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Tamer San
08-04-2004, 09:19 PM
The Battle of Rivalry!

The stadium of the Pokemon League; a dream of every trainer to step on its ground, facing a rival, some trainer who shares the same dream with another. A Pokemon Trainer was standing in the middle of the battle arena of the stadium, smelling the scent of old battles, the scent of ancient Pokemon quarrels. That trainer closed his eyes, in the middle of the battle ring, it was sunset time. The weather was so calm, the skies were red, the sun nearly disappeared from sight, birds whistle and sings joyfully as a day ended, making the future of a new day more bright. A tender breeze blew at the Pokemon Trainer making his hair flow and dance with the wind beat. That Trainer opened his eyes after smelling the scent of Pokemon battles and looked just to his right to smile at his most beloved friend, and his loyal guardian; Arcanine.

That Pokemon Trainer was the only one who managed to get through the hardest mountains and climates just to achieve his goal, just to fulfill his dream. Tamer is a Pokemon Trainer from Sukato Town in Cinnabar Island, a small town known with its greatest grapes. He was raised up there and grew up a dream in the small town in order to achieve it one day. The trainer; who was wearing black, baggy pants, white shirt, and a black, unbuttoned, shirt. He was also wearing white and red shoes and a silver-chain necklace with a silver Pokeball figure hanged on it, he also carries a backpack where he puts all his stuff and items in, not to mention the six Pokeballs clipped on his black, leather belt. He was looking at his Arcanine as he smiled, "Tomorrow is our day Archy! Tomorrow is my final battle against one of my rivals; John Phillips!!! We shall prove to him and to the world that we are the best Archy! But till tomorrow we shall rest..." Tamer told Archy as he closed his eyes again, raising his head, smelling the scent of the Pokemon League Grounds once again before he heads to the League Hotel.

[*The Next Day*]

"Very impressive Tamer!" Some handsome boy was talking as he was on the left side on the arena while Tamer was facing him, he was on the right side. Two Pokemon were standing in the middle ready to battle, it was the final two Pokemon of the best two trainers ever been battling on this Stadium with unbeatable spirits, and extremely high potentials. That boy was slightly taller than tamer and knew him ever since they were children, barely walking. They have been rivals since their first word, first step, first day in school, first girlfriend, they were rivals in everything especially Pokemon. Tamer smiles as he nods his head closing his eyes. Tamer's Arcanine was tired, so was his opponent; John's first Pokemon and best friend, Blastoise.

Tamer closed his eyes and started to remember his first battle with John the first day they both reached Johto a year ago. Growlithe faced Squirtle in a battle nearly took them the entire day. Growlithe was great in that battle so was Squirtle and John; it was Tamer's first battle, and a battle he will never forget. He lost that battle but he was confident that he will not lose this one, though it is pretty the same, Arcanine versus his worst enemies; Blastoise. Tamer opened his eyes, "Archy...Use Extreme Speed Attack!!! Try to take an advantage using your speed my friend!!!" He cried asking his Arcanine to attack. "This has come to an end Tamer and you know it! Shocker, lets show them what we are made off, make a defensive pose my pal!!! Withdraw into your shell Shocker...Now!!!" John replied as he ordered his best friend and strongest Pokemon to withdraw.

Arcanine glared at Blastoise who just glared back, the eye contact between the two Pokemon was interesting, and they both remembered the first battle as Blastoise has seen the old Growlithe in Archy and Arcanine has seen a tiny turtle named Shocker in front of him. Arcanine roared out loudly and Blastoise growled frightening little children in the stadium. Blastoise looked at Arcanine again waiting him to charge. Arcanine simply ran toward the huge turtle with a speed a human eye couldn't understand, not a camera nor a video camera not even a human eye could see the Arcanine running at Blastoise willing to tackle him with speed. All what they could notice is the white light around Arcanine and behind him like a tail, that was the outcome of such a speed. Blastoise got scared for a second but he managed to withdraw him self into his shell at time as his shell started to glow in blue. Arcanine hit Blastoise but barely hurting him, Blastoise was pushed few inches away and Arcanine had to jump away from the force of the Extreme Speed Attack.

"Very nice Shocker, too bad Archy can win this battle by vaporizing your water power John! I shall make Shocker suffer heat all battle time that he won't be able to do even one successful water attack and that’s a promise. John, I have been training for this my entire time being a trainer, and I won't allow you to steal my dream from me. Archy, show him your way to dig for victory...Sunny Day Attack, now!" Tamer said as he asked Arcanine to use the Sunny Day attack to heat the sun up making the weather so hot and not convenient for water Pokemon. John got amazed of Tamer’s little speech, yet he couldn’t do anything about it; becoming elite is his dream since he first spoke. John’s first word was Pokemon instead of “papa” or “mama”. “Its cool Tamer, but you can’t win this not even with ten Suns! Shocker, Hydro Pump the dog!” John said pointing his finger at Archy.

