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Chapter 1: Safari Zone! Team Electra

I was in front of the Pokecenter, pressing the button on my bike. As Tod said, it became a small box and I stuck it in my pocket. I entered the Poke Center, heading towards Cole who was allready talking to Nurse Joy. Instead of normal nurse clothes she wore a pink shirt with fuzzy pink pants.

"Hey Cole. Nurse Joy will you heal my Pokemon?" I asked Joy.

"Yeah sure," She replied tired sounding. I unclipped all the Pokeballs, but kept Ariados's. I placed from the five Pokeballs down, walking over to a computer. I dialed Stephen's nnumber.

"Oh my! It's really late...who would call me at...oh hey Nick!" Stephen said.

"I would like to switch Ariados with my new Charizard," I told him.

"Thank you. I had to keep your Pokemon in its Pokeball because he tried to burn all the Oddish's and Nuzleaf's. Though here you go," Stephen replied.

I placed the ball down, then a flash of white light appeared and Ariados's Pokeball dissapeared. After a little while Charizard's Pokeball appeared. I picked it up and clipped the ball to my belt loop.

"Thanks Steven. Well I need to go." I said. I clicked off and walked towards the desk. Joy had just finished healing my Pokemon, so I grabbed them, clipping them to my belt loops. The doors swung open, Cole and I stared at the door. A boy walked in with two Pokemon, one was a bird with two heads and the other was a bat with its teeth showing. I grabbed ND.

ND described, "Dodou: Twin Bird Pokemon, Doduo's two heads never sleep at the sametime. It's heads take turns sleeping, so one head can always keep watch for enemies while the other one sleeps.

Golbat: Bat Pokemon, Golbat loves yo drink blood of living things. It is particulary active in the pitch balck of night. This Pokemon flits around in the night skies, seeking fresh blood."

I looked at the two Pokemon, Duduo had two heads,, with two long necks, one chubby buddy, legs that bent backwards, dark black eyes, head and body covered in brown feathers and two long beaks. Golbat was all blue, two short legs, piercing black eyes, sharp white teeth and purple on the back of its wings. The boy had people following hi and his Pokemon.

"Wonder what thats about?" Cole asked.

"Who knows. Well they do, lets listen." I replied.

The boy had purple hair, wore a green T-shirt and black pants. He took a fingure and shoot back his hair.

"People calm down, it was just a little majic in the Safari Zone. My two new Pokeon could take out anything." The boy said confidently, "Like that kid. Cause I am Lui."

Lui pointed at Cole, and Cole smiled at his comment. My cousin stepped up with Voltorb by his side.

"So you think you can take me huh? Well if I beat you, you have to tell my cousin and me about the Safari Zone." Cole said. I just watched, Lui laughed though.

"Ok, but that is a stupid prize. Though I will do you one better, I, Lui will give you two free passes into the Safari Zone. Because I am the Warner's son, but if you lose you and your cousin are never allowed into the Safari Zone. In the morning though." Lui replied.

The boy and his crowd walked out, dissapearing out of our sight. Cole and I turned seeing Nurse Joy was gone. So I took a couch in the lobby, Cole took another, falling asleep.

....The Next Morning....

I got up, the sun was bright and Cole against Lui allready started outside. Joy still wasn't at the desk. I walked to the door when my Pokeball fell releasing my Charizard. He stared at me and I picked up the Pokeball.

"No wait! I want to know will you care for me? My last trainer didn't, when I was a Charmander he threw me away into the wild. I built so much anger in me that I turned into this black Charizard or shiny Charizard." He told me.

"Always Charizard, I've never let any of my Pokemon down yet. So I won't you." I replied.

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Chapter 1 continued…

I clipped Charizard’s Pokeball onto my belt loop. Then I walked outside to see the battle with Cole versus Lui. Cole had his Sealeo out and Lui had his Golbat in the sky. I watched to see what would happen.

“Ok Sealeo use Ice Beam!” Cole yelled.

“Supersonic!” Lui yelled rite back at Cole. Sealeo shot a beam of ice towards the big bat. It hit, but the bat let a really low sound out. I could tell that Sealeo was now confused because he smacked his self on the ground. Not much damaged happened since there is a lot of fat, but Lui saw his chance to go in and attack.

“Use Crunch!” Lui commanded.

Golbat opened its really big and bit down on the big seal. The blue Pokemon jumped back and looked hurt. Sealeo quickly snapped out of it though.

“Golbat again use Crunch!” Lui shouted. The big bat Pokemon shot at Sealeo and took another bite into him. Cole was in shock as his Pokemon fainted. My cousin grabbed his Pokeball and returned the seal Pokemon. Then he threw out another Pokeball releasing Crobat.

Lui looked surprised as he stared at Golbat’s evolved form. He smiled, than pointed at Cole’s purple bat.

“Nice Pokemon, but it still has no chance against my Golbat!” Lui tried to intimidate Cole.

“Crobat show him what a real Crunch looks like.” Cole commanded, the purple bat flew so fast that in just one blink of an eye, he already bit Golbat’s left wing. Golbat screeched some.

“Ouch, I hate when I face my evolved form.” Golbat said. I laughed at it and every stared at me weird. I walked to the corner of a wall. All eyes turned back on the battle, but what we saw was two huge hands. They captured Crobat and Golbat lifting them up. Smaller hands appeared plucking off all the Pokeballs on their belts. I looked up to see a huge Electrabuzz hot air balloon taking about twelve Pokemon with them.

“Ahhhh my Golbat. My sweet Pokemon! You planned this didn’t you kid.” Lui said.

“No, I don’t even know who they are.” Cole replied. I released Charizard and hopped on his back.

“I know who they are so if you want to get your Pokemon back guys, hop on now.” I said interrupting their argument. Cole and Lui jumped on my dragon Pokemon’s back. Charizard jumped up and took flight.

He sped towards the hot air balloon and I than found out that it is Team Electra. We got closer to the white mansion I saw earlier, Team Electra landed near it.

“Oh no! My grandpa’s Safari Zone!” Lui yelled.

“Charizard land!” I commanded. The black dragon landed, then I returned him. Lui, Cole and I walked into the door. I could see a woman at the front desk.

“Hey Clara, I need you to give use each twenty Pokeballs.” Lui said. The lady reached back and grabbed three bags, throwing them at us. “I can get in free and whoever else I want, so after we receive our Pokemon back, you guys can catch some Pokemon in the Safari Zone.”

