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07-24-2004, 11:05 PM
This is my first Fanfic here, I hope it turns out good. The title can be a bit misleading, but you'll find out what the Blind Abra stands for soon enough. Enjoy! :biggrin: You can give me feed back any time!


A cold winter's day began in a cottage with foggy windows and frosted over doors. This was probably one of the coldest days this winter. The elderly man who lived here in this house was sitting in a cozy chair near the fireplace. The door creaked open and the gusts of wind out side were whistling past the porch as a man and two kids walked inside and the door slammed as if knocking the cold away from the house.

"Hello father!", the man who had just enter exclaimed. The two children ran up and hugged their grandfather sitting in his chair and greeted each other.

"You know, you're my favorite grandkids you know.", said the man in the chair.

"Tell us a story, grandpa!", the two little children chanted in unison.

"Okay, let me think.", the man said as the two children snuggled in beside him in his lap. "Once upon a time..."

07-25-2004, 05:34 PM
Chapter 1: Zubat's Scar

A little boy about 8 years old named Alex was playing hide and seek with two of his friends in his home of Dewford town. They had played the game many times before but they extended the boundries to anywhere their feet could take them.

"Not it!", yelled Jess.

"Not it!", Katie quickly said after, and Alex was too late and didn't catch on. Jess and Katie hid while Alex started counting.

"1...2...3...", until reaching 30. "Ready or not, here I come!", Alex yelled as he started running for their usual hiding spots. After a while of not finding either of them he remembered the rule they made up earlier. He then started to walk along the beach to the cave ahead. "That's it!", Alex thought to himself as he started to pick up speed to get there. "Granite Cave", read the sign in front of the cave ahead, and he rushed in.

He started walking around in the dimly lit cave until he got to a ladder. He climbed down the ladder into a complete abyss of darkness. He could hear strange noises, zapping and screeching, as if to scare him away. "It must be a joke they're playing on me.", Alex thought to himself as he continued further, having no clue of where he was going. Soon he got lost and started to get scared. "Help!", he screamed, at the top of his voice, but the answer he got was even more frightening. A horde of Zubat fluttered past him screeching and darting all around him. One of the Zubat must have hit him in the face because his eyes hurt. He couldn't see a thing in the darkness, and heared the purr of a sleeping pokemon.

The cold dampness of the cave made him shiver as he felt a breeze of wind, or at least what he thought was wind. He knew that if there was wind he could get out of the cave, but then heard a grunt of a pokemon awakening in front of him. Alex started to run from the noise and without thinking ran into a wall where he fell back on something. Just then whatever he fell on moved out of the way so quickly he couldn't feel it leave. His head hit the ground and he laid there feeling dizzy.

"Help!", he called out in a desperation for saving, but there was no answer. He got up and heard a pokemon moving about in front of him. It sounded to him like an Abra, and he knew that if it was an abra it could teleport him out. But then again if he was wrong it could be something far fiercer such as an Aron or a Mawile. He made a leap of faith and grabbed hold of the pokemon and didn't let go. A strange whizzing noise happened and he felt as if his body was being mutilated. It didn't hurt, it just felt very funny.

He then felt as if he was in mid air and fell flat on the ground. Everything was pitch black, but he heard a man run up to him and see if he was all right.

"Are you okay?", the hiker asked urgently.

"I think so.", Alex said groggily as he tried to get up.

"I'll get you to help right away.", the hiker said as he picked up Alex and headed towards the entry.

Alex was still under the illusion he was in the pitch black cave until he was outside in the salty sea air of his home. That's when he knew he was blind...

07-28-2004, 04:36 PM
Chapter 2: A Possibility

Alex woke up, in a room he had never been in before. He felt his face, and bandages were over his eyes, and he could feel the cool metal of a bar beside his bed. It was a bar used for keeping babies in their crib from falling out, or something a disabled person would need.

Right then it struck him, he was disabled... and blind... probably for the rest of his life. He was hurt emotionally to the bitter end. He felt worthless and horrible. He didn't know what to do... He grabbed the bandages and --

"I wouldn't do that if I were you.", a mysterious yet, freindly and familiar voice stated. "If you want to get any of your eye sight back, I would recomend you not pull those bandages off."

"Why?", Alex said in frustration.

"Because, if you do, your eyes won't be able to heal."

"Heal? How can my eyes heal?"

"When you were teleported with the abra, it must have re-arranged how you were built, because we noticed immediately as you came out of the tunnel... you looked very strange to say the least. You had yellowish-gold skin. We thought that, since all Abra's don't have fully developed eyes, then maybe if part of it fused with you... well we thought maybe you would be able to restore your eyes."

"What do you mean Abra's don't have fully developed eyes..."

