View Full Version : My Pidgey went from level 2 to level 51 in a 93 floor Western mission!

01-24-2007, 10:13 PM
Have you ever done this to jack up low level Pokemon to the levels you want to evolve them? I just got done taking a low level 2 Pidgey in a 93 floor Western mission. It was my Jynx, Combusken, and the Pidgey. I gave Pidgey the Weather band to withstand Tyranitar's sandstorms, and Combusken the reviver seed. Either Jynx used Powder Snow or Combusken used FOcus Energy/DOuble Kick for super EXP that really got my Pidgey's level up in a big hurry as it got to level 47 by like floor 70 in Western. IT even got the opp. to knock out a Sceptile, Meganium, and a Tryanitar. Now I'm in Burial Relic with Medicham, Charizard's nasty Heat Wave, and my Nidoran female to get its level to 47 so it learns Crunch for its evolution. So far, the Ateam is doing AOK in training a few good low level Pokemon in tough challenging in your face dungeons!:tongue: My team wouldn't have it any other way as it snacks on danger and dines on challenges to the extreme!

Those 99 floor dungeons are getting owned.
Oh, and the secret to beating Silver Trench, and those nasty 15, 35, 55, and 75 monster houses? Just send out a high leveled Jynx, that Powder Snow KOs over 90% of the mischievous monsters!