Arcanine started to roar, howl and growl out loud as if he was making some sort of a dance or a song to summon the sun. Suddenly Arcanine’s eyes started to glow in red and his body started to shine more and more as the sun became brighter and much more powerful than ever. People started to sweat a lot and Blastoise started to feel the heat at last. Blastoise growled out in a scary voice again, aiming his two mighty cannons at Arcanine ready to shoot his Hydro Pump. The cannons became bigger as they were filled with water now, and two shots of water, heavily pumped from the cannons, were directly heading toward Arcanine. The Hydro Pump started to vaporize a little yet it managed to stay as powerful as needed. Arcanine suddenly jumped avoiding the attack easily and the Hydro Pump hit the ground making vapor rise to the sky shocking everyone.

“Hmmmm…that’s pretty good Tamer, I must admit that you are my true disturbing threat to in becoming the champion. You are better than everyone else I have ever battled in my journey all over Kanto. None of the gym leaders, even the best of them, lasted more than ten to fifteen minutes but you even managed to knock out five of my Pokemon and even making Shocker suffer from heat. That’s way too impressive my friend.” John said as he smiled at Tamer. “Thanks a lot John, you are the best rival I can ever get!” Tamer replied winking at John. “But I shall not lose!!!” John yelled. “Shocker…use your powerful attack now, an attack never used in any of my battles before. Shocker…Surf that fiery puppy out of your way. Show him that water always over come fire whatever fire does. We shall not lose this battle at all…” He continued ordering his Blastoise to Surf. “Surf? How sweet!” Tamer said. “Archy…now use your Fire Blast Attack showing him what can fire do!!!” Tamer told Arcanine.

The glowing Arcanine opened his mouth widely gathering fire energy into it in order to form a massive attack named Fire Blast. Small embers started to gather in Archy’s mouth as it started to become an entire ball of fire. Archy then roared as he blew out an extremely beautiful and fiery Fire Blast, shaped on a Japanese word. Blastoise saw the attack coming yet he couldn’t do anything, Arcanine’s speed is so confusing for the turtle. Blastoise simple blocked the attack with his body yet he failed and he got burnt from the power of the attack. Blastoise got angry as his eyes started to glow in blue and the ground started to shake and quake, shocking Arcanine and Tamer. Suddenly water started to come from underground and at once it blew at Arcanine surfing him out of the arena to the walls of the stadium shocking Tamer who ran after Arcanine. “The winner is John Phillips and his Blastoise!” The announcer cried out loud in a voice full of joy and happiness. John was playing with Blastoise, while Tamer was sitting with his Arcanine in a corner, sad for the loss and for the critical situation of Archy. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo…” Tamer cried out loud as his tears was glowing in his eyes.

~End of Prologue...

Tamer San
08-07-2004, 10:21 AM
~Episode I~
The Invitation!

"Let’s do it my friend! Let us win this battle!" Someone in black pants, white shirt and black unbuttoned shirt spoke out as he was looking at his Pokemon, Arcanine. "Make the weather hotter than the Sahara my friend; use your Sunny Day technique!" The young man said as he looked at his foe, a young Pokemon trainer with a Blastoise. "Blast-Blast, finish him with a Hydro Pump!" The youngster yelled excitingly as if he was winning this battle. “I don’t think your Blastoise can beat my Archy kiddo!” The young man said. “And why is that?” The kid replied grinning. “Because he has been training his entire life to beat the strongest Blastoise, and I don’t think yours is the strongest Blastoise!” Tamer told the kid while smiling. “I don’t care; I have type advantage in here!” The boy said. “We shall see…” Tamer told the youngster as he was holding him self from not laughing.

Arcanine howled and roared in an outrageous voice, so scary and so confident. His eyes started to glow in red as his fur started to become more shiny and fiery than ever, and suddenly the weather started to become so hot and intolerable and the sun started to become more powerful than ever. Blastoise felt the heat, yet he did what his partner asked him to. Blastoise clenches its fist and glares at opponent then bends its back and lets two blasts of water flow out of its cannons heading directly at the opponent. Arcanine simply stepped to the right using his great speed compared to the slow turtle avoiding the attack making Blastoise even suffer more.

“That’s impressive!” The kid said. “Who are you?” He continued with a question making Tamer smile yet not responding. “Now my friend, let us show this Arcanine what we are made off…Double Team…now!” The strong trainer asked his Arcanine as he smiled. “Double Team?” The youngster wondered. “Ok Blast-Blast, show him who’s the man in here!” The kid said with a grin. “Waterfall Attack now…” The kid said with a smile, so perfect, so young, so innocent with high potentials hidden within him self; this is what the strong trainer sensed in him. “You are good! Keep the great work up and you can be a champ one day kiddo!!!” he said to the youngster as he smiled.

