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07-16-2004, 04:13 AM
This fic is called The Prophecy and is rated PG-13 for mild language, and mild violence. Also, there is religious references (God). Although I am not referring to the “God of Christianity,” I am talking about a supreme deity. Just a warning. Enjoy. Note that I will be using a LOT of spacing to make it easier on the reader, and will be using block paragraph format.


“There has been an outbreak of random disappearances of people sailing near the Battle Tower. We go live to Paro Patel to give us the update. Paro.”

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Two people have been reported missing while sailing near a small strip of land southwest of the Battle Tower. The two were a couple of senior Pokemon Trainers intent on going back to their home city, Lavaridge Town. Ship navigators have been advised not to go southwest of the Battle Tower back to any city. If need be, ships should detour to Slateport before going further. We have also been informed that ship navigators must be present at the Council for an important meeting at the Navigator’s Council building tomorrow at 7:00. If you are a ship navigator or have any further questions, please call toll-free from 9AM to 10PM, 1-889-123-4567. Back to you, Tania.”

15-year-old Sonia flicked off the TV and unwrapped a granola bar. “That’s really messed up, and all, all those people disappearing.”

“That’s really scary, too. I wonder what happened. I wonder where they… are…” said her 19-year-old sister Mina ominously, waving the bracelets on her hands. The Pokeballs on it clanged together. Mina stretched and pulled off her sweatshirt, revealing a tank top and two tattoos on her shoulder blades.

“Great, just what I need, something to scare the crap out of me before I go on my first journey. Where’s Mom and Dad?”

“I don’t know, Mama is probably sobbing her eyes out and searching for the camera. Don’t worry, Sonia. You’ll probably find some random people on the road that you’ll travel with. It’s the most fun thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Besides, you went to Trainer’s School for 14 years already, you know the basics. College is even more fun after that.” Mina grinned.

“By the way,” said Sonia, “where is the camera?”

Mina struggled to fish something out of her pants pocket.

“Right here,” she said, smiling.

“Oh come on, give it to Mom already! She’s going to have a heart attack as it is.”

Mina tossed the plastic camera to Sonia. “Give it to her. I think she’s upstairs. Okay, will you tell her that I ran to the Pokemart? My mon are getting antsy. I’ll get some food for them and some supplies. You need anything?”

“Yeah, um, get me a gallon of milk. …Get me about five Potions, too. I’ll need it.”

“Absolutely not,” laughed Mina. “You—she poked Sonia hard in the chest—are going to make this on your own. Just like everyone else. I’ll get you the milk though.”

Sonia rolled her eyes.


She heard the slam of the back door and then the thundering of her mom and dad down the stairs. Then, a rumble of words.


Her dad rested a hand on her shoulder, speechless.

“Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop making a deal of this.” It was more of a statement from Sonia.

Her dad ran to the fridge and pulled out the small wine bottle and three glasses.

“Where the hell is Mina?”

“Hell if I know.” Sonia narrowed her eyebrows while her dad poured a drop of wine in each of the glasses.

“She better not be smoking again. I’ll beat her with a damn stick if she does,” said her mom.

“A toast. To our second Trainer. …Who will hopefully go to college and become a doctor,” Sonia’s dad added innocently. They took a sip.

“Ugh, this crap tastes nasty. Why did you guys even buy this?” demanded Sonia, grimacing.

“A drop is apparently good for health or something… or something,” he repeated. The whole family had an extreme aversion to alcohol.

“Sonia, you must go next door to Professor Birch. He is expecting you. Finally, it is time. It’s so soon.”

“Kinda rushed, huh? Anyway, Mama, I love you. Dad, I love you too. Tell Mina that I’ll probably call her a lot! I love you guys!”

Sonia’s mom was near tears. Then the door slammed. Baby was out in the world.

~delfino feroce
07-16-2004, 06:49 PM

A dark figure ran through the forest. She was a pretty girl, with dark eyeshadow and a black bikini top with dark cloth hanging down from it. She had tiny shorts on which hugged her legs like underwear. Dark cloth hung from it too, covering most of her legs up to her knees. A gun was stashed in her bra and daggers were sheathed at her hip.

“Allah, please don’t let them catch me,” prayed Rani Moustafa.

Footsteps pounded in the Petalburg Forest. Two dark suited men in sunglasses ran towards her. She ran, heart beating a mile a minute. In her head, she could hear the booming voice of the prophetess in her voice:

“Your power shall awaken when the dark girl meets the trainer, and blue hot flames shall shoot from thy palms and water from the soles of thy feet…Thou wilt be called upon to wage the war against the heavens…”

Rani had no clue what this meant. All she knew was she had to escape the Hoenn Government for right now. She kept on running, dirty. Tripping over a stick, she cursed profusely, got back up and started going through patches of grass. A wild Ralts attacked her. She pulled out a dagger and nicked the Ralts, causing it to faint, but without injury. She grabbed a Pokeball from her black leather belt and captured the Ralts.

Panting, she gasped as she saw her only way out was to go through a lake. Deciding not to, she went around it, trying carefully not to fall in. She ducked behind a large oak. The agents stopped three meters in front of the oak tree.

“She’s gone.” They walked away.

Rani let a small sob escape her. Bedraggled, she ran all the way to Littleroot Town.

Sonia had just received a Treecko from Professor Birch and was about to go on the nearest route. Suddenly, something black came hurtling towards her and panting. The black thing was a person. She looked bedraggled.

“Please,” she gasped, “help me, gasp, I gasp, can’t, gasp, breathe, gasp, I was being gasp chased by agents, gasp…”

“Whoa whoa whoa!! I’m going to take you to my house. I live right over there. My name is Sonia. I’ll tell my parents that you’ve, um, been chased by a wild Pokemon.

“Thank gasp you. I’m Rani.”

They both went into Sonia’s house.

“Sonia?” called her mom. “What are you doing back – OH!”

~delfino feroce
07-16-2004, 08:48 PM

“Sonia, who is this?” inquired her mom sharply.

“This is one of my new friends I found over on Route 101. She was being chased by a Pokemon.”

“Oh my God, dear, go straight to the shower! I will get you some band-aids! Oh my God, Oh my God…” Sonia’s mom ushered Rani upstairs. “It’s on your left. There are towels there.”

After Rani had gone upstairs, Sonia’s mom raised an eyebrow. “What is she wearing?”

“I don’t know, but it’s hella tight!”

“You can say THAT again! Can you believe that? I wonder where her parents live!”

“Mom, please don’t comment on her choice of clothes when she comes back down.”

After a few minutes, Rani had let down her ponytailed hair. It was slightly wavy. The black of it no longer matched her clothes; she had changed into green lizard skin pants and a green bikini top. She had a green sheer cloth covering her torso.

Sonia’s mom leaned over to Sonia. “It’s better than that underwear with cloth hanging from it. It looked like a stupid see thru miniskirt! And the color…!”

Sonia was obviously not listening. She was awestruck at Rani’s fashion sense. “You put together fantastic outfits.”

“I make them. And yes, I know they are revealing. I like that. I feel … pretty.”

“Um…dear, would you like to call your parents?”

“I… can’t. I…I don’t want them to worry.”

“Well… okay…” Sonia’s mom was unconvinced. “Sonia, dear, you may want to continue with your journey, it is your first day.”

“I’m on it, Mom. Rani, come with me.”


The door slammed loudly.

~delfino feroce
07-16-2004, 08:49 PM

“…Would you like to come on the Pokemon journey with me?” asked Sonia as she walked with Rani through Route 101.

“Yeah. I’m starting out as a trainer, too. … Although it may be dangerous for you if I come with.”


“The Hoenn Federal Government has been on my ass since… since the prophecy.”

“What prophecy? What about your parents?”

“My parents? Do you know the couple that disappeared?”

“Oh my God, are you joking me? That’s them?”

“Well… yes. So the Feds came to my house and wanted me to live with my rich uncle and aunt. They are a great family. But I didn’t want to go. I am almost of age now. So the Feds told me to live there for a year. I didn’t want to. So I ran off. The HFG is chasing me. But there’s something else they want me for. One day, I went to a nightclub with some friends. I went to the bathroom. There was a prophetess there who prophesied… um… this.”

Rani pulled out a piece of paper from her top.

Sonia read it. “Your power shall awaken when the dark girl meets the trainer, and blue hot flames shall shoot from thy palms and water from the soles of thy feet…Thou wilt be called upon to wage the war against the heavens…What does this mean?”

“Sony, I have no idea.”

“Why … why are the Feds on your case?”