Cole and I nodded, we then walked threw a white golden gate. I saw Pokemon running around and Team Electra catching some electric type. Lui ran ahead of us, and yelled at Sam, the leader if you guys remember.

“Why I better kick all your Asses in a battle! You give us our Pokemon back and leave these alone! I….” I cut him off.

“Sam looks like you are back to lose to me. Well I will make a proposition with you.” I said.

“Huh, lose to you, I can beat you any day. Though tell me what is your proposition?” She replied.

“You versus me in a one-on-one Pokemon battle. If I lose you can take my Pokemon, if I win you give back ALL the Pokemon you have taken.” I said. She nodded and stepped back releasing her Electrabuzz.

“Oh and my Electrabuzz is a lot stronger now.” Sam said. I grabbed Hitmochan’s Pokeball and released my Pokemon. It threw one punch out showing it is time for battle.

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Chapter 1 continued…

Electrabuzz threw its arms back, Hitmochan stuck a fist out.

“Ok Electrabuzz use thunder punch.” Sam yelled. Electrabuzz’s fist had lighting all over, and then ran towards Hitmochan. The fist hit my Pokemon in the stomach and nothing happened.

“I guess you forgot that electric doesn’t effect ground or rock types. And since Hitmochan is a fighting and ground type that was helpless. Now show her a Mega Punch!” I said. Hitmochan shot a hand back a nailed Electrabuzz in the face sending the Pokemon in a tree. A swarm of Beedrill came down. The started to pinch Electrabuzz with twinneedles and poison stings. Electrabuzz ended up koed, I laughed while Sam returned her Pokemon.

She gave Cole and Lui back their Pokemon, but left with the rest from the Safari Zone. Lui just shook it off and gave Golbat a hug. Cole returned his Crobat after petting him some.

“Well as I promised you guys can go ahead and catch as many Pokemon as u want. Good luck to you both, I will go and catch some more.” Lui said.

“Real quick how come you let them go with those Pokemon?” Cole asked.

“It really doesn’t matter, we get some new ones shipped in each month, well later.” He replied. Lui walked off.

“Cole how about we split up and see who catches the most Pokemon.” I suggested.

“Alright see you later.” Cole answered me. He walked off and I stared into the horizon, the first thing I saw was a big blue green color sleeping. I knew this was my shot to catch it.

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Chapter 2: The three amigos

I grabbed ND to see what this Pokemon is. On the screen it showed the exact same Pokemon I was looking at, but it was roaring instead of snoring.

“Nidorina: When resting deep in its burrow, its thorns always retract. This is proof that it is relaxed. Characteristic, Poison point, poisons foe on contact.” ND said. I thought it would be awesome to catch, but first I wanted more information, “It is the evolved form of Nidoran female, to evolve this Pokemon you need a Moon Stone so it will go to its final form as Nidoqueen.”

I closed ND letting it fall to my knee, and then I threw a Safari Zone Pokeball at Nidorina. It opened and turned the Pokemon into all white. It was sucked in the began to wobble…1…2…. POING!! The ball hit the ground and disappeared. Nidorina broke free looking at me with anger.

“Ok I guess I will use a Pokemon, but who. Quilava, Charizard, Hitmochan, Pidgeotto Max, or Crawdaunt. Hmmm got it.” I threw a Pokeball out releasing Quilava, as soon as it saw the opponent its fire shot out of her neck and back.

Nidorina charged at Quilava, head butting her, my Pokemon shot back a few feet.

“Ok show it up with an ember attack!” I commanded. Quilava shot three fireballs at Nidorina only one hitting. The Pokemon seemed a little hurt.

“You know what we should just end this here…. WHAT!” I was cut off when I saw Nidorina’s tail all white and smacking Quilava in the back.

“Iron tail attack, easily beats rock types.” ND told me. Quilava took a lot of pain by the attack. Nidorina though just struck back with another head butt. I clinched my fist; my Pokemon was being killed in this match. I then grimed knowing what to do.

“Use over heat to beat this punk.” I said. Quilava got up and then stared at her opponent. She started to scream.

“QUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIILLLLLLLAAAAAVVVVVVVAAA!” The ground started to go red as my Pokemon shot up her attack. Fire shot from the sides of her, and then the whole field took flames as it burnt Nidorina in a last attempt to beat the Pokemon. Bird Pokemon were flying off, I could feel the heat and sweat drenched my shirt. The attack finally stopped and both Pokemon were Koed.

I returned Quilava and then threw another Safari Zone ball at Nidorina. It sucked her in and 1.2.3.BANG! She was caught. The ball disappeared showing it was now in the possession of Steven. I clipped Quilava’s Pokeball to my belt loop and walked off towards some woods.

It was beautiful in the woods of Safari Zone. Filled with all green and flowers I would love to be a Pokemon living in there. I continued to walk. CRACK!!! I looked behind me, but there was nothing. I just continued to walk threw the forest and again CRACK!! I looked to my side but nothing.

“I must be hearing things.” I said to myself. I could see a clearing to out of the woods, knowing that my hearing problem would be gone. CRACK!! Again, but it is closer this time.

I turned around and a herd of Tauros was heading my way. About five charged at me, but none hit. Two Safari Zone Pokeballs fell sucking two of the Pokemon in. They both wobbled but stopped. My jaw dropped when I saw that I caught two of the same type with no battling at all. Lui than ran up to me out of breath, the balls turned white and were heading towards Steven.

“Oh hey Nick. Did you see about five Tauros run this way I am trying to catch them, I weakened them all.” Lui said.

“Yes, actually by accident I caught two of them. Would you like one?” I asked.

“No I will just go catch those Pokemon and congratulations though, Tauros might be one of the fastest and strongest Pokemon you catch.” Lui replied. He ran off towards the Tauros.

“Cool. See you later.” I yelled. I reached the end of the forest and saw Cole trying to catch a Scyther. I grabbed ND looking up Tauros’s definition.

“Tauros: When it spots an enemy, it whips its three tail at its body. Characteristic, Intimidate, lowers foe’s attack.” ND said, on the screen was a yellow bodied with brown hair as a mane, also with three tails bull like Pokemon. I smiled closing ND.

Cole was now in front of me with two pictures on his Pokedex, one is a Scyther and the other is a Corphish.

“So what did you catch Nick? I have two Pokemon how many do you have? Cole asked.

“Well I caught a Nidorina and two Tauros. The Tauros though was an accident.” I replied. Cole’s jaw was dropped. “Well we should get going its getting dark and I am tired.”

Cole nodded and we walked out of the Safari Zone. We had to return the Pokeballs we didn’t use which was about thirty added together. I released Charizard and we hopped on his back.

