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03-09-2004, 03:18 AM
Nightmare in Mauville 2: Ultimate Sins


This is my fourth horror fic to do, starting with Nightmare in Mauville, then Lilycove Massacre, then Clash of Killers: Sean VS Absol(NiM and LM combined). Now here is the new breed of terror and deep impacted blood and gore. These fics were lost when the PE2K server went down so I will start off with a quick summary of Nightmare in Mauville. I hope to see any and all comments on this fic, bad or good. There will be some nasty action in here but just some blood and gore type stuff but I wont rate it 'R' because afterall, its not that bad since its just in letters. Enjoy! :twisted:

Inside the Killer
Abandoned. Frightened. Scared. Horrified. Alone.

A tiny Absol, adopted by a family. This poor family that were so kind to Absol had the worst coming. As Absol laid broken and hurt, it watched as his family... the only people that ever cared for it... were burnt alive. Absol couldn’t help, couldn’t do nothing but watch.

A new hatred now roamed throughout Absol’s body. A kind of hatred that would not be forgotten or messed with. No one dared to challenge or get in the way of this newly born Absol. As it was adopted by yet another family, it acted as the perfect pet until mysteriously the family’s first pet, Delcatty, was found chopped up in the bath. Followed by friends of the family, loyal police, and later on... the mother of the household. The rest of the family were beat up enough to have died but with the hint luck. The son of the family, Charlie, escaped from a Mental Institution in set for Absol... failing to get the job done. Now only the dad stands above the surface of the earth, unseen in this town of Mauville... where it all started.

Now, it all starts... again.

03-12-2004, 02:30 AM
Chapter 1- Horror Move-in

“You really think they are crazy enough to move into THAT house?” questioned a small boy across the street of the most freakiest house in all of Mauville. “Why?” another young boy questioned. The steady rate of their breath turned into a smokey faze as they exhaled, which is weird as it showed that it was pretty cold here even on this early spring day.

“You haven’t heard?” the boy yelled out, then remembering to keep silent cause of the blue mini-van that just parked in front of the old house and let a dad, mom, two twin boys, and a young girl out. They all just stared at the beaten down house. The boys across the street kept whispering on, stopping the constant beat of their red ball. “Well its just this is a bad day to be moving in” the kid kept going, getting his friend get scared half to death. “See, spring started today which means in three days will be the anniversary”.

“The anniversary of what?” stumbled the kid, missing the ball that was tossed to him. “Three years ago... a demon of some sort went around and killed all kinds of people. Stopped in that house, left just everyone wishing they had never came to this town. In three days, if that demon comes back for its little anniversary party... well I sure as heck don’t want to be anywhere near that...”

“What a worthless piece of crap” a young girl kicked the door that led to the ‘demon’ house. “Now Tiffany! This is going to be your home whether you like it or not” he mom said as she walked up to her and stroked her hair like she did when Tiffany was scared and frightened, as to say... everything would be alright.

“I just don’t understand why we would have to move here of all places!” Tiffany whispered, not wanting her dad to hear and have to give his lecture to her again. “Because this new job of your dads is important. Once we fix up this house I’m sure that it will be ok” Mrs. Walker said as she walked into her new house.

Tiffany’s two twin brothers came running up. “Hey Tiff! A kid across the street said we will be living...” Rob said. “With Demons!” Bob said, using that ‘twin psychic’ thing they do. “Demon house?” Tiffany questioned, looking across the street and noticing to very weird kids staring at them with deep and dark eyes, “Don’t listen to them. Let’s go and unpack”.

The family of five walked into the house and explored, ignoring the stains of blood and hoping it was just paint. They ‘settled in’ the best they could before their time was up... when the Devil’s Dog would be approaching them for a little anniversary bash...

--KCash-> Sorry so short, but it was short because the next post will be 'blood-filling'!

Neo Emolga
03-12-2004, 02:37 AM
Oh yes. Considering what I've seen you do before in your previous horror fics, that has got to be a fact. Nice opening though, even if it was short.

03-17-2004, 10:29 PM
Chapter 1 continued...

Tiffany looked around and noticed her skin melting off her. She grabbed her arm but the skin would just melt thru her hands. She couldn’t stop it. The pain was growing and soon she wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore. Fire was all around as if she was in the depths of hell.


She was back now. Back to her new house where there was no fire and her skin was so soft it was as she put lotion on it just seconds before. She stood up and looked around at the nearby houses. Everything around seemed like it was in a pause mood. No sound, no movement, no life.

She stepped on the lawn, the grass being softer than ever. She stepped up to the front door that was painted in a deep red color. She lightly moved her hand to the door knob but then the door opened up by itself. She stepped in with eeriness. She lurked around corners and made sure nothing was creeping up behind her unexpectedly.

She heard mumbling in the downstairs bathroom. She slowly peeked around the corner until she felt a moisture soaking up in her socks. She looked down and saw a red liquid pouring into her shoes and laying all around on the ground. It was coming from the bathroom...

She peeked inside and saw a Delcatty’s head... and legs... and arms. Just one thing that wasn’t normal about it though... those parts were disconnected and laying floating in a bathtub full of blood. Tiffany fell back onto her butt and quickly got up before the blood got all over her. She covered her mouth and tried to run away until she heard someone struggling to get up. She looked in front of the stair case and saw a little boy. He was about her age and size, wearing a shirt that said ‘Charlie’. He seemed cut up and hurt pretty bad.

Next to the boy was an Absol, fur white as paper with the exception of different blood stains all over it. The blade on top of its head was covered with blood that surely wasn’t its own blood. Tiffany knew what was going on and darted towards the boy. She was going to try and help the boy before the Absol got to her.

Just inches away and... WHACK! Tiffany hit the ground hard as if she was inside a glass cube. She couldn’t move at all and was forced to watch as the Absol crawled on top of the boy. The Absol drew back its blade and got ready to slice and dice the boy.

But then the Absol stopped and focused on Tiffany. Its eyes stared at her in a blood red sense. Absol opened its mouth and for once in Tiffany’s life, she understood the Absol... “Your Next”.


The window curtains blew heavily as the window slammed open from the heavy winds. The cold night made the sweat running down her back, forehead, and whole body in general freeze up. She threw open the covers off her bed and crept to the window. She looked out the window and started to close them.

Thunder rocketed the old house and the lightening sounded to be close by. She jumped from the fright of this and the thought of the dream. It felt so real and seemed that it just happened yesterday. She slowly closed the windows until something caught her eye outside. She looked really hard and tried to find the image she saw. On the other side of the street stood an Absol. Bloodstains were dried up on its fur. Its own blood was running down from gashes in its face.

The blade shined with total brightness that could blind a blind man. Lightening then struck once again and Tiffany jumped back. She then stared at the other end of the street again but nothing was there but the emptiness and darkness.

She closed the window and made sure to lock it. She now understood that the history of this house was more then her parents were told. Maybe that’s why they paid so little for it.

One thing was for sure however, this house had more secrets then anyone ever knew...

Tamer Marco
03-19-2004, 07:26 PM
If anyone is the FF master it is you K-Cash. You're horror flicks are too life like!