“Because they got wind of the prophecy. Somehow, I don’t know. There was another part of the prophecy I didn’t write down – something about a God. A God, here, in Hoenn.”

“…What does that mean?”

“I am not sure, but hopefully we’ll find out.”

~delfino feroce
07-21-2004, 11:55 PM

Sonia and Rani walked along Route 101. There was a silence for a period of five minutes.

Sony broke the silence. “So, did you get a Pokedex from your Professor?”

“A what?”

“Oh, it’s this stupid thing that fills in information about the Pokemon when you catch it.”

“I see.”

“What Pokemon do you have now? Do you have any? I’ll help you catch one if not. I already have a Treecko.” Sonia’s Treecko, named Shimmy, walked alongside the two girls. Shimmy did not seem to like Pokeballs.

Rani seemed slightly irritated by Sonia’s babying of her. “I already have a Ralts.”

“Wow, that’s pimped! Mine’s about a level four, how about yours?”

“Yeah, mine’s still a baby. Want to battle?”

Sonia narrowed her eyes. “Let’s go,” she said, half smiling.

Rani reached down and pulled up her pants, revealing an anklet.

“So that’s what’s been jingling. I thought you just had a lot of change.”

Rani smiled and pressed a button on one of the blue Pokeballs. A red light flashed, and out popped a Ralts, squeaking and running around. Rani unhooked the Pokeball from her anklet and pulled up her sleeve, hooking the used Pokeball to her charm bracelet. Sonia pressed a button on her necklace and the Pokeball enlarged, releasing a small Treecko, who was whistling and squeaking as he saw the Ralts. The bushes to the left of them rustled a bit.

“Okay, Shimmy, go! Pound! …Well, this wont be much fun, will it? We only have small attacks like Pound and stuff.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll give you a run for your money…” said Rani mysteriously. “Ralts!! Dagger Scratch!”

Rani pulled out two daggers from her backpack and threw them to her Ralts. The Ralts took them in his hands and scratched Shimmy on the stomach.

Enraged, Shimmy lunged for Ralts.

Sonia screamed out. “Go Shimmy!! Quick Attack!” Shimmy backed up and ran towards Ralts, darting back and forth. He rammed into Ralts, sending him flying a few feet into Rani, knocking her down.

“That’s not fair,” yelled Sonia to Rani.

“Why? You were the one that knocked me down! Pound!”

“Pound, Shimmy! I’m talking about the Dagger Scratch attack!”

“Oh, well I’m glad you like it!”

“Final move, Shimmy, Quick Attack!”

“Don’t let her get away with that, Ralts! Pound!”

Shimmy’s Quick Attack connected with Ralts’s head before Ralts could Pound, knocking the Ralts out. Rani angrily pulled off the Pokeball from her wrist bracelet and yelled, “Recall.”

“Well, what do you think of that,” sang Sonia, dancing around. Rani spat angrily on the ground. “I guess you are pretty good. Let’s move on to Oldale Town. I need to heal.”

“Yeah, and Shimmy needs to replenish.” Sonia picked up her Treecko in her arms and walked off to the Pokemon Center in Oldale Town. One of the bushes rustled.

~delfino feroce
07-22-2004, 04:14 AM

The girls entered Oldale Town and made a beeline for the Pokemon Center. Oldale Town was a quaint little town, with about 20 small houses and a large Pokemon Center. The Pokemart was a smaller one, containing necessities, and the human mart was a larger one, containing about five floors filled with various food shops and clothing stores. The streets of this town were very small; a small sedan could barely fit through some of the narrow alleyways.

“Shimmy is getting kind of heavy,” said Sonia, walking out from the grassy patches of Route 101 onto a small sidewalk.

Most of the towns of Hoenn had changed since a few years ago; the cities had started getting real and building small roads for automobiles. However, most people preferred to use Pokemon as a method of transport instead of cars, therefore the noise level was minimal. The Hoenn Federal Government had built highways leading from city to city for the few cars that did exist in Hoenn; however, the cars were not allowed onto Routes. Those who did drive their cars onto the Routes could face jail time; but everyone driving a car was sensible enough and cared about the environment not to drive cars into the Routes.

Rani’s anklets tinkled. She shook her wrists, and the charm bracelet tinkled as well. “I could be an orchestra!” She started jiggling and jangling. Sonia rolled her eyes and stepped down from a sidewalk into the street.

“I need to take these off,” said Rani, pulling off her bright pink and yellow flip-flops off and stuffing them into her backpack. It was a fairly large light and dark blue backpack which was made of thick cloth with four thick rope-like straps colored light and dark blue for hanging along the shoulders. Hung around the shoulder, it doubled as a large, awkward purse.

“What’s in there, anyway?” asked Sonia, curious for a long time.

“Oh, well, why didn’t you ask sooner? I’ve got girl stuff like tam—”

“Besides that!” cut in Sonia quickly.

“I’ve got the prophecy paper, I’ve got some clothes. Oh. This is bigger than you think. It’s got pockets like crazy. And besides, it folds out from the bottom.” Rani unfolded a small flap from the bottom of the backpack, which folded down into a pocket, extending the backpack about two feet. It came down to the back of Rani’s knees now.

“Anyway, I got wind of the prophecy, my parents’ disappearance, and the Feds’ desire to keep me, all at the same time. So, I packed some clothes, packed some weapons, and I’m off. I also have some daggers in here… about… four, and then, my pistol.”

Rani put her backpack on the ground, opened the top zipper, reached her hand all the way down, and slid out the gun just enough so Sonia could see it glinting in the sunlight.

“Oh my God, why do you have that?”

“Protection. I don’t use it and I plan never to. I’ve never killed anyone. I’m not dangerous, don’t worry. You don’t understand what it’s like to be chased by the Feds.”

“Personally, I think it’s stupid that they chase you.”

Rani smiled weakly. “I think it’s stupid, too. I mean, what do they want from me? It has to be something to do with that stupid prophecy. I just can’t seem to figure it out.”

The girls crossed a couple roads and reached the Pokemon Center. The rest of the city did not have any roads. The Federal Government set up the highway so that it passed through all the cities that were not islands in the Hoenn region. The highway exited to a few roads in the city that all led up to a small parking lot where people with cars could park. Then, the drivers had to get out to explore the rest of the city. Then, they could go back to the lot, get in their car, and drive wherever they wished. The law also ensured that thick walls were built around the highways so the peacefulness of cities would not be disturbed.

Rani and Sonia entered the large Pokemon Center and looked around. It was a huge mall-type building with a large pit to the right of the entrance. In this pit were sofas and chairs where people waited for their Pokemon to heal. Once in a while, doctors would rush in with an injured Pokemon, frantic and worried.

The two walked up to the counter where a Nurse Joy and a Chansey stood. They placed their Pokeballs on a tray that a Nurse gave them, and handed it back to the Nurse. “Thanks.” The Pokemon were instantly healed.

The chain of Centers in the Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, and Orange Islands regions had undergone billions of dollars worth of expansions. They had all expanded to include a human care unit, as well as a free Trainer’s lodge on the upper levels of the Pokemon Center. Each Center had undergone major refurbishing and each had its own theme. The Oldale Town’s Center had a chrome theme. The walls were painted silver, and a lot of the sofas were metallic, as well.

It was getting close to the evening, and Rani and Sonia had decided to take up a room in the rooms of the upstairs Center. They received a ticket which was stamped with the date, time, and room 3427. They took one of the glass elevators to the third floor, inserted their key into the door, and fell almost immediately asleep.

~delfino feroce
07-23-2004, 09:43 PM

The sun leaked through the window, bathing a small section of the floor in light. Rani woke up, groaning. She reached a hand from under the covers and felt around for the light switch. She almost switched it on, accidentally knocking it over.

“Sh*t,” she said. “Sonia, wake up.” Sonia was sleeping beside her. Rani lifted her heavy arm and smacked it against Sonia’s ribcage. “Wake up, you big fool.” Dragging herself out of bed, she planted her feet on the floor. Her eyes watered and she stumbled. “Augh, just like a stupid hangover… Not that I’ve had one,” said Rani smugly to herself.

“Jesus Christ, what the hell was that?”

“I smacked you.”

“Heh. Let’s shower and get the hell out of here.”

Rani sat back down on the bed. The two looked sleepy, with their tangled hair and pajamas. Rani was wearing a small spaghetti string tank top with pink shorts with monkeys. Sonia was dressed in flannel pants with a T-shirt.

The two got ready in the next two hours and checked out of the Oldale Town Pokemon Center, giving their ticket back to the Nurse. “Thank you for staying in the Center, and we hope you come back.” Rani was dressed back in her Goth-looking outfit. Sonia had borrowed from Rani, and was now sporting jeans, whose bottoms looked like they were made out of a beaded curtain. Sonia was wearing a white top that wrapped around her diagonally, almost like a halter.

