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Selestio: Manoilla Trilogy Part I
Well, here's the new story that I've been working on for quite some time. This story is about when two teenagers walk towards a lake, and suddenly find two glistening stones. They hide them in a forest as they go into Shampoer, but as they arrive back to get them, a perilous new world is revealed to them. Read as the brother and sister, Mallio and Talima, walk into the new world of dragons, magic, adventures as they face challenges from the strongest of creatures as they make their way into the Ferilo Empire Kingdom to hunt down and kill King Aleykale. *A Map, character sprites and custom chapter banners will be up soon. I, however, need help with the visual artworks of a map, so any help is accepted*

Scorch Ry
08-19-2004, 11:58 PM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Aleykale/Prologue2.jpgTalkynesioà is a place like no other. Talkynesioà was an unknown country of the forbidden lands of Australia. Near the eastern coast of these animal land, Talkynesioà had been hidden for one reason: dragons. The Tubeesia Empire, holding many soldiers there, guarded the land relentlessly, killing thousands of human predators per year.

The reason they were hidden was because humans had loved to get their hands of dragons, and in the entire world, Talkynesioà was the only place to find them. Humans wanted dragons so they could sell them to high bidders at exclusive auctions, so Talkynesioà rules this land and hid it for as long as they could.

Talkynesioà held various types of dragons, including aerial dragons, black dragons, panther dragons, even magical serpents. The Empire’s ruler, King Aleykale, bred over twenty thousand dragons, bringing up their popularity throughout the world.

But, many creatures had several wars to claim special magical items to kill King Aleykale with. And today, one of these small wars were taking place this very moment…one to protect King Aleykale’s bad forces, the other to fight for justice, future rights and individual structures of dragon births.

The air whispered a devastating cry as it hazardously blew around Tueberèrè. Just then, a tall Guatrin lifted her cranium in a complete vigilant mode. The Guatrin took the appearance of humans, only with short maroon hair and crystal colored eyes.

She looked around in surprise. Sniffling the wind with her trout, she took caution immediately. Were they here? Why would they be here? Is this a trap they are pulling us into? All of these questions popped in the Guatrin’s head one by one unhurriedly, being eliminated with the same answer; she didn’t have a clue whatsoever to what the Tuscins were up to at this very exact moment.

Since they performed serious matters with striking and unusual objects and maneuvers to catch their enemies, the tall Guatrin had no choice but to protect her colony at no costs, including risking her own life itself. The Guatrin weighed the odds of the deep situation and abruptly alerted her colony.

“Spread out right now; those Tuscins can be anywhere around here. If you spot one, strike them with no mercy! Either that…or suffer a great and horrible death,” she screamed.

Just then, hordes of tiny guardian-like ogres came flying from trees and landing on the smooth ground, shaking the earth with force. These creatures had sparkling blue swords and polished large shields, with white symbols painted on them.

They were short, yet had built bodies that were structured for crushing and fighting. Their skin toned matched the color of a darkblue misty day, with hair covering their bodies completely to conceal any unfamiliar attractions from humans, animals, nor creatures that were of their race. Horns grew above their thick black eyebrows with their pointy edges.

In clans, the small Guatrins scattered through the dangers of Tueberèrè, hiding behind the brown twisted trees and thorny green shrubs. Roaring with sheer pride, the Guatrins safely hid everywhere they could. Once the sounds deceased, the forest went completely silent once again. The tall Guatrin slowly paced herself around the forest, very cautious about every single move she did.

Her feet crept around the green plants that hid the miniature creatures. The Guatrin’s situation was not acceptable at all; the tall trees had shielded away the bright reflection of the white moonlight. The Guatrins’ eyes were only one hundred percent perfect only in the morning time and afternoon time divisions.

She remained unnaturally silent as she silently paced herself in the east direction. With two small Guatrins following her, they began to pick up speed as they began to walk faster that before.

“I sense they are nearby,” the Guatrin announced, “so let’s move on into the eastern direction now!”

The small creatures grunted as they ran in the eastern section. With their sharp swords, they relentlessly slashed extended tree branches and overgrown shrubs that grew unusually. She then reached for her golden colored bow and arrows, positioning one in front of her cautiously.

The tall Guatrin could hear the whispers of the Tuscins, since Guatrin eyes could hear anything at anytime. With their magical ability called Tyriya-Lyuer, they could simply erase any hearings from their minds in a quick second. Tyriya-Lyuer took nearly twenty thousand years to master for Tuscins, but for Guatrins, it only took a mere two and a half years to completely conquer the spell.

A precious owl fluttered its wing gracefully, yet quietly, passing by the raging Guatrins. Once again, the forest went under another silent session, questioning new questions in the tall Guatrin’s mind.

Where did they hide all of this time? Do they really mean to cause trouble? How are they traveling? These new questions raced through her mind, but then the final question had told it all to her. Are they traveling by the black dragons? As the diminutive stalwart creatures walked alerted of their movement, their oddly-shaped feet made footprints in the grassland.

Guatrins’ feet were structured like a lion’s paw, and they were heavy enough to leave deep footprints in the thickest of earth structures, even cement that come of been on earth for more than seventy years, perhaps a few centuries at that.

The tall Guatrin and her beast colony suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. She ran behind a tall brown tree that had lost its red and pink leaves. She peered around the tree and icily said, “Hide behind anything that won’t reveal any of your body. Move into action now!”

The dumpy beasts galloped behind trees and wild undergrowth, releasing piercing sighs from their elongated mouths as they hid. The forest grew louder, with a black dragon in the moonlight skies noticing it. The black skies held white and sparkling stars that matched the sheer beauty of the full moon. Glowing with fantastic color, the moon’s light rays beamed upon twelve black dragons with darkblue creatures sitting on their long, scaly backs.

The dragons had appealing black scales for its skin. Their heads were roughly oval shaped and their eyes glistened the pearly blue tint. Their noses were large also; their nostrils being on one side of their rough faces. They fluttered their wings massively, creating gusty wings in the beloved skies.

Their wings were nearly five times bigger than their long snake bodies, which helped the black serpent direct them through treacherous winds and to reach their speed to the uppermost restrictions. Their claws were extensively sharp and edgy, sharp enough to tear into a human’s body and rip their body into bloody shreds.

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08-19-2004, 11:59 PM
The darkblue beasts that quietly watched the Guatrins from the skies were known as the Tuscins. They were over six feet tall, having well-built bodies. Their oily skin was dearly glossy and darkblue.

Their feet were exactly like humans, the next comparison that was detected. However, these Tuscins had large sharp claws that took the same form and sharpness like their winged serpents’ black claws, only a tad bit smaller. Their legs were strong and beefy like their upper body, which made them had the appearance of beastly muscle trainers.

They wore large brown boots to match their miniature Amazon skirts they were below their waists. These brown kilts were what many fighters would wear, or what Amazon men would wear to show freedom and power of their lands.

Quietly, the Tuscins spotted the hidden Guatrin in the Tueberèrè area, positioning their crystal-colored bow and arrows at two of the small creatures. “Aim and fire carefully; if they strike us, they can reign the area which is unacceptable!” the leader Tuscin announced.

Their leader Tuscin was a recent Amazon king, leading the wild animals and creatures to new habitats and many other exciting places. With great leadership, his clan of Tuscins called him Tyroyn.

He snapped her fingers as quiet as he could, but the tall Guatrin was alerted of this sudden sound. She gazed up and noticed that twelve crystal lightings filtered the skies, making her aware that something was wrong with the sudden situation.

All of a sudden, she heard someone announce, “Fire at them now!” Suddenly, twelve arrows crossed the skies and darted towards two of the small Guatrins as they whistled a high pitched sound in the skies.

She hurried on and tackled the two Guatrins in harm, with the arrows being struck into the grass. Tyroyn nervously looked and noticed that the tall Guatrin, known as Amaino, had saved two of her creatures. “Tuscins, continue attacks now!” Tyroyn yelled angrily.

His darkblue beast clan began striking series of twelve arrows at two Guatrins, although the beefy hairy beasts were not alert of their presence. They corrupted devastating cries as they angrily marched around the grasslands.

Amaino, however, had hid herself directly under four of the black dragons. She noticed that one of them were carrying two large dragon eggs; one gleamed the powerful crimson color, while the other was a settled, peaceful pink and white mixture.

“Looks like mama here is going have to die, because her rider is mine as well as her!” Amaino yelled.

She then flung one crimson arrow at the black dragon holding the two dragon eggs, but suddenly yelled out a spell that Tuscins were unable to hear. “Bootrh Tubreiu!” she screamed. Suddenly, before her eyes, the crimson arrow had magically been divided into twelve arrows.

These magical copies, along with the original, now had the ability to instantly kill the dragon. But not only that, but the killing arrows could strike out of the dragon’s body and also kill anyone or anything, that lived, that sat directly on its back.

The arrows from the Tuscins that struck the small beefy Guatrins, killing them one by one. But, before they could launch their attacks at Amaino, the crimson arrows had abruptly struck their dragons except for Tyroyn’s black dragon.

The dragons hissed piercingly, overwhelmed from the strikes and cringing in immersed soreness. Soon, the eleven dragons fell on top of the dead Guatrin, also experiencing their deaths within seconds. The two dragon eggs fell to the ground, with Amaino positioning her two strikes upon them. Just then, she had heard Tyroyn.

“Amaino, these two dragons are not to be hurt. It’s time for you to join your colony now!”

She began running, but Tyroyn’s black dragon soared down, gliding after her. She tried to make swift turns to evade them, but the serpent’s clear visions could see anything from the corner of its eyes.

Tyroyn watched the two dragon eggs fall in the large tree, then struck out two crystal arrows. They whistled throughout the clean air and into the woods. Unpredictably, they briskly struck the giant Guatrin, ending her life just like her beefy beasts. With dead Guatrins, Tuscins and black dragons on the ground, Tyroyn grinned in absolute arrogance as he stared at the two dragon eggs.

“You’ll find your owners soon, don’t you worry. Because when you do, they will become the Serpent Prince and Princess,” he murmured.

Not long after, Tyroyn and his black dragon soared up into the skies, knowing that in a few months, the two legacies would find their owners.

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08-23-2004, 04:55 PM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Aleykale/ChapterI.bmpMallio and Talima knelt on the rose flowerbeds and practiced their eyes upon the blooming event that happened during that night. Talima sniffled the clean air, enjoying the touching pleasing whiff that the clement winds were swifting around.

She began to gaze upon the magnificent panorama of Tueberèrè quiet mountain peaks, which she enjoyed ever since she was an preschooler. Mallio, on the other hand, practiced her eyes upon the footprints that were all throughout the grasslands. This prospect undoubtedly questioned his deep authorities.

The teen then began to put his clues together, finally figuring out that the wild herd of Zebras passed by their large fawn villa last night, and they must have trampled down this path jointly with their colony.

Talima had just turned the sweet sixteen age a couple of weeks ago, which she was very proud of. Dark brown eyes settled above her gazing hazel eyes that would sparkle wonderfully in the moonlight’s rays.

Her hair was a medium length and was a brown color, combed with intensive care. Her clothes were spotless and tidy; she would iron them everyday and before going to sleep, making sure that they were clean and suitable for tomorrow’s threads.

However, she was different from most girls when it came to clothing; she wasn’t into the designer outfits that much. She would usually be dressed in a pink shirt that was sleeveless with red jeans. Talima would also wear pink Timberland boots; since they were the only kind of shoes that were made for the area they lived in.

Mallio was Talima’s older brother. A few months ago, Mallio had turned the successful age of seventeen years old, which had delighted him ever since then. Black eyebrows rested above his dark brown eyes as they settled on the tracks in the lawn.

His hair began to grow out, but it was a dark tone of red and was curly. Although he had curly hair, his hair wasn’t lengthy as a woman. All of his hair rested on top of his head like an average male’s hair would. He was beginning to grow small hairs above his pink lips and was proud that he was getting the features of a grown man at his trustworthy age level.

Mallio dressed like his father, Ruberto Tyians. He would wear red silk shirts with a neat collar, which the first two buttons unfastened on the shirt, revealing his neck. He would also wear silk silvery pants that brought out his body appeal to a few girls his age. Mallio dressed like this because he worked at his father’s business, “Graphic Wonders Corp”, which specialized in creating video games that dealt with the three dimensional purposes.

Although a small business that employed only twenty workers, the company was massively increasing on new customers would want their own games. Making hundreds of dollars per year, Ruberto was able to buy a villa for his two children and his beloved wife, Victoria Simmons, who he had been dating ever since he was sixteen years old.

So, Mallio began investigating the footprints with simple ease while his graceful younger sister watered the precious red roses. The scent began to travel towards the male teen, completely stopping him in his tracks. The delicate smell sent him into a transparency of magnificent wonders.

“Those roses smell beautiful,” Mallio began, “and thank goodness that mom planted them here.”

Talima looked at her brother and sighed. “Mallio, you say that every single time I water the flowers or when you are investigating some property, so say something new. What you say is getting old,” Talima happily announced, ending her saying with a smile.

Mallio scratched his chest and proceeded with his fascination of the smell. Mallio just loved his life because of where they lived in Tueberèrè.

The pleasant sky was clear and light blue and a slight breeze suddenly stirred the air. Two thin silvery clouds peacefully drifted above their villa and the mountain ranges to the left of the medium-sized flat home, their softened edges glowing a misty white color that cast from the blazing sun that proudly cradles between two nice peaks.

Rapidly-moving streams flowed down the mountains beautifully, flowing down into the precious lake that neared the peaks. It was the fantastic spring period of the year, which brought many new appearances of the land.

A mysterious mist was leveled on the grasslands, nearly making their feet invisible under the white mist.Once Talima showered the roses with the clean and healthy water, she placed the silver water hose down and caught up with her brother.

“Mallio, why don’t we go to the lake? We haven’t been able to spend that much time together since you got your new job, and I want to hang out,” Talima ordered.

“Talima, I understand perfectly,” Mallio agreed, “so we can go ahead and go to the lake for a half hour or so. I don’t work these two weeks, so we can have fun like we used to when we were little.”

Mallio lead the way down the brown road towards the lake, with his younger sister behind him. Red and pink leaves littered the ground and they crackled as the teens stepped upon them.

Green shrubbery grew various berries, while the tree trunks of Tueberèrè were a twisted structure. The red path had a marble flooring pattern. This was made for anyone who wanted to travel along and take a pleasant eyeing at the lake.

Mallio and Talima finally made it to the sparkling blue lake as their eyes settled upon the beautiful appearance. Just then, Talima had noticed that two large stones were resting under a large twisted tree that happened to be filled with only pink leaves.

One was a nice mixture of pink of white tints, while the other was a powerful red color. Both glistened under the tree wonderfully and her eyes just rested on the top large stones. She then alerted her older brother, who was fixing his silky red shirt at the moment.

“Mallio, look at those two stones over there,” Talima alerted, “they look so pretty from here!”

He looked over and noticed the stones. He had never saw two rocks that would shimmer so wonderfully like that.

“Talima, those might be worth something! We should take them and give them to mom and dad,” Mallio said.

Talima suddenly gave Mallio beauty eyes, angered by what he had said. “Mallio, if we show them these stones, they might take them and sell them,” Talima protested, “so we should just keep them to ourselves…that would be interesting.”

Mallio sighed, but gave up and agreed with his sister. They both approached the stones guardedly. Mallio picked up and carried with large ruby boulder, while his adorable sister carried the pink and white stone.

Happily, the two siblings carried on and tried their best to hurry back to their home before their dad and mom would get back. They didn’t want them to know; they might have stumbled upon two legacy stones.

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I love it! It's great!

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Thanks for the small review, LJM. I really appreciate it because it's glad to know that somebody is reviewing my Fan-Fiction and giving it a compliment! Thanks again!

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http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Aleykale/ChapterII.bmpCarrying the shimmering large stones, Talima and Mallio snuck into their villa. It was the ravishing color of beige that coated the bricks. Black shingles made the roof of the flat home, matching the color exactly.

The flat villa was large and nearly expensive, especially the white clean windows they had bought. The windows were a usual oval triangular shape and were able to be cleaned by the housemaid every other day.

Beige stones made a long pathway that slithered from the white glass door and into the forest of Tueberèrè. On the side of the villa was a swimming pool that was surrounded by the beige and dark brown stone platform.

The related teens quietly snuck into their home from the dark door that connected to their bedrooms. The sunlight poured into their rooms from the windows, casting such wonderful colors in their rooms.

Talima’s room was next door to Mallio’s, since they had made her room five years ago when she begged her mother for her own room. Talima’s room had a pink bed with fluffy white pillows. She had graceful pictures of unicorns on her cherry-colored walls. She had fluffy, big pink elephant collector items on her bed, directing straight across to her computer desk.

A lamp beamed light on her Gateway Computer, which she used a lot to research about animals and to play games on any site that had games that were adventurous and clever. If she weren’t on the Internet, she would be typing away on one of her computer programs.

Mallio’s room was slightly different. He had a gray bed that settled on of the corners in his room. He had two pillows that had many Japan symbols on it them, and were black. He had a dark red dresser that his small plasma television sat upon.

He had his console was hooked up to the small screen, which he played whenever he was off from his job. Piles of money lie next to the television, as for her made over $450 every week. His closet was full of professional outfits, since he didn’t wear normal clothing most of the time. Mallio also had lighting on his roof, with two fans in the section as well.

Both teens went in their respective rooms and began to strategize about where they were going to hide the stones until they could sell them their selves. Mallio began to get a headache from the thinking and sat down to think effectively.

“This is so nerve wrecking,” Mallio screamed, “it makes me want to scream.”

Talima, however, managed to figure out a safe place to put the stone so only she and her brother would know where it was. Talima threw her hair back, and began to study her closet. She had many plain outfits in there, but it was large enough to fit ten rocks the same size as the one she was holding.

As her pink and red fan blew her hair around, she hurriedly grabbed the glass handle and turned it to the right. She then swung the red door opened and quietly placed the pink and white. Since her parents never went in the closet that was the only safe place that she could conceal the stone.

“I found a place,” Talima eagerly yelled, “so you need to pick up your pace instead of crying out excuses!”

Mallio sighed, then just sat down the stone and slid it up under his bed. He didn’t want his parents to find anything unusual about his room to make them investigate, so placing it under his bed would make the room look the exact same.

“Finally, I found a good place to hide it,” Mallio sighed.

He fell onto his bed and began then suddenly remembered something that was very important. He jumped up and ran into his sister’s room. She was charmingly humming to a song and was interrupted by the older brother. Talima gave him a disturbed look, but eyed Mallio’s expression upon her face.

“What’s wrong?” Talima asked, suddenly worried about 1Mallio. He took a deep breath, and then began his words.

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08-29-2004, 02:51 PM
Chapter II Continued...
“You know mom and dad said that we had to meet up with them in Shampoer,” Mallio icily said, “so first off, we didn’t have to rush home and hide the egg like we just did. Second off, we didn’t have to worry about mom and dad coming home. But now we have to worry about several things.”

A shocked appearance popped on Talima’s face, now completely alerted that there were several new problems that aroused.

“So, I’m assuming that one problem,” Talima shockingly supposed, “is that we have to worry about reaching to Shampoer to meet up with mom and dad, but they aren’t there, but traveling back home.”

“Yes, that’s the main problem. Our parents don’t have much patience, plus the fact that dad is buying a company, he’ll need my help for the paperwork.”

“Are you joking,” Talima coldly alerted, “because you know how long that can take! Mom doesn’t have much patience either, so most likely, he’ll be there, but she’ll be coming back home to get ready to cook dinner. Shampoer isn’t far from here; maybe about twenty five minutes from Tueberèrè.”

Mallio thought for a quick moment. Maybe if Talima stays at home, and I go, we can both have a chance of protecting the eggs.

“Talima, you can stay here while I drive dad’s care to Shampoer. I might not have a car, but I do have my driver’s license when I got it on my birthday. Sounds good?” Mallio informed.

“No, it doesn’t. What if mom gets home, and asks where you are? Then, you and dad come home, so she suspects that I stayed home ALONE. Do you know how long I’ll be isolated in that suck fest?” Talima questioned, concerned about her individual rights in the villa.

Mallio then realized that what his sister said was correct. Even staying home would of cost them their house privileges, including going out to swim in the lake, going out to Shampoer to shop at “Foresto Express”, and other things the teens enjoyed.

So, Mallio and Talima had to think of a quick explanation under five minutes because taking their time would of meant that their precious stones would have been revealed.

What if we take the eggs with us? That should be a great thing to do, and perhaps hiding them back to the tree that was near the lake. Mallio thought.

Mallio was thinking that it would be a perfect thing to do. He was thinking that they could possibly take the eggs with them, drop them off on the way to Shampoer, meet up with their parents for the meeting, then when they come back that night, they could sneak and hide the stones somewhere in their home.

Mallio smiled in great happiness and quickly alerted his younger sister of this plan. She nodded her head in agreement, pleased with what he had decided upon.

“Mallio, that’s a perfect decision,” Talima cheered, “because we can sneak out at midnight hours and retrieve the stones safely. But, why are we hiding the stones from them?”

“Well, Talima, mom and dad love rare things. You know how they always sell our favorite toys that are classical…imagine them finding these,” Mallio responded.

“I guess you’re right, bro. And besides…what’s the worse that can happen? What, those stones actually be dragon eggs? That’s just plain silly!” Talima laughed.

They began to have a small conversation before heading out to Shampoer. Mallio kept on his same outfit, only straightened out his hair a tad bit better. Talima combed her long, brown hair softly, watching it shine in perfection.

Mallio was determined to do this with the stones; his main concern was his dad’s reactions when he was spot them in his car, and Mallio driving it.

“Talima, we have a half hour before we have to leave.” Mallio explained, “So, since I combed his hair, I guess I should take a shower because from all of that thinking and walking with heavy stones, it’s time for me to get clean.”

Talima tossed her hand up and allowed him to enter her bathroom, which was located in the far corner of the home.

The bathroom had the roman earthy appearance. The shower was coated a spectacular golden color and was in a corner with three glass walling surrounding it. The bathtub was quite huge; it could fit over twenty dogs in there. This bathtub was also a golden color, which lied in western corner of the bathroom.

The tiles were white and yellow, corresponding with the white coating of the roof. The sink was also golden, but what gave the entire bathroom its roman feeling were the nicely golden painted columns that were in each of the corners of the room except for where the bathtub and shower were.

Mallio headed towards the bathtub and turned the clover-shaped knobs, running hot water. He then silently went back into his room and took out a more professional, yet classy attire. He picked out a formal silver shirt with his silk dark gray pants. He slipped out his shoes and walked back into Talima’s bathroom.