Charizard flew us threw the clouds and we ended back were we started the Pokecenter. I returned him, after saying goodbye, and then Cole and I walked inside the center.

“Tomorrow we battle the gym leader.” Cole said.

“Yep, tomorrow.”

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Ok this is Nick's Pokemon.

With Him:

Quilava (Shiny)

With Steven (Computer):

Tauros (2)

With Dad:


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Chapter 3: Nick vs. Koga, battle for new badge

I woke up and looked at my cell, it is ten thirty. I shot up from the couch I was on and looked to find Cole. He wasn’t there. I put my blue pants and white shirt on walking out of the Pokecenter. Cole came running up with a huge smile on.

I walked over to the kitchen and saw Cole gathering bacon, eggs, hash browns and sausage. I walked up to him grabbed a plate; got everything he got, but bacon.

“So you battle Koga today?” Cole said.

“Yep, what Pokemon does he use? What is the badge called?” I asked.

“Well he uses poison type. I would say Quilava and Charizard could finish him of pretty easily. The badge just got a new name and is called the Poison Badge.” Cole replied. I nodded and then walked towards a table. We began to eat and Crawdaunt popped out of his Pokeball.

“Food!” Crawdaunt yelled.

“(Laughing) Hold on let me give you some.” I said. I reached into my bag, grabbing some Pokemon food with Crawdaunt’s name on it. When I looked back up he had eaten most of my sausage and eggs.

“Hey!” I said pretty angry. I grabbed his Pokeball and returned him. Cole was laughing at my Pokemon, “I can’t wait till you have Corphish evolve. Their appetites are humongous. “ I said.

We put our plates in a sink and walked towards the computers. Cole went to one and I went to one. I dialed Steven’s number.

“Ringggggg RRRRRIIIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!” The computer rang.

“Uh hello? Oh hey Nick how are you. I got your three Pokemon, the Tauros were pretty scary at first, but I am used to them now.” Steven said, one of my Tauros popped up on the screen.

“You’re my trainer?” It asked or Steven heard, “Taur Ros.”

“Yep, now Steven I am going to give you Hondoom for Tauros.” I said.

Steven grabbed a Pokeball and stuck it on the transport machine, and then I placed Max’s Pokeball on the transport machine. A white flash happened, and a new Pokeball was in my face. I grabbed it and clipped it on my belt. I hung up and Cole came up behind me.

“What was that about?” He asked. “What?” I responded.

“Why did you get Tauros?” He asked. “You will find out after my gym battle.” I said.

Cole and I walked out of the Pokecenter and towards the gym. I was outside of the white and purple gym, scared. The door opened and we walked in. A wall shot up as the door closed.

“You must make it threw the maze to battle me the Leader Koga.” A huge voice said. I nodded, Cole pointed to the right.

“It is really easy just go to the right.” Cole said. We walked towards the right until we were in front of a wall. Cole pointed left, but as soon as we turned there was a wall, so we went left. “Well I guess we will have to guess.”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 3 continued…

A wall opened up and a kid behind it pointed at me.

“I challenge you to a battle of wits, if you can’t beat me you have no chance against Koga!” The boy yelled, “And seeing that I am Ninja Chris I know you won’t beat me! Now go Shedinja!” He yelled.

A bug that was all gold with black eyes came out of a Pokeball, facing me. It slashed the air with its arms.

“Ok my turn and I say go Crawdaunt!” I said. My red crab came out of its Pokeball, and then I picked up ND.

“Shedinja hard body doesn't move - not even a twitch. In fact, its body appears to be merely a hollow shell. It is believed that this POKéMON will steal the spirit of anyone peering into its hollow body from its back.” ND said.

“Ok my Pokemon use slash!” Chris yelled. The Pokemon came by trying to slash my Pokemon.

“Watergun it away!” I said. Crawdaunt shot a jet of water at the bug Pokemon sending it back. Since it was close range the Pokemon flew a few feet back. Though it came back.

“Looks like your bug won’t give up, so I say smash it with Crab Hammer!” I yelled.

“Protect!” Chris replied. Crawdaunt’s claw went white and started to sling at Shedinja. Though an invisible wall seemed to block my Pokemon’s attack. I frowned, but then figured out what protect is.

“Ok nice set up there little man, but that won’t help you win.” I said, “Now Crawdaunt stand there and wait.”

“Ok thinks he is all mister know it all, well Shedinja show him a Fury Cutter!” Chris yelled. The Pokemon began to slash at my Pokemon, it stood there taking pain, but waiting for my command. Crawdaunt is the most loyal Pokemon I know, and I was glad about it. Shedinja went for one last slash for its attack to be done, but I was ready to stop it.

“Use vicegrip and then throw it down!” I yelled. Crawdaunt shot up an arm and gripped Shedinja’s claw. The bug Pokemon let out a loud scream of pain, but was quickly thrown down into the ground Koed. Crawdaunt was breathing very hard so I returned him.

“Return, well I guess you can face Koga the greatest poison type fighter ever.” Chris said pointing to an open space with a man sitting down, slowly standing up. He had green hair, purple no sleeve shirt, purple pants and a black cape on.

“My name is Koga and what do you want?” Koga said to me.

“I want to challenge for your badge! Two-on-two fine?” I said. Koga nodded then releasing a purple pokeball into the air. Out of it was another purple ball with holes around it and a yellow cross on it. Smoke blew out of its holes.

“This is my Koffing, very delightful isn’t he?” Koga said.

“Not really, but lets see how it pits up against my Tauros.” I said throwing a ball onto the ground and releasing my brown and yellow bull. It three tails whipped his butt and then the sun shown on his white horns. My Pokemon knew it was battle time. Koga smiled, then he looked at Koffing.

To Be Continued…..

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“Ok Koffing uses a smog attack!” Koga commanded. The purple pocket monster shot some gray smoke at my Pokemon. Tauros seemed hurt a bit, but not much.

“Alright try to find it and use Take Down!” I said. Tauros began to charge threw the smoke sending a line of him, threw it. I heard a crash, but nothing serious.

“Koffing, now use tackle.” Koga said. My Pokemon was hot threw the smoke after a hard tackle. Some vents then sucked up the smoke. Tauros stood up; I know Koga didn’t plan this.

“Now use Horn Attack!” I yelled. Tauros’s horns glew white as it shot for the ball Pokemon. Connecting the hit Koffing fell to the ground. In my Pokemon I felt a small zap, I picked up the TM that did it, Thunderbolt.

