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08-12-2004, 12:35 AM
Where to begin? My name is Deluxe, Raúl or Marth, call me as you like. This is the story, or more exactly, the journal, of what happened in my search for the “Elemental crystals”. It all started on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I was defending my gym against a trainer called Matt…

“Ampharos, thunder punch!” Said the young challenger, full of determination to win the battle. He was wearing a black T-shirt; a Vulpix was stamped in it sparkled in the little light that surrounded the area, alongside black knickerbockers and white tennis. A yellow Vermillion Electabuzz baseball team completed his outfit, while a white Ninetales covered his back.
“Protect yourself with a light screen Starmie!” I said in response, a faint tone of nervousness in my words. I was wearing a future shirt, lilac colored, with my favorite blue jeans and a purple headband. Sweat slowly dropped to the floor as another thunder lit the area with his blinding light through the gym windows.
I had made a terrible mistake at the start of the fight; I sent Starmie, my twin star-shaped pokémon. Twin because she looked like two stars together, the one in the back spinning depending on the mood of my pokémon. She was a great pokémon, but she had the weakness against lighting, beside others. I should have started with Alakazam, that doesn’t have many weaknesses. The rules in the gym state that I can’t switch my pokémon during the battle, so the odds were obviously against me.
Starmie’s central red-jewel glowed as she created an invisible barrier that would protect her from special damage, like electricity. However, that wouldn’t be enough for stopping Ampharos great Special Attack, as I soon found out. The sheep-like pokémon without any wool charged negative ions by moving his large tail in the air. It was a perfect moment for using electricity, as the environment was humid and the earth emanated tons of negative ions.
Once the attack was ready, Ampharos flexed his yellow colored legs, took some impulse and dashed toward Starmie, his fist drawn back for more impact power
Starmie placed his seventh extremity firmer in the concrete floor, while her first and third extremity covered her jewel from the oncoming attack. The hit came after seconds of tension, Ampharos punched Starmie right in the guarded yellow, the invisible barrier took most of the damage, but somehow the attack pierced through the obstacle, leaving Starmie vulnerable against the electricity. She fell to the floor with the impact her hands extended to the infinite, and with a faint sound, she was…
“Starmie is knocked out!” My referee, Andrew, pointed out the already know result.
I felt terrible in that moment. Starmie had suffered, and it was my fault. Sadly, I grabbed her poke ball from my belt, and gazed quickly at it. It had been covered with tiny blue gems, as Starmie asked me a long time ago. I held it in the air, showing it to everyone, pointed to her and clicked the button that activated the device. A flashy red laser emerged from it, magically reducing Starmie’s body until she was safe back in her poke ball.
“That was awesome, Amphy! Keep the good work…” He said, and then paused, looking at my side. “Hey, why is your Houndoom grinning deluxe?” He added, pointing at my pokémon.
Houndoom was, indeed, grinning. He was a black hound, with glowing red eyes. His white fangs were a treat to any pokémon, and his silver horns would be deadly in a head butt. A devil tail with a sharp end completed his imposing figure.
I took a quick glance at him, and knew the answer of the question.
“He has predicted the future, as usual. He says I’ll win this match.” I replied.
Matt looked surprised, but then he shook his head in disbelief:
“Actions speak louder than predictions Houndoom, send your final pokémon deluxe.” He smirked.
I grabbed yet another poke ball from my belt, a purple one, and threw it to the battlefield.
“X, show us your power!” I cried as the regular trainers do.
A sudden sparkle covered the arena, as my strongest psychic-type pokémon appeared in front of Ampharos.
Alakazam, also known as X, was a human-shaped pokémon. He had a light body, but an unusual big head. A thin armor covered his flesh, blonde colored. He didn’t have hair at all; only two silver whiskers that made him look like a grandfather. In each of his delicate but deadly hands, he held a spoon. I’ve never known what were they for, but he was always bending them for fun or when he attacked.
Alakazam focused his purple eyes in Ampharos, trying to intimidate him. Shamefully for him, it worked, Ampharos retreated a few steps backwards.
“Don’t get scared Ampharos, he’s no power, just brains!” He cheered Ampharos.
“You may continue the battle.” Andrew quoted, raising both his flags up in the air.
My hopes rose again with Houndoom’s prediction. “Alakazam, Psychic!” I commanded.
“Ampharos, Light Screen!” Matt responded. A clever tactic, my pokémon rely heavily on special attacks. Thankfully, the light screen from Starmie hadn’t wore off yet, it would last a few more minutes…
Alakazam was faster than Ampharos, he gathered his PSI in both his hands, and little beams of energy emerged now and then as an amethyst circle of power was created. Alakazam aimed at Ampharos, who was forming the barrier, and shot it trough the air. Another lighting struck in the rain as the psychic hit Amphy, destroying the incomplete light screen and throwing the stunned opponent to the invisible floor.