03-20-2004, 09:38 PM
Chapter 2- The Sinned Journal

“You need to unload your room Tiff!” grouched her mom. She continuously nagged about Tiffany and her room. Boxes were stacked up on top of one another, unpacked as Tiffany wanted it. The last thing on Tiffany’s mind was that they would actually stay in Mauville for awhile. She was hoping her dad would get transferred within the next few months.

“Alright mother! I’ll go ahead and unpack my clothes!” Tiffany yelled back, knowing that it would be easy to unpack her clothes as they all laid in a box, already on hangers and all. The only thing she would have to do is take them out and place them in the closet. All though what would behold her in the closet was something that might unlock all the secrets to this house... if used properly.

She slowly opened the closet door that slid open with ease. A low metal rubbing against metal sound quietly filled the air. She took a deep breath and then started to open the cardboard box that held her clothes. She slowly opened it, trying not to rip it or to puncture it in any way.

She started to place the end of the hangers where they hooked on the steel railing on the top of the closet. That’s before she noticed a small, unusual, brown book that she was sure wasn’t hers. She reached on the very top part of the closet where a small shelf held the book. She had to get on her tiptoes to grab it and bring it down to where she could examine it and find out where it came from.

She breathed in deeply and then let out a fast, smooth ride of air, blowing away all the dust that collected on top of the book.

She studied it a little closer and started to flip thru the pages. It was a diary or journal of some sort. She started to open the diary to the first page.

We found a new pokemon pet today. It’s a lot better then Mum’s old Delcatty. ABSOL is his name and I can tell he will be a great friend to have around. Mom doesn’t approve of it a lot. Delcatty seems to have a rivalry brewing up between Absol and itself. If Delcatty knew what was good for it then it would stay away from my Absol cause I wont let anything hurt my new pokemon... my new friend.

I feel bad. Really bad. Delcatty is gone. As I crept downstairs last night, in the downstairs bathroom... Delcatty was found dead. Body parts were left cut up in the tub where blood filled the whole bathroom. I won’t be able to sleep for awhile after seeing that. I feel like my life is in danger. Of course I will be fine... as long as I have my buddy Absol to stand by my side.

The last few days have been weird. Extremely bad. Horrifying. Its as if some maniac is out there on the streets of Mauville. Police’s lives were taken today. The newspaper said that two officers were working at the station that night, apparently reading up on some weird killings that have happened lately. This morning they were found dead, stuffed in a dryer for clothes. Its pretty sick stuff. But worst of all, I haven’t gotten any sleep the last two nights. Mainly because of my friend and his Bulbasaur were murdered. Found cut up in his room. Blood was said to be on every inch of the room. I remember looking out my window to see a police officer throwing up after going in to look at the damage. Must of been awful. Could all these killings be linked together? The police don’t think so. They told me that I shouldn’t worry about these things and just go on with my life. But how can I go on with my life when I feel like I am in danger? Absol has stayed awake with me, beside me at all times... makes me feel no worries with its comfort next to me.

“Tiffany are you unpacking?” her mom came charging into the room. She jumped with fright and quickly closed the journal of the boy that once lived here. “Yes mother” Tiffany said while still thinking about the mass murders that the boy talked about. “What is that?” her mom asked, using her eyes to point to the journal. “Oh... its nothing really. Um, just a book I brought along” Tiffany answered while turning her back to her mother and continuing to unpack her clothes. Her mother nodded and slowly walked away.

Tiffany gave one more look at the journal she had just read. She quickly tossed it to the other side of the room and gave no worries to it. Not wanting to ever read it again...

--KCash-> Well the next few chapters will be very fun to write! Already started on them last night but had to stop cause well... I will admitt that I scared myself while writing it so I decided I would have to pick it back up in daylight. :shifty: Its going a little slow I know but this is the last chapter before it starts to really pick up. Next time: Absol gives a little lesson on how to keep big mouths closed while Tiffany finds a few more secrets about the life that once lived in her house.

Agent Orange
03-20-2004, 11:14 PM
Wow. This is a really good story! :smile:

Neo Emolga
03-21-2004, 01:47 AM
KCash, these horror fics just keep getting better and better. Keep going, you're doing so good already!

03-23-2004, 04:18 AM
Chapter 3- How To Keep a Big Mouth... Closed!

“File... Save...” Tiffany whispered lightly. A light bitterness of cold rushed down her spine. The air conditioning is where the library got its nickname, The Cooler, from. Especially when the heat strike moved in late summer. Everyone gathered around, whether they were checking out a book or just hanging out for the fresh, cold air.

She noticed a bunch of kids whispering in the back corner of the library. They had a bunch of comic books and Play House books that probably weren’t part of the libraries collection. She wished she could hang out with them, she missed having no friends like she did back in her old town. She looked away and focused back on her computer.

The download had completed and sent a message to the screen so Tiffany would know. She clicked on the ‘OK’ button then ejected the disk. She knew she had some good stuff on that disk that would really unfold the truth out for her.

She hurried and grabbed her bag and slipped the disk in the front pocket. She quickly rushed home so she could really study the files on the disk on her home computer.

Tiffany walked home at a fast pace until she got to her street. Once she got to her neighbor’s house, she couldn’t help but to notice a small, very old lady watering her garden. Why was it so abnormal? The lady was watering a garden that had no plants, nothing but dirt.

“Hey you!” the lady called out, shivering with oldness. Tiffany didn’t turn her head to her but she did move her eyes to try and see the lady out of the corner of her eye. “Hey! Where did you get that book!” she yelled. Tiffany stopped in her tracks and slowly turned her head to face the old lady.

Tiffany then remembered what she was holding... the journal of Charlie. “Uh.. Um... Uh, I actually just kinda found it in my house” Tiffany couldn’t spit out the right words. “Put it back!” she yelled, “That your house?!”.

“Yeah that’s my families house. We just moved in!” smiled Tiffany, trying to act jolly towards the old hag.

“Put the journal to Charlie back and leave now! Don’t ever return! He will return soon and you don’t want to be here when it comes!” screamed the old lady. She threw down the water hose and didn’t even mind cutting off the water.

Tiffany looked around, no one else was on the street but her now. Tiffany ran inside as fast as she could, trying not to look up at the lady in the window that lurked over her.

“He will be here soon I’m afraid...” she whispered to herself in her lonesome house. A sudden laughter overcame the old ladies head, <Who ever said Fear himself isn’t here already?!>

03-24-2004, 08:47 PM

Kcash is that picture for this story made by a fireworks picture program? if so what version i got VsMX or sumthing like that. great story i like the bloody parts.
HeHeHeHe Good job. :clap: :clap: :clap:

03-25-2004, 11:56 PM
Chapter 3 continued...

An eerie spook crept thru the small house unheard of. The old lady’s rocking chair let out a loud ‘creeeeeeekk’ as it slowly rocked back and forth on the upstairs bedroom. She looked out the window and noticed the sun about to set in the horizon.

She heard voices in her head and they would not leave. Could this be the first stage of her oldness turning her into a mad old hag? Deep pounds inflicted the wooden stairs. Somebody was in the house, and it wasn’t her.

