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Matt & Vulpix
07-22-2004, 09:24 PM
Welcome to the land of Season.

How the region actually works (as it is different from your every day league) is explained in the Prologue.

Working on it! I got Dark Absol to help me with the shape of two of the islands, but it might be a while before I actually get the math constructed. Even then, it won't be too detailed.

Follow the journey of young Jasmine Hart through her homeland of Season. In this long and grueling experience, she'll meet a nice batch of friends, make a few people her foes and get in the middle of the oddest situations. With two evil teams on her tail, legendary Pokémon making the journey one to remember and even Olympic-style events, it certainly won't be a boring one!

Matt & Vulpix
07-22-2004, 09:28 PM
Autumn Prologue

It was a lovely September day in Quintessence Town. The sun was rising slowly and the flowers were waking up, and it was time for the day to start.

It didn’t take an alarm clock to wake up Jasmine Hart on time. It was seven thirty in the morning and already; she was running all over the house getting ready. Class was at nine, but it never hurt to be in advance.

After taking a shower, she was doing her hair. She liked her hair; it was shoulder length and it was brown, so it matched her brown eyes.

She then put on a white skirt, along with a pink tank top. Jasmine looked at herself in the mirror set up in her room, and smiled. She looked better than usual today.

It was about eight when she strolled down into the kitchen. Her mother, Hazel, had served her cereal.

“So, dear,” the blonde said to her daughter as she toasted some bread, “what are you seeing at school today?”

“Professor Hallow said yesterday that she has something special for us today, mom,” Jasmine said as she ate, “I wonder what it is…”

“As do I, dear,” her mother replied with a smile. Professor Hallow taught Jasmine, as well as other children, all about Pokémon, as well as other school subjects, like History, Mathematics and English.

But she didn’t want Jasmine to go out on a Pokémon journey. She was just a thirteen year-old girl; she couldn’t travel the lands without getting hurt! Hazel wouldn’t sleep at night with her daughter miles away.

“Well, I’m off, mom. I want to get there early; maybe talk with Ivy…” Jasmine said, placing her now empty cereal bowl in the sink by her mother.

“Bye, Jas,” Hazel called to her daughter, as she took a pink backpack and set it on her back, before opening the oak door.

“Bye mom!” Jasmine called before shutting the door, as she exited her home.

* * *

Jasmine walked across Quintessence Town to a red-bricked building with several rectangular windows. It was a square building with two stories, and it wasn’t all that large. She knocked on the door, and heard footsteps come towards the metallic door.

“Hey Jasmine! Come on in!” Professor Holly Hallow, a brunette with curly hair, said, as she opened the door.

“Hi Professor,” Jasmine replied, “I know I’m early, but I didn’t think of anything else I had to do.”

“You could have brushed your teeth, you reek!” Professor Hallow replied, moving her hand around her nose as a joke. She was wearing a black tank top and a black mini-skirt, with her white lab coat to make her look more professional.

“Oh, sorry!” Jasmine said, hitting herself on the face for forgetting to do such a basic thing.

“Well then, it’s good you’re here early. We need to talk…” the young Professor replied, heading over to the familiar blackboard.

Jasmine observed the room that had become so familiar to her through the years. Professor Hallow’s wooden desk stood before the blackboard, and twenty desks were laid out in the room in four rows. Potted plants were on bookshelves and a staircase led to a second floor, where Professor Hallow experimented with Pokémon and taught Jasmine and her classmates about Pokémon, but with actual Pokémon. It was a hands-on experience when she taught about Pokémon on the second floor.

Jasmine approached Professor Hallow, who was now sitting at her desk. It had a computer on it, as well as pencils and erasers, as well as files for her classes, and an apple.

“What’s wrong?” Jasmine asked, worried about what the Professor wanted to talk about.

“Nothing is wrong, Jasmine. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that everything is right,” she said, looking over Jasmine’s records.

“And what’s wrong with that?” Jasmine asked again, confused.

“Nothing is wrong,” Professor Hallow repeated, reassuring Jasmine, “but you’re my best student, Jasmine. I think it’s time you use what you’ve learnt about Pokémon and explore the world!”

Jasmine gulped; she knew her mother didn’t want her to go on a journey. Her mother worried too much, and even if Jasmine did want to travel and collect badges and Pokémon, her mother would never let her.

“Professor, you know where my mother stands about this,” Jasmine replied, “I want to go, but she simply won’t let me!”