He turned the knobs the opposite direction, stopping the flow of water coming through. While his younger teen sister was on her computer, he undressed himself and slowly slid into the bathtub.

The teen quickly washed himself up, and then jumped out of the bathtub ten minutes later, wrapping a golden towel around his waist. He took his outfit and walked into his room, throwing the towel off. He then spotted a long red mirror and looked at himself.

“Maybe I should build up my muscles more…perhaps then, I can get more girls to like me,” Mallio said, “because this teenager right here needs someone in his life. But, mine as well wait until I’m eighteen.”

He sat on his bed and began to rub lotion on his entire body before placing on his clothing. He then sprayed his neck and rubbed his wrists with cologne, since Shampoer was all about business, aromas and pleasant greetings.

He entered the family living room, which held various painting their dad collected whenever traveling around the world. The living room held a beige and yellow patterned loveseat, with a thirty-two inch plasma television. An oval rug lie below the loveseat, while the windows poured in the bright sunrays of the crimson afternoon.

Also, a black piano rested on the red carpeting in the southern corner of the living room. Talima was watching cable on her television when she heard someone grab her father’s keys off of the brown end table.

“C’mon, Talima, it’s time for us to go,” Mallio announced, heading for the door.

“It’s about time! I’ve been watching this dumb show forever while you took a bath in my bathroom,” Talima icily said, “so if it’s dirty and nasty, you better go in there and clean in out for me.”

Then, she walked up to him and balled up her fist, raising it so where he could see it. “Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay for your nasty little dirty trails in my bathtub. Got it?” She yelped angrily, intensified.

Mallio rolled her eyes and opened the door, with his younger sister following right behind him. She jumped in the silver Xaplx 05, which was a car that his father’s best friend made ahead of time. Before he locked the door, he turned around and eyed his sister.

“Talima, you put the stones in the trunk?” He asked immediately.

“Yeah, yeah, I put them there once you took a bath or whatever. Just hurry up before they become suspicious, you big stupid!” Talima replied, licking her tongue out at her brother.

He quickly locked the door with the silver key, and hopped into the Xaplx 05 driver’s seat. The seats were gold and made of leather, which was excellent for comfort. He started up the engine, and then drove off with his sister on the passenger’s side. Driving on the brown dirt road, they were then driving through a small place where Pine trees littered the grounds. Mallio stopped the car and pressed a black button in the car to pop the rectangular trunk.

“Talima, take the eggs and place in behind those trees. No one should be able to find them there unless they are searching for valuables,” Mallio instructed, pointing towards on of the Pine trees that held a collection of pines, fresh in scent.

Talima unfastened her seatbelt and got out of the car, leaving the silver car door open. She took out one egg and placed in behind the tree, repeating the same procedure. Talima quickly pushed the trunk of the car down, and then closed her door after jumping back in.

“Now, let’s do this. We have more than enough time to meet up with mom and dad in Shampoer, and we are almost twenty minutes away from there,” Talima announced proudly.

“Yeah. Maybe we can stop and get some snacks and treats on the way there. It’ll make us look like we spent our time at the store rather than at homing, discussing a plan to hide the eggs.” Mallio agreed, “Now, let’s just hope that we hid them correctly, and they don’t seek it. Because it will be in their hands instead of ours.”

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09-10-2004, 11:19 PM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Aleykale/ChapterIII.bmpShampoer was such a vivid place. The cement sidewalk was faintly worn out, but a mysterious flashing glow came from the sheltered brightness of streetlights’ glass. The polls littered the ends of the sidewalk, traveling in the same direction in a beauty pattern. Black glistening tar made up with driving paths of car and trucks, being invaded with these vehicles.

Stores were built on the other side of the faintly worn out sidewalks, their big glass windows sparkling with bewilderment. Their doors were magically coated a white tint, their small triangular windows pouring in sunlight from the burning sun. Mallio safely parked the vehicle on the side street, instantly turning off the car with the gold key.

“Talima, can you see mom or dad in that store over there?” Mallio asked.

Talima shot her head in the direction of the green-bricked store, eyeing upon what was held inside. She turned her head back towards her brother, and sadly shook her head. “No, I can’t see them in there at all. It looks pretty empty.”

“Well, I think I saw part of dad in there,” Mallio added, “so there’s a chance that we made it just in time.”

The siblings quickly got out of the clean silver Xaplx, racing over towards the green-bricked building. The windows were tinted, making the inside have no lighting support from the sun. However, various lamps littered the windowsills and end tables in the building, using their energy to supply lighting.

Mallio surely opened the wooden brown door rapidly, hearing a small bell. Talima entered after him, closing the door behind her respectively. The inside of the store was mystifying indeed.

The teal painted walls held many black and white artworks, their frames having the expensive price tag hanging down from them. The wooden floor was clean, yet a bit slippery as the teens walked forward.

A brown counter was structured near the window and a silver cash register sat on top of it. Talima and Mallio looked about, but their parents weren’t in sight. A worried face appearance upon Talima, and she began to slowly walk around.

“Mallio,” Talima asked, “are you sure that they were suppose to be here?”

“Talima, we probably need to just wait here for them. I mean, they can’t get home if they don’t have their car, now can they?” Mallio answered, shaking the car keys promptly.

“Mallio, you’re dirty when it comes to mischief. I’m glad I’m your sister,” Talima replied, smiling towards Mallio.

The male teen winked his eye at her, but sounds began to invade the room as two people came from the brown stairs. The first person took the appearance of Mallio. He was very muscular, but hid his muscles under suits, jogging outfits and working threads.

The man’s eyes were crimson, which was such a scary sight for most people to look at. The gentleman was wearing a gray suit, with black shoes to go with his black hair. The woman, who had her arm around the gentleman’s waist, had long, dark red hair that was brushed wonderfully, yet carefully.

Her eyes were pure black and her appearance was gorgeous to most men. She was wearing a black pantsuit, with dark red heels. The gentleman’s name was Ruberto Tyians, and the lady’s name was Victoria Tyians, which were their parents.

“So, there you two are.” Ruberto icily said, “I was wondering what took you so long! What happened?”

Talima hesitated to respond, but her brother simply stepped in front of her and talked for her. “Well, we just couldn’t find the car keys. I have picked them up from the end table, but I placed them somewhere and suddenly forgot where I put them. But we’re here, so you don’t have to worry,” Mallio answered.

“Honestly, Mallio…you need to start remembering where you put things. It’s just something that people should make one of their locked resources in life.” Ruberto replied, grabbing his suitcase, “Now, me and you are going to go out to that new Café they just built down the six stores to the right when you exit from that park. Mom and Talima are going to stay and sign papers on their behalf of the situation of our company moving to a bigger building to hire over thirty-two new people. Let’s go.”

Ruberto and Mallio left the green building, while Victoria and Talima sat down at a black steel table and began to sign papers.

“So, Talima, you know what your father is trying to do for Mallio, right?” Victoria questioned.

“Well, dad’s a big, beefy guy. And, I’m expecting from dad that he wants Mallio to be the same.” Talima responded, “But Mallio is only sixteen years old He can’t be that built that dad is.”

“Well, there’s a lot of history backed up on your father. Back when he was a year younger than your brother, he was actually a male model.” Her mother explained, “He used to pose in many magazines, where clothing and take pictures for different stores like Rain Tain way back when it was here in Shampoer. But, he had a professional trainer build his body the way it is now.”

“Well, just because dad has a body like that doesn’t mean he has the right to walk around with his underclothing on. I mean, he’s my father and looking at him is disgusting,” Talima added, shaking her head from all of this gained information.

