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Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:09 AM
Part Of The System

This is actually a capture story I had started writing a long time ago, and I've been working on it for quite some time. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you mixed themes from Pokemon and The Matrix together? Take a look at this to see what I would think of it. I hope you guys like it, it took quite a bit of creativity to come up with this.

There is some violence, but nothing extremely gorey. With that said, enjoy!

NOTE: Please let Aleyquala be the one to grade this. He has asked me twice if he could, and both times I've said yes. Please respect my decision.

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:10 AM
I had spent the last five years as a member of the Zenith. We spent many of those days in shaggy sweaters trying to fight off the cold inside the hovercraft. Five years ago I had been released from this system… this Matrix… Somehow, it seemed like it had been much longer than that. In the real world, it seemed like time passed so much slower than inside the system…

I had gone by the name of Vector after I had been released from the bondage of the Matrix. I hated long hair so I always kept my hair very short. I didn’t have much choice in clothing so I was stuck with this white sweater that was quickly becoming shaggy. But regardless, it was all that we had against the cold of these dark sewers. Supposedly, this chilling reality was all that was left. Everything on the surface was a breeding pit for machines. It was suicide to go up there. So instead, we lived under the ground like rats with the very little we had left…

For these five years, I was the rear gunner of the Zenith, never once having a switch in positions. I’ve only had to fight off Sentinels once, and that one time there weren’t many of them. I knew how to handle those guns the best out of everyone on this ship, so that’s where they thought I would perfect for the position. So that’s why it never changed, very similar to a lot of things around here…

Sentinels were machines, squid like robots with only one purpose: to destroy on sight. They were completely black with an array of glowing red sight receptors it used to see. It also had long, multilinked arms to latch on to any hovercraft. Once it latched onto the hovercraft and was in position, it would then use a red laser to slice right through the hull, and attempt to kill everyone inside. Without the Electromagnetic Pulse and the guns that the hovercrafts were equipped wth, there would be no defense against them. We would have been long dead if we didn’t have those defenses…

Raptor was the gunner in the upper gun pod. I’ve been here longer than him, and so far the only gun fights he’s gotten in have been in the practice ranges back at Zion. Supposedly he was a really good shot. Until I actually saw him in action, I couldn’t believe my ears or eyes yet. Of course, I wasn’t exactly eager for that day to come around.

Raptor was usually calm and collective, never worrying about anything. I had assumed that simply for the fact he hadn’t really been in a tough fight before. He was bald and brown-skinned, with a kind and warm expression on his face, never wanting to hurt anyone. He was very loyal, and he never complained about what was going on. He usually wore a black tank-top with his dark brown cargo pants. You’d think a nice guy like him would never pick up a gun, but in this dark time, even the children had to be proficient in firearms.

Echo was our operator, the one who controlled our navigation in and out of the Matrix. She had short, black hair which was combed forward so it almost covered her right eye. Echo was also fast, and wasn’t a time waster. In my eyes, she was beautiful. She was also lean and her amber-colored eyes were always watchful. Once thing about Echo though, she sure was impatient. There was nothing more she hated than waiting. Unlike Raptor and I, she was pure, a child of Zion. She had never been in the Matrix, and couldn’t even enter it even if she wanted to. She kept asking me if life feels different inside the Matrix. I hated answering that question. Like with most things, it some ways it was the same. But in other ways, they were worlds apart…

Stiletto was Echo’s sister, also a pure born. Unlike Echo, Stiletto wore her black hair long. Like her sister, she had a fair complexion. She also wore a crudely knit sweater just like her sister. Stiletto worked in the control room, and she was the one that actually piloted the Zenith. Stiletto was only really active when she was fighting. Other times, she usually took it slow and easy, much to the annoyance of her sister…

Our captain’s name was Shank, who had light colored skin and kept his blonde hair in a crew-cut. He had the toughest job, which was directing the ship, handling the crew, as well as serving as a mediator. It was his job to “release” people from the Matrix, and free their mind from the veil over their eyes. He had been the one to release me, to show me the truth of what had been laid over my eyes. He let me see that the world as we knew it was not peaceful and comfortable like the Matrix was. Here, we were constantly at war, fighting death at every turn.

The other crew members in the hovercraft were Sphinx, a tough black-haired girl with a tough badass attitude, Lomax, an African American with short, black hair and a strong will to fight, and finally, Drudge, a young teenager with spiky, blonde hair who mostly handed the hovercraft’s machinery. I didn’t spend too much time around any of them, but they were always there.

The Zenith certainly wasn’t the prettiest hovercraft in the bunch, not like any of them really were. It was like living in a submarine, always surrounded by cold, firm metal. But, after all, this was the real world and we dealt with it. It was easy to get used to after some time. Everything changes the moment you become unplugged. It’s the biggest jump anyone could ever take…

Nothing much had changed from the first year I was here. We didn’t have any real food around here, just some bowl of goop supposedly healthy enough to the point where we didn’t need anything else. Again, I could see how it would be hard for those who had just been released. For the rest of us, this was nothing different from before. In time, we got so used to it, just like everything else around here. We had been freed from one system… only to be trapped in another…

We had been navigating through the dark tunnels for a few days now, trying to pinpoint the location of the Ellipse, which had been taken down when it was overrun by sentinels and the EMP malfunctioned. I expected to see nothing more but a pile of guts everywhere and pounds of busted machinery lying all over the sewer tunnels. Our purpose for this mission was to salvage any possible equipment from the fallen craft. I was guessing we might find the Ellipse’s only plasma rifle if the guy who was using it was killed quickly and not in a bloody and violent mess. Losing hovercrafts was an awful loss since there was no way we could create more of them. And at the moment, we had so few of them as it was.

The traveling was boring and long, but I did still have my few companions. There were those that were in the ship, and those who were just about the only things I took from the past world into this one. They were my Pokémon…

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:11 AM
At first I didn’t think it was possible when I finally had awakened from my long slumber in a glass, oval vat full of pink goop. I remembered struggling to see light, feeling bound to the space around me with nearly a hundred wires of various sizes plugged in my body. Once I managed to break open the container around me, I then removed the massive tube locked into my mouth, vomiting more of the pink goop as well, and feeling awfully sick at that moment. Everything around me was dark, but then after a few seconds, I recalled seeing a freakish machine approach me, and then quickly extend its claw and latched it around my neck. I screamed, trying to pull the machine’s claw away while under the fear that it was going to take my head off. Then, I heard some more mechanical sounds and the twisting of drills, and after it had worked on removing the wire behind my head, I had felt an intense amount of pressure removed from the back of my neck. Only then did it release its grasp, but that was only the beginning. After that, every other wire around me began to snap and pop off, which was extremely painful…

After I had recovered from the awful torture, I had wiped away the pink goop away from my eyes. I had then gazed at my dark surroundings. I must have seen millions upon millions of pink colored glass, oval containers with bodies in them attached to towers that went on for miles. Everywhere, the towers held the many people that were still bound to the Matrix. I had seen shocks and forks of electricity make their way up the tall pillars. All around the towers were many other machines and robots floating and moving about in the air, designed with only one purpose in mind. I couldn’t believe the machines had made us their slaves, their victims. It had become clear in my mind that humans were no longer born. They were grown and harvested like a natural resource…

I then looked down and saw a small, flickering black box just outside of the glass container. Since the glass had fully opened, I peered over it and took a look at the box. It was the size of matchbox, with many glowing and flicking LED lights and a digital display. Above the digital display were the words “Pokémon Storage” in painted, white, stencil letters. Then, the digital display below it kept flashing the word “Active” with green digital letters. I had a deep feeling I should been taking this with me, so I put my hand firmly on it, and forcefully pulled on it. It was easily removed from a black, metal tray that had been just outside the glass container. Suddenly the digital readout displayed the word “Primed” and then I instantly felt the pink goop that was below me suddenly empty, and I was sucked down a dark shaft, again thinking I was going to die…

I held on to that black box as freaking hard as I could as I slid down that narrow, dark tube of despair. Shortly after, I was thrown outside and fell nearly fifty feet into a pool of dark water below. After I tried to surface, I saw what looked like a flying ship above me, with white lights all around it against a completely black sky. A door had opened from the bottom and a metal claw device had been lowered. It plunged into the water and then latched onto me, and pulled me out of the water. Still, I was holding onto that black box as hard as I could. Quickly, I was raised out of the water and into the flying vessel that I would soon find out was one of the many hovercrafts of Zion.