“Hmmmm…. can Tauros learn this?” I said picking up ND.

“Tauros is able to be tutored to learn Thunderbolt or may be taught by TM.” ND said. I smiled, whistling for Tauros to come. My Pokemon quickly ran over to me. I placed the cube on it and the cube went white. It disappeared and some electricity showed threw Tauros’s mane.

“Ok use Thunderbolt!” I yelled. My Pokemon jumped up and shot a bolt of lighting at the hovering Pokemon, the attack hit. Koffing fell to the ground. “Now use Take Down!”

Tauros began to charge at Koffing.

“Mud slap!” Koga yelled. Koffing then spit some black mud into Tauros’s face. My Pokemon got it in his eyes, but tried to stop. It skidded across the floor ramming his body into Koffing and sending them into a wall. Both Pokemon ended up Koed because of the crash into the wall. Koga returned Koffing and I returned Tauros to his Pokeball. I threw Quilava’s Pokeball out into the field ready to battle. Koga threw his Pokeball out releasing a moth like Pokemon. Its body is a dark purple and wing a very light purple. Its eyes are blue with small black dots in the middle.

“Venomoth: Venomoth is nocturnal- its is a Pokemon that only becomes active at night. Its favorite prey are small insects that gather around streetlights, attracted by the light in the darkness.” ND said.

“Venomoth use poisons powder!” Koga yelled. Some blue dust came out of the Pokemon’s wings.

“Use ember to blew it all away Quilava!” I snapped back. My orange Pokemon shot flames out of her head and back. Then shooting five fire balls at the dust, making them all fall to the floor.

“Ok use gust.” Koga yelled. Venomoth flapped its wings and the dust picked up from the floor hitting Quilava. She then was blown back some and began to shake. “The poison is kicking in young Nick.”

“Well looks like Quilava will have to finish this off fast. Use flamethrower!” I commanded.

“Psybeam!” Koga shouted back. A purple and fire beam shot at each other and then exploded at contact. Quilava shook some cause of the Poison.

“Use flame wheel!” I yelled. Quilava had fire surround her and then started to run into the smoke. I heard again a whack, but this time Venomoth was smacked into a wall. The vents sucked up the smoke. Quilava shook more and fell on one knee.

“Use flamethrower!” I yelled. My Pokemon shot another fire blast at Venomoth nailing it in the face. Now Venomoth shook cause of a burn. Koga frowned.

“My Venomoth!” Koga yelled. Quilava shook and so did Venomoth. The moth was still conscious but wouldn’t get up. Quilava began to breath hard.

“Finish it my Pokemon, OVERHEAT!” I yelled.

“No! Not in here the gym will catch on fire, plus my Pokemon is Koed.” Koga said.

“Stop attack!” I commanded and Quilava did so. Koga returned his Pokemon followed by me.

“Here is the Poison Badge, also here is the TM Toxic.” Koga handed me a badge that looked like a purple tear. A small black box was handed to me; I stuck the TM in my pocket and the badge next to the Fog badge. Koga shook my hand and Cole gave me a hi five.

“Step on that small square over there and you will be transported out of the gym. I hope your Quilava gets better Nick and great battle.” Koga said.

”You too Koga. I hope Venomoth burn goes away.” I replied, Cole and I walked onto the square and a flash of white light appeared. We were now in front of the gym like Koga said we would be. We walked over to the Pokecenter to heal my Pokemon; I was ready to head towards the next gym.

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Chapter 4: Ferry to Seafom

I stared at the clock on the wall above Nurse Joy’s desk. I saw five after one, but I had to wait and stay for my Pokemon. Joy finally walked up to her desk and had all six of my Pokeball’s ready.

“Well Nick, Quilava was quite poisoned, but she is healed now. Though I saw you staring at the clock what’s up?” Joy asked. Cole walked up beside me as I was clipping my Pokeballs on my belt loop.

“Well we need to get going so I wanted to see what time it was. Its not to late, but I have no clue how to get to Cinnabar Island.” I replied.

“Me either,” Cole answered.

“Well in like ten minutes a ferry well leave for Cinnabar, usually though it stops at Seafom for a day, but it’s very relaxing. Well if your going to catch the ferry you better run.” Joy said.

Cole and I waved her goodbye as we stormed out of the Pokecenter. I took my square and pressed the button to reveal my bike. Cole did the same and we biked off towards a dock in front of the Pokecenter. Though first we had to get over a hill or go around the hill and some mountains, but I know that would be longer. I took a couple steps back and at full speed I began to peddle. Lifting my front tire, my back tire hit the hill and I zoomed in the air. My landing was saved by soft sand, Cole was right behind me though. Again we pettled as fast as we could.

I could see the dock a lot closer now and I pointed it to Cole. He nodded, then we slowed down some cause I looked at my watch and we still had five minutes left.

“Ferry to Seafom will leave in two minutes!” A voice on the speakerphone said. I frowned; again we began to pettle very fast. Cole and I made it to the boat just in time with a minute to spare.

“Hey put those bikes away! No biking on the boat.” A sailor yelled. Cole pressed his button, sticking his bike in his pocket. I did the same and we walked off towards a big hall looking thing. People battle in the huge room.
“You know Nick we have never battle yet. Lets do it, plus I want to train my Pokemon.” Cole said to me.

“Alright, two-on-two, no items.” I said. Cole nodded in an agreement and released his Corphish. I released Crawdaunt to show him up. Then a girl with brown hair, a white Hollister shirt and blue jeans on walked up to Cole and I. I looked from the corner of my eye and knew this could only be one person, our cousin Chessie.

“Oh my gosh! You guys train Pokemon, I model mine.” She yelled in excitement to see us.

“Well Chessie nice to see you too.” Cole said. See the three of us are cousins, I being the oldest, followed by Cole and then Chessie.

“Yeah, well we will talk more later. Cole I want to get this battle started, so Crawdaunt use….” The two red crabs were looking at each other.

“Hey I think this is my cousin.” Crawdaunt said, “Cras is that you?”

“Yeah! Hey Tommy.” The Corphish replied. Chessie laughed and then smiled.

“Man we’re having a whole family reunion here. Our Pokemon are cousins Cole.” I said, with a tear drop in the back of my head.

“Well Nick we can do this some other time I guess. We need to catch up with Chessie.” Cole said returning his Pokemon. I returned Crawdaunt a sighed. I knew that I would never get to battle against my cousin. Another girl shorter than Chessie walked up to us, she had a brown shirt on, blue jeans and long curly brown hair looked at me. This was my other cousin Jillian.