She looked through the window to see the house which so much happened in so many years ago. To her, it felt just like yesterday when she called the police after noticing some bangs and thrashes over there. She never would of suspected to find dead people in the house just 30 feet away. Did that mean that she was in danger too? For three years she has leaved a peaceful life until he decided to try and warn the new family next door and the whereabouts of the history of the house.

<He will be coming> whispered a sound in her head. What was that noise? Had she gone mad?

<You’ll try to hide but get slashed inside> sung an evil voice, <Shouldn’t of opened your trap, so now I’m gonna end this rap...>.

It went dead silent again. The old lady struggled up to her feet and slowly used her eyes to search the room. She put both of her hands over her head and tried to get the evil laughter out.


She hit the ground, belly first. She almost fainted but somehow seemed to regain the strength needed to turn over on her back. She looked up at the ceiling and the circling fan that raged rapidly overhead.


A quick blade went flying rapidly towards her but then was quickly gone. The old lady shivered from fright and then felt a slight tingle on her lips. She slowly rose her hand up to her mouth and tried to touch her lips.

She felt a wet sob on her hands and then slowly moved her fingers up to see what the moisture was. The fingers that touched her mouth were filled with a thick, red gush.

She started to shake crazy-like and she moved her head to the right, where she found a rubbish set of bloody lips laying on the ground. That’s when she noticed what happened. She struggled up while yelping for someone to help her. As she tried to stumble out of the bedroom to the stairs, she found herself looking into a mirror to see her mouth all bloody with no lips! She started to cry and tried to talk but she couldn’t say a word.

<Now maybe you will shut up you dumb ******> called out the sounds in her head once again. She looked at the bottom of the stair case to see a white figure with a black blade on top of its head. That’s the figure she saw right before the slashing of her lips. She closed her eyes and then reopened them, hoping the pokemon was gone.

It was! This was her chance to get away and with that she hurried to start down the first step. Then she heard a pound of footsteps behind her. She turned around to look and saw the eyes of evil, hell itself... Absol!

She jumped from fright and lost her footing on the stairs. She stumbled down and started to roll. She crushed her head on several edges of the stairs and broke her ribs along with every other important bone structure in her body.

Absol walked to the end of the stairs and let out a deep laugh. <Well now I don’t have to worry about her at all> he said in his pokemon language. Then Absol thought for a second and checked a calender in the bedroom. He remembered the opening of his return, the anniversary of the day that he tried to kill the Jamison Family next door. <2 days left...> he smiled, looking through the window to the house that awaited the return of the Devil’s Dog.

Neo Emolga
03-26-2004, 12:13 AM
I've never been able to look at Absol the same way ever since I read these awesome fics of yours, KCash. You never hold back on one gruesome surprise after another, and it makes this an extremely exciting fic to read. I love what you've done with this story, keeping going with it, I would love to keep reading more!

03-30-2004, 03:51 AM
Chapter 4- The Death Bed



The computer went off in a crazy action as more and more Instant Message’s came up on Tiffany’s computer which was just set up on her desk in her room. Her best friend from their old town was IMing her through H.O.L, Hoenn Online.

BrokenFates89: I searched the names you got from the library, it pulled up this... LINK

She clicked on the link that her best friend sent her and pulled up the page. It was a search engine to find people. Although her friend could do amazing things with the computer and even found out that this guy that lived here, the father of the house hold, and had moved away to the junky side of Mauville.

BURRRINNNG! Tiffany checked her Instant Message screen again.

BrokenFates89: It said on the file that his name is Rick Jamison. He has been arrested at a bar near his house over 15 times for alcoholic purposes, the bar is called Little Dipper.
Tiffany125:Great! That’s just what I needed. Thank you for the help.
BrokenFates89: Say Tiff, what did you need this for anyways.
Tiffany125: Oh, just wanted to look at some stuff about the history of my new house. Thanks a lot, bye!

She pressed the computer screen ‘off’ button and the computer went to a dead sleep. She looked out the window at the morning sun... today was the start of a new beginning.


“Take the pills Miss” the nurse tried to force down the huge blue pills that would allow the old broken down lady to survive yet another day.

“Enya, just take them” the nurse nagged on. Enya took a deep breath and took the pills and put them in her mouth. She took the water from the nurse and acted as if she down the pills.

The nurse sighed and walked out, closing the door behind her. The last thing Enya wanted was to be there at a nursery home to be taken care of. She was old and all but she didn’t think anyone should be at a nursery home that was so mean to its patients.

She put her wrinkly old hand up to her mouth and tried to rake her tongue with her nails to get the awful taste out of her mouth. She knew those pills weren’t good for nothing and they just made her take them so it at least looked like they took care of her so she had to suffer by taking them everyday for nothing.

She laid in her bed, to old to move around, therefor just sitting in a quiet and dark room by herself.

<Grandma, I need a favor> sounded a voice in her head. <See, there is this little problem I am having with my house. See, tomorrow I am having a ‘killer’ party over there. Ya know, the usual get together with some hackin’ and slashin’ but there is just one problem. I need more then that. I need a good scare out of someone and in order to do that I need to get rid of the two parents in the house. That’s where you come along...> approached the meaniful pokemon.

The grandma tried to yell for the nurse as she stared the evil Absol into its deep red eyes which were glowing in the dark room. Her voice wouldn’t allow her to scream however, mainly because the pills had taken her voice with them down her throat. She couldn’t spit out the words. Absol stabbed its blade into a pillow that laid next to her.

He then swung his blade around and put the pillow on top of the old lady on her death bed...

He jumped on top of the pillow and Enya started to struggle to get free. The air couldn’t get to her mouth and at that moment, she saw her life before her eyes. This was it, the final round for her.

Absol studied itself in a mirror until she stopped struggling for air...

04-01-2004, 01:12 AM
Chapter 5- Trying to Get the Untold

Tiffany looked at the small piece of paper she held in her hand, comparing the bar’s name to the name she had written down. She took in a deep breath of fresh air, “Well this is it.”

She entered inside the bar known as ‘the Little Dipper’. As soon as she opened up the bar’s door she could smell the mix of cigars and beers in the air. The bar was dark and probably wasn’t an appropriate place for her to be. If her mom or dad found out she rode a bus to a bar in the middle of the day, she would be grounded until a Diglet could fly.

She noticed two strong motorcycle-type guys playing pool, she instantly looked away, scared of their boulder like muscles and what they might do to her if she was caught staring.

She asked the bartender if their might be a man there by the name of Rick Jamison. He replied, “Aw shucks... just started working here”.

She shrugged and started to turn around to go back home. This was a useless situation. What would she even ask him if she found him? Why did she even think that he would be here in the first place? The bartender kept going...

“Maybe you should try to ask ol’ Crazy Rick J over there. He is here everyday getting drunken off his hind legs, we would know before anyone.”

Tiffany looked at him in disgust as she knew that Rick J could only mean Rick Jamison, she also thought it would be better not to yell at him about it for he was a redneck that couldn’t tell a Scyther from a lawn mower.

Well, and if she yelled at him she would be asking for it by a couple of bikers and a retarded, but strong, bartender.

Tiffany’s shoe clicked as it hit the hard pavement with its hard heel sole. She moved in closer and closer. She smelt a cigar and noticed a cigar that was half way finished in front of ‘Crazy Rick J’.

