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Professor Geoffrey
03-04-2007, 02:09 AM
Hello! I've come up with an ingenious idea that I've been working on and have been doing it by myself for about two years now. I want to share the game of TCG Astrology with everybody! This is a game, so, this is why I put it here if it's not supposed to be here.

What you need is:

3-60 cards
A peice of paper
A good memory

Now, get your 60 cards, and start to organize them in stacks by these categories:

Item Pokemon (Fossils)
Delta Species/Hybrids/Combinations (Combinations and Hybrids talked about later.)
Owned Pokemon (example, Misty's Horsea)
Logo (Logo in picture with Pokemon)
Favorite Card
Least Favorite Card
Gold Letters

Now: Take one Pokemon Card from each stack. The favorite stack and the least favorite stack should each have one card. Shuffle the cards. Now, randomly pick a card, without looking at the front of the card. Horoscope for each stack:

Item: An item that is too pricey will tempt you.
Item Pokemon: A stone might impress you.
Delta Species/Hybrids/Combinations: Anything can happen.
Owned Pokemon: Something that is yours will be taken away from you.
Energy: Something soon will happen where you will need more brawn than brain.
Ex/Shiny: A rare item will cross your path.
Logo: A generic item will not bring you luck, opposite for those ungeneric.
Favorite: Good luck will come to you.
Least Favorite: Bad luck will come to you.
Dark: Someone dear to you will soon come in very close proximity to death.
Electric: You will get an elated feeling very soon.
Normal/Flying: No prediction.
Steel/Rock/Ground/Fighting: A fight may occur.
Psy/Ghost: A dream will come soon that will haunt you.
Ice/Water: You will have a clean feeling after doing a good deed.
Grass/Poison/Bug: Something will irritate you.
Gold Letters: Gold will be something that will be good or bad luck. Be careful.
Holographics: Be very careful with what you choose to be your favorite object/person in this world. It/he/she may slip out of your hands one day.

Combinations are things that have multiple things. Things that have a tie between two or three of these things:

Holographic: Does not count if part ex or shiny.
Ex/Shiny: Does not count if paired with holographic.
Gold letters
Delta species

Hybrids are cards that basically have more than one type.

Happy playing! There is nothing much to it. You just need to to the following steps:

1. Get supplies.
2. Must be REAL TCG cards.
3. Organize cards into the 18 stacks.
4. Pick top card from each of the stacks.
5. Turn the new stack (the stack with all the top cards from the stacks) over and hold them out. They should all be on the blue side with the Pokeball.
6. Make sure that there was only one card in the favorite and one in the least favorite stacks.
7. Pick one card randomly.
8. Turn the card over, and read one of the 18 meanings.
9. Post the cards that were picked up from the stacks, and tell which card you got.
10. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Example of what a post should look like:

Delta Species:Sneasel Delta species
Owned:Misty's Horsea
Energy:Water energy
Ex/shiny:Typhlosion Ex
Logo:Numel Delta species logo
Hybrid:Thunder/dark Ampharos
Combinations:Azumarill with gold letters, holographic background, and Team rocket reurns logo
Gold letters:Luvdisc
Holo:Holo Chansey
Least favorite:Machop
Item Fossil: Claw fossil

Card randomly picked: Lapras

Meaning: Good luck
I know you WILL get confused. Ask when in doubt.

Should be done every other day, not daily, not weekly, not monthly, not yearly, not centuryly. Questions must be posted once a day, or PMed. :)

You do NOT need every stack. If you don't have an Ex or a shiny card, you don't need it. If you don't have an energy, you don't need it. If you only have three official Pokemon TCG cards, that's fine, three cards minimum, 60 cards maximum.

The paper is for recording your data. You may need more than one soon. Front and back used, if possible. Try to be organized with this. Meaning, if on looseleaf, skip lines, have a binder full of paper, used back, ect.