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Strong Kingdom Hearthttp://img1.uploadimages.net/102503Red_Mountains.jpg<^>The Prologue: Shades Of Power<^>
As the mountains gleamed with fantastic beauty under the moonlight skies of Ferisho Island, the water began to glow this mysterious, alerting tint. The waves in the water began to form, making the large body of water flow to their left.

The mountains were tall and creepy, having holes in the center and tons of red rocks. Their shape was unusual, acting as though the hills had belonged together in this life. Rocks tumbled down their sides while cracks formed on the hills.

A magnificent shine came from the light purple skies, filled with nothing at all except this bright color. With a thin, gray cloud surrounding around Ferisho Island, this place grew a reawakening reputation of being the place where only Pokemon would reign in success.

The second island, Persuian Island, has less mountains. The hills that were on Persuian Island were shorter is length and height both. But, their unforgiving downside was that every five years, and during this year, the island folks discovered that during any day, and any time, the mountains would erupt.

As the red body of water surrounded both islands, within the Silver Glass Tournament Dom, three Pokemon appeared from out of there. Racing down the water like they were running on hard cement. They were all running towards Persuian Island, where the mountains were about to erupt at any second.

The brown lion Pokemon made it to Persuian Island first. This threatening Pokemon had soft, brown fur that looked so clean and healthy that it looked as though it was groomed on a weekly basis.

Black rings were on its four, powerful legs. Big, white claws dug into the earth’s grass platform as it stared down the wicked mountains. The ferocious Pokemon had a shiny silver, feathery mane that ran down its head and back, moving constantly in the mild wind. Its silver sharp fangs were implanted under its nose, racing down its face in a mysterious form.

Its eyes were sharp and red, yet having the vision of a owl at nighttime and an eagle in the daytime. Beige and gray hairs raced down in the front of its body, sparkling with a dazzling appearance. With a red and yellow star-like mask on, this brown lion Pokemon was known as Entei, the heart of Volcanoes.

Turning around impatiently, Entei noticed that the yellow striking Pokemon had made it next on the grass of Persuian Island. This Pokemon had a more cheetah-like body, with its fur being bright and a striking yellow color.

Black horn designs scattered throughout its body while its legs were strong, holding terribly dangerous white claws. Its tail took the shape of a lightning strike, having a thin, silver tail with a spiky circle shape at the end.

Purple hair grew down its back, and curled up at the end to make that certain scene look like purple clouds. Its eyes were also sharp and red, along with its face being concealed by silver and dark gray armor equipment. This Pokemon was known as Raikou.

Raikou joined Entei, facing the red waters. They were both hoping to see the last Pokemon, which they did. As it finally approached the island, it shook itself then walked towards Raikou and Entei.

This Pokemon’s body was slimmer than the two, making it the fastest of the three. Its lightblue skin made this water wind Pokemon the most unique of the three. Also, white dots were scattered around its body, while its tail was thin, white, long and curly. This tail was split into four parts as they waved on each side of this Pokemon’s body.

There was a long, crystal-shaped structure on top of this water wind Pokemon’s head, gleaming in sheer vividness while its mouth was white and pleasant. Long purple hair waved in the air, long and precious. With a white stomach to finish off, this last Pokemon was known as Suicune.

With its lightblue skin texture, Suicune bent down its head and licked its right paw. Having a pink, long tongue, it finished within seconds and closed it mouth. Raising its head up, it looked in the eyes of Raikou, then Entei. Using their special attack, Calm Mind, they began communicating through their minds telepathically.

“Raikou, it appears as though its time for this once more. What shall me and Entei do?” Suicune asked immediately. The thunderstorm Pokemon looked up and angrily growled at the shaking mountains. Quaking with fear, Entei dug its sharp claws in the ground to maintain its balance.

“Well, how about we just combine our attacks and make them flow into the mountains? That way, it can be sensed to humans as though the mountains skipped their time,” Raikou answered. Entei and Suicune growled, being a bit confused with what Raikou had reported to them.