“Oh man, wait until I tell Mallio about dad’s secret life when he was a teenager. I can’t wait to see how he reacts!” Talima cheered.

After rejoicing for a bit, she calmed herself down and sat on a steel black chair next to her mother, beginning to sign a few paperwork for her job next year.


Mallio and his father walked into an empty park, the easiest way to get to the Café. The park had various Elm trees; their growing fruits fresh in scent. Beautiful flowers bloomed with excitement, awakening from their sleep from the nighttime.

Brown benches were scattered throughout the park, while a peaceful pond were home to the ducks with their ducklings. The teen watched as his father ran his fingers through his hair, enjoying the pleasant breeze that blew around.

“Mallio, since I already filled out the paperwork, we don’t work for about a few years. Since we are relocating, they agreed to still pay our employees, and us even though we won’t be working for three years. Isn’t that great?” Ruberto asked.

“Yeah, I guess it is great that we don’t have to work. But, by the time I will be able to go to work, I’ll have my degree in business from Vocational School. Plus, Talima will have her degree in law in three years from now, and then we’ll be ready to be on our own soon,” Mallio responded.

His father paused for a quick moment, now realizing that what Mallio announced to him was absolutely true.

“Well, you’ve worked here for awhile, so when it does open back up, you could move here and still work for my company.” Ruberto replied, “That way, we can make money together. Now, that sounds like a plan!”

Ruberto and his son continued their way through the quiet park, making their way onto the Café. As they exited the Park, they began to amble down the street proudly, passing by old gray stores with dirty, cracked windows and holes in the black roofs. They walked on the beige concrete surface, making their way towards the coffee shop.

“So, you plan on making your own business when you get your degree?” Ruberto curiously asked.

“Yeah, possibly some kind of building. I’m not positively sure though,” Mallio answered hastily.

Ruberto and Mallio approached the Café within a few minutes, noticing its beautiful appearance. The Café had a black stone sign that was engraved with some sort of text writing.

The gray windows tinted the coffee hangout place, adding a rather small touch to it. Blue and red roses opened their bulbs brightly, sparkling in sheer delight and their scents being scattered around by the mild winds. A white iron door with a circular design was opened, releasing the hot air from inside.

“That’s the Café?” Mallio curiously asked. “Yeah, this is the Café. I think those storytellers are here. They usually tell folklore about mystical dragons and that empire that rules our land. I mean, dragons don’t live here anymore and am empire can’t control a person country like ours!”

“Dad, don’t these dragons have names? I mean, what species are they?” Mallio questioned.

Scorch Ry
09-10-2004, 11:20 PM
“Well, these dragons have magical abilities, like some people say. Their species are known as Pokémon. We, however, as they say, hold only the dragon-type Pokémon. So, that makes us special,” Ruberto, answered quickly.

“These Pokemon dragons sound like the kind of creatures I need to take care of! I wish I could have a dragon now,” Mallio sighed. The teen’s father opened the white iron door and stepped into the Café, with his son following him anxiously.

The stylish Café was very serene, yet graceful altogether. Black hard tiles made up the polished floor, glittering in such uniqueness. The white sparkles were leveled above the tiles, giving off a small lighting on the surface.

There were dark green tables with their triangular surfaces and matching steel chairs. The black roof was sparkling just like the tile flooring, giving off a more pleasant appearance of the Espresso bar.

As Mallio and Ruberto walked around, Mallio noticed a brown counter that held several Espresso and Cappuccino machines, with the cost of paying only two dollars and forty-six cents per cup.

But, then he saw that a group of people were gathered around two men, appearing to be listening to something they were telling them. He eyed them curiously, and then turned around to question his father.

“Dad, who are those two guys?” Mallio asked.

Ruberto looked over and sadly shook his head. “Those are the men who tell those crazy, old and annoying stories about how these Pokémon dragons came.” Ruberto answered softly, “So, if you want to hear about their stupid tales, go right ahead. I’m here to get a cup of coffee and chat with my friend, who’s one of the bartenders. You ahead and listen to their myths, because although they are fake and stupid, there was one part that interested me when I heard about it. And, I think that you will enjoy that part as well hopefully.”

As Ruberto walked over towards the Cappuccino, reaching for his wallet, Mallio pulled up a chair to where the small crowd was.

The first male had a very intelligent appearance. His smooth skin was a dark-skinned tone. The male’s eyes glowed the emerald color, as he ran his hand through his black hair slowly. He wore designed glasses so he can have perfect vision with a person without glasses.

He was wearing a black and pink-striped suit, with a long pink tie to match perfectly. His shoes were brown and made of leather, fitting perfectly. His was large in size, but the ladies were around him more than the other male.

The other man had on the exact same outfit as the large man, only wearing black shoes instead of brown. His figure shape was an odd, skinny tone and his eyes glistened a maroon color. He was holding a brown cigar in his hand, while the other man was blowing smoke out of his red smoking pipe.

“Well, hey there little man!” The big guy said loudly. “Hi,” Mallio replied softly.

“So, you here to listen to me and Ryin’s story, eh?” The large man questioned, “So if you are, let me introduce you to our base story. That means that everyone else can patiently wait from where Ryin and me left off. By the way, my name is Chade.”

Mallio excitedly sat quietly, waiting for Ryin and Chade to begin. Ryin took a beige glass cup and filled it with hot and steamy French Vanilla-flavored coffee. Then, he handed it to the teen.

“Take this, kid. You’ll need to drink it because our story might get a little tiring,” Ryin announced, smiling.

The seventeen year old took the hot cup of coffee and blew over the steaming liquid. He began to consume it while Ryin and Chade began their story about the origin of dragons.

“Well, back in ancient ages, when this precious land was commonly known, only three life forces live on this land. They were called the Dragon Gods. Each Dragon God had their own specialty to the land. The first God had the soft element of land; the quiet and angry nature. This Dragon God was known as Zevius. The second Dragon God rules the water bodies; the smooth and drowning nature. That Dragon God ruled all water bodies, cleaning it with magical powers when the water needed to be cleaned. That God was known as Faithfi. The final Dragon God was known as Vevavion, in which he ruled the entire land itself. These Gods were half Pokémon race, half human race. They were the best of friends, protecting the natural lands from bad humans, using their magical fighting abilities and sheer dragon attacks. But, one day, everything went wrong that just made Zevius and Faithfi hate Vevavion,” Ryin explained.

“What they have said was that one day, Vevavion had one day visited an old friend known as Ivuivy, the dark God of darkness. After great convincing, Ivuivy had traveled back to Talkynesioà with Vevavion. But, the land Dragon God ruler had concealed Ivuivy in the dark shadows of the land so the other two Gods wouldn’t discover her presence. But, Zevius had used this radiator ability called Lyuaki, where he could detect any bad forces that hid themselves in the land. Zevius did this on a regular basis just to make sure approaching predators wouldn’t harm the land. So, Zevius and Faithfi located and attacked Ivuivy, and in the process, killed her to end her vanishing magic tricks and invisibility abilities. But, before they did so, Ivuivy warned them that Vevavion was the one who invited her over to their lands, which certainly dropped their trust for the Dragon God ruled, before they killed Ivuivy. Then, within seconds, Faithfi and Zevius went after Vevavion to talk with him and possibly kill him for what he had committed. That‘s when they had decided upon doing the right thing for the ruler God,” Chade added.

Mallio continued to consume his coffee, quietly listening to the folklore. Even though it was only a myth, this story was definitely interesting to him. Silently, he waited for the men to speak. Ryin inhaled, and then exhaled the cigar smoke before continuing the story.

