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~delfino feroce
07-16-2004, 09:07 PM
Nuclear War

my world is such a f**king lie
it really makes me want to cry
when nuclear war rages within
a smiling faÁade hiding despair and sin
taking in the noxious fumes
as thousands of neurons meet their doom
my brain is utter radioactive sludge
iím flailing around in hot thick fudge
exhaust inhaled, pollution eats away
iím dumbstruck and overloaded with nothing to say
i canít feel my limbs my tongue is on fire
iíve been exposed to yet another liar
my throat dries up i cant speak
iím just another suicidal freak
nails dig deep and draw hot blood
but it runs down my skin, thickening to mud
cutting along the blue green line
oh someone save me i am dyiní
dripping drip out my ears
bang bang bang pour out white hot tears
my world is such a f**king lie
as nuclear war rages
the faÁade crumbles corroded like acid on brick, genetic mutants
and all you can do

is watch

Chemical Warfare

get off me you sick pig
i feel your nails beginning to dig
youíre a sick freak full of hate
always depressed or irate
the world hates you youíre not understood
you smoke and vandalize and do no good
poetry filled with nasty emo thoughts
cutting and slashing, the war not yet fought
you spike your hair wearing all black
jealous of those who have more to live for than that
tattoos and piercings on your blade-marred skin
the smell of jail, destruction and sin
you want to die hate living life
the only rescue is the edge of your knife
you loathe those who are well liked
yet inside you hate that you arenít very bright
chemical warfare shot thru a sharp
you are falling into a hole thatís dark
toxic euphoria rolled in a paper
burning polluting you are a hater
infinite suicide in a bottle
itís serious youíre drowning, not in water
get off of me you piggish sinner

Nitaraís Kiss of Death

dormant by day active by night
sunshine is her imminent fright
unleashing a world of poetic doom
out she peers praying to the pale Moon
her sweet lips, oh so deadly
her kiss, tempting and sensual
glass shatters heads turn
her metamorphosis makes eyes burn
radiant yet evil she swoops down
circling above all around
she spots her victim and pins him down
he flails and struggles, heís already drowned
in his own blood. She performs a kiss
his eyes rolled back, she begins to hiss
sucking out blood with her shiny fangs
her hair deep black, eyes hidden by bangs
her kiss is now done, sheís quenched her thirst
her soul less victim is a shell now, left for the worst
blood hangs on her lips she savagely wipes them off
darkness doth left this houseís loft
dormant by day active by night


your ugly face screams celebrity
the diamonds and the Ferrari
your name is plastered on billboards
but you think youíre special
youíve got 3000 billion in your bank and counting
you wear the f*cking cross around your shameful neck like you own jesus
you donít even know what it means
diamond studded costed a million bucks
a maybach graces your garage,
and a clothing line, it doesnít end
you sick entrepreneur of hell
but you donít understand what you did that day
youíre corrupt
you want to buy the judge
and you probably can
you can feel the bass now canít you
the rhythm of the bass in your head your heart
pounding in your head
youíre no longer rich, are you

Pick Up The Pieces

you dress like a **** Ďcause they all do
you open up a new page like a world anew
pick up the pieces of the old you
to yourself you arenít being true
youíre getting tattoos on hips back and knees
quit ******* around youíre a walking STD
this new chapter is bound to crash
ou canít fit in, it will not pass
youíre now shooting dope like mr jock
no more emo cutting or punk rock
but this road is leading to destruction
slipping your ass in a bikini and liposuction
cut up the pretty girl on the cover of the zine
throw it all up and skin creams
paint up your face black red and blue
you look misplaced very uncool
suddenly the preps arenít doing drugs
youíre stuck with addiction it really bugs
our 2 minutes of semi fame is not worth a thing
your ďfriendsĒ run away like lightning
youíre not even like them now you realize
you were never anything in their eyes
pick up the pieces of the real you and put them back together again