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Ok, what should we do now.

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OOC: This is an RP. Play it like one. There's nobody you're really asking. Get someone who's signed up and online to RP with you.

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Illusionary wall, Yes yes. aI won. I ran out of the arena yelling. "I need a real opponent. Give me a real one. NOW!

02-03-2007, 04:32 PM
Felix was walking by. He had recently realized that magma was earth in liquid form. He left his room with his standard stone spikes and bendable metal track. He also carried a few more trinkets. Closing his door, he hit the "lobby" button on the elevator. He didn't know where it would take him, buthe hoped someone would be ready for a battle of some kind. He was getting really bored. He felt the familiar buzzing as the elevator cab descended. "Huh. Maybe I could get to floor one today." It stopped earlier than he had thought, given that he had been going up on "lobby" recently. "Illusionary wall! Yes, yes, I won!" Some pale, scarred guy walked out of an arena room. Seeing a glimpse of what was inside, he saw a jungle-themed arena, cluttered with plant life, with realistic soil. "I need a real opponent! Give me a real one, NOW!" The guy seemed totally self-centered, but Felix was bored enough to indulge him. "Hey. I'll be your real opponent. What's the arena like?"

02-03-2007, 04:36 PM
plain, just regular plain. start. you'll go first.

02-03-2007, 05:01 PM
OOC: If he's talking, use quotes. It's an RP.

"Plain, just regular plain. Start. You go first." He was obviously too pumped full of adrenaline to think clearly, as the room was obviously not "regular plain". The bit of jungle he had seen round the corner was nothing. The room was an open dirt arena, and huge plats grew on the sidelines. At the back of the room, a waterfall cascaded down, crashing into a river that drained under the bridge leading into the room. The river split the room in half, and the dirt arena had stubs of plants covering it. "'Regular plain', huh? I'd like to hear your definition of 'exotic'." Felix took his place at the far end, in front of the small lake formed by the waterfall. "By the way-- you don't really want to know what happens to people who fight genius earth manips." Felix rose a huge pillar of rock underneath him, gaining high ground. He did the same for the stranger, but with a slightly shorter pillar. Compared to the height of the waterfall, his pillars's height difference would be nearly invisible. "Right. That'll be me going first. Now let's battle."

02-03-2007, 10:39 PM
"now I'll use my Water Clone jutsu." A another me rises from the from the lake."now shadow clone. Water clones Shadow clones." An army of me attack . "Now let's see what you got."

02-14-2007, 03:52 PM
OOC: Man, I forgot about this. Anyone who signed up, get active!

"Now I'll use my Water Clone Jutsu." The stranger made a ninjutsu handsign, and a water clone rose from the lake. "Now Shadow Clone. Water Clones Shadow Clones." The guy had a thing for clones. Felix sighed. They were way overdone, and anyone with a wide dispersal attack could take them all out in a single hit. Fortunately, he had one. Stone pillars rose from the ground, impaling each and every one of the clones. They all dissolved into mist, and some water. Felix could see the beginnings of a scowl on the man's face. "Oh, don't be like that. They were just stupid clones. If you could beat that level seven, at least, you must have more than that." Felix jumped down from the pillar he stood on. "Hey! You gonna come down?" Felix knew the question was redundant. Of course he was coming down. Faster than lighting, the pillar the stranger stood on retreated, leaving him to fall to earth. Or the field of spikes Felix had risen. Whichever. Felix was disappointed. He wasn't breaking a sweat yet. He saw the characteristic mark of a ninja with the Edo Tensei jutsu on the man's neck. Not that it would do anything inside a steel building. The dead were buried far away and far beneath the ground.

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I try'd to use my Edo Tensei, but noithing happened. 'Aha."I said. I grabbed a fly and used the beast clone jutsu. The fly attacked my opponent, and I attacked the ground. I noticed it was a fly and used the Shadow clone. Half of them attacked with the fly beast clone, and the rest attacked the ground. Farther and farther we went into solid steel. Finnally we reached the ground. We went farther into ground. finnaly a hole was fully formed. far enough for the Edo Tensei to work. "Edo Tensei." A Dead, but musculer ninja with a large sword came out. No doubt on of the seven swordsman of the mist.

