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Scorch Ry
08-10-2004, 06:28 PM
Selestio: Manoilla Trilogy Part I
Well, here's the new story that I've been working on for quite some time. This story is about when two teenagers walk towards a lake, and suddenly find two glistening stones. They hide them in a forest as they go into Shampoer, but as they arrive back to get them, a perilous new world is revealed to them. Read as the brother and sister, Mallio and Talima, walk into the new world of dragons, magic, adventures as they face challenges from the strongest of creatures as they make their way into the Ferilo Empire Kingdom to hunt down and kill King Aleykale. *A Map, character sprites and custom chapter banners will be up soon. I, however, need help with the visual artworks of a map, so any help is accepted*

Scorch Ry
08-10-2004, 06:30 PM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Aleykale/Prologue2.jpgTalkynesioà is a place like no other. Talkynesioà was an unknown country of the forbidden lands of Australia. Near the eastern coast of these animal land, Talkynesioà had been hidden for one reason: dragons. The Tubeesia Empire, holding many soldiers there, guarded the land relentlessly, killing thousands of human predators per year.

The reason they were hidden was because humans had loved to get their hands of dragons, and in the entire world, Talkynesioà was the only place to find them. Humans wanted dragons so they could sell them to high bidders at exclusive auctions, so Talkynesioà rules this land and hid it for as long as they could.

Talkynesioà held various types of dragons, including aerial dragons, black dragons, panther dragons, even magical serpents. The Empire’s ruler, King Aleykale, bred over twenty thousand dragons, bringing up their popularity throughout the world.

But, many creatures had several wars to claim special magical items to kill King Aleykale with. And today, one of these small wars were taking place this very moment…one to protect King Aleykale’s bad forces, the other to fight for justice, future rights and individual structures of dragon births.

The air whispered a devastating cry as it hazardously blew around Tueberèrè. Just then, a tall Guatrin lifted her cranium in a complete vigilant mode. The Guatrin took the appearance of humans, only with short maroon hair and crystal colored eyes.

She looked around in surprise. Sniffling the wind with her trout, she took caution immediately. Were they here? Why would they be here? Is this a trap they are pulling us into? All of these questions popped in the Guatrin’s head one by one unhurriedly, being eliminated with the same answer; she didn’t have a clue whatsoever to what the Tuscins were up to at this very exact moment.

Since they performed serious matters with striking and unusual objects and maneuvers to catch their enemies, the tall Guatrin had no choice but to protect her colony at no costs, including risking her own life itself. The Guatrin weighed the odds of the deep situation and abruptly alerted her colony.

“Spread out right now; those Tuscins can be anywhere around here. If you spot one, strike them with no mercy! Either that…or suffer a great and horrible death,” she screamed.

Just then, hordes of tiny guardian-like ogres came flying from trees and landing on the smooth ground, shaking the earth with force. These creatures had sparkling blue swords and polished large shields, with white symbols painted on them.

They were short, yet had built bodies that were structured for crushing and fighting. Their skin toned matched the color of a darkblue misty day, with hair covering their bodies completely to conceal any unfamiliar attractions from humans, animals, nor creatures that were of their race. Horns grew above their thick black eyebrows with their pointy edges.

In clans, the small Guatrins scattered through the dangers of Tueberèrè, hiding behind the brown twisted trees and thorny green shrubs. Roaring with sheer pride, the Guatrins safely hid everywhere they could. Once the sounds deceased, the forest went completely silent once again. The tall Guatrin slowly paced herself around the forest, very cautious about every single move she did.

Her feet crept around the green plants that hid the miniature creatures. The Guatrin’s situation was not acceptable at all; the tall trees had shielded away the bright reflection of the white moonlight. The Guatrins’ eyes were only one hundred percent perfect only in the morning time and afternoon time divisions.

She remained unnaturally silent as she silently paced herself in the east direction. With two small Guatrins following her, they began to pick up speed as they began to walk faster that before.

“I sense they are nearby,” the Guatrin announced, “so let’s move on into the eastern direction now!”

The small creatures grunted as they ran in the eastern section. With their sharp swords, they relentlessly slashed extended tree branches and overgrown shrubs that grew unusually. She then reached for her golden colored bow and arrows, positioning one in front of her cautiously.

The tall Guatrin could hear the whispers of the Tuscins, since Guatrin eyes could hear anything at anytime. With their magical ability called Tyriya-Lyuer, they could simply erase any hearings from their minds in a quick second. Tyriya-Lyuer took nearly twenty thousand years to master for Tuscins, but for Guatrins, it only took a mere two and a half years to completely conquer the spell.

A precious owl fluttered its wing gracefully, yet quietly, passing by the raging Guatrins. Once again, the forest went under another silent session, questioning new questions in the tall Guatrin’s mind.

Where did they hide all of this time? Do they really mean to cause trouble? How are they traveling? These new questions raced through her mind, but then the final question had told it all to her. Are they traveling by the black dragons? As the diminutive stalwart creatures walked alerted of their movement, their oddly-shaped feet made footprints in the grassland.

Guatrins’ feet were structured like a lion’s paw, and they were heavy enough to leave deep footprints in the thickest of earth structures, even cement that come of been on earth for more than seventy years, perhaps a few centuries at that.

