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Dr Scott
01-09-2007, 08:39 AM
Open For Business

Wanting to show the world what your Gundam is like? Wanting to put down your projects so people don't have to look through every post to find it? Then this is for you ^_~.

Here's what happens, you put down your stuff in a single post, and I link it to your post from this page. Thrilling, ain't it?


-Name: Name of the Project, stipud!
-Looks: Put a picture of it here. only link the picture, do not put it in your reply, please
-Type: Transportation, Weapon, Defense, Discovery, Other
-Description: What does your project do? Does it fire lasers or raise the temperature of someone's tongue? Don't have to tell what it does if you want to be secretive, or you can tell everything. Strengths and Weaknesses, maybe.
-Completion and Posts: Yes or No. Are you still working on it or is it done? And, if it is done, how many posts did it take to finish? Also, if you started with this, state that.
-Updates: Have you added anything to it recently? Posted up a shield for it? Researched a new way it can fire?
-Other: Anything else! Want to tell what it has done? If it has gotten more powerful? How you attained it? Anything. If you don't use it, please delete it.

Dr Scott
01-09-2007, 08:33 PM
Krysarra Information


Nexus - Capital

Military Bases
Fort Young
The Nexus Military Complex
ASG Military Base
South Bend Military Base


Zenith - Capital

Military Bases
Fort Summers
Massadar Space Base


Palm Hills - Capital
Fort Conway

Military Bases
Bayside Military Complex
The Callahan
7th Rock


Brigadier City – Capital (Destroyed)
Detrox - New Capital
Tenant City

Military Bases
Fort Jenson
The Namada Military Quadrant (Destroyed)
Fort Makuta (Destroyed)
Benton Space Base



Mountain Range: Lost Islands (Home of Articuno)




Jade City : Capital
Ruby City: Best defended, home of Delta Green
Gold Harbor: Port city
Silver City

CHAINER ISLES (Undisclosed Location)

Daido: Civilization
Saido: Supplies

Dr Scott
01-09-2007, 08:34 PM

Lancer (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820950&postcount=6)
Deathscythe Hell (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820950&postcount=6)
Moya (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820950&postcount=6)
Mercurius (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820950&postcount=6)
City Defense System (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820950&postcount=6)
Zero System (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820950&postcount=6)

TVT Master


Groundbreaker (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820955&postcount=7)

Neo the Yellow Furball

Neo's loads of starships (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=820956&postcount=8)

Gama the former Gone Zapped

Project I.G.P. (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=822844&postcount=10)


Thor (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=825826&postcount=11)

Freya (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=825826&postcount=11)
Fenrir (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=825826&postcount=11)

Dr Scott
01-09-2007, 08:34 PM

Dr Scott
01-09-2007, 08:35 PM
I'll pooh my pants if I need this, but I'm cautious.

Dr Scott
01-09-2007, 08:37 PM
Scott's Crap

-Name: Lancer
-Looks: Here (http://planetgearsofwar.gamespy.com/View.php?view=Articles.Detail&id=12)
-Type: Gun
-Description: Assault rifle with an effing chainsaw.
-Completion: Yes - 4 posts
-Updates: None

-Name: Deathscythe Hell
-Looks: Here (http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o54/TheScott1987/RVB/Hell5.jpg)
-Type: Gundam
Construction: gundanium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; active cloak beam deflection barrier and stealth system; 2 x hyper jammer ECM suite on backpack; self-destruct system (Must enter keycode and slam down the button, but Deathscythe rejects anyone except Revan doing this).
Fixed armaments: 2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; twin beam scythe, equipped with rocket engine for additional swinging force, stored in recharge rack on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use; buster shield, equipped with beam blade, can be launched at target and retrieved
-Completion: Yes - Started with
-Updates: None

-Name: Moya
-Looks: Here (http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o54/TheScott1987/RVB/MoyaFinal038.jpg)
-Type: Spaceship
-Description: Moya, a peaceful ship, relies on the Gundams and mobile suits inside of her to protect her, and her only defensive move is to “starburst” out, leaving herself far away from the enemies with the odds of being tracked very slim. The living ship has little robots called DRD’s that the ship actually builds to maintain itself, fix itself, and basically clean up after everyone.
-Completion: Yes - Started With
-Updates: Shield (15 posts strong ^^)