He sat in the back corner of the bar on a little table. Four empty bottles of beer laid on his old and crusty table.

“Rick Jamison?” Tiffany asked. No reply. Instead he stared at his full bottle of beer in his hands. Almost as if he was in a different world at the time.

“RICK JAMISON?!” Tiffany’s voice echoed throughout the whole bar, catching everyone’s attention. Tiffany just stared at each individual person as if she didn’t say nothing at all. Everyone finally went back to their business as silence messed with them to long.

“Yeah, who are you? Bill Collector? Police Officer?” Rick asked.

“No, I’m just a high school girl. The name is Tiffany. May I sit?” She calmly asked, trying not to show her nervousness.

Rick gestured his hand towards the empty seat. Tiffany put down her purse on the ground and quickly took her place in the chair. The cold air in the bar got to her and she shivered.

“Then what business do you have here?” asked Rick very quietly.
“I want to ask you about something...” she breathed deeply, exhausting the cigar fumes in the air, “..About the house you use to live in.”

His eyes grew big, showing the redness breaking up the lining of his eyes from so much alcohol intake.

“This is no place for a girl of your age” Rick said furiously.

“Please, just listen to me for a few seconds,” Tiffany started, even though he was looking away, “My family and me just moved into your old house. I’m afraid something is in that house that puts my family in harms way. Do you know what that thing is?.”

“That thing is not to be messed with. That thing is the Devil’s Dog. That thing’s anniversary of its mighty killing pleasures in that house is one day away. Every year on the same day there is someone that turns up dead in the house. Don’t be there when the day comes tomorrow and the clock strikes 6 ‘cause then IT will be back and it will have its way of fun,” with furious pace these words spread out of Rick’s mouth.

“What happened that night? Three years ago?” Tiffany’s eyes felt like a pond, as water started to brew out from being terrified of the words coming out of Rick’s mouth.

“A lot happened. What were the results? A dead wife. My only son, Charlie, in a mental institution on Mauville Hill. And the main ending of my life. You don’t want to be like me or Charlie.. Or my wife. Therefor I suggest you leave now. How long you been here?” asked Rick.

“A few days.”
“Well oh sh*t, your already dead. You have been on Absol’s property and invaded its home. Now doesn’t matter where you go he will be after your ass every step of the way.”

Tiffany backed away from fear.

“Thank you Mr. Jamison” Tiffany started to cry as she grabbed her purse and stood up.

“Before you go, do you know how Ms. Henderson is doing? You know, the old lady next door?” asked Rick. “She passed away yesterday. Fell down the stairs after having a stroke. I’m sorry for the loses” Tiffany started to walk away until Rick’s cold arm grabbed her.

Rick didn’t let go and Tiffany didn’t struggled to try to get away, she knew there was something he needed to say. He focused on his beer and took a sip, not wanting to look Tiffany in the eyes.

“1 day left...”

04-09-2004, 07:40 AM
Chapter 6- Happy Anniversary!

Tiffany pulled a piece of white paper off of the refrigerator. She laid it down on the table in the kitchen.

Your father’s mother, Grandma Enya, died. Your brother’s are staying with some of your dad’s friends that live just down the street, three houses to the left. Please walk over there and see how they are doing every once in awhile. We will call to check up on you every so often and we left some Meat Loaf on the counter. We are at Slateport Magical Inn if you need us. We will be back in 3 days, try to stay out of trouble and make sure to keep all the doors locked! We love you,


“Great, leave me alone at a time like this,” Tiffany threw her arms up into the air and then made sure all the doors in the house were locked as it started to close in near nighttime.

Her eyes acted as if weights were put upon them, forcing them down. She knew she hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep the past few nights and this night she really needed it. She walked over to the stove where a platter of knives laid. She picked out the thickest, sharpest, and longest knife of the group and then carried it with her to the chair in the corner where she would soon lay down for some rest...

“Wow, can’t believe we aren’t even at Slateport yet. If we didn’t get lost and then a flat tire over night then we wouldn’t still be driving here in the morning!” yelled Tiffany’s mom. “Well sorry! We will be there in just a short hour. How you think the twins and Tiff is holding up by now?” asked Tiffany’s dad while he drove the small blue car towards their destination.

“I imagine they are doing fine, they are great kids that know how to handle themselves,” Tiffany’s mom thought.


The right-front tire went flapping all over the road and made the car go out of control. Tiffany’s dad stepped on the brake with all his pressure. The car skidded across the street pavement until finally reaching the edge of the road. Tiffany’s dad hit the driving wheel as hard as he could before getting out to see another disaster on their way to Slateport.

“Amy, we have a da*n blow out,” he yelled out. He looked down each end of the road to see no one even thinking of coming this way. Nothing was there except for wooded areas with one straight, endless, and abandoned road.

He reached into the trunk and grabbed the crank. He placed it behind the blown out wheel and started to crank up the car so he could replace it with a new wheel.

“Hey Amy, its kinda weird. It looks like something slashed it,” he yelled out, as if she was really listening to him. He looked in the window and she had the seat leaned back and her eyes closed.

He kept cranking the crank up. Each second a ‘click’ sounded and vibrated the car. Then... it all stopped.

Tiffany’s mom, Amy, arose up and looked out the window. No movement outside at all, seemed to still.. to perfect.

She opened up the car door, “What’s the problem hunny?”.

No answer.

She lightly closed the door so that the crank wouldnt come out from underneath the car. She stared at her husband who was bent down and looking at the wheel. She placed a hand on his shoulder and with that one action... his head rolled off.

Blood squirted out over the pavement and she started to whimper, covering her mouth and trying not to vomit. Her husband was.. headless.

She turned around to run away, deep into the forest. As she turned, her head met a nice sharp blade.

Neo Emolga
04-09-2004, 05:04 PM
Evil, evil, evil... When Resident Evil doesn't satisfy my need for gore and guts at the moment, this will certainly do it. This fic is awesome, brutal but awesome and it grows better with each increasing chapter. Outstanding job, KCash! I love reading this, it rocks!

Half a Dollar
04-09-2004, 05:10 PM
Scary......ohhhh........lol! :eek: I love your fics dude. Can't wait for Chap.7

04-17-2004, 01:23 AM
--KCash-> Sorry guys, I have been very busy. Been playing basketball for 3-4 hours a day all week so I haven't had a lot of time for my fics and when I do I have to update Quest of a Champion but desperate not to lose readers, I decided to post some up for you. Hope you like it...

Chapter 6 continued...

“Just go down!” screamed Rob. His twin brother still sat down on the end of the drop off of the slide. He whimpered slightly and now more and more people were lining up behind him, annoyed of the frightened kid of a slide.

“I miss mom. I miss her a lot,” Bob’s voice was shaky. “There are people waiting Bob, just go down the freakin slide!” yelled Rob, trying to hurry and get his brother down before people pushed both of them off the slide. Bob looked up from the slide and noticed a white figure in the distance. Right on the edge of the rocky playgrounds. It was a pokemon.

