Shane’s chest. The people watching took in a light gasp. Shane’s breath became faster. The rider didn’t take his eyes of Shane’s.

“What’s your name boy?”

Shane’s shock at having a sword being pointed at him left, and an angry rage fell over him. Why should this man, who was rude to the woman, have the cheek to point a sword at him then call him ‘boy’? Shane stared coldly into those murky brown eyes that were staring fiercely at him.

“Shane Wykes” Shane spat rudely.

The rider gave a sneer. “Wykes? Oh, so you’re the one who left that team, that team Psy-blade. You coward, leaving the team that you made. What kind of man are you?”

Shane’s rage grew.

“IT’S TRI-BLADE! And I left for my own reasons, you still haven’t told me your name”

The rider sneered again.

“Whatever. You’re still a coward. My name is not important but since you begged. In battle they call me Maxito. I own this town”

Shane took the sword pointing at him and turned it.

“How can a pathetic man like you own a town”

The rider returned the sword closer to his hand.

“You’ve got a big mouth. Lets see how far that can go in battle. Draw your sword!”
Shane drew his sword from his belt and at the same time pocketing the glass star. The crowd gave another gasp. Shane took a step forward, Maxito got of his horse. At that moment Shane heard a voice. Shane and Maxito turned. Maxito let out a scowl of annoyance.

“Excuse me…excuse me…”

A portly man in a grey travelling cloak was pushing his way to the front.

“I was wondering if any of you two gentlemen know a man called Craig Dedels?”

Maxito rolled his eyes.

“Look, either you get out the way or I shall slit your throat.”

The grey-cloaked man took a step backwards.

“Okay...I can see that you’re busy.”

He turned to leave but Shane, realising what the man said, dropped his sword. “Yes! I know Craig, who wants to know?”

The grey-cloaked man turned back to face him solemnly.

“Well I’m afraid there has been a terrible accident. Mr. Dedels is in hospital; he might not make it through the night...”

Shane’s face fell.

“Where?! When?! How?!”

Maxito chuckled and withdrew his sword. Shane glared at him.

“It seems that our little duel will have to be put off for now; being under the circumstances…”

He mounted his horse once more and rode off, leaving Shane to stare inquisitively at the grey-cloaked man.

07-13-2004, 06:18 PM
CH 5- The Magnificent Alliance {PART 1}

Daniella stared at her own reflection shimmering among the cool water ripples at the bottom of her silver goblet. One would think, looking upon the scene, that she was debating upon herself whether to drink it or not, but on closer inspection you would see her dark brown eyes glassy, not a muscle on her face moving. A few strands of her slightly lighter hair was being soaked in the goblet. It would be so simple, so simple to just close her eyes and pretend this world didn’t exist, block out the situation and pretend that he was back there with her, herself back in his arms, at rest, at peace, so simple it would be seeing if she wasn’t where she was. A shrill voice broke the elapsed silence.

“My Lady!”

The voice echoed throughout the large throne room. Daniellla snapped herself out of her thoughts with such a sudden jerk that she dropped her goblet in surprise. It clattered loudly to the stone floor and rolled on its side a few times before laying still, the only sound now was the soft trickling of water. Daniella looked at the young woman who had ran towards her and shouted. She was dressed in long brown felt robes and scuffed black boots. She had short light brown hair curled at the ends and azure coloured eyes. She took a few uncertain steps towards Daniella staring worriedly into her eyes.

“My Lady?” she asked again uncertainly, “What happened?”

Daniella stared at her, “Nothing Toni, why did you shout like that?”

Toni’s cheeks flushed slightly crimson. “I thought…that you were dead…”

Daniella’s eyes widened.

“I mean you weren’t moving,” Toni continued, “A-and I really thought…. I mean we’ve been through so much together a-and I just didn’t want to loose you” she trailed of looking down at her boots.

Daniella stepped lightly of her diamond-encrusted throne and walked forwards until she was level with Toni. Toni looked up, still blushing. Daniella could understand why Toni had been so worried. Herself and Toni had been best friends since they were very little and had spent a lot of time together; Toni now felt it was her duty to protect Daniella. She had even taken it to calling her ‘My Lady’ even though Daniella would of preferred Toni to call her by her proper name.

“Sorry for scaring you Toni…I just got lost in my thoughts…” A sad expression fell upon Daniella’s face and Toni knew exactly what was wrong.

“He will be back soon, I mean he must have got held up crossing the Crewvin Bridge, those fools from Flora must of ambushed him.”

Toni looked at the extreme state of worrying on Daniella’s face
“But that’s nothing, I’m sure he will be fine, I mean can you really expect Flora, even in their numbers, to challenge the King of the Magnificent Alliance and the Saith Empire?”

Toni let out a short laugh. Daniella smiled nervously. She wasn’t as confident as Toni was about Syrus’s well-being…if he could just come back soon she would forgive all the trouble he was causing at the moment…For a second time the silence was broken, Daniella and Toni turned as the magnificent oak door creaked open and three figures entered. All of them were wearing heavy armour with battle helmets. They approached Daniella and Toni and all three removed their helmets. One of the three threw down his on the floor beside Daniella’s feet, it clattered loudly beside the fallen goblet. Daniella looked at it scornfully then up into the face of the one who had thrown it down.