“Finish him with a psy beam X!” I said, taking advantage of the situation. Suddenly, I felt two big presences entering my Gym. Houndoom must have felt them two, because he looked around instinctively. I couldn’t turn around to see, as Alakazam was about to finish Ampharos.
X stood still, focusing his energies, and then released a powerful glowing beam, powerful enough to hit Ampharos and knock him out. Ampharos tried to get up…
“Come on Amphy, you can do it!” Matt attempted to cheer his pokémon.
--It’s worthless; Ampharos has taken too much damage. -- Houndoom predicted.
Fortunately, as if his words became true, Ampharos finally went down after anxious moments of struggle. Andrew raised his red flag: “Ampharos is knocked out!” He announced.
Matt trembled as he called Ampharos to his poke ball. Nevertheless, confidence was still surrounding him; he still had one more pokémon…
“It’s up to you, Thyplosion!” He finally said after pausing for a moment, throwing a red poke ball.
Thyplosion was obviously his best option. Alakazam didn’t have an attack that would damage it. Besides, Alakazam was getting tired, as he was panting in front of Thyplosion.
Thyplosion is a hard pokémon for describing. It had the body of a flying squirrel, but without the tail and with a less gentle face. While in the front he had pale-yellow colored fur, in the back the intense heat had turned completely black his body. Many holes were visible in the darkness of the shoulder. Fire tongues suddenly emerged from them raising his fire-attack power, and announcing that he was ready for the battle.
--You know the trick, deluxe. Make him his own enemy…-- Houndoom said wisely.
Make him his own enemy… those words echoed deep inside in my mind. I knew what he meant…
“You may continue the battle.” Andrew repeated with exasperation, raising both flags in the air.
“Thyplosion, Flamethrower!” Matt said, losing no time, as for him it was as valuable as gold.
“Avoid it with double team!” I replied, remaining as calm as possible.
Thyplosion tenses his muscles. The fire in his back emerged suddenly, an almost invisible smoke rose from his shoulder, the humidity turned into dryness, as Thyplosion let out a column of fire.

08-12-2004, 12:40 AM
Alakazam remained still as the fire approached him, in the last second, he created moving holographs of himself that were in fact a distortion of the atmosphere.
The flamethrower hit the emptiness, leaving Thyplosion dazzled, but Matt started chuckling.
“Gotcha deluxe, Thyplosion, Swift!” He said smirking.
Therefore, he had planned this. Swift would hit Alakazam, no matter how much copies X had.
“Guard yourself Alakazam!” I commanded, raising my eyebrows as a tiny drop of sweat landed mystically in the floor. I knew there was nothing to do but defend against an attack like that.
Alakazam was actually floating high in the gym while I gave him orders, immediately crossing his arms around his mid-body, his weakness. He closed his eyes waiting for the hit, using the environment for increasing his defense and his special defense; in other words, he used the defending move called Cosmic Power.
Thyplosion hurled himself into a black ball, while needles emerged from his punctures, which launched in all directions toward anything…including us.
My first thought was to throw myself at the floor, but Houndoom was faster than me, using his ember to destroy the needles with relative ease. Andrew didn’t had the same luck though, a needle made a big hole in his right flag, while another one blew his cap to the wall.
Matt himself used my idea, without delay he threw himself to the concrete floor, evading a needle that would surely stung his head.
Alakazam had a hard time evading the spikes, turning himself in funny positions in slow motion. He loved doing the Matrix effect. His copies vanished instantly turning in air again.
“Stop it Thyplosion! You have to aim next time!” Matt yelled scared from the ground.
Thyplosion stopped at once, scratching his head apologizing. It was the time for attack!
“Alakazam…Swagger!” I said eagerly, once Houndoom stopped throwing flames.
Alakazam froze in mid-air, in a diving position, and called Thyplosion with a loud whistle.
Thyplosion looked up, being welcome with a confusing gas that emerged from Alakazam’s mouth.
His eyes turned white, while he clutched his head with his paws in agony. The Swagger had worked!
Thyplosion was now in a rampage, walking blinding around the arena, throwing burst of flames here and there, sometimes hitting nothing, sometimes hitting himself.
--Whoa! Talk about grumpiness! End this quickly or we’ll all be roasted deluxe! -- Houndoom said after dodging a small flame.
“You are right… Paralyze him Alakazam!” I said at once.