Bob thought of his dream to become a great Pokemon master someday. He lifted his hand out into the air to reach the pokemon. The coat of the strange pokemon shined from the gleaming sun. Dark and large clouds started to hid the sun away from mankind.

Bob let go of the side arms of the slide. He bumped up and down with each little ripple in the slide. As soon as he got down from the slide he started to walk away. Rob thanked him so much for going and told everyone he was going. The kids pushed him down anyways, annoyed at his brother for making them wait.

Rob’s feet crashed into the gravely surface of the playground. He searched with his eyes for his lost twin brother.

Bob tried to skip his way to an ally way between a sports bar and a fitness club on the other side of the park. He started to go across the street which led to the deserted ally. A long shaped blade started to gets its gleam back as the sun peaked back out from behind the clouds. The pokemon leapt farther into the ally.

“Pokemon?” asked Rob. A car had to turn rapidly in order to dodge the guttered boy. Bob raced into the ally way where nothing seemed to be moving. He crept down with each clicking step on the hard concreted surface.

“Are you there?” he asked, trying to get the pokemon’s attention.

<Of course I’m here. I’m your pokemon, ain’t I?> asked the pokemon.
“You’re my pokemon?” Bob asked, getting things straight.
<Yeah, always been yours. Come closer> nodded the pokemon, coat shiny brightly and looking like a very proud and strong pokemon.

Bob started to pat its head and clued out the sharp blade. <You wanna play a game? Hide and Seek?> asked the pokemon. Bob nodded yes, being the kind of kid he was.

<Put this over your head, I don’t want you peeking> the pokemon smiled wide. Bob put a plastic bag over his head and wondered why he needed to do that when he could just close his eyes. Either way, Bob didn’t care.

He slid the bag over his head and started to count to twenty-five. “One... Two... Three... Four...” he kept going, closing his eyes as well. The pokemon grabbed a string around the edge of the bag Bob wore. The devilish pokemon slightly pulled on the string to make it tighter and tighter.

Bob kept counting, “Eleven... Twelve...Thirteen”.

The counting started to get fainter and harder to distinguish with the bag getting so tight around his head. Bob fell to the ground on one knee and started to scream. He grabbed the bag and tried to lift it off but couldn’t get past the knot entitled into it.

The pokemon bursted out laughing, playing the game ‘Hide and Seek’.

Rob peeked around the corner and his eyes grew wide as he saw and felt what his twin brother was feeling. Rob started to take slow steps towards his brother who was being suffocated and dieing extremely slow.

<You come to play too?> grinned Absol.

Neo Emolga
04-17-2004, 01:51 AM
<You come to play too?> grinned Absol.

Which really should translate into...

You'd better run like hell!

04-17-2004, 02:48 PM
Man when Bob was sufficaating I felt like I was losing my breath also, you give awesome describtion and this is the first time I felt like what the charecter was feeling

04-17-2004, 08:44 PM
Scary story.Its cool anyways.Better not read it at night!

04-17-2004, 09:12 PM
THe stroy is amazing i can't believe how good it is. :happy:

04-19-2004, 08:28 PM
--KCash-> There are a few bad words in here but I edited them out, just decided to give you a warning on that part. This is where it all really begins so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you everyone for the replies, without them it would of been another day or two before I would of had this chapter up so otherwords, more replies.. the more posts. Hope you like the post...

Chapter 7- The REAL Horror Begins!

The phone kept ringing off the wall. Tiffany paid no attention to it, not caring who it was... even if it was her parents, brothers, or police, she still wasn’t going to answer it. She reassured the knives in the cases on her ankle, waist, and wrist. She was ready for anything that thought it could mess with her.

The sun had set on this long day and now over half a day had gone by on the anniversary of Absol’s destruction upon the house. Tiffany blocked off the door and windows with the couch, refrigerator, and other large items she could find in the house. She was ready for whatever was coming her way.

Fear had no meaning to her anymore...

Then the lights went off, someone had cut off the power... or something. Fear had regained its place in Tiffany’s body. She hurried and staggered to get the knife taped onto her wrist. She held it up high to reinsure herself that she had a defense.

The phone started to ring. Each ‘BRRRIINNNNGGG!’ stun her ears as the loud kitchen phone made the only noise in the house. Tiffany ran through the living room into the kitchen, becoming aware of the surroundings in the dark kitchen. She picked up the phone, not daring to say ‘Hello’.

With relief, she thought it was her mom calling so she dared to say “Hello.”

The line went dead. She hung up the phone and looked behind her, frightened of being alone. She hurried to grab another knife that was in her pocket. She held both knives up, ready for any oncoming attackers.

The doorbell rung repeatedly. A constant ‘ding’ of the doorbell rung throughout the whole house, giving Tiffany a shiver up her spine. She went to look out the peephole in the door, nothing or nobody was there but the doorbell still continued to ring. Then the phone started up again. She ran to grab the phone off the phone stand but the line was dead still, even though it was ringing.

She threw the phone on the ground and ran into the living room until she heard an eerie voice.

<I hope you didn’t like your brother’s that much, I mean... its not MY fault, we were just playing a game when...> the voice said, followed by a gagging sound. Tiffany turned around to see two small bodies hanging by a rope, with two plastic bags over there heads. She knew who they were and didn’t want to stand around for herself to end up in that position.

She searched the room for the killer, seeing no one in sight. “Come out you stupid son of a b!tch”.

<Now now...> The voice echoed inside her head, making her feel like she was crazy, < Do you kiss your mother with those lips? One thing is for sure, you won’t want to kiss her at all now>.

Tiffany gripped the knives harder and fought back her tears, not giving into the psychotic powers giving out on her. “Just bring it!” she shouted out.

<I know your not serious about that one. I know this because I live off fear, and you are giving me extra servings right now> laughed the killing machine.

“Why are you doing this?!” Tiffany yelled at the top of her lungs, letting her tears flow out like heavenly darkened streams of water.

<Simple: Its all a game of life or death. A game that I love to play. A game that will teach you a thing or too. Not really your fault, you can blame your dad for that one once you get to hell> laughed Absol, now showing itself.

Tiffany caught the moving figure walking up to her on the other side of the living room. The white fur seemed grayish in the lightless room. The figure kept walking towards her, getting closer and closer.

Tiffany acted as a baseball pitcher on throwing the knife in her right hand at Absol. The knife hit the floor in front of Absol and did nothing to effect it.

<You are wasting your weapons? What a smart move...> laughed Absol.

“What do you want from me? I’ll leave, never come back to your home if that’s what you want!” screamed Tiffany, fainting a cry now.

<This house? This sh!tty old house? That’s what you think I want? I could care less about this dump> Absol croaked.

“Then why are you doing this to me?”

<Bet your father never told you about his early life hood, now has he? Bet you didn’t know that your very own father use to be one of the leaders in a very successful gang, thinking they could take over anything they wanted. Well some of his head gang members killed my family so I thought to myself, why the hell not take it out on the leader’s daughter? Especially since he is dead> Absol said.

Tiffany was stricken with fear, “Since he is dead?”

<Yep, it was quite fun. I slowly slashed his head off, drilling my blade into his neck. Peeling off his flesh and his vocal cords and nerves, quite the rush if you ask me. And boy was your mother shocked when his head went rolling off> Absol started to crack up while still keeping a straight face.