“No, let me correct you. She doesn’t want you, but you’ve never made an effort to show her how much you care about Pokémon,” Professor Hallow corrected, “Talk to her. Tell her. Explain to her how much you want to go, and how good you are in my class. She’ll understand, I’m sure of it!”

“With all due respect, Professor, you don’t know my mother. She would never let me go on a journey, not in a million years!” Jasmine replied with force.

“But you do want to go, do you not?” Professor Hallow asked, looking Jasmine in the eyes.

“Yes. Yes, I do,” Jasmine answered, defeated.

“Fine, bring it up to your mother, and do it tonight. Have her call me if you can’t get her to let you go,” the young Professor replied, closing Jasmine’s file.

“Okay,” Jasmine said happily. Would her dreams of going on a journey finally come true?

“Take your seat, now, it’s almost nine. People are arriving,” she told the girl, shooing her off.

Jasmine sat down in her seat, in the front row, and waited. Fifteen seconds later, her friend, Ivy Affinity, came into the building.

“Hello, Professor! I see that your Miltank is particularly happy today!” Ivy said, seemingly on cloud nine.

“Yes, Milky is very happy today. Nice to see you, Ivy…” Professor Hallow replied, referring to one of the many Pokémon that were housed in the backyard of the building, where she kept the Pokémon she had captured, as well as most of the trainers that were competing in the league that she was the official Professor of.

“Hi, Jasmine,” Ivy said to Jasmine, sitting to the left of the Hawaiian-skinned Jasmine.

“How are you Ivy?” Jasmine asked her friend.

“I’m great, and what about you?” Ivy asked politely.

“I’m fine,” Jasmine replied, observing Ivy’s blonde shoulder length hair, her hazel eyes, her olive green shorts, and white blouse, “You’re looking good today!”

“Thanks. You too, as always!” Ivy chuckled back, setting her dark green backpack by her desk.

They waited until the classroom was full, at which point Professor Hallow began the class.

“Hello, students. Today, I have a special announcement that will affect a few of you. Before I get to that, let’s have an oral pop quiz,” Professor Hallow said loudly and proudly to her class, “Jasmine, what is the name of the region we live in?”

“The Season region, ma’am!” Jasmine said with joy.

“And Ivy, what does the Season region consist of? And what is the main particularity about four of them?” Professor Hallow asked, looking Ivy in the eyes.

“Five islands: Autumn Island, the one we live on, Winter Island, Spring Island, Summer Island, and finally, Prime Island,” Ivy enumerated, “The four islands named after seasons always have the same season, yearlong.”

“Good. Billy, what are the shapes of those five islands?” the Professor asked a blonde kid who looked half-asleep.

“Autumn Island is the shape of a maple leaf… Winter Island has the shape of a snowman… Spring Island is the shape of a flower… and Summer Island is the shape of a sun. Prime Island is the shape of a circle,” the boy named Billy answered slowly.

“Good, but slow. George, why is Prime Island the shape of a circle? And in relation to Prime Island, where are the other islands located?” she asked a kid with died blue hair.

“The circle symbolizes the continuation of the seasons. Autumn Island is west of Prime Island, Winter Island is north of it, Spring Island is east of it, and Summer Island is south of it!” George said with pride.

“Fantastic, and Mary, what small islets are located between Prime Island and each of the other four islands? What are their purposes?” the Professor asked a girl with curly long blonde hair.

“Between Prime Island and each other island, there are small islets named after the season that the island has. On each islet, there is an orb that maintains the seasons. If they are ever moved, the island will be in peril and it is said that none will survive,” Mary replied with a scared, mild voice.

“Good, Mary. Patty, how many regular badges are there in our region?” Professor Hallow said with haste, asking a redheaded girl.

“Well, uh, there are twelve… I think. There are three on Winter Island, Spring Island, Summer Island, and Autumn Island. Yeah, that makes twelve,” Patty said, not too good at math.

“Right. Kyle, when you get three badges for one of the four islands, what does this give you the right to?” Professor Hallow quizzed a boy with brown curly hair.

“You get to challenge that island’s Elite, and if you beat the Elite, you win an Elite Badge, and when you get all four Elite Badges, you get to participate in the finals on Prime Island!” Kyle said quickly, answering more than what she had asked.

“Right, there go a few other questions…” Professor Hallow muttered under her breath, “Good job everyone. It is good to know you know how the Season League works, at least.”

Everyone laughed at the joke. Everyone who lived in Season knew how it worked, even those who didn’t use Pokémon.

