View Full Version : Reffing Wages

07-11-2004, 11:49 PM
Another depressing wages count, and u know what you guys are cheating the system too much taking advantage of 1v1's, so no wages till the money problem is fixed. What more info, then go to the general section and read that. Don't look at me, look at what ur doing and if you ar smart, u'll see why this needs to be. also be my guest to look at all the reffing pg's i had to look and and get depressed over. Don't you people know what ur doing? or do you do it to earn more money? I was nice to give u money for the 1v1 explosion battles but not these. I don't like what this place is turning into....cheating and looking for loop holes to every rule. Not all rules are posted. There are implied rules, but you all aren't smart enough to see beyond ur computer screen.

I'm closing this cause i don't want some idiot to post in here later and then think they got 2 wages like before.

Reffing wages up till 7-11-04 12:36 PM
Jack- $3,000
Curt- $6,500
Shroom- $11,600
Raik- $500
JT- $7,000
D- $14,700
VT- $5,400
Magare- $8,500
Dap- $4,500
Dux- $6,500
Stripe- $5,000
Tamer- $22,400
Mlugia- $54,800
Kold- $10,900
Velly- $5,000