-Name: Mercurius
-Looks: Here (http://www.projectbag.com/gw/pics/mercurius9.jpg)
-Type: Prototype Testbed Defense Mobile Suit
Construction: gundanium alloy
Powerplant: Ultracompact fusion reactor
Equipment and design features: Sensors, range unknown; self-destruct system; mobile doll combat system
Fixed armaments: Beam gun, crash shield, mounts beam sword
Remote Weapons: Planet Defenser x10, generates defensive energy field
-Completion: Yes - Started with
-Updates: None

-Name: City Defense System
-Type: Defense
-Description: The defensive wall, created by Melody, covers the various cities in a powerful yet invisible shield that keeps out all hostile forces that aren't OK'd by the occupants. They can also fire back certain attacks made, shooting them with an added blast from the shield itself, doing extreme damage to the attack.
-Completion: Yes - 10 posts
-Other: In Ruby City, Jade City,

-Name: Zero System
-Type: Technology
-Description: Here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_Colony_technology#The_ZERO_system)
-Completion: Yes - 20 posts
-Updates: None

01-09-2007, 08:44 PM
Sorry if you need to reserve more posts or anything.

-Name: Private Mech Groundbreaker

-Type: Mech

-Description: The Groundbreaker is a humanioid mech that is designed for drilling. It's substantially large, and has the ability to enhance the ground-moving powers of Felix. It has two discs covered in serrated spikes that fit on the back of its hands, and it has shoulder-mounted cannons that are equipped with different firing modules that allow it to fire nearly any kind of beam or projectile. It has a powerful computer that allows it to analyze its surroundings so accurately that it can also be used to map terrain. The interface allows Felix to switch the vision he's looking from. It's a white mech with tan Claydol patterns, and its arms and legs are detachable and remote-controllable. The body, when limbs seperated, can simply hover using simple antigrav.

-Completion: No

-Post Count: 3/5

-Creator/ Spot of creation: Felix Ander/ KOS Revival

-Other: Nothing much. It's incomplete, but I plan to use it on Krysarra for transportation.

Neo Emolga
01-09-2007, 08:45 PM


Team Aqua Krysarra Faction Starship Listing
Aqua K-UFG (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Corridor/9444/eos.jpg) (Fighter Class 400x)
Aqua K-Runner (http://www.starwars-tw.com/story/vehicles/rebel/rebelblockaderunner-1.jpg) (Support Line Class 30x)
Aqua Windlasher K-Blade (http://www.dendezyn.net/affv4/images/ships/usn_sword/swordWIP2.jpg) (Support Line Class 20x)
ASM Moonblazer K-35 ( http://www.dendezyn.net/affv4/images/fleetbg6.jpg) (Enforcer Frigate Class)
ASM Marauder K-35 ( http://www.dendezyn.net/affv4/cutenews/data/upimages/dawnstar-render2.jpg) (Enforcer Frigate Class)
ASM Star Blazer K-35 (http://www.dendezyn.net/affv4/images/ships/usn_valhalla/valhallafinal1.jpg) (Enforcer Frigate Class)
ASM Deepthroat K-35 (http://www.dendezyn.net/affv4/images/ships/usn_ragnarok/ragnarok.jpg) (Enforcer Frigate Class)
ASM Blackblade K-35 (http://www.eve-files.com/media/11/EVE_RMR_Minmatar_Mothership.jpg) (Enforcer Frigate Class)
ASM Nighthawk K-11T Flagship of the Team Aqua Krysarra Faction (http://files1.turbosquid.com/Preview/Content_on_12_14_2003_23_15_13/pic1.jpg30106d40-2363-467f-a646-f705c3d428de.jpgLarge.jpg) (Flagship Class)
ASM Battlelance (http://www.evsf3.science.ru.nl/lukasz/eve/Cadari%20Battlecruiser%202.jpg) (Mastermind Attack Starship / 100% Complete)
ASM Thorium Shackle (http://www.dendezyn.net/affv4/images/ships/aisn_sobek/sobekWIP3.jpg) (Enforcer Battlecruiser Class)
ASM Shadow Phoenix Mothership (http://go-dl.eve-files.com/media/0607/Mothership.jpg) (Mothership Class)
ASM Eternal Dominion (http://www.stguardian.to/alien/dominion/battlecruisercalltoarms.jpg) (Sister Mothership)

Other Projects

Project LEGACY - Mutagen designed to turn lifeforms into other lifeforms through rapid DNA transcription and mutation.