Matt & Vulpix
07-22-2004, 09:29 PM
Autumn Prologue Continued

“Now, here’s the special announcement. Two weeks ago, you all took a test that I had prepared with fifteen questions. I didn’t tell you, but the two who scored the highest got a special reward; when they start their journey, they can have any starter that they wish. I can get nearly any starter sent in from Professor Oak, Professor Birch and Professor Elm,” Professor Hallow announced excitedly.

“Who are the two?” Ivy asked, anxious to know if she was one of the two.

“Yeah, who?” Jasmine asked as well, as anxious if not more than Ivy.

The two were highly competitive with each other, as they both wanted to be the best.

“It was a tough test, and the winners both got fourteen on fifteen. I’m proud to say that it’s Ivy Affinity and Jasmine Hart!” Professor Hallow said, as everyone applauded.

Ivy was happy that she won; she couldn’t wait to request a Pokémon and set off on her journey. It was a bittersweet victory for Jasmine, who knew she would have difficulty to have use of her prize.

“At the end of the class, please come and tell me who you’d like,” the brunette informed the duo.

At the end of the class, Jasmine and Ivy were the last two left.

“I’d like a Charmander, please,” the blonde replied.

“Good, Ivy, I’ll call Professor Oak later. And you, Jasmine?” Professor Hallow asked with an uncertainty in her voice.

“Chikorita, but I doubt my mom will let me,” Jasmine said. She’d always dreamed of having a Chikorita that she could raise and care for.

“Great. I’ll contact Professor Oak, and Professor Elm, tonight to see if the Pokémon can be sent in. See you tomorrow, bright and early!” she said to her students.

They both left and returned to their respective homes. Jasmine had the biggest task ahead of her; convincing her mother to let her go on a Pokémon journey.

* * *

Jasmine sat at the table, across from her younger blonde brother, Ryan. Hazel brought in supper for her two children, and they began to eat.

“Mom, I won something today. The starter of my choice,” Jasmine said quietly.

“Starter? As in the starter for your journey?” her mother asked, unsure.

“Yes. I chose Chikorita,” Jasmine replied.

“That’s good, but you’ll make no use of that Pokémon, dear. You’re never going out on a journey,” Hazel replied coldly.

“But mom, I really want to go! Professor Hallow says I’m her best student, as well as Ivy! I really want to go and she says I’m ready!” Jasmine pleaded with her mother.

“Jasmine, dear, you know why I don’t want you to go. Your father went on a journey, and he was mugged! Almost killed, Jasmine!” her mother replied with a passion, the events still hurting her.

“But mom, he was mugged because he traveled alone. If I traveled, I would always be with a friend, or two, or even three!” Jasmine explained, “This is what I want to do.”

“Jasmine, I understand you want to go, but I don’t know if I can let my daughter travel the land without seeing her for months or years at a time. I love you Jasmine and I only want what’s best for you,” her mother replied with a smile.

“Mom!” Ryan said suddenly, “If you really love Jasmine, you’ll let her go.”

Jasmine smiled at her brother that she fought so much with. He was supporting her.

“I love Jasmine…” her mother replied, “and I do want what’s best for you…”

Hazel’s life flashed before her eyes. She had never had Jasmine’s opportunities. And now that her daughter had them, she was stopping her. She was stopping her own daughter.

“No. Go,” she said calmly.

“What?” Jasmine said, feeling awkward now that her mother was letting her.

“Go. You have this nice opportunity, go. But never travel alone. It isn’t safe. With the two odd organizations that have just started… it’s dangerous. But go, you have to, Jasmine,” her mother said to her with love, and said softly, “Go.”

Jasmine smiled at her mother, and finished eating. She put her dishes in the kitchen and went upstairs to call Ivy, to let her know that she was allowed to go.

Tomorrow, she and Ivy would begin their journey. Their fateful and eventful journey would begin September 2nd, a beautiful Tuesday.

Matt & Vulpix
07-29-2004, 06:09 PM
Autumn Chapter One

The following day, Jasmine and Ivy showed up together at Professor Holly Hallow’s office at eight o’clock. Who wouldn’t want to show up early on the first day of their Pokémon journey?

“Come in, come in,” the brunette said to the blonde and Jasmine when she opened the door, “You both have come so early!”

“I know, well, I couldn’t wait to see Charmander!” Ivy squealed, clapping her hands together.