It was then that I met Shank as well as the rest of the crew of the Zenith hovercraft. They dried me off, and I had gone into a slight coma. For days they had worked on developing my muscles, and I had trouble getting used to the plugs that were on my body. Then, one day, I just found myself awake, clothed in a shaggy sweater. I had been greeted by Shank once again, and he showed me a stained leather belt with six metal spheres that could be opened up. One side had a large, circular metal button while the other side had a small hole.

“What… are these?” I asked Shank, wondering what the balls were.

“They’re your Pokémon.” Shank replied, handing me the belt, “The data charge you recovered was a locator device for your Pokémon. After we plugged it into the computer, all it took was a little time and we managed to transport the six Pokémon you had to the real world.”

I had then looked at the balls, and realized they were some sort of Pokéball, only they had no color except for the metal. I had seen the familiar release button on the front, but I had no idea what the black hole was for. Still, I shrugged it off.

Shank had told me everything about the Matrix, and what it was. He told me about the real world, and how the development of AI had been a downfall for mankind. After many long and hideous wars, humans were forced to retreat underground, and this was the end result. We had lost the many bloody wars on the surface, with losing the world above as our punishment.

He showed me what the loading programs were like, and after that, I was trained in martial arts like a machine. I learned to fight like no man in the real world could. After spending many, countless hours trying to hone the best of my abilities, I then truly believed that this wasn’t a dream, and that the presence of the Matrix was real, and that it was covering the eyes of the many prisoners that were still bound to the system. Still, as much as I wanted to help them all, I couldn’t. They needed to see it for themselves in time. There was no one that could take that path for them.

After I was told that my Pokémon would need the same kind of training, I quickly found out what the black hole was for in each Pokéball. All it took was a single wire, and my Pokémon would be plugged into the Matrix. As for me, it only took seconds to learn nearly lifetimes of abilities and techniques. My Pokémon were also trained to move faster and faster and battle even harder than ever before.

I had spent nearly a year like that. And here I am today, five years later and very used to the way life is outside of the Matrix. I have begun to forget what the old life was like back then. Even when I’m inside the Matrix, it no longer reminds me everything I used to know. I know I can never go back. It is impossible.

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:12 AM
After the long ride we had spend looking for the Ellipse, we finally had come across the fallen hovercraft three hours later. I got a good look at it from the cockpit, but honestly it didn’t appear to be in a very horrible shape. It was lying on the floor of the sewers and the hoverpads had taken a terrible amount of damage, but the hull didn’t seem to be excessively damaged like I thought it would be.

It wasn’t long before Echo had slowly landed the hovercraft and shut off the reactor. The Zenith slowly shut down, and all the lights went off. Then, the loading bay was opened, and we slowly made our way out of the Zenith. Echo, Raptor, Shank, Sphinx, Lomax, and I were the ones who had slowly walked down the metal boarding platform and slowly approached the fallen Ellipse. The loading bay of the Ellipse was completely blocked by fallen debris, but Shank had found another way inside. The way had been cut in, but it didn’t quite look like the work of a Sentinel, even though from far away it did…

We stepped inside, and the ship was a mess, with crap thrown all over the place. The rooms were trashed with their doors smashed in and with blood on the floor. I had recognized Axel and Edge, who were both dead on the floor in a pool of their own blood. Immediately we checked for survivors, which I at first thought was doubtful considering the slaughter.

When we climbed the ladder to reach the upper deck of the Ellipse, we came across the back of the main deck, and we got quite a shock. There before us lay four members of the Ellipse, lying on the Ecto chairs and still jacked into the Matrix. What we didn’t expect was for them to be completely alive. Nothing had happened to them, they weren’t even cut or anything. Then, after I slowly approached them and got a good look at them, I realized who they were, recognizing Blaze, Lash, Focus, and Synth. I couldn’t believe it. They probably had been in the Matrix for days by now, without a clue as to what was going on…

“Dear God…” Shank remarked in astonishment, “Someone check the operator, now!”

I had been the one to make my way around the main deck and look for the operator’s area. I found Mist, the operator, slouched over with his face down on the keyboard. I didn’t get it. Why the hell was he dead but everyone else on the main deck was still alive? To me, it didn’t make an ounce of sense whatsoever. And for some reason, it didn’t seem like he had been killed by a Sentinel, but by something else…

Surprisingly, the computer unit was still in fair shape. Two of the screens were trashed beyond repair, having their screens smashed and had bathed the floor with broken glass. But meanwhile, the remaining four screens were still on, and were still displaying the Matrix code…

I had looked at the monitors and looked into the green code that was slowly dropping down the length of the screen. I could see where Mist left off. Apparently, he had his sights on a warehouse facility in the Eastern District of Goldenrod City. However, I could see nothing was going on. A few people were walking around along with a few cars passing by, but there was nothing else happening. Obviously someone was inside the Matrix when the hovercraft was attacked. But that was awfully strange… I thought the reason why the Ellipse was downed was because of an EMP failure. They wouldn’t have tried to use EMP if there were people still inside the Matrix. It would have killed them…

I then realized it certainly wasn’t the work of a Sentinel after all. Someone killed the operator, as well as Axel and Edge, and left the rest of the crew stranded in the Matrix. I could only sense one reason for that…

“The operator’s dead…” I replied softly to Shank and the others, “But it doesn’t look like it was a Sentinel…”

“Then what the hell was it!?” Lomax shouted in an outburst, “Why was he killed but the others were spared?”
We really didn’t know what to think of the situation at the moment. Any Sentinel would have killed everyone on the hovercraft, but this was definitely the work of something else. There was a reason why the other crew members of the Ellipse were spared.

“It’s a trap.” Echo replied in a cold, firm voice, “Whoever did this is using Blaze, Lash, Focus and Synth as bait. They want us to come rescue them…”

I couldn’t help but feel sick at that moment. What Echo said made perfect sense, but I didn’t want to just leave them there. That seemed like the only logical reason to keep them alive. What was it that they wanted? Why where the four of them being left in the Matrix anyway, and why did they want to drag us in there to find them? Then, something came to mind. I immediately looked toward Shank and stared into his eyes.

“Who was the captain of the Ellipse?” I asked Shank, trying to figure something out.

“That would be Axel, who’s already dead…” Shank replied, looking off to the side, “Shame, he was a pretty good captain…”

“That’s the reason why…” I suddenly realized, “Echo, you’re right. They want the Zion access codes, but Axel wasn’t in the Matrix at the time, only his crew members were. They want a captain to go in after them…”

Everyone had looked at me for a strange second, and then they turned toward the last remaining crew members of the Ellipse, still bound to the Matrix. There was only one thing we needed to do.