“Hello Nick.” She said. Jillian is the second to youngest of the cousins. She looked just like her sister Chessie. Jillian is six years old and I knew she is too young to be a trainer.

“Hey Jilly.” I replied, “Chessie did the change the age rule or something?”

“No,” she said giggling, “Though she does have a Pokemon Vulpix, I just brought her along for the journey. Where is Katie?”

I looked down, but a voice made me pick my head up.

“I am right here.” Katie said. She wore a yellow shirt with white pants. Doug was behind her wearing an orange shirt with white shorts. I gave them a disgusted look. Chessie hugged Katie and so did Cole. Doug tried to give me a hi-five, but I rejected him.

“What are you two doing here? Stealing Pokemon for Neo Team Rocket?” I questioned. Katie and Doug shook their heads. Cole and Chessie were surprised.

“No! We quit a week ago, I know we brought you troubles Nick, but we’re sorry, well I am.” Katie said.

“Me too Nick, I mean you’re my best friend.” Doug said. Again he went for a hi-five and I did our secret one. I knew he was telling the truth, but what about Katie? I couldn’t trust her; because of her Doug joined Team Rocket. Because of her I went threw so much pain.

“Ok I forgive you guys.” I said, looking at my watch. It was twenty after two, the time flew by fast. We all went to find some couches to sit down on and found a whole room just for us. I sat down in like a leader type chair, and we all laughed.

“This is your captain speaking, we are now about to stop for a day on Seafom Island, please exit when we stop.” The captain said on the loud speaker. Six of us stood up and walked out of the room. When I opened the door I saw from a far distance the girl of my dreams, she swayed her soft golden blonde hair back.

“Looks like everyone is on this ferry,” I said. Katie looked at me and I pointed towards Ashely. She nodded. The ferry stopped and about hundreds of people exited the boat. The group of us were one of the first to exit.

“So what should we do?” Cole asked.

“I know, Nick I challenge you to a battle.” Chessie said. She had one Pokeball in her hand, waiting for me to except.

09-13-2004, 12:32 AM
Awesome HM! I loved the Koga battle and I seriously cant wait for the battle up ahead! Nick has an awesome team and I'm sure he'll do fine with getting thru the rest of Kanto. Keep up the awesome work!

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Chapter 4 continued…

I grabbed a Pokeball and released my Hitmochan, and then Chessie released her Pokemon. A white dog like Pokemon with about nine tails, stared at my punching Pokemon. Hitmochan smiled though.

“Ok Chessie we’ll make this one-on-one.” I said.

“Ok, Ninetails get ready to use ember on Hitmochan.” Chessie said. The dog like Pokemon opened her mouth sending about three fireballs at Hitmochan. All hit my Pokemon.

“My turn, now use Mach Punch.” I said.

“Protect!” Chessie yelled. Hitmochan began to run towards Ninetails with its arm back. Then a green veil covered Ninetails as my Pokemon landed his punch. Nothing happened, I was like super shocked.

“Hmmm…guess you never heard of that move. Well it will stop any attack towards my Pokemon with no harm. Ok flamethrower!” Chessie said.

The Pokemon started a ball of flames in her mouth. She was getting ready to release it.

“Na a, use Mach Punch to dodge the attack and hit Ninetails with it.” I said. The flame started to shot at Hitmochan, but was missed by a lot. Hitmochan was now besides Ninetails, smacking her in the jaw. She went backwards.

“Ok now use thunder punch.” I said. My Pokemon shot his arm back with electricity all around his knuckles. As fast as Hitmochan could throw the punch, sparks were flying, then nailing Ninetails in the stomach with it. After making contact a bolt of lighting hit the dog like Pokemon and Koed her. Chessie seemed shocked as I did.

“Whoa! As many battles as Katie and I had with Team Electra, I…we have never ever seen anything like that Thunder Punch. I smiled at my Hitmochan and he gave me a thumb up. Chessie returned her Pokemon with tears and then smiled. I returned Hitmochan to his Pokeball.

“Well I guess that’s that.” I said, “Sorry that I hurt your Ninetails so bad, but I had to cause it was a battle.”

“Yeah I know and I shouldn’t cry over it. Before I evolved Vulpix with a Fire Stone I was even beaten by my own little sister’s Vulpix. Mine had more experience, just like Ninetails to your Hitmochan.” Chessie replied.

“Huh what do you mean? How do you know that I haven’t had Hitmochan since the beginning after I got Corphish.” I snapped.

“Cause I got my Tyroge from the same place you got your Hitmochan, the fighting gym in Saffron City, right?” She said.

“Yeah ok you have one point.” I said with sarcasm. Everyone laughed, then we walked towards a big cave, were we thought we could catch Pokemon, but were stopped by some kids with a seal like Pokemon bouncing a volleyball.

“ Hey kids want to play some volleyball. You bloke with red hair and you shelia with brown hair?” A kid with brown hair asked us.

“Sure, my cousin Nick and I will take you down.” Chessie replied. Doug, Katie, Cole and Jillian all went inside the cave. I nodded in agreement. The boy walked behind a net, he had sandy brown hair and green surf trunks on. A girl stepped up and she had blonde hair with a pink swimsuit on.

“This is my shelia Ashley.” The boy said. I frowned knowing I was about to face against my ex, basically my love of my life. She waved and smiled acting like she didn’t know me. Chessie pulled her pants down and took her shirt off, revealing a brown bikini as I took of my shirt revealing my muscles from before and during my journey.

“Lets get started,” I said.

09-16-2004, 04:10 AM
Chapter 5: Tournament in Hurricane; round one, Cole vs. Nick 1

The kid got the ball in the air, but then an officer in a blue dress came up. She smiled and picking up a piece of paper.

“There is a category three hurricane coming up and four people may enter a tournament in the Hurricane. We have two already we need two more,” the officer said.

“I want to so I can see how this kid battles,” The boy said.

“I will too,” I said. I signed my name on a piece of paper. The officer took the kid and me to the edge of the beach. The waves were super high and two post things stuck out of the ocean.

“Ok now we will have Nick versus Cole!” The officer said. Cole stood already on the plat form, and I stared at him, the officer pointed over to a blue Pokemon with a brown back. I got on it and the Pokemon began to move towards the other podium. We got there and wind picked up. A ref on the side lifted to flags up.

“This is a two-on-two Pokemon battle. You may begin!” The ref yelled.

Cole threw a Pokeball out releasing Crobat. I grabbed my Pokeball releasing Pidgeotto.

