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07-18-2004, 10:13 PM
Well, welcome to WAR Message Trivia. Every week i give out 25 Qs, and one person from each Team has to PM me the answers. The Team with the most points wins the WAR Point. Simple? Well, that depends on what Qs i can come up with.

1): In Pokemon Colosseum, name the 4 Cipher Admins.

2): In Pokemon Colosseum, name the Shadow Pokemon of Each Admin.

3): In Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, where can you find Chimecho?

4): In Ruby/Sapphire, how do you obtain TM05 Roar?

5): In Ruby/Sapphire, what Berry can be obtained from Mirage Island?

6): In the Episode "Playing with Fire!", what is Harrisons Pokemon Linup?

7): In what Advanced Episode does Swellow first appear?

8): In what Advanced Episode does Max go missing, in a Mansion, after having an argument with May?

9): In Gold/Silver, what were the two new types?

10): In Gold/Silver, who were the Elite 4?

11): What are the 5 HMs in RBY?

12): What Pokemon do you receive as a gift for getting the 8th Badge, in Cyrstal?

13): How many different berrys are there in Ruby/Sapphire?

14): Where in Ruby/Sapphire is Pokefan Miguel located?

15): In Pokemon Colosseum, who is the real leader of Cipher?

16): What was the first TCG Set including the Second Generation Pokemon?

17): What Set included the first "Dark Pokemon"?

18): What are the rarest One-Type Energy Cards (e.g. Fire, Grass, etc)

19): Which Set includes the most Powerful Fire Pokemon in the TCG?

20): In Colosseum, what are the ways to obtain the 3 Time Flutes?

21): Whats the name of the Poke-Body, and Attack of Flygon from Dragon Ex?

22): In Colosseum, who has Shadow Houndoom?

23): In Colosseum, which Pokemon are Male-Only?

24): In the GBA games, which Pokemon has the highest Speed Base Stat?

25): In the first Series, what was Ashs starter going to be until around 20 days before the airing of the first Episode?

Please, try to PM them by Saturday so i can have time to add up all the points/check answers, etc.

EDIT: Since there are supposedly 2 answers for Number 8, i have added a little more info.

07-25-2004, 11:12 PM
Eh... Due to my computer constantly shut down, the next set of questions will be delayed till tomorrow, until i can retype them all. Well, here are the winners anyways.

Team Nox
Team Triblade

Both Teams got all answers correct, so both win a point each. :P

08-30-2004, 01:57 AM
The War is over.

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