“We can still get them back.” Lomax replied in a firm voice, “By now, they’ve must have been in there for at least three days. We’ve got to get them out of there. They would do the same thing for us if we were in their position.”

“Then let’s go.” Raptor stated in a hard and serious voice, “Shank, you’re better off outside of the Matrix. Chances are they good they’ll only want you to go in too. They still want those Zion access codes…”

Normally Shank would always enter the Matrix with us, but this time, he could tell we did prove a point to him. We didn’t know the Zion access codes since the only captain was Shank, and he was the only one among use who did. Plus, we were going to need two operators, one to get us out, and another to get the members of the Ellipse out of the Matrix once we managed to rescue them… if we managed to rescue them…

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:12 AM
I could already assume they were under the custody of agents, sentient programs that appeared to be dressed as government agents. They were impossible to kill completely, the only thing we could do was eliminate their host, and they would then have to assimilate someone else, hopefully far away. Also, each of them was just as capable of breaking the rules of the Matrix as we were. Fighting them in hand to hand combat was also suicide, for they were much stronger and more powerful than we were…

Still, it could have been hell to get Blaze, Lash, Focus, and Synth out of the Matrix. By now, we had to expect they were in the custody of the agents, and were slowly being abused and tortured. Yet, for some reason, we still couldn’t pinpoint what their original objective was. Why did they enter the Matrix in the first place? Considering everyone else was dead, the only way we were going to figure that out is if we rescued them.

Since Echo was already our operator for the Zenith, we made Stiletto the operator for the Ellipse. She had told me that being limited to using only four monitors was going to be a little bit of a hassle, but it wasn’t going to be a complete disaster.

“Well, nothing is happening…” Stiletto remarked as she looked at the falling green Matrix code slide down the screen, “It’s the eastern district of Goldenrod City. This is where Mist had his sights on before he was killed.”

Stiletto had typed some commands on the keyboard that was suspended by the metal rack, with both the rack and the keyboard having several dried bloodstains on them. She then brought up a menu that had all the last commands that were imputed. She scrolled through the list and then began to fit together the pieces of the puzzle.

“My God, he was trying to direct them to the nearest exit…” Stiletto said softly, looking at the commands in a state of shock, “They were almost out, all they needed was a few more minutes…”

“What exactly was their objective?” I asked Stiletto, trying to look through the commands myself.

She went back to the command list, and then she looked at the more previous commands that were put into the computer.

“Lash had asked for a lock-picking program halfway through.” Stiletto stated, thinking out loud, “It appears they were in the public information building at the time. I don’t know anything else besides that. Obviously they were after something…”

“We might end up having to complete more than one mission.” I told Stiletto, knowing the crew of the Ellipse likely hadn’t completed their objective in time, “And that could take extra time. We don’t know what the crew of the Ellipse was doing, but chances are once we find that out, we’re going to have to complete that objective as well.”

Stiletto had looked at the monitors for a moment, still gazing at the green Matrix code that was slowly dropping down and constantly changing. Her expression had taken a tense change.

“Well, good luck in there Vector.” Stiletto told me, feeling a bit uneasy about this, “Chances are high the public information building is where they’re located. But other than that, I have no idea where they are…”

Then, Shank had approached the two of us. It appeared that everyone else was ready to go, and hopefully rescue the last remaining members of the Ellipse…

We headed back to the Zenith, leaving Stiletto as the last operator for the Ellipse. Meanwhile, Raptor stayed by her side, armed with the Ellipse’s plasma rifle just in case whatever had killed Mist was coming back for more…

Once we entered the loading bay of the Zenith, Shank had explained the situation of Ellipse’s trapped crew members to the rest of our crew members. Echo had an uneasy feeling about it, similar to her sister…

“Are you kidding, Shank?” Echo asked in shock, “Obviously there’s a reason why they’re keeping them alive…”

“There is.” I told Echo, looking directly into her eyes, “They were originally after Zion’s mainframe codes, but Axel wasn’t in the Matrix with the rest of his crew members. That’s why they’re using them as bait, to try and get another captain in to the Matrix and hopefully capture him as well. However, Shank isn’t going in there with us…”

Echo looked at us like we were nuts. But I was well aware that if she was the one trapped in the Matrix like the rest of the Ellipse was, she would want us to get her out too…

“This is suicide…” Echo stated with disbelief, “I hope you guys know what you’re doing since I’ve never seen the machines try and do something like this before. Are you sure they’re still alive?”

“We’re absolutely sure.” Shank had told her, looking into her eyes, “Several members of the Ellipse have lost their lives to this mission. If they’re willing to go that far, obviously it is worth completing. And the only way we can figure out what their objective was is to find and rescue the last members of the Ellipse, and then carry out the rest of the mission that should have been completed.”

Echo wasn’t going to argue with Shank, since she already knew that wouldn’t get her anywhere. Shank was far too persuasive to try and debate with, so she wasn’t even going to try.

“Fine, Captain…” Echo replied, turning back to her workstation, “Anytime you’re ready…”

It was then decided that four of us should go. Shank decided on Drudge, Lomax, Sphinx, and I to enter the Matrix and hopefully find the members of the Ellipse, wherever they were in the there. Drudge was going to be the leader among the four of us, and before long, we were seated down in the Ecto chairs, waiting to be jacked in…

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:14 AM
Soon after, Echo had the privilege of jacking us in, First, she inserted a tiny plug into the tiny hole that each of my Pokéballs had in the back. Then she did the same for each of the Pokéballs that Drudge, Lomax and Sphinx were using. Once they were put into the loading program, then it was our turn…

Shank had laid my head down on the head rest and comfortably as possible, and then Echo had taken the metal connection rod and inserted it into the plug in the back of my neck. Everything turned white, and soon enough, I found myself in the white oblivion of the Construct, which was our loading program, along with Drudge, Lomax, and Sphinx. Drudge had taken out his cell phone out of the black trench coat he was wearing and contacted Echo.

“We’re going to need guns…” Drudge requested in a low voice.

“I gotcha.” Echo replied affirmatively.

And then, out of nowhere, many, many shelves of firearms had soared toward us like a fleet of trains traveling at a two-hundred miles an hour. We felt a blast of wind blow through our hair and through our clothing just before the shelves came to an instant stop. Suddenly, we were in the middle of a gigantic mega-mall of firearms, all for the picking. After all, these were only programs. In the Construct, whatever was possible in the Matrix could be obtained here. And for a mission like this, we were going to need all the firearms we could pack…

As for myself, I didn’t find too much favor with big, cumbersome weapons. My weapons of choice were clearly machine pistols, such as Uzis and Macs. I did use normal, single shot pistols from time to time, but I didn’t like them since their rate of fire wasn’t as fast and more often than not, it was far too easy for agents to dodge the bullets. However, with two machine pistols firing at one, agents didn’t always find a way to bend out of the way of an incoming onslaught of carnage.

However, Drudge was in love with explosive weapons, and he always took a grenade launcher with a long belt of grenades with it. And then, he would pack whatever was closest by, but he would usually take sub-machine guns and a few rifles.

