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07-25-2004, 01:05 AM
What better to end red week with a budget red deck? lol Basically, this deck runs on just commons and uncommons, but still has crazy results.

The cards are from mercadian masques, Invasion, planeshift, 8th, Mirrodin, Darksteel, and 5th Dawn

lands 25
24 mountains
1 sandstone needle

Creatures 19
2 Juggernaut
1 Kyren Sniper (Wishes to be Vulshok Sorcerer)
1 Orcish Artillery
1 Flailing Soldier
2 Spikeshot Goblin
3 Vulshok Sorcerer
2 Oxidda Golem
4 Spark Elemental (lightning bolt wannabes/ball lightning wannabes)
1 Viashino Sandstalker
1 Canyon Wildcat (Rogue Kavu wannabe)
1 Rogue Kavu

Spells 16
2 magma jet (want 4)
4 shock (lightning bolt wannabes)
2 pyrite spellbomb (need)
3 carbonize
2 Volcanic Hammer
1 Strafe (the biggest lightning bolt wannabe)
2 barbed lightning

This deck is BUDGET! With a total of 10 uncommons and the rest commons, it's like budget to the extreme. lol

Anyway this deck wishes to be fast and furious. There are MANY ways to slap your opponent, just clear the way for these guys and you'll be fine. Look, I packed 16 removal spells PLUS 5 pokers to really slap around. Just slap whatever is in the way of your elementals and golems, etc. and you should be able to quickly drop that life count to 0. Remember to use burn to finish, as your creatures would probably have died. MAGMA JET IS IMPORTANT!!!!!! SCRY IS GOD IN RED!!!!!

Adding money to the deck:

As I said, 4 magma jets would probably be the way to go there.
I recommend adding sulfuric vortex into this deck to really put up the clock. If you don't have that money, a simple skullcage might do the trick. I decided not to use the skullcages tho.

Even more money:
Add the lightning bolts and ball lightnings. They will REALLY put the clock on. More stalkers are recommended too, since they leave the field after they attack (which means they are safe from wraths and stuff).
also, Fireblast (the one where you need to sac 2 mountains as an alternate cost for 4), earthquake, fireball, and incinerate ALL are good choices here too.