01-09-2007, 08:55 PM
Wow Scott did you read what I posted in the cliff notes section or was this just a coinsidence? Anyway I am glad you made this and I shall posts my weapons in this spot later.

Edit:Okay Now I shall finally post my stuff for all to read! It will come in slow mouthfulls though.

*T fighter-T shaped space ship that is black and has a high powered phaser that can rip for 5 seconds and slice through vehiles. Pretty powerful lasers are on each wing.

*Black Hole-Carrys large amounts of troops and is reinforced with admantine, one of the strongest minerals on Escoth. Has low power lasers to attack with.Back is a big rectangle with a pilots seat holding two that has a large window. Tan colored.

*Plague-Bombers that unleash Plasma bombs doing alot of damage on large spaceships/ground vehicles. Lasers are weak-moderate fire power. it has semicircle control center and with a hall leading to the rectangular back that has the smaller end facing the hall where two engines pushing the ship forward. Black colored.

*Sky Screamer- Its shaped so that the two wings came down on a horizontal slant. There is one triangular tail on the back near the ships two engines. The cockpit is shaped like a normal Jet fighter. It speedy and has two high power lasers along with Light torpedos that could do more damage. Gray color.

*Commander Space ships

Aquatic forces

Ground forces

*Project Genesis-Top secret, except I can tell you that it uses pokemon DNA.

*Cyborg clones- A plan to create cyborg warriors from clones of the best Rocket soldiers. They will be armed with Rockets, Beams, infrared eyes, lights and hard inner armor. They will have strength of that far above normal human strength and never tire while they have their energy sourcs. Completly obedient due to mind tampering and unable to become mind controlled or shut down due to being both human and robot. Currently in the works.

01-10-2007, 11:06 PM
Completed Projects:

AMS Flygon Z: A massive flagship complete with meeting room, private bathrooms(:P), storage facilities, bunk rooms, and 1 massive bedroom.

AMS Mecha Chatot(50 total): Small, adaptable, and light starships capable of disrupting radio communications and synchronizing with Mecha Exploud. Fits 3 troops comfortably.

Mecha-Exploud(Sound-based weapon-60 total): Mid-sized HARMONIC generators capable of destroying large buildings over the course of a few minutes. Is capable of defending itself and can fire large projectiles.

ADAPTERS(50 total): Small machines that provide backup power for the Chatots. In emergancy, they can be used to double the strength. Once drained of energy, they must be charged for a period of two hours.

Very confidential at the moment. It involves a magical book discovered by Gonzap.

01-12-2007, 03:45 PM
Silver's Projects!

OPT - DMR - 01 Thor

Looks: It looks like a skinless human being with a brightly visible circulatory system, centering around the glowing green heart and spreading out like veins to all other parts of the 'body'. However, it lacks observable facial features except for a malevolent pair of eyes, green ones.
When upgraded to the Thor Armoured, or rather, outfitted with the AUX Parts to increase performance, it gets a black armour with gold inlays and a small Rocket Renegades emblem on the chest. It wears a full faced Greek helmet, also completely black, but lacking that broom. It also carries a
large silver hammer that is even taller than the already massive Thor.

Height and Weight: 45 Metres Tall, and 30 Metric Tonnes (before Armouring,) or 75 Metric Tonnes (after Armouring.)

Type: Robot Trooper

Description: The Thor Unit is the top of the line melee combat weapon, its massive size, speed, and strength coupled with the almost unlimited energy source rendering almost unbeatable in combat. In between the Orgon Cloud and the Orgon Barrier, it is nigh impossible to damage, and when looking straight into an Orgon Lance, the best thing to do is run. Its main weakness is the size preventing it from fighting smaller enemies, and instead has to rely on allies to take them out, or just randomly step on them.

Completion and Posts: Completed at start. AUX Parts completed in 5 posts, Custom Plans currently being drawn up.

Updates: AUX Parts have been added, making it much more powerful than before, easily capable of taking out a normal Gundam class unit in 3 seconds flat. Though this can be attributed to the Thor's ability to crush the head of a mech with its bare hands. Plans for a massive upgrade are in.