Tiffany darted towards Absol, knife up in the air. Absol acted quick, swinging its blade back and letting a rip out in the air with the quick reaction. The blade caught Tiffany’s leg and scraped it a little while Tiffany jumped over Absol, sticking the knife in its back on the way. Tiffany then continued to run, going upstairs which wasn’t the greatest idea.

Absol yelled out in pain as he used the sharp teeth in its mouth to rip out the knife. <That b*tch is dead>

04-22-2004, 04:00 AM
Chapter 7 deadly continued...

Tiffany tripped twice while trying to haul herself up there stairs. Absol was pissed off to the limit for nobody took the blood of Devil’s Dog. Absol charged up the stairs, not putting a sound in the house in doing so. Tiffany managed to get on the top floor and now running like crazy, closing every door upstairs to make Absol confused on which one she went into.

She finally picked out her parent’s bedroom for it was big but had little places to hid in, making her think Absol wouldn’t ever guess of picking that room.

Tiffany first started on the window, trying to rise it up so she could see how far the jump was. The window was unlocked but still wasn’t coming up, being so old it had rusted to the point where it wouldn’t open any longer.

She heard the door start to open behind her. She jumped towards the closet and fell right on her knees. She quickly grabbed the closet door and swung the door as close as she could before Absol started to search the room.

A small crack was between the door being fully closed, shining in a little bit of light from the moonlight searching the room from the window. The light hit Tiffany’s eye as she looked out the crack of the closet door, seeing what Absol was up too.

Absol put its two front paws up on the bed and started to sniff the air. Tiffany tried to hold in her fear, afraid she would be smelt of it.

Absol calmly stepped down off the bed and turned to search the next room, leaving a trial of blood behind where Tiffany got a slash in at.

Tiffany made sure Absol wasn’t coming back and then she heard another door open up like Absol was trying to enter into another room. The coast was clear...

She quickly opened up the closet door and rushed out.


A white blur went flying towards her... ABSOL! She ducked under the leaping blur and ran to the bed. Absol started to run towards her again, she jumped on the bed and then leapt off, rushing to the door. Absol was on her the whole way and got a slash at her leg. Blood started to drip out but this didn’t slow down Tiffany the slightest bit.

Tiffany started down the stairs at a face pace but her legs caught up with her and she went tumbling forwards, hitting her head on the wall and then on step by step.

As she reached the end of the line, she laid on the bottom of the staircase, blood pouring out like a heavenly flow of red wine. She laid unconscious and even more... helpless.

Absol crept down the stairs with a wide, evil grin growing on her face. He jumped off the stairs, clearing five of the steps on the way down. He crawled his body on top of hers, laughing at her pity.

Tiffany was all alone and nothing could help her now. That’s when a sound of the angels roared throughout the small house.

A sound that could scare a wild Ursaring away. A sound that sends shivers to your brain from your spine. A sound that cracks the air with every drift of movement.

The motor was cracking, trying to live off the gas in it. With each press of the button the chain quickly rotated around the small machine. Smoke roared out as more and more gas was used to make it spin rapidly.

“I’m back ******,” the chainsaw roaring in his hands, sending a strike of fear thru Absol’s body, which never happened. It had been so long since he was in that house, so long since he lost his wife and had his son’s life ruined for ever... as well as his own. Now he was back to take his life back.

<Get ready to join your wife>

Neo Emolga
04-22-2004, 11:09 PM
Holy cow, that was an extremely impressive chapter, KCash! Nice going on this, it's getting so much better with every new addition!

04-24-2004, 06:48 PM
--KCash-> Well Thanks a lot for the comment NeoPikachu! I'm glad your liking it and I hope everyone else is as well. Here's the next installment...

Chapter 8- Rematch, The Hunted v.s The Hunter!

The roaring chainsaw went slashing thru the air. Absol didn’t dare to back down but to stand up to it. Absol slashed away as well, making its blade connect with the slicing chain. Sparks flew throughout the room. Absol back off before the chainsaw did to much damage to the wonderful killing device on its head.

Absol used Quick Attack to maneuver itself over to the nearby wall and then off of it, shooting out towards Rick Jamison who was still the underdog in Absol’s head.

Absol lowered its blade and went slashing at Rick’s leg, catching a little bit off of it to tear the skin a little big. Rick was slowed down by the weight of the chainsaw but was able to get a slice in with it, cutting a bit of Absol’s fur off and no more.

Absol used the strong back legs of his body to knock Rick’s leg in order to make him fall to the ground. As Rick fell and hit the floor hard, the chainsaw quit running and slid across the room.

Rick rushed to crawl to the chainsaw but Absol stepped in front of him.

<It’s a d*mn sham that it had to end like this> Absol was being to cocky, thinking that Rick would go down this easy. Rick pulled out a knife from his pocket and jabbed it into Absol’s front, right leg. Absol moaned in pain, “ABSSSOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL”.

The scream knocked off hanging picture off the walls, shook the whole house in general. Absol was mad, crazy mad. Rick jumped to his feet and grabbed the chainsaw. He admittedly grabbed the rope to start the engine on the chainsaw. He yanked and tugged on the motor didn’t seem to want to work.

<What blood type are you?> asked Absol, laughing a bit while trying to get the knife out of its leg, <Its just that I like to know what type of blood I will be drinking tonight>.

Rick paid no attention to Absol and continued to start up the motor. “Ah!” shouted Rick, throwing the chainsaw down in disbelief. He then looked up and saw small knife which he has just planted in Absol’s leg come flying at him. He tried to throw himself on the ground to dodge it but the knife was lodged into his shoulder. The pain was unbelievable and blood started to ooze out quickly.

Rick yelled out in pain and put his hand on the knife. He tried to get it out of his shoulder but it seemed to be stuck to well. Absol ran up, limping a bit from the gash in its leg. Absol pressed down on the knife with its foot, making it dig deeper and deeper. The pain was so much that Rick was yelling out silently. Words wouldn’t flow out of his mouth any longer because words couldn’t even describe this pain.

<Does it hurt?> Absol grinned. Then a rocking noise echoed throughout the darkened house, metal clinging against something. Absol stopped pressing on the knife and fell to the ground, showing Tiffany standing behind Absol with a candlestick.

“Are… Are you ok Mr. Jamison?” Tiffany said, trying not to cry. “I’m fine, just got to…” he struggled to get the knife out but was able to accomplish it, “Get this out”. He tossed the knife aside and looked at the deadly Absol.

“Fine job kid,” Rick said, holding his wound. “We should go get some rope from the garage and so we can tie up Absol,” Tiffany suggested. “I will go get it,” Rick agreed to the plan.

He rushed off to the garage and started to look around with a flash light, noticing a long rope in the corner of the garage. He picked it up and ran to Tiffany and Absol. As he approached he heard whimpering. He looked at Tiffany and then looked behind her, “Where is he?”.

“I went to go get some bandages for your wound. I didn’t know…” she kept crying, sitting on her knees and looking where Absol was laying down at before.

“Oh no… let’s get going,” he screamed, grabbing his chainsaw and Tiffany.