He had shoulder length unkempt red hair; this hairstyle wasn’t usual for him but was looking particularly tousled after being suffocated by the sweaty battle helmet for such a long time. He smirked at Daniella and gave her a mock bow.

“Your highness, we have returned.”

Toni clenched her fist. “How dare you disrespect your Queen like that Red! You are nothing but a-”

But Daniella cut her off and Toni fell silent. She eyed Red with great disgust. It was true that he had pledged allegiance to herself and Syrus but she figured that he wouldn’t so much as pass her a glass of water if Syrus weren’t there.

“What took you Red? Syrus sent you three 5 weeks ago, a week before he left…”

Daniella trailed off looking unsettled again.

Red’s eyes gleamed maliciously. “Why does it matter to you how long we took as long as we got the job done. Those citizens burned so fast that I didn’t even have time to finish my drink.”

He laughed, the other two remained silent. Both had brown hair of similar lengths. One had a burnt tinge to it, the other, the colour of hazel.

“Didn’t Syrus simply tell you to pillage the villages of gold? He didn’t ask you to kill anyone least of all burn them at the stake”

“They had it coming to them. If they had just stepped out the way and let us take their treasures then they would still be alive today, okay maybe a broken limb or two but still alive”

He gave a hollow laugh. “Speaking of Syrus where is he? We wish to give him the good news.”

Daniella looked away, her eyes glassy.

Red didn’t make a movement. “So he still hasn’t returned? I wonder what has held him up? People say that Flora have ambushed him…why haven’t you sent anyone to check it out Your Highness?”

He gave another mock bow. Daniella swiped a trickle of sweat of her face. “Sometimes there is more to a situation that mere stories, sometimes you have to have faith”

“That’s very touching Your Highness but I have to ask, why were you meeting Flora two weeks ago in Florence field”

Daniellla blushed pink and Toni turned to look at Daniella.

“And how Red, would you know about this if you were in the East, in Nox territory?” Red smirked.

“You don’t have to be in a place to know what is going on, I have my own special group, keeping an eye on things-”

“You mean spying on me,” said Daniella; who was now shaking with anger. Red looked unperturbed.

“Call it what you like but I want an explanation.”

“Red” said the man with burnt colour hair warningly. Red turned.

“What Chad? Aren’t you just as interested in finding out what this- (Red said something that made Toni leap forward in anger but Daniella held her back) has been doing? I mean she pledges loyalty to us, but is that the real story?”

Daniella sighed; she knew that however hard she tried she would never be able to justify her actions to a person like Red. But, if she didn’t try he would be likely to keep pestering her.

“I…if you really want to know Red, I was making a proposal...”

Red frowned. “What kind of proposal?”

“Peace” Daniella said quietly.

“What?” Red had taken a step forward. He was smiling like Christmas had come early. “You went behind Syrus’s back and offered peace to Flora? You wait till I tell Syrus-”

“Tell me what?” The oak doors had slammed open and a tall man entered. He stood in the doorway surveying the scene with his vivid blue electric eyes. He had long very dark, almost black, slightly curly brown hair. He was very noticeable; he had thick eyebrows, dark staring eyes and a thick line of hair running down his chin, which served as a goatee. He was dressed in a combination of rich purple robes and dark grey furs.

“Well, what did you want to tell me?” He took long strides up to Red and threw him his sword; who caught it surprised. Red bowed low, but Daniella knew that he meant it this time. Whether genuine or not; Red’s feelings to Syrus, he would never mock bow to him or show him any sign of disrespect. Just looking at Syrus’s appearance would tell you why. He straightened up, gave a swift smile to Daniella then faced Syrus looking excited.

“My Lord! I am so glad that you have returned! You must be hungry? Can I get you anything?”

Syrus eyed him carefully. “No thank you Red, just tell me what you were going to say.” Red tried hard to contain his glee.

“Well My Lord, I was asking Queen Daniella about a certain meeting that she was taking part in…with Flora.”

Syrus’s eyes flickered onto Daniella, who was looking at the floor, then back onto Red.

“She was offering them a peace proposal”

Syrus didn’t say anything for a few seconds then- “I see. May I ask for us two to be left alone” He indicated to himself and Daniella. Red smirked at Daniella.

“Yes. Of course my Lord.” Red gave another bow and made for the door on the far right. Syrus turned his eyes upon Chad and the other man.

“That means you two as well, Chad, Sean, if you please” Sean was one of Syrus’s distant cousins. They immediately followed Red at Syrus’s words but Toni stood firm.

“Toni” said Syrus warningly.

“My Lord, Her Highness wasn’t doing anything wrong, please don’t”

“That’s enough Toni. Off you go now.”

Toni gave a fleeting look to Daniella; who returned it pleadingly, then went for the left door instead of the right one. Just as Red was reaching the right one, Syrus called after him, “Oh and Red?”

Red turned.

“I forgot to ask, how did your quest to the Noxian village Dimsun go?"

Red’s eyes filled with hunger, reflecting what had happened…