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"Good Evening." Yawned Pokemon Master Brenden as he pushed open the Birch family's house door. The house smelt like freash cookies and Brenden was thrilled to discover his neighbor, and good friend, May was baking again.
"Wow, May. You're back early. I thought you were going to watch Pokemon Contests." Brenden said in mild confusion. May loved to watch contests and shows in stead of train her Pokemon now, which was a good thing because her Pokemon loved ribbons.
"Well Dad said I should stay home. It's summer vacation now and all the younger kids are coming home. I thought I'd have a picnic with that little girl, Yuki." May explained cheerfully.
"Sounds great. You're so popular amoung the kids."
May giggled lightly and put another batch of cookies in the oven. "I could say the same for you. The little boys love to play with your Pokemon."
"Heh heh... Yeah, I guess." Brenden replied. He was slightly ashamed when May mention the fact that he was blushing.

"You know, it's kind of sad." Brenden said quickly, hoping to change the subject. May turned her head back from the cookie dough and waited for Brenden to tell her what was sad.
"Little kids don't get much interaction with Pokemon. They grow up thinking Pokemon are their slaves and even if they do respect Pokemon they're afraid to push limits... If only kids could hang out with Pokemon earlier in life..."
May turned back to her cookie dough and nodded. "Yeah, I guess..." She said quietly. "I used to be terrified of Pokemon..."
There was a long pause and Brenden was about to ask MAy why she was cooking cookies at his house and not her own when May yelped in joy.
"I know! Let's have a little Mini'League with the kids! That'd be awesome! They can experirence the thrills and bummers of Pokemon in Littleroot! Don't you think that'd be awesome, Brenden?" May asked. She sounded very excited and Brenden could understand why.
"That'd be great! I could catch some wild Pokemon for the kids! Then we could set up little gyms and you could hold contests for the girls... That'd be way cool!"

The rest of the night was spent planning. May and Brenden planned and planned until May's mother had May come home. Then they planned more the next day. In almost a week the camp had been set up. Brenden had contacted local trainers and May rented a Berry Blender. Prof. Birch was taming young Pokemon while Nohman trained the Little League Gym Leaders. Even Max was setting up the gyms, which were just little tents.
The Little League was ready and the only thing left was the kids. The little kids between the ages 7 and 9.

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{Chapter 1}

It was the first day of Summer break and Littleroot was loaded with little kids. Everyone was returning to their house after almost a full year in boarding school. Lost in the sea of excitement was 8 year old Mimiko Shironeko. Mimiko was in the 3rd grade at Momoneko Elementary School. Her hair was blonde and reached her waist while her eyes were bright green and skin fairly pale. That day she was out of her school uniform and into some comfy clothes. She wore a blue T-Shirt with red sleeves and a white star and a blue jean skirt that was a bit above her knees.

She yawned and made her way through the sea of happy families toward Prof. Birch's lab. If there was one thing that Mimiko loved it was petting Pokemon. Last year she'd even gotten a chance to ride a Ponyta! That had been the greatest momment of her life! The painless warmth of Ponyta's firey body and the breeze as Ponyta picked up speed.
She'd do anything to ride another Ponyta!

Mimiko pushed open the door of Birch's lab and was instantly surrounded on ethier side by more excited kids. She rubbed his eyes and shook her head in disbelief before accepting the fact that Prof. Birch was, in deed, popular. The lab was packed with little boys and rumors were flowing through the room like mad.
"Did you hear? There's going to be a little league here!"
"For real?"
"Yeah. Anyone can join."
The conversation all centered around something called the "Lil'League" or "LL". Mimiko couldn't help but feel like she'd just crawled out from under a rock or had been on Mars for her whole life. What was the "Lil'League"?

The whispers suddenly fell from the air as May and Brenden stood on a table in the center of the lab, both looking extremly excited. They were both holding heavy looking plastic bags and there was something that looked a bingo game on the table in front of them.
"Good morning, everone! And welcome back to Littleroot!" May said cheerfully, waving to the crowd of kids. Cheers erupted from every angle, forcing Mimiko to cover her ears.
"This summer we're holding a little thing called the Little League. It's like a summer camp. You will be given a random Pokemon and will experirence, in miniature, the life of a Pokemon Trainer. You can train, breed, watch or just earn contest ribbons. It's all up to you." Brenden started the introducation speech and then stopped, looking at May who looked ready to help finish it.
"To get a Pokemon we'll be doing something similar to drawing straws. If you know the game bingo you know that to get the random number you spin the handle on that ball over there and a marble pops out. Everyone will get a marble and it'll be exchanged for a Pokemon. Tomorrow will be the first day of the league so try to get to know your Pokemon a bit tonight, ok? Now! Everyone PLEASE wait outside! We'll take 5 people at a time."
There was a bit more cheering and then Mimiko was pushed out the door by the mad rush of kids. Mimiko screamed in surprise and found herself 'depoisted' outside the front door. 5 kids were hurried in side to pick their Pokemon and the doors were shut firmly behind them.

