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07-16-2004, 05:42 AM
Hey, a while back I made this fanfic. I posted it on the old proboards pe2k and it became an instant hit, so I'll just post what I have so far in this thread. Just read it and youll follow along. I'll post a new chapter every few days. :twisted:



In the beginning, there was nothing. All was dark and black like an interminable night. Nothing stirred, and everything was an ill quiet for an unknown amount of time. Then, like an explosion in the night, a rift broke open in the darkness. Out of the void came the Turgwath. Eight of them there were. They had no physical form and were the first spirits to ever come. The first of the Turgwath was the leader and the most powerful, and the next ones out of the void became the next in rank. They were nameless for a time, until the most powerful of them named each of them in accordance to what they were basically. The most powerful deemed himself Valthaur, which meant "God Great and Terrible". The next was Eru, the next in line for power, whose name meant "Holy One". After came Galf, which meant "Great Beast". Then came Khazar, which meant "Mysterious Lord". After him came Satan, which meant "Spirit of High Rank". Ta-Jin came after Satan, which meant "Commander". Takon, who was equal in power with Ta-Jin and could've been considered Ta-Jin's twin, meant "Angelic Magnificence". Last was Pan-Kuara, which meant "Life Giver".
After they were named they took physical form. Valthaur took the form of a mighty man with sharp, long silver hair, calm blue eyes, fair skin, and two thin black wing-like protrusions from the back. Valthaur was, as before said, the leader of the Turgwath. He always made the final word in decisions. Eru took physical form next. He took the form of a man robed in white with a holy aura surrounding him. Galf took the form a great beast like something found in a fairy tale or a centaur: his mane flew golden, his eyes burned with a holy fire. After him Khazar took physical form, and became a man in a dark cloak with white, gazing eyes and blue decorative hair. When Satan took form, it wasn't as high and mighty looking as the others. Something was wrong. He was very tall, but looked angry and tired, and was bald with a grey beard. He was robed in grey and black. Then Ta-Jin and Takon transformed. Each became what looked like mutated men with thin wing skeletons and many scars on their bodies. Ta-Jin had black, spiky hair and yellow eyes. Takon had reddish-brown hair that spiked and hung down; and he had blue eyes. Pan-Kuara changed last. He became a hairy ogre-like creature in tattered clothes, but his eyes were full of kindness and wisdom. After the Turgwath took physicality, they changed their united name to Valamarth: the Master Spirits.
'Now let us make a place for life to dwell,' said Valthaur. Then a shape took form among the darkness, and became a sphere of land and fire.
'Now let us fill it with light,' said Eru. And so the sun was made, and the darkness disappeared, and the earth was set in light.
'Now let us cover it with water,' said Galf. And a great rain came and flooded the earth with water, and reflected the great light.
'Now let there be flora to cover the earth in beauty,' said Khazar. And green sprouted from the land, and the earth became beautiful.
'Now let there be spirits, life, to dwell on Earth,' said Satan. But something went wrong. The spirits were not pure; there was taint in their souls, but only a little. None of them knew what happened, but they figured that life other than the Valamarth's was not meant to be pure.
'Now let the kindreds come forth to create bodies for the spirits,' said Pan-Kuara. He, Ta-Jin, and Takon made the kindreds: birds, beasts, elves, men, dwarves, and many others. And then the Valamarth looked on their world and governed it, and the life on Earth worshipped the Valamarth.