Sphinx adored pistols, and there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that taking twenty pistols was all part of Sphinx’s plan. From magnums to Glocks to the normal 9mm, Sphinx took only that and nothing else. For some reason, she just hated recoil with a passion. However, she wouldn’t resist using other people’s guns if they were available. She was weird in that kind of way…

And finally, Lomax was my opposite. For some reason, he was a heavy weapon freak, always picking the biggest, heavy firearms he could carry. Often, he was only limited to one or two, often taking a M60 or a personal minigun, but more often than not, he went for the minigun. And this time, he had done the same thing, but also keeping a few smaller firearms in places that were free…

Then, Drudge held the cell phone to his ear, and he was very still and firm.

“We’re ready…” Drudge stated in a firm, hard voice.

And then, everything had faded…

* * *

We came into consciousness with the ringing of a phone. The four of us stood there before it. I was dressed in my black leather jacket and black jeans, while wearing my black, rectangular shades. Drudge wore a black trench coat and black undergarments also with a circular pair of shades. Sphinx was dressed in a black tank top with tight leather pants while she wore a pair of dark red-tinted oval shades. Last was Lomax, who wore a tight black alligator jacket with thick, black leather pants and rectangular shades with rounded edges. We all stared at the black phone sitting upon a crate, still ringing. Drudge had picked up the phone and held it to his ear…

“We’re in…” Drudge replied in his hard and firm voice.

We had been placed about half a mile from the public information building, knowing the remaining members of the Ellipse had to be somewhere around there. For now, we were working our way backwards, starting from the warehouse and making our way to the PIB building.

After navigating through many columns and stacks of wooden boxes, we found ourselves outside. I could tell this was familiar now. This was exactly what Mist was seeing just before he was killed. Now, I could already bet both Stiletto and Echo had their views on us. I could only hope we would find the others soon, since a four person team was awfully small considering what we sometimes went up against…

We had been walking through a vacant parking lot and it wasn’t long before the massive building stood before us. It was around a hundred stories tall, with a long grid of rectangular windows the reflected the gray, cloudy sky above. Meanwhile, cars were passing by, not even looking at us. And then, just before the set of stairs that lead to the public information buildings, I was surprised to see police cars everywhere… All along the sidewalk, almost as if they had been expecting us. We instantly took cover behind a green, rusty dumpster, hoping we hadn’t been spotted yet…

Then, moments later, Drudge had looked past the corner of the dumpster, examining the police cars.

“What the hell!?” Drudge remarked in disbelief at the massive number of police cars.

He then immediately fumbled for the cell phone, and once he took it out of his pocket, he called Echo. I didn’t like what was going on either…

“Echo, what the hell is this!?” Drudge shouted in complete shock, “They must have called their entire police force down here!”

I couldn’t hear Echo’s response, but after a few moments, Drudge put away the phone and stuffed it in his pocket. He wasn’t any happier than the rest of us were.

“Somehow they figured we would be coming…” Drudge replied, looking ahead at the swarms of police cars all in a row by the sidewalk, “We’re not going to be able to just walk in…”

“Then let’s go…” Sphinx replied, moving forward, “It’s been awhile since I’ve killed something…”

I then reached under my jacket for the Pokéball that contained Ninetales. I grabbed it firmly and threw it forward. Soon enough, the Pokéball struck the ground and with a flash, Ninetales had appeared from the white light.

Lomax had taken one of his Pokéballs and had thrown it forward as well. When the ball burst open, the white light had poured out and had taken shape to form his Charizard. Then, we looked toward the police cars. They were about three hundred feet away, so we needed to be silent if we were to have the first attack.

“Ninetales, use Fire Blast on the central police cars.” I commanded Ninetales, getting two of my Uzis ready in the meantime.

“Charizard, you do the same.” Lomax replied, locking the chain belt of bullets into his minigun, “Cause as much damage as possible…”

Sphinx had already gotten two of her pistols out while Drudge pulled out an assault rifle. Then, Ninetales and Charizard stepped from behind the dumpster, with Ninetales on the left and Charizard on the right. They then took a deep breath and launched a massive blast of flames toward the central police car. The police officers there didn’t even see it until it was far too late…

Instantly the blasts of fire smothered the central police car, causing it to explode, along with three police cars that had been surrounding it, sending flaming debris and screaming police officers hurling into the air, completely out of control. The explosion immediately stopped the incoming traffic, and then we came out from behind the dumpster. Meanwhile, the rest of the police had grabbed their firearms once they saw us, but it was far too late. We had immediately opened fire, and the air was suddenly filled with the hammering of firearms.

The Uzis in my hands were letting out a furious rush of carnage. Each of the police officers didn’t even have the chance to pull out their guns before one of us shot them down. In only seconds, all of them were down, leaving only a few police cars that were already dotted with bullet holes.

“Come on.” Drudge said firmly to the three of us as he tossed aside his empty grenade launcher, “I have a feeling they’re inside. Let’s not waste anymore time out here.”

We headed inside, walking past the fallen police officers as well as a few flaming police cars. Both of my Uzis were nearly empty, so I tossed both of them onto the concrete sidewalk, knowing I wasn’t going to continue using them just waiting for them to run out of ammunition. We then walked up the stone steps, with Charizard and Ninetales right in front of us. Soon after, we entered through the glass doors into the lobby of the public information building…

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:15 AM
Once we stepped inside, the lobby was completely empty. The floors were covered with a white marble, while the concrete pillars were gray with ordinate carvings in them. Meanwhile, the elevator in the back had stainless steel doors. We slowly walked down the hallway, and in the meantime, I had taken two Glock pistols out of the holsters that were behind my jacket. I held them firmly as we approached the two steel doors.

And then suddenly, I stopped, and the rest of the group had followed once we noticed the same thing. We looked at the tiny number display on the top of the elevator, and the number was slowly dropping. We quickly pointed our guns at the two elevator doors, and when the number display had turned on at our floor, we then suddenly opened fire. Every one of our guns blasted fire and carnage in very little time.

Bullet hole after bullet hole was torn into the steel doors, but then as they slowly opened, we had seen there was no one in the elevator. Still, there were bullet holes all over the back wall of the elevator, which meant our bullets had still gone through the doors.

“It’s a trap.” Drudge confirmed firmly, “They’re probably in the shaft…”

“That’s where you’re wrong…” We heard a stern voice off to the side.

We had suddenly turned to our right to see a man with dark shades dressed in a business suit, along with two guards each armed with an AK-47. Suddenly, the agent raised his pistol, and fired once upon us. Suddenly, we turned around and saw Sphinx had been shot right in the forehead. Our jaws nearly dropped as she collapsed to the ground hopelessly.

“God damn it!” Lomax had shouted, quickly aiming his minigun right at the group.

Lomax had opened fire, while Drudge and I had tried to secure a place behind one of the concrete pillars. I quickly recalled Ninetales, just seconds after the two guards opened fire upon Lomax and his Charizard.

Seconds later, Lomax’s minigun had begun firing, and both guards and the agent were showered with a swarm of bullets. The first guard was barraged by ammunition, ripping open his flak jacket as well as the skin underneath. Meanwhile, the other guard had fired upon the two of them. Lomax’s Charizard had prepared to let loose a Flamethrower attack, but he was shot by the AK-47 before he had a chance to react. Meanwhile, the guard had gotten several shots plugged into Lomax’s burly chest before Lomax opened fire upon him, trying to growl and snarl off the pain.

As Lomax was trying to handle the guards, the agent had made his way behind one of the pillars. At that moment, the spinning chambers of Lomax’s minigun had suddenly locked, indicating he had run out of ammo. Just as Lomax had thrown away the heavy gun and prepared to take out his rifle, the agent had emerged from behind the pillar, ready with his pistol drawn. Lomax didn’t have the chance to pull out his rifle in time.