“How can we do so, Raikou? We don’t have much time to combine our attacks to stop an eruption. Its technically impossible,” Entei commented.

“Yes, I agree with Entei. Time isn’t what we specialize in right now, so maybe a few Hydro Pumps and a Roar attack from you and Entei can do it,” Suicune added.

Raikou looked at the fiery lion Pokemon and water purify Pokemon and shook its head in deep disapproval. “Suicune, Entei…we cannot take another chance by doing those same techniques that failed for the last five times the mountains erupted. By combining our attacks, it might be able to permanently seal the mountains from erupting…trust me on this, you two!” Raikou yelled through its mind and theirs.

Pending on Raikou’s decision, Suicune and Entei nodded in approval, deciding to take a chance. Within moments, they raced down the grass lands, in top speed, heading towards the mountains.

The wild Jumpluff peacefully floated in the sky as Suicune, Entei and Raikou approached the mountains. As the hills began to quake the earth dramatically, all three legendary Pokemon had to choice but to jump up the hills as fast as they could.

Wild Pokemon began running, with their panic level to great limits as they felt the earth move with excitement. Racing up the hill, Raikou hurried Suicune and Entei.

“There’s no time to waste, you two! Let’s get up here its too late!” Raikou hurried. As they reached the top of the mountains, Entei noticed something a bit strange. Usually, Entei had the special ability to feel the heart of lava, fire or anything that was burning. It could sense the feelings of the following things, but this eruption had a more clever, happy feeling. Immediately, the brown lion alerted Suicune and Raikou.

“Suicune, Raikou…this lava has no feeling at all,” Raikou and Suicune stopped dead in their tracks and looked at Entei.

“What?! Are you joking Entei?!” They both screamed.

“No, I’m not kidding…actually, this wasn’t the year at all. We all assumed it, but this wasn’t suppose to happen until another three months. There’s only one conclusion to this…a Pokemon had to do this,” Entei announced.

Raikou looked into Entei’s eyes, noticing how confident it was of this decision. Suicune did the same, but then looked up into the purple sky. It horribly watched as one figure flew out of the mountains, flapping its wings as fast as it could to escape the place.

“There it is, Raikou! Looks like Entei was correct,” Suicune roared.

Raikou and Entei angrily looked up, seeing that the flying Pokemon were escaping Persuian Island. “Let’s get this pathetic Pokemon!” Entei screamed as it opened its mouth.

A light purple and black sphere began forming, expanding in size greatly. Abruptly, the attack became large, burning brightly with its light purple flames. As they flared around, Entei shot the circular flames at the flying Pokemon.

The shadowy Pokemon managed to perform an Aerial Manuever in the air, then positioned itself to attack. Forming an orange and yellow sphere inside of its mouth, it immediately shot out the beam, striking the mountains angrily.

Suddenly, red, huge rocks began tumbling down the hill, hitting all three legendary Pokemon. They fell down the mountain and hit the ground while the flying Pokemon made a quick espace, flying its way towards Ferisho Island, where the Empire Collection Pile-Up was coming to a close.

There, it would reach its main target, the Ferisho Empire, and finish off King Aleykale’s son…Prince Seto Ryusha. And it looked back, and grew a grin on its face as it saw all three legendary Pokemon, lying on the ground with their bodies being covered with the red rocks. Suicune and Entei were badly hurt, but Raikou managed to tell them something before quickly evading the area.

“Guys…this Pokemon has to be stopped, and King Aleykale’s prince can definitely stop them. Let me warn the king of this Pokemon’s arrival,” Raikou informed.

Though very hurt, Suicune and Entei nodded while Raikou got up, making the huge rocks fall off of its body. Before they knew it, Raikou fled down the grass, heading towards Ferisho Island…because this Pokemon had to be stopped. And the perfect person to stop it would be Prince Seto Ryusha.

Scorch Ry
07-27-2004, 12:10 AM
<^>Chapter 1: The Ending Of Joseph<^>http://img1.uploadimages.net/396547Banner_For_SKH.bmp
The crowd roared in sheer excitement as the battle between the Ferisho Kingdom prince and the Fariheit Kingdom prince began to get powerful and fierce. The prince of Fariheit Kingdom was named Joseph Redfield.

He had brown hair that he was beginning to grow out. Joseph’s eyes gleamed an aqua green color while his skin texture was a light beige tone. He was a fit person, wearing a dark green shirt under his green shoulder armor.

He was also wearing black pants with kneepads that shined a green color. Having a Pikachu right by his side, Joseph Redfield was the Prince of Fariheit Kingdom.

The other Prince, from Ferisho Kingdom, was named Seto Ryusha. Seto had black hair that was beginning to get a bit lengthy. His eyes burned the passionate hazel color as they sparkled upon the Silver Glass Dome.

He was also fit, but not one of those buff guys who thought they had it all when it came to their body. Seto was wearing no armor, but had the royal appearance to make him look like the Prince he was. He was wearing a long red clock that was opened, revealing his caramel skin tone body.

With matching black drag pants and his red Timberlands, Seto took the more classy appearance that Prince appearance. Even though Seto and Joseph had different appearance, their ages, which were 17, were something that they both held in common.

The Silver Glass Dome held tons of burgundy seats, filled with nothing but cheering people. Seto Ryusha and Joseph Redfield were competing in a tournament, with their battle being the last one to finish off the tournament, and to decided which Prince would be crowned, “Pile-Up Glass Tournament Winner”.

Seto’s girlfriend, Christina Roelaend, was cheering him on from the bench that was near him. Christina matched Seto’s skin texture. She had a beautiful face that made her mother, Queen Rachelliana, felt proud to have her and helped her daughter learn to take care of herself. Christina’s eyes shimmered a black color.

She wore an outstanding pink gown, with matching pink heels. With pink pins in his long, brown hair, she really was an eye opener for her boyfriend, Seto Ryusha. She watched as Joseph’s Kadabra managed to break free from Seto’s Dragonair’s Twister attack, which allowed the blue serpent to bring in some attacks.

“Kadabra, use Psychic!” Joseph hollered.

Kadabra positioned its spoons towards Dragonair. Very soon, its body was enveloped in a sparkling lightblue barrier. The spoons, that Kadabra had by using Kenetic, began to move. It abruptly released wavy waves filled with telekinetic controlling powers. Kadabra soon made the blue Psychic waves travel towards Dragonair. Just then, Seto had called his attack out.

“Dragonair, use Safeguard!” Seto commanded.

The crowd and Christina watched as a thick green barrier enveloped Dragonair’s body, protecting it from the Psychic attack. The lightblue waves struck Dragonair, but simply flew off into different directions.

Joseph gasped, furious that Kadabra’s attacks were working on Dragonair at all! He immediately stepped forward, and got ready to call out his command for Kadabra.

“Kadabra, try Psybeam!” Joseph commanded.

The teleport Pokemon opened its gold mouth, blasting out a rainbow-colored lightning strike. The Psybeam attack broke Dragonair’s Safeguard and struck the long serpent Pokemon’s body in the center, causing great damage.

The dragon-type Pokemon fell on the grass platform, cringing in complete pain. Seto growled at Seto and Kadabra, seeing that this duo wasn’t giving any mercy to him. Christina covered her mouth with her hand, scared that Dragonair wouldn’t survive much longer.

But, Dragonair shot up from the ground and bellowed a mysterious cry that silenced the audience from their cheering. Seto’s mouth dropped open, surprised that the serpent had survive yet another Psybeam attack from his Kadabra.

“Kadabra, use another Psybeam!” Seto commanded.

Just as the psychic-type Pokemon opened its mouth, Dragonair began forming a beam that was fused with an orange and yellow color. As the sphere began expanding on its white small horn, Dragonair suddenly released the Hyper Beam attack.

The beam sparkled a white shade as it shot down and struck Kadabra in its body, blowing it back towards Joseph. Kadabra had been successfully defeated by Dragonair! The crowd screamed and cheered, some happy that Kadabra fainted while others were upset that Dragonair had finally defeated the teleport Pokemon.

On a loud speaker, the announcer announced, “Kadabra is now been defeated! Dragonair is the winner!”

Seto smiled in happiness as it watched Dragonair fly around the Silver Glass Dome in sheer gladness. Meanwhile, Joseph angrily took out Kadabra’s Pokeball and returned his psychic-type Pokemon inside. Being enveloped in a red color, Kadabra was sucked inside the Pokeball.

Soon enough, Joseph immediately threw out his second Pokeball.

“Let’s go and defeat this dragon, Nidoking!” Joseph hollered.

The Pokeball spun in the air and magically shot open, releasing a large white figure. As the glow began to fade, Seto was devastated in Joseph’s Pokemon choice. Just like Joseph called out, his Nidoking was revealed to Seto, Christina and everyone else in the Glass Dome.

The crowd began cheering and booing, since some hated the fact that Nidoking was very violent in battle, while others enjoyed it thrashing its opponents. Dragonair leveled down and smiled, raising one eye up higher than the other.

“Dragonair, let’s start things off with Extremespeed!” Seto called out.

The dragon-type Pokemon started out by speeding down the fields, racing towards the tormented rock Pokemon. It struck Nidoking powerfully, though it wasn’t much damage that was given to it.

“Nidoking, use Mega Punch!” Joseph screamed.

The rock-type Pokemon’s hard claw began glowing white as it swung it towards Dragonair, striking it straight in the face. Dragonair fell back, but managed to maintain its balance in the air to prevent it from hitting the ground.

“Dragonair, try for us to get dirty with Joseph,” Seto announced. “So let’s use Flamethrower!”

The lightblue serpent opened its mouth, blasting out flares of fire towards Nidoking. With their burning yellow and red colors, the stream of fire hit Nidoking straight in its chest, making it fall to the grass.

“Now, let’s teach this Nidoking a lesson! Use your Bubblebeam attack now!” Seto called out.

The dragon-type Pokemon shot out hordes of speedy bubbles. They darted down, gleaming in sheer pride, and began striking Nidoking it strikes of five, hurting it more and more. However, Nidoking got back up on its strong legs and began to run down towards Dragonair.

“Nidoking, use Horn Attack!” Joseph instructed.

Nidoking thrashed down the grass fields, with its horn ready to strike Dragonair at any second.

“Dragonair, fly away from that Nidoking now!” Seto hollered.

Christina continued to cheer for her boyfriend from the bench, even though he was up for a real challenge from Nidoking. Just when the tormented rock Pokemon made close contact within Dragonair, the dragon Pokemon fled towards the skies, but with a surprising turn around attack from Nidoking.

Scorch Ry
07-27-2004, 12:12 AM
Without command, the rock-type pokemon grabbed Dragonair’s long tail, stopping the dragon-type Pokemon from escaping any further. Nidoking then yanked Dragonair close to it, and then rammed Dragonair with its horn, doing a direct attack to its body.

It then grabbed Dragonair’s tail with its other hands and suddenly began spinning, holding Dragonair out. Seto was assured what Nidoking was doing, but he wasn’t going to stand there to let Dragonair get hurt!

“Dragonair, use Thunderbolt!” Seto commanded.

The lightblue serpent Pokemon send a blast of yellow electricity down towards its tail, shocking Nidoking. Although not effecting it, it had stunned Nidoking, making it release Dragonair from its possession.

“Now, use Iron Tail!” Seto called out.

The dragon-type Pokemon’s tail shimmered a glistening white color as it swung its mighty tail towards Nidoking. But, unexpectedly, Nidoking grabbed Dragonair’s tail, having an excellent grip upon it.

“Nidoking, use Mega Punch!” Joseph screamed.

The purple tormenting Pokemon had punched Dragonair with its gleaming white claw, causing Dragonair to faint. Throwing it to the ground, Seto soon drew out Dragonair’s Pokeball and recalled it.

Just then, the announcer said, “Dragonair is unable to battle! Nidoking is the winner!”

Just then, Christina gasped with astonishment, shocked that Dragonair had been defeated, but also shocked that Nidoking was that powerful. “Seto, please don’t lose,” Christina worried.

“Don’t worry, baby…I never lose…but think about what happened last night,” Seto opposed, blinking his right eye at his girlfriend.

Christina smiled and nodded, knowing that Seto would never give up hope. Just then, he turned around, staring at Joseph’s Nidoking. He noticed that the purple rock Pokemon was breathing heavily, so that alerted him that Nidoking was tired.

But, since he wanted to end this fast, he took out his Pokeball and hollered, “Let’s get them, Charizard!”

His Pokeball opened, releasing his fire creature from within. The white glow faded away, revealing Charizard to the audience and Christina. Joseph stepped back, knowing that Nidoking would last long against this fire and flying-type Pokemon.

“Charizard, use Earthquake!” Seto commanded.

Before Nidoking could retreat, Charizard crashed down to the earth, sending waves throughout the ground. Nidoking suddenly fell to the ground defeated. Joseph called back Nidoking, thanking it for a wonderful battle it did.

The announcer announced, “Nidoking is unable to battle! Charizard is the winner!”

Seto smirked, confident that Charizard could beat Joseph’s last Pokemon, since he had used it against Dragonair.

Joseph threw out a Pokeball, saying, “Let’s get them Machamp!”

Machamp emerged from the Pokeball, flexing its strong chest and muscles. Seto smirked once more, noticing that this Machamp must have been one of Joseph’s strongest Pokemon he possessed.

Also, even though Machamp appeared to be a lot stronger than Seto’s Charizard, the Ferisho prince knew that his fire dragon Pokemon could defeat this muscular human shape Pokemon with simple ease.

“Machamp, let’s start with Karate Chop!” Joseph commanded.

Machamp leaped from its area and began striking Charizard in its face, using its straightened out hands. The fire dragon, however, took the Karate Chop impressively, not taking as much damage as it should have. Joseph was then alerted that Charizard was trained very well by Seto.

“Charizard, use your Flamethrower!” Seto commanded.

The fire-type Pokemon opened its mouth, shooting out a fiery stream of scorching hot flames. It a single stream of fire, the Flamethrower attack blasted Machamp’s chest, blowing the muscular human shape Pokemon back towards its respective trainer, Prince Joseph.

Joseph’s Pikachu looked at the Charizard, noticing how much power it had inside of it. It turned its head to Machamp, seeing that this Pokemon could defeat Charizard if Joseph could use the right moves.

“Machamp, keep up with that Karate Chop!” Machamp ran back towards the flying dragon Pokemon, ready to attack it.

“Charizard, counter with Wing Attack!” Seto instructed specifically.

Charizard’s wings began shimmering a luminous white scene. Suddenly, the fire dragon flapped its wings, beginning to get carried off of the grass platform. Afterwards, it charged away in the sky, striking Machamp with both of its wings.

However, the muscular human shape Pokemon got a hold of Charizard’s wings with its strong hands and slammed Charizard right behind its back.

“Impressive…Machamp used Reverse,” Seto said. “Charizard, use Fire Spin!”

Charizard positioned itself towards the fighting-type Pokemon, and soon opened its mouth to a wide range. Soon, a spiraling burst of flames erupted from its mouth, suddenly surrounding Machamp’s body.

The fighting-type Pokemon looked around, wondering how it would be able to get out. As the Fire Spin formed, it was soon a twirling fiery tornado that brightened the entire Dome with a dazzling color of red. Joseph wasn’t having worried at all; he knew exactly what to do in this situation.

“Machamp, use Cross Chop!” Joseph yelled.

Machamp crossed its arm as they sparkled a wonderful white color. It then struck the Fire Spin relentlessly, erupting the tornado was ease. As the flames were shot everywhere, Machamp faced down the grass platform, heading towards Charizard.

“Charizard, use Dragon Rage!” Seto commaned.

The fire dragon Pokemon shot out hordes of teal flames, striking Machamp face-first. Soon, the muscular human shape Pokemon set down its arms, hurt from the Dragon Rage attack.

