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07-23-2004, 09:31 PM
It was 4:00 AM. Kieran sat in his bed; all he had thought of was the horrible accident that occurred today. He had sat there for 8 hours now. Thinking. Thinking of how he lost one of the most important figures in his life. It was the saddest day of his life. The next day he would get his first Pokemon. He had thought it out, but he only wanted one person to see him leave that great day. That person was his father. But his father would not get to see that day. His best friend’s parents had killed his father.
Earlier, it was a sunny day. Kieran and Anton were conversing about which Pokemon they wanted to catch on the journey they would start tomorrow. Anton was 13 year old boy with a solid black shirt T-Shirt and a pair of white shorts with two red streaks going down the side of them. He had a blondish brownish head of hair and brown eyes. Kieran was also 13, and wore a lime green shirt with a black stripe going across it. He wore blue jeans and a Pokeball necklace. He also had messy dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.

“I have had my eye on a Raichu for the longest time!” Kieran squealed happily.

“Good luck, Kieran. I hear those are super rare. I just know that a Sandshrew is what I want. And a Charizard!”

“That puny thing will be ashes next to my Blastoise!”

Then, it happened. A large bang sounded off throughout the town of Pallet. Kieran and Anton, without even looking at each other, scurried off to the house, only to find Kieran’s father, lying outside the door, with a hole in his head.
Kieran’s father was a famous trainer. And the answer to the murder was obvious. Jon Hampton. Hampton had been beat in the World Championships two years ago 6-0, none of Harold Costello’s (Harold Costello was Kieran’s father) Pokemon fainted. And, of course, all the evidence matched up to Hampton. Kieran said that he would avenge his father’s death. Anton said that he would be there till the end. But can it last? Can this friendship hold together in rivalry, too? Find out in the next chapter of “Two Friends,One Destiny”

07-23-2004, 09:31 PM
Chapter 1
The next day

Kieran woke up, tears in his eyes. He fell off his bed, hitting his head on his dresser. He could not even look at Anton with out remembering. Remembering that horrible tragedy. He knew he had to leave for his journey today. He got up off the ground, and went downstairs.
On his way down, he could hear his mother crying. He quickly ran downstairs, to his mother.

“Mom...?” Kieran whispered.

Kieran’s mother quickly wiped her tears and looked at Kieran.

“Hey big guy! *Snivel* Today is the big day!”

“Mom....I can understand, I will stay here with you....”

“NO!” screamed his mother. “You must go Kieran, you will not be held back. You must live your life to the fullest. You must go on your journey today to prove that you are strong. You must prove that you can do anything!”

“Yes, Mom....” Kieran said, with tears welling in his eyes. They looked at each other, and hugged. It was a very long hug, filled with many emotions. Kieran looked at his mother one final time, and left the house.
As Kieran left to go to the lab, where 30 or so trainers would leave today, he thought about all the good memories him and his father had. He remembered playing with his father in the backyard, him showing him how to throw a Pokeball. Kieran would have to get through. He wiped the tears away.
He finally made it to the lab, when he entered, the lab totally fell silent. People stared at Kieran, some with tears welling in their eyes, because Harold Costello was an inspiration to every person in that lab, even Professor Oak. Kieran approached Anton as the lab started to get louder. Anton hung his head down, ashamed of his family. He started crying.

“Anton....Anton, it’s going to be OK. We will make it through this” Kieran whispered. Anton put his head up.

“Things will never be the same between us Kieran...NEVER!”

“We will make this work, Anton! I have known you ever since I was 4. We will make it through this. I promise.”

“Thank you, Kieran.....Thank you.”

Professor Oak started talking. “Alright! Alright! Settle down! Settle down! Today, you will embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Trainers, line up for your first Pokemon ever.”

Kieran and Anton were first in line. They were excited as hell about their first Pokemon.

“Professor Oak...I choose Squirtle!” Kieran said proudly.

“Here you are, Kieran. I hope your future shines as bright as the sun.”
“Squirtle, come out!”

Squirtle was unleashed, but Kieran was quickly saddened when he threw the ball. He again, remembered his father.

“Squirtle?” Squirtle asked. Kieran came back to life. “Oh! Squirtle! I think I’ll call you.....Wave.”
Anton came up to Kieran. “Kieran! Kieran! I got a SHINY Charmander!”

“Holy Crap! Let me see it!” Kieran said excitedly. Anton unleashed threw the ball down, and a Golden Charmander appeared!

“Char! Charmander!” said the orange lizard.
Kieran and Anton left the lab together. Both feeling uncomfortable with each other, but they knew they would get through it. They headed toward Route 1.

Next Chapter: Enter Route 1! Rivalry already?