The two exited the Center and made their way for Route 102 to Petalburg Town. Rani and Sonia entered some bushes.

“Let’s catch some ‘mon, ey?” said Rani with a smile. She pulled off the Pokeball containing the Ralts from her bracelet, pressing the button, enlarging the ball and releasing the Pokemon. Something vibrated. Suddenly, a small, blue spider-like Pokemon appeared and started clicking and whirring.

“Go, Ralts! Dagger Scratch!” Rani quickly pulled her daggers out and threw them to her Pokemon. Ralts quickly caught it and scratched the Surskit with the daggers. He became weaker.

“That was easy, good job, baby! Let’s catch it now!” Rani pulled a blue Pokeball from her anklet and threw it at the Pokemon. The suspense built up as the Pokeball violently shook on the ground. After a few seconds, it stopped shaking.

“Alright! I caught my second ‘mon!”

“Not fair!” protested Sonia. She kicked the dirt furiously and rustled the bushes. “Come on, come out! I need to catch one of you!” Sonia picked up Rani’s backpack and thrashed the bushes, knocking down a patch of grass.
“…What… is … this?” Sonia knelt down and picked up a piece of parchment. Near it was a gold scimitar with a brown jewel on top. The scimitar glinted in the light.

“Oh my God, Rani! Come here!” Sonia read the parchment aloud.

“The Scimitar of the Apocalypse will help you on your journey. Use it well. Its true powers will unleash once the end is near. … The end is near? What the hell does that mean? Is this world going to… end, or something?”

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I think it has something to do with the Prophecy.”

“How the hell are we supposed to stash this thing?”

And, if almost by magic, a metallic-colored Pokeball fell out of the parchment and sucked up the scimitar in a flash of light. The words on the parchment faded and revealed a new set of words. “You will master the art of weapons. You must beat gymleaders throughout the region. Then you must face the ultimate test.

Summoning the powers of the Weapons of the Apocalypse is not an easy task. You must channel your energy into the Jewel of the Rock. The scimitar has the ability to destroy all. You must channel your energy slightly positively just to defeat the enemy. Think of such attacks that will immobilize the enemy. Imagine yourself performing them. There is only one enemy which must be killed with the Scimitar, and all weapons of the Apocalypse. Any other foes vanquished by this weapon, its holder shall face a terrible fate, and shall jeopardize the whole Earth.

The Weapons of the Apocalypse can be used by brute force, as well. Smash them against the enemy to weaken them. ”

The parchment faded again. Sonia rolled it up and stuck it and the ball into Rani’s backpack. And as she did, a man in a black suit and sunglasses jumped out and tackled Rani. Screaming, she poked him in the stomach. The two wrestled in the grass for a couple seconds when Shimmy pounded the agent in the back. He yelped and toppled onto Sonia, who stepped aside and let him fall on the ground. Rani screamed at Sonia, “Don’t let your Pokemon out! They are too weak at this stage! It’s better we fight with physical strength!”

“That makes no sense, though! They need the experience!”


Rani grabbed her backpack, sitting a few feet away from her. By this time, Sonia and Shimmy were fighting the agent. Sonia had squatted down on the ground, stuck her leg out, and spun around, knocking the agent over. She tossed Shimmy up in the air, and he landed on the agent’s back. He scratched it, drawing some blood. The agent screamed and let out two of his Pokemon. One of them was a Mightyena, and the other was a Makuhita.

“Sony!” screamed Rani, tripping over a stick trying to rush to Sonia’s side a few feet away in the brush. “They must be level fifteens or so. I’m pulling out the daggers. Catch this!” Rani reached far into her backpack, throwing the silver ball containing the scimitar. The red light shimmered and flashed, and turned to silver. The scimitar lay in Sonia’s hands. “Rani! Catch this!” Sonia threw the silver ball back to Rani. Rani then shoved it in her pack and released Ralts and Surskit. “Go!! Just… take them down with whatever you’ve got!”

Meanwhile, Shimmy, Ralts, and Surskit were in a skirmish with the agent’s Pokemon. Sonia could not concentrate on focusing her energy on the Scimitar and was subsequently fighting a losing battle with the agent. He pulled out two wooden sticks and begin twirling them, smacking them against Sonia’s head. She yelled in anger and pain and tried to concentrate and move at the same time.

“It’s… gasp… not working!” screamed Sonia, spitting out a stream of swearwords and blood. “He’s b-beating the crap out of me!”

“BRUTE F-FORCE, SONIA!” Rani was helping her and Sonia’s Pokemon fight the Mightyena and Makuhita. She had just received a blow to her stomach, knocking her down. Her Ralts’s eyes grew red and angry. He concentrated hard, staring at the Makuhita. He lifted his head up to the sky, floating the Makuhita in the air. Suddenly, Ralts looked down at the floor, causing the Makuhita to crash to the ground. A bunch of Pokemon in the area squealed and ran off. The Makuhita was knocked out. Ralts began to glow for a second, and then he beeped. The Ralts had grown a level.

Sonia was bleeding from her cheek and her leg. She raised the Scimitar up and brought it down on what she thought was the agent’s head, but he swiftly sidestepped the attack. He pulled out a purple and blue colored gun.

Oh, God, this is it. He’s going to shoot me.

Please don’t let him shoot her, thought Rani frantically as her Pokemon tried to fend off the Mightyena.

“He’s tougher than he looks! He must be a level twenty five!” Rani yelled to Shimmy. The pair had attacked from behind but the Mightyena had managed to sense them. Shimmy nodded and squeaked in agreement.


Rani looked up and started sobbing. But Sonia wasn’t dead. The agent fired two shots in the air.


The bullets seemed to have multiplied in the air. Sonia screamed and slid along the ground, avoiding a mess of explosions that hit the ground, setting several bushes on fire. Rani and Sonia hugged each other and sobbed in unison, oh-my-godding every few seconds.

Sonia wiped the tears and charged for the agent, bellowing like a testosterone-pumped monkey. She raised the weapon and smashed it against the agent’s butt. He grunted loudly and fell on his stomach. Sonia knelt down, with her knee on his chest, violently jerked him over, and spat on his face. A drop of blood trickled out of his mouth.

“Okay, he’s still breathing. I hope we don’t get in trouble for this.” Sonia reached into his pocket and pulled out the special gun.

By this time, Rani and the Pokemon had knocked out the Mightyena. “Let’s get out of here.” The two recalled their Pokemon (except Shimmy), brushed themselves off, and proceeded to walk off into Petalburg City.

~delfino feroce
07-27-2004, 02:50 AM
20 years ago


The Black Angel swirled around in his chair. The black cloaked man turned up the fan in his underwater cavern.

“Christ, it’s hot in here.” He fanned himself furiously. Putting out his palms toward the fireplace, he concentrated and the fire went out. He then walked up to a painting in the wall, and put his open palm on it. He released his hand, and moved aside. The painting slid to the right, revealing a large safe.

“Here it is, finally!” said he excitedly. He telekinetically lifted up a silver metallic ball from the safe and set it on the table by the fire.

“This… this is the ultimate weapon… I can vanquish The Supreme Being with this! Finally! I can get rid of the Federal Government and do what I was meant to do myself!”

He held a large sword in his hand. Pressing the button on the metallic ball, he let the ball suck up the Justice Blade.


The Apocalypse Ball wiggled and vibrated. It began to glow all colors of the rainbow, lighting up the whole room. The Black Angel shielded his eyes. Red light filled the room, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then purple. The Ball grew larger and grew wings. It began to fly around the room, whooshing and whirling in pools of light. The ball opened, emitting a ring shaped stream of fire around the Angel. Water gushed from the Ball, enveloping him in a blanket of aqua. Surprisingly, the Angel came out dry as he lifted from the ground as a stream of rocks flew at him. He gasped, but the rocks went straight through him.

Once the Ball had finished its show, the Black Angel laughed viciously. His cold laughter filled the underwater chamber. Now, lying on the floor, instead of the Apocalypse Ball, were two daggers. The daggers had the inscription Tenshi no Kuro. Each dagger had nine stones in a row on their blade, which lit up in consecution. The first one was the brown Jewel of Rock. The second was orange, the Jewel of the Antagonist. The third was yellow, Jewel of Energy. The fourth was red, and was the Jewel of Inferno. The next was a clear Jewel of Normality; the sixth was the sky blue and white Jewel of Altitude, the seventh was the purple Jewel of the Mind, and the eight was the Jewel of Water. The final Jewel was a combination of colors of all the previous eight Jewels. It glowed eight times.