04-24-2004, 08:37 PM
wOW !! KCASH! I just read until the first part of chapter 3 with the old lady, i'm here all alone, sitting in a small room and my computer, and i'm freaking out, because i can't see the end of the room and i don't want to look ! I'm not kidding ! THIS STORY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL !! I like your way of writing and everything ! You really have a writers mind, if you were a writer i would buy your books as we speak !!!! I LOVE IT !!! But i'm scared !

EDIT: I was planning to go to lend a video, but now i'm WAY to scared to go !

- Ruben v.

Agent Orange
04-24-2004, 09:30 PM
I was not really affected by this, terror wise, but hell is it a great story!

This is the best story ive read in a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time. :clap:

Neo Emolga
04-24-2004, 09:32 PM
The amont of suspense is killing me KCash. I really don't know who's going to win and every time the situation always seems to turn around in someone else's favor. Outstanding job with this fantastic fic!

04-25-2004, 08:22 AM
*gulp* I'm going to try to read further *dos garlick-necklase on, has a jezus-statue in his hand, a jar of 'day-light'*
Absol is a vampire, right ? 0.o
Wat, not one?! *get's attacked*


PS: WARNING: he ate my garlick, so he now has a smelly breath

- Ruben V.

04-25-2004, 08:42 PM
--KCash-> Lots of replies, Lots of kills. Thanks everyone for the awesome replies and I really couldn’t help but smile at all of them, so I decided to go ahead and give everyone a little more of fright. Hope you like...

Chapter 9- Cat and Mouse

“Is there a car here?” Rick asked. “No, mom and dad took the only car we have,” Tiffany replied, following up behind Rick the whole way through the house. They went to the garage and lifted up the door.

“Sorry for the lose of them,” quietly said Rick. “Lose of who?!” she screamed back. Rick ignored her and just rushed her out the garage.

“Just follow me and keep close, he can be quite sneaky,” Rick ordered. Tiffany did exactly as he said.

They ran down the street where a field was. Taking a deep breath, they entered the darkened field. The rain was now just a drizzle, giving a mist effect in the sky. The tall grass of the field raked along the side of Rick and Tiffany.

Then they stopped. <HAHAHAAA!> laughed the same eerie voice which they have heard so many times.

“GO!” Rick ordered. Tiffany ran in front of him and took off, trying to get out of the tall grassed field. Rick was able to get his chainsaw to work. The roar of the mighty chainsaw cracked the air. Rick noticed the grass moving ahead of Tiffany.

“Tiff…… WATCH OUT!” Rick screamed out. He started to sprint towards her but that didn’t get him any closer because Tiffany was sprinting as well.

Finally, Tiffany noticed the grass moving in a different direction then the wind. It could only be one thing she thought.

She stopped in fear and Rick started to catch up to her, chainsaw high in the air and ready to cut some limbs off the devil’s pet.

“FURRRRREET!” shouted the pokemon. Rick lowered his chainsaw and took a deep breath. The Furret stood in the grass and looked in confusion at the scared Tiffany and Rick. “GET OUT OF HERE!” shouted Rick as loud as he could. The Furret was frightened and scurried off behind Rick and Tiffany.

“Let’s go,” directed Rick, still holding the chainsaw. Tiffany started to walk towards the ending of the field, looking in every direction in case of an attack came her way.

“FURRET!” screamed the pokemon they just saw, but this time it was obviously in trouble. Rick hurried and turned around to see if he could see the helpless Furret. Then the deepest shadow in the field came alive…

Absol shot up like a metal ball out of a cannon. The long claws on Absol’s legs were widened out and caught Rick’s face. The claws ripped away at the soft skin on his face and ripped it where it looked like a old washboard.

Blood drizzled down from his face, splattering on the grass below. Rick didn’t care what happened to his face, he knew he could a few scratches. He swung his chainsaw and connected with Absol’s leg, leaving a indention where blood could flow out. Half of the leg was engraved with a nice and deep cut. Absol swung its long, black blade at Rick but missed, however, making Rick drop the chainsaw and turning it off.

Absol hurried away into the tall grass, trying to get enough time to recover from the wound… or was he?

“Come on Mr. Jamsion!” Tiffany shouted, trying to help Rick up. He covered his face, trying to move blood out of his vision so he could see. They scurried off out of the field and came to a open street. Rick was yelling about how he needed to go back and get his chainsaw, even though he knew he wasn’t capable of doing so.

Tiffany let go of Rick and they both stood on the foggy street, staring at the same house it all started at.

“How the hell did we get back here?” Tiffany whispered.

“He’s just playing with us… it’s all a game of cat and mouse, a game of life and death”.

Agent Orange
04-25-2004, 08:48 PM
Wow....The thrills and ^ Chills!

Neo Emolga
04-25-2004, 08:54 PM
Ouch. I feel really sorry for Rick. Getting my face dug out is the last thing I would ever want to happen...

Ack, I wonder what he's going to do without his chainsaw? All three of them have taken a serious beating, I wonder who's going to be left...?

04-27-2004, 02:03 AM
--KCash-> Thank you all so much for the kind comments, really says a lot for me. Hope I dont disappoint you with the incoming ending...

Chapter 10- Burning the Demon

“I say let’s go in,” Rick told Tiffany.

“Go in? Then we have no where to run!” she shouted back, thinking he was getting delusional.

“I’m hurt pretty badly! At least there we can hold our grounds, I came to save you and end this era of darkness and so far I think I’ve done a pretty d*mn good job, now do you want to do as I say and stay alive or try to run and get slaughtered?” the question struck Tiffany hard.

Rick started to limp away, very weak and not in the mood to put up with a selfish teenager. Tiffany looked behind her where the field was... and no longer was it there. Absol was playing games on them heavily...

“I’m coming!” called out Tiffany.

She ran up to Rick and helped him inside the door. “You go upstairs, lock the door, hide. I’m gonna find some weapons. The last thing I want is to be half way dead with no weapons when that demon walks up,” Rick said, grabbing ahold of the wall to brace himself to the kitchen.

Tiffany hammered the floor with each step as she went upstairs. She picked out her brother’s room, locked the door, and crawled underneath the bed. The room seemed to quiet, wayyy to quiet...

Rick threw down old cooking pans, searching for a knife. He figured out he needed light to find something in this dark house so he tried to flip on the light switch. No power.

He saw on the counter a fire lighter and a candle. He tried three times to get the lighter going and on the fourth try, it finally popped a flame. He slowly ran the flame towards the candle and light barely emerged the kitchen from the little candle.

Rick picked the candle up and turned around...

<Geez, ever heard of plastic surgery?> croaked Absol in a monotonous voice, referring to Rick’s dug out face.

Rick swung his fist in the air and missed Absol. The candle dropped from his hands and shattered on the marble floor. Flames bursted out all over the kitchen, quickly spreading towards the living room.

Absol made a quick motion with its blade and Rick was soon screaming out in sheer pain. Rick felt a sharp pain in his arm. He reached for his arm to see what kind of damage was done. As his left arm went reaching out, he felt nothing but air and pain. He slowly moved his brown eyes towards the floor where his arm laid.