Weapons and abilities:
Orgon Lance, an outcropping of Orgon Energy that can burst from anywhere at any one time, ending in a singular sharp point. It is also detachable and will explode mere moments after being outside the mech's control radius.
Orgon Hammer, hardens any part of the body with Orgon Crystals, which can explode on impact outwards, dealing massive damage. Mainly used for heavily armoured units that are barely damaged by the Orgon Lance.
Mjolnir: A really big hammer. Only one hammer better than it, and that's Neo's Ban Hammer.
Orgon Blade, with the AUX Armour equipped and the Orgon Regulator being added to the Thor's system, it can now create a blade with a sharp edge instead of a point. It can appear anywhere on the body and cuts with frightening ease.
Orgon Halberd, the Orgon Energy crystallises around the hammerhead and stretches outwards, making a massive Orgon Blade on the Mjolnir. It can literally crush just about anything struck by it in an instant.
Orgon Prison, the mech can create an Orgon Crystal with a small hole in it to allow breathing, and captures just about anything at close range, usually mechs. It has an added bonus of imploding upon the victim if anything tries to force the way in or out.
Orgon Barrier, a barrier that surrounds the mech, it is invisible until just before impact, when a small flash of green reduces, or even prevents damage done to the mech.
Orgon Cloud, a phase-shifting ability granted by the Orgon Energy, it surrounds the mech in a green sphere of energy, and it can appear somewhere else almost instantly, as though teleporting. It puts a huge strain on the pilot however.

Other: Partner to the Freya Unit.

OPT - DMR - 02 Freya

Looks: It looks like a skinless human being with a brightly visible circulatory system, centering around the glowing green heart and spreading out like veins to all other parts of the 'body'. However, it lacks observable facial features except for a malevolent pair of eyes, green ones. Also, it is very obviously female, having an obvious chest and long hair that can power up and act as thrusters.
It carries a twenty metre long gold rifle, the Orgon Rifle.
Upon upgrading to the upcoming Freya Armoured, it dons red plate armour, and has a pair of Remotes that resemble skulls circling around it, along with a pair of wings that end in small Gun Slaves, a remote weapons system.

Height and Weight: 30 Metres Tall, 20 Metric Tonnes, 40 after putting on AUX Parts

Type: Robot Trooper

Description: The Freya Unit is the top of the line ranged combat weapon, its speed, and strength coupled with the almost unlimited energy source rendering almost unbeatable in combat. In between the Orgon Cloud and the Orgon Barrier, it is nigh impossible to damage, though it becomes an easy target due to large size.

Weapons and abilities:
In addition to the Orgon Lance, Prison, Cloud, and Barrier, the Freya also has the following attacks.
Orgon Ray, a ranged version of the Orgon Prison, except lacking the cavity to allow slight movement and ventilation. Also, it can be commanded to implode on will. A powerful, if late acting and risky weapon.
Orgon Burst, fires off many tiny shards of Orgon Crystals, that can kill most mortals and destroy mechs. It works like most normal machine guns, except it has no reload time and is actually sharp.
Orgon Snipe, a single large bullet flying at supersonic speeds, ouch.
Gun Slaves/Shields: A Remote Weapons System, which power themselves up from the Orgon Engine and can fire off beams of either the Orgon Ray or traditional lasers. Looks freakin' cool.

Other: Partner to the Thor Unit.

OPT - BCR - 01 Fenrir [&MP]

Looks: It dumps the naked human look in favour of a large armoured beast, with gnarled clawed hands not suitable for weapons and a wolf's head resting on the chest. It is generally painted in the Rocket Colours, though this may change according to pilot preferences.
In the wolf form, it simply looks like a large armoured wolf, with loping strides and the boosters providing ridiculous forward thrust.

Height and Weight: 30 Metres Tall and 27 Metric Tonnes

Type: Robot Trooper

Description: A mech that relies on the power of them all as a group to win, it is armed with an Orgon Cannon, a less accurate but much easier to use Orgon Rifle that has similar weapon designs, and can utilise multiple Orgon Blades to form the Orgon Claw. It is made to mow through ground enemies in the wolf form, and simply overpower enemies everywhere else.

Completion and Posts: COMPLETE!

