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07-31-2004, 06:59 PM
An idea for an RPG I once had. I had fun writing it in my head when I was bored. I thought it might make a nice story. I gave it some Japanese words for fun! Tell me what you think and enjoy! ^^

A small child walked around in the dark, unaware that she was being watched. She lived in Tokyo or 東京, as some wrote it. She was about 3 and was taking a boat ride with her parents when the waves knocked her off the boat and into the water. She quickly sunk to the bottom where she hit her head on some large rocks causing her to forget all that had ever happened. Lucky for her the waves were strong that day and she washed up on a small beach located far from her home city. She looked around and found another city, not quite as large as hers, still something in her mind told her that it looked like home though she had forgotten she had one before. Her clothes were drenched and mud ran down her face as she walked into a dark alley, which is where we find her now.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-31-2004, 07:38 PM
Cool. Good idea to use Japanese words (I did that myself at one point of my life), but you may want to add translations by the words. Not everyone's experienced in Japanese.

07-31-2004, 07:41 PM
OK, thanx for the advise! ^^

BTW I made a banner!

07-31-2004, 08:34 PM
The first chapter is done!^^

第1 章[chapter 1]
Clouds rolled in and streaks of lightning flashed overhead as the small girl dragged her feet toward the dumpsters. She sat down and began to cry. Her head ached and she was lonely, all she could remember was water tossing her about then walking to the alley. The watching pokemon smiled at the sight of the toddler and leaped down from his hiding spot.
“Nya!” The white cat said. He was about her size and had brown back feet. The gold on his head shined whenever the lightning stuck. His tail curled at the end and his whiskers were long and pointy.
The girl found herself puzzled. She could not remember any language so she could not communicate with it. All she could think to do was repeat what she heard. “Nya!” She said hugging the soft pokemon.
The Meowth was confused at first but then he curled up beside her and fell asleep.

後で7 年... [Seven years later…]

“Uncle Cat!” The girl screamed. She was older now; ten to be exact, and was living with the Meowth of the city. They lived in the alleys together and only left for food, bringing some back for her. While living with the pokemon she had learned their language so it was common for her to talk with them.
“I’ll be right there Kitten,” a Meowth yelled back, it was the same one she had met before. He was the wisest and oldest Meowth in the group and was the closest to becoming a Persian. He was always telling her that since there are 148 Meowth that live in their group she couldn’t always be with him.
He walked out of the crack in one of the walls. His fur was dusty from being in there so long and he looked very tired. “Did you need something dear?” He asked licking his fur.
“Yes,” She sighed looking around, waiting for the perfect moment to continue, “I would like to go on the night hunt with you.” She said watching the Meowth jump about asking what time they should prepare for the hunt.
Cat began to cough as he tried to think of away to politely decline. “Kitten you know that the hunt is to risky for you,” he said in a kind and gentle voice, “If you were to be scene…”
“I know, I know!” Kitten screamed. She pounded the dumpster lid and then looked at Cat, “Can I go just this once and prove that I can go around in the dark as well as you?”
Cat sighed and looked at the rest of the group. “Very well,” he said.

Sorry it is so short, I will make longer ones in the future.

08-01-2004, 11:43 PM
This is not a longer one... -_-;;

第2 章 [chapter 2]
The night was cold and damp. The streets were lit all around. Cars went by so fast the police couldn’t even catch them.
“Listen up!” Karieno said. He looked around the alley to make sure everyone was watching. The he was darker than the others and was a lot more muscular. He was in charge of the hunting party. “Tonight is a special occasion and we need make sure we get the best stuff in the city.” A few Meowth cheered and others began to purr. “Kitten and her uncle Cat,” As he said this a few Meowth laughed at his name before Karieno continued, “Are joining us.” He said glaring at the interrupters in the back.
They set off on the hunt. They each split up on the streets so they didn’t catch any attention. Kitten walked along side Cat so he could guide her around. Kitten watched the cars go by and the people at the diner. Suddenly she stopped. Cat hopped onto her shoulder to see what she was looking at. It was a pet shop. In the window were a few pichus playing together.
“Delicious looking aren’t they?” Cat said. He began to drool at the very sight of them. Kitten was definitely not thinking the same thing.
In Kitten’s past life she also had a pet pichu of which she played with every day. The pichus struck her memory and the story became slightly bigger. She could remember being sad about something and hugging a pichu saying, “Sorry, you can’t come…”
She was about to tell Cat the story when he bit her ear and told her to keep up. They kept walking until they came to a place that said ピザイン, or in our language Pizza Inn. They walked into the back alley and opened the lid to the dumpster. The Meowth jumped in and began to feast on leftover pizza and breadsticks.
“Come on, Kitten,” Coriena said tossing her some pizza, “Dig in!” She was slightly yellow and always was including Kitten on everything.
Kitten climbed onto a box and at the half-eaten slice. It was good but she was too busy thinking of the pichu to really care.
All of a sudden the door to the pizza shop flew open and a chubby man stepped out.
“GET OUT OF HERE!” He yelled shooing them away with his large hands. Everyone but Kitten ran. She was scared stiff. Instead of striking her or hurting her in some other way he grabbed her and dragged her into his shop.
Kitten struggled but couldn’t break free of his grip.
“Don’t say a word to him!” Cat called as the door shut behind her.