At that moment, Drudge and I had pulled out our weapons, and begun firing upon the agent. Both of my pistols let loose a surge of recoil each time I pulled the trigger and a gush of fire had burst from the barrel. I shot furiously upon the agent, hoping we would hit him before he had the chance to fire upon Lomax. While I was firing at him with the two pistols, Drudge kept firing his SMG, filling the lobby with the hammering of gunfire. Before the agent even had a chance to pull back from his offensive position against Lomax, both of us had torn multiple bullet holes into the agent’s business suit. He had been too preoccupied trying to place his shot upon Lomax…

The agent was thrown backward, and after he had landed on the ground, several bolts of electricity had gathered around the agent’s body before revealing the dead guard he had assimilated…

But then, Lomax had fallen to his knees, letting go of his rifle. He had fallen to his knees, right beside his dead Charizard. Drudge and I were freaked out as the rattle of Lomax’s rifle hitting the marble floor was the only thing that broke the silence. Immediately we rushed over, only to see Lomax on his knees, with his bullet perforated chest bleeding profusely. A small trickle of blood was flowing down his mouth.

“Just… get… them… outta… here…” Lomax moaned from the pain.

Just then, Lomax had fallen to the ground, and soon after, a pool of blood had begun to form around his body. We looked at it in disgust.

“Dammit.” Drudge growled at the sight.

“Let’s keep going…” I told him, looking toward the stairwell’s entrance behind the dead guards, “There’s nothing we can do about it now…”

We had abandoned Lomax as we had headed for the stairwell. I tossed away my two pistols and grabbed one of the guard’s AK-47 as we passed them by. Then, we had entered the stairwell, one that was mostly concrete except for the steps, which were covered by plastic tiling, and the metal banisters, which were black pipes sticking out of the concrete wall. Both of us had headed up the stairs, heading to the highest floor we could reach. After heading up ten floors, we reached the highest level possible. Then, we had opened up a steel door with a circular glass peephole. Once the door had been opened, we found ourselves in a network of hallways, some ending with two rectangular windows at the end.

The hallways were a beige color, with a white ceiling and a red oriental rug that ran along the floor. Still, there was no one around for some odd reason. Regardless, Drudge and I had navigated down the hallways, always keeping our weapons drawn just in case there was someone around the corner. Then, after some walking, we had come across a pair of heavy, oak, double doors with very intricate carvings.

As we slowly approached the doors, I reached for Metagross’s Pokéball. After I clutched it tight in my hand, I pressed the small button on the front until the ball had became the size of a grapefruit. Then, I threw it forward, and once the glossy red and white Pokéball struck the carpeted floor, it burst open with a flash of light.

The light that had emerged from the open Pokéball had suddenly begun to take shape and form into Metagross, a dark blue steel Pokémon with four legs around it and a center head.

“Destroy the door with Metal Claw!” I had commanded my Metagross.

The heavy armored Pokémon had approached the door, and then raised one of its legs, rendering the sharp knife-like claws at the bottom. Then, Metagross had thrust the leg forward, smashing it into the doors and blasting them both into splinters. Both Drudge and I had drawn out our firearms, where we saw something we really didn’t expect to see…

“Ah, well if it isn’t our friends Drudge and Vector. I’m so glad you could join us…”

Through the remains of the destroyed door, we had seen two agents, accompanied by what appeared to be an entire SWAT team. All of them had drawn their FSU rifles, and then the two agents had drawn their pistols.

“Sorry, but you weren’t the captain we were looking for…” The agent remarked, staring at the two of us, “I guess you’ll just have to die…”

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:17 AM
Just then, the two of us had crouched behind Metagross, just before they had opened fire, blasting hundreds of bullets at the Steel Pokémon but only doing minimal damage. So many bullets had been hitting Metagross only to be destroyed upon impact. However, the SWAT officers and the agents couldn’t hit us as Metagross was blocking the entrance to the room.

“Use your Psychic attack on the agents!” I commanded Metagross, trying to stay firmly behind it to avoid getting shot.

I knew the two agents could dodge bullets, but they couldn’t dodge a Psychic attack. Suddenly, Metagross had been glowing a dark blue and violet color, and then, the same glow had surrounded the agents. Instantly, both agents were crushed from all directions, and then they were thrown backward, flying out of control. Then, we heard a loud crash as both agents had been thrown right through the windows in the back. However, we needed to get rid of the SWAT team, otherwise the agents would just assimilate their bodies and we would have to start all over again…

I had quickly placed my rifle on its side on the head of my Metagross. Then, while making sure I stayed firmly behind the steel Pokémon, I opened fire randomly. Drudge had placed his SMG right besides my AK, and we both fired together. Blazing, flashing fire was being thrown out of the barrels of both of our firearms, ripping into the SWAT officers as we used Metagross as a shield.

After my rifle had run out of ammo, I pushed the empty AK-47 forward and pulled out one of my Mac machine pistols. Again, I placed it on its side upon Metagross’s head to suppress the recoil, and then pulled the trigger to keep a continuous blasting of ammunition. After Drudge’s SMG ran out, he replaced it with an M-16, and again the carnage continued. Once both of our guns had run dry, we threw them aside, and I pulled out one of my Desert Eagle Magnums. I then stood up, and I had seen only two SWAT officers remaining. Both of them were surprised that I had come out from behind Metagross.

Quickly, I had aimed at the SWAT officer on the left, and I pulled the trigger. The Desert Eagle exploded with a pulsing blast that filled the room as a geyser of fire rushed out of the barrel. The bullet had blown past the glass shield of his helmet and then right into his face, just before exploding into his head. He was thrown backward as well, unable to control his body as it fell backward through the window.

Just then, the last officer quickly grabbed his FSU, but before he had the chance to aim and fire, I aimed the magnum right at him, and pulled the trigger firmly. The surge of recoil shook my hand as the bullet ejected itself into his chest. He stepped back from the impact, but it didn’t seem to be enough to stop him. Then, he had taken aim, but I had fired again, sending the second bullet right into his neck. Again, it had exploded, sending him convulsing on his back. He immediately dropped the FSU on his way to the ground.

“Nice work, Metagross.” I had congratulated it, “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

I had pulled out Metagross’s Pokéball and had aimed the red beam right at him. Just then, Metagross had turned into a red translucent light, and was then swiftly absorbed by the Pokéball. Then, we had entered the room, which was so full of bullet holes on the left side.

Meanwhile, on the right side, we had laid eyes upon the four missing crew members of the Ellipse: Blaze, Lash, Focus, and Synth. All four of them looked like they had been heavily drugged during the past few days, with their eyes looking heavily bloodshot. I could already tell they had been drugged for days while the agents tried to get something out of them. It was a good thing Axel wasn’t with them, because there was no way he would have been able to resist after all this time. Thanks to the fact he had stayed out of the Matrix, Zion was safe. For now…

I had seen Blaze, lying on her side with her brunette hair spread out everywhere. Her face looked a little gaunt, while her hands and legs looked weak. She wasn’t dead, but she wasn’t awake either. It looked like all the fighting, chemicals and torture had made her mind and her spirit weak…

Meanwhile, Lash wasn’t looking so great either, but he certainly looked better than Blaze did. Unlike the others, he was clearly conscious, but he still had to sit down. His frizzy blonde hair was a mess, and his face looked like it had been cut a few times from the struggling. Meanwhile, he looked nauseous from all the chemicals that had been constantly put in his bloodstream.