Blood squirted out from his shoulder where blood vessels wanted to give blood out to his phantom limb. Rick moved his hand around, trying to feel the arm as if it was still there. He yelled out in pain, an unbarring pain that inflicted him in more ways then one.

He felt tears trying to inch their way out his eyes but he fought it, he would never let himself go. Not after how far he has gone...

“Die Demon,” whispered Rick as he reached for the oven settings. As he remembered correctly, this old gasoline taken oven would do just what he wanted. He flickered with the switch, turning it as far as it would go.

He swung open the oven door and the fire around the stove that came from the fallen candle had erupted with great power. Fire went soaring thru the air and baked Absol up real nice. The fire blew and then slowly evaporated. Rick turned the gasoline oven off and watched as Absol screamed in pain, fur a charcol black.

Absol stood up quickly and brushed the ashes off its fur, staring deep into Rick’s eyes. Absol’s face was burnt in some spots and looked uglier then a happy Gyrados.

Rick didn’t bother to pay attention to Absol, still yelling about his arm. That was the least of the problems however, as the house started to go up in flames from the little drop of a candle...

Neo Emolga
04-27-2004, 02:12 AM
Man, I got to thinking and I know this would make a fantastic movie. But for now, the story is fantastic. Your descriptions really bring the story to life, and it's so easy to visualize everything.

Agent Orange
04-28-2004, 11:31 PM
The suspense!

Awsome Awesome Awsome!

04-29-2004, 02:24 AM
Chapter 11- Surviving the Nightmare... Again

Heat rushed to Rick’s face as he started to feel wooziness kick in from the loss of blood. He had a hard time trying to run from Absol in the tiny house with all the flames and the blood running into his eyes from the gashes in his face.

Absol was pissed and was going to make sure Rick died. Tiffany could hear crackles from the fire and the room which she was hiding in started to glow orange. Fire was trying to spread upstairs and Tiffany knew that was a bad sign.

She crawled out from under the bed and darted towards the nearby door. Her hand burned as it touched the doorhandle to the closed door. Fire was right outside the door which meant she only had one way out.

She ran to the window, unlocked it, opened it, and started to crawl down the drain pipe just outside the window. She managed to hit the concrete-paved drive way and now faced the decision of going back inside to see if Rick was still alive or to run like hell and never return.

Rick was now crawling on the ground, being tripped up by the mad Absol.

Absol hovered over Rick, putting terror into his body. Rick held his phantom arm, wishing it was still there. He knew this was the end...

Tiffany came in yelling like a Indian ready to go in for its buffalo kill. In her right hand, raised high in the air, was a small, silver ax that was used for mountain climbing. She clobbered her hand down and tried to stick the ax right into Absol’s back.

She failed to do so as Absol stuck up its sharp tail and sliced open her stomach.

The slice wasn’t enough to make guts fall or to even kill her but it did slow her down a bit.

<Well look who has came back to play with me> laughed Absol.

Tiffany laid on the floor, whimpering and holding onto her stomach. The little gash made her ache all over and she couldn’t bare this pain anymore. Absol crawled over the poor girl, reading to slash away at her.

“SOOOLLLLLLL!” called out Absol in his pokemon language.

The ax as driven into the back of Absol’s neck, not going all the way through but far enough into the flesh and fur of Absol to cause an uprising.

The pain seemed as if it had paralyzed Absol from head to toe, cutting off the spinal cord that ran next to the backbone.

Absol laid on the floor and acted as if he was having a seizure. Rick was starting to see double vision and knew that he had lost to much blood and needed to get out of this burning house quickly.

He turned to Tiffany who was laying on the ground, staring into the thoughts of nothing. Her hand was falling down from where it was holding the gash from Absol.

“Sorrryry kiddd,” Rick mumbled, trying to talk the best he could.

Rick ran out of the house, using the garage which was his only escape. As he got to the end of the driveway he turned around to look at the house with terrorized and killed so many people which he loved. Now the era of destruction from the evil Absol was over as he slowly laid down for a rest on the hard, black street...

<Your dead...> Absol turned towards the door to go after his prey.

“No.. You are!” Tiffany pounced on the weak Absol and let the flames of fire soak them up into ashes...


News 9, News 4, and News 21 all stood outside the burnt down residency of Absol’s terror, now all gone and leaving nothing but ashes behind.

“Hey, over here,” a firefighter called out to his partner who was searching in the fallin pieces of the house for any bodies, expecting their to be more then just Rick that got caught up in the fire.

“What?” questioned the other firefighter, approaching the scene of the burnt Tiffany.

“Geez, burnt skin smells worse then Snorlax’s fumes after eating 100 pounds of tuna,” he laughed.

“Ha...” started the firefighter, sight catching something else.

He moved pieces of rumble that had fallen from the ceiling.

“What is this?” he asked.

The other firefighter walked over to see fine prints of pokemon footprints, formed by a deep red color. The firefighter put his finger in the footprint’s mark and examined it.

“Looks like blood...” he softly said.

Quietness filled the room, everyone thinking about what was said.

The firefighter slapped his partner in the shoulder, “Naw, its just some berries or something that some Zigzagoon or Pikachu brought in here.”

“Yeah that must be it...” he said back, watching as his partner left him to go examine Tiffany’s flaky burnt body.

The firefighter looked up through the window, looking at those shining red eyes everyone saw just before...


Agent Orange
04-29-2004, 02:34 AM
......amazing....wow.....if you ever become a writer....wow....


04-29-2004, 02:38 AM
Special Thanks

First off I have to thank HondoomMaster for always making sure I keep up my updates :tongue: .

Thank you NeoPikachu, Dark Pikachu, Nick the Angelic, Ruben, Jirachi, trp9292, Dark Luddico, and Dark for all reading and posting to my fic, always giving me that great feedback. Without all of you this fic wouldn't of been successful and would of just been another waste of my time. I hope I didn't disappoint you guys to much on the kills.

I would like to request on more thing just for fun, What was your favorite character? Which character from the 1st and 2nd fanfic's of NiM would you like to see again in the 3rd epic fic? Which was your favorite kill? What are your dis-likes and likes of this fic?

Thank you all and I hope you guys come back for...

Brother Brawls
Title subject to change... :oops: :tongue:

04-29-2004, 02:55 AM
Well the charecter I would love to see in NiM3 is well Absol and umm...well defiently Rick. Nothing bad in this fic, it was great.

Neo Emolga
04-29-2004, 03:20 AM
This was a fantastic finish and I look forward to the upcoming sequel to this outstanding series. I honestly expected Rick to die and Tiffany to escape the horror but it was exactly the opposite. Some of the kills were expected, but then others just completely came out of the blue. Fantastic job, KCash! I know I'm not alone when I say I love these series of yours!

04-30-2004, 10:33 PM
*sticks up his garlic again*

I'm scaaaaaaaaared :cry::cry:

LOL ^-^ No, i bet it's great, i'm still reading it, not finished, well, i have a prob. I LOVE to read, but i'm soooo slow with it, lol... :oops:

- Ruben V.

Agent Orange
05-01-2004, 01:31 AM
This would make a kick ass movie.

I liked ALL the chapters, ALL the kills,... *Invisions freddy vs absol*