The tall Guatrin and her beast colony suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. She ran behind a tall brown tree that had lost its red and pink leaves. She peered around the tree and icily said, “Hide behind anything that won’t reveal any of your body. Move into action now!”

The dumpy beasts galloped behind trees and wild undergrowth, releasing piercing sighs from their elongated mouths as they hid. The forest grew louder, with a black dragon in the moonlight skies noticing it. The black skies held white and sparkling stars that matched the sheer beauty of the full moon. Glowing with fantastic color, the moon’s light rays beamed upon twelve black dragons with darkblue creatures sitting on their long, scaly backs.

Scorch Ry
08-10-2004, 06:30 PM
Prologue Continued
The dragons had appealing black scales for its skin. Their heads were roughly oval shaped and their eyes glistened the pearly blue tint. Their noses were large also; their nostrils being on one side of their rough faces. They fluttered their wings massively, creating gusty wings in the beloved skies.

Their wings were nearly five times bigger than their long snake bodies, which helped the black serpent direct them through treacherous winds and to reach their speed to the uppermost restrictions. Their claws were extensively sharp and edgy, sharp enough to tear into a human’s body and rip their body into bloody shreds.

The darkblue beasts that quietly watched the Guatrins from the skies were known as the Tuscins. They were over six feet tall, having well-built bodies. Their oily skin was dearly glossy and darkblue.

Their feet were exactly like humans, the next comparison that was detected. However, these Tuscins had large sharp claws that took the same form and sharpness like their winged serpents’ black claws, only a tad bit smaller. Their legs were strong and beefy like their upper body, which made them had the appearance of beastly muscle trainers.

They wore large brown boots to match their miniature Amazon skirts they were below their waists. These brown kilts were what many fighters would wear, or what Amazon men would wear to show freedom and power of their lands.

Quietly, the Tuscins spotted the hidden Guatrin in the Tueberèrè area, positioning their crystal-colored bow and arrows at two of the small creatures. “Aim and fire carefully; if they strike us, they can reign the area which is unacceptable!” the leader Tuscin announced.

Their leader Tuscin was a recent Amazon king, leading the wild animals and creatures to new habitats and many other exciting places. With great leadership, his clan of Tuscins called him Tyroyn.

He snapped her fingers as quiet as he could, but the tall Guatrin was alerted of this sudden sound. She gazed up and noticed that twelve crystal lightings filtered the skies, making her aware that something was wrong with the sudden situation.

All of a sudden, she heard someone announce, “Fire at them now!” Suddenly, twelve arrows crossed the skies and darted towards two of the small Guatrins as they whistled a high pitched sound in the skies.

She hurried on and tackled the two Guatrins in harm, with the arrows being struck into the grass. Tyroyn nervously looked and noticed that the tall Guatrin, known as Amaino, had saved two of her creatures. “Tuscins, continue attacks now!” Tyroyn yelled angrily.

His darkblue beast clan began striking series of twelve arrows at two Guatrins, although the beefy hairy beasts were not alert of their presence. They corrupted devastating cries as they angrily marched around the grasslands.

Amaino, however, had hid herself directly under four of the black dragons. She noticed that one of them were carrying two large dragon eggs; one gleamed the powerful crimson color, while the other was a settled, peaceful pink and white mixture.

“Looks like mama here is going have to die, because her rider is mine as well as her!” Amaino yelled.

She then flung one crimson arrow at the black dragon holding the two dragon eggs, but suddenly yelled out a spell that Tuscins were unable to hear. “Bootrh Tubreiu!” she screamed. Suddenly, before her eyes, the crimson arrow had magically been divided into twelve arrows.

These magical copies, along with the original, now had the ability to instantly kill the dragon. But not only that, but the killing arrows could strike out of the dragon’s body and also kill anyone or anything, that lived, that sat directly on its back.

The arrows from the Tuscins that struck the small beefy Guatrins, killing them one by one. But, before they could launch their attacks at Amaino, the crimson arrows had abruptly struck their dragons except for Tyroyn’s black dragon.

The dragons hissed piercingly, overwhelmed from the strikes and cringing in immersed soreness. Soon, the eleven dragons fell on top of the dead Guatrin, also experiencing their deaths within seconds. The two dragon eggs fell to the ground, with Amaino positioning her two strikes upon them. Just then, she had heard Tyroyn.

“Amaino, these two dragons are not to be hurt. It’s time for you to join your colony now!”

She began running, but Tyroyn’s black dragon soared down, gliding after her. She tried to make swift turns to evade them, but the serpent’s clear visions could see anything from the corner of its eyes.

Tyroyn watched the two dragon eggs fall in the large tree, then struck out two crystal arrows. They whistled throughout the clean air and into the woods. Unpredictably, they briskly struck the giant Guatrin, ending her life just like her beefy beasts. With dead Guatrins, Tuscins and black dragons on the ground, Tyroyn grinned in absolute arrogance as he stared at the two dragon eggs.

“You’ll find your owners soon, don’t you worry. Because when you do, they will become the Serpent Prince and Princess,” he murmured.

Not long after, Tyroyn and his black dragon soared up into the skies, knowing that in a few months, the two legacies would find their owners.