“So, Faithfi and Zevius met up with Vevavion, but used Zevius’ magical ability to make themselves invisible. Then, before the Dragon God ruler knew it, he was struck from two magic attacks; Zevius used Truile-Liy, and Faithfi used Transfi-Loh. Zevius’ magical attack specialized in creating two creatures from a single person, while Faithfi’s special attack was to completely and successfully split the human into two parts. And before them, there stood two Pokémon; Salamandral and Rayquaza, both dragons from Vevavion,” explained Ryin.

“Now, there was a second problem. Rayquaza was the nice side of Vevavion, while Salamandral was the dark and evil side. Both Pokémon fought continuously, due to the fact that one of them didn’t like the other’s action. Zevius and Faithfi had regretted of splitting their Dragon God ruler into two Pokémon, because the greatest thing had happened. Over Talkynesioà, Salamandral and Rayquaza fought a huge fight. Rayquaza used Hyper Beam attacks and Air Cutter rapidly, bringing leveled surfaces and indented surfaces to Talkynesioà. Salamandral uses Hydro Cannons, Energy Showers, and Fire Blasts on the aerial dragon to create lava into the leveled surfaces, creating waterfalls, and bringing long lakes and rivers throughout the land. Zevius and Faithfi tried to stop them from attacking, but then, as Salamandral and Rayquaza struck their strongest attack, they immediately blasted the land, bringing a new life to this land, but killing the Dragon Gods of land and water. But, they burst into billions of dragon eggs, of different details and sub-types. That’s how this dragon Pokemon land was made,” ended Chade.

Mallio was surely amazed; he had never been so interested in myths. But this one was more of an enchanting folklore because just then, something had struck him. Was this stone actually a dragon Pokemon egg? Could it be true that their stones had a Pokemon life inside?

As Ruberto headed for the door, he turned around and waved his hand towards Mallio, signaling him to leave. As he got up, Ryin looked at him suspiciously, but didn’t say a word. As Mallio walked towards his impatient dad, Ryin bent over to say something to Chade.

“Chade, I think that kid has a dragon egg. Did you see how quiet he was?” Ryin asked. Chade shook his head sadly, seeing that obviously, Ryin had lost him mind.

Scorch Ry
09-26-2004, 09:30 PM
Driving through the dark forest, Ruberto and his family was safely returning hack to their villa in Tueberèrè. The sparkling stars magnificently glittered the black skies peacefully. The shimmering full moon cast such a pleasant glow among the mountain village, which made the flowing lake glow so wonderfully.

Owls fluttered their wings slowly, easily gliding around the dark forest. Fireflies lit their tails, which cast a yellow light throughout the air as they calmly flew around the forest. Victoria, Talima and Mallio’s mother, was sound asleep in the front passenger seat while Ruberto safely drove through the woods.

“So, Mallio,” Ruberto spoke, “did those gentleman explain to you about the legends of the dragons?”

“Yeah. Actually, it was rather exciting to hear about. It was like when they told me about Vevavion, Zevius and Faithfi, I began imagining what they looked like back then.” Mallio answered, “But I really think that these dragon-type Pokémon exist I mean, they couldn’t have made those names up that easily. Just listen to them…Salamandral, Rayquaza…those names are very exotic.”

Ruberto sadly shook his head, disappointed that his son actually believed in these creatures. As he continued to drive, he sadly said, “Mallio, I can’t believe you actually believe in those Pokémon? I mean, those creatures aren’t real!”

“Dad, I’m allowed to believe in things that you might not believe in. We have differences, so stop expecting me to agree with you on everything,” Mallio icily replied.

Talima, sitting next to her brother, shook her head and turned around to see the precious fireflies fly throughout the forest. Suddenly, within the air, she saw something shoot past her very eyes.

“Cater, cater!” The creature bellowed, fluttering its green and yellow wings rapidly.

The creature had the rough body of a caterpillar, only lighter. Its wings were rather big, being spotted patterned with the color of teal and sunshine yellow.

The creature’s body glowed a gold color, having emerald eyes to match its wings. Small claws crept from on the sharp point of its wings. As the monster flew past Talima, the female teen screamed at an earsplitting level, catching the attention of both Mallio and Ruberto.

“Talima, what’s wrong?” Mallio curiously asked.

She turned around, having a frightened face. “I think I just saw one of those Pokémon you were talking about!” Talima unhappily announced, “It had a face, it had eyes, it had wings and it had…claws!”

“You see, dad? Talima’s eyes have just witnessed a Pokémon! Now do you believe me?” Mallio questioned.

Ruberto shook his head as he drove straight into Tueberèrè. About ten minutes later, they had arrived at their home. The glowing lake cast such a wonderful blue light around the area, making the Xaplx car sparkle.

“Honey, we are home. Let’s go to bed and call it a day,” Ruberto said, waking up his wife.

Victoria woke up and looked around. Then, she got out of the car, with her husband following. As their parents walked up to the luminous glass door, Talima and Mallio eyed them carefully.

They still had to retrieve their stones back in the forest, which would take but about ten minutes total. But, their problem was that if their father would let them go back into the woods to get whatever they had to. Plus, they had to lie to him about what they had to retrieve.

“Mallio, what can we say to them?” Talima asked.

“I have the perfect thing. We can just tell them that we want to catch some fireflies. He lets me do this all of the time when I was younger when you would be in that after school activity, so he should let both of us do it,” Mallio explained.

He got out of the car and followed his father into the living room. He turned on the lights, which gave the room its normal details. Mallio took a deep breath before speaking to his dad about what he was going to do, even though it actually was going to be a complete lie to his father’s face.

“Dad, can me and Talima go out and catch some fireflies?” Mallio nervously asked.

“Mallio, why would you two want to go out at eleven thirty-four at night?” Ruberto curiously questioned.

“Well, me and Talima haven’t been able to hang out with each other like we used to when we were little. I mean, we used to be the best of friends, and I want to keep that with her. This is how we want to bond with each other and have fun. Now, please can we go out and catch some fireflies?” Mallio explained calmly.

“Well, I guess you’re right. You two used to do everything together.” Ruberto figured, “So, go ahead and take the care. And, it better come back clean. Also, if you find any valuables, bring them to the house quickly.”

Mallio happily cheered with joy as he ran out of the house, grabbing the car keys on the way. He hopped in the driver’s seat, stuck the key in the ignition, turned the key and took out within seconds. As they swiftly drove back into the forest, Mallio turned his father’s car and quickly turned it off.

Scorch Ry
09-26-2004, 09:38 PM
“C’mon, Talima! We have to make sure that the stones are okay!” Mallio screamed.

Talima jumped out of the car and began running to where they had placed the glistening rocks. Mallio, leading, noticed a mixture of colors was being cast in the air.

“Talima, I bet those are the rocks!” Mallio directed, “Because they were always glowing and those colored lights feature the colors of the stones!”

Quickly, the teens directed their movement towards the shimmering colored lights. They passed the spooky trees, their branched being slightly moved by the carrying winds. Talima and Mallio soon met up with their stones, but something rather strange was happening.

The pink and white stone, along with the red stone, weren’t exactly the same pattern anymore. The pink and white stone had a pink and white dotted pattern, which questioned Talima. The red stone had changed from a red to a crystal blue color, with two red dots on them.

There were black sharp lines on each side of the rock. And, both stones magically began glowing a luminous white color. As they both approached the glowing stones, they both noticed that two emerald devices were around the rocks. Curious, Mallio removed both devices, handing one to his sister.

The device was an oval shape, and had a black dot in the middle. The contraptions had several miniature holes located on the flipside of them. Mallio and Talima pressed the black button, and within a second, the machinery began to open.

The emerald flap folded back on the backside of the contraptions, revealing white buttons and a black screen. Talima and Mallio began examining these small machines.