“Here is your Charmander, Ivy. Professor Oak hopes that you are happy with him,” Professor Hallow said to Ivy, handing her an orb with a red half and a white half. There was a flame on the red half, symbolizing Charmander’s never-ending inferno.

“Thank you, from the deepest sincerities in my heart,” Ivy said, taking the ball into her hands.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Say hi to him!” Professor Hallow laughed a moment later.

“Go Charmander!” Ivy said, unleashing a light red lizard with a smile on its face. It had brown eyes and a tail with a little flame at its end.

“Char! Mander char!” the Charmander said happily, dancing.

“I think I’ll name you Scorch, as you are male,” Ivy thought attentively, observing the lizard.

“Very well,” Professor Hallow remarked, as Ivy had figured out the Charmander was indeed a male, “As for you, Jasmine, what did your mother say?”

“With the help of Ryan… she let me go,” Jasmine said with a small smile creeping onto her red lips.

“She did?” Professor Hallow replied, a little surprised.

“Ryan said something that if my mother really loved me, she’d let me go. And it seemed to have an effect on her; I guess she didn’t want me to resent her for holding me back,” Jasmine said to the shocked brunette.

“Well, I’m happy that you get to go,” Professor Hallow said in a humble voice, “I know you’ve always wanted a Chikorita, so I called Professor Elm and he sent one over just in case you got to go,”

Jasmine couldn’t be happier. She would get her very own Chikorita; one that she would get to keep for her entire life. Not a test the school had made for her, but a friend that she would get to keep for her entire life.

“Here you go, Jasmine,” Professor Hallow said with a grin, “You have earned this.”

She handed Jasmine an orb just like Ivy’s, but this one had a green half on top of a white one. A leaf was beautifully drawn on the green half, and a button sat between both halves to open the object up. From what Jasmine had learnt, this was a Pokéball.

“Go ahead, open it up!” Ivy shouted in joy, as Jasmine took the sphere from the professor’s hands.

“Go Chikorita!” Jasmine shouted, sending the Pokéball to the floor. Professor Hallow, Ivy, Scorch and Jasmine all watched attentively, and saw a four-legged green creature appear. It had a necklace of green spots around its neck, and a sprout on its head with two leaves. The green eyes of the Chikorita sparkled as it said its first words.

“Chiko!” it shouted with a smile. Jasmine was observing her Pokémon, as her Chikorita did the same with Jasmine. She saw Jasmine’s black eyes and brown hair, her Hawaiian skin, her white sneakers, her white tank top and her pink short skirt.

“Will you name this female Chikorita?” Professor Hallow snapped Jasmine out of her gaze of observation.

“You mean like a nickname? I think I’ll name her… Flower. Appropriate for a grass type like Chikorita, don’t you think?” Jasmine said, not ever taking her eyes off of the Chikorita, now named Flower.

“Nice name. Now, girls, you’ll need a few devices. First, is the handy dandy Pokédex, to identify all Pokémon that you’ll meet!” she said to the two young girls, handing each a red rectangular pocket-size machine, with a maple leaf, a circle, a snowman, a flower and a sun on it’s cover.

“Wow! Thanks!” they both exclaimed, taking the Pokédex. Jasmine put it in her pink backpack and Ivy in her green backpack.

“Another device you’ll need is the PokéNav; a machine that has a radio, a map of Season and a cell phone to help you on your journey,” Professor Hallow said, handing each of them a blue square device.

“Wow! Thanks again!” they replied in synch, putting the device away next to the Pokédex in the backpack.

“You have everything that you need now. Your starter and those two devices will come in handy. Now you can leave and journey our beautiful region known as Season,” Professor Hallow said in an angelic tone.

“Thank you, but before we leave, shouldn’t we test our starters out, Jasmine?” Ivy said playfully.

“Sure, why not?” Jasmine replied, having beat Ivy before in practice battles in class.

“Scorch!” Ivy shouted.

“Mander!” it replied, still out of its Pokéball.

“Flower!” Jasmine shouted as well.

“Chiko!” Flower replied with a vicious tone, signaling she was ready to battle.

“Scratch her, Scorch!” Ivy shouted.

“Tackle him, Flower!” Jasmine yelled, pointing at Charmander.

Scorch got his claws ready and waited for Chikorita to come. Flower ran to him and tackled him, but Scorch got his scratch in anyways.

“Now, use Ember and finish her!” Ivy said with a smile.

“Try and dodge it, Flower!” Jasmine said with hope.

But it was too late. Scorch’s fire was reaching the already weak Chikorita, who fell over on the ground, exhausted and tired.