“Ok use wing attack Crobat!” Cole yelled. “You too Pidgeotto!” I said.

Crobat’s wings went white as Pidgeotto’s went white too. The two flying Pokemon shot towards one another. The wings clashed against. Equal damage happened to both Pokemon.

“Ok use gust!” I yelled. Pidgeotto began to flap his wings really hard creating a waterspout. It started to go after Crobat, but the wind knocked it away. No hit points were lowered on Crobat.

“My turn! Use crunch on his Pidgeotto.” Cole yelled. The big purple bat flew after Pidgeotto and chomped down on my bird Pokemon. Pidgeotto fell on my podium. Then a wave came up and took Golbat into the ocean. Cole screamed.

“Ok now get up and use Gust again!” I yelled. Pidgeotto slowly got up and shot another waterspout at Crobat. The Pokemon was sent flying back in the air, and crashing in the water again. The bat finally got up.

“Ok use Night Shade!” Cole yelled. Golbat’s eyes went black and the sky went dark. After awhile Pidgeotto fell into a wave, but began to ride it.

“No way!” I yelled. Though a gust of wind knocked me on my back, then Cole fell down on his back. Pidgeotto shot up and began to spin around. A gust of wind with tiny silver spikes in the wind. Crobat was hit and for the final time landed in the waves. Golbat was Koed. The ref held up a blue flag. Cole slowly got his Pokeball out of his pocket and returned Crobat.

I smiled, “Wonder what that move was?”

“Silver Wind,” ND said, “Learns before evolving into Pidgeot.”

“Nick wins round one, now began round two of this battle!” The ref yelled.

To Be Continued…

09-16-2004, 05:30 AM
Awesome HM! A pokemon battle in the middle of a hurricane, sounds dangerous yet entertaining. It was a wise choice to make them use flying types and it liked the description of Silver Wind... looks like Nick will be flying with a Pidgeot soon. Nice work man!

09-18-2004, 09:50 PM
Chapter 5 continued…. Part 2

Pidgeotto started to flap his wings with inpatients. Cole finally grabbed a Pokeball and released his Sealeo. The walrus Pokemon started to float in the water and then dove under. Wind picked up again making the flying weather for Pidgeotto harder.

“Return Pidgeotto!” I yelled. Pidgeotto was sucked back into his Pokeball. I then grabbed Crawdaunt’s Pokeball and released him. My crab Pokemon jumped into the water.

“Pidgeotto is switched for Crawdaunt. Now Crawdaunt versus Sealeo begins.” The ref said.

“So Cole is using Sealeo, ok Nick,” Crawdaunt said to me.

“Yep so dive down.” I said. Crawdaunt did as he was told. Then from under Cole and mine Podiums, two masks appeared. A flash of light appeared and I had one and Cole had one.

“Put those on, since there is two under water Pokemon. You can also make this a under water battle.” The ref said. I nodded towards Cole and he jumped in the water. I dived after. Under the water it was so blue and Mantines, Remoraids and Shellders were swimming past us.

“Ok use Ice Beam Sealeo!” Cole yelled. A light blue beam shot towards Crawdaunt.

“Shot bubblebeam at the attack!” I yelled. Crawdaunt shot a bunch of bubbles out of both claws and then the attacks collided exploding in the water. I couldn’t see for a second, though I called an attack anyways.

“Use Water Gun against Sealeo.” I said. I heard water shot towards Cole. A Pokemon began to cry. All the smoke covering the under water area cleared and Crawdaunt was shaking something off.

“I guess your Pokemon like my Water Gun attack. Use Ice Beam!” Cole said. Again a light blue beam was shot at Crawdaunt, nailing him backwards. Crawdaunt looked at me to hurry and call an attack.

“Ok use Water Gun and then use Crab Hammer while its going towards Sealeo.” I said. Crawdaunt shot a cold jet of water towards Sealeo; it was a lot stronger then normal, cause we were under water. Then he let it go on its own and Crawdaunt’s right claw went white as it swam towards Sealeo.

“Ok move to dodge the water gun attack!” Cole yelled. Sealeo did just that, but was later hit by a crab hammer. Sealeo dropped down some and Crawdaunt swam up. I guessed he was catching some air.

“Body slam!” Cole yelled. I looked up and saw that some raindrops were hitting the water. Then Sealeo started to swim past Cole and I at a fast pace.

“Watch out!” I yelled. Sealeo jumped out of the water and landed on Crawdaunt who just floated there. Sealeo met up with Cole under water. I swam up, and saw that Crawdaunt was Koed. Cole came out of the water and lifted himself on the podium and I did the same.

“Return!” I yelled. A red beam sucked up Crawdaunt and then I clipped the Pokeball to its belt loop.

“Sealeo beats Crawdaunt now Nick can only use Pidgeotto!” The ref said. I released Pidgeotto again, my bird Pokemon flew in the air. The wind was a little calmer, but my Pokemon was being rained on.

“Ok Ice Beam!” Cole yelled. A light blue beam hit Pidgeotto. My bird Pokemon began to fall. Sealeo was floating on his back; Pidgeotto caught his self in mid air.

“Ok use Wing Attack.” I said. My bird Pokemon’s wings turned white and started towards Sealeo. As soon as Pidgeotto got there Sealeo dived under and ended up behind Pidgeotto.

“Ha! What a dumb move,” Cole said. I started to get upset and Pidgeotto could notice it, “Man you call your self a trainer Nick. I know you’re my older cousin, but you’re not fighting like you want to win the championship in the Indigo League.”

I clinched my fist. Pidgeotto turned around and then locked his eyes with Sealeo’s body.

“Use Gust, Pidgeotto!” I yelled. My bird Pokemon started to flap his wings and then another waterspout appeared heading towards Sealeo. A gust blew and made Pidgeotto’s attack even bigger. Sealeo was hit, but the funny thing was that he was also picked up in the waterspout. The attack began to stop.

“Use Silver Wind!” I yelled. Pidgeotto started to spin around and then shot a gust of wind towards the “flying” Sealeo. Again little silver needles in the wind hit Sealeo. The Pokemon began to fall down to the water. SPLASH!!!! The walrus Pokemon looked up and still had a little fight in him.

The Pidgeotto turned white, his wingspan got a lot wider. Pidgeotto’s beak got a little bigger, also the bird himself got bigger by like two times. The feather color stayed the same and he was still the brown and white bird I caught back in Viridian Forest. A new Pokemon flew in my Pokemon’s place as I smiled.