He picked up the daggers, and ran his fingers through them. He swiftly ran it across his wrists. Black blood suddenly oozed out of the cut. He laughed a vicious laugh. The Black Angel was all-powerful now. He had obtained the Tenth and Final Weapon of the Apocalypse.

The Tenth Weapon of the Apocalypse was a combination of the ten weapons. When all the other nine weapons were combined, it matched the user’s personality and turned into a weapon accordingly. These nine weapons remained constant. And only one other person, by destiny, had managed to get their hands on these weapons.

The Black Angel reflected on his past; what he had done to get there.


“What is this?” said Kyle. He found a metallic, silver colored ball glinting in the light. A piece of parchment was next to it. He read it over and over, and couldn’t believe his eyes.


“Please, please, please!! Spare me! I have done nothing!!” screamed the lady.

“No… you are such a valuable … source of information… I must kill you…” said he, twirling a lock of her golden hair in his fingers.

The lady became enraged. Tears in her eyes, she got up and pointed to him. In an almost prophetic voice, she boomed, “You are the Black Angel! You will be destroyed in the end! You have used the weapons of the Apocalypse foolishly! You have killed one person with each of the weapons you acquired! Only the Supreme Being can tell why such a weapon of destruction was placed in your hands! I curse you! You will never find happiness and you will die a long, slow death!”

“Curse me, foolish lady? I shall become immortal! I will drink the blood of the Supreme Deity! Then I shall rule all the four corners of the Earth!” He kicked her down to the ground. Raising the Justice Blade to the sky, he plunged it into her heart. Her screams stopped. The deed was done.

~delfino feroce
07-28-2004, 05:28 AM

Before Sonia and Rani decided to enter the city before them, they felt they needed to make additions to their teams. After a few exciting fights, Sonia already had a Ralts, whom she named Raleigh, and a Seedot, which she named

Sonia and Rani ran a few meters into Petalburg City. Suddenly, Sonia felt her pocket vibrate.

“Oh my God, I think it’s my parents!!” said Sonia, almost screaming.

“Don’t worry! There’s nothing to say… all you have to do is tell them that you’ve had a normal journey,” replied Rani.

Sonia flipped open the top and nervously pressed the “Yes” button on the vibrating phone. Her mom’s shrill, distinctly Indian-motherly voice rang out.

“Sonia, beti, kahaa hai tu?” inquired her mom.

“Main tik hum, I’m alright. Mom, I’m near Petalburg City. I haven’t gotten any badges yet, so…” Sonia felt herself trailing off.

“Okay, well don’t get yourself hurt! Have fun! Bye bye!” Sonia’s mom perkily ended the call.

“Jesus, that was boringly standard.”

“I told you,” said Rani.

The two walked into the nearest Pokemon Center. They were heavily cut up and dirty. Shimmy was no longer beside Sonia; this was one occasion where he wanted a nice rest in his Pokeball. It turned out that Shimmy had gained a whole ton of experience, and it wouldn’t be soon till he evolved.

“N-nurse Missy, we need you to heal our Pokemon,” breathed Rani, looking down briefly at the name tag the young RN bore.

“…Of course…! You all are looking like you need some medical attention, right now. I suggest you go to the First and Second Aid units. Just exit out the side door, walk a few feet, and enter the other part of our building. Or, if you like, you may take the overpass. It starts right there.” Nurse Joy pointed to a hallway, much like an airport terminal, which had a conveyor belt leading to another section of the gargantuan Pokemon Center. When they arrived at the First and Second Aid unit, they approached the desk and asked.

“Um, we, um, need some, um… first aid… as you can see…”

The man smiled. Yes, they could have some First Aid, just proceed through those white swinging doors, he said. They pushed the swinging doors, smacking Rani in the back. Cursing furiously, she went into an empty waiting room. A nurse came in after a few minutes.

“Wow, you guys are bruised up! Rough fight! Okay, this is weird…how did you girls get this?”

Rani and Sonia looked frantically at each other. Sonia pretended to search through her backpack.

“Oh, I, um, we, um, we keep getting chased by Pokemon,” Rani said despairingly and pleadingly, almost like she was saying, “Please, please believe us and don’t ask further.”

Fortunately, the nurse took a hint. “You know I don’t believe you, and I don’t want to ask anymore, but you are going to have to report whoever or whatever is doing this to you, okay? Please, promise me that!”

Rani nodded darkly. Sonia muttered under her breath, just so Rani could hear, “The thing that’s attacking us is with the people we need to report it to…”

The nurse treated their wounds, and they went back into the Pokemon Wing of the Center. Nurse Missy presented their Pokeballs back to them. Rani snapped them on her ankles and wrist, and Sonia threaded them around her necklace. Nurse Missy spoke to them.

“Wait, don’t leave!” The two girls turned around.

“Who has the Treecko?” asked the RN.

“I do!” Sonia held her hand up.

“Your Treecko is dangerously close to evolving. I suggest you build up your party, and then battle Norman, the old master of the Petalburg Gym.”

“Thank you,” said Sonia, dropping six dollars into the donations bin and walking out the door.

“So, what do you propose we do, dahling?” asked Rani.

“Let’s explore this city a little more.” They walked off into the distance.


“Wow, this is just fantastic! A trainer’s arcade!”

“It says right here that Pokemon can get a small amount of experience points by using our battle simulator.” Sonia squinted as she read a small sign. They pulled the glass door, and a bell rang.

Trainers flooded the whole arcade, which was about ten thousand square feet total. There were many games, some of which involved the trainer and Pokemon putting on virtual reality helmets. Every two seconds a trainer was heard screaming an attack. Sometimes, gasping could be heard at the level of challenge the computers presented, or that the trainers’ Pokemon had simply been attacked.

Sonia sprinted to the nearest open machine, and looked like she was ready to kill someone if they took it. “OUT OF MY WAY!” she screamed to no one. But apparently, no one heard over the buzz and noise of screaming trainers, whistling, growling, and squeaking Pokemon, and the occasionally beeps of the evolving Pokemon. If a Pokemon evolved in the arcade, the owner gave them a prize.

Sonia threw a reality helmet to Shimmy and slipped one on her head, just as she heard the faint scream of Rani, “I CAN’T RUN IN FLIP FLOPS!! Oh, God, GET OUT OF MY WAY!! …YES!! YESS!!! HAH HAH, EAT THAT!!”

Suddenly, the words What is your name? appeared in front of her. A keyboard image appeared in front of her. She reached out her hand and pressed … nothingness towards the ‘S.’ The S appeared on the flickering cursor at the top. She continued to key in ‘Sonia.’

Place your Pokeballs in this tray. A tray lowered forward. Surprisingly, it was real. She put her Pokeballs in the tray. A small red light lit up under them.

Thank you. Please keep your Pokeballs here for easy access for the remainder of the match.

Choose difficulty: Easy <-> Medium <-> Hard”

Sonia pressed on “Medium.”

Let the battle begin.

A Pokeball appeared on the screen, and then a flash of light.

~delfino feroce
07-29-2004, 03:37 PM

A stream of red light emitted from the virtual Pokeball on the screen. Sonia crossed her fingers. The light formed into a medium-sized Pokemon. It looked like a small fish, except it had four legs as well as some fins. Sonia pulled out her Pokedex and pointed it at the creature.

“Mudkip,” emitted the Pokedex, in a female voice. Sonia frowned. “I don’t suppose you can tell me more?” she demanded to nobody in particular. The Pokedex voice answered back: “You must catch this Pokemon to view its entry.”

“Holy sh!t!” exclaimed Sonia, almost toppling over.

A male voice on the screen said, “Please start the battle in five…four…”

Sonia quickly pulled a Pokeball from the tray and pressed the button, enlarging the ball and releasing Shimmy.

“Go, Shimmy! You need some experience points, so…use Quick Attack!” Shimmy nodded in compliance and began to charge for Mudkip, darting back and forth. Before the Mudkip had a chance to attack, Shimmy whacked him on the back of the head, causing a sufficient amount of damage. The Mudkip yelled in pain and began to charge for Shimmy as well. Quick Attack was deadly accurate; and Shimmy would be sure to be hit. Sonia called out to him, “Brace for the impact!!” Shimmy planted his feet firmly in the ground and slackened his body. Mudkip rammed into Shimmy’s stomach. He leaned way over back, not quite falling down, but able to get back up. Almost involuntarily, Sonia cursed.