“What are these?” Talima asked. “I don’t know. Perhaps they are a new version of a console. Perhaps a Gameboy XS?” Mallio stated, “But what I really want to know if how they got here and who placed them around our stones.”

“I have no clue. It’s strange. Perhaps a person placed them here for someone to find with the stones. That’s the only thing I can think of,” Talima added.

Then, just before Talima was about to place the item in her pocket, her eyes gazed upon the both stones, with them widening once she witnessed the action of them.

The stones began to shake around, with them cracking slowly. Their glow began stronger as Mallio turned around to see what was wrong. The two stones cracked open, both sides falling. Mallio’s eyes widened also, noticing that two strange forms were glowing.

Their glistening effects soon faded, and both teens looked in awe as they saw two creatures staring into the human’s eyes. The first creature, which came from the pink and white stone, was very adorable.

The pink creature had a dog-shaped body, its silky fur shining a pleasant pink texture. Its mouth was pointy, holding a set of white sharp teeth. Its eyes were black, yet very pretty to look into.
Its legs were strong looking, being decorated with white spots. The monster’s claws were black and very sharp as they dug into the grass firmly. It had curly, white pointy ears, and its tail was very long.

The tail had a crystal design on the end; being striped the white and pink color. Finally, the dog-like creature had a set of medium-sized wings that were moving slowly. Talima adorably looked at her creature, admiring its appearance.

“Angale, ang!” The creature said, stepping up towards the female.

Talima bent down and stroked the pink winged dog’s back softly, and the creature purred loudly in joyfulness. Talima smiled uncontrollably as she stared in the monster’s pupils. Mallio couldn’t say one word at all; he was fascinated with the small blue dragon that apparently hatched from his so-called ‘stone’.

The blue dragon creature looked more robust and rougher than the pink dog monster. This creature had a scaly blue body and was rather long. Its tail was long and rough, being split into two ends at the end. The blue dragon’s face had the oval shape like an actual dragon or serpent, with the beady crimson eyes to match.

Its mouth was also extended outward, holding sharp teeth within. The creature had little, but strong legs while its claws were very sharp. This monster also had a set of wings, fading away the blue color into lighter segments as it approached the tip.

“Sele, seles!” The blue dragon chirped loudly.

Mallio excitedly bent down and examined the newborn creature’s body, admiring its scaly blue body. “Talima, I guess we were wrong…but I just had a feeling that these were dragon eggs,” Mallio announced.

“Yeah, well, this little puppy dragon of mine is so cute! I’m going to keep it and treat it like my own child!” Talima lovingly said.

Just then, their devices had activated a mechanical voice on both of them. Talima pulled her device out of her pocket and noticed that the picture of the pink winged dog was on the blank screen. On Mallio’s device, the picture of the blue dragon appeared on the screen. Just then, they quietly listened to the information from Talima’s contraption first.

{Angale, the Angel Dragon Pokémon. Angale is of the two types of psychic and dragon. These Pokémon can easily use their Calm Mind technique to read the mind of humans and other dragons alike. These Pokemon used their wings and sharp teeth to scare humans away, although these Pokémon are known for their nice attitude. Angale evolves into Aglarlove, but has the choice of either evolving into Angelarz with a happiness stone, or a Swalqueen with the help of a water stone.}

Mallio’s mouth dropped wide open in shock. Just before them stood two living proofs of dragon Pokémon! Mallio jumped with excitement, seeing that they both had possession of their own Pokémon. Then, he silenced his mind as he began to specifically listen to the data of his newborn blue dragon.

{Seleste, the Mixture Dragon Pokémon. Seleste takes two traits of dragon-type and ice-type. Seleste can be found within cold mountain ranges, snow packs and glistening peaks. They usually sail around in the cold water to freeze the hydrogen. That way, their packs can easily walk on the slippery ice. Seleste evolves into Selestio, followed by Salastia with a water stone. But, there are rumors that this dragon has an optional evolution known as Salaseteli, but it is not confirmed as of now. Myths say that this evolution is from Selestio with a Fire Stone and a difficult magic potion.}

Mallio and Talima both placed their devices up, and looked at their new Pokémon. Angale flapped its sparkling wings slowly, examining its surroundings. Seleste, on the other hand, took interest into its new owner, licking Mallio’s neck with its long, pink tongue.

But then, one question had instantly popped into his head. So now that Talima and I have our very first Pokémon, what will be dad’s reaction?

Talima also had a worried face, wondering what would her father do and how would he react if he knew that these dragons existed, plus they happened to own one of their own. Mallio looked at his sister and nodded determinedly.

“Tomorrow morning, we will have the confrontation and he won’t be able to make us leave Angale and Seleste,” Mallio icily stated.

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-29-2004, 03:00 AM
This story is pretty darn awesome, Aley. You do a good job of describing what's going on, and I like Mallio and Talima's new Dragon Pokemon. I can't wait to see more.

Scorch Ry
09-29-2004, 09:46 PM
Johto Island Girl: Thanks for such a delighting compliment! Meow meow meow! I'm glad that you are enjoying Mallio and Talima's new Dragon Pokemon, Seleste and Angale. It was hard at first, trying to find the right way to describe them and draw them, especially their evolved forms. But, I managed to clearly get that out of the way, and had enough details to bring the Pokemon to this story! Well, thanks again JIG, and everyone else who is reading! With that said, here's Chapter V!
The white morning sun slowly peaked above the mountains, which cast such a mysterious lighting in the villa. The glistening lake sparkled wonderfully as the water flowed and massively dropped down into the water-ranged area. The flowers opened, awakening to the early morning.

The home was quiet, yet mysterious for some strange reason. In the workout room, Ruberto was training his son, Mallio. Since six o’clock in the morning, Mallio was running around, lifting forty-pound weights and jumping rope with twenty pounds elastic material on the brown hands.

Ruberto wanted his son to become a little more built, seeing that Mallio was already developing muscular muscle shapes in his arm. Just then, Talima had entered, with Angale and Seleste in her beloved arms. She stared down her brother, which made him walk over and take his blue dragon creature.

Angale moved around uncontrollably but Seleste calmly move its tail in complete patience. Their father was lifting weights also, focusing his thoughts only on improving his body a little more. Mallio nervously bent over towards his sister’s ear.

“Talima, I don’t think dad will take this too easily. I mean, what if he tries to kill them?” Mallio whispered.

“He won’t. He might kick them out, and if he does, I’m going with my Angale. It’s so cute and I can’t let it be out there in the cold and dark world,” Talima icily answered.

“You guys don’t even have to tell me, because I have already seen them,” Ruberto announced.

Talima and Mallio’s head quickly darted towards the direction of their father’s face, seeing the disappointed expression on his face. Seleste sadly looked down out of distraction, while Angale continued to move uneasily in Talima’s arms. Hesitating to talk, Talima stepped back a couple of feet. Ruberto got up, folding his arms and looking directly into Mallio’s eyes.

“Mallio, I can’t even believe what you have done here!” Ruberto screamed, “You lied to me, and you bring these beasts into my house! How dare you have some never to do so, you just aren’t trustworthy anymore!”

“Dad, so what I lied? Talima and I wanted to do something by ourselves, and you are always the person to stop us. Why can’t you be like every other father and think about what’s good for us?” Mallio coldly questioned.

Talima’s eyes widened as she heard her father, along with her brother, argue about the dragons, but with other issues. Angale’s moving around deceased as the dog dragon quietly listened to the earsplitting conversation.

“I know what is good for you all, and these little creatures or dumb animals aren’t in it. You need to exterminate these dragons or I will simply kill them myself!” Ruberto directed.

