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08-10-2004, 01:58 AM
Post your computer's specifications here!

Mine's a eMachines, Model T2240. It has an Intel Celeron processor, clocked in at 2.20 GHz. I'm running Windows XP with 381.92 megs of RAM. I'm gonna build my own, but I still need a job, heh.

My eMachines is running 2 CD drives, a 40x CD-ROM and a 52x CD-R/RW (Sony, added later). It also has the standard 3 and 1/2 inch floppy drive, a 17" flat screen monitor, 6 USB ports (2 front, 4 rear) and lots of expansion slots, though no AGP slot. It runs 64 megs of memory on an Intel Extreme Graphics AGP chipset.

08-10-2004, 03:11 AM
I couldn't care less about another's computer specs :rolleyes: