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07-26-2004, 05:20 AM
The Pokemon Journey of Kareem Brown

It all began on a snowy winter night in the middle of December as a young Kareem dreamed of being the next great pokemon trainer. He’d stayed up late that night because the Pokemon professor promised that he would have a surprise waiting for him that evening. But as it seemed, it didn’t look like the professor was going to make it. With a disappointed look on his face, Kareem walked off to his room kissing his grandmother goodnight. Just as he was ascending upstairs he heard the bell ring. Charging downstairs at a speed even Gods wouldn’t detect , Kareem excitedly but slowly opened the door.

Kareem: Hi professor I was afraid you wouldn’t get here.
Professor: I wouldn’t let you down. I just had to get here. So… where’s your grandmother?
Kareem: pointing to the kitchen: She’s in the kitchen.
Professor: Can you call her in here.

Charging to the kitchen, Kareem seemed to excited to even slow down. A moment later she comes in the room and greeted the professor.

Grandma: Well hello professor your sure are out late.
Professor: I had to keep my promise to Kareem.
Grandma :interrupting: Speaking of Kareem, what is it you would have him to do?
Professor: Well we all know he loves pokemon and he desires to be a great trainer one day. :Pauses: So I’d like him to have something that I once had as a pokemon trainer.

Reaching for something in the back of him, the professor pulled out something that seemed to bring the smile Kareem once had into a frown. It was a pokemon doll of Cyndaquil. Kareem just stood there as if he was disappointed.

Kareem: Um… thank you professor.
Professor: comforting him: Look Kareem I know you was looking forward to a real pokemon but at your age of 8 your not ready yet. I discussed with your grandmother and if you work hard and study all about pokemon by the time your 12 you could get a real pokemon. And then perhaps you can begin your Pokemon journey.
Kareem: softly: Alright professor.
Professor: loudly: Alright, let me get going. Goodnight all and have a blessed holiday.

As the camera pans out on Kareem he had a very determined look on his face. It was as if an epiphany came into his mind.

Kareem: to himself: As of today I will study, I will grow, and I will get ready, for I will become a pokemon master.

07-26-2004, 06:40 AM
As the years went by, Kareem was dedicated to do what he could to do to become a pokemon trainer. He studies his books, he went to the professor almost everyday to get whatever knowledge he can get on pokemon. Kareem found out about pokemon only exclusive to Kanto (the continent east of Johto), he found out about rare Pokemon that only a handful of Pokemon trainer has seen but never caught and he also found out about the land where Pokemon where once united, the begotten land Shinto.

Kareem: happily: Today is the day, the day I get myself a pokemon.

:A television program: Today is the beginning of a new season for beginner trainers. This day starts a brand new legacy for trainers wanting to become the greatest they can be by becoming Pokemon master. If your going to become trainers, Johto boys and girls, go wake up your mommy and daddy cause today is your only day to get registered to participate in gym battling and pokemon league entry cause without your approval from a headmaster you cannot officially battle gym leaders. So hop at it Johto boys and girl your legacy begins now.

As Kareem watches the pokemon regristration follow-up he begins to fiddle with his doll he was giving 4 years ago.

Kareem: staring at the doll: Well Cyndaquil, today you will be my first Ookemon. And what a Pokemon you will be.
Grandma: Kareem you better hurry up you don’t want to be late on your first day of your pokemon journey :sigh: It brings me great joy to say that. Come here Kareem.
Kareem: walks up to her: Yes nanny?
Grandma: You know I love you, right and I believe in you. No matter how hard it gets and no matter the obstacle you keep your head high cause your gonna be my Pokemon master no matter what.
Kareem: Thank you Nanny I will do my best.

Kareem kissed his Grandmother goodbye one more time because he know in his mind that he won’t see this place for sometime. Slowly walking, Kareem looked back once more, and with one long stare he walked off towards the professor house. As Kareem got closer he got more excited but his excitement soon turned into concern when he saw the line for Pokemon regristration. It seemed as if this would be his unlucky day.

Kareem: worried: No no no, this can’t be happening. Why so many people regristering this season?
Girl: walks besides Kareem: That’s because this is the last season Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita are gonna be the starting bunch. Next year its gonna be vise versa, where gonna have Kanto starting pokemon and Kanto’s gonna have our starting pokemon. And I guess a lot of people love there Johto Pokemon so much.
Kareem: turns to her: But that’s not fair for the kids that have to wait another year and still don’t get the Pokemon they wanted. And besides I really want a Cyndaquil.
Girl:surprised: You too! I wanted a Cyndaquil too, but it looks like we will be out of luck.
Kareem:shocked: Really!? But I really wanted a Cyndaquil is there anything we can do?
Girl:sign: Im afraid not. Guess we will be stuck with second hand smoke if ya know what I mean

Halfway into the line a man goes on the announce speakers. :announcement man: ”Im sorry remaining Johto trainers but where currently out of starting pokemon the like of Totodile, Cyndaquil and Chikorita.” “But due to our shortage any remaining trainers signing up gets 5 free pokeball and free trip to Olivine city courtesy of our director professor Norton.

Kareem: very upset: Aww man, this can’t be happening
Girl:concerned: Im sorry about the news it seems you really wanted one. Well not to be rude but im off to get my free stuff and head on to Olivine. Maybe ill see you there or somewhere, someday. Bye.
Kareem:quickly: Wait. At least tell me your name.
Girl: the names Rei. I gotta go bye.

07-27-2004, 05:33 AM
Kareem watches her dash off to the the professor. Kareem, still disappointed by the news, begins walking towards the professor’s office slowly. When he gets there he see the professor speaking to an elderly man that’s probably in his late
40’s early 50’s. The professor turns to Kareem slowly and gives him a bizarre stare as if he didn’t know he was coming to sign up today.

Kareem:sadly: Hey professor.
Professor:dumbfounded: Oh Kareem, it’s a pleasure seeing you here. :acting as if he doesn’t know: So Kareem, have you registered and gotten your Pokemon yet.
Kareem :sadly: No professor. I just got here and I heard the announcement.
Elderly man :signing: Poor kid. Well professor can’t you do something for him?
Kareem: Yes professor, can you give me a pokemon, cause I really wanted a Cyndaquil.
Professor: The doll eh? I knew that you would have desired that Pokemon after I have giving that to you, but… unfortunetly we have no more. All I can give you is pokeballs and a free trip to Olivine.
Kareem:strongly: But professor I worked so hard for this day and to come out empty handed would be heartbroken. And besides you promised me 4 years ago.

:Flashback begins:
Professor: comforting: Look Kareem I know you was looking forward to a real pokemon but at your age of 8 your not ready yet. I discussed with your grandmother and if you work hard and know all you can know about pokemon by the time your 12 you could get a real pokemon. And then perhaps you can begin your Pokemon journey.
Kareem: softly: alright professor.
:Flashback end:

Elderly man :symphatizing: After all that you can at least do something for him. Hey I know. How about giving him that Pokemon that professor Ikari gave you 2 weeks ago
Professor: But that Pokemon is a Pokemon I was doing research o…
Kareem :deeply in his eyes: Please… pretty please.
Professor:shamefully: Oh all right but just as long as you promise me that you will make it to the Pokemon league.
Kareem:happily: You got it professor