Next to Lash was Focus, probably the worst out of the four. She looked incredibly pale, barely awake and it had looked like she had vomited a few times already. Meanwhile, she smelled rank but I knew it wasn’t her fault. Still, if we hadn’t come sooner, she would have died a slow and disgusting death.

Synth’s brown hair was a disaster, but other than that, he just looked tired. His face, arms and chest were cut and scarred like he had already been in one hell of a fight. Still, his face was hard with a grim expression, and his eyes were down.

“Who… are you?” Lash had asked me, trying to speak.

“We’re from the Zenith.” I had informed him, letting him know we were on his side, “We’ve come to get you the hell out of here.”

“I thought… you’d never come…” Lash had told us, trying to stand up on his two feet, “What happened… to the Ellipse…?

“Lash, they’re dead…” Drudge told him, never hesitating to lay on the truth, “The entire ship is down, and you four are the only ones who survived. Mist is dead, but we have one of our operators, Stiletto from the Zenith, as a replacement. She can help you get out of here.”

Then, as Drudge and Lash were talking about the situation at hand, I had contacted Stiletto, who had been waiting to hear from me. I needed to get an exit for the members of the Ellipse.

“Stiletto, you there?” I asked, making sure she was on the other line.

“Right here, Vector.” She had replied, assuring me that a link had been established.

“Stiletto, Lomax and Sphinx are dead.” I had to tell her, not feeling very good about it, “But we managed to find the remaining crew of the Ellipse. We need to get an exit for them as soon as possible. Once we get them out of the Matrix, we’re then going to contact Echo so she can get us out.”

“I’m right on it, Vector.” She had replied, looking for a possible location, “It’s to the north, at the Sternhill gas station about half a mile from your location. Think you can make it?”

“We’ll be there…” I responded to her, shutting off the cell phone.

After that, Drudge and I had tired to awaken Blaze and Focus, and after we helped them get to their feet, we then tried to help carry them, since their bodies were weak from the chemicals. I was carrying Focus while Drudge helped Blaze. Lash and Synth weren’t exactly peppy either, but they could stand on their own. Still, it was going to be too long of a walk from here to the gas station if we had to carry them around. We were going to need a vehicle…

I had turned to Lash, looking into his eyes. He still seemed a little tired.

“Lash, what were you trying to do before you were captured?” I had asked him, trying to figure out his previous mission.

“Don’t… worry about it.” Lash had told me, looking back into my eyes, “We already took care of it… we just didn’t… have the time to get out…”

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:18 AM
After we had taken several of the FSU rifles that the SWAT officers had used, we then had taken Blaze and Focus through the hallway, and then to the stairs. I didn’t like having to retrace my steps knowing the agents already knew what path we had taken to get up there. Still, after spending nearly fifteen minutes helping Blaze and Focus down ten floors, we had arrived at the lobby. We then slowly approached the glass doors, and then we froze in horror. Already there were at least ten squad cars and two SWAT teams with their guns drawn just outside the doors. The second they saw us, they opened fire. We immediately threw ourselves away from the doors. I took Focus with me as I threw myself out of the gunfire. Lash had followed me to hide on the right side just away from the doors.

The hamming of what sounded like a million machines guns was right outside the doors. Immediately, several of the glass panes of the doors were smashed. The large panes of glass had slid out of their frames as the thousands of flying bullets had blasted right through them. After nearly ten seconds, there wasn’t a single window that hadn’t had its glass ripped out of it.

“God damn it!” Lash shouted above the heavy gunfire, “What the hell do we do now!?”

I had taken Raichu’s Pokéball, and I clasped the glossy Pokéball, letting out Raichu right next to me to avoid getting hit by the rain of bullets that were flying only a few feet away. After the white light had come out of the Pokéball, the light had taken shape to form my Raichu, who then looked up to me.

“Raichu, I need for you to slowly turn around the corner and see if you can spot the last police car on the right.” I had instructed him, “If you can see it and they don’t shoot at you, strike it with a Thunderbolt.”

“Rai!” My Raichu had acknowledged, taking immediate action.

I would have done it myself, but I needed Raichu’s power. And second, Raichu was much too small for the police officers to notice. The gunfire had slightly died down, knowing the officers wanted to conserve their ammunition and not waste it trying to shoot nothing. Then, as Raichu slowly looked around the concrete corner of the entrance, his yellow cheeks had flared up with electricity. After he found the target we couldn’t see, he sent forward a massive blast of thunder toward the last police car on the right. Immediately after he launched his attack, Raichu had taken cover. Just as we heard the thundering blast of the vehicle explosion, we heard loud screaming from the officers, and immediately, they began blasting at the concrete corners. Raichu was only a foot away from the swarm of bullets striking the concrete.

“Nice work, Raichu.” I had replied to him, thanking him for a job well done.

Still, we didn’t know how many officers Raichu had taken out but obviously there were enough of them left to still wage an onslaught of ammunition against us. After they realized we had hid behind the corners again, the gunfire ceased.

“YOU ARE COMMITTING A FEDERAL CRIME AGAINST THE G.C.P.D.!” We heard one of the officers shout out through a bullhorn, “LAY YOUR WEAPONS DOWN AND SURRENDER!!!”

“Heh, like hell we will.” Lash had replied to the two of us, almost finding that funny.

I had taken my FSU rifle, and had switched to the grenade launcher attachment. Since there was no way I could poke my head out without getting it shot off, I slowly took the large rifle and poked it out from behind the concrete corner. I had no idea what the rifle was facing, but still, I pulled the trigger, and fired a grenade randomly out of the entrance. Then, I pointed the rifle in a different location, and fired another grenade. I then quickly pulled back the rifle, just before hearing a series of explosions and shouting. Suddenly, the flaming shell of a police car flew through the metal frames of the entrance that used to hold the glass panes. The metal grate was ripped in half as the police car flew right into the lobby. We just looked at it with the biggest shock on our faces.

“Raichu…” My Raichu had remarked, staring at the flaming car wreck in disbelief.

“Damn…” Lash had said under his breath.

Just then, they began firing again, but again, it wasn’t helping them get anywhere. Then, things had taken a turn for the worst…

“INFILTRATE THE BUILDING!” The head officer shouted through the bullhorn, “FIND THEM AND DESTORY THEM!!”

“God, what the hell have you done now, Vector?” Lash had asked me, getting his rifle ready as well.

I could assume that they were already pulling out their worst guns and preparing their assault. Lash, Drudge and Synth had prepared their guns, and then, I looked at Raichu. He was going to be my best ally in this hellhole…

“Raichu, when they come up the stairs, strike them with a Thunder Wave.” I commanded him, already switching back to the ammo clip in the FSU.

I knew that once Raichu had acted, then it was time for us to act. Raichu checked the corner feverishly, just waiting for the officers to arrive. Then, after thirty seconds, Raichu’s cheeks flared with electricity, and then he directed a pulsing Thunder Wave toward the officers. For a few moments, they were rendered helpless. Then, the four of us had come out from behind the corners and we engaged our enemy…

I focused hard on the world around me, and then everything slowed to a crawl. I had seen the paralyzed officers, slowly trying to aim their firearms at us. Then, I took my FSU, and fired furiously upon them. The barrel of the rifle lit up with flashing fire as I tore down one officer after another. The whole entrance was thundering with the hammering of machine guns. It sounded like a storm of a hundred jackhammers pounding at once.