“Alright, Quick Attack Pound Combo!!” screamed Sonia desperately. Shimmy gave her a hard stare as if to say, “We’re still in the lead, don’t get desperate.” Then, he changed his expression as if to say, “What the hell is Quick Attack Pound Combo??”

Sonia recognized his expression of doubt. “Quick Attack him and Pound him at the same time!” Shimmy saluted her, but inside, he was still doubtful whether he could execute two moves in one turn. He charged for the Mudkip, Quick-Attack Style, Quick Attacked the Mudkip, then Pounded at the same time. Mudkip’s energy was visibly low.

“Alright, Shimmy, finish him off with another Quick Attack!” Shimmy nodded in compliance and Quick Attacked Mudkip again. The Virtual Mudkip fainted.

Suddenly, Shimmy began to glow. Sonia shielded her eyes from the light. He began to grow a little, then transform. A protrusion grew from his head, and wings began to sprout form the beam of light that was Shimmy. Once Shimmy had stopped evolving, he roared out. Sonia rushed up to Shimmy and began to cry. He stood slightly above the teenager. He petted her head. She wiped her tears, and they continued their battle.

Shimmy did not let Sonia down; he beat both the next two of the Virtual Pokemon. Once her battle was finished, she removed her helmet. A small piece of orange paper thrust out of a slot. She grabbed it and looked at it.

User Name: Sonia Patel
Number of Pokemon: 3
Opposing Pokemon: 3; Mudkip, Makuhita, Zigzagoon
Evolution? Yes, Treecko into Grovyle

Please claim your prize at the front desk.

Sonia jumped with excitement and showed it to the Grovyle. He hugged her and emitted a low throaty growl, as if to say, “Good Job!” The two ran up to the front desk and gave the man the ticket. He examined it and said, “Here is your prize.” He handed her 50$. She squealed in excitement and began to jump, arm in arm, with Shimmy. “YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!!” The man rolled his eyes and went back to reading his newspaper.

By this time, Rani had finished battling. She presented her slip to the same man. “Of course, I evolved as well,” she said, jokingly snootily. “Now I have a Kirlia.”

“Woot,” replied Sonia. “Now, let’s get out of here, I want to go around the city, exploring, then, we’ll probably go onto a Route and start some training.” The girls paid the exit fee and then exited the Pokemon Arcade. Sonia commented on the Arcade: “The machines are cheap, but the exit fee isn’t!”

Unbeknownst to them, a pair of brown eyes watched them carefully from the bushes straight ahead. The pair of eyes pulled up a cloth bandana that covered his mouth and nose, and then pulled up a gray hood.

They walked around the city. Hoenn’s cities were certainly different from twenty years ago, not to mention the Highway. Every few seconds, a battle would erupt at least five feet away from where one would stand; and it was not unusual to have four or five spectators at a time watching your battle. Every five minutes one could here a “Oh my God” or a “God Damn it” or even “Holy f*cking sh!t!” Sonia and Rani alternated between having one on one battles and two on two battles.

Once they had battled about ten people, they ventured out onto Route 104 leading to the Petalburg Forest. However, they didn’t get very far when the pair of eyes, concealed under a mask, jumped out and attacked them. Yelling like a madman, he brandished his spear and his Pokeballs.

“Let’s battles, b!tches!!”

“Whoa, you better get your f*cking @$$ over here we’re going to f*ck you up bad!!” screamed Sonia back.

“Jesus Christ, Sonia!! Let me have some of him!” Sonia put on a puzzled expression. “What?” asked Rani. “…It’s nothing,” she replied.

But there was something oddly familiar about the voice of spear-man.

~delfino feroce
07-29-2004, 10:09 PM
20 Years Ago


The Black Angel greedily picked up the daggers. “The Tenth weapon of the Apocalypse, now I must journey to the Fallujah Strip… when the ultimate Foe must be vanquished.”

The Black Angel pulled out a black Pokeball. A red stream of light emitted and formed into a serpent-like Pokemon. It had a bluish tail, and was striped pink and white.

“Milotic, we’re going to dive and resurface near the Fallujah Strip Island. I’m going to take every single Pokemon I have… not that that will be necessary… I have, after all, completed the Final Weapon of the Apocalypse…”

The Black Angel reached over to his PC, where he typed in a command. C:>/dispenser.exe/dispenseall.dsx. A message flashed. “Dispensing All 320 Pokemon.”

“This should take an hour.” The Angel sighed and picked up twenty other Pokeballs from the desk. He pressed the button on each of them, enlarging the Pokeballs. He pushed them all off of the desk, releasing a huge mass of laser-like light. These light forms soon went from amorphous to the outline of Pokemon, then forming into the physical forms of the Pokemon. They were an assortment of Pokemon; ranging from fighting types such as Hariyama and Primeape, all the way to psychic types, such as Kadabra and a legendary bird, Lugia. The Black Angel had obtained the Lugia in a most murderous way. He had traveled to a mysterious unnamed island in the Johto region where he kidnapped a baby Lugia. He was caught and threatened to kill the young fledgling if they did not leave him be. They attacked, but found that their powers were useless against this formidable Angel of Destruction. They begged the Black Angel not to kill the young bird. Almost as a nice gesture, he took another Lugia, the baby’s sister, with to keep the baby company.

It had been almost five years since the kidnapping of the Lugia, and both were fairly big. They were hardly respectful of their master; fearful of their fate if they were irreverent.

The motley of Pokemon began squawking, babbling, and squealing all at the same time. Their master snapped his fingers.

“You shall now be known as the Minions of the Black Angel.” He pointed to the PC spitting out the Pokeballs. “We are going to journey to Fallujah Island to take out the biggest opponent of all. We must not be stopped at any costs. Those are all of my Pokemon, the rest of the Minions.” He then pointed to a striped black-and-silver Pokeball with a computer screen on the back. This computer screen displayed, at the top, “Box 1.” Under the Box 1 was a square, where small icons of Pokemon were displayed to say which ones were in each box. Beside the LCD screen was an A button, a B button, and an arrow keypad. There was a stylus holder built into the side of the ball if the user did not wish to use the keys. “Once the computer is done spitting out the rest of the Minions, I would like you all to help carry them onto the table and let them all be stored in the Master Pokeball. This Pokeball will carry all of my Pokemon.”

Three Hours Later

Milotic had used her Dive move to help the Black Angel get to Lilycove Port, where he would take a connecting ferry from the Docks to Slateport, board another ferry and head to the Airport, where Milotic would have to complete the journey to Fallujah Island.

Fallujah Island was a mysterious island close to the Airport, just past the suspension bridge part of the highway, as well as a little bit past the Government Island. It had taken a full hour to eject all of the Angel’s Pokemon from the PC, and then another half an hour to upload all of the Pokemon in the Storage Ball. It had taken half an hour for Milotic to Dive from his underwater cavern just south of Ever Grande City; for they had to keep resurfacing every ten minutes to keep Milotic alive. They had to rest for a couple minutes in the middle, as well.

They had approached Lilycove Port, which had been renamed “Stripper City” by night by the locals as well as people who had been there. People thrived off of night. The streetlamps went on. The neon street signs glowed in the night. They blinked and flashed several times. Loud showgirl music played everywhere. The bars’ doors opened, and loud swing music floated from it. Drunken guys and sobbing, drunken girls ploughed around the street with empty beer bottles in their hands. Policemen constantly patrolled the streets. The casinos were abuzz with talking people, cries of frustration, the clink of coins, the spinning and turning of the slots and roulette machines.

The Black Angel was not dressed in his usual black trenchcoat and sunglasses. Rather, he had chosen to disguise himself in a different way; normal clothes. He slinked off towards the Docks.

~delfino feroce
07-30-2004, 12:46 AM

“Come on and battle me!!” he hollered. “With Pokemon, and with physical strength!” He threw out three Pokeballs, releasing a Dratini, Staryu, and a Houndour. The serpent slithered in the grass, almost climbing up Rani’s leg. She shrieked and shook the serpent off. Spearman laughed heartily.

“Do you have weapons?” he said. His voice was smooth and clear, the tiniest bit Spanish.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we do!” exclaimed Rani angrily. “You know, I don’t know, who the hell you think are, just coming out of the bushes attacking us like that, but…”

“Shut the hell up, Rani, you’ve been doing this before.”

“Yeah, but those are people who are supposed to catch me.”

“Come on, Shimmy, Raleigh, Nicki! Let’s go!” she pulled out the Apocalypse Ball, pressed the button in the center, revealing the Scimitar. She brandished it and spun the heavy sword in her hands, landing it two hairwidths from Spearman’s nose. “We could play Do or Die…” she said, trailing off.