All went well for many years, and then the strange things began. The Valamarth began to quarrel. Satan became even bitterer. Ta-Jin and Takon began to share opposite views, which lead to anger. And worst of all, the Valamarth found that Pan-Kuara had been giving holy power to mortals.
'This is not meant to be. The mortals have no means to use it!' proclaimed Ta-Jin. And Eru stated:
'So a decision must me made. Shall Pan-Kuara be given a second chance, or shall he be banished to dwell on Earth?' The Valamarth thought about this, and decided to vote. Pan-Kuara could not vote. Eru, Khazar, and Takon voted for Pan-Kuara's second chance. Valthaur, Galf, Satan, and Ta-Jin voted for his banishment.
'By the order of the Valamarth not including you, we hereby banish you from the Council of the Valamarth.'
And so the remaining seven stripped his godly power and sent him to dwell on Earth for eternity.
Then the strange became stranger. Galf began to lose his luster, and Valthaur seemed colder than usual. Eru became suspicious. He examined their spirits individually while in conversation. He found that himself, Khazar, and Takon had pure spirits. Valthaur, Galf, Satan, and Ta-Jin had an odd clouding in their souls. Satan's was strongest, and it was feeding the souls of the other three.
'So Satan is the cause of this.'
Eru rose and questioned Satan about the things that have been going on.
'What is this darkness in your soul? Either my senses are deceiving me, or there is sorcery going on here.'
And Satan answered:
'There is nothing wrong...maybe it is you that is wrong.' Eru saw a glint in Satan's eye as he said this. Eru's temper got out of control and he grabbed Satan and shook him like a wild man.
'YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF THIS! I have seen you whispering the others, trying to corrupt them with your lies! By what means are you deceiving your own kind?! Answer me, or I will show you the meaning of vengeance!'
Eru was illuminated in a bright light as flashes of lightning struck down near his feet. Satan fell and tried to crawl away from Eru's wrath. Eru's hand shot out and grabbed a bolt of lightning, and was about to smite Satan with it when Valthaur, Galf, and Ta-Jin stood in his way. Khazar and Takon backed up Eru. The three corrupted ones spoke in unison.
'It is you that is wrong, Eru. Satan has been doing nothing but helping. The Valamarth are split because of your actions. This alliance is henceforth broken.'
Satan and the three corrupted ones stepped back and vanished.
Eru spoke.
'So it is happened. The Valamarth are split because of Satan, the Traitorous Lucifer's, deception. We will have to run Earth on our own, my friends. This force that Satan is using...it is evil.'
The three pure ones then filled the dark emptiness with light and named it Heaven.
'All that are pure of heart will come to this place when death has taken them, to live in the Halls of the Good Valamarth.'
Meanwhile, the four Evil Valamarth made their own resides among the cosmos. Satan went to the center of Earth and created Gehenna, the place of evil and fire, Hell. Galf went with him. Ta-Jin went to Earth's surface in an unknown area and started to create many evil things. Valthaur made a place of voices, shadows, and death even worse than Hell which none dared to name for fear of being cursed. The four Evil Valamarth then combined their power and shut out the light on Earth, but only by half. The light was day, and the new darkness was night. The day and night clashed and one gained control over the other every twelve hours.
Galf and Valthaur had changed. Galf had lost his majesty and had turned into a terrible beast; smoke streamed from his eyes. He had become something so evil and beastly that it cannot be described. As for Valthaur, he was still the most powerful Valamarth, but he was Satan's puppet. And a minor change, his eyes had gone from blue to red.
Things went quietly but eerily on for a good spell of years. Then the killings began. Demons were sighted, mutated spirits of evil coming out of Hell. Eru said that he had predicted it...
'The war for Earth has begun.'