“Ivy has won,” Professor Hallow declared, “Recall your Pokémon now so I can heal them before you set off.”

The two young girls recalled their Pokémon and gave the spheres to the Professor, who healed them in a modern-day machine that nurses used.

“So, you’ll be going together on your quest, I trust?” Professor Hallow made small talk to the girls.

“Me? Go with a battler like her? Are you kidding me?” Ivy said cockily.

“What does that mean? I’ve beaten you before!” Jasmine retorted.

“Yes, but that was then, this is now. You lost and I am better than you. What kind of person would I be to travel with a terrible battler like you?” Ivy snorted.

“I thought we were friends!” Jasmine called Ivy out.

“We were. But that friendship is no longer,” Ivy replied, taking the now healed Pokéball off of the machine, “Our paths will cross again, and I hope that by then, your wimpy Chikorita is stronger.”

She walked out of the laboratory, presumably leaving alone.

“She’s so snotty, that Ivy,” Professor Hallow commented.

“Are you allowed to say that about your students?” Jasmine laughed, as Professor Hallow handed her Flower’s Pokéball.

“Not exactly, but she’s so cocky. She has just begun her journey and beat you with a type advantage, and already, she’s thinks she’s Lance, or something,” the professor replied.

“I guess me and Ivy won’t be traveling together,” Jasmine joked, with an uncomfortable laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry. If she doesn’t come around, you’ll surely meet others that you’ll enjoy journeying with. I should know, I used to know someone like Ivy,” Professor Hallow giggled.

“What happened to that person?” Jasmine asked, curious.

“We met in the finals of the Indigo League, and let’s just say, I crushed his Pokémon line-up,” Professor Hallow answered, “Good luck Jasmine. Remember to check in with me, and your mother and brother as well. Everyone in the class will miss you. And Ivy too, but not as much as we’ll miss you.”

Professor Hallow’s words meant the world to Jasmine. Not only was she a teacher, but Professor Hallow was, to some extent, a mentor and friend of hers.

“Thank you. Say goodbye to the class for me,” Jasmine said, about to leave the laboratory and classroom, “Goodbye Professor.”

“See you soon, hopefully!” she replied, as Jasmine left, never looking back.

Matt & Vulpix
07-29-2004, 06:12 PM
Autumn Chapter One Continued

Jasmine was at the southern part of the city, on the Quintessence Town’s city limits. Her mother Hazel and her brother Ryan stood with her, saying goodbye to her.

“I love you Jasmine, and please find someone to travel with. I hope you have fun, and remember that to call…” Hazel said with tears flowing down her visage.

“Bye Jas,” Ryan said, using Jasmine’s nickname. Jasmine hugged her brother, and her mother after, knowing she’d miss both of them so much.

“Bye Ryan, bye mom. I love you, and I will call,” Jasmine replied, on the verge of tears. She sent Flower out, and they began to walk down the short road that led to Outset Forest, a place she’d been on field trips with her class.

“You can run, and you can begin,”

Jasmine was running now, trying to get as far away from her family before the tears began.

“In a place where you don’t fit in, love will find a way,”

She now saw a few Pokémon inside the woods, yet she was outside of Outset Forest observing them. She felt so out of place.

“When you’re down, you can start again, turn around, any place you’re in,”

Jasmine turned around to see her mother and brother observing her. Tears began to shed; she’d miss them so much.

“If you got one heart, that you’re following, one dream that keeps you wondering, one wish keeps you trying, love will light the way,”

The love she shared for her family would keep her on this journey. She needed to go; she needed to see the world, she need to take that first step into Outset Forest, and she’d be okay. She would make it, she would win battles, she would catch Pokémon, and she’d make friends…

All without the two people she’d lived with all her life. Her mother and her brother; how she’d miss them.

“You can fall a thousand times, you can feel like you’ve lost your mind, but in a minute it can change your life, in a moment it can make things right, love will find a place,”

She now knew that she needed to make that first step into Outset Forest and in that moment, her love for her family would be stronger than ever. If she could just make that first step; that first foot into the forest.

“Everybody needs something to hold onto,”

“And I will hold onto the love I share with my family,” Jasmine thought, as Flower waited for her from the inside of the forest, almost saying ‘Are you coming or not?’ to Jasmine.

“I’m coming, Flower,” Jasmine said, making the first step into the forest.

She had officially left home, her family and her hometown, Quintessence Town. But she would come back. One day, she’d be back, and she’d be happier then ever.

