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02-14-2007, 01:26 PM
New League

Terran is a new region, already colonized but not organized. By popular demand, the Pokemon League Association has sent a crack team to organize a pokemon league in Terran. Your job is to organize a pokemon league in this region, building gyms one at a time. I will be participating as an overseer, and I will give information on the areas as you go through them. You must build here in order of the list I've made, so you'll need to make sure the materials for a gym can be shipped there, meaning you need to clear paths to the towns so that the trucks can come. You must start a grand pokemon league to inspire trainer in this region! Build a league in Terran!

(Dark Green) Lushburg is a basic city surrounded by farms. The generic brand of bug, normal, and flying pokemon are found around here. A Grass type gym must be built here. Taken: Snowball Sunday

(Pale Green) Woodcrest is not as lush an area as Lushburg, but the pokemon that live there live high in the trees, and it marks the transition between Lushburg and Hilltop, covering half of the other side of the mountain. Like in Hilltop, hardy pokemon live here. Your job here is to build a Bug type gym. Taken: TVTMaster

(Orange) Hilltop is a city nestled in a valley in the midst of rocky cliffs. Near the base, vegetation grows and hardy pokemon make their home. A Ground type gym must be built here. Taken: Gun6

(Purple) Mineridge is a community based off of mining, where caves are deep and pokemon that live there abound. It's fairly close to Hilltop. Here, you need to make a Rock type gym. Taken: Larvinator

(Navy) Smokeport is a busy industrial city, located on the coast near Lushburg. The sea nearby is wide and rocky, and deep-sea pokemon live there rather than the shallow-water pokemon of Marshville and Streamtown. A river flows from the east bound of the city, seperating Lushville and Woodcrest. You must make a Poison type gym. Taken: Draconic_Espeon

(Neon Green) Streamtown is where the river splits into many streams, and amphibious pokemon that like a wet environment come here. A Flying gym will be built here. Taken: Sceptile Frost

(Blue) Marshville is located in a marshy area, where bug pokemon and pokemon that live near the coast abound. Dunes are good for finding common sand pokemon. The beach is a popular place. Build a Water type gym here. Taken: lonewolf

(Red) Spineplains is in a desert, where pokemon that come out in the blazing desert heat live. People here have lots of money but a lack of food. It's hard to cross, but the Spine Desert leads to Megametro, a big city. A Fire type gym is a good idea here. Taken: Deathspector

(Gold) Stockholm is a vast region of grass and plains, where farmers make their living selling grain. Many rough and tumble pokemon like out here, along with a number of bugs and a few fire pokemon. Make a Normal type gym. Taken: Tyranitar_Trainer

(Black) Megametro is a large city, where many rare urban pokemon reside. Poison and electric types populate the outskirts. Lots of commerce takes place here. A Steel type gym will be made here. Taken: Eeveeking929

(Dark Red) Browncamp is a logging town where pokemon that live in the dark flourish. The trees provide constant shade, no matter the season. Bug pokemon also abound. A Dark type gym is to be here. Taken: Daneb

(Pink) Grecoland is a city on flat, rocky, sandy ground where the Terran Games are held. It appears to be in ruins, but the real facilities lie underground. Above the ground live fighting pokemon and psychic types. A Fighting type gym is to be here. Taken: sonickid01

(Deep Blue) Dracopoint is a hard to reach area, surrounded by fierce dragon pokemon. Only strong trainers come here, and legendary pokemon surround this place. Here you will contstruct the Elite Four building. It'll be hard to get the gym supplies up this mountain... Not available. Inquire within signups.

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02-14-2007, 01:34 PM
TVT! I said I needed to add one more trainer before my sign-up was finished! >_<;
Naw, just kidding. It's finally up! I should be able to post this afternoon.

02-14-2007, 03:45 PM
Yay! It's up! I'll be posting a bit later. ^^

02-14-2007, 11:24 PM
I'll have my sign-up up soon, I've just been busy.

I've been looking at different middle schools these past few days, which takes up a lot of time. ^^;

Sceptile Frost
02-17-2007, 01:52 AM
I am determined to prevent my RP curse from preventing another of yours from dying, TVT. Anywhoo... there isn't really much to do yet with everyone still in alleged Tent City, but I like the idea anyway.

03-10-2007, 09:34 PM
Well, It seems that sonickid has bumbed the roleplay. I'll try and post now, sorry not for posting earlier.