“Excellent my friend, you owned Blastoise this time and got him for sure!” The unknown trainer spoke out as the youngster grinned. “We are not going to lose this one Blast-Blast, if we won it would be our fiftieth winning streak and we can’t afford losing it. We must win whatever it takes Blast-Blast. Let us finish this dog with a Hydro Pump, show him who the boss in here is.” The youngster said as he smiled, sure of winning. “Interesting, Mike!” The stranger spoke as he laughed. “As I stated before, my Arcanine has been training his entire life just to beat a specific Blastoise. Ever since Archy was a Growlithe and he was a rival of a Squirtle, which is nearly the strongest Blastoise and most trained Blastoise ever. So don’t expect to win this match, at least not the way you think you can kid!” the stranger said as he pointed at Blastoise. “Archy, use your Fire Blast attack and beat this turtle now…we are not losers, ever…” Tamer told the kid as he ordered his Arcanine to finish off this powerful Blastoise.

Arcanine started to glow and shine in red, so fiery and so magnificent, as never been before. The dog opened his mouth widely and started to gather embers to form the most powerful fire attack ever. Suddenly a Japanese word started to appear in front of Arcanine’s mouth shocking Blastoise and Mike. This word started to grow larger and hotter ever second being charged up in, due to Arcanine’s powers and the very powerful sun that the legendary, fiery dog has summoned. This word was shot at the stunned turtle in extreme speed, never seen before hitting it so powerfully causing a massive damage on Blastoise and its surrounding. The turtle was burnt, and unable to move. Grass surrounding Blastoise was burnt and black. Arcanine was standing there, so proud and so strong, as the extra sun power started to fade. Mike was shocked as Tamer walked by him. “My name is Tamer…remember it well…because we shall meet again Mike!!!” Tamer said as he walked away Arcanine following him.

[*Couple of Days Later*]

Somewhere, between Violet City and Azalea City in Johto, the sun was shiny, so hot and so beautiful. Soft and tender blasts of winds blew on a grassy cliff that gives an outstanding view of a beautiful lake, the ancient ruins named the Ruins of Alph and the very beautiful and blue sky with awesome, white and cottony clouds. Pidgey flocks can be seen in the distance, a couple of Hoothoots can be seen on a tree flirting each other. On the same cliff there was a Pokemon trainer, wearing black clothes and sitting on a boulder drinking a cup of tea, and his magnificent Arcanine just sitting beside him yawning. Tamer, the trainer who got second place in Kanto’s league is now traveling Johto, collecting badges and beating trainers in a tiny hope just to meet John; his fierce rival, one day and beat him in a fair mach. Tamer’s only dream was, is, and will always be, is becoming the Pokemon Champion, and he is so close to fulfill his dream.

Tamer was sipping his tea and eating a fine looking Tuna Sandwich he has just prepared. All his six Pokemon were outside their Pokeballs for lunch. Everyone was happy, Pokemon where chatting and playing as they were released, Tamer sitting on the boulder, looking at the magnificent view eating and sipping, Arcanine was sitting beside Tamer yawning, again. Everything was perfect until a Pidgey started to appear from distance, he has a cute red ribbon on his neck and was holding something in his claws. Tamer stood up as the Pidgey growled giving Tamer a letter leaving him as soon as possible. All Tamer’s Pokemon surrounded Tamer as he started to read the letter in his mind.

{My fellow trainer, my name is Akira Harimotto, a Pokemon master. I am seeking challenges and I have seen that you are one of the best trainers around the region. My battling streak is over four hundred wins now, will you be able to break my streak. I have brought challengers from all over the world to demonstrate pure form of power. If you accept the challenge meet me in my mansion far away in the sea, in an island called Shira-Yuuka Island. I am the owner of that Island and all Pokemon living on it is mine. The Island is to the west of Goldenrod city then to the far north, between Johto and the Orange Islands. If you don’t accept then tear this letter into pieces and burn it, I don’t want any random Pokemon train to get it and come to my island. Good luck…
A small notification: You must be on the Island in a week from the day you received this letter. Good luck again…}

This is what is written on the letter. Tamer closed his eyes as he smiled, accepting this challenge without any sort of hesitating. If this “Master” actually called the best of the best, which means John must have been invited. He looked at his Pokemon and smiled, knowing that he must get to that Island as soon as possible. He withdrew his Swampert, Exeggcutor, Snorlax, Crobat and Heracross into their Pokeballs and looked at Arcanine. He sat on the fiery dog’s back ready to head to Goldenrod City as soon as possible.

~To be continued...

Tamer San
08-16-2004, 01:42 PM
~Episode II~
The Outrage of the Sea!

*Not Done*

~To be continued...