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green gyarados
08-01-2004, 12:08 PM

This is my fan-fiction called The Quest to Save the Lands.

It is situated on R/S and stopping Team Magma and Aqua from getting Groudon and Kyogre.

It features both Groudon and Kyogre in this story, and they appear at all different parts.

And characters from the R/B/Y/G/S/C game make appearences.

Now, let's get on with the story. It might have a tiny bit of comedy as well:

green gyarados
08-01-2004, 01:14 PM
Chapter 1

The Starter

It was a cool winter's morning in the town of Littleroot. All the snow on the ground, the trees swaying in the breeze and the sight of the winter sun rising in the east.
But inside a bedroom was a young boy named Terry who was waking up from a deep sleep. Hey! It's the start of my pokemon journey today, he thought. I better lie here on Pokemon Ruby until ten.
When ten came, his little brother barged through the door and shouted "Wake up, Terry the Terror!". He was always making fun of Terry since he could talk.
"I have been awake since eight o'clock this morning on this Game Boy."
"Oi! Let me see that!"
Paul, his brother's name, snatched the Game Boy off Terry and started braying until --
"Paul? I thought I told you to tell Terry to get up?" asked his mum.
"Erm.." Paul threw the Game Boy on Terry's bed. "I came up and Terry was braking his Game Boy so I tried to stop him but he said I was a stupid brat..." Paul started a fake cry now.
"I.. I.. I never did that! It was him! He came in and screamed WAKE UP so I just --"
"It doesn't matter, as long as you can come down for you're snack, and then you're off to Professor Birch for your starter and then you start your journey, blah, blah, blah. Blah blah yap yap yap yap yap yap blah blah BLAH blah. You got all that?" asked his mum.
"Wha... Oh, yeah, I have."
She exited the room.
"What did she say then?" asked Paul.
Terry tapped his nose and pulled a face. Paul pulled that face back. "Hey, you know you're being yourself there!"
When Terry got downstairs, his mum was right. He was having a snack and no breakfast. There was a chocolate biscuit laid out on the table for him. He got his backpack on and his hat.
"Hungry? You don't have to have just a biscuit. Or you could just have the biscuit on it's own?" asked his mum.
"No, thanks. Just that."
He picked up the biscuit and ate it.
"See you, mum."
"Bye, honey!"
Paul came running downstairs. "Smell ya later, Terrorhead!"
"Paul! How rude of you!" said his mum.
"I mean.. Goodbye the best ever brother in the world, who is an idiot..."
He walked across to the lab. It was closed. Maybe he was still at home. He walked to Birch's house. When inside, His wife was there.
"And you are?" Terry explained who he was. "So you're Terry? Well, the Prof. isn't here, I think he's gone out doing research on Route 101."
Terry left for Route 101, where he heard screaming of Professor Birch. I really am not good as a narrator here! "Oh yes you are, now carry on with the script." I don't have a script. "What were you doing before then?" Making it up of course! "Here. The script." Okay. Terry rushed on to Route 101 and saw Prof. Birch being chased by a... he didn't know.
"Hey, you there! Fetch a Pokemon out and battle this Poochyena!"
"Okay." He thought about it the grass, the water, the fire. He chose.
"Go! Treecko! Use Pound!" The Treecko used Pound and the Poochyena had very little health left. "Use it again!" The Poochyena fainted.
"Woo! You're good! You can keep that pokemon as your starter!"
"YES! I got the first!"

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

08-02-2004, 01:06 AM
Nice story!^^ Makes me think of pokemon Emerald. Are you a beginner or have you written before?

green gyarados
08-02-2004, 07:30 PM
It's my second story on the web, but I have another story not on the web. I'm on the third page of chapter 1 so far.

Chapter 2

Help is the Word I'm Catching A Pokemon For!