To be continued...

Crossfire Chaos
07-17-2004, 02:07 AM
Nhoman, You have a gift, that was an awsome fic, keep it up, and will you be using some stuff from the RP? i hopw that if you do you include the rock monster...

07-20-2004, 05:34 AM
Yes, the rock monster will be there, in what I think is an awesome battle scene (especially when Anubis does that awesome move) that will be posted later. To keep your busy until then, here's the next chapter. (which is relatively short...I'm not a good writer lol)

Chapter One

The morning horn sounded. The soldiers woke from a dreamless sleep out of their bunks and headed to the showers. After showering, they equipped themselves in the EVRU attire. They quickly assembled in the mission hall.
The soldiers were trained each for at least two years. They were in the EVRU: Evil Valamarth Resistance Unit. Their job was to protect the peoples of Earth from the Evil Valamarth: Satan, Galf, Ta-Jin, and Valthaur. Their main focus at the time was Satan, for they had not heard of any activity coming from Valthaur or Ta-Jin yet. Many of them were selected to leave home and join. EVRU consisted of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs, and many others. Their world was in a state of emergency.
After the soldiers had assembled, a gruff man stepped forth.
'You have all been preparing for this day. Our mission is to infiltrate the Demon base camp at the back gate of Hell.'
There was silence.
'Some of us may not come back.'
More silence.
'Here to lead the mission is Squad Leader Ainur...'
A young lad at around 17 stepped forth. He had spiky blonde hair and green eyes that few could endure for long. A broad blade hung from his back and he was dressed in the general uniform. He nodded with his arms crossed and said nothing.
'...and Anubis.'
At the mention of that name there were gasps and whisperings. Some merely dropped their jaws in disbelief. The Mediator of Death was going to lead them into battle?
Suddenly a black portal opened. Out of the portal stepped a tall, muscular figure. It looked like a half man, half dog. A pharaoh's crown was set upon its head and a necklace of shrunken skulls was around its neck. Its eyes flashed red and were rimmed with intimidation and wisdom. A large blade was strapped to its back; another rested in a sheath on its belt. It was Anubis, the Demigod of Death.
None spoke for a minute. Then, Anubis looked up. With a loud, wolf-like voice he shouted:
The line of men jumped in surprise and fear. Anubis took a look and paced in front of them.
'You are not here to play games, got it? As you know I am the Mediator of Death; I know how easily these things can kill you. I've already had many receive afterlife from me because of them. These things aren't like the Goblin horde you faced last week. Demons are ruthless, savage creatures who would kill you even on the brink of their death.'
With that said he leaped at a soldier in front and whipped out the blade in the sheath on his belt and swung it. The soldier drew his blade from his sheath in the nick of time to block it with a clash of steel.
'Got that?' said Anubis as he let down the sword and put it back in the sheath. 'That's how prepared you need to be.'
The soldier was a ghastly white and was still in a state of slight shock.
'Do you all have your weapons?' asked Anubis, half snarling.
The soldiers nodded uneasily; they thought they were going to have to train with Anubis.
'Good. I will leave the rest to your Squad Leader.' Anubis took a step back as Ainur took a step forth. The soldiers looked slightly relieved.
'This is where we are going.' Ainur nodded at a soldier on the upper level in the warehouse-like room. A large map came down behind Ainur, Anubis, and the gruff man.
'We are cutting through this thicket here to get to the Barren Plain. Not a hard path, just a long one. Any questions?'
Nobody spoke.
'Good. Report to the gym for preparation...we leave in two hours.'
The unit dismissed and exited the room.

To be continued...

07-20-2004, 10:17 PM
Was this the RP with the Satan's army? Where me and Shiro were generals of his army? Whatever happened to this RP? Why don't you try to bring it back?

Crossfire Chaos
07-20-2004, 10:55 PM
I think I can Answer that, he needed ideas fdor his story and mabey game so he made a RP to help him. Now I think that he has his own material, and is finaly making a story! YAY! :biggrin:

07-21-2004, 05:57 AM
Yeah, I remember two characters named Mal'Ronyo and Shiro.

I made the RP to get ideas, yes, and I got about...a chapter. That was when the proboards pe2k got deleted. I havent revived the RP since, and I cant because of the extremely limited amount of time i have on the internet each day. (damn aol parental controls and dial-up connection) So if I revived the RP i couldnt participate, so i wouldnt be able to drive it along the main road I've planned and it'd get all messed up and stuff. So maybe someday the RP will come back. In the meantime, all you get is the fanfic. BTW, I'll post the next chapter tomorrow. It's another notoriously short one. :twisted:

07-21-2004, 06:09 AM
Well, would there be a possibility that we could create an RP that branched off of this great and wonderful story? I mean, I would definitely be strict on keeping the main story the same. Sorry I keep posting in your fanfic, I'll stop. I know it takes away form the story you're writing. But I did so enjoy your last RP. Mal'Ronyo was a great character for me. Just tell me what you think. I'd love for the Alaquenya: Mal'Ronyo story to be elaborated on in an Rp, haha. :D But if you'd like to have control over the next RP, I totally understand. I just want to bring back some of the old RPs that thrived in the old PE2K. I want to show that there are still great RPers out there with great minds. This RP/Fanfic section is going down the toilet. And sorry again for posting in your Fanfic, keep up the good work.