“That wasn’t my intention! Go, Dratini! Aurora Beam that Grovyle!” he exclaimed, just as Rani let out her Surksit and her Ralts.

“Alright, Rani! You take the Pokemon, and I’ll take the Scimitar and beat this guy to death!” Sonia turned to the Spearman, narrowed her eyes, and said in a sinister voice

“Let’s go.” She charged forward to the Spearman, aiming for smashing the golden thing to the side of his head. Spearman thrust his spear forward to Sonia’s Scimitar. “Jesus Christ, it’s heavy!” she yelled to Rani on the side. However, Rani was having her own issues. The Pokemon had stopped obeying Rani’s commands and were engaged in a physical match to the death, tooth and nail. Rani just stood by there, whining and screaming, “STOP IT!! STOP!! STOP!!” It was no use.

Sonia was fazed by the sheer weight of Spearman, who had nicked her in the cheek. They were engaged in a fierce swordfight-type battle. Sonia aimed low, for the side of the hip. She smashed it against the right side of his hip. He toppled over, spear splayed out in his hand. Sonia pinned down his arm with her left foot to keep him from getting up and the wooden part of the spear with her right. She brought up the Scimitar over her head, and chopped off the spear part. She jumped away. After two seconds, Spearman quickly got up and began spinning it in his hands. “Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think that hasn’t been done before?? Fool…” He spun it around like a baton, smashed it against both sides of her head, then prodded the butt of it against her stomach. She fell over on her butt. She sprung back up, and reached the sharp end towards his cheek and slashed it. Blood began to ooze out of the wound. She kicked him hard in the stomach, and when he sprung back up, she used the blade to knock him in the head, causing him to fall back down. He poked the stick back up and started to smash it all along the side of her body. The battle raged on.

Meanwhile, Rani was fighting a losing battle, not with the opposing team, but with her own Pokemon. All of the Pokemon had disregarded each other and were engaged in a full out wrestle. What was worse, Rani had previously called out Dagger Scratch, and her Ralts now had daggers and was scratching up the opponents. Shimmy turned everything into a boxing match; he was in the middle of punching out the Dratini, when Rani yelped. “Please, please, listen to me!!” Her words fell on deaf ears.

Sonia had slipped and slid under Spearman’s wide open legs. He was about to hit her as she slid, but instead, she grabbed his stick. She sprung up behind him, and before he could turn around, she smacked the spear handle against his butt, and cut a notch in his back, causing a red spot to seep through his gray hoodie. He struggled to get up, but Sonia pinned him down and slapped his hooded face.

“Now, to reveal the Spearman.”

~delfino feroce
07-30-2004, 04:34 PM
20 Years Ago


The ride from Lilycove to Slateport was an uneventful one. Throughout the thirty minute journey, the Black Angel stayed in his cabin, stepping out for nothing. He was glad all of his Pokemon were in their balls; they would have become restless and edgy. Once the H.R.S. (Hoenn Region Ship) Discovery had reached Slateport, the Black Angel quickly got off. He was relieved that he didn’t need to take any luggage with him to avoid suspicion; enough trainers with no luggage came on boats every day.

And then, for the next connecting boat to the Airport. After he exited the boat, he quickly proceeded to a terminal, presenting his ticket to the ticket collector. She stamped the ticket, ripped part of it off, handed him a stub, and pointed him to the gate. He entered the gate, where he saw Dock #34. He boarded the ferry, for his journey to the Airport.


After three quarters of an hour of sailing, they finally reached the Airport. This was the final straw for them. The Black Angel was going to commit a deed so murderous, no one had ever done it before. He wanted to rule supreme. This was his Hoenn. Hell, this was his world. He had the right idea; he was going to take over Hoenn; the all the newly formed regions, for they would be easy to vanquish; then the Orange Islands, then Johto; and then finally Kanto. Still more time passed as he traversed the seas from the Airport Island to Fallujah Island.


He reached on Fallujah Island. It was a cold, mysterious, dark island, shrouded in mist. Only here, the skies were constantly grey. His Milotic pulled up to the Island. He got off and recalled her into the Storage Ball. There was a dark cave up ahead. Hand on his Storage Ball in the pocket of his newly-donned trenchcoat, he entered the cave.

It was totally empty except for a few Zubat that kept attacking him. Annoyed with their insolence, he pulled out his gun and aimed it at the Zubat. Echolocating rapidly, they detected a firing weapon and scattered madly. Keeping it raised so that other Zubat could detect it, he went through the cavern’s twists and turns. After the first turn, there was a ladder to a lower floor. He climbed down it. Everything was dark, so he summoned his Absol to use Flash.


He heard a thunderous rumble behind him. Absol screamed and frantically dashed off. The Black Angel glimpsed behind himself and saw an awful creature – it had a half human, half Machamp face, with three of these awful heads. Its legs were long and spiny; there were three of them, colored blue and green. Two of these legs ended in humanlike feet, and the other two ended in hooves. It threw its head to the sky and roared, lolling its three forked tongue out. Its eyes were black and glittered madly against Absol’s flash. Everytime it planted its alien legs down, it shook the Earth below. The Black Angel ran for his life.

He realized then that he was going to be the Supreme Ruler of the Earth, he must learn to command these awful Beasts of Hell! He pulled out his gun and shot the creature three times. This only seemed to encourage the beast more. What was horrible, was that each time the bullet hit the creature, a new head grew onto the beast. The third and fourth heads were part human, with a Girafarig nose. The Black Angel was truly terrified. As he ran throughout the cave, he tripped on a stick. Paying no attention to his injuries, he followed his Absol, who seemed to know the way to an exit. Little did he know, that the friendly-black gleam in Absol’s eyes had turned to red…

Absol quickly jumped down a hole, with the Black Angel following suit. Just as soon as he did, the awful creature did, but got stuck in the hole because of his enormous girth. Seizing the opportunity, the Black Angel pulled out the Tenth Weapon of the Apocalypse, and sliced the creature to pieces, leaving a pool of blue green flesh and orangey-purple blood.

Absol galloped towards a wooden door and began scraping the blade on his head against the dilapidated door. He pushed and pulled hard. Nothing. Getting an idea, he pulled the Apocalypse Daggers out and cut a rift in the door. The door melted into a puddle of hot sludge at his feet, melting the soles of his shoes. “Sh!t!” he yelled. He stepped into the chamber. It was a stone chamber. He turned back. There was no door, there was no exit. He noticed a small piece of parchment, scribbled in a gothic font: “Now, you must facemy minions. Hope you make it out alive!” The signature was illegible, but the Black One knew exactly who it was…

Immediately, he knew that this was no joke. It was either life or death. He was facing the Supreme Deity.

He was going to try to kill God.

~delfino feroce
08-01-2004, 02:09 AM

Sonia pulled off the mask and gasped. Panting, Rani walked over and looked at Spearman’s smiling face, and Sonia’s horrified, blank stare. Too confused, Rani just walked to her and Sonia’s Pokemon, watching the continued struggle. Rani heard Sonia scream, “YOU ******!” Rani glanced over and saw Sonia glomping the hooded figure.

“Damn, you’re a hella fighter,” he said. He walked over to the battle scene, where the exhausted but driven Pokemon were involved in their tousle. Rani just stood there, rolling her eyes, cheering, and even laughing at points. Spearman recalled his Pokemon.

“Oh, how are you?” she hugged him again.

Rani looked amazed. “Okay, I’m guessing you have a relation to this jerk!”

“…Rani, this is my brother! By the way, he’s 19, just like my older sister.”

“…holy sh!t! He’s a great fighter! … I’m Rani Moustafa, nice to meet you.”

Sonia’s brother shook her. “… I want to fight you, sometime. Anyway, my name is Vinay, but most people call me Vin. Can I come on your journey?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Sonia. “Why aren’t you in college?”

“School is over, duh. Why did you think Mina was at home?”

“I thought you were taking summer classes!”

“I did, I was taking a field studies class. Actually, I’m supposed to go out on a journey of my own, documenting things like wildlife, and stuff like that. It’s really dumb. I’m supposed to give this bigass report to my instructor at the end of the summer school term, which comes in like, a month and a half.”

“How were your regular subjects coming along?”

“Oh, well, I got some A’s, a couple B’s, and a C in Number Theory… Jesus Christ, I hated that Professor…”

Rani was listening when she finally piped up. “Where do you go to college?”

“Oh, I go to Sambo State University in Vanilla City in the region of Sambo… it’s a really new university, and it’s supposed to be top out of all of the regions. Sambo’s about…five hours from here. The campus is huge. So, where are you guys planning to go?”