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OOC: There aren't any ninja around here. The ninja are all buried in Japan somewhere. I'm saying you can't use Edo Tensei inside a building. But I'll let you make it. I'll just kick its butt. Plus, my last post left you falling to the ground towards spikes, not exactly in a position to grab flies.

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I didn't notice, sorry. But still we're in anything goes hotel.

I used the balence jutsu to to balence on my finger around the non- spike small ares. I finger jumped to the lake. Grabbed a fly, used beast clone jutsu, then we both used water clone. Then Shadow Clone, then Normal Clone. My Clone army attacked Felix with me coming up the rear.

02-16-2007, 09:08 PM
Felix snickered. The stranger had simply followed up with yet another cloning jutsu. With a fly, incredibly. Felix knew that was a problem. Sighing, he summoned a rock pillar which he subsequently turned to lava. "Clones. Is that all you know how to do? Pathetic." Felix dispersed the lava through the air, creating a superheated mist around him. Flies charged it and fell to the ground as smoldering embers. "Heh... you figured my earth element only allowed me to play big, huh? It was that way for a while. But..." Felix cut off. A clone had come too close. "Oh heck no." He quickly withdrew his mallet. The cast-iron head smashed the clone's skull, turning it to mist. "Clones. Way too flimsy." He widened the lava field, sending up similar stone turrets as before, impaling half of the clone army. "You're dead." Felix zeroed in on the ninja. He dashed forward. Obviously he would be ready for such an attack. Felix, of course, did not plan to attack in the dash. At the last moment, a stone platform rose under his feet. He was launched into the air, landing behind the ninja and smashing his side with the mallet. "Wait-- wait. I know. Cheap shot. I don't care." He fell back and stashed his hammer. He let from the ground a set of brass knuckles. Actually, they weren't brass. They were completely iron.

02-16-2007, 09:11 PM
I watched for a while behind Felix as he smashed one of my clones. They were just a diversion. I went and ran behind him, and started choking him.

02-16-2007, 09:19 PM
OOC: If you could, make sure you post your character's point of view on what happened.

"GACK!" Felix felt a pressure on his neck. Apparently, he had been using tons of chakra to mantain the shadow clone which he had been attacking. "Ga- cheap-- gack- cheap shot-- gah..." He knew the ninja didn't have much hindsight. Mantaining the shadow clone must have drained the guy's chakra significantly. He grinned as he analyzed the ninja's plan. Pretending to have himself standing there, all the while sneaking up behind him. Felix knew it was a dirty trick, but he had a few of his own. He decided, for the moment, that he would use one of his dirtiest. His leg came up behind him and bashed into the... spot... above the ninja's feet but below the waist. Breaking free, he spun around, brandishing his brass knuckles. "Nice job with the shadow decoy. Not falling for that one again, of course." Felix then broke and ran. Sand kicked up behind him. The particles hung suspended in the air. Felix knew it looked like a residual dust cloud, but it was a lethal trap for any attempt to approach him. He had entered total manipulation mode. The sand began to sharpen its grains, transforming into something that resembled needles. He stopped, watching the ninja carefully.

02-16-2007, 10:16 PM
Bud slid down the waterfall, ending up in his favourite arena, Exotic Jungle. He crept through the grass, and saw two people battling. One was in the Sandy Pit, surrounded by needles, the other in the jungle area. He flew over to the sand one, and stretched the Coconut Tree over his head. He shook the tree, and one of the coconut's bonked him on the head, causing him to turn. Bud quickly ducked into the sand, his body underneath, and he looked like a plant, he hoped it would work well enough...

02-16-2007, 10:24 PM
OOC: I just kicked up a lot of dust. You can't tell it's needles unless you get hurt by it.

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Does that change the fact that I'm not in some sandy pit?

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I noticed that his attention wavered. I decided it was time for Chakra Restoration, then Chakra sword. I used the exact combination. Then I was sure i got him. I hit him in the side with the sword.

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OOC: Dude. You totally ignored the effect of my slicer sand technique. In fact, so far as I can tell, every single thing I've done against you has been totally ignored. That's pretty much called godmodding, and even in this crazy RP, it's still against the rules.