“Hello Pidgeot lets win this together. Use gust!” I said. Pidgeot started to flap his wings, starting another waterspout. Sealeo was sucked up again and that last gust brought up a memory.

FLASHBACK: Viridian Forest

Pidgeotto was chasing Spinarak, my second capture. I released Corphish and Pidgeotto sent a gust at Corphish, I ordered a Water Gun attack and it Koed Pidgeotto. I threw a Pokeball and captured Pidgeotto.


I smiled now looking at my new fully evolved Pokemon. Sealeo fell to the water and a splash of water hit Cole and me. The walrus Pokemon was now Koed and I won the match. The ref raised my flag.

“Nick wins the match winning going, advancing to the next round. Thank you both for coming.” The ref said.

Cole jumped on the Pokemon that brought me to our podium. I returned Pidgeot and got on my the Pokemon that brought me to my podium. I met Cole at the sand of the beach. He shook my hand and walked away. I looked over and saw two people heading over to the battle zone.

“Come this way Nick to the Pokecenter.” The officer said. I followed him to the only building on the island, I entered to heal my Pokemon.

09-26-2004, 07:39 AM
Chapter 6: Hurricane Tournament; round 2

I grabbed my Pokeballs and started to walk towards a table were hot chocalate awaited me. I grabbed it and then the door slid open. One kid ran in with a Scyther badly hurt and the kid from the volleyball game walked in with a smile from ear to ear.

"Well bloke looks like I face you and since I grew up on these islands here, I know a lot more about battling in anything with hi winds." He said, "So I will see you when my Pokemon are healed."

I took a sip of my hot chocalate and stood up. Cole walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Look Nick please don't act all big and strong. You don't have to do this just let the kid win, let him have bragging rights. Does that really matter?" Cole said, "I think what really matters is your health."

"I care about my health, but Pokemon battles are part of my health. Without them why would I be travling, even ask Chessie even though she is a breeder mainly she also loves the thrill of battling. Though battling runs threw my vains more than her's, I need this battle." I replied.

I started to walk towards the door and I turned back around to see Cole have his hands in his pockets. His head was also hung down like he been defeated in spirit.

"Look I will be fine I once battled Gary in a F2 tornado by the lake in Pallet Town. I got to use my dad's Pokemon that were sent to our house. I will be fine." I said. Then I walked out of the Pokecenter. I remembered that battle.

FLASHBACK: Nick vs Gary (Before the story)

"Ok Mr. Mime use psycic to beat his Umbreon," A six-year-old kid said to his father's Pokemon. The tornado spun right behind them in the mountains. The wind was so strong that even a thirty-five year old man could barely stay up. A man like Pokemon stuck his arms up and they tirned purple.

A cat like Pokemon slowly got up as Mr. Mime then lifted the Pokemon off the ground. Umbreon was shot back into a tree and KOed. I smiled, as Gary returned his Pokemon.

"Ok Nick lets head inside, your mom, dad and Ash all asked me to watch over you." Gary said.

"No! Not till we finish this Pokemon battle! Your just angry that we both have one Pokemon left." I said. Gary released a Pokemon. The biggest, the blueish and the biggest shell I have ever seen. His Blastoise took the field, a shell on his back with blue skin and dark black piercing eyes stared at my dad's back up Pokemon.

"Ok Blastoise show him what being a trainer is all about beat the Pokemon with Hydro Pump." Gary said.

"Ummmm....Light Screen." I said. Two big water blast came out of Blastoise's cannons. They shot at Mr. Mime and it hit a invisible screen, but still did damage to Mr. Mime. The tornado was a lot closer. I returned my Pokemon and so did Gary, we ran inside, but the door flew away and we grabbed onto the basement door, walking down into it.

I reached the bottom as Gary closed the door behind us. The tornado rocked the basement and then I fell uncosious.


I was in front of the Pokecenter and the wind knocked me back some. The boy ran outside to the edge of the beach on top of the blue Pokemon that carries us to our podiums. I grabbed ND to check up on three Pokemon.

"Pidgeot: This POKéMON has a dazzling plumage of beautifully glossy feathers. Many TRAINERS are captivated by the striking beauty of the feathers on its head, compelling them to choose PIDGEOT as their POKéMON.
Seel: SEEL hunts for prey in the frigid sea underneath sheets of ice. When it needs to breathe, it punches a hole through the ice with the sharply protruding section of its head.

Lapras: People have driven LAPRAS almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this POKéMON is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain." ND said about the three Pokemon.
I walked over to the Lapras a gently got on its back. The Pokemon sent me to my podium and then I jumped on top of the brown pole podium. Lapras left.

"Ok this will be the final battle in the tournament. Since battle conditons are bad this will be a one-on-one battle. Hurricane Sean is heading our way now, let the battle begin!" The ref yelled.

"Ok I will use Crawdaunt!" I yelled. The boy nodded.

"By the way my name is Jack and I will use Seel." He said. Jack released a white blue Pokemon with a small horn on its head. The Pokemon had big flippers that it clapped together five times. Crawdaunt splashed the water and then looked up at the sky. The battle is on.

To Be Continued...

11-02-2004, 01:06 AM
Chapter 6 continued...

The white skinned Pokemon looked at his owner. While Crawdaunt was somewhere under the water.

"Hmmm...lets see what my Seal can do against your pewny crab," Jack said to me. I looked around and then saw a red figure.

"Ok use watergun!" I yelled. A blast of water hit Seal from behind knocking it onto the plastform were Jack stood. He frowned, but the Pokemon jumped right back into the water as nothing ever happened.

"Ok my turn. Use Auroa Beam," Jack commanded. A rainbow like color shot at Crawdaunt knocking him into the platform instead of on. Then Seal rammed his head into Crawdaunt's stomach. My Pokemon yelled a loud scream of cry out.

"Go in with a skull bash," Jack said.

"Come on move buddy, don't let him control you." I said. The wind picked up. As Seal was heading for Crawdaunt, a wave picked up my Pokemon and the Pokemon rammed his head into my platform. It looked dazed.

"Ok now use bubblebeam!" I yelled.

Crawdaunt opened both claws and shot two violent beams of bubbles at Seal. They all hit the Pokemon as its body rammed into the platform some more.


"Man that has to be painful," Crawdaunt said. Then Seal turned around and looked very angry. The Pokemon jumped up in the air.

"SKULLBASH!" Jack yelled. Seal's head grew white as it started to dive down at Crawdaunt. BAM!! My red crab was sent flying into me. I fell into the water, but had a hand on the platform.

