View Full Version : Dap vs Tamer

08-05-2004, 10:56 PM
3 on 3, gsc rules, no items

Dap with Electabuzz, Blastoise and Breloom
Tamer with Arcanine, Golbat and Snorlax

Electabuzz and Arcanine duel for a bit before electabuzz goes down but paralysed arcanine.

A shock next as dapís old retired blastoise comes out of retirement and into battle. Blastoise comes in and raindance and hydro pumps down Arcanine and Golbat but Snorlax removes it with thunderbolt. In comes breloom and Sporeuppercuts Snorlax for the win.

Dap wins and gets $1000
Tamer looses and gets $500

{Nintendo Freak reffed.}