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07-16-2004, 04:21 AM
This is the Hall of Fame for the PE2K Netbattlers present and past. From each PE2K Tournament hosted, a winner will be determined, and this is the thread that will write down their achievements.

Current Hall of Fame

The First PE2K NB Tournament
Winner: mlugia
A simple 16-man single elimination tournament, mlugia defied the expectations and was able to defeat Max, Neo Pikachu, Silverfrost and meet Ierdar in the finals. A win later, mlugia became the champ.

The PE2K Summer Tournament of Doom
Winner: Kholdstaire
Another 16-man single elimination tournament, Kholdstaire and Finglonger started from opposite sides of the map, and after a slew of opponents easy and hard, Khold met Fing in the finals and defeated Finglonger for the title.

New Tournament winners will be added to this thread as more tournaments finish.

Half a Dollar
08-05-2004, 11:01 PM
The Ruby and Sapphire Underused/Neverused Tournament

A 8 man tourney, the winners of the first tourney made it to the winner bracket, losers via loser bracket. Round 2, Loser bracket never replied, while VT was beated by Ierdar and Fingy defeated X, or shall say, X forfieted. Then Ierdar face Fingy in the winner finals, and Ierdar won. Loser Bracket never replied, making Ierdar the winner.