View Full Version : .Red. vs DC

12-21-2006, 04:10 PM
1 vs 1
No Items
Normal Terrain

I'll send out Machop


Dark Charizard
12-21-2006, 04:13 PM
I'll send out m newly Noctowl from ATF, sorry to do this, but use TM psychic.

12-21-2006, 04:15 PM
lol, well this is going to be short. I'll just use Cross Chop, even though I probably won't get the chance to.


12-21-2006, 04:16 PM
Noctowl uses Psychic
No spdef fall

Machop uses Cross Chop

Machop: 38%
Noctowl: 100%


Dark Charizard
12-21-2006, 04:17 PM
Thankies for reffing Ridley, finish it with TM psychic.

12-21-2006, 04:18 PM
Just make this easier and lay down Machop lol. I'll use Cross Chop again....if Machop lives.


12-21-2006, 04:19 PM

Good game? :ermm:

Dark Charizard
12-21-2006, 04:21 PM
Yeah, this was good I guess, thanks for reffing. GG Red.

12-21-2006, 04:22 PM
Short battle, nothing really to say lol. Thanks for pwning me DC and thanks for reffing Ridley.