"So, Mimiko! You're going to try to be the best too?" Mimiko's hair rose on her neck and she turned her head miserablly to see her rival, Rose, standing right behind her.
Rose was a rich snob who liked to tease Mimiko. Rose fingered her shoulder length black hair and let her blue gaze lock on that of Mimiko. As usual, Rose was dressed up. She wore a short black dress with a red ribbon in her hair to keep her twin pigtails high above her ears. Worse yet, Rose had an official Skitty Girl purse, the red strap going from one shoulder to the opposite hip.
The purse had a a little picture of Skitty Girl, a Pop star, on the side with "Kitty Power" written in "Fancy letters".
"What do you want, Rose?" Mimiko asked sourly, not looking all that thrilled by the appearence of the world's biggest brat.
Rose giggled and walked closer to Mimiko, simply to get on her nerves.
"I am here to become the best Trainer, of course. Think about how much more popular I'd become! Kind of a scarey thought, huh? Well, be afraid! Because I will crush your dreams! I WILL BE BETTER THEN YOU!"
Mimiko shrugged and gave Rose an odd look.
"Listen, Rose. I will be a lot better then you so just admit it and leave." She said before walking through the lab doors. Rose also managed to become one of the lucky five let in so soon.
"My hair! They ruined it while I fought to get in!" Rose complained loudly, holding her head and sobbing lightly.

"Awww... Zippit, Rose." Momoko said harshly as she spun the round sphere. A small marble with "B8" written on it fell out and Momoko eagarly took it in her hands and grinned. Rose got one that had "O7" on it.
"That's a Growlithe for Momoko and Bulbasaur for Rose. Here are your Pokemon." May said cheerfully, handing both girls their new Pokeballs.
"Enjoy yourself."

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Wow, this would make a good RP...Interesting story, I will be sure to keep up, and may get to grade it. That is if Aley doensnt beat me... :shifty:

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"That was weird." Rose said firmly when she and Momoko were out of the lab. "I would've sworn I'd get something cooler like a Celebi or Dratini. But a Bublasaur is good... It'll kick your Growlithe's butt."
Momoko shot a nasty glare at Rose and released her Growlithe, eyes blazing with her anger.
"DANGIT, ROSE! Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and kick Growlithe's butt right now, then!"
"Awright then! I will!" Rose yelled back, throwing Bulbasaur's Pokeball to the ground just as Growlithe erupted from a flash of red light.

A small crowd was gathering around the battle taking place right into of the lab. Most kids simply passed by and tried to get their own Pokemon.
"Growlithe, use ember attack now! Fry that Bulbasaur!" Momoko ordered angrily with her finger pointed diretly at the green Pokemon known as "Bulbasaur". Growlithe opened his mouth to release the firey embers but Bulbasaur used a vine coming from the bulb on her back to tie Growlithe's mouth closed.

"Do you think Bulbasaur's stupid? Great job, buddy! Now, use RAZOR LEAF!" Rose ordered angrily. Sharp leaves flew like darts from Bulbasaur's bulb and struck Growlithe like knives. The attack ended quicker then it had started, leaving Growlithe growling angrily at Bulbasaur.
Momoko gulped and watched as Growlithe jerked his head. Bulbasaur was caught off balance and jerked forward since her vines were so firmly tied around Growlithe's mouth. Bulbasaur loosened her grip so as to get on her feet and Growlithe freed himself by jerking away. He then opened his mouth and released a fire blast at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur rolled onto her back, KOed by the one, quick attack.

"OH MY GOSH! MOMOKO!" Rose yelled angrily, her face growing pale. "YOU CHEATED! You taught Growlithe Fire Blast, didn't you?"
"What are you talking about?" Momoko snapped. People were beginning to murmer things about Momoko's Growlithe as she recalled her Pokemon. What were they yapping about? She hadn't cheated! Someone grabbed Momoko's from behind and pulled her into the crowd before Rose had time to care.
"Momoko..." Someone said in a soft, sad voice. "Can you... Train me?"