“Love will find a way in your heart,”

She walked into the forest, which she’d been in before, and smiled. It was not even noon and she was already in the forest, with a face full of dried up tears.

[© Lyrics of “One Heart” are copyrighted to Celine Dion.]

Matt & Vulpix
08-02-2004, 01:26 AM
Autumn Chapter Two

Jasmine and Flower looked around the entrance to the forest. There were four paths the two could take; one path leading to a small pond, two leading to an open space inside the forest, and the other leading to a dark area, which was odd, as it was not even noon.

“Where do you want to go, Flower?” Jasmine asked the Chikorita, even though she couldn’t speak.

“Rita!” she shouted back, pointing to the path that led to the pond. The green creature began to run to the pond.

“Wait for me!” Jasmine laughed, following the Chikorita quickly.

“Chiko!” Flower said viciously this time, halting in her path.

“I wonder why she stopped,” the black-haired girl thought to herself, as she saw her companion halt.

“A Pokémon!” Jasmine said in awe, observing a little blue bug seemingly walking on top of the pond.

Jasmine impulsively took her pink backpack off her back and checked inside for her Pokédex. Seeing the familiar redness of it, she took it into her hands and pointed it at the tiny blue Pokémon.

“Well? Aren’t you going to work?” Jasmine said, seeing nothing happening.

“Chiko!” Flower shouted, wanting to fight the Pokémon.

“Wait! I should open it! Duh!” Jasmine said, opening the device. It suddenly began to work, as she was pointing to the blue Pokémon.

Its image appeared on the screen, and she observed it more closely. It had four thin blue legs, and a little head that pulled it all together, with a yellow stem-like object growing on its head.

“Surskit, the pond skater Pokémon. From the tips of its feet, Surskit secrets an oil that enables it to walk on the water as if it were skating. This Pokémon feeds on microscopic organisms in ponds and lakes,” a female voice began to recite, emitting from the device.

“Surskit looks so awesome! And it’s a bug and a water type, too!” Jasmine whispered, reading other information on the screen.

“Chiko, chikorita!” Flower said again, getting fed up with waiting.

“Use tackle attack on it, Flower!” Jasmine snapped, getting frustrated from her Chikorita’s impatience.

Flower charged at the Surskit, but came to a halt when she saw that she couldn’t get into the pond. The Surskit was skating across the small pond, without a care in the world. He seemed to know Chikorita couldn’t do anything to him.

“Chiko! Chiko! Chikorita!” Flower shouted, angry that she couldn’t reach the bug.

“Flower! Try…” Jasmine said, but didn’t know what her Pokémon could do. Tackle and Growl were her only options, but perhaps her Chikorita had attacks she was unaware of, “Wait! I can check in the Pokédex!”

“Chikorita’s attacks are Tackle and Growl initially. After being born, it can learn Razor Leaf rather fast, and Reflect comes soon after,” the same, monotone female voice informed Jasmine, when she punched a few buttons and pointed to the Chikorita.

“Try and use Razor Leaf!” Jasmine called, knowing that it was a grass move that would affect the Surskit greatly.

“Chiko?” Flower asked, confused. She had no idea what this attack was, and what her trainer wanted her to do.

“Try something, Flower!” Jasmine shouted with a nice smile.

“Chiko!” Flower nodded vividly, and as she did this, leaves began to form from the two on the stem on her head. These three leaves flew at Surskit, and struck him so hard, that he was now out of the water.

“Skit!” the Surskit yelped angrily, not liking the interruption in his skating.

“Great! Now that he’s on land, use a tackle attack!” Jasmine called anxiously, clapping her hands together.

Flower put her head down and charged into the bug Pokémon with intent. Surskit reacted quickly and blew a few translucent bubbles that slowed the Chikorita down. With this gain of time, the Surskit moved out of the way and Flower’s tackle missed.

“Try it again!” Jasmine encouraged.

“Rita!” the Chikorita replied, and darted towards the Surskit.

“Surskit!” he shouted, and quickly dashed around Flower and hit her on the side.

“Flower, no!” Jasmine shouted, “Now, let him come to you!”

Flower nodded and parked herself on the grass, glaring at Surskit. Surskit glared back, but was about to try another quick attack.

As soon as Surskit began to move, Flower nodded her head hastily and leaves flew through the air and hit Surskit before it had the chance to hit Flower.

“Sur…” the cerulean creature moaned, now lying down on the ground. Flower had beaten him.

“Good job Flower!” Jasmine shouted in bliss, clapping her hands together and jumping up and down.

“Chiko,” Chikorita said, nodding to the fainted Surskit, “Chiko,” it repeated, nodding to Jasmine’s backpack.

“Huh?” Jasmine said, opening her backpack. She put her Pokédex back inside, and looked through. She saw a Pokéball, but it wasn’t Flower’s. A little note was attached to this mysteriously appeared Pokéball.

“Dear Jasmine,

Professor Hallow might forget to give you Pokéballs, so I decided I would buy you one. When you use it, please think of me. It’s a small gift, but I hope you do use it.

Your mother,” it read, in her mother’s recognizable writing.

It was as if her mother was psychic. Professor Hallow hadn’t given her a single Pokéball except Flower’s, which would mean that Ivy had no Pokéballs. This idea alone made Jasmine giggle, but she was happy that she had a chance to catch the Surskit her Chikorita had weakened.

“Chiko!” Flower pressured, not wanting the Surskit to get away.

“Hold your Ponyta, Flower!” Jasmine joked. Surskit wasn’t getting up any time soon.

Jasmine tossed her mother’s gift at the bug and water type Pokémon, and a red laser emitted from the Pokéball. It touched Surskit, who became a bright red silhouette, and the red laser returned to the Pokéball. Surskit’s silhouette disappeared, and the Pokéball fell to the ground. It shook to the left, to the right, over and over again. It was only a few seconds but it was an eternity to Jasmine.

It stopped moving suddenly, and Jasmine was shaking when she went over to pick up the round object.

“Did we… catch it?” Jasmine managed to stutter.

“Chiko! Chikorita!” Flower replied with a smile on her face.

“Go Surskit!” Jasmine yelled, throwing the Pokéball on the floor. Surskit appeared, and smiled at its new trainer.

“Surskit! Sur! Skit!” Surskit said quickly, with an excited tone.

“What should we call you?” Jasmine asked no one in particular, “Well you’re a water and a bug type, first of all… and you like to skate on the ponds… what could we possibly name you?”

By this time, she wasn’t expecting any answers. She knew she was talking to two creatures that could only say their own names, after all. Jasmine looked at Surskit’s eyes, trying to find a suitable name for him.

“I got it! I’ll nickname you Rain! You’re as swift as rain on the water, and you’re as blue as the sky, from where the rain falls! Do you like the name?” Jasmine exploded the name out suddenly, as if it had fallen from the sky into her mind, just like rain.

“Surskit! Sur!” Rain replied, liking the sound of the name.

“Good! So now it’s Jasmine, Flower and Rain, on a journey through Season!” Jasmine announced, joking slightly. She was only in Outset Forest and already; she had caught her first Pokémon.

“Skit!” Rain shouted happily, not knowing about the long journey ahead.

“Chiko!” Flower added, happy that she had a new friend.

“Good, so now, we need to head to the exit of the forest… Let me check my handy dandy PokéNav!” Jasmine said, and took out the device from her backpack. She opened it and clicked an icon with ‘Map’ written under it.

A map of the Season region appeared; Prime Island in the center, with Autumn Island to the west, Winter Island to the north, Spring Island to the east, Summer Island to the south and little islets between Prime Island and the other major islands. A little pink dot was on Autumn Island.

“Okay…” Jasmine said, and then clicked on Autumn Island.

A maple leaf appeared, right side up this time, and a little pink dot was in the northwestern part of it.

“The dot must be my location,” Jasmine thought, as she knew that she was in the northwestern part of the large island.

She then saw, a little north of the pink dot, a black dot with ‘Quintessence Town’ marked above it. That was her hometown, and it reassured her that the pink dot was her location.

Right beside the pink dot was another black dot with ‘Outset Forest’ indicated above it. That was where she was and she knew that for a fact.

“Let’s see where I’m headed after this…” Jasmine said and directed her attention a little lower on the map, where there was another black dot. All the places she’d been so far today were on the left leaf of the three-leafed maple leaf, and the next place, Junction City, indicated in bold black letters, was no exception. It was almost on the center of the leaf, but it was still on the left part of it, midway through.

“Junction City! That’s where we need to go next!” Jasmine announced to her two Pokémon, who squealed in reaction.

She and her two mates continued through the woods, battling against a few common Pokémon like Pidgey and Hoppip. She had even seen a sheep-like Pokémon that had escaped, and thought, “I will catch one of those some day.”

Of course, even if the Mareep hadn’t run away, she couldn’t catch it without a single Pokéball to use against it.

Matt & Vulpix
08-02-2004, 01:27 AM
Autumn Chapter Two Continued

She was now in an area circled by trees, with two pathways: one she’d used to get there and another that leaded to another place in the forest, she assumed. In the area, there were rocks and tree stumps, as well as bushes.

Chikorita yelped when she saw one of the green bushes shaking. Surskit made a noise as well, and Jasmine decided she would take action.

“Razor leaf the bush, Flower!” Jasmine hushed to the aware Chikorita.

Flower nodded and shook its head as to make three leaves appear and throw themselves rapidly at the moving bush. It stopped moving and a boy yelped in pain.

Jasmine, shocked that it was a human, began to run away.

“Hey, you!” a male voice said to Jasmine suddenly, appearing from behind the bush. Jasmine stopped right in her tracks, her back turned to the voice.

“Yes?” Jasmine said uneasily.

“Did you just order your Chikorita to razor leaf me?” he asked.

“No! Well, yes, quite possibly,” Jasmine failed to lie. She turned around and saw a fair-skinned man standing behind the bush. He had cut brown hair and brown eyes like her, and was wearing brown shorts. He had an odd striped shirt on, with a light blue and a deeper blue in alternate stripes.

“Why?” he asked.

“I thought you were a vicious Pokémon and I was scared, okay? Now get off my back and move on!” Jasmine responded, annoyed slightly.

“Fine. I’m Roger Pennington, by the way. I think you should know the name of the man you’ve attacked,” the boy named Roger laughed.

“Wow, that was so funny I forgot to laugh,” Jasmine replied plainly, “Were you injured?”

“Your Chikorita didn’t even touch me. The razor sharp leaves just flew by, luckily for me, and you too,” Roger laughed again. Jasmine was starting to hate his sense of humor.

“Right, well me, Flower and Rain have to be going now. We have to go to Junction City, see you around!” Jasmine said and began to walk in his direction, in order to get to the pathway to another spot of the forest.

“Wait! Why don’t we have a small battle? Being a professor in the making, I want to test out a few theories,” Roger said to Jasmine.

A smirk appeared on the young lass’s face.

“A battle, you say?” she replied.

“Yes, a battle, I said,” Roger repeated.

Flower and Rain’s head went back and forth between the two, who were now in closer proximities.

“That might be fun,” Jasmine said, and then asked, “Hey, you’re a professor?”

She asked the question simply because he looked not that much older than her. Jasmine gave him thirteen, like her, fourteen maximum.

“Not a professor, but I hope to be one someday. I’ve been taught by some of the best, but now I’m looking for my own experiences on the field,” Roger explained.

“Fun,” Jasmine replied, “You know, they say Pokémon Professors aren’t that good at battling.”

“Are you sure about that?” Roger laughed. Jasmine now found his laugh rather soothing; she liked this individual more than she did a few moments ago.

“Not really, but I’ve heard it a few times,” Jasmine answered, thinking about a few things she’d read on the Internet.

“Well, you’ll have to find that out for yourself. I have a lot of Pokémon that are dying to battle. Do you have any other Pokémon then Chikorita and Surskit?” Roger asked.

“No, in fact, I need to buy a few Pokéballs from Junction City. I only had one that I caught Rain, my Surskit, with an hour ago,” Jasmine said, as she checked her watch to give a good estimate of time.

“Well, if you win, I’ll give you a small supply of Pokéballs. But if I win… you’ll go and see a movie with me when we get to Junction City,” Roger raised the stakes.

“I won’t agree to that! I can just buy my Pokéballs!” Jasmine replied with a sudden anger on her face. She was offended by Roger’s bet.

“They can be quite pricey… besides, wouldn’t you like to catch a Pokémon on the way to Junction City? What if you saw a rare Pokémon that you really want, huh?” Roger provoked her decision.

Jasmine’s thoughts traveled to the Mareep she’d seen earlier. The white wool, the cute face… even the stuff the Pokédex said about it was nice! What if she saw another one of those?

“Fine, I’ll agree to those terms. We will use two Pokémon only, and the winner has to get his or her thing. Let’s shake on it,” Jasmine said, as they joined their hands together and shook them.

She was already regretting it. If he had so many Pokémon, he could surely find something that would have an advantage over Flower and Rain. She had let him talk her into this battle with stakes that she’d didn’t like.