07-23-2004, 09:31 PM
Chapter 2
Enter Route 1! Rivalry Already?

With distressed faces on, Kieran and Anton enter Route 1.

“OK......It says on the Pokedex that we can find only Pidgey and Rattata on Route 1.” Anton explained. “And with the 5 free Pokeballs, we should at least be able to get one of the two.”

“What was that Anton?” Kieran said. “Sorry, but I am battling a Pidgey!

*Anton takes anime fall*

“Wave! Bubble!” Kieran yelled. The turtle Pokemon let out many bubbles, hitting the Pidgey.

“Now Wave, finish it with Tackle!” Wave tackled the Pidgey down to the ground.

“Now I think this is how you do this.....” Kieran said as chucked the Pokeball at the Pidgey. A dazzling red light sucked Pidgey into the ball. The ball rolled....once....twice....three times! Score! Kieran caught the Pidgey!

“Whoa!” Anton said, amazed. “Where did you learn to battle like that!? That Pidgey did not even TOUCH you!”

“I guess I just picked it up somewhere.....” Kieran said quietly.

Anton then fell silent. He was embarrassed and ashamed. He quickly moved off the subject.

“So....Kieran....wanna battle?” Anton said.

“Are you kidding? I’ll screw you over!” Kieran said, proud of his new Pidgey. He then thought.....PIDGEY! He quickly unleashed the Pidgey.

“Pidg!” squeaked the Pidgey. The Pidgey quickly flew in the air, very hyper.

“Uh-oh!” Kieran said. “Wave....GO!” A white light materialized into Wave the Squirtle.

“Squirtle!” Wave said smiling as it hugged Kieran’s leg. Kieran sighed.

“I guess my Pokemon have a bit of personality!” Kieran thought. Pidgey was still going crazy. “Wave, quickly, bring Pidgey down with a Bubble!” Kieran yelled.

“SQUIRTLE!” the Squirtle said as it back flipped into a Bubble. It hit Pidgey dead on! Pidgey flew fell to the ground and calmed down.

“Well, I have learned 2 things today.” Kieran said. “One, I have a Super Show-Offy Squirtle...who is awesome.”

*Wave smiles*

“And two, I have a Spazzy Pidgey.....Hey! That’s it! I’ll name you Spaz!”


“So...Kieran, you ready to battle?” Anton said from behind.

“I told you, Anton. Two against one is unfair.” Kieran said as he turned around. “Wha?! Where did you get the Rattata?!” Kieran just stared at the Rattata, who was foaming at the mouth.

“A lot of time passes by when you are battling, doesn’t it Kieran?” Anton said proudly. “You’re not scared, are ya Kieran?”

“Of course not! Let’s go!” Kieran said, beaming at Anton.

“Hmmm, let’s make this battle a bit more strategic. Let’s make it a Double Battle!” Anton said excitedly.

“Uhh....fine!” Kieran said. “Loser gives up 300 Pokedollars!

“Fine by me!”

Kieran stared Anton down. His first Pokemon battle. He needed that 300 dollars, and the bragging rights.

“Wave, Spaz, come out!” Kieran yelled.
“You too, Flash and Fang!” Anton screamed.

“Fang! Bite that Pidgey!” Anton commanded.
“Not so fast, Anton! Pidgey, gust it away!” The diseased Rattata flew into the air, falling on it’s back.

“Yeah! Take some of that!” Kieran gloated.

“It won’t matter! Flash! Scratch that Squirtle!” Squirtle was hit hard by the Scratch attack.

“Wave! Stay in there! Withdraw in your shell!” Kieran said.

“Like that’ll do much! Fang, Headbutt that silly turtle!”

“No! Spaz, keep it Wave in there with Peck”

The hyper-active bird pecked Fang straight on the head! Fang was down!

“Fang, return!” Anton said as the red light sucked in the rat. But before it did, Spaz and Fang did not look like they were happy with each other.

“Finish, the shiny Charmander! Spaz, Wave, UNISON TACKLE!” The two comrades plunged into the fire breathing reptile. It was down and out! Anton sighed.

“Both my Pokemon were taken out....your good. But I will beat you.”

Immediately, Rattata popped out of its ball! It had blood red eyes and was foaming at the mouth! It plowed into Kieran and bit him!”

“Gah...AHH!” Kieran screamed. It was going blurry, his head was spinning. The last thing he was Anton’s fear-filled face.

Next Chapter: Emergency Recovery! Get to Viridian City!

07-23-2004, 09:32 PM
Chapter 3
Camping in Viridian City!

Kieran opened his eyes. Anton was standing over him, and they were in a building. Kieran shot up.

“What happened?” Kieran asked drowsily.

“My Rattata went crazy!” Anton exclaimed. “I have never seen any thing like that.”