The officers had then opened fired upon us, but the speed of the bullets was slowed to a crawl as I focused on them. I had done a barrel roll on the concrete floor to dodge them, at the same time returning fire. Then, when the clip of the FSU was empty, I switched back to the grenade launcher. I then fired another grenade toward the center of the stairs, blasting the SWAT and police officers and sending them flying in all directions. I then rushed toward the stairs, already seeing the number of G.C.P.D. officers dramatically reduced.

The clip of the FSU was empty, so I threw it away and pulled out two of the handguns I had saved from before. There were only a small handful of officers left that had remained by the police cars. At that moment, Lash and I had run down the stairs, blasting at them before they opened fire. One of the officers fired at us with his shotgun, but he was far too away for it to have any effect. The other two had opened fire with their pistols.

I had blasted the first of the officers with both of my pistols, striking him in the chest multiple times. Lash had opened fire upon the other two officers with his FSU, and before long, every single one of them had been taken down. I then released my focus, and all around us was the destructive aftermath of the battle.

“Well, wasn’t that just fun…” Lash had said to me sarcastically, throwing away his empty FSU, “Vector, don’t ask me to do something like that again. I nearly got my head shot off…”

“Come on, let’s just get Focus and Blaze and then get the hell out of here.” I had told him, heading back into the building.

After I had thrown away my empty pistols, I returned Raichu to his Pokéball, and then I went to get Focus, who I had left behind. I helped her to her feet, and when I tried to carry her, she refused.

“Just leave me alone, I can walk…” She insisted, still looking faint.

I wasn’t about to argue with her, since she already looked to be in a pissy mood. Instead, we had headed outside again, and we had found a SWAT van that was untouched from the explosions. It had a few bullet holes in it, but that was nothing. I had headed to the back, and threw open the doors. Inside, there was a whole stockpile of firearms and body armor. After we quickly got everyone inside, Drudge had headed into the driver’s seat, and I had headed in the back. Meanwhile, Lash was sitting in the passenger seat in the front. Then, Drudge had turned on the ignition, and then we headed forward, past several police cars that were still being consumed by fire.

“Are you okay now?” I had asked Focus, who was sitting down.

“Just shut up, I’m fine…” She snapped at me, looking away, “God, you don’t know what it’s like being held up there.”

I couldn’t have imagined. After seeing what all the chemicals had done to her, it looked like a nightmare. Still, I was glad there was no way they could have gotten the access codes to Zion. The remaining members of the Ellipse had no idea what they were, and I could thank God for that. Otherwise, our last city of Zion would have been under attack a long time ago…

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:19 AM
As we headed down the street, I gave Drudge the location of where Echo had prepared out exit. It wasn’t long before we had come across the empty gas station. After that, we parked the SWAT van by the curb. We then stepped out of the van and we got everyone out. After that, we then headed toward the station, which was a white painted building with a few closed garages and another small room on the left side which had several rectangular windows. Right by the door was a pay phone, with the night black phone ringing…

“Well, thanks for saving our asses…” Lash had thanked us as we gathered around the pay phone, “The Ellipse owes you guys big time.”

Lash then grabbed the phone off the holder, and then he held it to his ear. Moments later, his body had become transparent, and then a split second later, he was gone, and the phone that was floating in midair had fallen, swinging back and forward while it was connected to the metal cable. After that, Blaze had quickly put the phone back on the holder, and she turned to Drudge.

“I’m sorry about the loss of your crew members.” Blaze had said softly to Drudge, looking at him in the eyes, “Like Lash said, we would be dead without you.”

Soon after, the phone had begun to ring again, and Blaze had picked up the phone. After she was released from the Matrix, we did the same for Focus and Synth, and then, the only ones left were Drudge and I.

I had opened up my cell phone, and I had pressed the small glowing buttons to call Echo. Once I had made contact, Echo had picked up on the other line.

“Nice job on rescuing the Ellipse.” Echo had told me with a content voice, “Ready to head back?”

“More than ever…” I had replied with relief, finally out of that nightmare.

Soon after, Echo had hung up, and then the phone had begun ringing again. Drudge had picked up the phone, held it to his ear, and then, he was gone. Now the only one left was me. Then, I waited patiently for the phone to start ringing. But before that happened, I had suddenly seen the receiver explode into pieces, and then I quickly turned around.

I had then laid my eyes on one of the agents, with an Aerodactyl and a Machoke right next to him. He had been holding a pistol, which he had obviously used to destroy the phone.

“Running away so soon?” He asked with a hint of amusement in his tone, “I really don’t think so.”

I had checked my jacket, and I only had one Mac left. I couldn’t get rid of all of them with just that one machine pistol. I needed to find a solution, and fast. Then, as the agent pointed his pistol right at me, I suddenly found exactly what I needed to stop him. I quickly pulled out the Mac, and fired upon the black gas pumps that were right behind him. The Mac roared to life as a steady rush of fire was flashing at the end of the barrel.

Suddenly, before the agent even had the chance to react, the black gas pumps behind them had burst open with flames, and moments later, both the agent and the Machoke were consumed by a steady rush of fire. Meanwhile, the Aerodactyl had been too far away to have been struck by the explosion. All that was left after the blast was the flaming ruins of the pumps, as well as flaming pieces of debris scattered all over the cracked asphalt.

As the vengeful Aerodactyl looked upon me with his glare of revenge, I knew I didn’t have much choice on how to fight him off. The phone was broken into pieces, and at the moment, my last Mac was empty. I had nothing left but my Pokémon…

I quickly grasped Raichu’s Pokéball, pressed the button, and then threw it forward vigorously. Seconds later after the Pokéball had hit the ground, Raichu had emerged, and he then looked up to the Aerodactyl. Already Aerodactyl was beating his gray pterodactyl wings furiously while rendering his sharp, white teeth.

“I need your help, Raichu.” I told the electric Pokémon seriously, “Use a Thunderbolt attack on that Aerodactyl!”

Raichu was up for the challenge. He looked toward Aerodactyl, but before he got the chance to strike, Aerodactyl soared right toward him, blasting furiously at the electric mouse Pokémon. In just seconds, Aerodactyl had sliced Raichu with a vicious and extremely fast Wing Attack, sending Raichu flying backward. Still, that wasn’t going to be enough to stop him. He still had plenty of energy left.

Aerodactyl screeched loudly at Raichu, after giving him a threatening glare. Meanwhile, Raichu certainly didn’t like taking blows like that and not being able to hand that same kind of pain back to the one that gave it to him.

“Rai-chu!” My Raichu shouted in fury at the flying Aerodactyl.

Just then, his yellow cheeks began flaring with electricity, and he then tried to aim for Aerodactyl, but his blast of lightning had missed him by only a few feet. Raichu had decided to try it again, charging up another Thunderbolt and directing the forking thunder at Aerodactyl again. Again, the attack had missed, since Aerodactyl had plenty of time to dodge it before the attack even struck him. The only way were we going to be able to hit him successfully was when he swooped down to attack…

Then, at that moment, Aerodactyl had begun charging a ball of bright yellow energy in his mouth. When we saw that, I immediately had begun to fear for the worst…

“Take cover!” I shouted to Raichu, knowing what Aerodactyl was preparing to unleash upon him.

But it was too late. Aerodactyl had unleashed a massive Hyper Beam upon Raichu, smothering him in a yellow and white explosion. The massive blast had completely destroyed the gas station, shattering all the windows and sending large pieces of the building flying in all directions. After the explosion and dust had cleared, I had found Raichu, lying on his back. He was completely covered with dirt and under a few planks of wood that used to be the gas station.

“Chu…” Raichu had moaned, completely exhausted after getting hit by an attack like that.