07-21-2004, 06:18 AM
This whole site is going down the toilet. -_-

Anyways, post away. I don't mind. And if you want to make an RP about an Alquenya side-story, go right ahead. Sounds like a good idea to me. Before you make it though, send me a description of it and the form by email to xxx_rakurajii_xxx@yahoo.com so I can approve it. Then during the RP just ask me by email if you want to do something that might make a significant change to the plot and I'll approve it. Besides that feel free to do whatever. (by the way Mal'Ronyo and Shiro will both be NPCs in the game who will fight alongside the player in certain battles. Lucky you!) :twisted:

07-22-2004, 05:34 AM
Well, I promised a new chapter today so here it is:

Chapter Two

It was an hour and forty-five minutes since the meeting. All was silent...nobody knew who was going to live and who wasn't. Some soldiers lay in their bunks staring at the ceiling. Others were in the training room preparing for battle. They were equipped with swords, shields, knives, plate armor, and many other weapons meant for the slaying of their enemy whom the soldiers were to face soon.
Ainur was armoring himself in his dorm when Anubis came in. Ainur immediately stood up straight. Anubis seemed amused for a moment but gestured him to be at ease.
'You ready to go out there, Ainur?'
'I'm getting ready right now.'
'So I see. How long have you been here?' Anubis had his arms crossed and was looking straight into the eyes of the Squad Leader.
'Two years. I was an orphan and lived on my own until the war broke out, and they drafted me in...my parents were killed by Satan's foul creatures.' Ainur's face strained as if to hold back burning tears..
'Why are you helping us, Anubis?'
Anubis's face twitched at hearing his name said so plainly.
'I am here, Ainur, to reclaim what is mine. Satan took my army of the dead from me and is using them to attack Earth. I am the only one who can control them besides the Valamarth themselves.'
Ainur looked down and spoke.
'You have something to fight for...do you like knowing that you have something worth fighting for?'
Anubis looked puzzled.
'Don't you have something to fight for, Ainur?'
Ainur said nothing. The 5-minute horn blowed.
'Let's go, Ainur.'
Ainur strapped his blade to his back and followed Anubis out of the room.

To be continued...

(yeah it sucks, but bear with me, the next chapter is awesome IMO)

07-23-2004, 11:09 PM
Um, I never received word about whether or not the RP was approved. Did you finally read it and figure out if you wanted us to do it or not?

07-24-2004, 05:41 AM
Yeah, I think I talked to Chaos about it and i approved it. Anyways...here's the next chapter.

Chapter Three

The soldiers assembled in the room they met in two hours ago. Few spoke. Approximately two thousand armed Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Centaurs stood armed. Anubis and Ainur were standing in front. Anubis looked up and spoke.
'Roll call!'
All the soldiers stated their last names in alphabetical order while an Elf stood by writing it down and checking.
'All present and accounted for, sir,' said the Elf.
'Good.' replied Anubis.
'You all know your objective: leave none alive. This band of Demons is the one that burned the village of Tham, the band we've been tracking for some time now. Thanks to our Elven spies we have found their base camp. Now we have vengeance against the damned creatures spawned from that fiery pit!'
Some shouted in agreement, but Anubis gestured them to silence.
'Assemble in the circle! Move it!'
The circle was an open patch of dirt in the thicket in front of the EVRU outpost. The soldiers rushed out and gathered in rows at the circle. Anubis stood in front with Ainur. Anubis raised a dark blue blade rimmed in silver with ancient runes down the center: Glam, the Blade of the Ancients.
'We go into battle! Remember: leave none alive! March!'
The soldiers marched out of the circle and through the cluster of trees. Ainur and Anubis marched in front of the rest, staring ahead.