“I wonder if he likes me.....” Kieran said sarcastically. “Hey, what time is it?”

“7:00 PM.”

“What!? We went out there at like.....7:00 AM!” Kieran exclaimed.

“I know......all the other trainers already passed. We are so behind.”
Kieran then remembered. His Pokemon! There not on his belt!

“Calm down, Kieran. We are in the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy has your Pokemon.” Anton quickly said.

“Did anything happen while I was out sleeping?!” Kieran said again, very inquisitive.

“Well, I battled a trainer who came along. His name was Brendan. I won!”

“Really? Awesome!” Kieran said. “Was Rattata....?”

“No. After it bit you, it went straight for Pidgey’s Pokeball. I smell a rivalry....” Anton said.

“A deadly one,” said Kieran as he looked at his stomach. It was bandaged up. He would have to be careful.

Kieran and Anton slept in the Pokemon Center. Kieran was paranoid, thinking every time he heard a “crack” that someone was coming for them. A picture of Hampton, his father’s murderer, popped in his head. He finally decided that he had to get some sleep. He thought about what he and Anton would do tomorrow. Probably just go catch some Pokemon.....

CLINGNAKBANG! Kieran’s thought was interrupted. He heard someone. They broke through the window in the back!

“AHHHHH!” Nurse Joy screamed.

“ANTON! GET YOUR POKEMON! SOMEONE IS BREAKING IN!” Kieran screamed. Other trainers woke up, too.
Trainers ran to the back to find a shady figure and a tied up Nurse Joy. The trainers all whipped out the same Pokemon. Pidgey, Rattata, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

“You cannot beat me!” yelled the Shady trainer. The Shady Trainer whipped out a Pokeball. What popped out was a Purple Pokemon, kind of big, with a large horn on hits head. Every trainer simultaneously pulled out their Pokedex. It read:

*Nidorino-The Poison Pin Pokemon*
<Nidorino is a vicious creature that fights its best always. The highly toxic horn it has is used for cutting opponents and poisoning them>

“Anton...are you going to send out Fang?”

“I don’t know....I’m afraid.....I felt so bad last time....”

“We have to stop this guy, now!” Kieran whispered. “I have an idea! Spaz, GO!

“PIDGEY!” the hyper Pidgey screamed.

“Spaz, get in there and use Gust on the Nidorino and that Trainer!”

“PID!” Pidgey screamed. It let out a huge gust of wind, knocking the trainer down with his Pokemon. The trainer wore all black clothes, and had blondish hair.

The other trainers tried to take down Nidorino when it got up. It was being overwhelmed!

“NIDO!” it screamed has many Rattata bit it and Pidgey’s pecked it.

“Nidorino, return!” said the trainer. “I won’t lose next time!”

“That was close” said Anton.

“You can say that again! Good job, Spaz!” Kieran said.

“Pidg!” the Pidgey said happily. It had flipped off a Nidorino. It had some sort of great strength.

It was 5 in the morning when everything calmed down. Kieran and Anton decided that they would go out to get some training done.....
“I think I am going to go train by myself for a while....” Anton sighed.

“Umm...alright, meet back here at around 11 for lunch?”


Kieran was now alone. It was the second day of his training, and Anton wanted to train by himself. The answer was obvious. He wanted to get away from the guilt. All that guilt just killed him. I think.....
Anton, now going on his own, was very, very close to the Pokemon League. He checked his Pokedex for the wild Pokemon.

<Pokemon on this route>
<Mankey, Pidgey, and Rattata>

“Ooo! A Mankey should do nicely!” Anton squealed. “A fighting type could help me in battles!”

Anton quickly found a wild Mankey. “Flash, go!” he yelled.

The Mankey looked right at Flash. It just stared.

Anton, now freaking out, quickly attacked. “Flash, show it your Scratch attack!” As the golden lizard went in for the scratch, the Mankey grabbed it by the arm, and flipped it to the other side!

Charmander stumbled to get up, and was now sweating very hard. It was one strong attack.

Anton panicked. “Uhh....if we can’t get the physical attacks, let’s try some specials! Ember!” he cried. Flash sent out many small fireballs at the Mankey, knocking it down, but it quickly got up again. It was now concentrating on Anton! It dived quickly, but Anton got away.

“Whoa! That thing is insane! Flash, finish it with another Ember!” More fireballs came out, and Mankey was dodging them like crazy! The last one finally hit the wild Pokemon, and it fell to the ground, twitching.

“Pokeball, go!” Anton cried. The red light sucked the Mankey in. One roll, two rolls, three rolls, score! Mankey was caught!

*Anton switches to a Godfather like voice*

Hello, Mankey, you will now be known as Insano. Welcome to the family!