"Auroa Beam to finish it off." Jack yelled.

To Be Continued...

12-04-2004, 10:03 PM
Chapter 6 continued...

What could I do my Pokemon was getting ready to lose. My first loss in a long time in the finals of a tournament. No way, would I let this happen.

"Crawdaunt get up body! Dodge the attack." I said.

"I can't. I am to weak," He replied. The beam nailed my red crab and wouldn't dissapear for a long time. Crawdaunt finally showed up and he was standing breathing really hard.

"Huh? That should've finished the blooke!" Jack yelled.

"Guess not! Watergun Crawdaunt." I said.

The claws of my Pokemon opened quickly as two beams of water shot at Seal. The Pokemon dove under water to evade the attack. Crawdaunt was to slow now and couldn't really fight.

"Crawdaunt lets stop, I don't want you to get hurt even more." I said.

"No! If I stop then my pride will be done, I must lose right if I do," my Pokemon replied. I nodded. From under the water a big white light appeared and it stopped.

"Skull Bash Seal!" Jack yelled. Then a diffrent Pokemon than Seal came up and smacked its head against Crawdaunt's hard stomach. It is white and its horn was longer than the Seal. Crawdaunt was KOed and I returned him. A gust of wind blew the new Pokemon into the water.

"My Seal evolved into a Dewong!" Jack yelled jumping up. When he landed he slipped. Hail and rain was coming down harder than before.

"DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWGONG!!!!" Dewgong was screaming. Ahead of it was a huge whirlpool.

"Jack wins! We must get out of here!" The ref said. Dewgong began to get closer to the whirlpool.

"Return!" Jack yelled, the wind picked up as he said something, "Ho.....will w....get........here?"

I released Charizard and said, "Get the ref and Jack too. We need to get to the Pokecenter!''

Charizard picked me up and took air, picking up Jack who was fighting to stay on the podium, then the ref who was in the water. In the distance I saw a big spiral.

"Must be tornadoes spawning off the Hurricane," Jack said.

"Huh? Didn't know you knew so much," I said. Charizard landed on the ground and I returned him. Nurse Joy swung the door open and let us all in, locking the door.

01-03-2005, 05:03 PM
Chapter 7: Dewgong joins the Journey

"So Jack how do you know so much of this island?" I asked him.

"Well I grew up here, hurricanes are now just a big breeze to me and everyone on the island. Thats why Nurse Joy and I started this whole tournament and I finally won it. Its been ten years since we started this." He replied.

"Well glad to be in assistance I guess," I said. Chessie and Katie ran up to me.

"Sorry you lost bro. I mean you had it coming to ya." Katie said.

"No one deserves to lose Katie!" Cole yelled, "Even Nick though he has beaten all of us family members."

"Just the best what can I say," I said really sarcastically.

"Well when when tommorrow comes I leave Nick, its nothing to yeah, but I need to go on my own again, to Fuschia catch more Pokemon before Indigo League." Cole said.

"Wow you all ready have all eight," Jack said, "Oh so your the onw that gave my ass an handling."

Both Cole and Jack laughed. I just stared at him.

"Nick you've lost so many people on your journey Doug, Ashely and now Cole do you scare them away or something," Katie said.

"And are you sure you aren't part of Team Rocket still?!" I said.

"Nick I will join you. I mean you seem really neat to be on a journey with," Chessie said. I smiled and nodded ok. Katie went off to bed with Doug who I frowned at, followed by Chessie, Cole, Jack with Ashely. Nurse Joy stared at me.

"Do you need anything Nick?" She asked.

"No I'll just go to bed now." I replied. She knew something was up and I just jumped down from the stool and walked to my room. The hall had red carpet and orange walls. My door number was 001 and was a red cherry door.

-*-the next morning-*-

I woke up and my stuff was all packed, with my Pokeballs on my belt and Chessie packing my shirt. See she is my sisters friend and I've known her since she was born. So we say that we are cousins, and when she bent over to place my shirt in the bag a golden thong appeared. Why am I so perverted, I don't know, but it was awesome. She pulled her pants up.

"Oh hey there sleepy head. Just helping you out and time to go." She said.

"Oh ok. So who is still here." I asked.

"Well Cole left and so di the other two." She replied. I jumped out of bed and slipped on a light blue pair of Hollister pants and a white shirt thats said in Pink across it Hollister. We walked out of the room and I waved at Nurse Joy good-bye.

We walked out of the Pokecenter and Chessie grabbed me. She kissed me on the lipos telling me that this will be the best trip I will ever be on. We continued tom walk down the beach. Then I saw a Pokemon stick its head up out of the sand. The white coat and small horn on its head brought my defeat back into my head. It jumped into the water and stared at me.

"Its a Dewgong," I said, "And I will capture it. Go Crawdaunt, lets regain some pride."

I threw thr Pokeball and released my red crab. The battle was getting ready to happen.

01-03-2005, 10:26 PM
hey i was playin my sapphire wen i was askin my friend to tell me wear he found latias and he told me wear u r i was under the bycicle track and right wear he was a found her

ruby team
blaziken lv 100
rayquza lv 98
latios lv 99
espeon lv 89
dragonite lv 55
rarlomondo lv 76

sapphire team
blaziken lv 63
kyogre lv 51
altaria lv 61
latias lv 40
sableye lv 60

fire red team
charzard lv 100
suicune lv 99
blaziken lv 100
dragonite lv100
espeon lv 100

leaf green team
bulbusur lv 98
charmander lv 100
sqirtle lv 100
suicune lv 100
riku lv 99
ente lv 89

suicune lv 100
typlosion lv 100
lugia lv 100
ho-oh lv 78
amporos lv 100
charzard lv 100

pretty good teams ha

i found latios ob rout 124
surfing no wierd music

Dragon Lover
03-24-2005, 10:15 AM
U are going out of topic ,how can u post that here woman?

05-05-2005, 07:34 AM
Hey guys, I know it has been a while since i have been seen on her. My dad took my internet away from my laptop, but I'm in Tennessee right now so I have acess till I go back to Florida. Thats Sunday...but when I come back fully I have started a new fic..so if you liked this fic...i am sorry, but it is done. I can't write anymore of Nick's journeys in Kanto or Hoenn. So watch out for the newer part of Nick's journey...Ghaton Journey!

05-22-2006, 08:18 AM
After I am done reposting NPJ (Nick's Pokemon Journey) I am going to finish this story off, because I still believe NPJ and IJ are my best fics to date.