Back at the lab, Terry was with Prof. Birch. Birch's son, Brendan, came through the door.
"Ah! Brendan! I can give you and Terry the special present!"
"Who's Terry? Oh! So you start your journey today? So am I! We can work together if you'd like!"
"Enough chat! I was gonna use it for my research, but you can take these pokedexs." Birch handed the pokedexs to Terry and Brendan.
"Thanks!" Terry and Brendan both said.
They both exited the lab and headed off for Route 101.
"So, what pokemon did you choose for your starter?" asked Brendan.
"Oh, erm... This --" Terry showed him Treecko.
"You know, to find out the name, use the pokedex!"
"Oh..." He got out the pokedex.
"Treecko, the wood gecko pokemon." said the pokedex.
"Ohh... I chose Torchic, the orange bird."
They proceeded through Route 101 to Oldale Town.
"Hey! My grandparents live here!" said Terry.
"Should we visit?" asked Brendan.
"Nah... They give me presents I should have got 8 years ago. When I was 2 they gave me a proper skateboard, and now a rattle..."
"We'll head on to Route 102, then." said Brendan.
They headed off to Route 102. There were Seedot sucking the trees, Ralts jumping in the grass, Zigzagoon picking up items, should Terry catch one? Just then, a wild Ralts jumped in front of them. "Hey! I found a Pokeball yesterday! I'll catch it!"
"No! Weaken it's health first!"
"Okay. Go! Treecko!"
"Tree! Co!"
"Alright, use Pound!"
"Tree! CO!"
The Ralts had nearly fainted, but not completely.
"Right. Go! Pokeball"
It tried to dodge, but it failed. The ball moved around, and then "Yes! My first pokemon was caught!"
"Alright, Terry! A Ralts is rare on Route 102. I know. I've tried."
"Hey hey! What's the next city named Brendan?"
"It's..." He checked in his Pokemon Guide. ".. Petalburg City!"
They headed off to Petalburg. They saw the gym, the houses, the pond, everything!
"Hey! The first gym! I'll challenge the leader!"
They went over to the gym and went inside. Terry's dad was stood there.
"Dad? What are you doing here? You're not --"
"Yes I am the leader, son. I battle here."
"Cool! I can battle you now!"
"Wait on! You will not challenge me now. I am the fifth leader and not the first. You should head to the next city on, Rustboro, for the first gym."
Just then, a boy ran into the gym.
"Norman, I need to catch a pokemon! Could I borrow one of yours?" asked the boy.
"Ahh! Wally! Okay! I'll give you a Zigzagoon to borrow!"
"Thanks! Hey! Are you the leader's son?" asked Wally to Terry.
"And this is your friend?"
"I'm his friend, alright!"
"Could you help me? Please, please, please?"
"Sure!" both Terry and Brendan said.
They set out for Route 102.
"I was supposed to start last week, but I couldn't catch one. But now it's the point where I need help to catch one. I'm going to my Uncle's in Verdanturf tomorrow." said Wally.
They arrived at Route 102. "So I wait here until one jumps out? Okay. Whoa! Here's one!"
It was a Ralts, like the Ralts Terry caught.
"I weaken it's health like this -- " Zigzagoon used Tackle and the Ralts' health got low " -- and then I throw the ball." He threw the pokeball. It struggled to get out, but he caught it.
"Help is the word I'm catching a pokemon for!" shouted Wally.

green gyarados
08-16-2004, 12:07 PM
Chapter 3

Petalburg Woods Are Under Attack!