Mallio’s father reached for Seleste, but surprisingly, Mallio reached up and grabbed his father’s wrist, tightening the squeeze.

“Hold it right there, dad. Don’t you ever try to touch my dragon! Now, you listen to me, and listen to me good!” Mallio barked out.

Ruberto swung his hand back and rubbed his wrist lightly, seeing that this seventeen year-old son had some strength in him. The female teen placed her hand over her mouth, astonished that Mallio had the guts to stand up to his father, and actually order him to do something.

“Now, Ruberto,” Mallio explained, “why do you always have to think that whatever you don’t like doesn’t suit me and Talima? We are brother and sister, and we have our own likings. Don’t ever tell me, or her, to like what you want to like and what we shouldn’t like based upon your decision. Now, I have a dragon…and I’m going to train it, and evolve it into the best dragon it can become. Now, dad, you have a choice. Accept these dragons, or if you try to kill them, I’m leaving and I’m gone for good. Do you understand?”

Ruberto stood up to his son, giving him an angry look. “Mallio, don’t ever speak to me like that again? Now, these dragons are-”

“Dad, I don’t want to hear you say that to me, because as far as now, I don’t consider you as a father. A father doesn’t disapprove his son. A father will stand by his son, taking every decision they make, no matter if they like it or not. So, I don’t even want to hear you speak because you aren’t my father as of now,” Mallio confidently said.

The blue dragon looked at both humans, seeing that they were going through an argument. It simply swung its tail as it started to glow a purple color.

“Don’t ever argue, my trainer. Nerves aren’t the way to express how you feel. Explain to your father why you want to keep your dragon because right now, he’s still not accepting it.” A voice opposed in Mallio’s head.

Mallio shook his head, and looked down. Seleste was looking around, its tail’s shimmering effect slowly fading away. The teen took a deep breath and began to explain to his father about why he wanted to keep the dragon, along with the reason of Talima’s dragon.

Even though Ruberto didn’t want them to keep them, he could tell how confident his son was that he wouldn’t give up until they got an approval from his. Talima stepped forward, holding Angale was elegance. “Angale, ang!” Angale barked out, looking around hastily.

Scorch Ry
09-29-2004, 09:48 PM
Seleste remained quiet, wondering what the taller gentleman was going to say. After consideration and listening to what Mallio had to say, Ruberto had no choice but to accept these dragons.

“Mallio, I guess you and your sister can keep the dragons, but do you know what this means?” Ruberto informed.

Talima and Mallio were happy, but were also concerned about what their forgiving father had to say. They both shook their heads, seeing that they didn’t know the consequences.

“Well, even though I never believed it before, it seems like what they say are true. You two would have to leave on a journey. People who own these dragons do not stay home, because eventually, they will be killed along with the existing dragons. So, you two need to leave now before anyone comes, because when dragon trainers are spotted with these creatures in homes, they will exterminate them.” Ruberto explained, “So now you really have a choice. Either you stay here and release the dragons, or leave here and start a journey with your dragons. Whatever your decision is, I will always be there to back you two up.”

The teenaged siblings had to really think about what they were going to do immediately, because anyone or anything could come after both themselves and their precious dragons. The girl was wondering about leaving at the age of sixteen, while Mallio was deeply concerned about leaving and possibly never returning.

Although they would be with each other and with their Pokémon, the thought of not seeing their parents would really get them sad and worried. Talima bent over towards her brother’s ear to speak.

“Mallio, we should leave. I want to keep this dragon, and I will never let it go,” Talima informed.

“Talima, do you know what we are leaving behind? We are leaving mom and dad here alone, so its like they could get killed and we might not ever known for several years! Things are at stake here, and I just can’t leave yet,” Mallio replied.

“Fine, go ahead and stay here. But I’m leaving, regardless of what your choice is because I can survive on my own without your help. But, realize that you can get killed here, and you can say goodbye to your dragon. Make your choice now because I have already,” Talima responded.

The teen looked down at his dragon, seeing how precious it was. Seleste looked up and began smiling nicely, seeing that it was already attached to its new owner. Mallio had then realized that this dragon was a gift, and he couldn’t just let it go.

“Dad, I’ve decided that both me and Talima will leave. We want to keep these dragons, train them and watch them evolve and get strongest. Hopefully, you’ll accept this and won’t miss us,” Mallio explained.

Ruberto sighed sadly, but nodded his head. “Very well then. It’s okay; your mother and I will survive. I’ll talk to her about this and she’ll understand, trust me. Now, you two need money because you’ll need more adventurous outfits.” Their father replied, “So, Mallio, there’s an outfit in your closet that I think you’ll like to wear. Since our land barely has snow and rain, it’ll suit you perfectly. But, it would have looked better if you would have worked out a bit more to tone your muscles. Talima already saw hers because she has wore it on occasions. Go ahead and get dressed, and you shall leave.”

Talima and Mallio excitedly went into their rooms, their dragons in their possessions. They quickly changed into their clothing that was set in their closets; Mallio’s outfit consisted of baggy red pants with a brown belt wrapping around his right leg.

He wasn’t wearing a shirt; he was wearing red and lightblue sleeves material with a medium blue colored armor that rested on his arms near his wrists. He was wearing a long, red thin coat with black crystal designs on them.

His shoes were red fall boots that were made from the Timberland Company. On the center of his belt rested a black circle that would hold Mallio’s Pokéballs, even though he didn’t possess one.

Talima’s outfit consisted of baggy white pants with green fall boots that were made from the Timberland Company as well. A short red skirt was around the waist of the baggy pants. She was wearing bold and crimson colored bands on her two ponytails.

A gold neckband was on her neck, while glistening sunlight colored bracers were on her cut green sleeves. Talima was wearing an emerald, pallid and scarlet patterned crop top with striped designs on them.

On the side of her white pants were gold rings that were being held by a green elastic band. The gold rings were used to hold her Pokéballs as well. The teenager examined herself in the mirror, enjoying the fighting-theme outfit her father had purchased for her.

Mallio, on the other hand, began to flex in his black mirror, seeing that the training his father was giving him was helping. Ruberto waited for them in their living as he sat on the new red leather couch he purchased earlier that morning. Talima and Mallio walked out of their rooms, entering the living room at the same time. They looked at each other, surprised.

“Talima…for once, you actually look like someone who could beat me up,” Mallio complimented.

“Oh shut up, you jerk. I can always beat you up, I can throw you across my room within seconds!” Talima rejected.

Ruberto got up and walked over to his children. He sadly looked at them both and quickly hugged both of them tightly. Talima and Mallio knew that Ruberto would miss them, because he probably felt that he was abandoning them.

“I’ll miss you two,” Ruberto sighed.

“Dad, don’t even worry about us. I’ll make sure I watch over Talima carefully, so you don’t even have to worry about us. We’ll be fine,” Mallio stated.

“Yeah, and we have Pokémon by our side, which is something that can help us learn to do many things in the future. Just trust in us,” Talima begged.

After hugging, Ruberto’s eyes watered as tears dropped down his face. Mallio could feel the pain that his father was having, seeing that Ruberto would miss them a lot.

“Go ahead you two. I’ll explain this to your mother, but she might already know of this. Now leave and don’t turn back,” Ruberto informed.

Without hesitation, with their dragon Pokémon by their side, Mallio and Talima opened the door and began walking on the dirt road, where a new perilous world would open to them. It would just depend on if they were ready and willing to open the gate into that world of training, battling, history, and adventures but with one objective…

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-30-2004, 02:44 AM
So this begins the journey of Mallio and Talima...

Excellent chapter, my friend-nya! Meow! Again, you go into a lot of detail (more than I'll ever get into) and it's almost like I'm in the action. Keep it up, my friend. :wink: