View Full Version : Pe2k In Mystery dungeon!

01-21-2007, 07:27 PM
Have You Ever wondered...? Really Have You? YAY YOU DID!

Roles :

Bulbasaur - Me
Sqwirtle - ashketchum ( Cuz I wanted Too >:D )


Meep xD

Bulbasaur's Last Panel Makes The Writeing Hard To Read, The Bulbasaur Is Saying : It Fadeing...

01-21-2007, 07:28 PM
Oooooo! Pretty light!

Are you taking guests then? O.o Or is this the kind of thing that we can post stuff about this story in or something or whatever?

01-21-2007, 07:50 PM
Aww... Its cute! I cant wait to see more! :razz:

01-21-2007, 07:56 PM
We Take Guests, and Full Time People.

01-22-2007, 12:54 AM
Can I be a guest? A Rayquaza named Ryunshi that failed Pokemon SATs with a score of -89, carries around a "Magic" Chocolate Chip Cookie, And hates pencils. you make do whatever you want him to do, as it's your comic.

PS: Your comic is HUGE. shrink it and you can fit more panels.

01-22-2007, 03:00 PM
If Your A Guest You Will Only Be In One Episode. Oh And No Ledgeandarys. There, Reserved for Specil People...

01-22-2007, 04:19 PM

Can I guest? I'll be an Umbreon named Kyosan (DUH!!) who hates everyone. xD

dragonite rulez
01-22-2007, 04:40 PM
wow that was pretty cool