Back at the gym, Wally had just left for his Uncle's at Verdanturf. Terry's dad was so proud of him and Brendan for helping Wally catch the Ralts so he gave them both a present. A new pokemon for their party!
"What did he give you Brendan?" asked Terry.
"This here... Lotad!"
"Cool... He gave me --"
Terry got the pokedex out. "Seedot. The Acorn Pokemon. Seedot attaches itself to a tree branch using the top of it's head. It sucks moisture from the tree while hanging off the branch. The more water it drinks, the glossier this pokemon's body becomes."
"So it's Seedot?" asked Brendan. "Why don't we have a battle in Petalburg Woods?!?"
"Yeah!" Terry paused for a second or two. "Where's Petalburg Woods?"
"Around the corner! Come on lets go!"
They shot off 'round the corner. When they arrived at Petalburg Woods, a team of men in blue uniforms were taking over the place. It looked like they had taken a sailor's pokemon. The sailor was shouting "Bring back my precious Peeko!"
Brendan and Terry ran over to the sailor. "What just happened Mr. Sailor?" asked Terry.
"I'm Mr. Briney," he replied. "These vandals called Team Aqua took my wonderful pokemon Peeko!"
"What's a Peeko?" Brendan got out the pokedex. The pokedex said "Searching... No such pokemon found."
"I'm sorry sir... which pokemon is your Peeko?" asked Terry.
"It's a Wingull."
"We'll help you find it!" asked Brendan.
Brendan and Terry went off through the woods. Terry remembered something.
"I thought we were battling?" asked Terry.
"Oh, yeah..." replied Brendan. "Let's have a quick battle! Go! Lotad!"
"Ha! Go! Seedot! Grass has an advantage against water!"
"Yeah, but Lotad here has two types! Water and Grass! Use Astonish, Lotad!"
"Use Bide, Seedot!"
"Lo... TAD!" Astonish hit Seedot. Seedot flinched.
"Oh! Use Bide again Seedot!"
"See... DOT!"
"Well... Bide stores energy for a turn and then hits! Use Astonish again Lotad!"
"Lo.. TAD!"
"Nice battling technique, kid..." said a voice.
"Who's there?" asked Terry.
"Me. Team Aqua grunt... You're battling technique is astonishing. I'll battle you. If I win I get promoted..." he smirked. "And.. if you win... I get the boss onto you! Go! Crawdaunt!"
"No need to..." said another voice.
"Boss! I was challenging these here!" He pointed to Terry and Brendan.
"As I said... no need. We need to get to Rustboro to get the Devon Products. Run along now." The grunt walked off to Rustboro. "And as for you kids.. I am Archie. Aqua Leader. Don't get in the way of us at Rustboro or you will be punished, dearly." He went and dropped a cage with a Wingull inside.
"We better give Mr. Briney his Peeko." said Terry.
They picked the cage up and gave Peeko to Mr. Briney. "Peeko! You're safe!" He turned to the two kids. "I owe it all to you! If you need a ride, come to my place." He set off home.
"We best be going to Rustboro." said Brendan. So they carried on their journeys and set off for Rustboro City...

green gyarados
08-30-2004, 11:12 AM
Chapter 4

Team Aqua and Magma Begin the War

Terry and Brendan arrived at Rustboro. It had lots of skyscrapers and a gigantic building in the upper left hand corner.
"Look at that building!" Terry said as he pointed to a building entirely made of rock.
"It's the gym." replied Brendan. "Let's look at that place!" He pointed to the gigantic building in the upper left hand corner. "It's the Devon Co!"
They ran over to the building and entered.
"Oi, you!" said a voice behind them as they were about to enter.
"Us?" asked Brendan.
"Yeah, you. What are you doing?"
"Looking around." replied Terry.
"Well, come with me and I'll give you a tour!"
"Who are you?" asked Brendan.
"Mr. Stone. Manager of the Devon Co."
They all went inside and were stood by Mr. Stone.

An hour later, they were in the last room.
"This is where we regenerate fossils."
A man picked up a fossil and went out of the room.
"What is it Mr. Stone?" asked Terry. He was looking at the scientist who went out of the room.
"Follow me, boys. We got some business to do..."
They went after the man.
"Why are we following him?" whispered Brendan.
"I know all my employees, but I have never seen him before. Don't make a sound..."
They carried on walking after him. Brendan looked down and noticed his shoe lace was undone. He bit his lip and fell over. Luckily no sound. But he bit his tongue then and shouted "OWW...".
The man turned and noticed them. He ran off at full speed. "After him!" shouted Mr. Stone.
They ran off after the man and found out he was headed for the roof. "The roof eh... Team Aqua!"
"Who?" said both Terry and Brendan.
They arrived at the roof and saw a helicopter. "Team Aqua is a group of villains in the Hoenn region."
The man took his white jacket off. "Yes, Stone. Team Aqua." He looked at Terry. "You? The one at Petalburg Woods?"
Terry turned to Mr. Stone. "He complimented me in the woods. He's a good guy then!"
"Think again. He probably did it so you could say to everyone "Someone complimented me!", and so you arrived at Rustboro and Team Aqua wasn't there."
"You got that right, Stone... To say your actually clever.... Ha! We'll be on our way!"
"Stop right there!" said a female voice from behind them. They turned and saw Officer Jenny. "Stop!"
"Officer Jenny could never stop Team Aqua... Ta-ra!"
The Aqua helicopter left. "Now they have a fossil. Just great..." said Mr. Stone.
"Wait!" said Brendan. "Look! A red helicopter!"
A red helicopter came down. A man in a red uniform jumped down.
"We bumped into Team Aqua on our way. We took down their copter."
"With guns?" asked Jenny.
"Nope. They rammed into us. They should be landing near the gym any minute... now."
They all heard a crash. Officer Jenny rushed off.
"So when they arrive here --" he gave a smirk. "-- they'll be in the turf of Team Magma."
Another guy came off the copter. He was in a smarter uniform.
"We are Team Magma. We shall stop the evil plans of Team Aqua. I am Maxie."
"I thought Team Magma was also evil?" asked Mr. Stone.
"We are when we are stopping Team Aqua. When they stop us it's the opposite."
They both got on the helicopter and went down to the gym. Mr. Stone turned to the two boys. "You'd better not mess up their plans. You wait in the pokemon centre till it ends."
The two boy rushed downstairs. Along with Mr. Stone.

