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Prinsess Leia
03-08-2004, 10:13 PM
Chapter 1, a trainer wanabe

"Go Swampurt!" called Mitch as his first pokemon appeared from his pokeball. That had been 1 year ago. He faced Steven's Metagross. "Looks like our chalenger has called apon his last pokemon" Said the anouncer "can he pull this victory off or will he let this victory go?" "Swampurt earthquake attack" called Mitch "Counter with a strength attack Metagross" Steven ordered "This looks close folks." The announcer said "A single attack could bring any one down. It's down to the wire. It's..." "A school night" May's mother interupted "But moooom! My friend is about to beat the strongest trainer in the world!" Her motherreplied "and you are about to go to another exciting day of school"
The next day May stopped on her way to school to ask Prof. Burch for a pokemon. He told her she would much rather go to school than on a pokemon adventure. But she thought diffrently
At school her wanting to be a pokemon trainer got worse. The science class was all about Pokemon. She asked her teacher what the biggest pokemon was. "Wailord" She replied "why" "no reason" May said.
On the way home she thought about getting a really big pokemon like Wailord. She wnt to find Prof Burch again. She found him being attacked by a Poocheyna.May knew exactly what to do. She pulled a pokeball from the bag that Burch had droped. Prof. Burch was surprised to hear "pokeball go" from May. A small yellow pokemon burst from the ball. "Thundershock attack" May ordered.The pokemon shocked Poocheyna. Poocheyna ran away in fear.
May ran awawy as well with the small yellow pokemon. "This isn't the way I wanted to get my first pokemon but I guess this will have to do" She thought as she ran towards the forest.

Prinsess Leia
03-14-2004, 01:57 PM
Chapter 2: Zap

May put the pokemon down when she was well away from the Prof. "Sorry I wasn't able to introduce myself before. I'm May. What pokemon are you?" Said May. "Pichu!" The pokemon replied. May felt a wave of relief come over her as it didn't seem angery about being stolen. "Hmm I think I'll call you Zap" She said

While walking through the forest they spotted a Caterpie. It attacked Zap. Zap became angry and started releasing electricity. Caterpie used string shot to protect it's self from Pichu's energey blasts. "Don't do that Zap! Use quick attack!" May called Zap charged into Caterpie breakingthe sheild. "Now thundershock" May commanded Zap blasted the weakened caterpie. "We win!" May exclamed Zap looked happy but tierd. May scooped up her pichu in her arms to carry it to the Pokemon center.

She was well aways there and a thought hit her. She had no pokedext or trainers license. She would get arrested for Pokemon theft or worse. She would get sent back to school!!! She had to do something. Her Pichu wouldn't stand a chance now in the wild or with her. While lost in her thoughts she triped over something. Uprighting herself she looked back to see that she had triped over a Pokedex. "A pokedex?" May thought. She ran to pick it up. "I should return it." She thought "but I need it to be a trainer. What should I do now?" She ran to the pokemon center. Her pichu was still in her arms.

She burst into the Pokemon center. May exclamed "Nurce Joy! I..." She paused "What should I do" She thought again This time she had to make a REAL desision but herquestion was."whould it be the right" "I found this Pokedex" She admitted solemly. And I kind of..." "MAY!!!" A voice inturrupted her. It was Professor Burch! "May get away from that pokemon." He said. "It will attack you and it might kill you!" "Not Zap" she told Prof. Burch "Zap is totally fine. He even likes me." "It's not about Zap" Said Prof. Burch "It's you. you are too sickly to be a pokemon trainer. I could get arrested for giving such a sickly child" "Well tecnacly, you didn't 'give' me the pokemon did you" May replied guiltily. "But I'm growing up" She said again more angry this time "and I am not as sickly as I was. I can walk on my own two feet and speak for myself. I can play sports, and be the best. and most importantly I can become friends with a pokemon. You just watch! I'll be the best trainer ever" "If you had a pokedex" The proffessor said spoiling the moment. "But you can help that" May insisted. "You can give me a pokedex! I found this one. Mabey you can give me one too." Prof. Burch sighed "You can have a pokedex" He said slowly. "Here are some pokeballs too. But hear this if any of you're pokemon hurt you come back here ok?" He said "Fine just give me a Pokedex!" She insisted. Prof. Burch reluctently handed over a Pokedex and some Pokeballs then walked out without saying another word. "Nurse Joy can you heal my first pokemon?" May asked giddily. "Off corse May" She said. "My first pokemon of many." She thought "ohhh I'm soooo excited! I can't wait to begin"