View Full Version : Rhyme Time!

Anorexic Snorlax
12-23-2006, 05:28 AM
"Yes!" said i with quite the smirk, "The rhyming game will drive you berserk!"

Yeah, it's that game that you play with your friends in family! Rhyming Time!

The rules are simple, so I made a short list f them:

No swearing!
No dissing!
No crit.!

Now time for, "how to play!" The first person ((me)) starts a small sentence with rhymes in it. Person two adds on to that story.

((ex.)) HARRY!: The first few moments that I got out of bed were staring at the ceiling and thinking in my head.
Kelly: Then I smelled breakfast, ahh so warm and yummy. But when I walked in, there was no food for my tummy!

Kay? Here we go!

I woke up to see a elephant on me. I asked it, "what you doin'?" and it said, "Livin' happily!"