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"Now I will finish you with a slash of this... unusualy small sword. oh"I fainted all over the ground with my eyes open wide. My chakra had run out and I couldn't have gone another little pace with that battle.

02-17-2007, 04:53 PM
The ninja blazed through the sand trap, totally ignoring the cuts inflicted all over his legs and waist. He did two complicated jutsu, summoning a small sword. It struck Felix. "Ow!" It wasn't much of a hit. The ninja was using too much chakra for his own good. Felix was glad he had an elemental, and wasn't forced to resort to that whole ninjutsu thing. "Oh, is the big ninja all out of chakra?" Felix rose a hand from the ground, causing it to hurl the ninja to the other side of the room. "Erk.." Felix buckled. The hit was harder than he thought. It had sliced through his vest, and Felix was bleeding profusely. "Oh, dang. Ow..." Felix started moaning, all the time enriching the earth around him to cause a plant to grow. Breaking off a piece from a cactus-like plant, he rubbed it on the wound. He cringed as it amplified the pain, but then let out a relieved sigh as the wound started closing up from the fiber suspended in the plant's flesh. Felix stood. "Heh... that was an okay battle. You could've tried something other than clones. Want to hit a cafe?" Felix broke off another piece of cactus, tossing it at the ninja. "That'll help those sand wounds. Your name?" Felix straightened, stretching his limbs. He hoped there was a cafe on this flor.

OOC: If you want, you can have your guy get up and continue the battle, but now TSR is RPing, so it would be a good idea to stop fighting and head for a cafe. I have something planned for what will happen on the way... *laughs evilly*

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"Robert, yeah, LEt's go to a cafe. COnsider yourself luck-. Ok, fine you won. Let's go." With difficulty I got up and started walking.
"Where is the cafe, anyway." I asked after a while.

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"Dunno. Let's try the elevator. Maybe--" Felix was cut of. The metal floor suddenly turned green where they were standing. It became a strange kind of emerald0green portal, and suddenly Rob and Felix fell down into the green floor, which swallowed them up and ruturned to normal. "Whhooooooaaaaa!" Felix crashed onto the floor. He found himself on a floor of the hotel where the ground looked like undergrowth and the doors were rimmed by leaves. Now and then portholes would appear in the wall, disappearing as Felix's attention left them. "Weird..." Rob had apparently been sent somewhere else, because he was nowhere to be seen. He could see two green feet dangling from the ceiling. "What the--" Felix took hold of the feet, yanking them out of the ground. It appeared to be a Celebi, sandy and disoriented. "What the... huh?" Felix remembered the strange disturbance he had seen earlier, and noticed sand leaking from the ceiling. "You were that thing from the battle room, weren't you?"

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Bud nodded, then flew up. You wanna get out? Follow me! Truly though, Bud had no idea where he was going, he just lept into a Random Portal. He knew he was in his Forest Mansion, but he only ever stayed in the bedroom, therefore forgetting where everything was. He did know there was a map in the Dining Room, though could he find it?

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"Where am I?" I asked myself "Great, first sign of madness:Talking to yourself. Ok, how do I get out." The room had no doors, windows, cracks, or any opening at all. I scanned the room. At the other end the was a spot of black instead of the solitude white. I went to it, pushed it and was immediately sent to my room. "Felix are you here?" I called around the room. I ran down and down the stairs. I found him and a Bright green theing running in the oppisite direction. "Wait Up!" I called to them.

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"Where am I?" I asked myself "Great, first sign of madness:Talking to yourself. Ok, how do I get out." The room had no doors, windows, cracks, or any opening at all. I scanned the room. At the other end the was a spot of black instead of the solitude white. I went to it, pushed it and was immediately sent to my room. "Felix are you here?" I called around the room. I ran down and down the stairs. I found him and a Bright green theing running in the oppisite direction. "Wait Up!" I called to them.

02-25-2007, 12:12 AM
"Wait up!" Robert came rushing down a stairwell, chasing after Felix and Bud. "Oh! Hey! Um, where were you?" Felix watched a porthole disappear. He shook his head, almos disbelieving of what he was seeing around here. "Weird floor, huh?"

OOC: Sorry for the shortness, I'm getting tired...

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"A room without any way to get out, just a crack that was the exit, what do we do know?"

OOC:me too.