“Well, I think we all need a good healing, let’s walk to the Center again. …How are we going to explain all of our wounds?” asked Sonia.
“We’ll say we were chased by— ”

“Pokemon,” said both girls. “We tried that already.”

“Well, we’ll do the best we can.”

“Oh, and Vin?” Rani asked of Vinay.


“Expect to be randomly assailed by guys in black suits along the journey.” He grinned at Rani’s remark. “I’ll be glad to,” he said, with the same evil, cold look Sonia got in her eyes when her brother challenged her to the fight.

The trio journeyed to the Pokemon Center, more than slightly banged up. The nurse eyed them suspiciously. After an hour, they had all been healed, free to continue onto Route 104 and onto the Petalburg Forest.

~delfino feroce
08-01-2004, 07:08 PM
20 Years Ago


The piece of parchment faded in the Black Angel’s hands. He stared at it as it flashed a new set of words.

I can only smile upon your horrible fate. You have used the weapons of the Apocalypse to murder innocent people. You killed a prophetess, Kyle, and you will pay not only for that, but her bidding is true! You will never escape my minions. Prepare to die.

The parchment faded again. The Black Angel picked up his Storage Ball, powered it on, and then pulled out the stylus, pressing “Queue All Pokemon.” Suddenly, there were about three hundred flashes of red light that filled the small chamber. The flashes of light began to form into shapes of Pokemon. The Black Angel’s Pokemon had all materialized within a few seconds.

The piece of paper changed again.

Bring it on.

Suddenly, one of the stone walls whooshed and began swirling in a red whirlpool. The horrible, mutant creatures began spewing out and attacking. They all roared loudly. He immediately set all of his Pokemon to work.

“All of you, use your most powerful attacks till you cannot anymore!! This we shall conquer!!”

Even after five minutes, him and his pokemon had already started to take a beating. The creatures were woefully strong and bloodied a couple of the Pokemon to death. The Lugia were trying to fend off a part human, part Machamp, part Ninetails, part Registeel. They were fighting a losing battle, as they had lost a lot of blood. The battle raged on.

Meanwhile, the Black Angel himself was fighting, tooth and nail, with the Tenth Weapon of the Apocalypse. He could rip and shred through any enemy at a time, however this was made difficult because of the sheer number of enemies. He had torn a mutant to ribbons, suddenly, when the biggest monster came out. It was a mutant blob of nothingness, consisting of all 386 Pokemon. It rushed towards the Angel’s Pokemon, ripping them to organs and blood, trashed all over the floor. They were all dead.

The parchment, which the Black Angel had managed to keep in his hand, displayed a new message:

You will now pay.

The big brute roared and made an awfully deafening noise, causing blood to pour from the Angel’s ears, eyes, and nose. He screamed. The animal threw its head back, growled, and bit the Angel’s arm off. Grabbing the Angel’s Apocalypse Daggers, the Creature of Justice extended a steel claw, pulling out each of the Ten Stones and throwing them into the whirlpool in the stone wall behind.

The monster roared its evil roar, and bit the Angel in half, just above his pelvis. The brute cackled, viciously ripping at the flesh and blood. He took a claw and raked the Black Angel’s eyes out.

Blood soaked the parchment, whom the Black Angel had still managed to keep in his dead, outstretched hand.

I told you so.

But one terrible, terrible, fateful mistake had been made: although the Black Angel was vanquished physically, his black soul was free to roam the Earth, free to capture a new body…

~delfino feroce
08-02-2004, 12:53 AM
also entitled “discovery”

“Alright, so where do you guys want to go?” inquired Sonia, after she had easily struck down Norman with Shimmy and her other Pokemon. Sonia kept checking her new badge. Rani smiled, gently saying: “Sonia, it’s still going to be there.”

“I know, I’m checking. My first badge…”

“Hey, Soni! I need to go to Rustboro back to pick up my car. Your Pokemon have gained a whole lot of experience, let’s go catch some new ones, defeat Roxanne, pick up my car, and then we can go to get your second gym badge.” The trio headed off to the Petalburg Forest. Sonia pressed her nose stud in compliance and they headed off.


It was five o’clock in the late afternoon, and Petalburg Forest was starting to get dark. Just after Rani and Sonia caught a Shroomish, Sonia whacked down a patch of grass with Rani’s backpack.

“Look, the parchment!”

This is the Second Weapon of the Apocalypse. It is the Combat Knife with the Jewel of Normality. Although you, the Chosen Ones, Sonia Patel and Rani Moustafa, have chosen to deviate from the normal order of battling gymleaders, you will now get the appropriate Apocalypse Weapon after you beat the Gymleader. But now, it is imperative that you go to Rustboro and claim the badge from Roxanne.

You are going to receive the Combat Knife with the Jewel of Normality embedded in the handle. To switch between multiple weapons that are in the Apocalypse Ball, just think about which one you want. Just as you have been doing before, press the button on the ball, it will transform into a weapon, sending the ball back into your pack.

Remember, you must not kill anyone with these weapons. Apocalypse and ruin is already amongst us; killing would cause more ruin.

Your first test is closer than you think. Please begin.

Instictively, Sonia summoned the Combat Knife, as two skilled agents popped out. She also summoned the Scimitar, and tossed it to Rani. She beckoned Vinay to come forth and help them in the fight. He brandished his spear in agreement.

Sonia got the Patel glitter in her eye. “Let’s do this…” she said sinisterly.

Sonia gripped the knife’s handle, palm over the Jewel of Normality. The jewel glowed under her hand. She closed her eyes and concentrated. A beam of blue-green light shot from the tip of the knife, hitting one of the agents square in the stomach, knocking him over. Rani and Vinay rushed to cover Sonia as two other agents jumped down from the trees. Sonia rushed to the knocked down agent, who sprung back up and whacked her straight in the cheek with a whiplike object. She screamed in pain, as several notches were cut into her cheek, dripping blood. She screamed curses as she ran back, flipped over twice, and landed on him. She put her foot on his chest, causing him to gag for air. She grabbed the whiplike object from his splayed hand, and whipped his leg. He yelled out in pain as his black suit became damper with blood. She violently turned him over, sitting on him so he wouldn’t move. Ripping open his suit, she cut a large ‘S’ on his left upper back. She turned him over, spit on his face. He made an aughing noise. She called out her Grovyle from his tangle with the other Pokemon. He lifted the agent up, and threw him into a bush, joining Rani and Vinay’s fight.

Rani and Vinay were attempting to take on three agents. Sonia joined in, and they were relieved. The three ran backwards, and started to charge into the three agents. Vinay had his 3 meter spear extended as one of the agents ducked to the side, causing Vin to miss a wild Pokemon by a hair. Sonia took on another agent, using a mind attack. A purple beam of light shot out from the knife, sending the agent thirty feet up into the sky. Then, she caused a laser to emit from the Combat Knife, burning an S on his left exposed cheek. She pointed her knife away from his skyward direction, and he came crashing down on his tailbone. He groaned and rolled down an incline.

Vinay was fighting a losing battle; his weapon had no special abilities. He was bleeding from cuts and scrapes from rolling on the ground. The two had managed to knock each others’ weapons down, but got into a full body wrestle. They were rolling down a small incline. Vinay bit on his shoulder; the agent punched his bleeding gut. Vinay screamed and smacked the agent’s back, where there was a gash. Sonia looked around, pulled out her knife, concentrated. An orange beam shot out towards the agent’s back. She struggled and pulled, pulling on the knife and the orange beam to help pull the agent away from her older brother. But, there was no luck yet.

Rani was mercilessly smacking the sh!t out of the agent, shooting out purple blasts of water, static electricity, and smacking the agent back and forth, levitating him and then crashing him back down to the ground again. She finally stopped when he stopped moving, but was still breathing. She sighed in relief, and checked his pockets. She found his guns, emptied the ammunition, and placed them near a tree. Guns, guns, more guns. She disposed of them accordingly. But… a small vial of rainbow-colored liquid. She squinted in confusion and put it in her bra.

The three picked off the four agents slowly. It had consumed about an hour of time. Meanwhile, it went without saying that the Pokemon were engaged in a toss up themselves. They had knocked out almost all ten of the agents’ Pokemon, but Rani, Sonia, and Vinay recalled them. They had gained a whole lot of experience learning to be independent.

“I hope they still listen to us…” said Rani worriedly. Twenty minutes later, the three had walked into the Pokemon Center, exhausted, and were treated.