“Charizard, finish this off with Dragonbreath!” Seto ended.

The fire dragon shot of a teal burning beam that was filled with hot, fiery flames. They blasted Machamp straight towards Joseph, which surprised half of the audience.

Soon, the fighting-type Pokemon got up from its fall, breating heavily and with static around its body. Just like Seto hoped for, Machamp was paralyzed. Joseph looked down out of distraction, knowing that his Machamp had lost the battle.

Seto smirked and allowed Charizard to perform its own attack. Abruptly, Charizard shot Machamp with series of brightening orange missiles to finish off the muscular fighting Pokemon.

The crowd cheered happily; Seto Ryusha had successfully won the Tournament Pile-Up, allowing him to get the shiny red rod that could help his father‘s Kingdom practice with their war fighting.

The shiny red rod was thrown out to him, which he caught. He smiled as Joseph and his Pikachu had exited the Silver Glass Dome, with their hard journey for their rod coming to a close. Seto stroked Charizard’s orange head with his hand, congratulating it.

Meanwhile, Christina walked up to Seto and hugged him. “You did awesome, Seto,” Christina congratulated.

Seto looked at her and kissed her on the lips, beginning to feel their romance build up inside his body. Beginning to make out in the Dome, Charizard mysteriously looked at the two, disgusted by the scene. But, once Charizard saw them getting a bit carried away, the fiery Pokemon blew out flames, interrupting their session.

“Oh, sorry, Charizard…guess we got a little carried away. C’mon, let’s leave and go tell dad!” Seto cheered. Soon, they hopped onto Charizard’s back, and the fiery dragon Pokemon took off towards the sky, heading back towards Ferisho Island.

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07-27-2004, 03:56 AM
<^>Chapter 2: Raikou’s Arrival Warning<^>http://img1.uploadimages.net/842967SKH_Chapter_2.bmp
Charizard safely landed on Ferisho Island, where the Ferisho Emperor Kingdom laid ahead. Seto, holding the red rod, hoped off of his red dragon, helping his girlfriend off as well.

“Thanks, Charizard. You did an excellent job today, now return,” Seto called.

The teen took out his orb and pointed it towards Charizard. Within seconds, an array of crimson light beamed from the gray button, casting a mysterious sparkling light. It then hit Charizard, making the fire type be enveloped in the sparkling crimson color. Before they knew it, the fire-type Pokemon was sucked into the Pokeball completely, with Seto placing the Pokeball on his red necklace.

The Ferisho Emperor Kingdom was a beautiful place and was the only place that existed on this island. The castle was gigantic, having golden bricks that supported the humongous place.

There were many sections in this castle, including large columns that sided the mansion on all four sides. Also, there was a black steel gate that surrounded the castle from any predators that would have the decency to lurk nearby.

White, long glass windows were scattered throughout the walls of the Ferisho Emperor Kingdom, which really made the place have a more earthy appearance. The doors were made of stern brown wood that could hold off any physical attack from a human’s action.

But what really made the castle special was that there were tons of roses and daffodils in front of the castle. In different colors and aromas, it was the most beautiful sight ever.

Seto put his arm around Christina’s waist and they steadily walked towards the gate. The male teen opened the gate slowly, allowing Christina to go in first. As he walked behind her, he safely closed the gate door behind them.

“So, Christina…when do we planned on getting married?” Seto joked.

Christina pushed Seto lightly, releasing a small laugh. She knew that Seto was joking, although they did talk about getting married a few times before.

“Oh, Seto…stop being so flirty,” Christina said happily.

“How can I resist when I have the most beautiful girl there is? But really, my father is thinking about us getting married. He dreams of grandchildren,” Seto replied.

“Um, does he know that there is one coming soon?” Christina opposed.

“Well, he thinks there are some suspicions. I mean, he does sometimes listen to what we are doing at nighttime, so I bet that he probably thinks you are pregnant,” Seto answered.

“Well, maybe we should be doing those things…I mean, we are too young,” Christina added.