************************************************** ********

The company finally reached the edge of the woods. A scout looked out: it was a barren plain with no plant life to be seen. Nothing stirred. A gray sky hung over the plain like an evil omen. About a kilometer ahead, the Elven scout could see a large cluster of red: the demon camp. The scout motioned for the soldiers to move out. A horn blew, and the soldiers charged towards the enemy.
The demons in the camp were unsuspecting. One, a mutated Unholy, was sharpening his blade.
'Aye, I feel sorry for the next victim to see the flash of my blade!' A few Imps and Unholies around laughed. Then an Imp spoke in a Goblin-like voice.
'What's that?' Just then, and arrow came shooting down and into the neck of the Unholy. Blood spurt forth and the Demon fell dead.
'We've been marked! Rise!' The demons around stirred and flashed their blades. Near the camp a host of soldiers with silver blades shining and bows fixed were charging towards the gathering of Demons. A man in a bright gold helm shouted.
'WE AVENGE THOSE SLAIN BY THEE!' The man raced forth and hewed off the head of a black, hairy DokuDemon. The Battle of the Dead Plain had begun.
The soldiers swarmed like ants into the gathering. Blades shone in the pale light, metal clashed, and blood was strewn all over the ground. Anubis, with a blade in each hand, was slaying Demons one by one. Glam was stained red.
'Never face the Lord of Death in battle!'
A group of five DokuDemons raced forth at Anubis and surrounded him. Anubis smiled in amusement.
'You all want death to be free of this pain? I'd be *slice* happy to *clash, whoosh* do it for you!'
One of them was already on the ground writhing headless, acidic black blood draining from the stump of its neck. Anubis front flipped over one of the demons and stabbed it in the back, then back flipped while holding onto the hilt of the stabbing blade, landing on the back of a large demon. The stabbed one fell dead. Anubis grabbed on with his legs and beat the demon's head to a bloody pulp with his gauntlets. The demon fell over backwards, but Anubis jumped off in time and drew his other sword from the corpse of the stabbed one.
There were two DokuDemons left. Anubis ran up and stabbed both in the sides with his two blades, then drew them out and bumped their heads together. They fell to the ground motionless.
Meanwhile, Ainur was fighting a Winged Demon. The demon swooped down at Ainur, horns thrust, but Ainur held up his blade and the demon's head was sliced in two.
'Damn Hellspawn.' Just then something rose from the ground. It was a large stone hand, and after that a rock giant emerged from the dirt, shaking off dust. A tent-sized indentation was left in the dirt. The rock beast slammed its hand down, but Ainur jumped aside. Ainur pressed a button on the hilt of his blade and the sword split down the middle and the two pieces split apart. In the middle was a beam cannon. Ainur slashed the beast's hand, and when he did a laser shot from the center of the blade, leaving a slash scar and a burned hole on the beast's hand.
The titan lifted its hand reflexively and let out a roar. It jumped over Ainur and behind him. Ainur turned around and saw the giant looming over him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw an Unholy charge after him. Ainur spun around and thrust his hand at the demon, breaking the skin and ripping out its intestines. The demon squealed in pain and hewed off its own head with its scimitar. Ainur turned back to the giant and lassoed the intestine around its head, ran up the giant's side holding onto the "rope" and landed on its head. He let go of the intestine still tied around the giant's head and drew his sword. He bent over and shot a beam into the giant's eyes. The giant roared like the sound of a rockslide and all fighting ceased for a moment. All looked up at the giant in fear and awe, and then continued fighting.
The giant reached up and grabbed Ainur. Ainur managed to grab the rope and pull it off the giant's head. The giant squeezed its hand trying to crush him then flung its hand down and in front of the giant's face. The giant lifted his other fist and was about to crush Ainur's head when Anubis jumped up and stabbed the giant in the back of the head with Glam. A burst of white flashed forth, nearly blinding Anubis, and he fell off the titan. Glam fell by his side.
The giant dropped Ainur and clutched the back of its head in pain. It let out a thundering roar and picked up Ainur and Anubis. The giant ran towards a large pit in the ground from where a dim red light was emitting and thrust them in. Then, with a scream while clutching the back of its head, the giant fell on top of the hole, ultimately covering it up.

To be continued...

Crossfire Chaos
07-24-2004, 06:04 PM
*takes a bow for the rock giant Idea*

Thanks for using my Idea nohman!

07-26-2004, 03:51 AM
Ooh, I just got the best idea for a background track while fighting Onset's last boss! (the identity of which will not be revealed for a long time. and here's the surprise part: the last boss of Onset is not Satan!) Anyways, the perfect background track would be "Other World", from FFX. Anyways...here's the next chapter of the story.