^^ (Six hours later)

It had taken an hour and a half to treat the Pokemon, the trainers, and then to get Vin’s car out of the large parking lot that was standard in each city. After that, it had taken almost forty minutes to defeat Roxanne, and proud with her new badge, they had decided to take a drive to Lilycove to treat themselves, which had taken twenty minutes. Then, they spent about fifty minutes in Lilycove, using Vin’s age limit to sneak in a few pulls of the slot. They ventured out onto the Route for a while to train, picking off trainers one by one. After this, they jumped in his Mini car and drove off. It was about 11 o’clock at night.

The Hoenn I-92 Highway was not actually a highway, it contained stop lights. However, the speed limit was negligible; there wasn’t one, as there were few cars and there were no crashes or no one out at night. Vinay was exercising this right, as he hit the ninety mile per hour mark.

Suddenly, a black, non-stretch limo with a license plate Rani could barely make out – was following them!! Rani panicked and leaned forward to Vinay, speaking in Hindi: “Yeh gadi dekho…” She pointed to his rearview mirror. Sure enough, there was a car, almost neck to neck with his, following them. Rani leaned out the window, and looking straight at her – was a federal agent!! She screamed and begged Vinay to step on the gas, running all the red lights. He stopped at the stoplight for the Rustboro exit, but quickly maneuvered back onto the highway. The agent pulled out a gun, and shot it with deadly accuracy. The bullet scraped along the side of the car, managing to take out a perfect stripe of paint, exposing silver metal.

90, 100, 105. The car climbed to its higher speeds. Vinay warily pressed the clutch and shifted up. Suddenly, Rani got an evil gleam in her eyes, and pulled out the gun. She leaned out the window, unlocked the safety trigger, and started aiming for the tires of the car. When she had emptied her ammunition, and had managed to get clips all over the road, she quickly ducked back into the car and reloaded. She popped out of the sunroof. Sonia screamed from the passenger seat and pulled her down. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THEY WILL KILL YOU!!”

“No they won’t,” she said smugly. “They need me alive.” After Rani had stopped shaking, when she herself realized that she was in fact shaking, she was able to aim properly. She pointed it straight to the windshield, aiming for the dashboard. The bullet connected with the windshield, but stuck there. Rani pulled out a second gun, trigger happy.

“SH!T!” she screamed. “It’s f*cking bulletproof!” She aimed down for the tires, and tried to shoot them, when suddenly, the car’s license plate folded up, revealing two large guns.

“HOLY SH!T, THEY HAVE HUGE GUNS!! WARP SPEED!! KEEP WEAVING BACK AND FORTH!” screamed Rani as Vinay shifted up to 130, 135, 140, hurtling as fast as he could towards the Mauville exit. He was weaving back and forth, causing Sonia to go white with fear. The guns shot, and as it turned out, the ammo were spears with thick cables. They wanted to drag the trio’s car towards the HFG’s car. The tires’ scream deafened out Sonia’s constant screaming. The road was full of tire marks.

Rani ducked quickly down and reloaded. She fired two shots at the car’s hood, but like the windshield, they stuck there, barely missing the engine.

“You guys, it looks like they are going to fire at us to scare us! Keep weaving!” she yelled. Sonia was speechless with fear. Three agents popped out of the windows and the sunroof and began to fire, blatantly missing the car. Machine guns lifted out of the roof, sending bursts of lead through the air towards the car. A bullet penetrated the Mini’s windshield, whizzing right past the three. Sonia began to scream as Vinay swerved the car left and right. Her constant screaming was once again drowned out by the sound of the burning tires.

The spears shot forward and missed the tires of the trio’s car, just catching the bumper and creating a big hole. They were hooked onto the Federal Agents’ car.

~delfino feroce
08-02-2004, 12:55 AM
Chapter 16 Continued

”Vin, it looks like they caught us! Keep trying to drag them back and forth!”

“It’s a heavy car! Much heavier than ours! I’ll try!” he yelled. He did a 180 degree turn, shoving Sonia sideways. “Uff…”

For an instant, the cars were side by side; the limo had been dragged by the Mini with much effort. This was Rani’s chance. She pumped the rest of her rounds right into the gas tank, hoping the limo would explode. Although the car was bulletproof, eight or ten bullets finally penetrated the gas tank. Seeing this, the agents sprung out of the car and ran as fast as they could. The car exploded, severing the thick cables between the two cars. The Mini just barely missed the explosion. Rani ducked and Vinay quickly closed the sun roof as bits of metal began to clunk the roof. He hurtled towards the suspension bridge, going wherever the road took him. He gritted his teeth and regretted what he had to pay for his car in damages.

20 Years Ago

“Thank you, and now our Hoenn Report. In the unnamed island by the Airport, Battle Tower, and the Research Island, one man was massacred. Surrounding his bloody body was a piece of parchment in his hand reading, ‘Starts the Apocalypse. The Weapons shall be scattered for the Chosen One to find.’ HFG analysts are on the case, trying to decipher what happened, when it happened, and what went down. Now back to you, Bob.”

15 Years Ago

“Five years ago, a mysterious person was slaughtered on an island by the Hoenn Islands. This island was named Mystery Island by the HFG and will continue to be the HFG’s property. Breaking news a few minutes ago; the HFG has solved the mystery of the man slaughtered and his intentions. No more information is to be released to the public. It is clear who the ‘Chosen One’ is, now. Nothing else has been released, and will not be released. The Island will be referred to as the ‘mysterious island,’ a bit ambiguous for the Feds, but, nonetheless, it will work. The HFG had unearthed that the person slaughtered there five years ago referred to it as ‘Fallujah Island.’ Now back to your regular broadcast.”


Vinay had brought the car to a mere sixty miles per hour. He got off the ramp at the Airport, then swung around and went back to Rustboro. The three were abuzz with excited chatter.

“I was screaming like heck, I almost ripped out my piercing!” yelled Sonia, fidgeting with her nose stud once again.

“Please stop screaming, we heard the damn screaming,” said Vinay. “Though you have to admit, it was so awesome…you know, we are taking on professional men!”

“There’s something awfully fishy you know, about that… how they are professionally trained and we can take them down. I know that they don’t want to hurt me, but should they be putting up more resistance?”

The car stopped and the three got out at Mauville City. Sonia replied to Rani’s question. “I’m not sure, but I hope we’ll find out.” The three headed for the Pokemon Center, checked in, and slept. They were dead tired.

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08-04-2004, 08:06 PM
Twenty Years Ago


The corpse of the Black Angel lay dead and rotting in the stone chamber. Blood streaked the walls. The rotting and dead corpses of the three hundred Pokemon the Angel had sacrificed lay buzzing with bug Pokemon.

And suddenly, the mysterious stone chamber flashed and thundered, and a piece of parchment floated from a mysterious hole in the ceiling. Starts the Apocalypse. The Weapons shall be scattered for the Chosen One to find. The Weapons of the Apocalypse had been extracted from the Black Angel’s daggers and had been scattered around the Hoenn region for the Chosen One to pick up.

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08-04-2004, 08:07 PM
20 Years After the Black Angel’s death


“Not fair!” protested Sonia. She kicked the dirt furiously and rustled the bushes. “Come on, come out! I need to catch one of you!” Sonia picked up Rani’s backpack and thrashed the bushes, knocking down a patch of grass.
“…What… is … this?” Sonia knelt down and picked up a piece of parchment. Near it was a gold scimitar with a brown jewel on top. The scimitar glinted in the light.

“Oh my God, Rani! Come here!” Sonia read the parchment aloud.

“The Scimitar of the Apocalypse will help you on your journey. Use it well. Its true powers will unleash once the end is near. … The end is near? What the hell does that mean? Is this world going to… end, or something?”

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I think it has something to do with the Prophecy.”

“How the hell are we supposed to stash this thing?”

And, if almost by magic, a metallic-colored Pokeball fell out of the parchment and sucked up the scimitar in a flash of light. The words on the parchment faded and revealed a new set of words. “You will master the art of weapons. You must beat gymleaders throughout the region. Then you must face the ultimate test.

Summoning the powers of the Weapons of the Apocalypse is not an easy task. You must channel your energy into the Jewel of the Rock. The scimitar has the ability to destroy all. You must channel your energy slightly positively just to defeat the enemy. Think of such attacks that will immobilize the enemy. Imagine yourself performing them. There is only one enemy which must be killed with all weapons of the Apocalypse. Any other foes vanquished by this weapon, its holder shall face a terrible fate, and shall jeopardize the whole Earth.

The Weapons of the Apocalypse can be used by brute force, as well. Smash them against the enemy to weaken them. ”

The parchment faded again. Sonia rolled it up and stuck it and the ball into Rani’s backpack. And as she did, a man in a black suit and sunglasses jumped out and tackled Rani.