Thyplosion roared, exasperated while looking for his opponent. He didn’t notice Alakazam charging up electrical power in his left spoon. He didn’t notice Alakazam grinning as he launched in a falcon dive toward him. He didn’t notice anything at all; his body was paralyzed immediately.
I took a quick gaze at Matt’s face. His lips curved slightly to the right as Thyplosion landed on the ground slowly, his body completely numb. After the attack, Alakazam retreated at a safe distant where Thyplosion wouldn’t hurt him if he got rid of the paralysis.
“Come on Thyplosion, you can get up!” Matt cheered his fallen pokémon loudly.
My mind was distracted of the battle for a short moment. I felt a sudden shudder in my back, as I sensed two strong entities… no, two persons entering my gym. Houndoom must have felt it too, because he turned around and went to welcome the guests… They didn’t feel like human, or pokémon. Alakazam turned my attention back to the battle.
--Should I finish him now? -- He asked impatiently.
--Go ahead, won’t take more than one Psycho Boost to knock him out—
The Psycho Boost was the strongest psychic attack, so far. The user played tricks in the opponents mind; damaging it he would damage the body. It took a lot of power to do it, Alakazam had
barely enough energy for doing it, as the battle had tired him.
Alakazam focused all of his inner energies, closing his mind, doing the “Lotus” position. He slowly levitated into the air; a blue aura began to cover his body. He finally opened his eyes, but they weren’t lilac-colored anymore. They were completely blank, showing his concentration as he used powerful attacks in Thyplosion mind, which was trying to get up.
Thyplosion had barely raised his right knee, when the first attack stroke. He grasped his head again, roaring in pain as an invisible adversary assaulted him. As I expected, he was knocked out with only one hit. Alakazam closed his eyes again, standing up, and made a swish in the air, throwing a fainted Thyplosion to the ground.
Matt gasped when Andrew rose up the red flag. He didn’t want to believe the outcome…
“Thyplosion is knocked out. Alakazam is the winner. Deluxe wins this battle.” He announced in a fast, neutral tone. He winked at me, as his way of congratulating.
--Good job, Alakazam…Rest now.-- I thought calling him. Matt did the same.
“Well Matt, for your seventh try… you were very close! I won’t be able to defend my gym the next time! *” I cheered Matt as I walked toward Andrew
*As a matter of fact, I couldn’t!
“Yeah, sure… I’ll never be able to beat your gym deluxe…” He said in low spirits, signing the battle card that my referee showed him.
“Don’t be so discouraged… Ask Houndoom for a prediction, he’s always right” I tried again, signing the card myself, it said:

Saffron City Gym
Leader: Deluxe
Challenger: Matt
Number of pokémon used in the battle: 2
Items used: None.
Winner: Saffron City Gym.
Points: 92 out of 100

“Well, I gotta go… See ya Deluxe!” He said, leaving the gym quietly. His footsteps stopped at the entrance of the gym… he must have asked Houndoom for a prediction.
“Excellent job, deluxe” An unknown voice said behind me. Weird, I didn’t sense someone approaching. I turned around and saw a pair of hooded mans. They were wearing dark cloaks, and their faces were hidden in the shadows.
“I don’t want to be rude, but who are you?” I asked promptly.
They looked satisfied at this reaction. The tallest one took a big sigh, and said firmly:
“It’s a long story… you may want to sit, deluxe… your Houndoom already heard it”
I sat on a nearby bench involuntarily … there was something in his words that seemed un-natural.
They had, for instance, the gift of tongues…they could speak with the pokémon. Houndoom wouldn’t mind-talk to a stranger like those.
“I am Soital and he is Saital. We came from the far-land of Hoenn. We are the guardians of the ancient “Solken Book”, and the secrets located within it. It’s an antique book written in the times where pokémon and humans lived together in harmony. They could talk between themselves.

08-12-2004, 12:41 AM
“Yes, I’ve heard about those legends. Houndoom knows a lot about them” I interrupted him.
“They are indeed true. But have you ever wondered why pokémon only say their name now?” Saital asked me. Houndoom and I looked at us, completely puzzled, shaking our head slowly.
“It’s a long story, so I beg you patience.” Soital said.
“It all started three thousand of years ago. The world was at peace. War didn’t exist. Pokémon lived with humans. They could talk human language, and they were as close as a human friend.
The ancient wise man and wise pokémon from that era created the “Solken Book”. The book contained all the pokémon acknowledge and all the human science. Its power was beyond imagination; deep magic was unscripted in it. Magic powerful enough to grant a wish to the one that read the enchantment.” Saital said calmly.