“Yeah, but my father had his first experience when he was eleven, so I think that I’m at a safe age. Besides, I’ll be eighteen very soon, and that’s when we are really discuss about babies and marriage. Until then, we can just mess around a bit, you know…” Seto commented.

He then turned Christina around and began to kiss her passionately, without interruptions from Charizard. She then grabbed his neck firmly, pulling him towards her more. He wrapped his arms around Christina, feeling the passion between one another.

Just then, Seto’s older brother, John Ryusha, came outside to retrieve Seto. He noticed them making out and interrupted their scene. John had the same brown eyes, only he was more buffy than Seto. He wore green shirts with armor pads on his shoulders. John also wore green pants with kneepad armors on both knees.

He had been married to a woman he loved for five years named Julian Morrison, but she died two years ago in a recent fire that broke out on Saphirali Island, two islands east of Ferisho Island, in the center of the volcanic activity underwater. So, John had approached them and immediately disrupted them. Seto looked at his brother, noticing that his brother had a serious face.

“What’s wrong?” Seto asked.

“Seto, we have a little problem. You see, Raikou came and warned us of this flying Pokemon that nearly caused the volcano to erupt,” John informed.

Christina and Seto gasped with sheer horror, worried about this threat, but also surprised that Raikou had arrived to Ferisho Island after over seventy years.

“You have to be joking, John! Raikou has never came back here ever since that Nidoqueen threatened its life,” Seto commented.

“We were also surprised that it came, but it came for a good reason. This Pokemon, apparently, is after you and your Charizard. And I think you know what Pokemon it is,” John said, looking straight into Seto’s eyes.

Seto looked down and said, “Altaria, isn’t it?” Seto looked up.

He saw his brother nodding his head, agreeing with what he said.

“Seto, I warned you that that Altaria would have been after you ever since you accidentally attacked it. But, why don’t I let Raikou explain it to you? Dad and mom are out, and I’m about to go on another small trip to Redisle Island. You and Christina watch over the Empire carefully, and don’t fool around too much,” John announced.

“I won’t John. I’m seventeen, I can take care of the Empire with the help of Christina, my hunny,” Seto replied.

“Yeah, well there are a few things you need to know. I found your little fashion briefs in your room while I was looking for my bags, so make sure you get those,” John stated.

“Which ones? The ones I just bought yesterday?” Seto asked.

Even though they were brothers, they could talk about anything.

“Yeah, those. In fact, why don’t I tell you some things right now, since you’re watching over for a week. Make sure you take a shower every day, okay? And make sure that if you two are going to screw around, don’t use my bed. I don’t want to find anything unusual about it, because I will jack you up, okay?” John stated.

Seto nodded his head, making sure he would watch after it carefully.

“Next, since those little underwater of yours were you, I decided to wear a pair myself. They’re pretty comfortable. Have fun and don’t get too carried away with Christina!” John said, hurrying away towards the gate.

Seto turned around and noticed that Christina was watering the flowers.

“Seto, you need to find out what Raikou is here for,” Christina said.

“Actually, I’m here to tell him where he can find Altaria,” someone responded.

Before his eyes, Seto stared upon the almighty Raikou with its tall height. Seto bowed in his presense and began communicating with it.

“Raikou, I am honored to see you here after so many years,” Seto informed.

Raikou nodded. “Yes, I have returned once more to give you some dangerous news about this Altaria. Apparently, it is after you because you once attacked it accidentally when it was bothering Dratini, correct?” Raikou asked.

Using Calm Mind, Raikou’s words popped up in Seto’s head, and he was able to respond.

“Yeah. I need to capture it so this dispute can end right now,” Seto announced.

“Very well. Altaria is waiting for your in the Cathedral Hall. Battle hard, and if you need me, you know I can always help easily with my Thunder attack,” Raikou answered.

Seto immediately up the golden flight of steps and walked straight into the Cathedral Hall.

The Cathedral Hall was the entrance to the castle. The floor was made of golden-colored stones, while the walls were painted a golden color. Paintings were scattered around the place, with a ceiling fan as a light.

