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Abhijit x2
12-23-2006, 09:12 AM
Don't ask me anything about this. I Got this in a photoshop guide and thought you guys might like it. So, let's get started

The Matrix code
For the Arcane lettering that is the matrix code, we'll use a cheap but effective substitute-open notepad, Resize it to a smaller size so that you can see the .exe files. Now drag any program's exe into it (now don't ask me how to do that). Copy a considerable chunk of gibberish.
In photoshop create a new 1024*768 document (or whatever size you want it to be) and fill the background layer with black. Select the vertical type tool and draw a type box over the document.
Choose a convincing code font such as Fixedsys. Alternatively you could choose a symbol font such as windings or webdings. Change the font color to fluorescent green and the font size to 18pt (assuming you've selected 1024*768 as your document size-you should experiment with your own values to see which you prefer. Paste the text you copied into this type layer
Open the character palette by clicking on the icon in the option bar. With all the text selected, change the character leading to 30 to space the lines out better.

Stage-2 The mask
Now that the text is ready, you need to create a new layer mask for this type layer. With the mask selected in the layers palette, go to filter>render>clouds to create some clouds in the mask (remember to hit [D] before you do this to restore the foreground and background colors to black and white).
Things seem to be looking up now, but the text still looks a little drab. Spice this up by adding an outer glow thats the same colour as the font.

Lather, Rinse and Repeat
All we need to do now is duplicate the type layer a few times, re-render the clouds so that each layer has a different mask, change the text by copying different blocks from notepad, and move the layers around so that the text doesn't looks overlap. A little movement here, some tranparency there and we are done!!

Hope ya'll guys like it :)