Chapter Four

They awoke in a dimly lit hall. Torches hung on the wall, and everything was very quiet. Anubis got up painfully and sore. Ahead he could see a gate that reached up in spikes towards the ceiling.
'This must be a back gate of Hell,' he thought, 'That's where the giant threw us.' Anubis roused Ainur and they checked if anything was lost. Nothing was, even Ainur's intestine rope was there.
'Do you think we can get out?' asked Ainur.
'No. Even if you use the glide wings on your suit it wouldn't matter. Nothing we have can lift the body of the giant,' replied Anubis. They both looked up and saw no exit: it was completely blocked.
'So should we go on?' asked Ainur, with a tone of reluctance in his voice. Anubis sighed.
'It's the only thing we can do besides sit here and wait for the Demons of Satan to find us.' The two walked toward the gate ahead of them. It seemed ominous, calling for them to enter to meet Death.
'Shouldn't there be any guards here?' asked Ainur. Anubis stopped walking.
'Yes...it is very odd...why just a few years ago, a would-be hero named Jhaka came to me after his death. He claimed that he had come to this very gate and was slain by something before he could see what it was. It must've been one of Satan's stealthy snipers, because I can't see anything here now.'
They had about reached the gate when Ainur spotted something moving in the wall.
'It must be a mole or something.' stated Ainur. But he was wrong. Just then, a bony, bloody arm burst from the wall and snatched Anubis's blades, his knife, and Ainur's sword!
Ainur stared at the wall in disbelief.
'What the hell!?' Then, a giant gash burst open in the wall, blood spilling out. Out of the hole charged a snarling beast, blood dripping from its knife-like teeth. It was the size of a Gryphon and its back was covered in spikes. Upon its head were two great horns, and eyes that burned red. Its skin was green and scaly like a serpent. Its tail was like an extra mouth with razor-sharp teeth. And from its back, the hilts of three swords and the handle of a knife stuck out. The beast looked at the two, then rose up and roared towering over them. Anubis looked up.
'So it is Bladarut, consumer of blades. He gets his power from swords of the few who wander here. This is a foe too great for any of the heroes of old...Jhaka's bane...RUN!!!'
The two dashed to the gate, but a thousand thorns sprung from it and nearly skewered them! There was no way out.
'Anubis!' Ainur shouted, 'we must fight it! There is no other way! Do you see any dead bodies around? You could bring them back to life to fight it!'
'No! There is not a single splinter of bone! We must fight it by ourselves alone!' Bladarut charged at the two, but they jumped aside in the nick of time.
'Ainur! You have the only weapon that we can use! Tie it to the hilts of our blades and we can pull them out!' As he said this, Bladarut ran at him with each step like a clap of thunder. The beast swiped at Anubis with his front leg, but Anubis blocked it with his gauntlet and all his strength.
'Hurry Ainur! While I have him...unngh...here!' Ainur nodded and lassoed the "rope" around the hilts, then pulled as hard as he could.
'They won't budge!'
Then the hilts of the blades glowed green, and bright green lightning shot forth, down the "rope", and shocked Ainur. Ainur flung back against the wall, charred and near unconsciousness. Anubis's strength gave out, and he dropped his hand. Bladarut swiped at him and Anubis fell to the ground with a large wound on his side.
'Damn you!' screamed Anubis in frustration. He jumped upon Bladarut's back and tugged at the hilts, but they shocked him and he fell off. Bladarut's tail lashed at him and sank its teeth into his body, and he howled with pain. The tail shot up and smashed him against the stone ceiling, then dropped him. A small crack was left in the ceiling of the hall.
Anubis lay on the ground battered and bloody. He rose with painstaking effort and charged at the beast. He jumped on the creature's head and bashed it with his iron gauntlet, then cast a bolt of dark energy, shocking the behemoth. The beast roared and shook him off, then the tail lashed at him and slammed him against the ceiling again. He fell from its jaws, and the crack grew in size. Anubis, the lord of death, was near death himself.
Ainur got up from the wall, stumbling, and looked upon his companion. His anger grew and he was about to rush into death, but then he noticed the crack in the ceiling...and he got an idea. He ran behind Bladarut, who was busy pawing at Anubis, and Ainur came to a stalactite hanging above him. He lassoed his intestine rope around it, and then he turned and threw a stone at the beast.
Bladarut gazed at Ainur, then charged towards him with a roar. When the beast was right under the crack, Ainur tugged at the rope with all the strength left in him. It was just enough, and the stalactite fell and crashed on the ground! Bladarut stopped and seemed to hiss in amusement, then started to pace towards Ainur when a loud CRRRACK was heard. The plan worked. The crack became huge, and a tank-sized chunk of rock fell right onto Bladarut's head! The beast screamed when the rock got contact, then the weight of it completely crushed it. Acidic black blood shot out in all directions, and all that was left was the body of the beast and a bloody pulp under a massive rock.

To be continued...

08-08-2004, 09:00 PM
Nohman this fic totally rox, i remember the old Alaquenya rp back at proboards. im glad ure starting up with this fic again =P