The place was very beautiful as it shimmered this golden color. Seto suddenly looked in towards the roof, and saw Altaria floating in the air, staring him down.

“ALTARIA!!” Altaria screamed, flying around angrily.

Seto quickly grabbed out Charizard’s Pokeball, and said, “Altaria…your thirst for my death ends right now! You shall be mine!”

Scorch Ry
07-28-2004, 12:27 AM
<^>Chapter 3: The Dancing Dragons Part I<^>
Altaria soared around the Cathedral Hall vigorously, swooping down towards Seto and his Pokeball. Seto noticed that something was odd with Altaria; dragon-type Pokemon like itself wouldn’t swoop down for the opponent, but attack from a steady distance.

Altaria roared angrily, but magically began fading away. Shocked, Seto stepped back and stared among this unusual scene as he wondered what was wrong with Altaria. Then, he heard Raikou’s voice in his mind.

“That isn’t Altaria, my dear Seto. It was a fake,” Raikou announced.

The male turned around, noticing the thunderstorm Pokemon walking in the Cathedral Hall.

“It appears as though there is another Pokemon in the mansion as well, Seto,” Raikou said.

“Why would you say something like that?” Seto questioned.

“Well, Altaria can’t make such clear, visual picture of itself like that. Only an electric Pokemon, or a psychic-type Pokemon could have done this thing so clever. I’d advise that you stayed ahead of your steps, because if not, you’re tremble in front of the enemy. Now, hop on my back. I can sense that two Pokemon, Altaria included, are waiting in a room for your arrival. Make sure you battle hard and fight to the finish,” Raikou said.

Before he could say anything, Raikou bent down, alerting Seto that he was ready to lead him to where Altaria and this mystery Pokemon would be lying.

Seto hopped onto Raikou’s back, and within seconds, the legendary thunder Pokemon raced up the stairs to where more red and blue paintings were. Raikou then jumped and entered the Grande Sanctuary, that was very beautiful.

The Grande Sanctuary had many piles of flowers in golden pots that bloomed just a few minutes ago. Shimmering their delight red and purple colors, the roses began giving off a sweet, delicate aroma.

There was a large, beautiful fountain in the center of the humongous room, having a square design. Water filled the beautiful fountain as it sparkled. Before getting off of Raikou, they held a small conversation while they searched around for Altaria.

“Um, Raikou...why would Altaria be here in the castle? Doesn’t it know that my family is here mostly all of the time?” Seto asked.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious that this Pokemon is willing to take any chances to see your downfall. And apparently, it brought another Pokemon here to help. If I were you, I would battle and try to capture them both, whatever they are,” Raikou answered.

“Yeah…I agree with you on that. If I don’t capture them, then they can definitely influence other Pokemon to be on their side and help destroy and mess with the volcano. That just can’t happen…” Seto sighed.

“Don’t worry; with the power your Charizard has, that Altaria is going down. It’s the other Pokemon that should be in your concern. Pokemon who can only do this are Lantern, Raichu or Jolteon. And I think that your answer is still Altaria only because there it is alone,” Raikou said.

Seto looked up, and noticed that the wise dragon cloud Pokemon was floating above the water fountain, staring down Seto with its sharp eyes. Peacefully floating, Seto jumped off of Raikou and pulled out Charizard’s Pokeball, ready. Raikou silently exited the room, but not before pushing a red button.

The water fountain soon was transferred down under the ground, leaving full space for the battle between Seto and Altaria. Seto silently studied Altaria, seeing that it was waiting for it here all of this time in his castle. Altaria screamed loudly, shaking the room in its beloved cry.

“Charizard, let’s get this dragon!”

Seto threw out his Pokeball in the air, and it shot open, releasing a large white figure. Soon, the glow faded away, revealing the angry Charizard that was in the air. It faced Altaria, and the dragon bird Pokemon straightened out its wings.

As both dragons soared around angrily, the battle of the dragons had become within seconds, and even though he knew that Altaria was one of the most strongest dragon-type Pokemon out there, his Charizard had the speed and pure power to match up with Altaria.