“A few people known where chosen to protect the book from evil. We are… the descendants of the Royal Guard.” Soital explained.
“However, everything was not perfect. A dark, wicked soul known as Valska gained control of the Sky Fortress. He defeated our ancestors and grasped the Book. Saital continued.
“He unleashed the secrets. His wish was granted… partially.”
“The wishes have to be very specific. He wished that mankind ruled over pokémon…”
“But he never exactly said how… The book mistook his wish, and took the ability from the pokémon to speak human language.”
--That’s… awful; I didn’t know that part of the legend. -- I told Houndoom, glancing at him.
“But, if Valska had the book, wouldn’t he get another wish?” I asked, judging the situation.
“Indeed. But then the most unexpected thing happened…” Soital said, trembling with emotion.
“…A young man with his friends, Pokémon and human, suddenly attacked Valska. The greatest clash ever seen took place, and the young man was triumphant.”
--But, how could he? Valska had the power of the Book, how would he be defeated? —Houndoom opined.
“The wise humans and pokémon created six Elemental Crystals.” Soital explained.
“Those crystals sealed the power of the book, leaving only Valska’s power to be faced.”
“After being beaten, Valska exploded in darkness…not before declaring his last will…”
“…I will be back!” Saital ended, giving his words a trace of fear.
Valska, the Solken Book, Saital, Soital, Sky Fortress, and the Royal Guard… all those names floated in my head while I meditated the legend. I still couldn’t explain why these strangers were telling me this.
“We are telling you this, Deluxe, because Valska has resurrected. His mind is imprisoned in the body of a mid-age pokémon trainer.” Soital replied, reading my mind, confirming my suspects.
“We sensed it a week ago. And the pokémon prophets have just prophesied this:”
“The evil Shadow of the West has returned. His castle will up rise from the ashes. His power will destroy everything unless his stopped.”
“The Hero’s spirit has awoken, and his loyal companions mind awoke with him. The Hero must search the crystals.”
“One buried in the endless sand”
“One dreaming in the raging whirlpool”
“One sculpted in the infernal volcano”
“One hiding in the tallest mountain”
“One looming in the darkest shadow”
“One gleaming in the purest light”
When Soital and Saital repeated this words, my mind seemed to be in other place. I was hearing the prophecies directly from a… Slowking and a Slowbro.
“We believe one of these… war teams, may be actually formed by the Hero’s group.”
“In fact, we’ve already been to Team Magnificent Alliance, Team Trainer and Team Flora.” Saital specified.
“And why did you come to Saffron City, if Team Elite’s HQ is located in Ecruteak city?” I inquired curiously.
“Team Magnificent Alliance’s HQ is located at Vermilion city, that’s close to your gym Deluxe. We thought you could tell your group members later.” Soital answered promptly.
“The other teams have started to look for the crystals as we speak. Hopefully, one of your war teams holds the mind of the Hero.” Saital said, a pair of red eyes gleaming in his face for the first time.
--Everything is… fine, but, how can we be sure that you aren’t members of other teams, trying to distract everyone from the war? -- Houndoom asked. He was right, they could be spies sent by… Trainer probably.
Saital crouched, and murmured something intelligible to Houndoom. Rip immediately bent his head ashamed.
A glance at his mind told me what Saital told him, and I immediately understood that all of these prophecies were…
“Real. Yes, deluxe, the pokémon world is in danger again. We must leave.” Soital completed.
“We are departing for the Orre region, to The Under…and then to Tri-bladders HQ.”
“Good-bye, Deluxe & Houndoom” Saital said cheerfully.
They vanished in the air, to my surprise. They left, however, a small envelope.
Houndoom and I stood there, like in a trance. I realized then what had happened. I bent down and opened the envelope.
Saital had wrote the following:

“Team Elite:
You have started the Quest for the Crystals. If you manage to locate one Elemental Crystal, you will have to fight the Pokémon sealed within them. Those pokémon are the ones that the Hero used. They were imprisoned on the Elemental crystals.
If, however, another Team reaches the location of the Crystal, you must fight to see which team is worthy of keeping it.
In case you forget, here are the prophecies:
“The evil Shadow of the West has returned. His castle will up rise from the ashes. His power will destroy everything unless his stopped.”
“The Hero’s spirit has awoken, and his loyal companions mind awoke with him. The Hero must search the crystals.”
“One buried in the endless sand”
“One dreaming in the raging whirlpool”
“One sculpted in the infernal volcano”
“One hiding in the tallest mountain”
“One looming in the darkest shadow”
“One gleaming in the purest light"
If a team manages to collect all crystals, we’ll sense it and give further instructions.
Saital & Saital