I had taken out Raichu’s Pokéball, and I aimed the red translucent beam at the fallen Raichu. After the beam had made contact with Raichu, he had become a red transparent light before being pulled into the Pokéball.

“Take a rest buddy, you deserve it.” I told Raichu, proud of what he had done for us on this mission.

But now, I needed one of my other Pokémon to replace Raichu. I knew that Aerodactyl was a flying Pokémon, and if I used any of my Pokémon that couldn’t fly, they were going to be at a disadvantage. So instead, I had reached for Salamence’s Pokéball. I pulled the tiny ball off of my belt, and then pressed the tiny button on it to prime it, inflating it to nearly three times its original size.

“Go Salamence!” I shouted loudly, throwing the Pokéball forward furiously.

Then, a second later, the glossy red and white Pokéball had struck the cracked asphalt, and opened up with a bright flash. The white light that had burst forward had taken shape and formed into my Salamence. Once he was fully released from the Pokéball, he looked up to see the flying Aerodactyl, soaring through the sky right above him.

“Strike him with a Dragon Claw attack!” I commanded the dragon Pokémon with a firm and serious tone.

The massive blue dragon with red wings had roared, ready to challenge his foe. He spread his wings and then took flight, heading right after Aerodactyl. All I could do now was watch as they both engaged each other in the air.

Aerodactyl had flown toward Salamence with lightning speed, and before he could react, Aerodactyl had bitten him on his front left leg. Salamence roared with pain, but a split second later, he pulled his leg away and slashed his claw right into Aerodactyl’s face, throwing his head aside from the powerful blow. Aerodactyl had quickly escaped from Salamence and had flown past him, screeching from the pain that Salamence had given him.

Neo Emolga
07-28-2004, 08:20 AM
Aerodactyl had flown past him until he was thirty feet away, and then he let loose a pulsing screech. I then recognized the attack to be Supersonic, and after the sound waves had reached Salamence, he had no clue what had happened or what he was doing.

Then, Aerodactyl quickly took advantage of the situation, flying toward the confused dragon and quickly striking him with a fast and furious Wing Attack. Salamence had barrel-rolled in mid air from the lightning fast strike, but after, he was able to get back on track and then he found his target.

“Strike him with another Dragon Claw!” I shouted loudly into the air so Salamence could hear me.

Aerodactyl was insanely fast, and after he had let out a piercing shriek, he immediately readied his jaws and then flown toward Salamence. Moments later, the gray pterodactyl had clamped his jaws upon Salamence’s midsection, and again, Salamence had winced and roared in anger from the pain. While Aerodactyl hung on tight with his mouth, Salamence readied his sharp claw and tore his way into Aerodactyl’s side, tearing a streak of three parallel cuts into him. Aerodactyl had immediately let go of his grasp from the shock of pain from the surprise of the Dragon Claw attack. Then, just as Salamence had turned around to face his enemy, Aerodactyl blasted toward him in full force, slamming into the dragon Pokémon with a vicious and violent Take Down attack.

I could hear the impact of Aerodactyl slamming into Salamence, and immediately Salamence had come spiraling down, unable to fly or to continue the battle. I immediately aimed the red beam of Salamence’s Pokéball just before he had struck the ground, saving him from slamming into the concrete. After Salamence had become a red light and was then absorbed into the Pokéball, I had thanked him for a job well done.

Aerodactyl was still flying in the air, letting loose a loud shriek for his victory over Salamence. Then, I had grasped the Pokéball of my second flying Pokémon. I had pressed the tiny button, prepped it for use, and then threw the Pokéball forward, sending it spiraling into the air. The Pokéball had struck the asphalt forcefully, and then it opened with a flash of white light. The white light had formed into my second dragon Pokémon, Dragonite.

The large light-orange colored dragon stood strongly on his large, clawed feet. He then looked up into the sky with his bright shining eyes, and then he had seen who his adversary was. He immediately spread his wings and then leapt off his feet, soaring into the air.

“Use your Ice Beam attack!” I shouted to him as he ascended into the air, flying right after Aerodactyl.

In the air, Dragonite had taken careful aim, watching Aerodactyl’s movements and matching it with his speed. As Aerodactyl flew toward him, he calculated the speed of the Ice Beam with Aerodactyl’s speed. Then, after he found the area that Aerodactyl would fly through just as the Ice Beam would pass through it, he finally let loose a harsh and freezing cold Ice Beam. Then, just as he estimated, Aerodactyl had flown right into Dragonite’s attack, covering his back with a blast of freezing snow and ice. To Aerodactyl, the attack was especially painful.

Aerodactyl’s flight pattern had become irregular, having to flap his gray wings even harder, and now he couldn’t move as fast as before. Then, Dragonite watched as his foe attempted to flee temporarily, just so he could get away from Dragonite before planning his next attack. After he slowly turned around, he looked into Dragonite’s eyes, angrier than ever. He let loose another hideously loud screech of pain and revenge as he gazed upon his enemy.

“Finish him off with Dragon Claw!” I shouted vigorously at Dragonite.

Then, at that moment, Dragonite and Aerodactyl had furiously surged toward each other. Both of them were flying at an excessively fast rate. Suddenly, they had met, and all I could hear was a loud slash echo into the air. Both of them had flown past each other. Only seconds later, Aerodactyl was plummeting, spiraling toward the ground and completely out of control. Only a split second later, he had slammed forcefully into the ground not too far away from where I was standing. The gray pterodactyl Pokémon was exhausted, lying on his stomach.

I looked toward the fallen Aerodactyl with a cold stare, and then I had taken one of the spare Pokéballs I had in my belt. I had grasped the empty Pokéball firmly, and pushed the small silver button to inflate the Pokéball. Then, I clutched it hard and threw it forcefully at Aerodactyl.

“Pokéball, go!” I shouted furiously, throwing the Pokéball as hard as I could.

The glossy Pokéball had shined in the air as it spiraled toward its target. Then, once it struck Aerodactyl’s back, the Pokéball had opened up. Moments later, Aerodactyl had become a bright, white light and was suddenly sucked into the open Pokéball. After the light was fully taken in, the Pokéball was shut, and then softly fell to the ground. While I had watched the Pokéball fall to the ground, Dragonite had watched it fall from above. The Pokéball rocked from side to side upon the cracked asphalt. Both Dragonite and I had kept a watchful eye as we waited for the last critical moment…

Scorch Ry
07-28-2004, 09:58 PM
*Grade Completed: Reporting It Immediately
Story: 10/10
Simply amazing, Neo Pikachu. I tip my hat in props for you. The Matrix/Pokemon idea was fabulous, adding in your originality. Awesome work!

Details: 9/10
Details were amazing! You described everything, but everyone can't be perfect, can they? I never give out perfect scores for detail because no one can't have the BEST details out there in the world.

Battle: 8/10
The battle was good...three pokemon battled against Aerodactyl, plus the winged fossil beast did some damage to them...very, very impressive. Make sure to always improve the length of battles for every story you have, okay? :smile:

Spelling/Grammar: 9/10
I didn't detect not one mistake...but grammar always can't be perfect, can it? But its the highest I've seen, so keep up the great work!

Length: 10/10
Length was amazing. There isn't here much to say except amazing, azaming! Amazing, azaming! ^_^

OUTCOME: {46/50 = 92/100} AERODACTYL CAPTURED! (Neo Pikachu's Story Is Now Entered In The Competition, Since I've Graded And It Has Been A Capture. Good Luck!)