green gyarados
09-18-2004, 11:21 AM
Chapter 5

The First Badge of One!

Brendan and Terry were waiting in the pokemon centre for two hours when the fround started to shake.
"An earthquake! Everybody! Outside!" shouted N. Joy.
They ran outside and Team Magma and Aqua were battling each other. The ground still shook.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" asked N. Joy in a kinda loud voice.
"That? Oh it's not us." replied Maxie. "We don't know."
It stopped. "Stop fighting now! Or give up you team, Aqua!" shouted Terry.
A man in a smart uniform stepped out of the crashed helicopter. "No. We shan't. We are Aqua. We give up not." He stuck his hand out. "Archie, Aqua's leader."
Brendan and Terry both stuck their hands out. Nurse Joy pulled them back. "Don't do it kids!"
"Please, I won't do anything hasty."
They both shook his hand and he turned around. "Grunts, let's leave them to wilt."
They walked away. Maxie stepped over to them. "It wouldn't have been for you if they wouldn't have gone. Please challenge the gym. Let's hope we meet again." They went the way of Aqua.
Nurse Joy returned to the pkmn centre. "Let's challenge the gym, eh Brendan?"
"Fine by me."
They entered and saw a young girl. "Are you the leader?" asked Brendan.
"Why yes. I'm Roxanne. Nice to meet you. Let's battle. Which one of you first?"
Brendan stepped forward. "Me. Go! Torchic!"
"Tor! Chic!"
"Fire type's are useless. She sniggered. Go! Geodude!"
"Rock throw!"
Brendan prayed for critical hit. Rock throw hit Torchic, s/e. Ember hit Geodude n/e c/h.
"You may have got ahead that time! Rock slide!"
"Ember again!"
Rock Slide hit Torchic s/e, Torchic just got enough health to live. Ember hit Geodude. Strong hit, n/e.
"Geodude faints! Torchic wins the round!" said the ref.
"Go! Geodude!"
"Another? Use Scratch!"
"Rock Slide!"
Torchic used Scratch, Geodude with half health left. Geodude used Rock Slide.
"Torchic faints! Geodude wins the round!"
"Lucky I got what she not... Go! Lotad!"
"Eeep.... Water and Grass! You have type adantage now!" said Roxanne.
"Yep. Water Gun!"
"Rock Slide!"
Water gun hits, s/e Geodude lives with slight health. Rock slide hits Lotad. n/e.
"Finish it! Absorb!"
"Use --"
Absorb hit before Roxanne could even finish.
"Geodude faints! Lotad wins the round!"
"Yeah! Return!"
"Why are you returning? Think you've won?" asked Roxanne.
"Nope. Revive on Torchic! Go, Torchic!"
"Tor! Chic!"
"Go! Nosepass!"
"Huh? What's that?" said Terry. "Brendan! You shouldn't use Torchic! She's a rock leader!"
"Relax... I've got it all planned out. Use a strong Ember!"
Ember hit Nosepass. n/e c/h. Tackle hit Torchic.
"Go, Lotad!"
"What are you doing kid?"
"Well, I decided that Torchic would take all day with half helath and a Tackle, so Lotad use Absorb and Torchic use Ember!"
They hit and Nosepass fainted.
"Return Lotad! Return Tor -- Huh?"
Torchic turned a bright white. It grew a bit bigger and became a monster.
"You evolved?"
"Combusken! Combusk, busk!"
"Yes! Your turn Terry!"