View Full Version : Pokemon Elimination

02-10-2007, 10:18 PM
Basically, if you don't know how to play, normally you'd subtract one point from one pokemon and one point from the other, but in this one, subtract two and add one.
You can only vote once every 3 hours. And, the last person to take away and leave one standing can make the new one. Each one must be at lease 10 pokemon long, and each start from 15-25 points. To make it easier, Copy the scoreboard of the previous person, then paste it in your new post, now configure it to what you want. When you change, either change the colours of the names or put (hurt) and (heal) beside who you changed.

To start us all off, a D/P selection, and I won't vote until someone else has posted:

Naetoru- 20
Hikozaru- 20
Pocchama- 20
Mukkura- 20
Bippa- 20
Korobooshi- 20
Korinku- 20
Subomi- 20
Zugaidosu- 20
Rioru- 20