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07-21-2004, 12:36 AM
Really. I'm only using thisthread to record what I find any stuff. If you guys are playing this game, then you can print it, use it. As usual, just don't copy it, publish it, sell it as if it is your own stuff.

These stats are given to me via magic lens usage, if you're wondering. And i'll just be posting more bosses as I fight them off. lol

Basically this faq states the obvious facts about each boss and some personal comments from me on how to kick their butts. Also, this faq assumes you're playing as Lloyd unless otherwise stated.

Okay. Onto the Bosses (as I followed them):

Boss 1:
HP: 4000
TP: 30
Weak against: -
Strong against: -
EXP: 115
Gald: 25
Item found: Life Bottle
Just set strat for Kratos to "heal". All you do is go right into the guy's face and swing your sword like crazy. It really doesn't matter whether you followup your combo with you demon fang (but if you do, you earn the title "tetra slash". I am naming the 4-hit combo + tech "tetra slash"). Simple! If anything, Kratos will likely heal you and Genis and Colette will comtinue to slaughter this guy. Is it even a fair fight?

Boss 2:
HP: 5000
TP: 38
Weak against: -
Strong against: -
EXP: 280
Gald: 320
Item found: Panacea Bottle
Okay. The next boss in Iselia is a bit more difficult than the first boss battle overall. But it ends up being extremely easy anyway. Go right up to Exbelua and block her attack. Then tetra slash it. Block her attacks. Repeat. Heal with an apple gel if you need to. Keep her away from Genis at all times!!!! When she uses the insane cell attack, just back away from her (don't even bother attacking her with demon fangs cuz she so easy) and then go right back to the tetra slashes. You should be able to take this boss out BEFORE Genis runs out of TP. If he does, pop in an orange gel.

Boss 3:
HP: 4200
TP: 224
Weak against: -
Strong against: -
EXP: 475
Gald: 1500
Item found: Poison Charm
Botta's an idiot to ever mess with Lloyd and his posse. Again, set Kratos to heal, Genis to L-range magic, and Colette to L-range Skills/magic. Have Lloyd go right up to Botta's lackeys and slap them silly before moving onto Botta himself. Continue with the Tetra-slash + blocking combo when needed. If Botta goes into his overlimit, run away/jump away/stay away from Botta until he calms down (the black cloud is gone). Bascially, he's not going to flinch from your attacks and you'll just get stomped. When he casts magic, run also. His spells cannot hit you if you're running away from him as he casts it (or it barely catches you and you still take the full damage...). Simple boss again. Nothing to see.

07-24-2004, 04:59 AM
Boss 4:
HP: 5000
TP: 50
Weak against: Water/Ice
Strong against: Fire
EXP: 628
Gald: 85
Item found: Red Quartz
Okay. This is the first boss I have had trouble with. Either way, with a stash of about 10 apple and orange gels, this battle should still be easy. Start off by eliminating his little minions first. This will put the pressure off GENIS so that he can cast aqua edge like a maniac. I recommend leaving Raine out for the battle here, as none of your guys should be KO'ed during the battle with Kratos. Just keep on the attacking/blocking (keeping the boss on you at all times) and you should be fine. This is a good oppurtunity to practice your tetra slash plus one more tech combo.

Boss 5:
Clumsy Assassin/Guardian-Wind
HP: 1800/2000
TP: 131/400
Weak against: -/-
Strong against: -/-
EXP: 200/250
Gald: 128/250
Item found: Holy Bottle, Magic Lens
Basically pick one and smack it. It doesn't matter what your allies are doing in this battle really. Usually you would be having Kratos heal, and your two allies keep the assassin busy while you're slapping the guardian. The assassin SHOULD be down BEFORE you kill the Guardian. lol Anyway, if you're having trouble, focus on the assassin and ignore the guardian (she has less HP). You might want to bring Raine along to double the healing in this battle. Again, standard non-guardian guarding should work.

I am now assuming you're going to palmacosta. If not, then you'll have to wait until I get to the Wind seal part of the faq.

Boss 6:
Kilia (When you decide to head back to speak with Dorr)
HP: 10000
TP: 400
Weak against: Light
Strong against: Dark
EXP: 500
Gald: 500
Item found: Heal Bracelet
Raine and Colette are USEFUL here. I recommend bringing Genis in as well. Start off with a unison attack and lightning tiger blade her (I recommend photon for Raine, Genis with lightning, Colette with Angel Feathers, and Lloyd with tiger blade). This will easily slap Kilia's HP down. Anyway, you should continue on the pressure with blocking and attacking. Once she's flying, keep her away from your allies. Use apple and orange gels to keep all members' HP and TP above 50% (esp. Colette so she can angel feathers again and again). You should be able to finish her before a second unison attack can be done.

Boss 7:
HP: 8500
TP: 120
Weak against: -
Strong against: Fire
EXP: 675
Gald: 1700
Item found: Warrior Symbol, EX gem LV 1
He's a pushover. lol Scan him, pummel his underlings, then slap him silly. Again, same strategy as if you're facing Kilia. You should have less trouble in taking Magnius out than Kilia tho. btw, disable Genis' Fire abilities beforethe battle.

07-30-2004, 03:39 AM
Boss 8:
HP: 10000
TP: 248
Weak against: lightning
Strong against: water, ice
EXP: 825
Gald: 765
Item found: Mermaid's Tear
Okay. First set Genis so that he only uses lightning techs. Then set everyone's strat to "attack far" so they'll only go after Adulocia. Slap the two minions before going after the boss itself. As soon as you finish off the minions and the boss starts to show signs of casting magic, unison attack. This keeps the damage off your guys and keeps the damage on it. Try to keep its focus on you instead of anyone else. It may also be wise to deploy both Kratos and Raine for double healing here.

Here's the part where you can get info on the bosses if you choose to go for the wind seal first.

Boss 9:
HP: 10000
TP: 220
Weak against: -
Strong against: wind
EXP: 1325
Gald: 800
Item found: Map of Balacruf, Talisman
Since it's obvious that Raine is in the battle, she's in this. Set her to "heal". Take whoever you want for this battle. It shouldn't matter too much. Anyway, keep the master busy while you strive to have your guys heal you with infinite craze. It seems that oragne gels are needed by the masses here, so I suggest getting quite a few. As you can see, you'll want your other characters to be casting magic at the master while you keep it occupied. If you can beat Adulocia, you can beat the master with relative ease.

Boss 10:
HP: 14000
TP: 88
Weak against: -
Strong against: Wind, Lightning
EXP: 1324
Gald: 2000
Item found: Paralysis charm, spirit bangle
This guy should be eaiser if you've beaten the water seal first (and therefore requires not strategy). Anyway, if one's going for this first, then fighting it will require a little more. Basically you want to predict when the monster attacks (when it does, guardian). And during the times it's not attacking, heal HP (yourself) or TP (others) or attack if none of the above are needed. As soon as the boss comes up with magic, slap it with a unison attack. Going from there, you should be able to continue this fight by sneaking in shots as Genis' attacks hits and then keep up with your guarding (and attacking conervatively). You might be able to get off a second unison attack to finish. (now heal everyone)

Boss 11:
Resolute Assassin/Guardian-Lightning
HP: 45000/5500
TP: 164/400
Weak against: -/-
Strong against: -/lightning
EXP: 300/250
Gald: 450/250
Item found: Dark Bottle, Fine pellets, magic lens
This battle should be similar to the other battle with Sheena, and the same type of strategy applies here.