Weapons and abilities:
Orgone Lance, all of the Orgone Rifle barring the friendly fire risky Orgone Burst, and the Orgone Claw, which is basically a large extension of the hand or claw that can cut and crush anything.
It does retain the Orgone Barrier, and the Mass Production units lose the Orgone Cloud in exchange for the Orgone Barrage due to costs. The Orgone Barrage basically involves flipping over the thrusters in wolf form, and just letting loose. It is believed to be too unrefined for command units and was dropped from the non MP units.
Other: Uses a Basic Control system instead of a Direct Motion Link system, and the MP versions only use a basic Cranial Uplink system to smooth out movement, but this disables the Orgone Cloud.

AEX - GWT - 01

Looks: Nobody knows, except that it will be painted the blue experimental colours. Presumed to be a chunky but small mech, or a fat Gundam.

Abilities: Unknown, apart from the fact that it utilises the Annihilation Engine, the 100% efficient Anti-Matter powered piece of equipment.

Completion: Not yet. Moving along at 1% per post. Ack.

OPT - DMR - 01K

Looks: Nobody knows, but it likely follows the Thor Armoured's style of a massive armoured mech, capable of laying waste to the vast majority of enemies.

Abilities: Unknown, but it uses the Orgon System at least, and is presumed to be able to project some sort of anti-gravity to fly. At least. It also is in possession of the Perfected Orgon Cloud, the phase-shifting ability unique to the OPTs.

Completion: Not yet. 1% per post.

Arc Staff

Looks: A staff that varies in size, depending on the intended user, that stretches for up to fifty meters in length. It ends in a two pronged claw with a sparkling ball in the middle that acts as the conductor.

Abilities: Can shock the crap out of anything, including the SHIMMER's drones, by overloading the power source and forcing the magnetic field to implode, destroying the anti-matter engine within.

Completion: Mech sized versions have been completed, and human sized ones are in production.

Sonic Scrambler

Looks: Differs from machine to machine, but for the large part, is a small arm mounted cannon that can be detached at will. The exception to this is the Thor and Freya, which have massive ones that usually are deployed via jet thrusters from the mother ship.

Abilities: Either supersonic blasts of sound that can shatter glass and cause pain and irritating to many Pokemon, subsonic blasts of sound that create a large throwback force from the air vibrations, or normal sonic blasts, which cause small sonic booms and severe confusion to humans.

Completion: COMPLETE!

Others: Friggin' useless in space.

Omega Virus

Looks: Virus, microscopic, get my drift?

Abilities: Cuts the link from nerves to body and kills brain cells. Generally takes up to a minute to kick in under normal concentration and circumstances. Gas by the way.

Completion: COMPLETE!

Others: Packed in grenades for use by mechs.

Project Psychodriver

Looks: Unknown.

Abilities: Unknown, the only clue given is that it will make Jedi and Pokemon look weak when faced with the result.

Completion: 1%, slow.

Machine Cell Technology

Looks: Unknown

Abilities: Unknown, no clues have been given to date.

Completion: Awaiting more scientists to be freed up for use.

Sent Reglay
01-17-2007, 01:38 PM
-Name: Biotech System

-Looks: Doesn't have looks, because you can't see it under armor, and when armor is off, the metal skeleton is removed.

-Type: Weapon/Defense

-Description: The biotech system is a computer directly uplinked to the brain. It allows the skill and ingenuity of a human, and the precision of a robot.

-Completion and Posts: No. I'm going to add 5% for every post, and 10% for every post that directly mentions it, and focuses on its construction.

-Updates: Nothing yet, but it will be getting bigger tools later on.


-Name: Deathstar
-Looks: Picture and extra Data (http://www.starwars.com/databank/location/deathstar/index.html)
-Type: Planet-sized Super weapon
-Description: It fires a deadly super laser capale of decimating entire planets. Can only fire once a week until fire optimizatimization upgrade is researched.
-Completion and Posts: No, advancing as a team project at 2% per post.
-Updates: Once the Deathstar is complete, research will begin on two new systems: Fire Optimization, Particle Shield.