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XD...Oh my god, I am a moron...I didnt even check! I thought this was in the URPG stories. :doh:

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XD...Oh my god, I am a moron...I didnt even check! I thought this was in the URPG stories. :doh:

Oh. lol. XD That's ok. I do things dumber then that all the time! (I almost walked into the boys bathroom because there were two doors next to eachother and only one was open x_x"')

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A Quick Honorfic Lesson

Honorifics are added to the end of someone's name in japanese to show honor. This story uses honorifics and some corny jokes won't even be corny without mild knowledge of how they basically work.
The major ones in the story are as follows.
'Chan' refers to a friend. It's commonly used on pets, young children and girls.
'Kun' pretty much means 'Mr'. Boys like 'kun' on their name because it almost means you're older.
'San' is a confusing term. It's higher then 'chan' o_o;
'Sama' is for high respect.
'Dono' is for a girl. It kind of means 'Miss'

{Chapter 2}

"Eh?" Momoko turned around and stared at a cute young lady who had positioned herself in front of the battle's victor. The girl was short green hair and a white cat ear cap and white one piece dress. On ethier side of her head were Pokeballs and she had a fake white cat tail with a pokeball tie to it with a green ribbon.
"Train me, Momoko-Sensei. Train me and Ralts so we kick butt like you... Please?"
Momoko cocked an eye brow and took a closer look at the girl. "How old are you and what's your name?"
The little girl's eyes brightened and she jumped up. "Konemo the 6 year old brat!" She said, possibly qouting an older sibiling.
"Brat? Uh... Ok... Konemo? Mind if I call you Kone?"
"Then I call you Momo-sensei!"
"Just Momo-chan or something'll do, you know."
"I give up." Momo said with a groan, trying not to get angry. She didn't want all the respect Kone was giving her... She'd only won a single battle.
"But---But! I wanna train with you!" Kone complained loudly, waving her balled fists in the air. "I'll be good! Good! I'll be good! So train me, Momo-dono!"
"Ok, Momo-dono."
"Anyways... PLEASE?!" Kone begged. "I'll be a good lil'apprentice!"
"Ok, but you have to keep the honorifics down, ok?"
"Alrighty then, Momo-san!"
"That'll do. SO! What's your Pokemon, again?" Momo asked, trying to calm down.
"Her name is Peachcat and she's a Ralts!" Kone cried out happily.
Momo twitched upon hearing the Ralts' name and she shot Kone an annoyed look.
"When'd you name this Pokemon of yours, Kone-chan?"
"Just now! Why do you ask, Momo-san?"
"Can you change the name?"
"WHY?! I thought you'd be honored, Momo-sensei!"
"Eep! Ok, Momo-kun!"
"Not that one."
"Better. How about you give your Ralts a name that sounds like your name, not mine?"
"But that's the awesome thing, Momo-san! My name comes from Koneko, for kitten, and momo, for peach just like yours!"
"Fate is cruel... Alright, I guess I don't mind training you, Kone-chan..." Momo moaned painfully. Kone began hopping around happily and finally gave Momo a hug.
"OH! DOMO ARIGATO!" She squeeled, hugging Momo around the waist. "You'll be proud to call me your apprentice!"

~+~ Lalalalaaalalala! ~+~

Momo and Kone crawled into a little tent set up by the edge of someone's garden. Kone whimpered and hugged Momo, looking pale as a ghost already when the sun hadn't even dropped. "Momo-san! This is so scarey!" She wailed, clinging harder then ever before.
"It's ok, Kone. We're in town, nothing can hurt us." Momo promised with a sigh of annoyance. Kone was such a baby... It was pathetic.
"It's dark and cold at night..." Kone murmered as she pushed herself away from Momo, trying to be brave. "So I'll protect you."
Momo smiled and watched Kone doze off into slumber, even before the sun was down. She sighed and peeked out of the little tent at the setting sun and then crawled into her sleeping bag. It was going to be a busy day tomorrow.

Momoko and Konemo's Names

This is just basic name combinding. The names aren't a real Japanese word or anything.
Momo is the real japanese word for 'Peach'
Koneko is real japanese for 'Kitten'
Neko is real japanese for 'Cat'
The joke with Ralts' name is how Konemo practically names Ralts after Momoko. But since both girls have such similar names she can play it safe by claiming she named Ralts after herself.
((The idea for combinding two words together came to me from Sailor Moon. Rini's japanese name is Usagi, just like her mother, Usagi or Bunny*Sailor Moon*. To avoid confusion, Rini was given the nickname 'Chibiusa'. Chibi means Mini. Rini's japanese name pretty much mean 'Mini Usagi'.))


This is a short Chapter because I didn't expect those quick notes to be so short >_>; The next one'll be longer, ok?