"Abra's like other pokemon such as rabit species of pokemon are born with their eyes closed and no hair. They can't open their eyes yet because they aren't fully formed, so they have to wait until they mature or evolved to open them. That's why Abra can Teleport, in case it senses trouble with it's telepathic powers."

"So my eyes will heal?", Alex said with hope.

"We're not sure. But as long as you keep your eyes closed, you should be alright. We currently have search parties out looking for a strange looking Abra, so maybe we can turn you back to normal. But in order to do that, we're going to have to go very far by boat, to a place on the opposite side of the world."

"Opposite side of the world!", Alex asked with excitedness.

"Yes, we're in the most southern and western part of the world. The place we're going is all the way in Kanto, in the far north east. His name is Bill, and he's been fused with a Pokemon before, and he thinks he can turn you back, if you can find the Abra you fused with."

"How much longer will I have to wear these bandages?", Alex asked uncertainly.

"Until you evolve into a Kadabra", the friendly voice chuckled, "We really don't know yet."

"Okay, thanks.", Alex said as he laid back down into the hospital bed. The man started to walk away when, "Wait! What's your name?", Alex remembered to ask at the last second.

"My name's Proffessor Birch, nice to meet you Alex. I'll see you later, I have to go back to the Weather Lab near Fortree to conduct some studies on a Pokemon called Castform, and then I have to go to a Space Center in Mossdeep to study meteorites. I'm afraid I'm very busy, but I hope we do meet again, it was nice talking to you.", the professor said in a kind voice.

"Goodbye.", Alex said as he pulled up the covers and dozed off...

07-28-2004, 05:03 PM
Chapter 3: This One's the Charm

We now follow the search team looking for the Abra with Alex's skin color. The team had a Sableye with them, tamed and used for seeking out Pokemon in the dark. In no time, they found the Abra, with Alex's eyes and skin, which was a very scary sight. The disgruntled Abra was walking aimlessly with Alex's eyes.

"Sableye, Go!", one of the Hikers in the group said as he threw a Great ball holding yet another Sableye. "Fake Out!", the hiker yelled as the Sableye made a terrifying looking hit that scared the Abra into flinching. The hiker threw a Poke ball at the disformed Abra, but the Abra broke free and Teleported to somewhere else in the cave.

The hikers didn't say a thing and kept on going, although a scent of irritation went through the air. They had a feeling they were going to be here a while.

"There it is!", a man yelled, but it scampered off.

"Quiet down! It'll hear us.", another man said as they crept closer to the place they thought the Abra had ran to.

"Grimer Go!", the man with the other Sableye said. He must have had all the Pokemon of the group. Abra jumped out and tried to Teleport, but it must have failed because it was worn out from just fighting it earlier. "Grimer, Disable!", the man said as the grimer shot a liquid ooze from it's mouth trapping Abra from Teleporting. The Abra then started to struggle free as it hit Grimer and wore itself slowly out. After great deliberation, the weak Abra was released from the disable, and just when it was about to Teleport, the man threw a Poke ball to capture it. The ball slowly shook left, then right, then stood still for a while... POP! The Abra exploded from the ball and teleported yet again.

The group searched on, running from every pokemon they found that wasn't important to them. They ran into the Abra yet again, in a room that was seperate from the rest of the cave. This was it. They were going to catch it now. It had already been weakened so this was it. The man threw a Premier ball this time. The ball wiggled left and right, until coming to a stop. Abra had been caught! They finally got it, and their search was over. The man grabbed the newly caught Abra, and released it from it's Premier ball to Teleport them to the Pokecenter.

"Abra, Return!", the man said, as he entered the hospital by himself to give the pokemon to Nurse Joy for safe keeping.

"Thank you for bringing the boy and this pokemon in, Harold.", Nurse Joy said as he handed her the premier ball.

"Any time", the hiker said as he handed Nurse joy his two pokemon to heal, Grimer and Sableye.

After a few seconds, "Here you go, please come again!", Nurse Joy said happily as she handed the pokeballs to Harold.

Harold walked out of the Pokemoncenter and took out his two healed Pokemon to walk around. He pulled off his pack and threw them each a lava cookie for a job well done. He had planned for this hiking trip to be a vacation from his home in Lavaridge town, but it didn't matter to him. He was happy that he could be of some help. Harold and his pokemon then walked to the water side and he took a cylinder out of his pack and it extended into a fishing rod. Harold swung back and then sling shot the pole forward. He relaxed his head against the soft warm sand of the beach and let the waves lap up onto his feet. He was happy to be in Dewford town, and he looked across to the noisy beach of Slateport and saw kids splashing and yelling. The sound of the waves was soothing and so comforting. He pulled his hat over his face and fell asleep...