-Name: Project Blacken
-Looks: None, looks are top-secret
-Type: Defense
-Description: Top Secret
-Completion and Posts: No, Team project with 1% per post
-Updates: Nope, just started

01-19-2007, 02:34 AM
-Name: Battle Armor mk.1
-Looks: www.dysartes.com/model/painting/firewarrior/4.jpg
-Description:secretive (isint it obvious)
-Completion and Posts: Just started
-Updates: started researching

01-21-2007, 12:30 PM
-Name: Total ECLIPSE Warhead, stipud!
-Looks: Like this but cool. (http://www.army-technology.com/projects/predator_kestrel/images/Predatorkestrel_7.jpg)
-Type: Weapon
-Description: Filled with a virus (Total ECLIPSE) formulated originally in Aqua's distant past. Finch and Tiantus adapted ECLIPSE's formula to quickly affect humans, but pokemon were killed too when it was inhaled. Served as a cure for hybrids. Turns hybrids into humans, humans into weak human/Eevee chimeras, and Pokemon into jelly (dead jelly) when inhaled. Alien and non-pokemon hybrid races seem to show a random effect of the three.
-Completion and Posts: In progress. Takes 10 posts to create each warhead, and one post to blow the whole thing. I guess that's fair since they aren't reusable.
-Updates: 1 completed
-Other: To make it fair, I'll only be able to stockpile 2 at any given time. This also means I can't begin work on a third until one is fired off.

01-25-2007, 09:11 PM
info for Aruseus' Temple:


Pearl City
Diamond town: Best defended
Opal Kingdom: Capital
Ruby Village
Sapphire Village

Temple Complex: Aruseus' Layer
Fort Larson: Military Base
Fort Akahiko: Military Base

Lord Celebi
01-25-2007, 09:59 PM

Capital Continent: Uskot
Capital City: Manek City
Important Government Buildings:
Ramdyne Federal Prison
Military Bases:
The Tower
Fort Manek

Secondary Continent: Dymarion
Capital City: Slishsha City
Important Government Buildings:
AMS Deathwing
Ramdyne Central Post Office

Secondary Continent: Lastat
Capital City: Astrohang
Bubba's Bar
Century Cantina
Pimpin' Joe's Cantina & Brothel
Important Government Buildings:
Ramdyne Center for Crystal Meth Prevention

Island Chain: Combine
Capital City: Island 7
Island 1
Island 2
Island 3
Island 4
Island 5
Island 6
Island 8
Island 9
Island 10
Important Government Buildings:
Aqua Center for Recruition & Training

Space Station: Aqua Dark Storm 'Hellsky' Space Station

Team Aqua Ramdyne & Calmencia Fleet Listing
ASM Spacewing
R-UFGs (400x)

02-04-2007, 07:00 AM
-Type: Transportation
-Description: A Raven is a transport chopper (like the U.S.) but it has two laser turrets on the bottom left and right and is very heavily armored to with stand even the most powerful of rpgs. The front of a Raven is made up of the most durable of metals and the duel propellers allowing the pilot just out of flight school will have almost no difficulty maneuvering in caves or cities (like Reglay) that have enemy insurgents firing at it constantly.
-Completion and Posts: Yes I am still working on it and it should take me 20 posts to complete (5% a post). An Yes I have started with it.
-Name: The Cs-598 assault Sniper rifle

-Looks: Standard assault rifle with a add on barrel.

-Type: Weapon

-Description: The Cs-598 is a standard assault rifle with an add on barrel (if you have light weapons combat training) that increases its power and accuracy by 120 fold. The Cs-598 fires a laser which is focused through a 4 cm telephoto lens that is also used for tacking photos for artillery to identify targets easier and get a better view of the battle field. The lens also has a switch (like a safety switch) that allows it to tack thermal, geothermal, and night vision pictures. Some other things you need to know is that the Cs-598 has an attachment Usb port so it can upload the images onto the main frame of the A.M.S. Deathwing. The Cs-598 comes with a head set to listen to conversations that are over a distance of 3 football fields. The Cs-598 assault sniper rifle has a broad band connection to put things and watch instructional videos in the scope (which has a magnification rate of 300x more then the normal human eye.

-Completion and Posts: Yes I am still working on it, it should take about 5 posts to complete it (because it is only the first model and has a some what high efficiency rate.
-Name: Combat medic armor

-Looks: Combat Medic armor is just like the Mk1 battle armor

-Type: Defense

-Description: Combat Medic armor is just like the Mk1 battle armor but has more protection, it has an amplifying system so a Combat medic can hear some one calling Corman (Medic) and so that A medic can hear an enemy sneaking up behind Him/Her.
-Completion and Posts: Yes I'm still working on it.